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  1. "" Matching Mountains With The Boy Scout Uniform"" by Edward F. Reimer, E.P.Dutton, New York , 1929. I am not sure it has "101" uses for the necker, , but maybe 50 or 60 . And lots more about the original uniform. History, etc. Pg.91: "Be Prepared" tells the Scout never to be without his Neckerchief and therefore to be ready for any emergency. There are fifty-six practical uses among many others for the Necessary Neckerchief." You can find originals, reprints, and a digital copy with a little digital searching. No, I am not willing to part with my copy. 😉.
  2. Well. As in many songs, there is often many additional verses if someone thinks there needs to be. Orrrrr.... Additional songs.... Softly falls the rain today, As our campfire floats away. Silently each scout should ask, Did I bring my scuba mask? Did I tie my tent flaps down? Learn to swim so I won't drown? Have I done and did I try, Everything to keep me dry
  3. Okay. Let us, as internet problem solvers, collect our thoughts. 1) This is a all-girl CUB SCOUT PACK. 2) It is "self chartered" by a group of (we must assume) well meaning parent/adults. Whoever signed the charter form, and (we hope) incorporated themselves , are by definition, the Institution Head and/or the Charter Org Rep, as defined by the BSA. , leading to: 3) It matters not one lick if any of the "interested" adults are Eagle scouts . What matters to BSA is::: are they over 21, do they have all the blanks on the charter application filled in truthfully, did the
  4. Operant word is " MAY". Not must, or can't, or shouldn't.
  5. yeah yeah let us know how that works out for ya.
  6. Ditto from my fellows... And. Is this to be a CUB PACK or a SCOUTSBSA TROOP? My friend, for you to be conversant in "Scoutese", it would behoove you to read up. Scoutmasters are leaders of ScoutBSA Troops, Cubmaster is the leader of a Cub Pack. And if the BSA Council insists on following BSA rules, a Cub Pack may NOT be purely girl. The Dens within the Pack are , by policy, gender separated, but the PACK is not. Well, I suppose if the CO defines ALL the Dens as female... Have they turned away any boys, do you know? ScoutsBSA Troops are in toto gender separate.
  7. Is this somehow appropriate to the discussion? Or is all this "local"? ""The United Methodist Church is not leaving Scouting. We are still working with BSA in the bankruptcy. "" https://www.facebook.com/MethodistScouting/
  8. It's hard, but if the older Scouts buy into it, and the parents buy into it, such a camp is well worth while. A google search will yield many examples of Scout Troops "doing" the Appalachian trail, for instance. Way back in my paleo Scout days, our Troop was blessed with dads (and moms!) that totally supported our adventures. Somebody's cousin's uncle knew somebody who owned property up by Germantown MD. The first year, (on "ordinary" weekend campouts), our Troop built a three sided log cabin, cleaned out and capped a spring with good water, dug a privy, dammed the creek for "s
  9. "" In 1936, a year before the Appalachian Trail was completed as one continuous, unbroken footpath, six Boy Scouts from the New York City area followed the route from Maine to Georgia. It was a 121-day odyssey into manhood and its significance as perhaps the first thru-hike of the A.T. wasn't realized until recently by one of the participants."" > > > Yes, the AT was a popular route way back when: https://www.atmuseum.org/1936-boy-scout-thru-hike.html
  10. I would favor a "special" made award. At a Jamboree, we had a big sit down in the arena, but things were delayed. TPTB recognized this, and so OA folks threw Dixie Cup Ice creams out into the crowd. Some of us took this as a "sign". We just happened to have some twine with us, somebody had a marker. PRESTO ! Dixie cup lids became "Jambo Arena Waiting" awards. We made up several dozen . I have mine in the collection. Our Troop once had a particularly strenuous canoe trip once. Because of a faulty map (County Parks provided !) we had to add 5 miles and several hours to the
  11. Yeah. They are not yet old enough for an elapsed auto warranty.
  12. Requirements for Eagle... Scout #1... father and I were good Scouter friends. Sons were in same Cub Pack, joined different Troops, but knew each other, saw each other at events. Scout #1 completed all his requirements, filled out all the forms, workbook etc. well within time limits. Troop OK, District OK, Council said "This is last years form. You must fill out the up-to-date form..." Scout said to hell with this, quit Scouting. Six months later he joins the Air Force. Scout #2. Parents eager for son to "make Eagle". Scout is 15 and a half. Dad asks me to speak at son's CoH,
  13. It is truly amazing that so many of us survived childhood. My best friend and I in fifth grade found and captured a "little brown bat" and managed to sneak it into school and left it in our teacher's desk at close of school. Never did hear the result....
  14. In general, in the past, sometimes Council Directors have done what they think they need to do, what they think they can do, and what they think they can get away with. Owasippe and the Greater Chicago Council comes to mind. Poor management of property, lost opportunities for letting the property earn it's keep, need for pensions (!), belief that the locals won't object, that the CORs won't object (or know about it), that the local incorporation documents have nothing to do with the thing.... and a lack of Scouters willing to make noise/waves, follow the money, embarrass the legalitie
  15. Some sad things: * The adult who tells you "I wish I had finished Eagle" "* The kid who tells you "I wish my (old man/ mom/ granddad) would quit bugging me about ""Eagle"". *** The Scout that tells you about how his Troop goes camping once a month, and his (old man/mom/granddad) never goes or takes them. **** The Scout who hears about the previous Scout and says "Our Troop goes to summer camp. That's it." ***** The adult "leader" who insists that every Scout event (defined as any group of Scouts doing Anything together) MUST have two adult registered leaders....
  16. Being a "registered" Scouter/adult does not mean they are a "Scout Leader". The Pack/Troop can have many "adult registered" and still have many stand back and "I don't have the time" "I don't know anything about this Scout stuff but Susie loves it" "Here's some money, take care of Jake for me" type people. Then too, you can have the "no, no, that's all wrong" type person, too....
  17. Oh, I can relate. I retired from county government service. Our Transit Service was a local creation, the original idea being that the local folks could do a better job "locally" than the bigger multi juridictional agency. I started out as a part time driver. . I got promoted thru the years. One of the people I learned from, I'll call him Dave, had been in it from the beginning. He knew it all, had the responsibility to get things approved and done. I loved working with Dave because he was not afraid to assign jobs (to me, for instance) and express appreciation for one's initiativ
  18. And boy, try and understand the time effort and work that went into THAT. photos, Identify, shape recognition, dentured or not, color, leaf orientation, ,,, A five year old human should be able to identify any English alphabet letter, no matter how it is oriented, sized, type face, slanted, italicized or colored. Same for a Chinese child, but wow.... the pictogram collection there. And the IT folks are having fun making sure the App can differentiate Poison Ivy from Raspberry or Jack in the Pulpit. Back in my pre-retirement days, I was tasked with collecting various destinatio
  19. Cell phones.... True story.... CSDC. I have the Nature Pavilion. On day one, we do "Leave No Trace" (Outdoor Ethics). After passing out the LNT hanger cards (thanks to Protect the Outdoors - Leave No Trace Center for Outdoor Ethics (lnt.org) and some stories about Unintended Consequences ("I thought I put out the fire", ) I had the Cubs and their buddies each lineup by a corner of the pavilion, and take 200 steps out, turn 90 degrees, walk 50 steps, turn 90 degrees and walk back to the pavilion and on the way, pick up ANYTHING "God didn't put there". After the day, I was (not r
  20. It has always been BSA's policy that so long as the CO follows the basic BSA policies (requirements, YPT etc.) the CO can set other membership requirements. Note the CoJCoLDS example. Some years ago, I helped establish a Troop at a Roman Catholic Church. They openly required that boys and families be Catholic. The Troop was very active for about three years, then gradually dried up and disappeared. We had a Muslim Troop some years ago, they declared anyone could join, realizing that their diet and activiites would be faith driven. Unfortunately, their membership was drawn from a
  21. Never hurts to bring your campcup. Properly secured by cord or carabiner. Might be Seabase mugs available for souveniring....
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