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  1. The Charter Agreement requires at least five Scouts to start.....
  2. SSScout

    Who do you contact for TTFC?

    Too Tall For Cooking? Tiny Tim Forgot Cranberries? The Time For Credit?
  3. SSScout

    Totin Chip

    bcbro123, "it depends". It depends on someone.... Someone has to set up the axe yard. Someone needs to provide the tools and bolts of wood. Someone needs to model good, safe, skilled behavior. Someone , experienced in such things, needs to Educate, Demonstrate, Guide , and Empower the Scouts. Someone must provide chances, opportunities, to practice their newly acquired skill. Someone….
  4. SSScout

    New girls in Scouting

    The three words no Scoutmaster wants to hear.... "HEY ! WATCH THIS !" Would that be a male or female voice?
  5. Once upon a time, in the dim past, back when "Internet" meant "between fish catching equipment", we had an invention called a "telephone". It was attached with wires to the wall, often sat on a small table next to the front door of one's house, or next to a parent's bed. Or, it might have been hung on a wall, say in the room equipped for heating up our Mastodon steaks.... It involved an assigned number, which was encoded into the mechanism , and when done correctly, enabled one to verbally communicate with a friend or relative, or even a store or other merchantile establishment. Connected plastic coated copper wires enabled the electrically energized pulses to be transmitted to other similar mechanisms, thus enabling human to human verbal communication. Such communicative devices enabled properly trained Scouts to arrange gear assignments, camp food allocation, purchasing arrangements, transportation requests and such germane to Scout adventure necessities. Someone , in the dim past, realized that if one person telephonically communicated with two other similarly equipped people (Scouts), and those two duplicated that effort to two more similarly equipped folks, and so on, a quick way to disseminate information and organization could be accomplished. Appropriately, this technique was named a "phone tree" (not to be confused with the rare but useful "Oakey Doke" tree of Naval fame...). It is appropriate to use these lessons from the past to educate and govern our future. Now, it would seem, the "phone tree" has become a "phone fountain" where not just two, but umpteen folks can be advised of the next meeting date at the same time by only ONE person. This in no way eliminates the need to be responsible in our dissemination of information, or the need to READ the email/tweet/etc. in a reasonable time. The Scouts (and some Scouters) I deal with seem to be AGHAST (aghast) that I may only read my emails only once, maybe twice a day. And not while I'm driving. Tweets? Yes, but don't bet on it being RIGHT NOW. Maybe later..... "Ahoy, ahoy. No, this is one. You want two. Yes, two. "
  6. SSScout

    Oh Shoot, Worksheets in Cubs

    In 5th and 6th grade, we were taught how to outline. I remember Mr. Prentice talking about BIG things and littler things. I guess we made up our own "work sheets" for assignments. book reports, experiments, etc. Merit Badges, exercise records where the idea is gradually be able to do MORE chin ups, push ups, run a mile faster, etc. and be proud of seeing the improved record on paper ! Work sheets, per se, are not a bad thing, but if they take away the Scout's ability to "do for myself" then , yeah, bad thing. And it can take away somewhat, the ability of the MBCouselor/Den Leader to communicate with the Scout....
  7. SSScout

    Lawnmower Parents

    I am the Lawn Mower parent, but that's only because Scoutson is now 24 and there is no one else to mow the lawn.....
  8. Oh good, an entry on the "Faith and Chaplaincy" forum.... Very appropriate. (maybe I'll make up a piece of tape to put over the wrong title...) It is appropriate to have the Scout think about who/what gave him/her their faith in a "higher power". Faith leader? Pastor? Clerk? Minister? Priest? Rabbi? Imam? Dad? Mom? Neighbor (Mr. Rogers was a Presbyterian minister)? I often come to think of the Hebrew National hot dog commercial.... Very often, the young person (and many older ones of my acquaintance) only consider their spiritual place in the universe if confronted with such a requirement. I have often needed to converse with folks who are aghast (aghast !) to be told that the BS of A is NOT an ipso facto Christian organization. But there you are. Many types of faith are exhibited at the Nat Jam and soon the World Jam. One of the most popular desks was the Sikh table, where Scouts could try on a turban, and talk about this exotic (to most Americans) faith. To be Australian about it, ItsBrian, "Good onya, mate...." and , no, I'm not Australian, but I like the sentiment.
  9. I recently had a Scout email me (copied to his parents !) asking me to counsel him for a faith award. Since I was not of his faith, I emailed back, including the District Religious Awards Co-ordinator, the District Chair, and my faith committee's clerk. (more than two deep !) to suggest he should consult with his local minister/priest. We went back and forth a few more times, much multiple addresses included....
  10. Concerning Social Media (so called)…. If it were my Troop, all I would do is congratulate the Scouts on taking "Scout Led" seriously, and remind them that the Scout Promise and Scout Law applies even in virtual space.... And if they ever need some counsel, I am here. Two deep.
  11. "How Bear Lost His Tail” (and why the Big Bear in the heavens still has his ). (As told by the Iroquois) (( **Practice with appropriate motions and sounds and voices**....)) If you look up in the night sky, you will see pictures of the Great Bear, and his Cub. They both have fine, long tails. But if you go to the zoo, or walk thru the woods, you may see a REAL bear. How long is his tail? Not very ! Why this difference? Here is the truth of the matter…. Oh, my beloved:: Hear now the story as was told to me by one much wiser than I. Long ago, when the animal people would speak as you and I , Bear had a long and beautiful tail. He knew that, but set no store by it, being not as vain as some. Fox, on the other hand, also had a tail of some beauty and was not shy in telling of it. Indeed, Fox grew jealous of Bear's tail and decided he must rid himself of ( what seemed to him) unfair competition. And so this is what happened.... In the late fall of the year, when Fox knew Bear would be always hungry, before his long winter nap, Fox caught a nice fat Trout and sat himself by the trail where he knew Bear must travel. Sure enough , along comes Bear. "Hello, brother Fox", said Bear. " What is that you have there? A fine dinner, I see !" "Yes" Fox replied between bites, "It is my dinner." "And where did you catch such a fish? I might like to catch such for myself !" said Bear. "Over on the lake shore" said Fox. Now Bear knew such Trout were usually caught in a fast, cold stream, and not in a lake, so he was doubtful, and said: "Oh, I find that hard to believe. What bait did you use?" "My TAIL !" munched Fox. "Tail?? How so tail? " said Bear. "Why, I can show you. Follow me to the Lake." so the two walked off down the trail to the lake shore. Fox indicated a rock by the water's edge and said to Bear " See? This is where you sit. Stick your tail into the water and swish it around. When the fish bite on to it, pull out your tail and there you are ! Fish Dinner !" Bear was eager to have such a fine trout to eat, so he sat down and stuck his tail in the water and swished it around. "Like this?" He asked. "Exactly !" said Fox, who started to walk away. "But how long do I sit here?" asked the trusting Bear. "Until you catch the fish, silly!" said Fox, who smiled and ran off, very pleased with himself. Well, Bear became very pleased with himself that he would soon have a fine fish for eating. But the sun was setting and soon Bear grew drowsy. It was not long before Bear was fast asleep. Just as Fox had expected….. When Bear woke up, it was next morning, and lo ! The lake had frozen over in the night. Bear found his tail was frozen solid in the lake ice, and he realized the cruel trick Fox had played on him. There was nothing he could do, but tear his tail off as he sat up and go down the trail , painfully sad at this turn of events. Now, the Great Spirit Manitou had seen all this and took pity on Bear. In his dream that night, the Great Spirit came to Bear and said, " I cannot give you back your tail, but here is what I will do: I will make a picture in the sky so that all may see how long and beautiful your tail was, you and your cub. And henceforth, Fox will never again wave his tail high and proud in the air, but will carry it low to the ground. So shall it be. " And so it has been. So the Bear in the sky has the long, wavy tail; the Bear you may see in the woods or in the zoo, has a short stubby tail, and the Fox you see along the trail will not wave his tail in the air. Remember, and tell your Cubs , so they may be as wise as YOU !
  12. SSScout

    "Classic" Scout Socks are now a thing?

    Camouflage ! Oh, wait, not allowed in Scout uniform... Even so, with all the above comments about "official", "hiking" , "vintage", "Merino", ,,, I am surprised cotton (bad!) and plain wool rag (better!) hasn't been mentioned. My buddy from Scouts and I walked 600 km on the Camino de Santiago a few years back. I wore my 100% wool rag and he his silk liner/theromax(?) socks. I had no blisters a-tall, he had one on his big toe the last 50 km.
  13. SSScout

    "Classic" Scout Socks are now a thing?

    Did they also offer the Official BSA (c) elastic garter? I had them, BSA logo and all. Nicely made, elastic, leather, metal hooks, AND the red tab. Needed to keep those hose mos'ly over the tall Scout's (whose) calf. Soak'em in 6-12, keep the ticks away. Maybe. What percent cotton?
  14. I would like to ask the moderators to transfer this thread/discussion to the "Faith and Chaplaincy" Forum. Oh, wait....
  15. SSScout

    "Classic" Scout Socks are now a thing?

    Ach du lieber…..