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  1. 69RoadRunner

    Northern Tier Training in DC Area

    I do 20 minutes on the rowing machine, but also mix in a mile swim and will go back to the stair stepper, too. I do weights and functional exercises. I typically get there 3 times per week.
  2. 69RoadRunner

    Northern Tier Training in DC Area

    I've also switched my gym cardio from the stair stepper (Philmont last summer) to the rowing machine. I've been taking my son to do that, too, along with the personal fitness merit badge stuff. The rowing machine isn't a perfect match for the canoe stroke, but it helps. We also do shoulder press, chest press and leg exercises on top of the merit badge requirements.
  3. 69RoadRunner

    Northern Tier Training in DC Area

    We've gone to Camp Ottari every year I've been with the troop and are doing Powhattan next summer, so we're familiar with the BRMC. It's about a 5 hour drive for us. I was hoping to find something a bit closer, but I've been looking at Claytor Lake. We had scouts go there for summer camp with BRMC several years ago. I had to work hard to keep a straight face when we had scouts get the motorboating merit badge.
  4. We're in Northern, VA and I was wondering if anyone had good experiences with canoe outfitters in the region we could use for Northern Tier training. I've found some for on the rivers in the area. There are also some where you can just paddle around like Burke Lake, which isn't much of a lake. Thanks!
  5. 69RoadRunner

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    There are lots of challenges for BSA. Financial challenges during a time of decreased membership is a big one. Society changes and what people enjoyed decades ago sometimes goes out of favor. Look at bowling alleys as one example in this country. It was very popular when I was a kid and it could be tough to get a lane to practice sometimes. Now many of them have closed. Scouting has always competed against other activities. Will it offer something that draws in enough youth? We also have the stain of the child abuse scandals. That doesn't help. I'm doing what I can to help keep it going. I'm not sure if national leadership will succeed.
  6. 69RoadRunner

    Frugal Backcountry Cleanliness

    Skurka is an expert on backpacking and his site has lots of good info.
  7. 69RoadRunner

    Frugal Backcountry Cleanliness

  8. 69RoadRunner

    Iron Chef Food

    2 boxes of Stove Top 1 can of chunk chicken Package of Craisins (dehydrated cranberries). Boil the amount of water required for the 2 boxes (no butter at Philmont, but you can use some oil). Take pot off the stove, pour everything in and stir. You can vary the amount of chicken and Craisins.
  9. 69RoadRunner

    Iron Chef Pumpkin Bread

    Our CM made this and it was gone very quickly. She makes great pumpkin bread.
  10. 69RoadRunner

    Iron Chef Food

    Looks like I can't upload the pumpkin bread due to the 10mb limit.
  11. 69RoadRunner

    Iron Chef Food

    At our Iron Chef competition, the adults do lunch. This is also an activity that Webelos visit. The scout patrols compete for Breakfast, Dinner and Dessert. We enjoy cooking and eating well plus we try to set an example of things the scouts can do when they plan. Our secret ingredient was cranberries. I made 3 things, chili, fresh cranberry applesauce and since the favorite Philmont meal is stuffing with chicken and cranberries, I made it to demo for the scouts who didn't do Philmont. The other adults made red beans and rice, flank steak, beef and noodles and pumpkin bread all with cranberries. Since we had Webelos visiting, we made a non-cranberry mac and cheese. Much of it was made in dutch ovens. The flank steak was made over the fire on our cowboy cooking setup. The winning scout recipes were a breakfast casserole, bacon wrapped pork chops and stuffing and a brownie dessert. I didn't get good pics of their meals as I was preparing my lunch while they did breakfast and it was dark when dinner was done. More pics.
  12. 69RoadRunner

    Take a Tent to Northern Tier and Misc Questions

    I'm seeing the reasoning on the Kindle. Points taken. As for the gloves, I haven't picked anything specific, but after the kayaking experience, I think I'll be getting something. We're doing Ely Base at BSA NT. The packing list includes this for the dry bags: "25-30 Liter dry bag for clothing and other gear – this will be packed in our gear packs". So they provide the big gear bags. At Philmont, I required our crew to put clothes and sleeping bags in dry stuff sacks. I then got them all trash compactor bags to line their backpacks and roll down for double protection. I would take a similar approach to NT. Keep those individual dry bags for clothes and sleeping bags and put that inside the large 25-30 liter dry bag. None of us have been to NT. I'm taking the list they provide and trying to fine tune it based on the experience of others.
  13. 69RoadRunner

    Take a Tent to Northern Tier and Misc Questions

    OK, I'm not duplicating tents. It's either/or. I don't know what NT uses, but mine is likely much lighter. Even if you add the chair and Kindle, I'll bet I would be lighter than the NT tent alone. We need something to eat with, so how would the bowls be overpriced techno-trash when they're dirt cheap and we already have them? Same for the gloves? NT specifically suggests a Crazy Creek chair. What I'm asking about is lighter. NT also suggests a book and my question is about something much lighter and as I said, it would require no charging as the battery lasts 6 weeks.
  14. We're going to NT next year. The scouts can use the NT tents. I was thinking of taking my Locus Gear Hapi Grande and inner to save some weight and bulk. The Grande version (not on their web site, but you can special request) is relatively spacious for a 2 person, lightweight tent. We have 2 crews going and will likely have 2 adults in one crew and 2 or 3 in the other. Any suggestions on dry bags for each crew member? Is the Helinox Chair Zero I took to Philmont a good idea? They say to bring a book. I think a Kindle Paperwhite might be a good option. It's light, waterproof and the battery will last the entire trip. How about paddling gloves? I went kayaking in Norway last summer and got a blister on one hand. No gloves. We used Fozzilz Bowls at Philmont as crew gear. Would these work well at NT?
  15. 69RoadRunner

    15 Essentials for a Forest Hike

    Filter can be a patrol item. Hand sanitizer would be a good idea.