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  1. We do it a bit different than others. I have list of 50 places and possible activities (backpacking Porcupine MTS, Backpacking SHT, Rafting Wolf River, Canoing Wisconsin river, Canoeing Fox river, Shooting Elgin etc..) I print out 1 page for each of the 50. Each page contains a description of activity, a link to some site and location. Each of the 40 scouts are required to either choose one of the 50 and add more detail, choose one of the 50 and modify activicty/location or bring their own idea. Each scout then does a 3- minute 2-3 slide presentation on where, what, when and why the troop should pick their trip. The PLC then decides which campout should happen in which months and we vote. This gives everyone a say in what we do. Where did I get 50 ideas? - I stole them from other troop websites and calendars. Some really great ideas out there and because they cam from other troops I assume they are scout appropriate and fun.
  2. TMSM

    ASMs assigned to Scout Patrols?

    The only reason I would have ASM assign to a patrol would be in an age based patrol and then only for the first months. In our troop the ASMs are given specific responsibilities - one is our adult QM who helps the QM purchase items (adults have credit cards). He also will help the QM set a goal for his 6 month term and to set goals per month. He then reviews those goals on a monthly basis. The other ASM helps with the logistics of the camping program when the committee has not provided what is needed and he also is my backup when I am not present. Both help keeping new parents from getting into patrol business or interfereing. IMHO being an ASM should be boring - The SM provides the vision for the program, the scouts provide the program based on that framework. The ASM assists the SM when needed. This opinon is based on a troop 18 - 50 scouts, more than that the SM will need more help.
  3. TMSM

    Changing Election Policy midterm

    All scouting is local and it difficult to know whats best in this situation. Allowing the PLC to make every decision can be a little difficult. If the PLC decides elections should be every 3 years, every month etc there mayy be more chaos than usual. In the OPs case I think its good he made changes based on others past experience and now should meet with the PLC to help them understand and to listen to any objections they have to the length of terms. My first week as SM the PLC voted to not wear uniforms (ever), changed the day we met and to only play dodgeball during our weekly meetings. At that point I decided scout-led sometimes needs the right guidance for better outcomes.
  4. TMSM

    Scout canoeing, how far in a day

    This would be a good discussion at your district round table (if you have one). I often will google the place I think would be good for the scouts to explore and add the word "troop" to the search. Most of the time other troops have done the same trip in the past (no need to recreate the wheel) I then hunt down someone from that troop for advice. Works about 50% of the time Looks like Parsons HA base may have some answers for you - https://www.seattlebsa.org/scouts-bsa-camping/42-scouts-bsa-camping-cat/67-pacific-northwest-high-adventure. Looks like Troop 27, 166, 15 and 493 might know a little more about this area. I googled "hood canal troop canoe"
  5. TMSM

    Changing Election Policy midterm

    I think if you made the term length change for the right reasons and had others agree then this is what you tell the scout and his parents. Just getting out of NYLT is a good reason to be a PL again before running as SPL. Also tell the scout your are looking forward to him running for SPL in 6 months.
  6. TMSM

    Scouter needs advise

    Sounds like you are on the right track - good luck. The pain will only last a year or so but it will be worth it.
  7. TMSM

    Scouter needs advise

    My 2 cents - SM should not be involved with determining requirements for any MB for a specific scout. However scouts should not be cooking for adults, adults are not patrol members although could be part of a crew. You own the program and you should be able to determine who is in which patrol when needed.Make yourself the leader of the adults patrol so you can deny this type of MB requirement bending - The new -to-be SM and you need to sit down and have a discussion on your vison vs his. Does he have one, is he willing to put in the work, what makes sense for the scouts you or him. One of you should be SM and the other can serve as CC for a short while to cover for the other. - Have a plan, communicate the vision SM + CC and move forward. BSA says patrol method so run it by the book, use the book in your defense for everything. Your answer to anyone who says the book is wrong should be the number of years scouts has been doing it this way.
  8. TMSM

    Can the Patrol Method Be Revived?

    I had some committe members (married couple) ask me (SM) to provide a list of each scout skill we would learn at each weekly meeting and cross reference this to a T-1 requirements matrix - for efficiency sake so their son could make 1st class first year, the dad signed up for 10 Eagle Merit badges and started to counsel his own son. But I digress, there is still value in doing the Patrol Method (especially cooking). Troops need to keep trying to make it work and give scouts the opportunity to learn in small groups by doing, failing and succeeding. Giving them checklists outside of the usual gear, patrol box, duty roster takes the fun out of scouting.
  9. TMSM

    Can the Patrol Method Be Revived?

    With that description the patrol is a relic of the past. The death of activities like pick up games has drastically reduced the number of young leaders that can lead a group to fullfill an idea about an activity. It still happens but most likely not as much as in the past. To me this is why scouts is so important and why it gives scouts and advantage over non-scouts. Providing the opportunity to lead a group to do some type of activity is better than not even realising that skill is valuable. Some troop do patrols really well and do have patrol campouts and patrol hikes frequently. We still do patrol hikes and yes we thumb our nose at the "rules" and allow them to hike alone but I doubt it iss the same type of hiking as before. We separate patrols by 50 yards or more when possible and they do cook and have fires on their own but I doubt the experience is like camping alone by patrol. We still have some patrols meet at someones house - no way of stopping this but I doubt they have the freedom to do whatever was done in the past.
  10. TMSM

    Not passing Board of Review

    10 year old post.
  11. TMSM

    Can the Patrol Method Be Revived?

    Interesting opinion. In my area the patrol method is alive and kicking. I do my best to make friends with other SMs and have sat in on quite a few of their troop meetings and can say each one does scouting different but they all used the patrol method. The troop meeting format is meant to be somewhat flexible and not dictate how you teach in your troop, We interpret the group breakout as a patrol breakout. We gather as a troop for 10 minutes, then partol does hands on teaching, then inter patrol competition using the skils you learned (this fits perfect in the format). I would love to see the JTE totally re-written to guide to more patrol activities.
  12. TMSM

    Which square knots to wear and why

    An updated SM award? What does it look like? I am currently at 10 knots and put them on sequentially starting with AOL. I am going to stick with 3 rows of 3 for now.
  13. I spent last week at Sea Base doing the outisland excursion. This is a week long trip and 5 of those days are on Munson Island (30 miles from Key West). Here are my notes and observations in case someone is looking for more info. - Be prepared they will test you on swimming ability - They didnt seem to be concerned with BMI based on some of the rather large men that were on the island. - The war canoe holds 9 people with the mate riding on the back of the canoe steering. - The canoe paddle is 6 miles and is much easier with 16 year olds vs 13year olds. It tooks us about 2 hours of paddling vs 4+ of some of the younger crews. - 13 is too young for this. Most of the 13ers that we saw were not ready for the physical aspect and for things like night snorkel - The food is carb heavy and the scouts are in charge of the daily menu. Get ready to have pancakes for breakfast, mac n cheese for lunch and spaghetti for dinner. If you are used to a little protein each meal pack some beef jerky, spam singles or even tuna foil packs. They do have some protein (tuna, chicken) and you will eat any fish you catch but you wont know when that happens. - The scouts had a great time and loved the fact that we did so many diferent things such as snorkel , deep see fishing, kayaking etc. - Be ready for almost daily repeat after me songs and do what I do songs. I am all in for participating but it seemed a bit much. - They do ask you not to bring a watch or phone so do as they say and have a good time relaxing. - There are 2 camping areas the back yard and the front yard. The back yard was not as damaged by the hurricane and is closer to the beach breeze - Sleeping in a hammock was great, I brought a bug net but also had a bag liner that had permethrin baked into it. - The scouts that did not use a bug net were eaten alive by no-seeums. They spent most there sleeping in tents
  14. TMSM

    Bullying incident - need advice

    I am sorry this happened to your son. I do find it odd for an SPL to bully his own ASPL. In our troop using the guidence of BSA the SPL chooses his ASPL with the help of SM. The SM is doing the right thing and make sure he shares his findings with the CC.
  15. TMSM

    Any tips for conducting an ILST?

    I switched from using the guide to using powerpoint and have had more success. Make it fun, have lots of breaks, use slides only as a framework to tell the story or the point you are trying to make. In the beginning I used 2 or 3 adults but have done this enough years to have the scouts do most of the training. The "who is your potato" and paper airplane making are the best of the games. Don't use every game every time, switch it up so it does not get stale. Additional games - Say what I say, do the oppisite of what I do, balloons with responsibilities written on them, . We go out for pizza afterwards (nice place) in our class As