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  1. Tahawk, Bless your scanning heart. Would it be possible to put this , say, in a dropbox account for us mere mortals to access and ,dare I hope, even print out?
  2. piano scoutmaster minute

    Perhaps this: The Bridge Builder By Will Allen Dromgoole An old man going a lone highway, Came, at the evening cold and gray, To a chasm vast and deep and wide. Through which was flowing a sullen tide The old man crossed in the twilight dim, The sullen stream had no fear for him; But he turned when safe on the other side And built a bridge to span the tide. “Old man,” said a fellow pilgrim near, “You are wasting your strength with building here; Your journey will end with the ending day, You never again will pass this way; You’ve crossed the chasm, deep and wide, Why build this bridge at evening tide?” The builder lifted his old gray head; “Good friend, in the path I have come,” he said, “There followed after me to-day A youth whose feet must pass this way. This chasm that has been as naught to me To that fair-haired youth may a pitfall be; He, too, must cross in the twilight dim; Good friend, I am building this bridge for him!”
  3. Oh, there are lots of opportunities here ! I hope the room (auditorium?) is large enough to allow the full beauty of a well played bugle.... When folks are settling in to their seats, play "First Call" to gain their attention (SPL puts up the Sign). As Bugleson may note, if he plays the Call to the Colors up to the Coda, that is the "Short Version", and would be appropriate for an indoor ceremony. I would suggest as the Color Guard is ordered "Advance" , play CttC as the Color Guard advances up the aisle. If it is a long aisle , play the whole piece. If you do the PoA, then that would come after the Posting of the colors. When the Scoutmaster (or SPL??) comes forward to make his opening remarks, "Ruffles and Flourishes". When the Ranks are to be awarded, play "Attention" (dah DIT dah DAH !) . At the end of the evening, everyone is eager for the punch and cookies (or ribs and coleslaw?). If the ceremony closes with the flags in place, say your benediction or closing remarks, and wish folks well. If the flags will be "retrieved" , so with "Please retrieve the colors", play "Retreat" as they march down the aisle. At the end of the piece, dismiss the CG and crowd to the refreshments. Yum. (No, I would not add "Mess Call" here...) Taps? I do not see Taps as appropriate in an indoor ceremony, unless there is another ceremonial reason. But that's just me. Outdoor ceremony? Wait until folks are about finished with the meal, Let Bugleson get back in the woods a ways and play long and low from there. Let it echo. Congratulations to all your Scouts !
  4. Virtual Campfire

    Oil change? What's that? I visited a garage once, the mechanic. had a bench covered with engine parts, a Pontiac Sunbird was parked nearby with it's hood leaning against the wall. I asked about this "display". He said the young woman had brought the car in because it was "making noise" . She had bought it new , three years before, put 24,000 or so miles on it and had NEVER changed the oil......
  5. On my Camino de Santiago trek three years ago, we sojourned in an alberge (hostel) which, like most, did not segregate the genders (!) . My buddy Rick bedded down in a lower bunk, I had to take a different "stack" upper. As always, the room was full. Rick sometimes (not always) gave forth with rafter rattling snoring when on his back. He was aware of this. Sometime in the night, I awoke to his music. I over heard some Deutscher volk (there was a bicycle club in with us) outloud mention bodily harm to the "volcano one". I jumped down, went over and woke up RIck, who awoke with a start, but willingly turned on his side and went back to sleep. No more snores. "Danke, freunde." I hope the other Scouter was apprised of his problem...
  6. Jobs For Those Under 16

    As in many things, "it depends". I have known kids whose first question when asked about work-for-pay is "who, me?" Youngest Scoutson made the acquaintance of a local farmer thru our family, and the farmer hired him on the spot (age twelve) for "gofer" duty. When he couldn't work during the schoolyear, farmer said "when you turn 16, you've got a full time job if you want it." Scoutson helped at CSDC, Camporees as staff, at Meeting, following dad around, and when he turned 16, we helped him get his drivers license, his Class B license (provisional), and the farmer was good to his word. Ever since, Scoutson has been driving trucks, tractors, combines, harvesters, and learning all about commercial farming. He has convinced the farmer ("custom farming". He leases six times as much land as he owns outright.) to diversify and try a section of certified "organic" crops. Daughter , on her own, asked about and got a job in the local public library as a "Page" at age fourteen. She both loved it (independence, paycheck of her own, time to read see new books) and hated it (telling me what to do all the time, same old same old, dusty and moving all the time). It was a learning experience. When she graduated HS, she decided against college, got married, with her husband started a cleaning service. cleaning restaurants, crime scenes, and large houses. She went on to be a manager at a auto parts store. She 's happy. Other two sons had no jobs to speak of until they graduated HS , went to various places. One joined the army immediately, later went to college and was in the right place at the right time, is now doing very well as a Media Specialist for the county government. The other has been in and out of work for awhile. C'est la vie. Kids just need to keep making contacts, try new things, look to the stuff you like, not just what is "normal" for you. Hiking? Camping? Check in as a volunteer with your local Parks. Find out what might be done for pay. Ya never can tell.
  7. When I was a sub teacher, the assistant principal called me in and asked if I would like to be a "special tutor". I asked, what was that, he said it was a position he just created to help with some "problem" students. I would have one or two students (7, 8 graders) each period for a particular subject. I said sure, I'll try it. I had fun and some success over the span of a semester. Some just needed help understanding the math, or write a grammatically correct essay, some needed some one on one to allow them to vent alittle about family dynamics. One girl had definite behavior problems. Call her "Annie". Annie was sorely distracted. Even with me sitting with her at a table, she could not bring herself to attack a lesson. It was a challenge session. "You can't make me" was the unconscious comment. SO we talked . About life and family. I spoke with the Asst. P. and he and I developed a plan. He called in the parents and ALL of Annie's teachers (and me) to a conference. In it, he detailed how Annie's behavior problems were seen in all of her classes, including the "new" special tutor (me), thus indicating it was not just a "personality conflict" with one or two teachers. After gaining agreement with parents (both mom and dad were there, Annie was back in class) that Annie's school progress was most important (an only child), the Asst.. P. gave the DAD (!) a homework assignment: He was to spend 20 minutes with Annie doing homework EVERY NIGHT, without fail. No excuses. Not naps, not "have to take a shower", not "I'm tired from work". Every night, 20 minutes. It didn't matter if he understood the assignment or not, he was to be with her and help, if he could , for 20 minutes. He agreed, in front of his wife and seven teachers and the Asst. P. Six weeks later, Annie is a steady "B" student. I had no more trouble with her, she had written good essays in English (my tutoring class). Is there a lesson to be here learned? Our young people have many more distractions (buy this! Listen to this!) then you or I ever had. Thru our examples and love and attention, they must learn how to "PAY ATTENTION" to that which is truly important. Limit Social Media time ? Certainly. Insist on picking up the books? Absolutely (book? Que Book?). But do not neglect the "MORE important stuff" Be ready and able to give good reasons for your desire and instruction, not just "because I say so!". Every Midschooler in my experience has heard that and it slides off their back like oil off a roustabout in Texas. Why is that website inappropriate? Can they really ignore the stupid stuff on Snapchat? Fiction or real life? They are looking to us parents and Scouters (!!) for that role model.... What's that C&W song about "I been watching you , dad...." ?
  8. Can Senior Patrol Leaders Run Twice?

    Once again we prove the adage that ""The work is done by whoever shows up"" You can elect, you can appoint, but the boys will see who does what. And they will ultimately decide what they will do. Either by jumping in or by dragging feet. If the ADULTS decide, the boys will never have to. If the BOYS decide, they will find out how it feels to succeed at something they decided on. No matter who decides, if no one shows up, nothing gets done.
  9. Faster than Light speed is too slow.... Prepare for ... LUDICROUS SPEED
  10. Verifying if a Scouter is in good standing?

    Everything noted above is correct to my knowledge , but please note that Council or the COrg or BSA cannot act unless someone makes the problem, legal issues known.
  11. What was that Cub Scout motto again? Oh, yeah... "Do Your Best". Remind naranza65 son about this. Like Scouting, Midschool is a time for the kid to start living his own life, and allow his parents to start "letting go". Some things I had to learn when our kids got there (one Scout, three non-Scouts) . Coach, remind, allow failure on occasion. Congratulate and reward success, no matter how seemingly small, but don't "punish" non-success. And note: There is a difference between failure and non-success.... The first is sad, the second is what learning is about. You will never succeed if you never try, and you will never learn (and succeed) if you never ask/listen/practice/memorize/make that skill your own. It is said that if one is to become a wise old man, one must be a dumb teenager first. Scoutson didn't learn to read or do algebra by my reminding and hounding and beating him round the jowls. He learned by my sitting down with him and pointing my finger and listening to him and asking him and spending time with him AND by getting him a friend to do the same when I ran out of "smarts". Once when Scoutson and I were sitting doing History homework, he said , "dad, back in your day, you had it easier than I do in school now.. You had a lot less history to remember !" Consider the wisdom in THAT ! Another thing, which midschoolers have a hard time accepting, is not everyone is good at everything. I think it was Harry Truman who counseled that one should find out what your child likes and is good at and then encourage them to do that. See you on the trail...
  12. Sailing fatalities in TX

    Anyone old enough to remember canoeing in a aluminum Grumman boat under a gigawatt powerline and feeling the buzz in the boat that your ears were hearing ? Michael Faraday..... And we should remember the tragedy at the 2005 Jamboree. The question there was why set up a tall pole under a power line? Expectations....
  13. "To be or not to be , an Eagle, that is the question. Whether tis nobler to suffer the slings and arrows of hiking, camping, cooking out doors, mosquitos, blisters, broken GPS units or to join a boy led Troop and by ignoring the adults have fun. To Scout, perchance be a Patrol Leader, ah, there's the rub.... for in that chance to plan and learn cooperation and citizenship must give us pause. For to bear the whips and scorn of those who would value the souvenir more than the journey, pity that man. Soft you now, the fair Ophelia doth now join my Troop...." ((Tongue hereby removed from cheek))
  14. " ... soon i'll be a Jed eye...." Thanks be to Yankovick for making all clear >>
  15. Yes, let's hear it for Three Jedi Knight.... """Celibate, Celibate, dance to the music......"