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  1. Indeed. One of my ex-Explorer Scouts made them for a living for a while, not sure if he made a living from it though. Did think about renting one off him, but one more of those things you never quite get around to. And to add to your lexicon, we have 4 or 5 "lavvu", ours are 8 person tents that are octagonal, with one central pole, but we call them tepees because we got bored of everyone saying "you what?" when we said "lavvu". They're great because they pack down very small, one person can easily carry a tent for 8 people. Ideal for campsite camps not far off the beaten track.
  2. ianwilkins


    Hi, I'd like to apply for grant funding of $2000 What do you want the money for? We'd like to give it to the local BSA Scout Council. We'll pass thanks.
  3. Yup, every year since 2012* I take the UK membership stats found on page 46/54 of the annual report pdf and put them in a google spreadsheet, probably takes no more than a couple of hours, and that could probably be streamlined if I was keen as the layout requires a fair bit of formulae tweaking. Usually something interesting to be pulled out of the stats. When I did the 2019 numbers I posted it to the UK equivalent of here, and it triggered 6 pages of replies, some of which may even have been related to the membership stats in the spreadsheet. * and it goes back to the late 90s thanks to someone else starting the thing, I just took over and moved it to a google sheet. Standing on the shoulders of giants, as ever.
  4. ianwilkins


    Anyone else think that was going to go: Fear.... ....is the path to the dark side. Fear leads to anger. Anger leads to hate. Hate leads to suffering. - Yoda
  5. ianwilkins

    Your Duck is Dead....

    I'm not surprised she was in shock, that was a hefty bill. (I'll see myself out)
  6. ianwilkins

    January Pack Meeting Ideas

    Tallest tower: Spaghetti, marshmallows/jelly babies. Or 20 sheets of paper and sticky tape. Strongest bridge: Dried pasta lasagna sheets and cannelloni, sticky tape. Lego building communication game: Instructions at one end of the den, pieces at the other, one cub is builder, the rest of the cubs relay instructions to them. Jambowlree: Go ten pin bowling with them. Take part in an international competition (http://www.jambowlree.org)
  7. ianwilkins

    Global Climate Change (AGW)

    That first part cannot be anything but true at any time, as it seems unlikely that there is infinite domestic oil. Maybe we'll all have hydrogen in our flying cars and hoverboards thanks to this clever lass and chums... https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-50841104
  8. Sounds like your magazine is much like our UK one, well, in the reaction it provokes, flicked through by the frontline, eyebrows raised, maybe a tut, or an eyeroll, then put away/recycled. We look on in wonder at the achingly PC troops and packs, with their wonderful diversity and their happiness to do things that just wouldn't work for my lot and me. There's no grit. All is shiny. We had our problems but we overcame. Good for you but I can't even summon the energy to tidy the spare room where there's an ever growing pile of scout detritus. Never see that in the magazine! Easy to knock down though, harder to build. (for info...https://scouts.org.uk/scouting-magazine)
  9. We have peppermint tea, in teabags, easily available. Though my only experience of it was on a scout camp, where someone made me a proper cuppa, and another leader a peppermint tea, and as the light wasn't so good, I accidentally took the peppermint tea and added milk. It was grim. That stuff in brackets, I'm lost mate, as lost as a Portuguese scout trying a Worcestershire sauce crisp, sorry, chip. *Sun* tea? Never heard of it. In a water bottle? [makes sceptical face]
  10. ianwilkins

    BSA Leader Slaps Backside of Reporter on Live TV

    Your wish is granted... https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/deplorable-boy-scouts-of-america-cuts-ties-with-rear-slapping-runner
  11. Absolutely. I mean, they'd need a translator for a start. Chip? That's a crisp right? Or french fries?
  12. ianwilkins

    BSA Leader Slaps Backside of Reporter on Live TV

    "Oh no, I couldn't possibly, I err ummm no, I , well, no I don't have time to do that, full time job, kids, house, you know..." 🙄
  13. ianwilkins

    BSA Leader Slaps Backside of Reporter on Live TV

    Whatever happened to "turn the other cheek"? I'm joking. JOKING! I know, it's very serious, sorry. He didn't really think that through did he?
  14. I don't even know where to start with that lot. Do you really think I should take seriously a text that describes our national religion as an "officially sponsored religious franchise"? It's a libertarian magazine, of course its opinion pieces are going to suggest that tightening up laws is nonsense. Anyway, honestly? The church is not the force it was. That they all signed a letter asking to take the pointy bits off of knives, doesn't mean it'll be enshrined in law tomorrow, doesn't mean politicians will take any notice. Too busy trying to get elected and leave/stay in the EU. It's setting up a straw man. Let's take a fact in the first paragraph, that the murder rate in London exceeded that of New York City? Why pick New York City? Is it because they're both iconic? Or because it handily comes firmly in the bottom third of homicide rates in US cities*? Is it fair to compare those two? Oh, wait, wikipedia to the rescue again, more murders in London for one month. Woo.** When you actually look over a period of time, London is safer than an already pretty safe New York. If you want to take that opinion piece seriously, best of British to you, but I don't recognise the UK it depicts, maybe I'm just lucky***. I'm assuming two people getting stabbed to death in London only made the news because there was great footage of the perp getting tusked, and the magic words "islamic terrorist". * https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_United_States_cities_by_crime_rate ** https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crime_in_London *** I am lucky.
  15. That's nice dear . I wasn't trying to stop you carrying anything. Just correcting you all thinking we're banning pointy things. I'm sure you all think we're mad, subjugated, oppressed, or something, but it doesn't feel like that, though I don't suppose it would.