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  1. Alcohol Stoves

    After watching multiple scouts learning to use white gas stoves vs. remote canister stoves, we decided that the remote canister stoves are the safer option. I got lightweight titanium stoves. I would be rather nervous having some of our younger scouts operating alcohol stoves. From what I've read, Philmont doesn't want alcohol stoves and if conditions are dry, they would be banned. They sell both white gas and canister stoves and have the canisters at the trading posts. I'm very much in favor of saving weight, but the safety factor made us go with the canisters. There are quality, lightweight options. The biggest downside to me is not knowing EXACTLY how much fuel you have left.
  2. Northern Tier - Suggested Number of Days

    Well, our troop finally made a choice and we're doing Philmont in 2019. So that likely means Northern Tier in 2020. If we'd chosen NT for 2019, I think we would have gone with 9 days, which would mean 7 on the water. Since we're doing Philmont, no skipping leg day.
  3. Northern Tier - Suggested Number of Days

    Very good advice, revdmv. I think 7 days would be about right for our crew. Our committee chair and I lean toward us doing Philmont in 2019 (we have a trek from the lottery). The Scoutmaster leans toward Northern Tier. The scouts, having no experience, aren't really sure. We're also looking at the ages of the kids in our troop and factoring that in. I'm trying to give the PLC as much info as possible to help the decision making process.
  4. Northern Tier - Suggested Number of Days

    I appreciate the info. Our troop wants go the official Northern Tier route.
  5. Now that we got our Philmont date for 2019, the troop is questioning if we'd be better off doing Northern Tier instead. Sigh... Anyway, the Northern Tier lottery is open, and I didn't realize that you pick not just your start date, but end date. I've read you need to consider how many miles you want to do per day. Could you folks who have done this tell me how many days your troop chose, what was the reasoning you used and would you have changed anything about that plan now that you've done the trek? Any strategy on dates as far as ensuring your troop gets in? We have a PLC meeting this weekend, and I'd like to pass this experience on to them to help them finalize plans for high adventure 2019. We're doing Sea Base this year. I'm preparing myself by going on the Monster of Rock cruise next month. I couldn't get a stipend from the troop for some reason.
  6. Thanks for the info. That will be something for the troop to consider. I will say that YPT rules apply for all troop activities, though.
  7. All great information!!
  8. The reason I ask is, we don't have anyone in the troop with NT experience. I wanted to get opinions from people who know both so that I can present that to the scouts who will be age-eligible. Because our troop has lost many older scouts, the ones who could go are younger. I want to present them with the wisdom of people with experience so that they can make an informed decision so they'll enjoy it as much as possible. I appreciate all the advice!!
  9. I think our scouts want to be able to say they've done the 3 biggies, but I'm aware there are other options. I just want the scouts to be fully aware of what each entails. The likely incoming Webelo group that would be high adventure eligible in 2020 is said to enjoy hiking, so that could be a factor, too. We lost some older scouts over something rather stupid that one scout did, or is alleged to have done. We're only at about 25-30 scouts right now and not many in the upper age range. I'm trying to help out with the research so they can make a wise decision. We want to do both of these trips in 2019 and 2020. The best strategy for ordering them is where we are now. We're in the 2019 Philmont lottery. I put in a dozen dates for 1 crew, 12 day treks starting in mid-July. We will enter the NT lottery next year when it opens. Looking at how many 12 day treks are open right now for 2018, I'd think we'd get one of our chosen dates. I've heard the NT lottery isn't as difficult to get, but I could be wrong. As for Sea Base, I've already purchased long sleeve rash guards and UV protection gaters for me and my son. Sunburn is very much not joyful. For myself, I'm more concerned about seasickness. We're doing the Sea Exploring adventure on the 40 foot sailboat. I might ask my doc for a prescription for something in addition to Bonine. I'm doing the Monsters of Rock cruise in February (I've done other cruises) so maybe I'll try something for that first.
  10. Our troop is doing Sea Base next year. 2019 will be either Philmont or Northern Tier. Our troop is fairly young. Before presenting these options to the scouts for them to choose, I'm curious which high adventure camp is more difficult, Northern Tier or Philmont? I know that with Philmont there are a range of trek lengths and once you choose one, that's your trek. I've heard Northern Tier is more flexible. Whichever one we don't do in 2019 we'll do in 2020. Thanks!!
  11. Anyone Do the Philmont PSR-PASS Adult Orientation

    We didn't hang bear bags, we hung dinosaur bags.
  12. Anyone Do the Philmont PSR-PASS Adult Orientation

    My motto is, you're only young once, but you can always be immature.
  13. Anyone Do the Philmont PSR-PASS Adult Orientation

    We're not withing driving distance (VA) but are willing to pay for a flight there out of our own pockets and the troop is willing to pay the course fee. Thank you @SmithsRow for the detailed reply. I think we'll try to do that!
  14. Anyone Do the Philmont PSR-PASS Adult Orientation

    Did you do this at Philmont or at a location near you? They have an orientation thing at an office in my area. One of the other assistant scoutmasters and I saw this as a chance to get familiar with Philmont and being a mini vacation away with a chance to camp without the scouts. With airfare less than $200 to Denver, share a rental car it wouldn't be too expensive, too.
  15. Can anyone tell me about the long weekend orientation for adult leaders at Philmont? I'm looking for an overall impression and did they require you to use their gear? Thanks!