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  1. 69RoadRunner

    OTC First Aid Permission

    Yeah, I think I'm going to make a form listing the meds in the First Aid kit and they can check the ones they approve and sign it. Aspirin I think is more of an issue for younger kids, but I won't have it in the kit. The BSA medication guideline PDF says that parents can approve scouts self-medicating, too. Since we're going to Sea Base, I told parents to discuss motion sickness medication with the scout's pediatrician. I'd rather the pediatrician be the one to give the advice. We're not doing SCUBA diving, so they're not limited Bonine. I haven't figured out why vinegar is required in the Sea Base specific First Aid kit.
  2. In our First Aid kit we have Imodium, Benadryl (oral and topical), Bonine, Ibuprofen, Aloe gel and Neosporin. Should we make parents put these items on the medical form and say dosage as directed on the packaging? Bonine is for Sea Base.
  3. 69RoadRunner

    Sea Base adventure trip report

    We'll make sure to have a watch up all night to make sure nobody sleepwalks into the sea due to an unfamiliar sleeping pad.
  4. 69RoadRunner

    Sea Base adventure trip report

    As for the sleeping bags, we have to fly there. Some of these scouts have very large, car camping sleeping bags. I REALLY don't want everyone checking a bag when they can take everything in a carry-on. We fly on the day our trek starts. Lost luggage would be a nightmare. So, I don't want them taking gear that has to be checked. Those cheap fleece sleep sacks seem to be the answer. Thanks!
  5. 69RoadRunner

    Sea Base adventure trip report

    When you're on the boat, are you required to be barefoot? I believe I read that captains don't allow sandals or water shoes. Those are just for on-shore at base and our day in Key West. I'm recommending the Wal Mart fleece sleep sacks and not allowing sleeping bags since it will be too hot for those. Is this a good idea?
  6. 69RoadRunner

    Looking for some insight

    I'm not a lawyer, nor do I play one on TV (or the internet), but I'm assuming the court order only applies to the 2 parents. I can't imagine it's enforceable on the camp. It can be used to say the mother is not authorized to pick up the child. It's a little more questionable if the mother can be there during camp. This might have to be resolved by going back to court if the mother is in violation of the court order.
  7. 69RoadRunner

    OA and the aboriginal cultures

    This is a mistake. Never yield to political rage mobs. They are never satisfied until you are destroyed.
  8. 69RoadRunner

    Sea Scouts

    This is like Otter's speech in Animal House defending the Deltas.
  9. 69RoadRunner

    Sea Base adventure trip report

    Will do. We just got back from summer camp.
  10. 69RoadRunner

    Summer camp hacks/gear suggestions

    That password is, "Two of them haven't showered all week!"
  11. 69RoadRunner

    Summer camp hacks/gear suggestions

    Earplugs. Baby wipes. Apparently a margarita machine is frowned upon.
  12. 69RoadRunner

    Is this the new normal?

    That's not the norm at the camp we've been attending for years. We go next week. Whoever thought that a group that I'm guessing was 99% boys would dance clearly knows nothing about boys. Remembering that you're dealing with volunteers or poorly paid staff, give your feedback to the people in charge at the camp. Be constructive. I'd pick a different camp next year.
  13. 69RoadRunner

    potentially the stupidest GTSS rule?

    Wagons are a gateway drug to go-karts.
  14. 69RoadRunner

    Adult going to residential summer camp

    The Cubmaster should know the facts of the situation. As others mentioned above, there are BSA rules that apply. I'm sorry it creates a difficult situation, but it's not fair to the leader in charge at camp not to know the situation. I hope he has a great time at camp!
  15. 69RoadRunner

    Stuffed French Toast

    I hope you enjoy it. It's not that difficult. The proof of that is the fact that I can do it.