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  1. Do you have monthly committee meetings? Insist that you do. Help identify tasks needed to be completed (who, when) ask someone to be the scribe, review tasks at the end of the meeting, start the next meeting with task review. When CC is called out on missing items ask if makes sense for someone else to do it - assign and get a date etc.. I have a CC that can't/wont recruit new committee members or MBCs, uses the budget to buy things he thinks the troop needs and always seems to forget the things I say I need help with. The only way I have found to deal with this is to drive the committee meetings for him.
  2. I do have a few boys that hate camping and most are pressured by the parents to stick with it. They are delighted with scouts the last 3 months and liking all the changed to MB and the ability to do tours virtually. I would prefer that they drop out of scouts so that I can have full patrols at campouts and less disruptions because they don't want to be on the campout. I am all for spinning off STEM scouts, you can still achieve citizenship, character building and leadership if you modified the program. You could build a STEM skills program with different ranks and reinforce STEM princlples in weekly meetings. But keep it out of Boy Scouts and stop wtering down the program. Polling parents that have no clue how/why scouts works is the wrong way to data to improve the program unless you are just looking for $$$$
  3. Crew members that have different expectations because they come from different troops is exactly the reason we said no to 2 scouts wanting to join our trek. We are still locked down so no chance we can workout together but maybe your region is different. We have been doing gear/pack checks via Zoom and hoping that everyone is working hard at being ready so its great you can at least meet in person. Have you worked on bear bag hanging? Philmont cooking method? 56 miles over 12 days is 5 on average so you should not have too many issues.
  4. Maybe they should try patrol method cooking. They might actually learn how great this for summer camp.
  5. Family camping is not a option for our troop and agree too many adults make it harder to have the scouts lead. We do what now seems to old school - Patrol Mathod, 100yrds away, 1 SM and 2 ASMs and maybe 1 other adult with 25+ scouts. SPL checks in on the Patrols and provides updates to us. We keep an eye and ear open for any signes of danger. I can't recall anything our council has done for us. We would be just fine without them or national. If we could order our badges online we would never set foot into a scout shop. They only time we talk to our DE is to get them to fix whatever they screwed up in scoutbook.
  6. We have altered our start date for summer camp for later in July. Most of our parents are techies and have been working from home, kids have been out of school for a month. If youth campgrounds reopen in June we hope to do patrol campouts to keep the group small. None of scouts or parents have been exposed or know somene who was but those at risk or have parents, siblings or granparents at risk will be asked to not go. We are doing a shakeout trip in June in the national forest to get ready for Philmont. Small crews of < 10, no stopping for food or gas along the way. This will be mid week to avoid people and we will primitive camp in the forest.
  7. Advancement is like a suntan Something you get naturally whilst having fun in the outdoors. Let the scouts drive thier own advancement, help the SM and SPL provide scout skills training in a fun virtual way. Our Zoom meetings have been successful 5 total so far with 80% in attendance. I stole about 50 ideas from other troops, created a list and let the PLC pick the ones the wants, modify any ideas, create thier own etc. I see no reason why you couldn't create a similiar list and share with SM/SPL. Example: Physical fitness contest - each zoom meeting all scouts do as many pushups as possible. After 4 weeks those that increae the most wins a prize. Example: Show how to build a cardboard sit and reach box , everyone comes to the meeting with the materials needed and build the box live Example: if you live in the same town, provide a 1 mile course and have each scout run it and then 4 week later run again. If you make this fun Tenderfoot can just happen, if you make this like a job it will be ignored. Good luck and keep helping your scouts.
  8. We usually have 3 adults in our Zoom troop meetings but when we do a Patrol breakout, we let the PL handle that part of the meeting and just pop in and out to make sure they are not having any technical issues. This is very much the same as our regular Troop meetings in that when they break into patrols there are no adults sitting in that with a specific patrol. My two ASMs usually don't say a word and I only speak duirng SM minute. One of my ASMs is also the Eagle Coordinator so he may stay the older scout patrol when they breakout.
  9. Just a little frustrated. I spent 5 years getting the commitee to understand the value of the patrol method and to strictly follow the advancement rules. I ruffled a few feathers so I see this coming back at me sometime soon. I am in it for the Scouts but dread the drama that I might be in for.
  10. I am ok with other MBCs doing what they think is in the spirit of the requirement. If I am the MBC I won't consider it and scouts can look else where if they wish.
  11. We did a 10 tree ID challenge that new scouts thought was fun(each scout went out by himself and took pics), Scout Jeopardy in patroll meetings was fun, broke out older scouts (Star +) and the met with the Eagle coordinator and was productive. We broke into ranks and worked on specific FA requirements. We were going to do a litter cleanup project but too many parents lost thier minds over this so we cancelled. I am thinking we could maybe deliver a troop tent to the crossovers and have their Patrol leader help them virtually to set it up. This would be a race to see which patrol could set up first. A few scouts are creating a Mine Craft flag ceremony and one of the scouts is creating a google survey to see what MBs are interesting to troop members. I had the SPL invite the TLCs (all with PORs) and they really struggled to come up with anything, We are a hands on, outside, patrol method troop so they have no experience with making virtual fun. In fact Zoom meetings are making it seem like school. We don't all live in the same town so scavenger would not work. I did invite a former Eagle Scout to do an SM minute and he talked about why the crossovers should stick it out and wait for their first campout and how how his first year changed his perspective. I will not allow virtual tour to replace tours in any of my MBs I will not sign off on Virtual Troop Campouts I will not allow sign-offs by anyone but me for scouts cooking in a family patrol I will not sign off on the Triple Crown award for scouts virtually touring 3 HA sites Right now I am thinking it would be better to close down the troop until September
  12. Sorry - This is ridulous of National to say this. Its Patrol based camping and that means you are in the same place. What are they thinking? Its like taking a virtual tour of Philmont and saying you went to Philmont. https://media.boyslife.org/philmont/philmont.html
  13. I have taken the advice to just keep these changes to myself. We are working on knots, First aid and gear in a virtual world, we even did 10 plant identification challenge (outdoors with cameras) Its the disregarding of the Patrol method I just can't stand. Mom and Dad are not patrol members, camping in the backyard is not a scout campout and planning a hike vs doing the hike is the biggest joke in the world. I'll wait until a parent or the commitee demands we follow these new rules and then I'll offer up my resignation.
  14. It's got to be. Is it possible those above don't know how scouting works?
  15. I understand how this fits your needs for the vision of your troop. I am actually thinking of calling it quits as SM. In my opinion campouts are not reallly about sleeping a tent, a 5 mile hike is meant to teach compass skills in the field, evidence of plants or anmals is to get the boys out into the wild and to explore. These real experiences are what I thought taught citizenship, how to help others and how to explore the world. I see no reason to hurry these requirements as if they will miss out being a certain rank - I see more value in waiting 6 months and scouts learning the value of waiting. My scouts are not into getting ranked up but more into hands on skill learning. I really feel like I misinterpreted something along the way and maybe should just move on.
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