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  1. Thanks! I'll likely be the only one in our crews using a hammock, although it's possible someone will bring one for lounging. At Northern Tier, it was my first real camping with a hammock. I was going to use last Spring to use it, but of course everything shut down. So, for NT, I took an inflatable sleeping pad in case I had to join the other adult in his tent. Fortunately, it all worked out. So, I'll go prepared with a sleeping pad in case hammocking won't work.
  2. We're doing Sea Base this year. In 2017, we did one of the large sailboats. This year we're doing the Out Island Adventure. In 2017, it rained every single night. Sleeping on deck wasn't possible and sleeping down below was hot and stinky. I plan on taking my hammock and tarp to Munson. It's a Warbonnet Eldorado with a bug net. I also have a Warbonnet Thunderfly tarp. I used this setup (with underquilt) at Northern Tier last summer Obviously the underquilt and top quilt aren't needed at Sea Base. The tarp is. If anyone has taken a hammock to Munson, what stakes did you use for t
  3. Cool stuff, but it's not really several weeks to go 80 miles at Philmont. Yikes on the 50 pound pack. Good for him! That's quite a year.
  4. I wasn't saying otherwise. I just would like the politicians to see the mess that is their responsibility. And it's bipartisan.
  5. 95,000 claims? If BSA's insurance challenged all of them, neither side could afford the process, I assume. If there's a settlement, I assume it would be distributed to all the claimants without much examination of the validity of each claim. If that's the case, no pun intended, how can anyone not think we need to massively change our tort system.
  6. It wasn't because it seemed political. They yielded to the progressive rage mobs. They have other posts still up supporting the women who served on the SC before ACB. If they didn't want to appear political, they'd delete those, too. Apparently they only support women with the "proper" views today.
  7. I'm thinking a scout can cook a meal but not have other scouts eat it. We were talking about this for some requirements tonight.
  8. What are some activity ideas your troops like to do while camping and make sense during Covid? We'll be car camping soon at a place where we can drop some stuff off, but have to park a mile away. We won't be bringing our trailer, so we need to keep things relatively compact. Manhunt and capture the flag are 2 they like. We'll do some hiking, but I want to give some new ideas to the PLC for them to consider. Thanks!
  9. This is an extremely rare encounter. Cougars avoid humans. You could frequently hike that area and not see one in 10 years. The presence of the kittens is the only reason he saw the cougar. People safely hike alone in bear/cougar territory all the time. Look at the people who thru-hike the AT, PCT and CDT. Most go solo. Might want to wait for the hands to stop shaking before wiping or you'll just create a bigger mess.😲
  10. Don't approach the murder kitten like this guy did. Note that her kittens were nearby which puts her in defensive mode. Get big, get loud, don't run away. You can't out run it and running away puts the cougar in predator mode. DO NOT BEND DOWN! Note when this guy bends down the cougar charges. It makes you look small. Find a branch or something you can grab and throw without bending down. He eventually threw rocks and the cougar ran off. If you have trekking poles, water bottles, etc. throw them. Put the damn phone away so you have both hands free.
  11. We did the big sailboat with Sea Base a few years ago with 20 people. I was seasick for 2 days. Several others were, too. to varying degrees and the sea wasn't that choppy. If you have motion sickness issues, don't go. Next summer we're doing the out island adventure with Sea Base in large part because of that. Our captain was a bit of an obnoxious drill sergeant type. The snorkeling was a lot of fun. The day in Key West was nice. It rained every night, so we couldn't sleep on deck. 20 people crammed down below was hot and stinky. One night the captain ran the generator an
  12. I'm so old, I can remember when this was about adult family members being one to one with child family members.
  13. I agree. Ambiguous rules or not, BSA cannot tell immediate family members that they can't be one to one.
  14. I hope the article was educational and people will at least consider their options in the wilderness. The points Skurka makes are valid in my limited experience. Options vary based on location and most people are bad at hanging bear bags. We rented a cabin in Lost River State Park (family, not scouting). They had trash cans for the cabin that were supposed to be bearproof. They were heavy duty plastic and the lid screwed on. One evening, we heard a noise. We looked out the back door and watched a black bear unscrew the lid to get himself a meal (and make a mess for us). They now
  15. True, but he explains the circumstances are specific for when he sleeps with his food.
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