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  1. Hiking::: I have heard hiking called "a walk with a purpose". I have been told the Army considers a fit soldier with full kit should be able to cover 4 miles an hour. For how long? I like to think I can do a day hike (water, snacks, binocs, first aid kit, poncho....) at maybe 3 mph, breaks and sit downs to watch the flora and fauna not included. When I lead a Historic Hike of John and Jane Q. Citizen, and tell stories along the way, we might cover 4 miles in 3 hours.... It was once suggested to me (and the Advancement Chair agreed) that a Scout , who carries the wherewithal for a hike in the woods, could count his time pushing the family lawnmower (not self propelled !) as a hike, IF he could document the distance . 3 hours pushing, times 2 or 3 miles per hour....
  2. SSScout

    Weighty responsibilities bond patrols

    Yep, cooking is a prime example. How does anyone learn to cook? On a kitchen stove or wood camp fire? Three things are necessary: Hunger and boredom with the current menu (!!), someone to demonstrate possibilities, and or instruction. Scout Iron Chef episodes are great. I remember a "Scout Chef" camp, I still have the souvenir woggle from it. How could your District encourage such events? Like a Camporee but with a THEME of "Clever Nutrition"? We have a Tasters Walk in a neighboring local, every restaurant sets up a tasting table in front and you walk the sidewalk and TASTE ! You buy a slew of tickets (it is a charity fundraiser) and for a ticket or two, you get a sample of whatever the restaurant special is. Something like that? Patches? Woggles? Prizes?
  3. SSScout

    Weighty responsibilities bond patrols

    Well, This could start the debate about "New Boy Patrols" vs "Mixed Age Patrols" couldn't it? I Scouted in a so-called Mixed Age Patrol, altho it didn't have that title back then. Us new Scouts were apprenticed into a Patrol that needed a couple of kids to bring it up to 8. We fit in, the older fellows showed us the ropes (so to speak) and our Troop also had classes in things. But we camped and hiked in the existing (short handed? ) Patrol.
  4. SSScout

    "Pencil Whipping" Requirements

    This is going into our District News..... Thank you....
  5. 1) Look up and contact your Scout District Advancement Chair. This is a volunteer position that every Scout District should have. If not that specifically, then the District Chair or District Commissioner, both of whom should be listed on your Council Website. The District Advancement Chair, if he/she is able and lucky, will have a Merit Badge Dean. This person (another volunteer Scouter!) is in charge of keeping track of the available, certified, signed up MBCounselors in your District, and can connect with other Districts to refer to their MBCounselors. 2) Any adult can register as a MBCounselor. Anyone. Ideally, they should be knowledgable and experienced in the topic, but this is not necessarily required. Your Sailing Camp would profit by having a Sailing/Rowing/Canoeing MBCounselor or two on staff. Any Scout could then refer to them for that MB. Nice ! 3) It is easy to register as such, contact the local (to the camp !) Scout District. The person fills out three pieces of paper, does about an hour and a half of online training at their own pace, and presto, a new MBCounselor ! No money involved, it's free. You are a MBCounselor forever, as long as you keep your Youth Protection up to date and counsel a few Scouts every so often. Oh, and email the MBDean of the District occasionally. 4) A MBCounselor can work with one Scout (with the appropriate YP Chaperoning), at their own appointment, or with a group at a MBDay or MBCollege scheduled by the District/Council (depending on the appropriateness of the MB) or with any number on their own scheduled occasion. Check with the District honchos. "It depends". 5) Very often, MBs happen when they happen. Certain ones just lend themselves to Summer Camp, for instance. Somebody in the Troop will cry out for a "Chess" MBCounselor, an adult will step up, presto ! A chess tournament is scheduled thru the District ! Wunderbar ! 6) The Scoutmaster, as has been mentioned, may not limit a Scout's access to a registered MBCounselor. Or limit the requirements. Or redefine the requirements. If he/she has questions as to IF the Scout actually fulfilled the requirements of a MB, the SM must go thru the District Advancement Chair. That question concerns the fitness of the MBCounselor, not the Scout. A properly signed Blue Card is all the Scout needs. 7) USUALLY (usually) it is not a good thing for the parent to be the MBCounselor. If the parent takes that responsibility, then be sure to Counsel many Scouts, not just "one". Gain the reputation of being a good MBCounselor for all Scouts, yes? Oh yes... buy the MBBook, or print out the PDF if you prefer, but do not depend on online worksheets. Answering those questions, filling out those blanks is NOT fulfilling the requirements. The worksheet may help the Scout organize things, but they are NOT the MB. Many home school folks use the MBBooks as middleschool curricula. Good scouting to you. See you on the trail !
  6. SSScout

    Can a CO profit off a unit?

    A sportsman's club. What kind of sports? Hunting? Fishing? Hockey? Croquet? Maybe there are possible Scouters among the membership? Has that been broached? Isaac Walton League here abouts has always been very Scout friendly, for instance. They allow their grounds for Cub Scout Day Camp, Archery Camp, Rifle and Shotgun Merit Badge camps, many things Scouty. If yours is to serve brats and sodas, make the most of it. Scout PR, a demo campout, PineWood Derby, whatever. It could be a win win for both of you. Perhaps the membership is aging and no longer able to keep up the traditional stuff. New members from the Scouts or Scouters eventually? Involve the local Scout District too. Make your situation known more widely, see if there are other Scout units might want to help out, who knows.
  7. SSScout

    Merit Badges of Yore...

    Yes things adapt and change. No more "Blacksmithing" MB. And I must remind folks that there is no truth to the rumor that BSA is planning to fold the Pet MB into the Cooking MB.....
  8. SSScout

    Can a CO profit off a unit?

    I worked thru college. One of my jobs was as a cook in a German restaurant. Because my "language du college" was German, I got a multiple benefit: Money per hour, uben mein Deutsch, at least one free meal , practice in cooking, learning some new cuisine, new friends and some good references. The restaurant owners were good people and I felt grateful for their opportunity to me. This is admittedly different, but a review of benefits for the Scouts might be beneficial. Cooking and selling food::: Show gratitude to and Cooperate with CO, check. Help with their finances (do they need help?) check. Work responsibility and experience serving the public (is it public?) check. MAYBE a free meal (negotiate that ?) maybe check. Learn new skills and responsibilities, I bet check. Might be fun. I remember staffing the soda and dog stand at our high school football and b-ball games as a Key Clubber. I didn't get any pay from that, but it financed the sports and Key Club activities. Why'd I do that? All these years later, I realize I was following my mom and dad's example of "doing for others" thru their work in the PTA, Lions Club, Hospital Bazaar, lots of places. My Scout Troop helped out regularly at the church suppers, busing tables, directing the parking lot. Come to think of it, they didn't let us cook.... did they know something we didn't? Your Scouts need opportunities to hike, camp, earn bling and recognition, and learn by the adult's example of service to others. What is it your CO is known for, anything specific? Is it a church, or service club or vet's organization or.... The CO has seen fit to support and sponsor a Scout Unit (or two or three?) . Are you fulfilling YOUR responsibility in making their investment in your Unit worth their while in your Scout activities? Perhaps every other month serve the sausages... Make the schedule.... Have the talk....
  9. SSScout

    Camporee idea?

    If it is a search and rescue scenario, perhaps the Patrols need to HIKE into the camp, no cars or trailers. The "emergency vehicles" are parked, oh a quarter mile away? 1 Kilometer? The wreckage can be strewn over a wide area that the Search Teams (Patrols) must hike into, set up camp, and reconnoiter their assigned area. . Report back to GHQ , make notes on the topo map they have been given... Rescue folks and carry them back to GHQ , set up signal towers (pioneering), signal stuff (wig wag morse code? Semiphore? ) to GHQ by a relay if it is too far away, wow the ideas inherent...
  10. SSScout

    How to secure Den Chief Cord

  11. SSScout

    Council vs. City

    Yep, city, state, troop. Got mine in that shoe box....
  12. SSScout

    New to site

    Welcome IanMarshall. Our Scouts who have gone to NTier had a bodacious time. Be sure to get in canoe practice in home waters, insure your waterproofs (storage bags ) are adequate (the outfitters may/maynot have enough). Foot wear is a consideration. sturdy OLD sneakers, or "jungle boots" that can shed water and protect feet are preverable. Talk to the outfitters about insect repellant and bug netting.... See you on the trail.
  13. Yep, over thinking. Any serious donations can/should be written to the Acme Group, and they (they !) are your charter org (speak to your DE) so what's yours is theirs and so they should give unto the Troop. If the donator is desirable of claiming the deduction, they should deal thru the CO, since the Troop is not the tax exempt entity, Most Troops just accept the donation, and hike along, since most folks aren't concerned so much about the legalities with tax deductions , " I was a Scout once, I don't really want any popcorn/wreath/carwash/sausage, here's a twenty." Good luck and good Scouting.
  14. SSScout

    How do I join back into the scouts?

    Absolutely possible. Join the Scout Troop of your choice. Ninth grade is a good time to be a Scout. You are certainly computer savvy, See BeAScout here: https://beascout.scouting.org/ See you on the trail.
  15. SSScout

    Camp Fire Girls

    My mom was a Campfire Girl. I have some neat old (old !) photos of those kids in long dresses and (?maybe, can't tell) bloomers... They are camping, smoke, tents, out in the trees.... I especially like the big bow ribbons in the hair they wore. And neckerchiefs. As a rep for my faith award committee, I went looking for local CF folks (the awards can be earned by CF too), but could not find any within 75 miles of home.... Online resources are rather slim, I thought.