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  1. Waaaay too big. Are these good folks all "volunteer", paid expenses (as many governing boards are), or are any (if not all) paid a stipend or a "retainer", etc.? I imagine some ( I recognize names) are named "Board Member" as sort of a reward/recognition for service, donation, etc.?
  2. Saturday is a good day to feast and express thanks... For food, for raiment, for life, for opportunity, for friendship and fellowship.... We thank thee, oh Lord.
  3. Doesn't include Dentistry ? Isn't that a Health Profession? Why separate after this re-alignment (orthodontia) ?
  4. Well, I'm glad they didn't forget the ketchup....
  5. I'm with Jameso76 in much of this. Nomenclature/definition.... Vespers to me means a set of prayers, a worship service. Are we talking about an outdoor chapel of some design? Does it exist already and needs renovating, embellishment? Or is this totally new construction? The two Scouts need to have a sit down. Perhaps with the church leadership first, then with their respective Scout Leaders. I would hate to think there is some adult dramatics involved (shudder). I would encourage the Scouts and church leadership find enough "project " for the each of them. Perhaps (!)
  6. ..... up to a point At IOLS, I always mention the The Three Words No Scoutmaster Wants To Hear: "" HEY ! WATCH THIS ! ""
  7. Well there ya go. Despite the National Curriculum, All Scouting Is Local. The WB is locally produced and staffed. It is meant to be a "Management" course and a reinforcement of the "Scout Led" (adult mentor-management) idea. The local folks can give it the bad taste, unfortunately. We hope for the "AHA !" moment , not the "OH NO!" or "HO HUM" moment..... One of the courses I attended/staffed had a wonderful older Scouter in attendance. He had an interesting story. He traveled the country attending various WB courses. He said to me he had attended 12 so far, and enjoyed
  8. Congrats... Hoot Hoot. Wood Badge is as much for the adult as for the Scouts they will help... I am sure the folks/Scouts that benefited from your ticket(s) will know to "pass it on". Beading... It is appropriate to celebrate your success, and it is altogether appropriate that YOU decide how it should be done. I know folks that have said, don't need the hoo hah, just send me the regalia. And it is sent. Not a Troop /Pack/Crew person? Then your beading should be where you feel you belong. Roundtable, Camporee, where ever. My friend received his at the District Awa
  9. "" ""Our character is what we do when we think no one is looking."" H. Jackson Brown, Jr. Oh, Kosnoff is a character, all right.... He wants to be known for what he does when he THINKS everyone is watching....
  10. With the turn of the years, autumn again brings thoughts of campfires, wood smoke memories, s'mores, burnt hotdogs, songs and gazing into the embers..... Campfire safety being of utmost importance (I hope and pray you never find yourself saying, "I thought I put it out"), I find myself remembering when I used to heat my modest cabin with wood. I thought I might record some ideas in that vein, (please bear in mind , this is past history.....) therefore: How to Heat with Wood for Free! It is easy to heat your home for free with wood! I have done it for many years
  11. It is all about personal responsibility and past history. Third hand story: Talking to a Scouter friend: He was a Scoutmaster for a time, then dropped back to being Committee Chair as health and age interfered. One time during a Troop meeting, a new fellow came in, and he was directed to my friend, now Com Chair. The new man said he was an Eagle, and had just moved into the area and wanted to get back into Scouting. Friend said great, do you have a kid to join the Troop? man said no, he was single, but wanted to give back, as he was given in his Scouting days. Friend said great, her
  12. ""Blind"" Scouting? https://americanorchestras.org/wp-content/uploads/2021/05/Rethinking-Blind-Auditions.pdf
  13. Right. Now I know why it never moved after I signed it..... So now how do I remove the black sharpie from my compooter screen LRC?
  14. Very true.... But it is a "beginning". It took some YEARS to get the BSA to correct the Friends contact info, but it was accomplished.
  15. Here is the "bottom line" :: https://www.scouting.org/awards/religious-awards/chart/
  16. """ When suppertime came, the old cook came on deck sayin'"Fellas, it's too rough to feed ya"At seven PM, a main hatchway caved in, he said"Fellas, it's been good to know ya""""""""""""
  17. Aha, a "talisman". A horse shoe, rabbits foot, St. Christopher's , Grandmom's handkerchief, Charlemagne's reliquiy, "He chose.... poorly"..... I do not seek to disparage your desire for "protection in battle", not in the least. If there is a protection inherent in the object, certainly that is a reason to claim it. The proof will be in the pudding, yes? Perhaps it would be better not to test that "protection"? Perhaps it would be better to find a way to prevent or avoid battle? B-P's final desire was that Scouting be a way to World Brother/sisterhood. It is all over
  18. Please note the Penn requirement includes any adult , anywhere, (see time defined), school volunteer, school bus driver, sunday school, parish priest, Scout leader from Nevada staying at a Gettysburg campground for more than (?) 2 days, etc.
  19. Already been there, done that: Cost is YOURS, or your agency.... State of Pennsylvania Youth Protection Requirements : Get a Clearance The Child Protective Services Law (CPSL) requires certain individuals to obtain clearances in order to be employed, be a resource parent (foster or adoptive), or be a volunteer with children. The purpose for requiring clearances is to provide employers and those selecting volunteers with information to use as a part of a larger decision-making process when determining whether to hire someone as an employee or select them as a volunteer. Cle
  20. worked for me..... https://nyrej.com/suffolk-county-council-boy-scouts-of-america-to-sell-council-headquarters-in-medford
  21. Cardboard and duck tape. Works for me. I do Woods Tools at IOLS. Most of my knife and axe sheaths are "home made". Cardboard, duck tape, string to tie around the axe heads. I tried making axe sheaths with velcro closures (fancy!) but the glue fell off. Duck Tape and cordage.
  22. Yea verily.... Best to have older Scouts teach and practice with the younger as much as possible. I dare say there is a local Troop where the senior Scouts would love to show off their prowess. In the mean time, try this website: http://www.inquiry.net/
  23. Cell phones... GPS units.... Oh, I have stories.... Pictures, emergency communication (if you have "signal". Ever watch RV with Robin Williams?) Map and compass is still the best idea. Wife is headed out to a memorial service for a friend, several hours drive . I kiss her goodbye and remind her "you've got maps of those states behind your seat" she says "no problem, got my phone." Still, just in case..... Ever try to GPS a place and you discover you are too close to a mega giga volt power line? Oh, I forgot to recharge.... Some kids do not even KNOW how to turn off the p
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