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  1. I have an Eagle scoutmaster conference and wondering if you do anything different? I'm thinking of asking more about his future plans and what he's gained in scouting. I always keep Scoutmaster conferences positive, low stress. It's a good conversation.
  2. Ah, gotcha. Last time we went we did the big sailboat, something I won't do again. Seasickness is the primary reason.
  3. We're not doing the sailing adventure. We're doing the out island adventure, so we'll be on the island all week. I found a document that showed they have percolators and coffee. I've often said that the most important safety item in scouting is a properly caffeinated scoutmaster.
  4. Can we take mugs and instant coffee for the out island adventure? Mugs aren't on the packing list
  5. We use charcoal chimneys. If we have a fire going, we put hot coals under the chimney. You can also tear the top of the charcoal bag off and light that under the chimney. We've also found that for dutch oven cooking, the Matchlight type charcoal with lighter fluid in it doesn't burn as hot/long as charcoal without it, so more is needed. Don't be Eddie Murphy's Uncle Gus with the lighter fluid.
  6. I have no experience with these companies, but I'd rather rent a Zoleo or Garmin Inreach Mini than a big satellite phone. https://www.skycallsatellite.com/zoleo-satellite-communicator/ https://www.outdoorsgeek.com/product/inreach-mini-rental/ They're more appropriate for backpacking and you can set them to send your location every X hours by text to someone. https://andrewskurka.com/review-zoleo-satellite-communicator-seamless-messaging/ https://andrewskurka.com/preview-garmin-inreach-mini/
  7. If everyone was wearing masks, then the protection was the Covid positive people not transmitting to the others. The people wearing the masks did not receive protection from their masks but from the others wearing masks. Only N95 masks protect the wearer.
  8. I disagree about vaccine mandates not sitting well with Americans. For most of my life, people were very supportive and there was very little resistance. That changed with the discredited anti-vaxxer movement that claimed vaccines caused Autism. This is completely debunked, but there is still a movement that believes this and any other crazy thing they hear about vaccines. The vaccines work amazingly well. Get vaccinated and go back to normal life. For most of the pandemic, Covid was much deadlier than the Flu for adults. For children 12 and under, it was a little less deadly than th
  9. Girl Scouts do not have COs. It's a choice to be organized this way, not a requirement. I don't think most COs understand the risk and liability they take on when agreeing to be a CO. That liability should be 100% with BSA with the exception of actions done by the CO, of course.
  10. I've never liked having Charter Orgs and if BSA hangs them out to dry, many COs not even affected will decide they don't want the liability risk.
  11. Not too many boomers with teen kids. It's mostly us Gen Xers.
  12. It's a long thread, maybe I missed this, but if BSA is upside down on Summit, then it's a liability, not an asset, right? The property can't be sold and proceeds given to plaintiffs if the loan exceeds the sale price. That would be making BSA's creditor lose.
  13. @qwazse we only shut down last year when required. Then we started meeting at 2 different houses outside because the school was closed to us. We camped until Virginia reduced group sizes to 10. Then we continued meetings, but as individual patrols and shorter meetings outside. Once VA opened to groups of 100, we started activities again. First was our mulch fundraiser and now a campout. We had an outdoor Court of Honor without the potluck dinner we do in normal times. Everything is outside where Covid transmission is rare. We're doing our best to keep the program going with
  14. @Eagledad for 3 consecutive years, we had a camping activity scheduled in early June and they had to be canceled every time due to people not signing up. August is the month that high school sports and band have summer stuff going on. Our school year used to start after Labor Day and ran until late June. Now it's just before Labor Day to mid June. We lose our meeting place when school closes. We try to make HA in late June now. Summer Camp is July. Even during the non-summer months I have difficulty getting commitment to multiple weekend activities in the same month. There's us
  15. The good news is, Covid transmission is rare outside and we'll be outside the whole time. We did Northern Tier last summer as well as summer camp at Summit (I only did NT). We have more than half the adult population fully vaccinated. Cases are dropping as are hospitalizations and deaths in this country. There's no such thing as zero risk. We can't live in perpetual lockdown. Just as there are too many people who thought the virus was fake, there are too many people who want us to continue hiding in fear.
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