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  1. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I think it's very possible that female units will want to camp with a different style than boy units, especially as they are learning and getting started. Another case for having some separation. An outdoor activity every month may not always look the same and the boys and girls desires may be different for what they would like to choose, and that sounds OK to me.
  2. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    This is a good reason to keep the boy and girl units separate, at least as separate dens in Cubs and then patrols in Boy Scouts. Then it's more about the den and patrol activity. Separate units with some crossover volunteering sounds fine too.
  3. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    I would think about this as if the girls/boys were separate Cub dens. Den 1's leader is sick, they cancel something, unless they have someone ready to fill in. Den 2's leader is not sick, they have their meeting as normal. So if one of the groups has unstable leadership, the committee works to recruit support for that group so it can function. Your troop will need to recruit more women for campouts. Note that I have not camped with my sons' troop, but that does not mean I am unwilling to camp. I am not currently needed on their camp trips. If our Troop puts together a girls unit and needs some help, I will likely pitch in where I can.
  4. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    18 year olds are adults. So you don't need youth protection for an 18 year old, they are not youth. But the 18 year old cannot serve as a 21+ female supervision. That's my best interpretation of how things work. You should verify this with your council. An Assistant Scoutmaster is an adult leader age 18 or over who assist the Scoutmaster in delivering the troop program.
  5. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    But I think most Troops try to follow the rules and get it right. Am I too optimistic about that?
  6. Significant youth protection changes

    I think the registration of adults for > 72 hours is good. Get the background check, get them covered by insurance, etc. Get them YPT training, that's good. It's not a huge fee. It's a cost of doing business and running a youth program in the 21st century.
  7. Chartered Organization not a Legal Entity?

    Honestly, I would run the troop / pack as normal and stay out of the PTO's hair if you can.
  8. Anniversary of Apollo 13

    Jim Lovell, captain of Apollo 13, is an Eagle scout (now age 90). The Apollo 13 mission was active 48 years ago as everyone worked to bring the astronauts home safely. Our family is watching the 1995 movie, the boys found it very interesting.
  9. Felon?

    Sometimes people make big mistakes or get involved with the wrong crowd of people. I think the thing is, if a person has committed a crime, served their sentence and is trying to re-make a better life, that's good. That's what we want, people who want to do better if they've screwed up. @David CO To err is human, to forgive, divine. --Alexander Pope
  10. Adults at it Again

    Oh, you need PLC meetings!!! Who is dissatisfied? The adults or the Scouts? It should be the scouts evaluating the SPL of course. Now, maybe the SPL needs a little mentoring but that comes from the Scoutmaster, right? Perhaps the SPL needs a little help setting a schedule for the PLC meetings (our meetings are on traditional days, like the 2nd tuesday is PLC and the third is the scout meeting or something like that). Campaign promises -- that's funny. When my AOL den was trying to come up with their patrol name it was getting pretty fancy with speeches and stuff. Good job on keeping them focused on the scouts. You need just enough adult help for the scouts to be functional at a basic level but that's it! It is frustrating to me that adults jump in because they can do better. Well doh! But the point is for the scouts to get some valuable experience by trying and failing and trying again. Good luck -- are you adults perfectionist control freak types? Hang in there. Remind them that this is about the boys learning things and getting valuable life lessons. And the feedback should be from the peers! Sounds like they have a lot of ideas on how the SPL should do things but remind them that the SPL gets to have his own way of getting things done, to a point. And they should not turn Scouting into a chore!
  11. Felon?

    Hi Scoutmom 86, I did not read the whole thread, but it sounds like your Cubmaster is being cautious about the situation, and that's understandable. If the Cubmaster does not yet know your boyfriend/fiancee very well, then give it some time. Attending events together at first sounds like a fair plan. You have put in time with the Pack, and that is great. I am so glad your son is having a great experience too! I think that things will get easier as people get to know your fiancee better, but a slow start sounds appropriate to me. It should get more comfortable for everyone over time assuming that he is a a great person and there are no red flags or other concerns that arise. Try not to stress out over it too much. In my Pack, there are certainly people with strong opinions but you can rest assured that we don't have everyone thinking the exact same thing, ever. It just doesn't happen. There should be some friendly people around, but it may take a while to find out who's easygoing and welcoming and who's not so much. Best wishes! Big picture if your son is enjoying Scouting that is great! Thank you for everything you do to support your Pack.
  12. Virtual Campfire

    Oh yes, I got my left and right mixed up. Long day, doh! 11 y.o. on left, 13 y.o. on right. 11 y.o. is working on 2nd class, 13 y.o. is working on first class. They have done some merit badge classes together but definitely have their own interests too. Thanks!
  13. Virtual Campfire

    I'm totally just wandering by to show off my boys' updated merit badge sashes, 11 year old's is on the right, 13 year old's is on the left. My 13 y.o.did his family project for Family life and has his chore log done. It's been months and months but he's getting there. 11 y.o. is/was having difficulty for swimming, getting down to the bottom to pick up an object. He'll get there eventually. Proud mama!
  14. Philmont Announcement - March 27

    I like this. I have never been to Philmont and honestly don't know all that much about it, but I will tell you that my boys' troop is not necessarily into high adventure and the adults in my sons' troop seem unenthused about putting together a big trek. So, perhaps my family, mom, dad, 3 boys wants to go as our own family trip? That's fine. It's easier to manage than trying to get it through the troop. Of course if the troop goes, or if we have a multi-troop thing going, they could join up with that. But maybe for our family, it would work better to go on the family dates. At least we have options and it's more accessible to get down there.
  15. Hey Everybody, I thought I'd share a tip that can help Scouts with the 90-day logs for Personal Fitness, Personal Management, and Family Life. We struggled with our son on how to do the logs at first and had some failure. My husband ended up buying a cheap monthly / weekly planner from Wal Mart that my son used to record his chores for Family Life. This worked better for him than an online log. The weekly calendar page spread gave him enough room to make his entries, and the book format made it easier to keep track of the actual log. We will use this type of planner again for all the 90-day log assignments for our boys. https://www.mead.com/mead/browse/product/TLD385?selectedSkuId=TLD3851018&couponId=SAVE20E&cvsfa=4442&cvsfe=2&cvsfhu=544c4433383531303138&gclid=Cj0KCQjwqM3VBRCwARIsAKcekb2Lb9h_DNl1NSDx9gw6ItP6QlgnU6MjqLHMl4P0CEBUJmKSKo7hvrsaAnKhEALw_wcB