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  1. SSScout

    Boy Scouting in WW2

    For some reason, I forget why, perhaps it was a "remembrance "day of some sort, in my junior year high school English class, the topic of the Holocaust came up. After some back and forth in the class, one of my classmates spoke up and said "you know, all that stuff is made up, don't you? It's just a fable made up by Zionists." (what he said!). I had a feeling he was trumpeting what he heard from his dad... Our teacher, Mr. Emlich, got very quiet, sat down on the edge of his desk and starting telling the story of how he in his army unit had entered Buchenwald. What he saw, what his unit did. The rest of the hour was Mr. Emlich quietly keeping his composure, talking. He mentioned (I remember this, after all these years, ) how some folks have a need to explain things so the "facts" better match what their "opinions" are, regardless. The kid that made the comment was not quite as well respected after that. I was never in his crowd, anyway.
  2. SSScout

    Where did you go to summer camp?

    Many camps as a young boy..... . My folks were all in favor of my independence (until I went off to college, then mom cried). Mast Cove Camp, outside of Portland Maine. Stanwood Cobb was the owner/director. Salt water sails and swims. Gimp craft work. The Nature Camp, outside of somewhere in southern Virginia, I think GW Forest, perhaps. 4am bird walks. Fern ID. Formal theatrics. Camp Theodore Roosevelt , BSA, off Calvert Cliffs, the Chesapeake Bay. Sea Nettles. Astronomy.... "The Property" (named Camp Freedom), summer camp organized by my Troop parents on somebody's uncle's cousin's "property", Germantown MD. Long dead American Chestnut for fire wood cooking. Spring water. Camp Wilson, BSA, Fairfax County VA (I think) . Pine woods , sandy and hot. Broad Creek, BSA, north of Baltimore MD. Hemlock dark woods. Very few bad times.....
  3. SSScout

    Is it time?

    THERE ! You SEE !!!
  4. SSScout

    Eagle Board of Review (Appeal)

    Please refer to my previous entry. The Scout's Troop must be the source of most, if not all the Scout's Scouting, else why have a Troop? National sets requirements, standards of operations, but the Troop, it's Scouts and adult leaders are where the Scout grows up, where he (now she ?) must learn How To Be A Scout. Who does the Scout look to for guidance and "passing of rank"? Not some strange (tho friendly and gracious ?) people he may never meet again. The last thing before being awarded any rank is normally the Troop's BoR. How is this different? Same for Eagle. The Troop's BoR is important and a natural thing to expect. Eagle is a special thing, unique, a final threshold to pass. The District/Council Eagle BoR is perhaps the last formal requirement and the last thing a Scout will ever have to pass/endure/learn from. For many Scouts, it is an "age out" event. The Scout will probably not do anything like it again, before they apply to college, or trade school, or that BIG job.... A practice BoR? Every BoR preceeding should have been a "practice" BoR.
  5. SSScout

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    " "Twas in the restaurant where they first met.... Romeo and Juliette. Twas where they first went into debt, for Rome owed, what Juli et ! ""
  6. SSScout

    Eagle Board of Review (Appeal)

    Not "required" but " expected". That's how they get folks to staff the boards....😉
  7. SSScout

    Is it time?

    So I guess it isn't time... Oh well, on to other things...
  8. HAA ! "It's not like.... Signing away years of your life..." Only one hour a week.... Ha. If Scouting gets ya, it gets ya. Wood Badge not withstanding.
  9. SSScout

    Is it time?

    There have been several threads of late that have wandered off into the murky area of religion and belief and faith. Again, I would like to ask, invite discussion, about establishing a separate Forum on "Faith and Chaplaincy". There are facebook pages on such, I feel this is a good area to include here, thus allowing for diversions of topic from fundraising, difficult leaders, etc. What say ye, member Scouters and Moderator Folks ?
  10. SSScout

    Need for tree identification

    "Patience is defined as tieing the hammock leads to a pair of Palms and waiting for them to "grow up". " Or ignorance.....
  11. SSScout

    Why all the slap-stick in Cub Scouting?

    Oh good. I like it when we have entries in the "Faith and Chaplaincy" forum. Oh, wait....
  12. All the world’s a trail, And all the boys and girls merely hikers; They have their exits and their entrances, And one Scout in their time plays many parts, Their acts being seven ages. At first, the Tenderfoot, Huffing and aching in the Patrol Leader’s gaze. Then the willing Second Class, with his backpack And shining new boots, creeping like snail Willingly to camp. And then the First Class, Working like journeyman, with a woeful ballad Made to his buddy’s ’ cookset. Then a Star Scout, Full of fun tales and dirty like the worker, Jealous in honor, sudden and quick to help, Seeking the bubble reputation Even in the campfire’s smoke. And then the Life Scout, In fair proud and downlooking to the Tenderfoot, With eyes severe and mien of formal cut, Full of wise saws and modern instances; And so he plays his part. The sixth age shifts Into the sage and sought after , With spectacles on nose and pouch on side; His youthful face, well shaved, a world too wide For his Eagle earned, and his big manly voice, Turning again toward childish treble, pipes And whistles in his sound. Last scene of all, That ends this strange eventful history, Is Scout Leader, signed and devoted he, Sans time, sans money, sans gear, sans everything but Scouts to inspire.
  13. SSScout

    Eagle Board of Review (Appeal)

    Oldscout and Latinscot: Points well taken. It has been a while since the last BoR , either Troop or District Ebor I sat in on. My home Troop always held that the Troop had the right to pass their judgment on the Scout's progress before passing on to the District BoR. Might save some more serious embarrassment/trouble later. In any event , the Troop Adv Chair always helped review the Scout's records before Council was asked to vet them. Our Troop always sat the Scout down with the Troop Committee to ask about their Project Proposal. Being a small Troop, the Committee were the defacto advisors and old timers. Seemed to work. Same idea with the Troop BoR. It was not meant as a "practice" District EBoR, only our own congratulatory review.
  14. SSScout

    Why all the slap-stick in Cub Scouting?

    The trouble is finding the campcraft experts, the folks that have "been there and done that", that are willing to share their craft and experience. The comparison of the 1950's era Fieldbook with the more recent ones is instructional. Pictures and instruction in chopping down trees and building fire pits/ditches/ and even off the ground fire tables for camp cooking from the older GBB book, compare to the modern Management style book. Of course, a lot of the changes can be blamed on the need to NOT cut down so many trees (one per Tenderfoot?) and not burn up every stick to cook over (Leave Less Trace), but still... The modern boy /girl may seek some adventure, but not without a good WiFi connection back in the parking lot. Once upon a time, a Scout might just add some gear and take off to Philmont. Nowadays, signing up for Philmont includes buying new gear (my old Troop made their own tarp tents), several "shake down" camp trips, and "conditioning hikes". Yes, the world has changed. Not every home has a practical fireplace, where a fire may be laid when the snow is 3 feet deep across the road and the power is out for a week. If you send your Scouts to NYLT, and your adults to Back Country Camping and Wood Badge, would they each and every be ready to take off on a "surprise hike" with an hour's notice, as one old Scouter bragged about of late?
  15. SSScout

    Lone Scout Questions

    Yep. And then merged into the BSA as an opportunity for boys that might not live close enough to a regular Scout Pack or Troop. See https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lone_Scouts_of_America for a good history. "Lone Scout" is not usually promoted in urban areas, but can be pursued if you insist on it.