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  1. WisconsinMomma

    Would you say anything

    I am so happy to hear that you got a very clear response and support. That's excellent.
  2. We are running a brat stand all day today with Cubs and parents.  Wish me luck! 

  3. WisconsinMomma

    Only six months till girls in Scouts BSA.

    I have mixed feelings about bringing in girls early and going coed. I think that following the rules of separate troops and dens is good. I think giving girls experiences is also good. When you decide to skip the rules it gets a little confusing to go on your own. I think it's interesting that this CO said, "push the boundaries". I wonder what kind of CO would do that? I guessed this was in California, but it's in Minnesota, which is too close to home for me! If I had daughters, I think I would want my daughters in a troop that follows the program. Because if a CO is winging it, do they lack discipline across the entire program? Do they follow YPT and the guide to safe scouting? How do you know what program you are getting if the organization is making stuff up as they go?
  4. WisconsinMomma

    GSUSA Near Drowning

    I was talking with some friends last night and one recounted a story of a near drowning on a Girl Scout outing. I am sharing this only to emphasize why the BSA's (is that still the right abbreviation?) Safe Swim Defense guidelines are important and useful. Girl Scout overnighter at a campground, note, not a scout camp Most parents not on trip Pool with no lifeguards No one really supervising No swim test Do you see where this is going? My friend who is a lifeguard and swim instructor decided to rent a cabin at the campground and take the rest of her family. Her daughter in GSUSA tent camped with her troop. My friend was hanging out and drinking / relaxing. My friend was not in charge of this trip, not the leader, not the planner, just a parent who decided to come along for the ride. She was a little inebriated and talking to another adult when she noticed "grabby hands" in the pool and went over to tell the girls it's not safe, when she saw the terror in the girls' eyes. About 4 kids in the fray. One not a strong swimmer, pulling on the other kids. My friend tried a reach but could not reach, entered the pool, holding one side of the pool, grabbed two kids and got them out of the pool, the other adult helped pull the two girls out of the pool. I was kind of shocked hearing how this event was (not) planned, knowing at least some of the conditions for a BSA safe swim area. I am thankful for BSA's safety rules. Note -- Parents should ask questions about swimming safety, lifeguards and conditions on outings. Leaders, don't roll your eyes at that one.
  5. WisconsinMomma

    Would you say anything

    Barry, really. This thread is about a male ASM losing it on kids in the Troop. There are high-strung men and women who are a problem for the program. Don't bash the moms.
  6. WisconsinMomma

    Would you say anything

    Oh Gawd, a SuperScout. I feel bad for you. But, hey, a guy doesn't get a pass on crap behavior towards kids just because he got an Eagle. He doesn't have special privileges, he's supposed to be giving service, doh! Have you had a talk with him directly and let him know you don't appreciate his behavior? Maybe a little momma bear will help him wake up. I don't mean an angry momma bear, but you can look him in the eye and tell him that his behavior is a problem and you need him to calm down. The best way he can serve your son and the Troop is to give the kids some space to learn on their own. It depends, some Scouters hate women and won't respect a mom. I hope he's not that kind.
  7. WisconsinMomma

    Would you say anything

    Yes, but, this adult is not teaching the Scout Oath and Law. He does not belong in uniform, and Bearess should bring out the nukes, i.e. inform the Scout Executive and ask for help to resolve the situation so no other kids are harmed. Tell me, why should this adult stay in a leadership position? Give me a few good reasons. The kid appears resilient, but that does not excuse the adult's behavior.
  8. WisconsinMomma

    Would you say anything

    Ugh, I am so sorry Bearess. Your son does not need to leave. This adult needs to step down. Screaming at a boy until they cry is not appropriate. I think you should call the Scout Executive and have a conversation, so this is documented very specifically. Get it on the record. Then the Council can decide whether their volunteer deserves another chance to humiliate and bully children or not. The kids need to see consequences for bad behavior.
  9. WisconsinMomma

    Cub Leader who pays for Woodbadge

    I took Wood Badge when my two older boys were just starting Boy Scouts. I am still involved with my youngest in the Cub pack, but if we all stick with Scouting, I'm going to be in the program for the next 10 years. Might as well get trained. BALOO is important for Cub Scouting. I recommend Wood Badge to people who expect to be active in Scouting for many years, and for people who did not grow up in Scouting and would like to experience the patrol method firsthand. My involvement in Scouting is increasing a lot through the Wood Badge ticket work... which is likely a lifelong commitment to Scouting.
  10. WisconsinMomma

    Denied a court of honor.

    If any of my sons earn Eagle, it will be interesting to see what they want for Court of Honor. I can see my oldest wanting something short, short, short and sweet. The other two might like the pomp and circumstance. As I progress towards Wood Badge completion and hopefully, beading, I have to decide if I want something short and small, or invite a lot of people from WB class. It's nearly the same thing as COH and I can see pros and cons of going bigger or smaller.
  11. WisconsinMomma

    Denied a court of honor.

    Just 2 cents - you can handle another post, right? Our troop once had a committee chair who was difficult to work with and antagonistic towards my son with ADHD. I know there are some Scouters out there who do not do well with kids with differences, and who put know-it-all-ness, power trips and ego into their volunteer jobs. It's disgusting. You are not alone in that kind of experience and I'm sorry that your family had to struggle through it. I hope you and the Elks throw your son a fantastic court of honor! Congrats to your son!
  12. WisconsinMomma

    Suspected Bullying, wwyd?

    Thanks for the replies everyone, the guys have a plan to talk with both families. Just keep them in your prayers, hopefully it will all resolve well.
  13. WisconsinMomma

    Suspected Bullying, wwyd?

    Hi Eagledad, it's fresh news, like in the last 24 hours, so yes, they need to get on it.
  14. WisconsinMomma

    Suspected Bullying, wwyd?

    Yes, but we can't let an 11 or 12 year old fend for himself against a 16 o 17 year old, either. The kid's dad is the retiring Scoutmaster and the kid will be going for Eagle scout probably within the year, very smart, athletic kid, ambitious. It is a bit delicate. But there is a complaint from the parent of a young scout so that's a legitimate starting point for investigating the issue. I imagine that if bullying is happening, it's a bit of alpha male pecking order type posturing, who's strong, who's on top and who's not strong and not on top.
  15. WisconsinMomma

    Suspected Bullying, wwyd?

    Great feedback, keep it coming. Dad is Scoutmaster who is finishing up his term and he's a good Scoutmaster. Incoming Scoutmaster is good, too we have a lot of really good adults in the troop. I am not sure if kid is SPL now, he was SPL earlier, and they just had elections (I would have a hard time imagining bad behavior getting voted in, but, it's very possible). I will share all your great feedback with my husband later today. Hopefully they'll have an easy time working through it all.