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  1. Same CO...multiple CORs

    The COR is what they choose to be. They can be a paper official, or take an active role, be there to help make decisions. "Offishully" , the COR and IH decide and approve who is and who is not the Unit Leaders. It is their signature on the appointments and applications, yes? When Chicago Council set about disassembling their camps, it was the volunteers that got the Council Voting Members (the CORs) together and embarrassed the Chicago Council leaders AND National, who thought they had a slam dunk in selling off all the camps. Owasippee is still there, thanks to the CORs who got together and voted their votes, finally, and made the stink and reminded the County Boards who should be in charge. Lots of discussion on Scouter.com about it. AND https://www.michigan-sportsman.com/forum/threads/owasippe-scout-property-in-jeopardy.90741/
  2. Sunday Morning segment on the BSA

    Come on, gang, this is all about "market share" and "loyalty " and "faith". Scouting started up and went world wide because there was a previously unacknowledged desire for child friendly adventure. And Belonging. And the Practice of Adulthood Before you got there... Every kid, Boy or Girl, wants to be part of a "Gang". That can be Scouts, the football team, the marching band, a MYF group or MS13. We favor Scouts because we know how it helped us along, and see the benefit of learning the ideals of the Scout Law and Promise earlier rather than later in your adult life. Frederick Douglas said it best, "It is easier to build strong children rather than try and repair broken men." The GSUSA and Girl Guides have always been (bless'em) dedicated to the females of our species. It is demonstrably sad that they have fallen away from their historically adventurous program. If the BSA has always been dedicated to the adventurous type of the training (see the Douglas quote above) and the GSUSA has tended toward the more "traditional" female type things, THAT is why we are now facing the change we see. The Market Share is now being defined by girls that want the adventure part of that training that the GSUSA has recently come to organizationally deny. Can you blame them? If the BSA can provide (female separate Troops/Patrols/Dens) but the same design and intention of an adventurous, safe danger, allowed to lead, type of program, then we will all benefit thereby. "A Game With A Purpose" indeed.
  3. New merit badge idea?

    A New Merit Badge? Howzabout resuscitating some old ones? Rabbit Raising, Blacksmithing, Carpentry, Stegasaurus Husbandry....
  4. Learning to drive efficiently.

    More and more often, our committees are (by email) listing things that need to be done, folks pick out some task, email back taking charge of it, then emailing back when it was done. I hope that is not what we're talking about here. Then too, I advise against "Death by Powerpoint" at RoundTable.... ** "I hope you won't mind a short announcement" (from the back of the room, in unison "NO , WE DON"T MIND A SHORT announcement") .We have a signal when the overly detailed announcement is overtime... Someone will start edging onto the stage and slllloooowwwwwly edge the speaker off the stage....
  5. Same CO...multiple CORs

    Simple. One CO , one COR. Check and see what your Unit signed on with. THAT is your CO. Three units with one CO (my home Pack/Troop/Crew), one CO. Yes, we had to correct that misperception some years back (Pack registered with a Different CO than the Troop and Crew. Council never questioned it), it was easy. Now, however, the present COR (fine, interested in Scouting man), is over 80, in declining health, and wants to resign. The Pastor of the church (the fabled "IH"), is having a problem finding a church member who is Scout Positive and will serve....
  6. A very worthy sounding project. 1) Always good to fill in the form anyway. Helps to define/document where the support comes from. Never a bad thing. 2) If the Beneficiary is truly doing the fund raising/collecting donations/handling all moneys and the Eagle candidate is only passing on the donations he receives, sounds hunky dory to me. Scoutson's project was renovating a barn at the County Fair. All materials were provided by the Fair. He directed folks who wanted to donate to write their checks to "The County Fair". 3) I second the above concern to be sensitive to the religious scruples of your recipients. Label contents. 4) Is this a "one shot" effort, or will there be an ongoing effort ? Is this only a single collection for a larger, established charity? Just curious. Always good to establish a "permanent" affective project. 5) I hope that when questions arise, all the adults involved know to say "ask him" and point to you ! ** Good work, Mattosaurus... See you on the trail.
  7. Scouting is doomed

    Always liked REM... Okay, so it's the end of the (Scouting) world as we know it. Exactly why has Scouting (as we know it) gone down hill of late? Has it gone down hill? In no particular order, here's what I've heard.... Let's make a list. 1) PTB began catering to the urban family in the 70's. 2) Loss of "traditional" outdoor, rough and rugged activities in favor of electronics/indoor/STEM/ 3) Society views Scouting as old time, not socially relevant. 4) Loss of "Patrol Method"/Boy Centered in favor of "Adult Led". 5) Requirements for ranks and Merit Badges have gotten easier (Parlor Eagles?) 6) Society has changed (Allow any healthy human to join?) 7) Game with a purpose? Games are not socially progressive enough. 8) Old style patriotism versus real patriotism? 9) Religion versus faith versus .... what need for religion? 10) Competition for our youth's attention is greater than in years past. What gang is a kid to join? Scouts? MS13? Minecraft? 4H? Soccer? Grand Theft Auto? Football? 11) Who wants to wear that dorky uniform? Band? Football? ROTC? 12) Oh Hum.... Is some folks concern for "Numbers" and "Money" totals really not the issue we should be concerned with? Quality versus quantity? What's my commission for organizing a RoundTable?
  8. Virtual Campfire

    ""And there were a couple of parent comments about being glad to see this opportunity for their girls as their sons had participated in similar programs. "" ""SIMILAR PROGRAMS"" Wellllll, sometimes we learn from the Loyal Opposition....
  9. Virtual Campfire

    Virtual Campfire . . . What would B - P say about this? No dancing flames to gaze into.... No warm radiance to utilize ... What to do with the "Campfire Ash Tradition"?
  10. 96 Year Old Eagle Scout

    Mucho congrats !
  11. Scouting is doomed

    FINALLY, discussion begins. Thank you Latin Scout... Altho as some of you may note, I have penned the occasional song parody, but this wasn't really meant to be sung.... Like Will Rogers said once, "all I know is what I read in the papers." Wellll, now we have internet to read, along with my Roundtable and oldtimers (older than me, even) to hear from.... and so we progress, (tongue firmly in cheek). So what has (in some peoples minds) doomed Scouting? Anything to add to the list? Did I get it all right? Anything missing we have to contradict?
  12. Oh, that's all great. Trombone was my first instrument too. Let him have fun, give him some Tommy Dorsey and Glen Miller, if not Slide Hampton . Play in the Band: like Scouts, it will get you places and opportunities the other kids won't (can't!) have. Even if you do not become a "music major", the school band /orchestra is a neat place to be (Purdue Marching Band, Rank Captain, Rosebowl 1967). A real Bugle? Look for an OLD one, they will be a heavier caliber metal and sound stronger. Replace the original thin mouth piece with a Bach 12C, expensive perhaps but much better embrouchure and comfort. Look for "Captain Gallant of the French Foreign Legion". They used the bugle a lot in that show, learn the "Tatoo" from it. If you get tired of the American "Call to the Colors" you can always play the French , And "Boots and Saddles" old TV shows, but neat bugling....
  13. NYLT Staff gifts

    Neckerchief slide woggles. Many opportunities for leather kits, burn in the date, event... Very traditional. Troop had a canoe trip that was "memorable" in the wrong way. I went to the Scoutshop, found a leather Scout symbol (fleur de lis?) and realized with some judicious snipping, and hanging it up side down it could be a canoe and paddle! A little pen lettering and a hole punch, Presto! A pocket patch for them that survived! If you have a large enough Staff, and you want a "professional" job (uhh?), there are companies out there that will do the necker or woggle for a price. I remember receiving a "Smokey Bear" hat woggle for a Camporee (must be in my shoe boxes somewhere) that I wore with pride....
  14. If you have all this saved in a "Picture" or "Doc" file, it can be loaded to a Dropbox account, and the access code is published to whomever you want, thus: Here's my story about Light Weight Camping , ""Courageous Cookery"" https://www.dropbox.com/s/je3wh2ao0u2fd4v/CourageousCookery.docx?dl=0 Go here to establish your account: https://www.dropbox.com/h Let us know. Scan used to be a KD furniture outlet.... pre IKEA
  15. Fx Goby's To Build a Fire , commissioned by BSA

    One vision. Here's another, with Orson Welle's voice over. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RBB06RLmCcU you can buy the DVD: https://shop.tcm.com/to-build-a-fire/089859822629 Klondike Derby preparations, anyone?
  16. I believe the first picture is from the first World Jamboree, where B-P was declared Chief Scout of the World.
  17. Your parents are obviously very proud of you, but don't count your Eagles until their pinned on your uni. "And this years nominees for best supporting cameraman's assistant cable puller are.... "
  18. Well, the requirements say "Play", not necessarily from memory. If they can read the chart, and do it well, they will eventually learn it by heart. Bugle only has five (or six, if youre really good), and most Scouts seem to learn it by listening. Buy the CD, if you will. In my experience, just PLAYING a bugle or other instrument is a chore. It never ceases to surprise me that the Scout will come to the MB session without a horn, and without even the ability to "buzz".
  19. Well, Bugler is a PoR in everything save Eagle, I think that's right. Ask him , if he would serve. Bugling Merit Badge is fairly simple for a brass player. One more roundel on the sash, eh?
  20. OA to end AoL ceremonies?

    This all has to do with the "Ideal". BSA has all but eliminated the Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling "Ideals" referenced in Cub Scouting (what is an Akela again??). To eliminate the "Ideal" referenced in the OA ceremonial Native American stories is the same thing, IMHO. How do you talk about ideals to youth if not with story and metaphor? Yes, Cubs should be fun, but how to introduce the Ideals? By "education"? by "talking AT them" ? No, you make it "important". You make it a memorable "ritual". If you can do this with a generic, idealized Indian ceremony, then be careful and respectful, but make it worth seeing and remembering. Cherokee? Seminole? Cree? Specialize if you can. Patuxent? Lenni Lanape? Mohawk? Make that connection if you can. ((** What stories do you read to your kids/grandkids for bedtime? "Star Wars"?? or Treasure Island and Jungle Book and even Rocket Boys?? )) Anyone remember the Straight Arrow Injun-uity Cards in the Nabisco Shredded Wheat? Wish I had all of them.... Really Scouty stuff. Was that insulting to the Nations? Straight Arrow was if nothing else, "generic" https://www.pinterest.com/pin/45458277459038282/ Our Native American nations were certainly given a raw deal in the past (I had one friend explain it to me by noting the Europeans were not here as "new Neighbors" but as "conquerors" ). The Canadians are still trying to correct their mistakes in the boarding school issues. I might like to think that our adopting the use of the Aboriginal Nations' "Ideals" as our own as a true compliment . Perhaps we need to add some further understanding of our mistreatment in our borrowing. Any time you are in the neighborhood of Cherokee, North Carolina , south of the Great Smokies (camp, hike, etc.), please visit the Museum http://www.cherokeemuseum.org/exhibits and learn the history from the other side.
  21. Tahawk, Bless your scanning heart. Would it be possible to put this , say, in a dropbox account for us mere mortals to access and ,dare I hope, even print out?
  22. piano scoutmaster minute

    Perhaps this: The Bridge Builder By Will Allen Dromgoole An old man going a lone highway, Came, at the evening cold and gray, To a chasm vast and deep and wide. Through which was flowing a sullen tide The old man crossed in the twilight dim, The sullen stream had no fear for him; But he turned when safe on the other side And built a bridge to span the tide. “Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim near, “You are wasting your strength with building here; Your journey will end with the ending day, You never again will pass this way; You’ve crossed the chasm, deep and wide, Why build this bridge at evening tide?” The builder lifted his old gray head; “Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said, “There followed after me to-day A youth whose feet must pass this way. This chasm that has been as naught to me To that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be; He, too, must cross in the twilight dim; Good friend, I am building this bridge for him!”
  23. Oh, there are lots of opportunities here ! I hope the room (auditorium?) is large enough to allow the full beauty of a well played bugle.... When folks are settling in to their seats, play "First Call" to gain their attention (SPL puts up the Sign). As Bugleson may note, if he plays the Call to the Colors up to the Coda, that is the "Short Version", and would be appropriate for an indoor ceremony. I would suggest as the Color Guard is ordered "Advance" , play CttC as the Color Guard advances up the aisle. If it is a long aisle , play the whole piece. If you do the PoA, then that would come after the Posting of the colors. When the Scoutmaster (or SPL??) comes forward to make his opening remarks, "Ruffles and Flourishes". When the Ranks are to be awarded, play "Attention" (dah DIT dah DAH !) . At the end of the evening, everyone is eager for the punch and cookies (or ribs and coleslaw?). If the ceremony closes with the flags in place, say your benediction or closing remarks, and wish folks well. If the flags will be "retrieved" , so with "Please retrieve the colors", play "Retreat" as they march down the aisle. At the end of the piece, dismiss the CG and crowd to the refreshments. Yum. (No, I would not add "Mess Call" here...) Taps? I do not see Taps as appropriate in an indoor ceremony, unless there is another ceremonial reason. But that's just me. Outdoor ceremony? Wait until folks are about finished with the meal, Let Bugleson get back in the woods a ways and play long and low from there. Let it echo. Congratulations to all your Scouts !
  24. Virtual Campfire

    Oil change? What's that? I visited a garage once, the mechanic. had a bench covered with engine parts, a Pontiac Sunbird was parked nearby with it's hood leaning against the wall. I asked about this "display". He said the young woman had brought the car in because it was "making noise" . She had bought it new , three years before, put 24,000 or so miles on it and had NEVER changed the oil......
  25. On my Camino de Santiago trek three years ago, we sojourned in an alberge (hostel) which, like most, did not segregate the genders (!) . My buddy Rick bedded down in a lower bunk, I had to take a different "stack" upper. As always, the room was full. Rick sometimes (not always) gave forth with rafter rattling snoring when on his back. He was aware of this. Sometime in the night, I awoke to his music. I over heard some Deutscher volk (there was a bicycle club in with us) outloud mention bodily harm to the "volcano one". I jumped down, went over and woke up RIck, who awoke with a start, but willingly turned on his side and went back to sleep. No more snores. "Danke, freunde." I hope the other Scouter was apprised of his problem...