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  1. "Any life scout who wants to do an Eagle project may do so. There is no reason deny him that privilege. I certainly would never say to a boy, "You can't do a project. You earned Life rank at age 17.51." No doubt that any Life Scout can do a project - is it still called an Eagle project if he has no way of earning Eagle? "Nobody besides the scout needs to pay attention. Nobody should. Even if nobody else is paying attention, he should read his Handbook." True nobody needs to pay attention but a scout is Friendly and I would have had him do the math when he became Star Scout or at least when he brought the project forward. He may have known when he started his project and hoped to squeeze through the cracks. Wonder if he got donations and help by telling people this was his Eagle project.
  2. Isn't there an approval process before you start? I would the troop or district would say something. At the end of the story her proves he a true scout by saying "I accept the National Council's decision. No regrets"
  3. I thought you needed to be life Scout to even start an Eagle Project - Who approved this project?
  4. TMSM

    Swimming Requirements for Rank

    So they don't do summer camp, earn Swimming Merit badge, Kayaking MB, Canoeing MB, or Sailing MB go to Sea Base or Northern Tier and I would assume the troop or the patrols don't do weekend trips on the water. I wonder what else they sign off on just to keep the peace.
  5. TMSM

    Swimming Requirements for Rank

    I am guessing there is more to this that was not said. Perhaps they passed the swim test for summer camp so the do not retest before signing off.
  6. Kettle Moraine - has a few different options.
  7. Meh, not much excitment for it here in the midwest at least not in our council. It would be nice to get at leaset one Girl Troop up and running to help lead the way.
  8. TMSM

    Would you say anything

    I would recommend that you speak up, talk to him and set expectations of him when it comes to dealing with your scout or all the scouts. Send an email if he is intimidating and copy the CC and SM. This is always the best first step - then you can put the onus on the SM or CC to deal with this problem.
  9. TMSM

    Is this the new normal?

    FYI - Illinois does have a handgun season for deer and when you hunt quail you do move quite a bit.
  10. https://www.scouting.org/programs/boy-scouts/youth/awards/noa/ I have a scout who is close to completeing this award. How would I find out how many are awarded each year. Does the BSA publish this info?
  11. I allow (as SM) the WC to cover having a knife for a new scout for the first few months. If they refuse to take one of our TC training classes then we have a discussion on why TC is important for a boy scout. That seems to motivate them.
  12. Thanks for all of your input - Our scouts decided to do the Superior Hiking Trail (SHT) vs Smokies or Yosemite. They wanted to go low budget to save for Philmont in 2020. It should be cooler there near the lake and we hope to get some great vistas in.
  13. Any idea what the humidity would be vs 15% at Philmont?
  14. Thanks - We do the Porkies with our 11 year olds, its a great place. Smokies might be a little hot for us in July. A message was sent to Maine HA thanks for the input.
  15. My scouts have no interest in Summit. In fact they call it the Epcot of boy scouting due to the groomed trails and planned activities.