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  1. TMSM

    What is the protocol?

    I would suggest 2 things - - Ask to see the policy for discipline, what steps are taken, who is present etc.. - Ask that the other scout be punished also. Stealing is wrong and he needs to be punished also
  2. TMSM

    Condom Distribution at World Jamboree

    This is unfortunate timing. I am getting quite a bit of flack from parents in my troop. Its not just condoms but alcohol also being allowed (although limited).
  3. I think # 3 - is what we all should be careful of when we here a scout accuses an adult. If there is no evidence the scout has none and should own the burden of proof. Lets get the facts before rumors get out or fingers get pointed. When I text my SPL I always include the ASPL and an ASM. it does not have to be a parent. If you think you can get away with something sneaky and text about it - your an idiot. Same with email. Better off just being a good person.
  4. Both Ivan and Dave could prove with the help of the phone company how many texts have been sent to fred and if dave saved them it proves what he sent
  5. I became Scoutmaster to help boys turn into great men, I did so because I saw how unfair school was to boys and how girls seemed to be in leadership roles vs boys. I can't seem to see why Scouts BSA is an opportunity for boys.
  6. TMSM

    How will you talk about girls troops and packs?

    Very few girls are showing interest in Cub Scouts in our area so we don't think we will see a Girl troop for many years. We decided in our Comitte meeting that if our CO decides to try a linked Girls troop the entire comittee and SM will walk but I don't think we need to worry.
  7. TMSM

    How will you talk about girls troops and packs?

    I could not have said this better! I am sure my Scouts would not care if the girls had their own program but now they lose their Identity too. I have never seen so many people pissed off at a decision by a private organization, Based on a large sample of comments I am a little concrned about recruiting for next year and for fund raising also.
  8. Communism is being told what is good for you.
  9. I have discouraged this behavior. They have asked - is BSA our movement or the adults? Do we get a voice? WIll anyone listen to what the Boys want?
  10. I disagree - I'll support my scouts if this is what they want to do. They have been taught in school how to protest and they want to bring this issue to the public. We are a boy led troop so I am going to let them resist.
  11. How about - Scout Me Out - Not my Scout BSA Troop - Girls Aren't Boys - BSA forever!
  12. TMSM

    Patrol Method - Best Practices

    Thanks for the great comments - seems like we are on the right track.
  13. TMSM

    Patrol Method - Best Practices

    Living in the midwest we have a tough time getting campsites large enough to enforce the 300 foot rule for the 4 patrols that we have. The scouts do a good job keeping 50 away, cooking together, cleaning etc but seem to congregate as a troop when they have a camp fire. I see this as a good start and we always looking for a better way to keep the apart. The only option would be reserving 4 campsites but that would bust our budget. We don't the option of camping on a farm or on someone property sp thats not an option either. Any tips from those living in the flatlands of the Chicago area on how to separate the Patrols?
  14. TMSM

    How will you talk about girls troops and packs?

    None of our feeder Packs expect any girls this year but they are not against girls joining, In our troop the boys are against girls joining the troop and are wondering why they weren't asked - its their movement. Our parents feel as if this is being shoved down their throats. In my view I have enough to do as SM and I have been propping up the CC for 2 years now so I doubt he will go to the CO to ask if we can have a second troop. Our COR is not engaged in what we do and just signs what we put in front of him so doubtful he will start anything. I am agnostic to this whole idea, my focus is teaching young men how to be men. If someone else wants to teach young women about character, citizenship and physical fitness then they should go for it. If there was analternative boys only "club" for the outdoors I would lose 75% of my scouts.
  15. TMSM

    Would you say anything

    As an SM I appreciate when informed of this kind of parental interference. I would find it tough to call out the CB directly on this if more than a few hours so I would make a general staement for parents to keep hands in pockets (HIP) and don't interfere with any petrol, dont offer any solutions and dont fill leadership vacuums. The CM may have the idea that leaders (PLs) eat last and stay in the eating area until all duties are complete and also help those who are struggling to get done. Even so its not his role to enforce his philosophy on a Patrol or even offer this up.