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  1. OA to end AoL ceremonies?

    I have never seen an AOL ceremony with OA members present; I did see one AOL ceremony where the cubmaster wore a headdress. We do use face paint and paint the cheeks of the boys crossing over. Curious about what OA does at crossovers and how common this is.
  2. How Adding Girls Will Work

    One of the great things about BSA is they have so much training material. And so much of it is online and easy to review. So if new volunteers complete their training, they will get at least a textbook overview of how things work in BSA. Also, in Cubs, the handbooks are very helpful. I still expect that new girl members will come with some adults who will help them to get the Girl Troops and Girl Dens running.
  3. Adding Girls to Pack

    Sounds like you are off to a great start. Good luck!
  4. Council too tightly managing communication - Venting

    Great explanation. Maybe the way to get around all this is to hire a bus to/from camp. I'm serious. If the adults come from a need for transportation, then upgrade your transportation so you can have your Scouts back??
  5. Pack Leader Recruiting, oh yay.

    I was very happy as a den leader for 4 years for my middle son's group, and so I've already had the most wonderful time in Scouting. Of course, it's easy to say that when it's all over, it was hard work. My youngest son has a Bear den leader and that den is stable. One of the volunteers for CM stepped up to help his son's Wolf den, and I think that was a great move for him. When my middle son crossed over, I offered to be ACM,and you know that's not a bad role, not much responsibility, no pressure, etc.: ) Maybe I should take a nap and be content with ACM. When I was a den leader, my motto was to focus on the den, not the Pack and that was very helpful -- staying out of the Pack stuff, where there are cliques and politics and weird jockeying around. I just need a clear answer on if they want me to serve as CM or as interim CM or to continue as ASM *if* they get someone to take the CM role. I really don't care, except my 9 year old would be delighted if I was Cubmaster, and I feel I'm qualified, but what will be will be. I'm going to say it's not my problem right now. The crazy thing for me is how organizations treat volunteers. In our Pack, some are fawned over and make a big splash with a lot of talking while others are taken for granted, and the adult scouting roles can be truly, stunningly thankless. I think that's just the way of life, though. Den families were always appreciative and kind. And I don't think our COR and AOL DL's motives are totally bad -- they want people who are organized and Type A, -- on the one hand they want people who can get things done --- on the other hand, there's a strong bent toward perfectionism and shunning people who don't meet their standards. They have a strong preference for sports families and PTO families who they are friends with and even their particular subdivision. I think they see the school as the "in" crowd and the "outs" and there's the whole idea that if you're the right kind of parent with the right kind of kid, those kids are the winners and the most popular and they all own the school, so to speak. That's the attitude. Very clubby and the power moms and dads, the former jocks and cheerleaders playing the same popularity games in their 40's. And the way I'm wired, it's just tough to watch it. Of course my view is negative and I should try to be more open.
  6. Pack Leader Recruiting, oh yay.

    Thanks, I just needed to vent. I spoke with the CC and COR and shared my feelings. My impression is that the COR wants to install her choices, twist arms to get the volunteers she wants, and presure them to take multi year commitments. I will make some popcorn and wait for my orders.
  7. Council too tightly managing communication - Venting

    That sounds kind of hard to believe, but I believe you. Wouldn't everyone acknowledge that there is a difference between a family trip and a BSA trip? My family goes camping and we go on trips and we can go backpacking or do service projects or learn skills as a family. We do. We have great family trips and outings and it's part of who we are and what we do. But a BSA outing is different and it puts the boys in a different group of people and that is good. It also gives the structure for advancement and recognition and very clear instructions, safety rules, best practices and requirements and that is also good.
  8. I give up!

    Good question Was it effective????? LOL. One of the parents in my son's therapy group has a story of her son who hit another kid. He told the kid to stop a few times, then said, stop, or I'm going to hit you, the other kid didn't stop, the lady's son hit the other kid, and THE KID STOPPED. So her kid learned his method was effective. Her kid didn't get into trouble at school either, because he warned the kid -- stop or I will hit you. LOL. Sorry, it's only funny when it's not your own kid.
  9. 3D printed Pinewood Derby cars?

    Our PWD has winners for speed and design too. Some kids really get into the design, others get into the speed. Thankfully the kids are generally sportsmanlike about the whole thing. We had a beautiful parent car once. The kid was so proud of that car, too. Given that that kid's parents soon had a very ugly divorce, I am happy that this kid and his dad made some good memories together with that car. In the end, it's just a PWD.
  10. Ireland seeks Eagle now before she ages out

    As far as I can tell the request has been respectful and courteous. Different people have different styles, some are rule followers, and some are change agents. It's all OK. My opinion would change if the girl or her family starts trashing the BSA and behaves poorly, but I don't think anything is wrong with a polite request either.
  11. Pack Leader Recruiting, oh yay.

    Our Cubmaster retires in Feb. I am assistant Cubmaster. I have offered to be Cubmaster if needed. The Pack recruited another person to be Cubmaster, but his son's den needed a Den Leader and he chose to fill that role instead (and that's an even better job, being a Den leader). The CC asked me to fill in as a temporary CM, then the CM asked me to be CM and introduced me at the Pack meeting as the next CM who is shadowing until the transition. At the last Committee meeting (I was at a school board mtg that night), the COR and AOL DL and whomever else discussed pack recruiting and the COR made a list of positions that are needed, listing a Cubmaster as an immediate need. I had also volunteered to help manage Fall camping, and they listed a fall camping chair as a need and failed to include me as someone who is helping. The COR has also expressed interest in placing her choice for the next CC, but our current CC is on board for the next two years. The committee would like to recruit a new Tiger dad who serves in the military to be CM. He would be great. That's cool, but he expressed concerned about deployment. It seems they are going to work on him to take the CM role, saying deployment is OK, as I would be there as ASM (my current job). But, he hasn't said yes. Meanwhile, the AOL DL is going to present the leader needs list at the next Pack meeting and try to recruit people. I am hurt, they say it was not intentional. I am position trained and ready to go and two people have asked me to be CM, but... I can't consider this settled yet. Wish me luck at the next committee meeting, where AOL DL wants to be very involved with setting up the Pack for the future. Ah, Pack politics! I almost feel like taking my ball and going home but then I'm the bad guy.
  12. 3D printed Pinewood Derby cars?

    I think that's cool. 3d printing is cool. The Scout will learn different manufacturing techniques and that's OK! Maybe the car will run well, maybe it won't, but it will be a memorable experience for the kid making that car. Unless the Pack has specific rules against it, why not? Why not let the kid have some freedom?
  13. "Professional" Compensation Package Cut

    I think that how this will go, is that people who will take the job at it's offered pay will take the job. If they are smart, they will either a) take the job for a short time and trade up to a better paying job, b) be the second income in their family and have a spouse's income to help, or c) have worked other jobs, become financially well-set and take the DE job for the community service later in life. Not everyone needs to make a big wage. Some people will find these jobs fit them, others won't and that's OK.
  14. "Professional" Compensation Package Cut

    Pensions are going away all over the place. In the sense of being thrifty, the BSA must look at its operation costs and keep it lean. The BSA will need to have good enough compensation to attract and retain talented staff, and if the pay and benefits are not good enough, they will fail to get the best people. Organizations and individuals all need to look for the best deal they can get.
  15. Struggling in middle school with grades

    Stay in communication with your son's school and teachers. What can the school do to help and what can you do at home to help? I'll say that the transition from elementary to middle school was rough for my oldest, it's a rough time for a lot of kids. Best wishes.