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  1. 1) The Order of the Arrow is meant to be: A) a recognition of the quality of a Scout's skill in camping B) care of his/her fellow Scouts C) a means for the more experienced Scout to work with and socialize with other Scouts D) help example the idea of "cheerful service" to others, without thought of personal recognition. Except sweat and dirt, perhaps. Popularity contest? In some respects. What leads to that popularity? 2) Was it possible that some few adult leaders responsible for oversight of OA activities might be guilty of sexual abuse of the Scouts? Yes, possible. 3) If an
  2. ooops. proof reading failure is common in my family.... millions..... that 600,000. is American deaths (low estimate) only. corrected above entry. I apologize for the slip... here's a reference.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Spanish_flu
  3. The Spanish (so called) flu spent most of 1918 and 1919 to disappear, without vaccines, with very little medical science prevention or correction. We finally got "herd immunity". Only took about 50 or 60 million premature deaths world wide.... https://www.pbs.org/wgbh/americanexperience/films/influenza/
  4. I have two memorable memories of Cub Scout Day Camp. 1) I am "Scout Skills". First day is "Flag Ettiquette" The Cubs learn about the US flag 's history, symbolism and how to respectfully do things with it, notably th traditional folding. With twenty some Cubs in each session, and three Boy Scout Assistants, I always had a large number of flags of various sizes to play with. I always handed a few to the accompanying Den Walkers, much to their surprise, and required (not merely invite them !) to participate. WOw, the reactios I got sometimes, but they got into it eventually. Mom
  5. ##1 The Work Is Done By Whoever Shows Up. ##2 If you do not have a connection with your kid by the time they're 12, you will not have one when they are 18 or 19. Scouting, especially Cubs can give you that connection. ##3 It ain't that hard. It is fun. You will meet and make many new friends along the way. ##4 It is the trail, the journey that is important, not necessarily any particular "goal". Those are just there to mark one's progress along the jpurney. There will ALWAYS be another mountain to aim for.
  6. Welcome to the virtual campfire, Sigma.... If you travel around in Scout circles sufficiently, you will see some "necklaces". Various awards on ribbons and leather strings, (yes, I would include these as "necklaces"), religious obeisances (see above mention) , some Troops/OA lodges award beads for activities and these wind up on a necklace. As mentioned above, if worn under the uni, there should be no problem. If worn outside, be prepared to discuss your reason/rationale . If not part of a recognized faith, it may be viewed as more of a "good luck" piece than a religious token. If no
  7. 12 times 6o = 720 ? 12 times 100 = 1200 ? But then, who's counting....
  8. Recommend two movies, both available on DVD.... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/759:_Boy_Scouts_of_Harlem https://www.facebook.com/759-Boy-Scouts-of-HarlemThe-Movie-61236561838/ https://www.amazon.com/759-Scouts-Harlem-NTSC-Original/dp/B002PNSJ2Q or you can find it and stream it. The Adventures of the Muddy Lions, Troop 491. . .. https://www.troop491-movie.com/product-page/signed-muddy-lions-dvd Curing malaria and preventing cholera are not the only Public Health concerns....
  9. This from a Cub Scout FaceBook page..... have some interesting information for all the Kentucky Scouters in the group. All cub scouts that have Medicaid medical insurance under WellCare, they (WellCare) will pay the entire amount of the signup fee for that scout. I think one of the stipulations was that the scout has to sign up during the school night signups (that little stipulation may be lifted with all the Covid-19 stuff), I am not 100% on that, but even still. Seems like we are getting smacked in the face with fee increases and newly added fees every tim
  10. Contact your District Commissioner. He/she can advise . "All Scouting is Local" . First be aware that Council and District will not get officially involved unless there are YP or other criminalities involved. That said.... Time for the CCH to make contact (long overdue?) with the CO. The DCommish may help here. The COR represents the Unit to the BSA. The Institution Head (somebody signed the charter agreement) must be involved here, and the CCH must make her/him aware of the CO's responsibility and the COR's problems. My understanding (check with the DCommish) the CO agreement requi
  11. "All Scouting Is Local" "It Depends" Here abouts in Murlin, each county decides . No way to know until you ask. In my county, no in person, in class presentations . Flyers for the take home backpack are accepted on a very strict schedule, you have to have them in the school by a certain date, in packets of 25 (or 30?) for each class. In hall posters are at the discretion of the Principal. Flyers on the "take one" table also at the principal's discretion. All is a "all or not at all" arrangement, all sports leagues, kid's clubs, etc. or none at all allowed.
  12. Oh, we were all in the same grade, but neighborhood, our families knew each other. Of course, "neighborhood" meant something different back then, country, farms, etc. separated us alot, but my first Den Mother was right across the road from us. But back in MY paleoScout days, ( I did the math.... Webelos in 1959. ) we had no beads. You earned the rank patch as soon as you could and then pursued the "elective" Arrow Points for various projects. All those little Arrow patches to sew on. My mom made me sit down and watch as she did it. Bobcat was a pin , earned for learning the Cub Promise an
  13. Kosnoff is why the BSA has existed. The "program", not the abuser.... One cannot legislate morality. The purpose of the BSA, of ANY Scout type organization (or school, or church) cannot be the physical, mental or , sexual abuse of kids. It is the depraved adult or previously abused kid that seeks to use the cover of the organization for their personal gratification that is the problem. If the organization covers up, or corporately IGNORES the abusive person, , that is not reason for the organizations existence, but is a major problem in itself. THAT is why the BSA is where i
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