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  1. 69RoadRunner

    Summer camp - too many adults?

    We have 1 adult each day getting the first year scouts to the Brownsea Island program. This is a great program, but the counselors can use the extra help herding cats with that many 11/12 year olds. I did that my first year and wasn't too happy with the troops that dumped their hyperactive scouts off without providing help. The rest of the troop is mostly on their own getting to their merit badges. Of course we do meals together and evening programs, but it's a controlled environment where the boys can have independence. I'd have no idea what that many adults would even do unless you have a lot of special needs scouts.
  2. 69RoadRunner

    Hear Bigfoot around camp who ya gonna call?

    This is why alcohol is not permitted at scouting events.
  3. 69RoadRunner

    Do Your Scouts Use The Handbook Logs?

    We keep track of it online. Of course the person who did it isn't in our troop anymore.
  4. 69RoadRunner

    Down sleeping bag + Nikwax

    I've read that on the UGQ Outdoor website. I'm not an expert, but can see how the treated down might be more marketing than benefit. Either way, you should not need to treat a brand new down bag. I have a couple of down bags and love how light and compact they are. It doesn't matter much if you're car camping, but does for backpacking. I fortunately do not have experience with wet sleeping bags.
  5. 69RoadRunner

    What's A Good Water Bottle?

    If you're using it for backpacking, then go with Smartwater (or similar) bottles. They'll last many trips, are lighter than Nalgene and thrifty. If it's not for backpacking, go with something more durable.
  6. 69RoadRunner

    Significant youth protection changes

    A scout is trustworthy is the goal. Not everyone lives it, unfortunately. If they did, we'd have no need for youth protection training. We had an incident in our troop involving scouts who are within the 2 year age difference. It was reported as required (once we finally were told about it), investigated by council and dealt with. No adults were involved or accused and the story of what happened changed many times. The worst version of the story was a request of something inappropriate between scouts in a tent which was declined and nothing further happened. In this same scenario, if the one scout is more than 2 years older, it's easier for that older scout to intimidate the younger scout. We obviously can't know what goes on in tents. As an aside, some parents knew about the incident and said nothing to anyone in leadership in the troop. It all came out at summer camp and I ended up spending an entire day talking on the phone with scouting executives about something that happened a month prior and none of us knew about. If the parents had said something, all of this could have been addressed prior to summer camp. Instead, they essentially sent us to camp with a ticking bomb. We were out of our council, so a scout was given a cease participation so the incident could be investigated. My point here is, don't hesitate to report incidents and there are reasons for the tenting policy.
  7. 69RoadRunner

    Significant youth protection changes

    My phone makes it pretty easy to add additional people to texts. So, if a scout starts a 1 on 1 text message, just add an adult and reply.
  8. 69RoadRunner

    Significant youth protection changes

    Another thing I noted in the new training that makes sense is requiring us to copy another adult on digital communication with scouts. We often have to email/text the SPL or a scout who is responsible for presenting something at a meeting, the grubmaster, etc. when there are unexpected changes. Now just make sure you copy an adult. Like the other rules, this protects adults from false charges just as it protects the youth from predators. Back to adult volunteers on campouts, other than adult parents of scouts with special needs, we've really only had the scoutmaster and us ASMs on the campouts. It's not that we deny others, but getting volunteers, like everywhere else, is not easy. We're not a large troop, so that probably is a contributing factor. We certainly welcome and need more volunteers.
  9. 69RoadRunner

    Significant youth protection changes

    The 2 year thing might present a challenge, but the reasoning for it is understandable. It's not just tents, but buddy system for bathroom breaks, etc. That's not necessarily difficult, but one to remember. Also, strong emphasis on letting the scout choose the buddy. We require adults going on any campouts to do YPT.
  10. 69RoadRunner

    Anyone Do the Philmont PSR-PASS Adult Orientation

    Yeah, if you're going to be backpacking in the mountains for 11 days, better choices will make it more enjoyable. It is supposed to be a challenge but also something to enjoy, not endure. Sure, you can make it with heavy boots, but you'll feel a lot better with your legs lifting much lighter trail runner each step. Trash compactor bags inside the pack will actually be waterproof (and cheap!) whereas a pack cover is not waterproof as it doesn't cover the whole pack. Might as well make the better choices.
  11. 69RoadRunner

    Sea Base - Solar on Sea Exploring Adventure

    OK. Thanks for the info. Batteries are more certain, too.
  12. Our troop is doing the Sea Exploring Adventure this summer (40' sailboat). I have a Fitfort FauxPro camera for all of us to use on the boat and particularly while snorkeling. Does anyone have experience using solar on this adventure or am I better off simply bringing lots of batteries?
  13. 69RoadRunner

    Anyone Do the Philmont PSR-PASS Adult Orientation

    Great info that I'll share with our troop!
  14. 69RoadRunner

    Anyone Do the Philmont PSR-PASS Adult Orientation

    Ponchos are imperfect, just like all rain gear. Your arms get wet, they tend to get caught on branches and don't always do well in wind. The plus is that they're light and breath better. I'm likely to ditch liners and just go with Injini socks. I bought a pair to try. I've only used the Fitfort camera once while snorkeling on the Monsters of Rock cruise a couple of weeks ago. Not sure what the battery life will be like. It's hard to simulate 11 days of activities. That's a work in progress.
  15. 69RoadRunner

    Anyone Do the Philmont PSR-PASS Adult Orientation

    That's an interesting coffee option. I do drink iced coffee. You're not the first to say the fleece and puffy aren't both needed. It's something to consider. I thought Philmont didn't allow ponchos? I appreciate the advice. I'm sure our shakedown outings will modify this further.