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  1. If the Scout relevancy of this thread is "could this happen to a Scout Unit?" I say perhaps. BSA has officially made some decisions and adjustments in it's policies that are praised by some and ridiculed by others. In this present situation, Mr. Phillips saw two groups with seemingly opposing opinions and (so he stated) tried to come between them to help prevent possible violent confrontation. In this he succeeded, but not the way he expected. How would a Scout Unit react if confronted with a loud, verbal assault on it's merely being a Scout Unit? I have heard of local Girl Scout, Boy Scout, Cub Packs being verbally abused because (pick an issue) while selling cookies and popcorn and (holiday) trees in front of stores. Fortunately, nothing really bad happened, so it didn't get on the 9pm news. But still.... Maybe that is the topic.....
  2. SSScout

    Irate potential cubmaster

    ""The commissioner and a couple others don't want us to dismiss him. "" He has dismissed himself. If he has not signed the application, allowed the back checking, done the training, and been approved by the COR and IH, he is not a Scouter and cannot be Cubmaster. If he does not "play well with others", has a problem with rules and regs, ,,,,,, What else is there to know? The child involved is the loser, understood, but Mr. "Smith", and his lady friend must play by the rules. Smile as you hand him the letter....
  3. Due to personal belief and history, we will not have fire arms in our household. That said, I favored the knowledge of safe use and respect of firearms and so I insisted Scoutson earn the Rifle and Shotgun Merit Badges when they were available. He easily earned them. Surprisingly, he had a "natural eye", came close to being invited to join the Skeet team at the local Isaac Walton Club. I am a RSO for archery here abouts.
  4. SSScout

    Recruiting for council training committee

    Oh yes. My Fearless Leader in IOLS, said "definitely" when I suggested adding copied pages from my 1958 vintage "Scout Fieldbook" for Knife and Axe pages. Well worth the copy fees....
  5. SSScout

    On making a graceful transition ...

    Good to hear from you, our electronic "pen" pal. I am glad you have recovered sufficiently to tell us about it AND we are flattered that you came to us so soon to share. Rest assured, your usual log will be waiting for you here at our virtual campfire. See YOU , once more, on the trail.
  6. SSScout

    Irate potential cubmaster

    Devotedautismadhdmom: I think I finally read your whole nom de forum. I think I understand more and your dedication is to be applauded. To my mind, here is the final tally (I hope I have all the details right) : 1) You are the CCh for your Cub's Pack. 2) You were instrumental in the rebuilding of the Pack from a near abandonment to a well functioning Cub Pack. 3) Some new folks came along, and the male of the couple wants to be a Scout Leader, and because of a lack of CubMaster, assumed that role. 3) He refuses to fill out a proper application as a Scout leader, in that he will not allow a background check or Youth Protection Training, agree to other requirements. He is, therefore NOT a Scout Leader, in name or position. 4) He is argumentative and tries to take over things, regardless of the situation. 5) He will not discuss, only declare. There is a difference, yes? 6) He seems to want the best for his (?) girlfriend's boy, but not necessarily for anyone else's. Have I understood that correctly? 7) You have discussed the situation with the CO's IH and COR. and the District Executive and Commissioner. Is that correct? 8 ) Just about everyone (COR, IH, Parents,) agrees he is the problem, not you. 9) You have heard much sympathy and advice here on Scouter dot com. NOW. . . 10) Letters must be written. Emails must be sent. To the wannabe CM, yes? There must be agreement between and signatures from you, the COR and that is all that is necessary. Copies sent to the Council Scout Executive, the District Executive and... ? The wannabe Cub Master must be told he is NOT the Cub master. YOU must find a REAL one, who is registered, trained, enthusiastic. If the wannabe CM will not abide by the CO's decision, you have more legal things to consider. A no trespass order... For that , you may need a lawyer and the clerk of the court. I wish you well. See you on the trail...
  7. "Follow the money". This is never about the need for copper, or the need for jobs. This is , unfortunately, about the need of a very wealthy man to be even more wealthy. What we have is a wealth of wilderness and the filter of our drinking water and washing water. Does anyone remember Love Canal? Can we not learn from the past? It predicts the future. What is once polluted and defamed is long time in cleansing and the folks that caused it will be also long gone. I have an idea. Ask Mr. Luksic (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antofagasta_PLC) to pay off the US National Debt and then we might consider the Lease in Minnesota.
  8. Home work: Scouting is for kids kindergarten thru age 21. We are entering a "new age", and the gender neutral thing is important...… Older kids are "Venture Scouts" Younger ones are "Cub Scouts". What do we call the middle range kids? Can't be just "Boy Scouts", "Girl Scouts" is copyrighted and has a special connotation. ? Senior Scouts? Troopers? Hikers? I am open to ideas, and I think the remnants of the BSA should be too !
  9. SSScout

    Patrol Method - Best Practices

    Back in my day (your day?), each Patrol was supposed to have a Patrol Leader, Assistant PL, A quartermaster (yes, we had stuff to take care of), a Treasurer, (who collected our dues monthly or weekly and presented them to the Troop Treasurer, who was an adult), and when we went camping, a grubmaster and Cook which changed as we went different places. I remember being each of these positions thru my Scout Career. When I graduated from Scouts, I left a well appointed Eagle Patrol. Our menu for a camp out could vary, but inevitably, we did our shopping on the way to the campground or trail head. We would stop at a Safeway or Acme (there were regular places depending on our direction) and the Patrol would run around the store collecting stuff. Dehydrated milk, cocoa, Tang, canned fruit, eggs (repacked in foam for the trip). Fresh hamburger meat would be frozen the night before, this being probably the only thing bought and arranged ahead of time, wrapped up well in foil and towels , and by the time dinner came around, it would still be cold but thawed out. The Treasurer paid for it, no parent's credit card, cash only. At the trail head, we parceled out the gear and food among the hikers, repacked everything, and set off. Some dad followed along behind, or had gone ahead to reserve the cabin or site. We had the map, or had been there before and knew the way. A hatchet, matches, flint and steel, tinder in a candy can, a plastic tarp tent, no roll up "umbrella " tent as of yet. We took a liking to a campsite in the Cunningham Falls state park, near a trout stream, nice short hike in, camp store a short quarter mile away. Fire rings, picnic tables, memories. Much later, after college, I called up a friend from another Troop, and said let's go up to Cunningham Falls for the weekend. He agreed, we gathered our gear, dusted off the old tents and sleeping bags, bought some Dinty Moore and set off. When we arrived, we drove around and around and could not find the entrance to the campground ! We finally gave up and stopped at the Ranger Station. Where was the Campground? Were our memories so faulty? No, the Ranger said, pointing at the map on the wall. We built a dam and formed a swimming lake two years ago. Your campground is now here, under about 50 feet of water. Sic Gloria mundi. No more trout stream there. We found a different campground.
  10. SSScout

    Troop office expectations

    DiREQUIRING Scouts to come will gain push back. What they want is challenge, (safe) adventure. The Philmont experience, close to home. Contact the local hiking clubs, the local canoe/kayak clubs. Here in Maryland, we have the Appalachian Trail Conservancy, and the Canoe Cruisers Club. Get your Scouts involved with them. Plan a week long trek, somewhere, so they can USE the skills they think they have. If you have a parent, uncle, grandparent who owns some property, ask about a long term campout, away from home... Any fire wood? Build a cabin ? (Yes, build a cabin !). Dig/build a privy, supply water, designate a quartermaster... Work with your Scouts, include them, INSIST they make some decisions, some ideas, some plans. DO NOT give them the plans, let them come up with them, on your suggestion, but they MUST make the decisions. Parents make it possible, but the Scouts make it desirable. Campouts are boring? Whose fault is that? Who is denying these Scouts their opportunities? Read... https://www.atmuseum.org/1936-boy-scout-thru-hike.html Could our modern day Scouts do the same? Why not?
  11. SSScout

    My kids love scouts, but....

    Rookiemom, parent hood does not come with an instruction manual, but you know what is what, obviously. Amen to MattR's recommendations. Also, I would approach the other parents and form a "Ad Hoc Committee to Address the Problem Cub's Problem." The Cubmaster/parent has problems that need defining, confronting, sympathy, and (MAYBE) understanding . You and your fellow Pack Parents, unfortunately, are not the ones to help with these. Your duty is to your Cubs. The CO, The COR need to take charge here, and YOU need to vote with your feet.... Good Scouting to you, in any event.
  12. SSScout

    What's in a name?

    I love it when a plan, er , discussion comes together. What to call the MiddleSchool Scouts? Each Program (age determined) of BSA, er, Scouts USA has a moniker. HAD a moniker.... Cub Scouts. Webelos Scouts. Boy Scouts. Venturer Scouts . Explorer Scouts. Lone Scouts. The mind boggles with the confusion inherent. The last part of the identifier was always "SCOUTS", yes? Gender neutral "Scouts" ? I had one respondent to my query suggest "Field Scouts" for the Troops. Regardless of the dissension , there is sufficient agreement that our young females can benefit from the BSA program,and there is sufficient dissatisfaction by the young ladies with the usual GSUSA program for the young ladies to flock (?) to the BSA program if offered, and since the BSA has officially seen fit to offer the usual BSA program to the young ladies, voila, here we are discussing what to call our new members..... ,
  13. SSScout

    Irate potential cubmaster

    Well, welcome to the Forums. What an introduction. Please warm your electrical self at our virtual campfire. I hope we can give you some comfort and good advice. Amen to all the above. Not mentioned..... does this person have a Scout in the unit? Does this Scout have another adult to depend on? Understanding and sympathy is a wonderful trait, but you and your Scout Unit have other concerns. If it escalates to this point, your CO may have to go to court to get a "no trespass" order. If the person in question refuses to allow the required background check, "assumes" he is the CM because no one else (??) will step up, bullies his way into position rather than discusses and gains approval, has not taken YPT, will not accept the decision of the CO leadership, then the No Trespass order may be your only recourse. I have known this to be necessary. Make friends with your local constabulary. BSA is an authoritarian organization made up primarily of consenting, cooperating volunteers. Underline cooperating. We accept that authority inherent in our concern for our youth. If the OP's description is accurate (if emotional), then this person has other problems that your Scout Unit has no ability to address. Good luck to you and your dedication to your youth. See you on the trail.
  14. SSScout

    What's in a name?

    Guilty as charged. Quite a conversation, eh? Girl Troopers? Boy Troopers?
  15. SSScout

    A Scout is...

    Logic is an important subject to study. The ability to present facts and to reason clearly can make a person trusted and widely known. A "sylogism" is a way to prove something. For instance, I can say that "A Scout is Trustworthy" and that "some boys are Scouts". I can then reason that some boys are Trustworthy. But which boy? Can I therefore say that any boy who is Trustworthy IS a Scout? No, not necessarily. Can I say that ALL Scouts are Trustworthy? Nope. I'd like to, but I can't even say that. So how can I talk about Scouts being Trustworthy? I have to know the Scout, know how he behaves, how he speaks, if he WANTS to be trusted. Walter Cronkite recently died. He was a radio and TV newscaster for many, many years, told folks all about the things that went on in the world every night. You younger people may not have ever seen or heard him, but your mom and dad and grandmom and granddad did. Walter Cronkite became one of the most trusted people in our country. Why? It is said that he was a Scout when he was younger, maybe even an Eagle Scout. Did that make him Trusted by the folks that heard him on TV? Nope. How then, did he gain that reputation? He had to work at it. He had to be careful to seek the truth and when he made his report on the TV he had to know and believe what he told us was true. When he was wrong, rare tho that was, he admitted it, easily. He sought the truth regardless of what some others might think. And then he passed it on to us. Being able to only deal with what is true and sticking to your agreements is what Scouting is about. It's no mistake that "A Scout is Trustworthy" is the first point. So, ""A"" Scout is Trustworthy". Are you that Scout?
  16. SSScout

    What's in a name?

    Packers? Troopers? Crewers? Greenbay commenters... Starship..... blue jeans? Bob Scouts (after Robert Baden-Powell?) . .. My problem is "SCOUTS" is what we all are, age 6 thru 76 . . . I can be an Adult Scouter, my son can be (was, is) an Eagle Scout, but what do I say at the Campfire, I always yelled "Hey Scouts !" and will continue to do so , but what kind of is that 13 year old standing in front of me? The Wolf Scout is a "CUB". The green shirted young woman is a "VENTURER". Is the kid kneeling in front of the fire pit , diligently striking that flint against the steel just a "SCOUT"?
  17. SSScout

    Scouts BSA Handbook for Girls?

    Maybe it's like Joe Jackson reminds us, "It's different for girls.... you're all the same..."
  18. SSScout

    Mess kit cooking

    Burying food....I heard that is how some folks age and add flavor to fruit cake.
  19. SSScout

    Mess kit cooking

    My favorite answer to this: *(( The true author of this article is unknown. It is here copied from the COME HOSTELING newsletter, Sept. 1980, of the Potomac Area Council of the American Youth Hostels, who received it from Dick Schwanke, Senior PAC Staff Trainer, who read it in the APPALACHIAN HIKER by Ed Garvey, who got it from the Potomac Appalachian Trail Conference Bulletin, which quoted it from THE RAMBLER of the Wasatch Mountain Club of Salt Lake City, which reportedly cribbed it from the I.A.C. News of Idaho Falls, which reported it from the 1966 PEAKS & TRAILS. I offer it here for your enjoyment and inspiration. Note that some of the ingredients are a bit dated. Adjust as necessary. Enjoy!)) "Courageous Cookery" by John Echo* Once the convert backpacker or cycle camper has accepted the subtle gustatory nuances associated with sustained operations beyond the chrome, he should try the advantages of ultra fringe living so that he will realize what he is paying for his nested pots and pretty pans carried so diligently and brought home so dirty after every "wilderness experience". The following system works. It is dependable and functional. It works on the big rock. It even works when the weather has gone to hell, you are wet and cold and the wind is blowing down the back of your hairy neck. It is not for the timid. It consists of a stove, a six inch sauce pan, a plastic cup and a soup spoon. If you insist on a metal cup, you must never fail to mutter "I'm having fun, I'm having fun", every time you spill the soup on your sleeping bag. Breakfast: Instant wheat cereal-- sugar and powdered milk added-- ready two minutes after water boils. Eat from pot. Do not wash pot. Add water, boil, and add powdered eggs and ham. You'll never taste the cereal anyway. In three minutes, eat eggs. Do not wash pot. Add water or snow and boil for tea. Do not wash pot. Most of the residue eggs will come off in the tea water. Make it strong and add sugar. Tastes like tea. Do not wash pot. With reasonable technique, it should be clean. Pack pot in rucksack and enjoy last cup of tea while others are dirtying entire series of nested cookware. Lunch: Boil pot of tea. Have snack of rye bread, cheese and dried beef Continue journey in 10 minutes if necessary. Dinner: Boil pot of water, add Wylers dried vegetable soup and beef bar. Eat from pot. Do not wash pot. Add water and potatoes from dry potatoe powder. Add gravy mix to taste. Eat potatoes from pot. Do not wash pot. Add water and boil for tea. Fortuitous fish or meat can be cooked easily. You do not need oil or fat. Put half inch of water in pot. Add cleaned and salted fish. Do not let water boil away. Eat from pot when done. Process can be done rapidly. Fish can even be browned somewhat by a masterful hand. Do not change menu. Variation only recedes from the optimum. Beginners may be allowed to wash pot once a day for three consecutive days only. It is obvious that burning or sticking food destroys the beauty of the technique. If you insist on carrying a heavier pack, make up the weight you save with extra food. Stay three days longer.
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    Multiple Bobcat Ceremonies

    What has been said. The Cubs need to be "recognized" and celebrated. The Cub Stripes is a nice simple way to do this. If you are thinking you have not enough time to make the award, perhaps you have a different problem. Are your ceremonies simple, noteworthy, or are they too ostentatious, and meant for the adults' benefit more than the Cubs? I agree with the previous posters, the Bob Cat is important to help the new Cub feel welcome and excited about Scouting. See you on the trail...
  21. The BIG Problem is ultimately the difference in desire. The adults want "Character Development". That's where the Goals came from. Eagle equals college scholarship, job advancement, higher initial rank in military. The BSA (Irving, Councils, Professionals) want "Numbers" (do they get a commission?). I think this is where the "eight methods " came from. Seems like all organisations want/need to quantify and define and list and point to. Last I was told, DEs are judged, not by the number of Scouts enrolled, but by the number of new UNITS. Where did that come from? The kids want the adventure and camaradarie , or they don't join. Or stay. Why join a group that wants to hike and camp and rock climb and canoe and get dirty if you don't (want to hike and camp and...)? And if you DO, why stay in a group that doesn't? STEM and Explorer posts not withstanding.... Can we say that the original Scouting (B-P, Seton, Hillcourt) that was "discovered" and chartered, was defined as #3 above with the assumption that #1 and #2 would follow almost automatically ? So how do we get back to land of Christopher Robin and Pooh ?
  22. Ever try to tear a phone book in half (what's a phone book? yeah, yeah...). The secret to this stunt is to NOT try from the binding side, but from the open edge side, fan the pages out so as to start tearing each page at it's edge separately.
  23. SSScout

    Committee Chair Leaving

    "The work is done by whoever shows up". I hope you have good communication with all the adults in the unit and in the CO (that would be very nice!). I also hope your stepping down CCh was able to give you some forewarning. The COR, indeed , has some responsibility implied in this, as he/she must approve, "sign off" on the new CCh. Scouting chugs along, sometimes with no "offishul" leadership. I see you are A CUB person. Yep, you need a CCh, and a good Committee to help your Cubs along. The Senior Scouts sometimes do better WITHOUT it ! 😀
  24. SSScout

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Yep. The peak of Scouting, I feel (if your judgement point is numbers) was due to the influx of WW2 folks coming into parent hood and making sure THEIR kids became Scouts. The dads that had been soldiers, who had learned the survival stuff, camping etc. made sure their kids did the same. The "Baby Boomers" then fell short in making sure THEIR kids had the outdoor experience, the patriotic experience. I had a good friend in school who's parents were German immigrants. He joined Cub Scouts with me, but dropped out later when he and his parents found BSA too "militaristic" . (an indication as to why they immigrated in the 1940's, I guess.). He became an expert outdoorsman, none the less, moving to Alaska, opening a outfitter store in Juneau Alaska. The key is , as has been said, program quality (outdoor adventure activity, skill practice, character encouragement), and visibility (yes, here is a Scout Pack/Troop/Crew/Ship), call it "marketing, local recruitment" if you will. Make it most obvious that the opportunities that Scouting offers are what make it of value. Stuff you just don't get in "school", or "church" or even "home". See you on the trail....
  25. SSScout

    The Scout Law; One or Twelve?

    One Constitution, how many parts/articles/amendments? but ONE Constitution. So too, ONE Scout Law, but really twelve (in the US of A) parts. or (small "L") laws...