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  1. There ya go.... Marketing vs "A Scout is Thrifty"? May I observe that the reason for POPCORN is two fold. An alternative to (shudder) GSUSA Cookies, and a guaranteed share for Council. I dare say, very few Packs/Troops/Crews/Ships send any share of their proceeds from car washes, mulch sales, Holiday Decor/Tree sales, meatsticks, breakfasts/dinners, etc. etc., to Council. Does GSUSA approve/suggest Scout Accounts, those pseudo commission for unit fun(d)raising ? Back when I was my Eagle Patrol Treasurer (Scouts paid dues to me, we used it to buy our gear and sup
  2. Welcome to the ecampfire. Pull ye up a elog and sit ye down, friend. I bet ye already know the Scoutmaster's list of mottos: "Have you asked your Patrol Leader?" "Try ketchup on it." "Yes, campfires are supposed to do that."
  3. Hey ! Who added the last three words to your sentence?
  4. Recent Eagle Project: Tommy Scout came to us and we worked to define his project. Fewer things to do, smaller bites. Must define things that CAN be accomplished, completed. He understood. Working with his dad and mom (separated), the mom was a stand back and watch person: whatever Tommy wants, I'll help. Dad was more take charge. Him, I had to remind that he was a "consultant", he was "cheap labor" anyone asks him ANYTHING, his response must be "Ask Tommy".... He eventually came around to that. This is the mind set that our Scouts have recently grown up with . I saw it in the
  5. Itis in the eDutch oven over there. Help thyself, friend....
  6. Interesting discussion. I am reminded of another FB discussion I was in. One Scout parent (Cub Scouts, actually) started things off by asking about camp lighting. Coleman gas lanterns? Batteries? Propane lantern? What do Packs use? Discussion devolved into safety issues, hot things, economics, battery depletion, how bright.... One parent noted that their Cubs were helions, and not to be trusted around flames. Open flames and misbehaving Cubs became an issue. I mentioned how waaaay back when, we used kerosene lamps, fireplaces, propane stoves during hurricane power outages. That parents
  7. Oh good. A ""Faith and Chaplaincy" discussion.... Told ya we need a separate forum, but noooo....
  8. A mere coincidence? Ummmm..... A message was posted Keenan M. reposted a message called 📢 Marriot Scout Service Center (MSSC) Closure The Marriot Scout Service Center (MSSC) experienced a waterline break in the early hours of 04/11/2022. The break has caused significant damage to the 1st and 2nd floors and a such, the MSSC and Bethesda Scout Shop will be closed today and likely f
  9. Oh good. Now our young female human outdoor enthusiasts can get back to getting dirty....
  10. Diversity? Or Equity?? Or Equality ??? Ted Talk discussion. Many others, too.....
  11. Indeed, sit ye down, friend. Ye want ewhipped cream on yer epeach cobbler? Goes good with the ecoffee....
  12. ?? https://troopleader.scouting.org/a-game-with-a-purpose/ ??
  13. CSDC: Four days of more or less directed skill/knowledge gaining. The Pavilion leaders hopefully made the Lessons" more fun than classroom (" Double ended, bi-color Peruvian practice rope, harvested at the PEAK of maturity...."), making sure the fun was tempered with safe operating rules (Archery?). Last day: Water Festival. Slip and slide. Mud pit tug of war. Icey pops. After opening ceremony and announcements, Den rotations were rather less regulated. The horn blew very 45 minutes , but hey, if your Den liked what they were doing, we didn't care if you stuck around at the sponge
  14. Here's our Wood Badge song:::: ((Frere Jaques...)) Caffeination, Morning Caffeination (refrain): Caffeination, morning caffeination, Caffeination, helps me start the day! · Make it of a brownish hue, Throw the grounds in, let it brew! Let it brew, brownish hue, Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh, (refrain) · Make it strong, it melts the spoon! And I’ll drink it very soon! Very soon, Melts the spoon, Let it brew, Brownish hue, Oh-Oh-Oh-Oh, (refrain) ·
  15. My Turkish college house mate taught us this (if you have the time)::: In a Big Pot:: One heaping TABLESPOON rough ground coffee per cup desired, plus one. One BIG cup water plus one One TEASPOON sugar (or honey, preferred) per cup, plus one. If desired, one TABLESPOON whole milk per cup. Stir around some to mix. Uncovered, Bring to roiling boil, immediately take off fire/heat, pour into cups. You will have sludge in bottom of cups, let settle for a minute. Enjoy with friends. If you are "American", you are allowed to pour thru a "tea" strainer.
  16. I often comment to folks that will listen that it is a wonder any of our generation ever grew to adult hood. Climbing trees? Building lash together (Pioneering !) towers more than 6 feet tall? Hiking by ourselves? Taking cars apart WITHOUT ADULT SUPERVISION? Oh, the humanity.... One winter (!), I think it was in January, we went camping , in the snow, on a local farmer's land. Our Troop was wonderfully divided into four Patrols, on this event, each Patrol was represented, as I remember, by maybe only three or four boys from each Patrol. Nothing unusual about that, eh? Here's the
  17. The ultimate Klondike Derby. In hindsight, plans could've been better, but A wonderful inspirational story. Shackleton brought all his crew home.
  18. Another Merit Badge Day done and wrapped up. Actually two days: this Council plans a first day in January, and the second in February. It is a nice idea, the Scout gets to meet the MBCouncilor, then some time to complete things (if they are not "ready" the first time). I do Bugling, I guess I have a rep, because I keep getting invited back. Covid protocol, lots of space. Alcohol rubs on everything. First saturday: Advanced registration shows ten Scouts, five in the morning, five in the afternoon sessions. Pre-requisites posted on line, obvious in the registration page
  19. Let's give credit where credit is due:
  20. *sigh* As always, "The Work Is Done By Whoever Shows Up." Many times, we hear of "Active COs" , "silent COs", "COs of Convenience". The CO of my Cub Pack was set up long before I became Cub Master. Collect the charter signatures, see you next year, , have a nice day. When wife/Den Leader and I began asking for more involvement of the CO ( a hospital foundation) , we were met with "that's not what we agreed to, not what we expected, not what we signed up for" The Troop of my Scout Son was a church. Same basic thing . Long time CO, even the signature COR was "for conven
  21. Scoutmaster’s Song (with apologies to Mesrs. Gilbert and Sullivan) When A Scouter’s not engaged in his employment (his employment) or planning to go camping with his Troop (with his Troop) his capacity for innocent enjoyment (-cent enjoyment) Can easily be knocked off for a loop (for a loop) Our feelings we with difficulty smother (-culty smother) When some Scoutmasterly duty’s to be done (to be done) Ah, take one consideration with another, (with another) A Scoutmaster’s lot i
  22. Free time at camp? Fun defined by themselves? Oh the horror of it..... (With apologies to Paul Simon . . . ) ”I went out camping with my Scout Troop just last week. The fun and woods there were everything I seek . But I when I got home and counted noses I realized… There must be… fifty ways to lose a camper. Fifty ways to lose a camper…. “” Just call the roll late, Nate, Get off to the john, Ron, Be in a rush, Gus, just listen to me…. A PL that’s loose, Moose, strin
  23. Could you consider the C&O/Great Allegheny Passage Trail? Old rail road R/W and canal water level trail. Lots of urban support nearby. :: https://gaptrail.org/
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