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  1. TMSM

    School Shooting in California

    Another father-less shooter. I think that's 9 out of the last 10. They don't mention that until the end.
  2. TMSM

    Backpacking..... with Webelos

    I have taken Webelos to the Boudary Waters for a 5 day trip. 4 dads and their scouts and had a great time. Didn't call it a Webelos trip though more of 4 families getting together for adventure. Are you concerned about liability? Those boys are young but should be able to go a mile with dads help. Here is a similiar thread
  3. TMSM

    Thanksgiving at Camp...

    We cook turkeys on tripods over charcoal. Turkey is put in oven bags to cook in its own juices. Chicken wire baskets full of charcoal are placed strategicall around box made of aluminum sheets
  4. One thing to consider is diversity. Don't plant just one species or tree type. I remember this warning from my college days when U of I planted all Elms in the Quad and when they succomed to Dutch Elm disease they replanted with Ash trees thinking they were the hardiest of all trees.
  5. TMSM


    No way. SM works with scouts! This is backoffice for sure CC is wrong.
  6. TMSM

    Uniform During Fund Raising

    Yes it was the same application as Jamesons post. We have been doing the same fundraiser for 67 years and always get approval. We did get approval for this year but were told we could not wear uniforms.
  7. TMSM

    Uniform During Fund Raising

    When our unit fundraising chair provided the fundraising application to Council they put a big x through "Will your members be in uniform while carrying out this project?" and said nope, can't wear uniform to sell pancakes. We plan to just ignore but our Unit fundraiser is not comfortable with this. Are you saying that pancakes are not a commercial product and this is a scouting activity to raise funds?
  8. We have a new fund raising chair who insisted that we can no longer wear class As while selling our pancake breakfast tickets. Thats not going to happen but was wondering if anyone has ever gotten into trouble wearing uniforms during fund raising.
  9. Somehow we always have a really good campout planned the same weekend as MBU - imagine that. We have worked hard to cover all (except swimming) Eagle required MBs plue 20 or more other badges with adults in the troop. My biggest issue with MBUs is the lack of need for SM signature or council and the fact that so many first year scouts come back disapointed that they didnt finish their MB. If the had come to me first I would have at least guided them to the right ones and discussed the work needed to be done BEFORE the MBU.
  10. TMSM

    Have to find a new Pack... again. :(

    At some point you have to consider that its not worth the effort. Scouting is supposed to be fun but if dont have enough scouts its not worth it. If your community has no interest in having a big enough girls pack or enough girls to form dens then sometimes its better to find an alternative. Co-ed dens? Please just stop. No need to rehash this.
  11. Lets hope that changes soon. I would like to see National do some cuts at the higher level and make a flatter organization.
  12. TMSM

    Appropriate Insignia UNDER Right Pocket?

    Those are summer camp patches and segments (Tomahawk Camp I think). Nothing belongs below the pockets on the right side except for Recruiter. AOL allowed on the left.
  13. Sea Base is now 13 and rank does not matter. We saw a lot of very immature scouts at Sea Base Out island last year and it was very disappointing.
  14. There are hidden morals in some of the skits - Most of the good ones make you think, trick your mind at first then change to a different reality What about flag retirement that seems pretty seriousand not always done at the end of the program. I have heard civil war ghost stories
  15. My Scout loves BL and Scouting magazines. Also likes Backpacking magazine and reads most cover to cover. Not sure why, I rarely see him with a book and all of high school books are on his iPad. I do read them also although usually get them second hand.