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  1. My spouse recently started in SM position. The dilemma is that the SPL and ASPL are both very concerned about COVID and do not want to have meetings. It sounds like the objections are -- can't meet in person, can't meet outside, it's getting cold, Zoom meetings don't work. So, there is no momentum at this point and my spouse wants to honor youth leadership but not have troop life grind to a halt. The Troop skipped summer camp due to COVID fears. They've attempted small patrol meetings in a park, and they had a very brief outdoor court of honor. But, it is very hard when the youth leadership does not want to meet. Any suggestions? Thank you. Side note that many in the Troop got together for an Eagle project and Eagle court of honor. There is another Eagle COH coming up. So the fear seems to be uneven.
  2. Family update -- Son #1 earned Life, Son #2 earned 1st Class, Son #3 joined Scouting, and husband is Scoutmaster. Wish us luck!

    1. RememberSchiff


      Congratulations and Scout on!  :D

  3. I just came home from a two night Pack overnighter at the council camp. We were in cabins. Council will tell us if this is not approved, but since we are at a council camp, I am sure that these things are A-OK. We want our council camp facilities to be used for Scouts, they are set up very well for Cubs and the kids have a great time.
  4. Recognize, praise and thank your volunteers often. Try not to defuse any drama and get people working together as much as possible. And have fun.
  5. Most sex offenders are male. There are female sex offenders too, but the majority of abusers are men. Scouting needs leaders, male and female. Two-deep leadership and Youth Protection are VERY important, and parents should have full visibility into the program any time / every time they want it. It takes a village to keep kids safe.
  6. This is tough. I left a cub leadership role last year because a newer leader was a perfectionist who did not appreciate that others are volunteering and who make mistakes. I retired and chose to let a younger group lead and now it is in their hands. Like you my youngest is going to Boy Scouts. If i had to do it again I would have had.l a private conversation with her about realistic expectations for a volunteer group with various personalities. I was worn out and decided to go. In our case, I had just given a lot of work for a camp weekend and then felt reamed out in front of the committtee by the new person because the next pack meeting started late. But no one was communicating that time concern on that day. It was too much. I had five years in leadership and I was not going to take harsh criticism after working so hard. People need to understand that Scouting takes the cooperation of many to make it work.
  7. My oldest just did his Ordeal and they made some announcements about upcoming activities. There are three regions in our council. One region is having an ice cream social, and I think another is having a lock-in. (fun stuff) But two of the regions are looking for leadership people. We were not expecting our oldest to get invited to OA, but on the other hand, he's becoming a stronger camper and person as he is getting older and more experienced. Top kid in the troop? Nope, but he's making his way, little bit by little bit.
  8. Son #1 was inducted into the OA this weekend! 

  9. My husband and two older sons, ages 14 and 13, were at Ma Ka Ja Wan on the night of the storm. Their Troop sheltered in their vehicles in the East camp. They were lucky to have brought their vehicles to camp and were starting to pack things for Saturday departure because the storm was coming in. Trees fell all over and around the vehicles, and the Troop evacuated on Saturday, going across a lake to where there was road access and our Troop leaders had send up 4 more vehicles with other family members to pick up the boys. Nearly all the gear was left behind, along with all the vehicles. Leaders returned to camp to pick up most of the gear and vehicles on Tuesday. Our van suffered a broken windshield on the driver's side and is in Rhinelander, we're picking it up tomorrow. We are lucky that everyone got out OK. It was a stressful weekend. Bryan on Scouting Blog Artice: https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2019/07/26/officials-vow-to-rebuild-ma-ka-ja-wan-scout-reservation-in-wisconsin-after-storm/?fbclid=IwAR2y9pX4o0SAbQXSsCL3qggTOy2S6ulF6gQoeXUXDlCOY41iZUFW_wqIhNk Facebook photo album from the Northeast Illinois council:
  10. Son #1 was elected patrol leader at camp!  He was reluctant but agreed.

  11. I bought my two sons some Crocs (closed toe but holey) today for camp wear, along with sneakers/hikers. Do you think these are closed-toe enough? This is a last-minute question, I can return them to the store or send them up to camp. We'll make our best guess. I can go exchange for non-hole Crocs as well. Thanks!
  12. It's already been said, but I would just emphasize that those 90-day tracking merit badges take a while and should be planned for. Also leave some time for false starts if a Scout gets off track with the tracking and needs to regroup.
  13. I have no idea nationally. I expect our all-boy Troop to continue to have strong membership, and I expect the new girls' troops in the area to continue to build. I think that as more parents see Scouts BSA as a viable and attractive alternative to Girl Scouts the girls' numbers will grow. Plus they won't have to deal with the ridiculously low proceeds from their cookie sales.
  14. In terms of easiness of tickets, that is up to the individual and their WB leaders to negotiate. At mealtimes when staffers would join us, I found the question -- tell us about your WB tickets -- a good icebreaker so there was always something to talk about. I honestly didn't care that much about other course members' tickets, I was concerned with my own. They were: 1. Help teach Cub Scout BALOO training. I assisted on the full course twice, presenting multiple segments of the training 2. Create a new parents handbook for our pack 3. Lead a 3-hour Traffic Safety merit badge clinic for our council -- a new offering that sold out with high interest 4. Present about ADHD and scouting (diversity ticket) 5. Write an article about ADHD and scouting (diversity ticket) Why would I care if others' tickets were hard enough? It was not my role as a participant to be responsible for them. I think with anything you get out of it what you put into it, and I chose to go with things that were meaningful for my Scouting leadership experience as I was transitioning from Pack to Troop work. My tickets were based on my interests and strengths. And, by the way, I finished! I did all of it! I feel like I would be a good future staffer (but it is a big time commitment). Don't know if I'll get asked or not, and it doesn't matter all that much. I took Wood Badge (I am the only WB trained leader in our Troop) in large part to prove myself to some of the other leaders in our Pack/Troop. It's a little bit harder to discount or ignore someone who has put a lot of time and effort into their training. I don't care about the status that much, but it does signify the commitment I have made to Scouting.
  15. I loved meeting the people at Wood Badge the most. I was lucky to have a great patrol and a great staff. Also, one of my patrol mates brought his wife's homemade pickles, which were amazing.
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