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  1. This is what I do as SM. My son is now a Life Scout and I do plan on doing his Scout Master Conference for Eagle although with one of my ASMs.
  2. TMSM

    How to increase usage of Patrol Method

    No adult leader should ever instruct a Scout or a Scout Patrol if there is a competent boy leader available. Many adults don’t mind this too much because they really aren’t teachers at heart. The problem comes when they decide what the scouts need to learn or want to jump in at the end of the session and fill in what the boy leaders “forgot”. No way. The Scouts move on from instructional sessions to other activities without the adults “helping”. As Scoutmaster I am responsible for the quality of instruction, but I am more interested in Scouts doing the instructing than the instructing being perfect. So long as Scouts are getting instruction without limbs being cut off or someone being poisoned, I leave well enough alone.
  3. TMSM

    How to increase usage of Patrol Method

    As SM this is your program to run. Start by asking other adult leaders if it would make sense to run the troop by the book, the way BSA describes. Forget about the details, at a high level scouting has a framework and get them convinced that this framework works for any troop that uses it. Once convinced make changes based on BSA guidelines and best practices ant disagreements can be settled using what the book says. -Be prepared to lose some older scouts -Understand that you will make mistakes -Thick skin is recommended - Its your vision that the troop follows, get advice, stay the course. -Train the boys, let them lead
  4. TMSM

    back again

    OldScout448 - You are in the wrong troop. If this is the only troop available you need to step in and move them back to the patrol method.
  5. Did the BSA provide any information on how much it cost to make the changes to allow girls enter Boy Scouts? Just curious on the return of investment and if there is any correlation between $ spent and scouts the number of new scouts. My prediction is slow growth for girl troops maybe adding 1 to 3 girls per year although that will put some into the double digits. My hope is that in 3 years they can grow to have enough scouts for 2 Patrols and an SPL.
  6. There have been boys that have planned and made it through to First Class in record time so no doubt a girl who mayor may not be driven to be "First" can do this also. If the girl troops are smaller there are more opportunities to get requirements signed of like first class 2e - On one campout, serve as cook. Supervise your assistant(s) in using a stove or building a cooking fire. Prepare the breakfast, lunch, and dinner planned in First Class requirement 2a. Supervise the cleanup. If everyone in your Patrol is trying to 2e signed off and you have 8 in your patrol it may take 6 months to get this.
  7. TMSM

    ASMs at PLCs

    I don't think this rule is meant for PLC meetings, the SM is only needed so why do I need 2 leaders? There is always other adults within hearing distance so I'll break the rule that I need 2 leaders.In fact I usually excuse myself from the meeting after the first 10 minutes and come back at the end to get the details. The scouts run the troop - so let them. Sorry I am a bit of a rebel you should follow the rules.
  8. TMSM

    troop meeting structure/rules

    Yes, you can over rule but you could also share what you have learned here and from other scouters and use it to revisit their decision.
  9. TMSM

    ASMs at PLCs

    In my opinion the more adults you add to a PLC meeting the more likely they will add to the conversation, As SM I rarely speak unless the PLC is hung up on an issue or needs guidance. I always answer thier questions with a question to get them to make up their own minds. I am not sure how adding an ASM would help the PLC. The quickest way to adult led troop is to have 8 or 9 ASMs for a 40 person troop and allow all to guide the scouts at the PLC. Reasons to allow an ASM in a PLC: 1. It will help the ASM know how a PLC meeting is run by the SPL. 2. The SM may be away on business for a few weeks and the ASM should understand fully the PLCs ideas and plans. 3. You actually are following the new rules that mandate 2 adults (I don't)
  10. TMSM

    Merit Badge Workshops and Universities

    I have worked hard to recruit in house MBs for all Eagle required badges (except swimming) so we try to keep them from taking those at MBUs. My biggest issue is that scouts will sign up and take the class then come back to me with a "blue card" to sign. No guidance, no choice of MB counselor all legit according to the rules.
  11. TMSM

    Trailer Recommendation

    A trailer is a pretty simple design so I am not sure if the brand will make much difference. Here are some things to consider: Doors - how many and how do they open. We like a side and 2 back doors that swing open - not the ramp kind of door. Its easy to get what you want, easy to load etc. A ramp may be hard for scouts to open and may need clearance in back to open. Axels - the more you have the bigger the trailer which means bigger vehicles to pull. Hieght - we currently have 2 trailers The one that is 7 foot tall is easy to organize and load but not great to tow. The other trailer is lower 5' and requires crawling if you need to organize but it tows like there is nothing behind you. Tires - make sure to get good tires rated to go the speed you plan to go. Tounge/hitch - I prefer a wheel on the front end vs a foot. This allows you to maneuver the trailer easier when it is not hooked up. Wrap vs paint - wraps will fade much faster than paint. Shelves/storage - lots of good ideas online, try Pintrest
  12. Why not organize the supply area by patrol? ID all equipment by patrol so everything has an owner and a place? If you have a Scout QM use 1 from each troop to focus on G or B patrols. Shared gear like HA tents, pioneering supplies can be split amounst the QMS.
  13. Its better to use symbols or in our troops case colors to represent Patrols so that they can change the name of the patrol if they wish and the gear IDs will still work..
  14. TMSM

    Skit in Underwear - JCPenny

    Council can ban skits? I think half of our skits could be banned if you applied this kind of logic. German biker gang, scout masters brain, Hanz the german, ugliest human. I could go on and on. For sure now we are keeping the JCPenny skit.
  15. TMSM

    Skit in Underwear - JCPenny

    I am good with letting the scouts (boys) do this, I think appropriate attire is a stretch. The boys think its funny, it hurts no one and the scout is in his underwear for less than 3 seconds. Scouts is not coed in my area and we dont plan on this anytime soon.