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  1. "It depends". I once asked that question, seeking history, old names. I was directed to a MICROFICHE archive, several boxes. The paper had been disposed of. 1950's, 1960's.... The microfiche was hard to read but it was there..
  2. Ah the Scout Neckerchief... Collared shirt. A collarless shirt would require a special tailoring. That is probably why the C/L shirt was abandoned. Over or Under? Size? Woggle, slide, Friendship Knot ? Depends on the wearers attitude. Is the Necker a useless piece of tradition, symbol or a possible tool, as was the original attitude? Let's see if I can find those pages from "" Matching Mountains with the Boy Scout Uniform; the Official Boy Scout Uniforms"" , by Edward F. Reimer . . .
  3. As an amateur Vexilologist ( I've yet to meet a professional), I share this because it agrieves me. We see replicas of the American flag displayed on t-shirts, swim trunks, Napkins, cups, banners. little paper flags on cupcakes, I can smile. I invite folks to search out the Ruggables company, which has offered for sale (and they have named and presented as such) "An American Red Flag Rug" Red and white stripes, pretty. White stars on a blue background, nice. Fifty stars on a blue field in the upper left corner of thirteen red and white stripes, this is intended as a US fl
  4. IMHO This is not a YPT issue, but a ego PT... BSA is very careful about ALL events and operations being open to observation by parents. This does not mean "manipulation" but looking on and "being there". Registration as an adult and taking the YPT is necessary, but no one can deny the parent the right/ability to "observe". Converstion wih those involved seems appropriate. The CO and COR are to be involved, and IMHO, a Troop cannot have too many WELL TRAINED ASMs... And maybe your local Unit Commish, if you have one. Right, Fred?
  5. So now there is a PROGRAM for the kids. Do we have a PROGRAM for the parents? Maybe that's what this really is. The original Cub Scout "program" was supposed to be (as I remember it) a fun thing where the kid had some fun stuff and (without really realizing it) learned some important stuff along the way. Trust, cooperation, teamwork, good ideals, handy skills, pride of craft, ,,,, What else? Ranks weren't so much GOALS TO BE MET, as MILESTONES ALONG THE WAY. The parents we had were folks that had lived thru the Great Depression, the World War, the Korean War, ,
  6. I do wish they ("THEY") would settle things for more than 3 years this time. Cubs have been staggering along, adjusting, creating, modifying, clarifying, the program seemingly every other year.... Back when the ranks made sense, morphilogically, small mammals to bigger more DANGEROUS ones, and literary references (Akela, Baloo) could be understood, and a DEN was a place for Cubs to live, and the PACK was to be run with I thought belt loops for arrow points were a good exchange. Now, the changes were coming because "we can" and maybe they will be good for the kids (wh
  7. There it is. Dr. Bourke and company not withstanding, it is up to THE PARENTS, and everyone else to see that what is RIGHT happens. The Guidelines are just that, GUIDELINES. If the people who WATCH and SEE don't speak up, don't say something, the GUIDELINES mean zilch.
  8. Welcome. Pull up a stump. . Did you remember your camp cup and fork? The virtual peach cobbler is over there....
  9. Scouting has OPPORTUNITIES, not REQUIREMENTS . We do our kids a great disservice when we make the wrong things "REQUIREMENTS", especially in Scouting. F'rinstance : Merit Badges.... I firmly believe no SM (or anyone else) should make MBs sound like they are REQUIRED. Scout ranks are not REQUIRED. OPPORTUNITIES can and should be arranged (camp outs, Axe Yards, hiking trips, visits from Park Naturalists, visits from local EMTs, ) with the Scouts participating , nay, ORDERING the schedule. The Scout should be able to see her/his peers making choices to LEARN about proper sa
  10. An organization is only as good as it's human leadership (General Miley, thank you for calling your office). The ideals not withstanding, the past BSA leadership were thinking too wishfully. The present situation is the result. When folks did not believe what they were told, didn't make sure the miscreants were properly held to account, censured, charged, punished and REMOVED from all of Scouting, the present situation had to occur. If the lessons were learned, publically acknowledged, the victims made whole as well as can be done this much later, then we must move forward wi
  11. Our Chinese Chestnuts have been really productive this year. We have two types, evidently, but the leaves are indistinguishable to my eye. One big nut , about 1" across, and ovoid, and one about 3/4 inch across and more circular. Very regular , each of the two trees, on opposite sides of our house. Can't eat them raw, but cooked they are very tasty. A neighbor has a very large and grand White Oak, bushels of acorns, much more than "usual" this year. Wife and some friends are going to produce Acorn Flour from them this year. It is quite a process but produces a tasty flour for baking
  12. Hot glue it to a 1/2" pvc pipe, make a heckufa necker slide...
  13. I am, unfortunately, reminded of a Carol Burnett show skit, where an ex Nazi becomes the Activities Director on a cruise ship. "YOU VILL HAF FUN ! "" I have been, am sad to say , witness to this sort of thing and agree with all that has been said, especially the part about the separation of the "earning/approval" of the rank and the "celebration/awarding" of the medal. What hasn't been mentioned is the final say over the Troop/Unit is the CO Institution Head. She/he names the COR, and could as easily dethrone him. I find it hard to believe, in so active and well supported
  14. Congratulations. A few years to consider the Eagle project....
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