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  1. SSScout

    Eagle Scout Project Proposal Review

    Idea is good. Execution is the key here. *Informational signage, somewhere , for public. Why, how, what. *Why did the beneficiary ask for/approve this? Did the Scout approach them? * We have a brush pile in the back of our Meeting House, in the south end of the Graveyard. Seems to serve the same purpose. We add tree limbs and such to it, groundhogs, rabbits etc, use it. Deer use it. When it gets too big (define that !), we rent a chipper and grind it up to mulch the trees and shrubs. And the pile is started again, maybe four, five years later. How is this purpose built "to blueprint" log/brush pile different? * I like the above comment, is this the ONLY pile being created? * As to the money, yeah, feed the workers and , appropriately, the remainder (if any !) goes to the beneficiary. * Conservation Project patch? Messenger of Peace patch? Hornaday beginning?
  2. Well, who/what are "our" competitor(s) ? BP Scouts (BPSA)? Royal Rangers? Campfire? Vanguard Scouts? I do not see GSUSA as a competitor, as such. Their program is complementary, not so much competatory (word?). Cookies and entrepreneurial training, officially, so it would seem. Ours is outdoorsy, not so much sell as survive.
  3. SSScout

    Recent Positive Words About Scouting

    Another corner heard from.... https://www.washingtonpost.com/opinions/2020/02/19/what-boy-scouts-taught-me/
  4. SSScout

    Does mb counselor status expire?

    The confusion with the old LDS program versus the "regular" BSA program is unfortunate. Merit Badges.... Hereabouts, once a person fills in the four pieces of paper, including having completed the YPT, and the Personal Record Permission , they are listed with the District Dean of Merit Badge Counselors. This list is correlated with the Council, and that is that. Scout needs a MBCounselor? Check with District Dean. If the MBC counsels ONE Scout in a year, they are kept on the active list. If no Scouts in the past year, chances are good they'll be kept "active" anyway. A few years back, Council purged all lists and required ALL MBCs to sign up all over again, fresh from the word Go. Mass hysteria and confusion ensued, as one might expect. But it got done and everyone was YPT'd and signed, sealed and delivered, so to speak. Lost Blue Cards are not unusual. Recreating them is tough but doable. If the Scout is having a good time, and sees his/her time in Scouts as worthwhile (and you do too?), that's what we're here for.
  5. Liz: Remember that your recruitment commission (what? The SMS didn't tell you about the commission for every Scout you enlist? Well. let me get my tongue outta my cheek) does not depend on ONLY AOL/Webelos crossovers. Make sure you have some notoriety in the middle schools . The School Counselors should know of your existence. Take home flyers? Ask about the backpack requirements and see your DE about getting some flyers printed up. Post cards for your Scouts to hand to their friends with an event invitation. Campfire hotdog roast, flag retirement, nature hike , something like that, easy and friendly. "All Scouting Is Local".
  6. I think I've got the answer to the "One Hour A Week" axiom. Where did it come from? The answer is one must use the right clock. In 2Peter 3:8 we are told.... "But do not forget this one thing, dear friends: With the Lord a day is like a thousand years, and a thousand years are like a day."" So you see, it depends on whose clock you use.
  7. SSScout

    Schools & Religious Principle

    Well, welcome back Merl. I am glad that was sorted out. Around here, a "Public School" could never charter anything, because each school is not a separate corporate entity. Such a thing would mean the County School Board (which owns the school) would be the Charter Org, and that could never happen. PTAs and PTOs are always doing such things, and people end up thinking it is the School that is doing it. Maybe a Principal might sign such "contracts" as a charter org agreement, but the BoE would pull him in quick when they found out. Our Council does have several Scout Units chartered to private or religiously based schools, but the numbers are few. I even know of a Cub Pack chartered by a family owned Hardware store.
  8. SSScout


    I have no idea. This was back in 1960 to 1965. I guess a 1960 Ford Country Squire might hold two hundred dozen donuts, maybe three station wagons full ...… Mr. Richardson, Mr. Allen, Mr. DiNunno, Mr. MacDaniels…… You do the math.....
  9. From the Ernest Thompson Seton Institute: http://etsetoninstitute.org/on-playing-indian-and-cultural-appropriation/
  10. SSScout

    Cub Scout Cooking

    Whatever happened to "Clamp Pies", made in "Pie Irons"? Dessert: buttered bread, canned (or home made) apple, cherry or peach filling. Lunch: Ham and cheese , rye bread. Breakfast: French Toast, eggy bread and maple syrup and bacon bits. Dinner? https://www.countryliving.com/food-drinks/g4609/pie-iron-recipes/
  11. SSScout

    "Unofficial uniform"

    "By their fruits shall ye know them". Beads are appropriate in ceremonial occasions, not necessarily out in the woods, so to speak, if ye get me drift, or ken.
  12. I have been an adult Scouter about 20 years now, since Scoutson joined Cubs and along the way wife became CSDC Director. We have not physically moved in almost 30 years, but we have lived in 6 (six) different, named Scout Districts. The Council Executives do their thing as any new manager will: Re arrange things in their own image, in a belief that they can make things more "efficient", more "customer friendly". We went from one whole county to two Districts to three Districts to six Districts to one Big District with three "service areas" to three sort of Districts under one Area Director to ( ! ) three Districts. Our DE's have been by turn wonderful, short (one resigned after one RT and six days), temporarily assigned over three Districts, sort of learning as they go along, meant well and (presently) very dedicated and needs to be congratulated. The local Commishers and such have tried mightily to keep Scouts connected and to have opportunities available (Camporees, Klondike Derbies, District PWD, Training sessions, newsletters, etc. ). In my short tenure, it is all about three things: **Communication: The connection between like minded people. Telephone, email, facebooks, newsletters (both print and electric), whatever. **Availability of experience: If you know something, it needs to be demonstrated and passed on to someone else, SLS, IOLS, WB, NYLT, RT, the example of adults showing the new generations who can show THEIR new generation HOW to work together, HOW to survive in less than perfect conditions, HOW to serve your God by serving your neighbor, HOW the "Me First" idea is fine now but doesn't work when you consider the next 50 or 100 years. And ultimately,,,,,, ** All Scouting Is Local: The folks at Irving , at the Council office, constantly need to be reminded that their desire to assure the consistency of policy and rank requirements is dependent on the LOCAL Packs, Troops, Crews, Ships, Posts acceptance of any changes. Notice how the tendency is for folks to WANT the traditional Scouting (outdoors, pioneering, PWD, fire, hikes, canoe, etc. ) . That is not to say that STEM and such can't be added, they should, but not at the loss of what made Scouting successful, remembered and desired. Why the sudden discussion about girls not liking the entrepreneurial cookie sales but would rather be hiking and camping ? Yeah some GSUSA Troops are outdoorsy, but that is not their trend, so here we are. The Troops that do not actively participate in District/Council events seem to have their own success stories. Why? For example::: The National Jamborees are wonderful opportunities for Scouts to see that they are not alone, but that their "LOCAL" group is indeed, part of a much larger group of like minded individuals (communication?). The ideals, skills, goals of the BSA are indeed common thruout the WOSM, if one but looks for it. So how should Scouter dot com denizens address the future? Doom and gloom, Scouting is about to dry up and blow away? Why do we do what we do, after all? The three words no Scoutmaster wants to hear, but might even rejoice in hearing them: "Hey , Watch This !"
  13. SSScout

    Setting the tone with a new CSE

    He's a "hometown boy", somewhere: http://www.annanews.com/news/former-union-county-resident-lead-boy-scouts-america
  14. SSScout

    Setting the tone with a new CSE

    "" Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has. "" = Margaret Mead =
  15. I retired from the County's Transit service. Bus lines. We had a wonderful manager type person, named Dave . He was "in charge" of planning, service establishment, and service maintenance. I forget his "title", but that was ultimately not important to the service he, we , provided to the public. He knew EVERYTHING, because he had been there at the inception. Need permission? Ask Dave. Need a question answered? Ask Dave. Suggest a new service? Adjust a route? Tell Dave. If he needed some info or some on the spot inspection, he was not averse to calling directly or even driving out and telling you (me !)what he wanted done. You wanted to help him make the system successful, because he valued every employee and made sure you knew it. Once he asked me to go to a shopping center office (I'd only been in my position maybe 6 months) and speak to the owner/manager about re-routing and re-positioning a bus stand. Me, a mere underling in the county hierarchy. I combed my hair and went to speak to a lady I later, privately, came to call the "Dragon Lady" because of her demeanor, but that's another story. When Dave retired, his replacement was the establishment of THREE new departments and three new Department Heads and attendant staff. Was this a better arrangement, more efficient? None of my colleagues thought so, but , hey, we don't make those decisions. Am I making a comment on the present BSA situation? Am I trying to point out the problems that our new CEO/CSE/Whatever his title is has instore? I hope so. As to Councils, the franchise idea can work IF the COR idea is made to work. The Pro's work FOR us, their job(s) is /are to make Scouting easy for us "one hour a week" fellows. BSA must be made to understand that their success depends on OUR success, on the SCOUTS success. No outdoor program, no camps, no Scouts(why do they join?), no BSA. Sexual Abuse lawsuits not withstanding, BSA will stand or fall on the program's ability to please the Scout. Not so much why a kid joins Scouting but why should they STAY? Dorky uniforms? Too high fees? Too many Bling? Scoutshop too far away? Can't buy Scout necessities at the local hardware store? Scout Camp just got sold for a high end development? Rules and Regs seem unnecessary or too strict? All very possible "cons", but if Irving/BSA/Councils do not come back to realizing what MADE Scouting so successful in the Past (urban, YSL, Varsity, Skill Badges, HaHa !) then we are indeed doomed. Bill Hillcourt, please call your office