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    Troop Meeting Spaces

    Our Friends Meeting (that's Quaker parlance) just opened our newly renovated Community House. The Building Care Committee , for "outside users", settled on the fee of $100. per event if you use the new kitchen, and (I have no idea how they came up with this number), $37.50 per hour for the "big room" and a "sliding scale" for the smaller rooms. We have of late had several renters, all word of mouth, for baby showers, graduation parties, birthday parties, etc. It does sound like they are treating your Troop as an "outside user".
  2. SSScout

    Scouting Mentor: James McKellar, 1909-1998

    A very nice remembrance. As we grow older, we tend to remember those that held us in their hearts, if only for a moment. Concerning that last remark, " Scouts get out of it what they put in to it. So put your whole self in and imagine the SELF that's going to come out. " , I have a t-shirt given me by my mom, it reads ""What if the Hokey Pokey is really what it is all about?"" There you go, put "your whole self in and shake it all about...."
  3. ""Character is what one does when one thinks no one is watching.""
  4. Our CSDC theme this year was CSI, seems a little extreme....
  5. SSScout

    Need for tree identification

    There are still folks around here that will plant and care for a grove of Black Walnut, "for the grandchildren".... Neighbor planted a grove of Princess Paulownia with the same intention.
  6. ""In the movie "The Adventures of Robin Hood" (1938) starring Errol Flynn and Olivia De Haviland, list and name any and all archery safety rules disobeyed."
  7. SSScout

    (CT) Troop 82 installs propeller guards at Camp Sequassen

    Well, what seems like unnecessary NOW becomes "why didn't we think of this before" . It is always so unfortunate when an avoidable death or injury proves the necessity of safety equipment. Bright yellow vests? Rope and belts on window cleaners and roofers? Anti kickback handles on chainsaws? Safety goggle in shop? PFDs? Training? Last week I had a good conversation with a Sea Scout leader friend who also teaches Coast Guard Auxiliary classes. He can tell you stories.... I recently watched an old movie on TCM. "The Solitaire Man " . It concerns a jewel thief and crooked Scotland Yard officer. The final events in the movie occur aboard an early airliner (it's a Handley Page Type 42 !) on route from France to England. The passenger compartment has light switches, windows that can be opened FULLY for ventilation (throw evidence out), cushy plush seats with NO SEAT BELTS, , NO ATTENDANT (only the two pilots), parachutes for the passengers (just in case), the pilot's compartment is unlocked (part of the conflict revolves around the passengers demanding to be taken back to France, and the pilots insisting "that's against regulations"), AND . . a door to the outside that has a simple latch handle so one of the passengers can jump out ("Excuse me, but one of the passengers just committed suicide" says a passenger to the pilot). I think prop guards are certainly appropriate for training, beginners, Scouts. While we're about it, let's close the airplane's windows, triple latch the doors, secure the pilot compartment, keep the lights on, and give the passenger compartment some attendants to help keep track of things. And peanuts. Give out peanuts.
  8. Teach'em the proper word for an "archery lover" :: TOXOPHILITE all Cubs love a fancy word to use. I always had that on the entrance to the Archery Range: "TOXOPHILITES ONLY BEYOND THIS POINT" Be Safe, learn the techniques, have fun, take pride in your skill.
  9. SSScout

    inexpensive tomahawks?

    I do not favor throwing them. I would much rather the hatchet remain in the user's hand . That being said, sharp edges do stick better than dull ones. And similarly to Archery Ranges, a WIDE , ALL AROUND safety area is desired. Those tomahawks can bounce off the target stubs and travel a fur piece. "Be careful out there".
  10. SSScout

    Hello Everyone

    Ernest fan , too. Grand daughter Julia Seton has a website, and has republished his autobiography. A good read, I enjoy well used English.
  11. SSScout

    Best Webelos Camp?

    Check with Heritage Scout Reservation, in Laurel Highlands Council, (used to be Greater Pittsburgh). Very nice, up in the mountains, so no Poison Ivy !
  12. SSScout

    What we do to raise some money

    The times do change. People have different attitudes and desires. How to raise money for worthy causes? Raffle a goat? HA ! Back in my Neolithic childhood, my dad's Lions Club sponsored a Horse show (!) at a local dairy farm. It was a community BIG DEAL. The fence for the show ring had to be repaired and painted every year, An all day affair, 6am thru dark, dressage, six and eight horse team demo, riding clubs judged, hunter jumping, we Scouts helped out a lot. Before the Horse show, we went to (among other places. Talk about selling popcorn outside the Safeway....) the county fair and sold Lion Club raffle tickets . The prize? A Shetland pony. My friend Henry R. and I went to the county fair with the pony in Mr. Stabler's big boat of an Oldsmobile, pony sitting in the back seat (!!). The pony had a banner over his back, extolling his virtues and the price of the tickets. Henry and I took turns leading the pony, Mr. Stabler and dad sold the tickets. People bought tickets , sometimes by the dozen, sometimes by the single. Did they have a fenced yard for the pony? I never did get a firm answer from my dad what would happen if we won. We had three acres, could accommodate a pony, but would need a fence. I knew a pony would be a definite asset to the family. The winner was announced at the Horse Show. Sometimes the winner was there to claim it, sometimes not. Ho hum. The dairy is long gone, the property now a shopping center and McMansions on 1/2 acre lots. The milk in our stores is from, I think, maybe, Pennsylvania and Virginia (I think). The Lions Club is having a hard time recruiting "younger" folks to join. They still do good work and "We Serve" is still the motto, but it is harder to serve the way they used to. Sic Gloria mundi.
  13. This is always a big question mark for me. I always choose the train if I can. It is comfortable, relaxing, "knee room" a-plenty. Every time I have taken a train somewhere, it has been , to my eye, fully loaded, at capacity. In my experience in Europe, the trains are THE way to travel between cities. Are they nationally subsidized? Absolutely. Asphalt roads are subsidized. Airports are built with public money, why not the rails?
  14. SSScout

    Cub Leader who pays for Woodbadge

    Nice resuscitated thread. Training , if done right, has only one real goal: to open up new possibilities. If you already have the skill, the talent, training reinforces it. If you haven't been there, done that, good training allows you to see another way, it allows you to avoid having to discover, all over again, what previous generations discovered , often at risk to their lives and limb. The Scouter that has had only ONE experience may think THAT"S the only way to do it. It can be seen as going back to our own parental upbringing. How do we first think "how to deal with kids" except to remember, even unconsciously, how our parents dealt with ourselves ? The Scouts he/she meets and deals with may (or may not?) benefit from that experience. This is why we are REQUIRED to take the YPT... WB is only an option. But it gives the Scouter a chance to gain and give . Any time I train folks (IOLS, CSL Specific, SL Specific, even WB staff), I have also learned from the course takers. How many ways can you tie the bowline? How any different types of SCOUT will you meet? Do you do the same in each situation? There is a story thread on a FB that I follow, concerning a Cub that has been asked to leave a Pack because the DL cannot "deal" with him. The family (mom?) expressing the story tells how much the Cub loves Scouting , that he is "on the spectrum" and did well at summer camp and with previous DLs. Why this particular DL? Perhaps this DL knows no other way to be a DL than in one way. The DL that has many tools in his/her DL Cub tool box is truly blessed. Could WB help this DL ? probably not, but why make the Cub suffer for the lack of training/ability/experience/patience of the adult? We hope the Cub in question can find a way to continue his trail in Scouting. And perhaps the DL can gain a new appreciation and find a way to help EVERY boy/girl be a "good Scout".
  15. SSScout

    Help Identifying 1930s patches

    It might help to know where on the uni these patches were mounted. pocket, sleeve, etc.?
  16. SSScout

    Denied a court of honor.

    I was the first Eagle in my Troop. I inched out a Scout, much younger, who had announced "publicly", that he would be Eagle in so many months (he did the math, so many months required in each rank), which would have made him the first Eagle. Us older Scouts (who had been having fun camping and hiking , not so much worrying about ranks), got together and said "we can't let this happen". So we cooperated with Merit Badge classes, service projects, activity planning. The young Scout was good, but "life happens", and he had family issues and did not meet his schedule. He became the third Eagle in the Troop. Each of us had a nice CoH. Back then, they were not so gala, mostly cookies and soda after the regular Troop CoH. Nice special candle ceremony, but not over the top as some are today. For the Troop, thru the Committee, to refuse to officially, publically, acknowledge this Scout's accomplishment borders on the criminal. Either he earned it (thru the regular channels or by appeal ?) or he did not. Either he met and fulfilled the requirements or he did not. The Scout knows, if no one else does. My self effacing Scoutson earned his Eagle, was complimented by everyone who knows him, and he said "naw, don't do anything special". That wasn't sufficient for his family and friends. So, at the tail end of a usual Troop CoH, he had his time in the spotlight, his SM made a speech, his dad made a speech, his mom pinned on his medal, and then we all went outside and ate too much BBQ. Your Scout needs his time in the spotlight. If you are not too far away, I'd even be willing to come up and speechify some encouragement. See you on the trail.
  17. in One of the good things about Scouting (at least it is SUPPOSED to be one of the good things) is that a Scout can earn the next rank at his own speed, in his own way, how he wants... The requirements are what they are. If there are truly mitigating circumstances (physical, emotional), the requirements can be adjusted. But to what extent? The Scout Leaders (even the District and Council) need to consider seriously how those requirements should be eased or adjusted. Hiking? Is the Scout wheel chair bound? Swimming? Nature ? Is the scout visually impaired? It is the summit of judgement calls how the Scout Leader makes that call. If a Scout earns a rank, a badge, he/she should realize that every other Scout earned that rank, that badge, by demonstrating or accomplishing the same skills and goals. The Troop and the Scout in question need to remember that "A Scout is Trustworthy". Nothing is learned or gained if the requirements are short changed or earned by "blackmail" or behind the scenes "deals". The Scout in consideration (and his parents?) here need to be reminded of the above. If the Scout cannot, for whatever reason, camp by himself or with another Scout, a peer rather than an adult "partner", than he has not fulfilled that requirement. (next thing, is that a requirement?) . He may (MAY !) earn that rank later than other Scouts. So be it. I know of a Scout that bridged from Cubs, joined the Troop, had lots of fun, camped, hiked, and was not awarded First Class Rank (won't go into the details) until he was 17. He did not earn Eagle, but he was a Scout in every sense of the word. He is now a cashier in a local bank. Is it possible that too much is being made of this one Scout's possible immaturity problem? It is , ultimately, his problem , and not the Troops. All we , as Scouters, have is a responsibility to create and encourage OPPORTUNITIES. Not every kid will avail themselves of those opportunities. So?
  18. SSScout

    OTC First Aid Permission

    Chesapeake Bay, Sea Nettles. A small jelly, but painful still. If we met with a Nettle's tentacle, we were told to keep actively swimming, and get to shore; unless we were on the Mile Swim, in which case, keep on swimming, unless we were really disabled.In that case, climb in the escort boat. I do not remember (fifty plus years ago, wow !) if vinegar was mentioned. Vaseline was mentioned for prevention, rub it all over, but I never knew a Scout that did that.
  19. SSScout


    10 x 12 tarp, rope, stakes. Clean an area of ground from sticks, rocks etc. (especially those etcs. they can be mean...) . Lay tarp out and stake down the 10' side, and 4 ' wide. Fold over the remainder, two tallish stakes, 3' high. rope stretch out the tarp, fold over again the remaining 5' to cover the original 4' on the ground, two more 3' tallish poles, stake and rope and pegs, voila, shelter for your bag, and pack. Groundcloth, tent in one.
  20. SSScout

    You CAN Take it with you . . .

    We had been told that "there really is no firewood in the area. It's been picked clean by all the tourists and Scouts". This by a Ranger at a Nat Park. So the Troop lashed two or three logs to each scouts pack....
  21. Owing to another thread (you pick it out) leading me to remember other camping trips of long ago (ahhh, the smell of roast loin of saber tooth . . .), I am led to ask: What items/stuff/things of note have you seen kids bring on Camping Trips, Hikes, Outings that on "adult" consideration, made you smile and shake your head? I will offer the seven day canoe trip down the Shenandoah where the teen girl brought a 8 Dcell boom box and a electric hair drier....
  22. SSScout

    OA and the aboriginal cultures

    ""Blazing Saddles""? Haben sie gesehen ?
  23. SSScout


    Shortridge, Camp Theodore Rooooosevelt , no longer there....
  24. SSScout


    The only thing I use snickers for is baiting the ground hog trap. Braces kept me from a developing a taste for gooey candy (not to say any other kind isn't fair game !). In my ordeal, it RAINED (apres moi, le deluge...) Friday night and they put everyone in the dining hall. Saturday was for work and ceremony. Saturday night , the sky was clear over the Chesapeake....
  25. SSScout

    Denied a court of honor.

    At face, this is bizarre. The Unit, District, Council all must give their imprimatur to the Eagle rank. If the Scout met the requirements, all the signatures are there, there can be no argument. The Troop and the family design and hold the Court of Honor. It can be as formal and ornate as desired or as simple and intimate as wished. One of my favorites was a campout on the grandparents' farm. Participants/audience had to hike in several hundred yards to the campfire ring. Tables and candles and smiling Scouty people all around. Camp food. At the conclusion (singing Scout Vespers), the adults departed, the Scouts remained for the weekend. The Council has no say in the CoH. Why would they? The District is a volunteer construct and , again, what say would these Scouters have in this? The Charter Org may have a say in this, I suppose, but why deny the celebration of what has already been earned and awarded? By all means your Scout and you need to courteously and politely ask the Institution Head and Charter Org Representative and the Committee Chair and the Scoutmaster for the truth of the matter . If you can find him/her, include your Unit Commissioner and/or District Commissioner, who are dedicated by their positions to the benefit of the Scout and his Troop. You might also include the District Executive. Any willing intermediary might be useful. The light of day is never a bad thing in matters like this, but be respectful and go in jumps, so to speak, not all at once. Give people "permission" to do the right thing, rather than outright DEMAND it. Some years ago, I served as a Staff Chaplain at the National Jamboree two times . On the third time, I was denied Staff status. Both I and my faith community politely beat the Scout bushes until we found someone who could explain this aberration.. It was worth the effort, as the procedure was changed . I attended again, to good effect. Good luck to your Eagle and you. See you on the trail.