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  1. What would I do? Go back and re-read The Jungle Book.....
  2. My condolences to you , the Scoutmaster's family and your Scouts. Choosing a Scoutmaster involves sensitivity, cooperation and luck. Who is moved to be the Scoutmaster is balanced with who CAN be the SM and who approves the naming/selection. Being a Scoutmaster is, I feel, as much a "calling" as it is a "trained" position. It would be nice if one of the Assistant SMs is "moved" to take up the reins. Then too, the Troop Committee and the Charter Org Rep needs to sensitively consider who MIGHT be of the right temperment and experience (if any !) . The COR approves all adult l
  3. Family joke: Two old biddies are "regulars" at a restaurant, but never have anything good to say about the food, even tho they come there every week..... "It's too salty". " They never use any seasoning...." " the green beans are mushy.... overcooked.... the steak is BURNT,,,, it's too raw.... " " Coffee tastes like burnt dishwater.... greasy french fries.... my hamburger is old and undercooked...." ""And the portions are so SMALL...."
  4. "It depends". Schedule several practice camps for your slid together Troop. The Scouts probably won't know each other to begin with. Work with your SM. This is a NEW Troop at a NEW Jamboree, since COVID etc. Scout led. EXPECT alot from your Scouts, they will not disappoint you. Your tents will be given you, your cot will be given you, you will still be living out of a duffle . I would think no real room for a trunk. . Walk everywhere. Get your hiking shoes worked in. Rain shoes, serious hiking boots.... Summit is just that, up and down, alot. Rain gear. Door m
  5. I had to decide under which topic to include this. Training? History? Working with Kids? When do we REALLY start "working with kids".... when they are our kids.... Personally, I can relate to this very item, which I cribbed off a Facebook page (with the author's permission). Growing up, our country home included a 55 gallon drum set on bricks, in which my job was to BURN our trash.... Responsibility.... Nelson R. Block on Youth Training….. Scout buddies – Once again, I present this essay in honor of this day: I have good thoughts when I take out the trash. On
  6. I am sorry I did not see this earlier. Thanks Qwazse for the thinker. In my duty as a Jamboree Chaplain, I would sit in the "Relationships" pavilion (title is changed with the particular Jamboree) and would be available for Scouts to come and at least get THIS checked off for their Jamboree scavenger hunt requirement. I regularly had discussions with Scouts who would open with "oh, I don't get this God stuff." Magi? Wise Guys? Princes? The ultimate question that is never answered in scripture is what did they do AFTER they left their gifts and worship? Our Scout Dist
  7. The rank up (whata term) should be almost automatic, rather than "programmed " in... Boring? Games are fine but the tree ID should happen along the hiking trail. The pioneering/knots and ropes should happen setting up camp. Leadership? Older examples the younger. Skills? Yeah. make 'em games. Map and compass? Find your way around thepark. I really learned about campasses from an old time surveyor. The Troop set up a 100 foot rope marked off in 10 foot sections (A, B, C, etc.)The Scout started at any spot ,followed the directions on the card he chose (110 feet at 75 degrees N, th
  8. Well, it's complicated.... https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/us/girl-scout-mom-kicked-out-of-rockettes-show-after-being-detected-using-facial-recognition-technology/ar-AA15vsXD?ocid=msedgntp&cvid=f4ed63e7e4e24d08801f63a1a40686b7
  9. Co-mingling the two big Scout programs in America? Is that possible or desirable.? .... What a concept.... http://www.tournamenttroop.org/ https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-wHKK2n/ https://www.smugmug.com/gallery/n-mrZ5TG/ Oh, the humanity....
  10. Rule the first::: ALWAYS use the same version of your name, everywhere in BSALand. John L. Sullivan, NOT Johnny Sullivan, NOT Sully Sullivan, NOT J.L. Sullivan.... I had to spend a couple hours at Council Office to combine/merge three different accounts I had somehow created in my Scouting Adult career. How did I find out about this? When I applied for attendance at a Scout thing and was told "NO", because I was lacking a course/training I knew I had.... in. a . different. name. Rule the second:::: INSIST ON and keep a solid, card/paper copy of the "graduation" f
  11. I always pay close attention when a story starts out.... "I once had a ...." We once had a DE that honestly admitted to being DE as a mere stepping stone to "something better"""""". I once asked him for some help on an item, and he responded "We have people for that", meaning the District Committee/Scouter volunteers. My immediate thought , being one of those defined "people", was , then why do I have YOU to ask this of? But I didn't say what I thought. He "stepped" to another stone (so to speak) in only a few months.
  12. Teach 'em the CORRECT lyrics.... "" "scuse me, while I kiss this guy...."" = Jimi Hendrix, please call your office......
  13. (With apologies to Paul Simon . . . ) ”I went out camping with my Scout Troop just last week. The fun and woods there were everything I seek . But I when I got home and counted noses I realized… There must be… fifty ways to lose a camper. Fifty ways to lose a camper…. “” Just call the roll late, Nate, Get off to the john, Ron, Be in a rush, Gus, just listen to me…. A PL that’s loose, Moose, string out the hike, Mike, Just laugh at that boy, Roy , , , And let
  14. Well, such is not unknown in our necklace of the woodsy realm... I worked for our local Transit agency. Another time... At our BSA District RT one month, we were introduced to our new DE. Call him Mr. Lee. I remember him as being very personable, met everyone, shook hands, took notes about what was going on. Three weeks later, we learned second hand that the DE had resigned like three days after our RT. THREE DAYS.... Some months later , I was called into our Transit garage office and told I was assigned to accompany a group of "Transit Tourists" around our property. These wer
  15. Pelf. I miss that word, but the poem still rings true.
  16. Ryobi? I have two of their lanterns. Except for the lousy handles (which I replaced/adapted) they are rugged, the rechargeable batteries are relatively expensive, but in the long run are very economical. The 3 and 4 amphour batteries will last over 12 hours at low light. Note I covered one side with shiny foils, no need to light up the woods, just the work surface...
  17. Aye , they be more like guidelines, actually...." Council camps are often thought of as ONLY Scout camps. Further seeing Council management can see more trees in the forest, to mix a metaphor... * Rental to other outdoor groups/useage. *Nature study areas. * Government easements for nature preservation. Ex: American Chestnut Hybrid, Green exchanges, *Selective logging (operant word is "SELECTIVE") * With some imaginative building, rental for private activities: Weddings, receptions, church retreats. * Our Meeting grounds were recently named a "Certifie
  18. Growing up, our family lived on a country road (which is now a regular heavily trafficed commuter route), about a short mile from a country store. This store was owned/run by a family, Mrs. "Smith" was the usual lady behind the counter. My mom and I would walk up to get the occasional loaf of bread and eggs and maybe a Popsickle for me. It became apparent to me, even at my tender age, that Mrs. Smith was often "forgetful" about correct change. When I became old enough to make the walk myself on an errand, my dad counseled, " if you ever shake hands with Mrs. Smith, be sure to count your fin
  19. Search "Owassippee " on this site for a distinctly interesting history of CO involvement with the Council Exec Board....
  20. Wii Totin' Chip ? Games are for the purpose of practicing in fiction what may not be learned in reality. Not everyone can (or may want to be) a slum lord realtor millionaire, but you can play Monopoly. Shooting games, car crash games allow folks to "play" at killing and destruction. We had the same discussion with our kids as they grew up ("Heck, mom, IT"S ONLY A GAME !"), yes, but what are you learning to do? What are you practicing to do? Getting better at? Perfecting? What was the last 20 minutes of "Ender's Game" about?
  21. **thank you, Jimi ** Owl along the Wood Badge, Beavers kept the view. While Ant’lopes came and went, Bear foot Bison, too. Outside working their ticket , Bob White did its growl, Two Eagles were reproaching, and the Fox began to HOWL,,,,, HEY,,EY !!
  22. Firstly, I caution a long think before your Committee adopt any "By-Laws". Getting legslistic can have undesired side affects. Will it let you point to the "rule" and it's consequences? Certainly, but then that becomes a challenge to be sidestepped. Witnesses, does it REALLY mean that, etc... A good SM can use the Scout Law as basis of his/her Scoutmaster Minute at the end of the meeting. It can bring things together, it can point out, without being PERSONAL, what needs to be said . Your SM might be encouraged to consider this, twelve months of inspiration at your doorstep. There
  23. The first thing is, welcome to our Scouter Forum, where if you ask any 5 of us for an opinion or reference, you'll get 6 answers. Now, bullying is NOT Scoutlike. When you have the chance to observe/interrupt such, ask the Scout responsible, "which point of the Scout Law might apply to your action ? Was it Kind, or Courteous? Or Trustworthy? Or Helpful ?" It's been ALOT of years ago, but there was a Scout in my Troop of Yooth that needed (that was the term, I realized) to feel superior to every other Scout, and made sure you knew HE was the BOSS, physically. He had a dad that , t
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