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  1. TMSM

    My kids love scouts, but....

    Where I am from most of the fun is at the den meetings. Why not reduce the number of pack functions you attend.
  2. I am anti girls in scouts but I am encouraged by seeing a handbook based on gender. I also see less of just girls and more of a mix in most of the marketing stuff that come across my desk. I also think the boys are tired of seeing this too (first girl this and first girl that, girl patrol beat boys patrol etc). Lets move on and have fun scouting.
  3. TMSM

    How should I help my boy?

    No doubt the boy has been punished enough talk to the SM. We don't usually suspend kids for thier first "lord of the flies" offense and the period beteween ages 10 and 12 are pretty big for charactor building.
  4. TMSM

    Keeping Older Scouts

    My older scouts have very little interest in guns, not sure why. What they do like to do is to roll their own advetures so maybe encourage them to do a Patrol campout/ mini HA. We will do SeaBase this year and Philmont the next but it seems that they want more. I think they would love the mountaneering with the ranger school.
  5. TMSM

    Keeping Older Scouts

    No doubt we have and that is going well - they dont always know what other troops do and love to hear other cool ideas. Then if they want they can take on those items too.
  6. We had an age gap in our troop for many years but we have been slowly rolling to where we now have HS juniors and many more high school scouts. If the have been SPL and/or are Life scouts and have everything but the Eagle Project to do we allow them to move into an older patrol if they wish. Next fall i'll have 8 or 9 in this patrol and would like to keep them engaged and happy. The have asked if they can be the judges for patrol competitions, set up the games we play, we have them do one off projects like putting on new axe handles. They all wear and instructoer patches and have divided expertise owners amoung them. They have no interest in Jr Scoutmaster and most are active in OA. Its seems like this going well but always looking for new responsibilities I can give them. Can you share what your older scouts do and how you keep them happy and engaged?
  7. Swimming and First Aid - both can help you get far in advancement during your first year. Then do fun ones, Some camps only do 3 or 4 some allow up to six. Make sure your scout has free time to hang out, go to the trading post or whatever.
  8. TMSM

    OA Camping Qualifications

    "If you build a fire, the most important consideration is the potential for resource damage. Whenever possible, use an existing campfire ring in a well-placed campsite. Choose not to have a fire in areas where wood is scarce–at higher elevations, in heavily used areas with a limited wood supply, or in desert settings. True Leave No Trace fires are small. Use dead and downed wood that can be broken easily by hand. When possible, burn all wood to ash and remove all unburned trash and food from the fire ring. If a site has two or more fire rings, you may dismantle all but one and scatter the materials in the surrounding area. Be certain all wood and campfire debris is dead out." All scouting is local - those of us that live in colder climates that have very large quanities of downed wood available may make different LNT decisions then those that camp above the tree line or live in warmer climates.
  9. Agreed, most scouters would step up and difuse the situation, move the boys to another location, thank the vetran for his service and ask to be let alone. They reason I heard that the stayed was that they were waiting for a bus but they seem to there for over an hour.
  10. Lets make this relative then - I always tell my scouts (who are boys) that they need to always act like a scout when wearing the uniform because people are watching ( I know they should always act like a scout). Someone is always watching and everyone has a camera. These Catholic boys did a good job being respectful and wondering how many are scouts.
  11. Because it would make great news if something happens. I don't know these boy but I think they did a great job at handling the situation, they did some high school spirit chants to the drum beat, they didnt show anger and they arent looking for a lawsuit. There is nothing wrong with showing support for any president and the first amendment provides this freedom. I saw nothing but peace and patience from these boys and only saw provocavation from the indians.
  12. When I became SM I convinced the CC to throw out all troop rules and go by the book the way the BSA said to do things. Almost all disputes are solved by looking up the rules in GTA or GTSS. This allowed comittee members to give feedbook based on the rules and less on personal opinion. I also provide a "state of the troop" discussion on a quarterly basis to let the committee members know how well we are doing at the patrol method, what challenges some of the scouts are having and to update them on what I have learned (or taught) at RT. I always ask for feedback which can be painful sometimes because they have no idea what being SM is like.
  13. TMSM

    What's in a name?

    Is this true? I dont see any reference to this in BSA publications. Do you have a source?
  14. Did your SM allow your son to attend this workshop without a some warning about what he was gettin to? I would think that when he went to get a blue card the SM would help him prepare.
  15. From the merit Badge instructions guide - Smaller Groups Are Preferred. Class sizes should be set appropriately to ensure each Scout receives high-quality,personal instruction and benefits from the counselor’s unique knowledge. This suggests that most classes should be small—perhaps no larger than a patrol in size. For larger groups, qualified instructors assigned to smallergroups should assist the merit badge counselor in order to ensure Scouts receive individual attention. Instructors should be knowledgeable about the merit badge subject, but they do not necessarily need to be registered as merit badge counselors.