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  1. I had a backpacking trip in Inyo last year. I forgot to ask my NP for altitude sickness pills during my annual physical, so I went to a CVS Minute Clinic. It was that NP's first day by herself. The tech who checked me in asked why I'd come and I said I wanted altitude sickness meds. She said they'd have to refer me for a psych exam. I said altitude, not attitude. She was still confused. I finally got to the NP. She said she had to call a colleague. She prescribed me motion sickness meds and said it did the same thing. Huh? Next day a more experienced NP called and said, uh, she
  2. Yeah, I know what you mean about the bugs. Well, at least I've read it enough times to understand. I think if we do a trip like this, we'd need to go early August. Can you tell me about your Wyoming trip? That's also under consideration. I'm not sure if we could go late enough in the summer to be there at an ideal time.
  3. We're still considering our "roll your own" high adventure options for 2023. One option I want to present to the troop is doing about 6 days in the Weminuche Wilderness in Colorado. We've rotated through the national high adventure camps and are looking to save a little money and do something on our own. This also might be my last as scoutmaster. We're in northern VA outside of DC and I like having the scouts experience something very different from what we have in our area. This is one of the top backpacking areas in the the country and no permits are required, which simplifies
  4. You think making fun of beer brands means I condone using alcohol to molest scouts? That's quite a leap. I really didn't think it was necessary for me to criticize something so obviously horrible. On another forum I strongly criticized scouters who said they would get a beer when coming off trail at Philmont. You're on duty 24/7 until the last scout is picked up at any scouting event.
  5. Well, to sum up my views on this, 18-21 year olds should not have the YPT restriction outside of scouting. I might make that for friends within 2 years of age of the now adult scout. This is similar to the relatively new tenting age restriction. It would be great to have more women involved. That is separate from the sexist YPT restriction that is different for female and male adult leaders. Having more restrictive rules for men than you have for women is sexist. I also find it insulting. And I do think those who make these rules don't consider that they are imposing them on voluntee
  6. Bud, Miller, Coors or any mass produced, low taste beer is better than Iron City. IC Light is drinkable. And IPAs are garbage. I'm starting to think I took us off topic, but no regrets. I think I have some Mad Elf left...
  7. That's awful. I mean Iron City is dredged from the bottom of the Monongahela River.
  8. I've had several events where I've struggled to get 2 adults, period. The moms don't come camping. There is zero chance I'd get any to do Philmont. Take a look at summer camps. What percentage of adult leaders there are women? It's very small. I've asked. I'm not in any way opposed, but I only have 1 that's ever come. Another stayed 1 night when we were desperate.
  9. If that's the reasoning, then an adult female should be required for all events, not just when a girl is present.
  10. I suspect most of the people who come up with these rules are not affected by them. I just don't think they give any consideration to the fact that we are VOLUNTEERS. I strongly support most of the YPT rules and follow them all. This rule and the one where 2 female adult leaders can be in charge of a group of boys but 2 male adult leaders cannot be in charge of a group that includes even 1 girl bug me. Frankly, that's insulting and I'd like to have some strong words with those who came up with it. I really feel like no consideration is ever given to those of us who have to abide by
  11. Thinking about copying most of this: http://www.troop1128.org/2017/09/2017-dolly-sod-5-day-backpacking-trip-report/
  12. Both of my parents went to Pitt and we'd drive by The O every time they took me to the library. Hmmmmm. Dolly Sods is something to consider.
  13. Fantastic ideas! And I grew up (allegedly) in Pittsburgh. Pierogis and Primanti's are on @qwazse
  14. Yeah, I've found that both the Adirondacks and Smokies have permits, group limits and even restrict to specific campsites, which would all be a problem. As far as other activities, I'm just beginning the process. I want to first find what is logistically possible, then present ideas to the scouts. Fishing and maybe a day trip at the beginning/end to do rafting would likely be popular.
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