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  1. sst3rd

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    I go back over 40 years in the OA. The voting procedure before this current unlimited voting was based on how many scouts were officially on the ballot (nominated). I could be wrong, but I remember something like: if you had 2 nominated, you had 1 vote; 3 nominated, 2 votes; 4 nominated, 2 votes; 5 nominated, 3 votes; or something like that. And is it still that a scout had to have at least a simple majority to become a candidate? Still 50% plus 1? In other words, half of the votes did NOT gain you a place as a candidate. And all of the scouts voting were supposed to be "active" scouts in their troop? I also remember the scoutmaster (me in this case) saying that you didn't have to vote for anyone if that was your choice. I reminded them that they saw all of these nominated scouts in action, not me, and had more knowledge of a scout's honor. Unless it has been changed, remember that the scoutmaster has to approve these scouts before their name goes on the ballot. I think it was listed as " scoutmaster's approval." I also made sure that a scout understood what the OA was about, and he needed to approve his own nomination. I've had some scouts over the years not want their name in nomination. I've also heard of parents having to approve the scout's nomination as they knew their son's busy schedule. I never went that far. sst3rd
  2. sst3rd

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    MikeS, I'm glad your chapter teams still exist. Ours were disbanded last year. They (I mean the council/lodge) may do one more year of call-outs in regalia at this season's summer camp using the currently approved national OA script, and then that's done. Since last year, there are no call-outs, just announcements to the troop right after the election. There is a nationally approved so called call-out ceremony that can be done in scout uniform, but no one has of yet to do it. To read this new script is painful and extremely sad. We knew about the demise of the Cross Over/ AOL Ceremonies going bye-bye, but we still got several requests for this upcoming season. We, of course, told these Packs that their requests were absolutely horrendous and inappropriate, and made sure they understood the horrors of the many years that the OA has dragged the native American culture through the mud. And YES, I'm being a bit sarcastic. I'm truly sad that the OA has been turned into just a service group (free labor), and the Boy Scouts turned into a family camping club. sst3rd
  3. sst3rd

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    We've just received requests from two troops for a Call-Out Ceremony. Didn't they get the memo that all chapter ceremony teams have been disbanded? You now have your election, everybody gets voted in, the announcement is made right after the election. Everyone's a winner. The NEW OA! sst3rd former chapter ceremony advisor
  4. If those 600 new girls scout troops are anything like the one new girls scout troop just started at our church (I currently mentor the new SM at this church's boys scout troop), they have two girls registered. How can this be, you ask? I don't know. The guy who supposedly is the new SM for this girls scout troop boasted that they are one of the three new girls scout troops in the district, and says the girls scout troop is chartered. I just stand there an "sigh." Hell in a hand basket anybody? sst3rd
  5. sst3rd

    It is always the parents....again...

    Mash, I'd "stop badgering" him, and remove him. Then the troop can elect a new more active SPL. Problem solved. Everyone wins, but keep the drama to a minimum. sst3rd
  6. sst3rd

    BEST - BSA Study

    That's nice. sst3rd
  7. The scoutmaster that I have been mentoring told me months ago that they don't want girls in their troop. I tried to explain to her, that it's not happening that way. You know, separate troops and all. I thought she got it but, her troop hasn't been on a camping trip since summer camp last June. She works weekends and simply can't take weekends off. Try as she could, she couldn't get other adults involved (too busy you see). I helped as I could, but I promised myself to mentor only. So out of nowhere, the church is starting a girl's scout troop. Some guy popped up whose son is a cub, and he has a scout age daughter. And my scoutmaster (a women) and this new guy are planning on merging everything. Meetings, trips, fundraising, etc.. It's the only way he can get things started, and it's the only way that she and the boy's scout troop can survive. She had/has a second adult registered, he just refuses to get trained, is going through a divorce and will probably move soon (with his son), can't take weekends from the family, etc., etc.. So I guess everyone wins. Gosh, this is so exciting to see how creative everyone is getting these days. Mentoring assignment is complete. All done. sst3rd (in case you were wondering, NO, I'm not thrilled)
  8. sst3rd


    Eagle94-A1, If you send it to her, I think she will read it, get fired up and retaliate. Maybe she'll just continue to mess things up in your old troop, but she'll find a way to respond. If writing the letter brings closure, then close it. I know you won't, but it was a thought. Your letter was eloquent, detailed, and masterful. But you still won't let it go. For the sake of your sanity, put all of your scouting time into the new troop. They really do need that passion that you show for scouting. Don't shortchange your new troop. sst3rd
  9. sst3rd

    Irate potential cubmaster

    Devoted, I'll say it one more time and then I'm done: you have the power, responsibility, and the authority to ask this man and his girlfriend to leave and stay away. It's your decision and you don't owe them an explanation. If he goes to council, then you can have that special meeting and present your evidence. If he goes over your head to the COR or IH, again, you can have that special meeting and present your evidence. You approve leaders in your unit. YOU! If he doesn't get it, call the police. It's really that simple. sst3rd
  10. sst3rd

    First Camp Out With the New Troop

    Eagle94-A1, I'm very happy that your sons had a great time. Yes on the cooking, but even more yes on the fun. I know you enjoyed yourself as well. You deserve it. I know it's hard to let the old troop go, but you did your best, and that's all any of us can do. Many trails to go. Take care, sst3rd
  11. sst3rd

    Irate potential cubmaster

    Devote, The more people you get involved with this, the more this guy realizes you are weak and confused. He isn't even a member yet. As the CC, and evidently you have the support of the COR, you have the responsibility and power to remove this person from your meetings and site. Do it NOW. You need nothing else. If you feel he needs to be legally restricted from the meetings and site, get the COR to proceed with that. Then get going forward with your program. sst3rd
  12. sst3rd

    On making a graceful transition ...

    I was a bit concerned when your voice fell silent. I went cold turkey transitioning from an active scoutmaster to buildings and grounds committee for the council. It got real quiet. It was a big change for me. I wish you the fastest healing. Best regards, sst3rd
  13. MattR The OA no longer exists. All vestiges of the OA need to be removed and packed away. Scout troops will only prosper if they have dynamic programs planned by the scouts, supported by the adults. Yes, the patrol method. Recruitment for the troops will come from packs that like your program. Word gets out. It always has. Friends of the scouts can be recruited as well. But don't promise them adventure, if all you do is sit through endless advancement classes. As far as service to our camps (like the OA used to provide), have planned and announced work weekends at scout camps maybe three times a year ought to do it. Open it to all scout members who have dads that will drag them out to camp and work. Should be fun. The spirit is gone. sst3rd
  14. I'm not sure what the point of this old video is. Is it a reenactment of the way it used to be at least in the beginning? Is it the fact that the OA has come full circle and is going back to the robes? The scout oath and law covers everything here. My Ordeal (please forgive me for using a word that means abuse) was meaningful as presented years ago. The use of Native American themes were meaningful as presented years ago. But thank God we're cleaning everything up by removing all references and symbolisms of Native Americans. The OA has become the BSA's "service club." I can't promote that in the troops that I serve. I can't defend the fact that it's all about free labor. The scouts aren't dumb. They have better things to do on a weekend. Oh yeah, our lodge has disbanded our dance team. Like when they disbanded all of the chapter ceremonial teams, they're hoping everyone will come over to the lodge ceremony team. And do what. The new ceremony? In a scout uniform? That's special. Makes me want to spend several weekends a year sweating it out at camp doing the dirty work. Have at it. sst3rd
  15. sst3rd

    New girls in Scouting

    quazse, I just may do that. sst3rd