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  1. 1. The program is the same for all participants. 2. Go to Wood Badge this year. Get your online trainings done and I don't think anyone will harass you about the position specific stuff. Have a great time - woo!!!
  2. WisconsinMomma

    Neckers back in the "news"

    I wonder if I can or should wear my Wood badge necker (plaid) with my Cub Scout uniform.
  3. WisconsinMomma

    Would you say anything

    Hi @bearess I am totally late to this thread. How is it going for your son now? Have you talked with the Scoutmaster? It sounds to me like the adult CM was almost bullying your 10 year old son, which is unacceptable. I hope it is going better. Hang in there!! Best wishes to you and your son.
  4. WisconsinMomma

    Breaking Point

    Yes, I do not understand this either. What I briefly read here is something like -- patrols will not be allowed to camp completely on their own without adults, and patrols cannot go on hikes, etc without adults present. But I am not clear on the exact details and it will be important to understand exactly what is going on.
  5. WisconsinMomma

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    I have to say, it sounds as if you want to go volunteer and help a Pack with their Webelos program. If you're not interested / able to go volunteer or partner with the Pack, then I suggest -- stop looking over your shoulder. Instead, focus your energy on making your Troop program the best it can possibly be. I have a hard time hearing a troop complain about new scouts, when -- new scouts are new scouts. The troop has them for as many as 7 years -- ages 11 to 18 to help the boys learn and grow from young tweens to adult men. The best thing I did as a Webelos/Arrow of Light den leader, was to encourage and excite the boys about Boy Scouting. I viewed my job as a sales job, and I told those boys how awesome Boy Scouting is. (Note that, I had no Boy Scouting experience, and I was going totally on faith that the Troops will deliver.) I was extremely pleased when all six boys in my den chose to cross over into local Troops. Were they great outdoorsmen -- no! But they had an interest in continuing their Scouting journey and I think that was job #1. And they all earned Arrow of Light, which is a big accomplishment for them and their families. Cub Scout packs are not perfect, just as troops are not perfect --- they're not! We're all run by humans who are just trying to do the best they can, sometimes they have more success than others. I appreciate the feedback about preparing boys for Boy Scouting and will take it back to our Pack for the coming year. My youngest is a new Webelos and I can share with his den leader and help the Webelos and AOL think about Boy Scouting and the patrol method sooner. We have many troops in our area, and the boys can choose to go to any of them. I expect that all troops in our area will be cordial with our Pack. Honestly if some troop came to us with complaints about our program, it would be strange. All the troops we've worked with are delighted to welcome any new boys that are coming out of our Pack, and it's not because of their training, it's because they are delighted to help young men continue their Scouting journey. Also note that not all Cub Scouts and their families choose to move into Boy Scouting. For a few, Cub Scouts is it. It is a sales job to encourage boys to continue. It is possible that the Pack you are working with has a light program, but, what are you going to do about it? I think it's easier to work on that in your Troop and especially work on your new scout retention --- our Troop loses a lot of scouts in the first year or two. I don't know if it's preventable, but it is important to engage the young guys and bring them in and form a strong connection in their first year. Good luck with it!
  6. WisconsinMomma

    National Meeting: Affirmation of DRP

    I just want to say, Amen! I think that it is important for young Scouts to realize there is more to the world than themselves and that there is a responsibility to a higher power and to the community. I also find the practice of communal prayer and reflection important, especially in a society that says, no it's all about you all the time.
  7. WisconsinMomma

    Northern Tier Staff Tips

    Welcome and thank you for talking about your journey, and best wishes for a great summer!!! I have seen a few YouTube videos about Northern Tier. Also, I think you should feel free to call or email their director and ask some questions directly about getting ready for the job. Best wishes and thank you for staffing!!!
  8. WisconsinMomma

    BSA Executive Salaries

    Rowe is an excellent communicator and would be a fabulous spokesperson. He believes in the BSA. For an executive director, those folks are professional fundraisers and capital allocators. That is not the same job as a spokesperson.
  9. WisconsinMomma

    Challenging Scout and his dad

    Hi, First of all, thank you for working with the Scouts. It is not easy! Second, I am thinking about something called executive functioning -- which is basically, organizational skills. This kid may have difficulty with some of these things and keeping track of directions and times and dates, etc. Since there is evidence that following directions and keeping tack of times and dates is causing some difficulty, see what you can do to make the communication about these things easier for you and for the scout and his family. Here is what I will suggest. I once had a terrible experience with a CC who was belligerent towards our family, including my ASM husband and our oldest son with ADHD, a new scout at the time, and I think his motive was a power play to push us out of Scouting. Except, we had no plans to leave, he left. My worst experience in Scouting and the prime example of how not to do things. But, perhaps you, or your Scoutmaster and you, or perhaps the Committee Chair and SM and you can have a meeting with the dad with the tone of --- how can we make this work better for everybody? But if you do this, you have to be very positive and forward looking. It's about figuring out what you can do, and what the boy can do and how the family can support the troop and the boy so that things run smoother. Maybe email reminders before outings with the date and time would be good! Our troop does that. Maybe giving the kid a note with a few bullet points (from the PL) would be good also. Our Troop also does paper permission slips. The bottom is a tear off and the top has the date and time and location, etc. Our family puts the top part on our fridge and it is helpful. Maybe the kid could work with the Troop Guide. Maybe there are some areas where this kid is talented where he can shine and be a leader. Maybe you can find the times to praise him when he's doing things well. Maybe the parents have examples of things that work well in their home or at school that you can apply to Scouting. You can express to the parents that you need help, but be very, very careful to do it in a way that does not attack their son or their family. The goal is to make it work for everybody. It's not a disciplinary meeting, it's about a teamwork with the family and the troop. You probably need to come up with a communication style with the kid so that you are not repeating everything. You probably need a plan for how you communicate, so you give directions once, you repeat once, and after that the kid is on his own. Also, if he argues, you have a way to stop talking and not engage Discuss this with the parents and ask them how they handle this at home or how things are going at school. You can very gently discuss the behaviors (not the kid) the behaviors that you are hoping to improve and need help with. You must be kind and gentle. You are building a partnership. But hopefully an hour with the parents over a coffee can help you be much more effective in the troop. This is almost like an IEP meeting for Scouting, but be careful and not paint this boy as a problem. Maybe the parents don't have a lot of ideas for how to work with their kid and are struggling as much as you are. Be compassionate and of course, kind, courteous, friendly, etc. I hope that helps a little. Best wishes. P.S. If you have any perfectionist tendencies, you gotta let it go in order to survive!
  10. Boys are on a hike today.  If son #1 completes a few more things, he will earn First Class before summer camp (#3, he's 13).  Son #2 completed the Swimming merit badge.  We are encouraging them to log for Personal Fitness over summer vacation. 

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    2. Thunderbird


      The Scouts in my son's troop don't have difficulty doing fitness activities, they have difficulty tracking their fitness activities.  I don't know why.  Is the tracking too much like school?

    3. ItsBrian


      Introduce technology to them. Have them track it on their phones, then on paper. There are many apps you could use or even Google sheets app and fill it in.

    4. Thunderbird


      Brian, I will suggest that to some of the parents.  Maybe an app (something like Habitica) will help them.  Some of them do not have phones yet, but they could borrow a parent's phone for a minute or so every day.  Thank you for the idea!

  11. WisconsinMomma

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    We did all these things in our Webelos / AOL Den, but -- just know that it was the boys (and my) first time trying out any of these concepts, and it was more about an initial exposure to these concepts than full mastery. I fondly remember the meeting where the boys were trying to come up with a patrol name, and various kids were pitching ideas, and some wanted to give campaign speeches, etc. The Illuminati was a contender, but they came up with the Night Owls -- and it was contentious, not everyone was happy with that result. But it worked, and they had a patrol flag with them when they went on a troop visit. Note -- we did not do a patrol patch in Cubs, and our denner program was on the weak side, but the boys elected denners, and they had some additional responsibilities, that were sometimes carried out better than others.
  12. WisconsinMomma

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    Hi Everybody, I will just share my experience and perspective from when I was a Cub scout den leader. We did the requirements in the book to the best of our ability, but since I had no experience with the Boy Scout program, I was not aware of any expectations that the Webelos journey was all about prep for Boy Scouts. We did the things in the book, which included some things related to Boy Scouts, but that was about it. Regarding the young man who will be coming into your troop, take him where he is when he comes in, just as you would take in any other boy with an interest in Scouting. We need to welcome anybody and everybody to Scouts, and just as you would welcome a man with no Scouting experience, you will meet this Scout where he is. 11 year olds are young!! Obviously they are still only just beginning to learn. The real formation happens in Boy Scouts.
  13. WisconsinMomma

    I finished my last meritbadge!

    Congratulations, Brian!!! Woo Hoo! Cycling is a big merit badge and great work getting it done! I feel honored that you are here to share some of your journey with us. Thank you!
  14. WisconsinMomma

    BSA Executive Salaries

    Late to the party here, but who wouldn't love Mike Rowe as an American Scouting Ambassador?
  15. WisconsinMomma

    What is the protocol?

    I am so sorry for what you are going through. Keep working through this and hopefully your son can have his name cleared or find another unit that's a better fit. Best wishes and I am sorry this is so difficult.