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  1. 69RoadRunner

    Irate potential cubmaster

    Even better.
  2. 69RoadRunner

    Irate potential cubmaster

    As others have said, he isn't the CM. Perhaps I missed it, but do you have someone you want to be CM, is qualified and willing to do the job? I would send him an email explaining to him the several reasons why he is NOT CM. Then have your meetings without inviting him. If this is not going to work, then it might be time to move on as you said. It takes courage to stand and fight, but you might need to decide this battle is not one for you and your son. You can't fight it alone. If you don't have support in the pack, then move on. I wish you well.
  3. 69RoadRunner

    Scouts With Diabetes at Philmont

    I must have read that a while back, and now it's sounding familiar. I'm a little concerned about "most" staffed camps. This will affect our itinerary selection. Our scout uses an insulin pump that also monitors his levels. It connects via Bluetooth to his phone and his dad's phone so they always know his status. Because his dad needs to be able to get to him in the middle of the night at times if his levels are off, the scout tents by himself. He obviously could tent with his dad, too. This avoids bothering another scout and YPT issues.
  4. We have 1 scout with diabetes. His dad is an ASM and will be coming with us. His dad read through Philmont's literature and it's clear diabetes does not prevent a scout from participating (with certain criteria that our scout meets). He's going to contact Philmont, but I just wanted to ask if others have experience. The biggest question is getting ice to keep the insulin cold. I'm assuming they provide it at staffed camps, so as long as we don't have a long gap between staffed camps, we'd be OK. The little cooler he has is like a Thermos and can go 2-3 days while keeping the insulin cold enough. Thanks!
  5. 69RoadRunner

    AT Flip-flop, Old Scout completes AT

    Very cool! The flip-flop also means not hitting Katahdin in the snow.
  6. 69RoadRunner

    Philmont Trek Questions

    The chuckwagon pancake breakfast sounds better. I've been told by a couple of scouters that the burros were horrible to deal with on their treks. I told our crew no burros. I'm not going to deal with them. That was the only restriction I gave them. All of that helps very much! Thank you!
  7. 69RoadRunner

    Philmont Trek Questions

    I surveyed our crew by having them look at the list of activities and mark the ones that interest them. Compiling the favorites will help them sit down choose their treks. I think this bunch needs to be in the lower mileage treks, unfortunately, based on our hikes. The activities most popular with our crew are Blacksmithing, Tomahawk Throwing, Shotgun, Cowboy Action Shooting, Horse Rides, Chuckwagon and Archery. There are others that multiple people chose. Any thoughts on these based on your experiences? Did your crews like them or were they disappointed? Any activities that were more fun than the crew expected? I had one person tell me that there are camps with cabins, but I only see cabin tours. I was not expecting there to be any nights in a cabin. Is that correct? For these low mileage treks, is there too much down time? So far, it's looking like some of the treks most compatible with the scout survey have no dry camps. That would be nice. One has a Baldy Mountain hike.
  8. 69RoadRunner

    Philmont 2019 Treks / Itineraries

    I admit I haven't tried it, but I've read that they aren't as stable, particularly with scouts operating them. I believe the Philmont Guide suggests not to use them. I don't think it forbids them. EDIT: Here is what the Philmont Guide says: If using isobutane/propane fuel stoves, be sure that they are designed to hold an 8 quart pot. The safest stoves on the market that accomplish this requirement have a fuel line that separates the canister from the stove. This reduces the reflected heat from impacting the canister and permits the user the ability to adjust the temperature safely. Smaller one or two person stoves have become available and popular, however they do not meet the requirements for crew cooking (Patrol Method) at Philmont Scout Ranch. A small stove might be a good addition for quick heating of water for coffee, tea or cocoa while on the trail. Biofuel stoves are generally small, although, due to the desert southwest climate and frequent fire restrictions, these are not permitted for use at Philmont.
  9. 69RoadRunner

    Philmont 2019 Treks / Itineraries

    You'll have to purchase stoves and ship them ahead of time. We got these: https://smile.amazon.com/gp/product/B007S3MHI0/ref=oh_aui_search_detailpage?ie=UTF8&psc=1 And you're correct, you don't want a stove that sits on top of the canister.
  10. 69RoadRunner

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    Our troop carries a balance from year to year for continuous operations. My daughter's troop basically starts from scratch each year. GSUSA troops seem to just be for 1-2 age groups that fade away when the girls get older. So they are always creating new troops.
  11. 69RoadRunner

    Per WSJ -BSA may declare bankruptcy

    My daughter's Girl Scout troop and our Boy Scout troop meet at the local elementary school. Our CO is the local homeowner's association. The GSUSA has service units that seem to take on the role of the CO. This is one part of GSUSA that I like better than BSA. I don't like how GSUSA troops basically start financially from scratch each year. It's very limiting.
  12. 69RoadRunner

    Philmont 2019 Treks / Itineraries

    Yeah, I need to get our crew to make some choices.
  13. 69RoadRunner

    And so it begins

    This is an opinion piece from authors with an agenda. Their agenda is not to advance the interests of BSA, but to advance atheism. Consider that when deciding if BSA should change to meet the terms of their agenda.
  14. 69RoadRunner

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    I'm not saying it's a terrible experience. Kids are in great co-ed activities all the time. I think there's benefit to having some single-sex activities. Making Cub Scouts co-ed takes one away.
  15. 69RoadRunner

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Girls from Venturing crews have been counselors at every summer camp we've attended since I joined. That hasn't been an issue. The Cub Scout model is terrible now. Cub Scouts was one of the few non-sports activities for just boys. There are many more for girls. Now that's gone.