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  1. The scoutmaster conference is for the benefit of both the scout and the scouter. However, I see it as a requirement on the scouter's side more than the scout's side. We have a duty to get that done. Any time a scout asks me about a conference or completing a requirement and I have no choice but to delay it due to other troop obligations, I feel bad. These scouts have done their work and have earned the advancement. We need to do our part and not be a hurdle.
  2. 69RoadRunner

    72 hour rule

    I'm tempted to email and ask how they determined that people become untrustworthy after 72 hours but are fine before that. Also, how is their trustworthiness restored when a new scout year starts.
  3. 69RoadRunner

    Webelos II requirements - what if we've already done some?

    I do believe they have to do this as Webelos, but I would think it should be OK if they did AOL requirements while at the one rank. It's frustrating, I know. There are Scout/Tenderfoot requirements that scouts already did in Webelos but have to do again. We don't skip anything, but I wish we could give them credit for what they did in Webelos. I understand it's important to know they can do the skills and work on them as Boy Scouts.
  4. 69RoadRunner

    Need guidance please

    Who determined that your scout was suspended for 6 months, Council or the troop? As mentioned above, it should be investigated by Council and they should be the ones to determine if there's a cease participation situation. This club the boys tried to create might fall under the "no secret societies" aspect of YPT, but I'm not sure if we have enough information on that. The preferential treatment aspect is a problem, but I think separate from the cease participation issue. We had an incident that allegedly happened at one of our final campouts in 2017 that only a few parents knew about. They never mentioned it to adult leadership. Whatever happened, happened in a tent, so we were not aware of it during that trip. It came up at summer camp and because it occurred outside of our Council, the accused scout was issued a cease participation order from Council until they could investigate. They later cleared the scout as the story changed so many times and even the worst version was a request for something improper. Has your Council investigated the incident?
  5. 69RoadRunner

    72 hour rule

    BSA apparently thinks non-registered adults are like Gremlins being fed after midnight. In the 73rd hour they all turn into predators. I suspect this was some sort of committee compromise and they all agreed that 72 hours was good.
  6. 69RoadRunner

    Gender Identity Issue

    In this case, there's no mention of suspecting any abuse. There's no reason to avoid talking to the parents. I would think that saying, OK, your child goes by a new name. Our troop is a boy only troop as per the rules set by BSA. Your child is welcome to stay in the troop, but other than the name change, nothing else is going to change. Your child has to be declared a boy on any paperwork with BSA to be in the troop. For YPT issues, your child must be treated as a boy. If that's acceptable, then let's all carry on.
  7. I understand this, but it's not like a scout has that many advancements that pull him away from patrol time. There have been some meetings where we've had to say there wouldn't be time that week so it can be postponed a week. Now if we're right up against a CoH, we'll do everything we possibly can to complete it in time. If the scout did his part, I do NOT want adults being the holdup for him receiving the advancement that he earned. We all have different schedules, but for us, it's a lot easier finding time on meeting night than a Saturday morning.
  8. Good grief, don't make life more difficult than necessary. If a scout earns a rank, you want him to be recognized at the next CoH. Don't intentionally do things that could possibly delay it. I agree that communicating to the SM that this is wrong is the challenge. I can only say that if we were doing something wrong and a scout politely brought it up to me, I'd treat the scout with respect, investigate the issue and openly acknowledge my error. I have no problems telling the scouts that I'm imperfect. I struggle with some knots and I'll ask the ones who are good at it to show me. I'll tell them there are some skills I don't know well, so let's learn them together. So, I'd say to respectfully bring it to the SM's attention that BSA does not have this requirement and it would be good to have conferences at meetings.
  9. 69RoadRunner

    OA ordeal question

    Then we should be awesome because I'm almost desperate for adult help. The current makeup of our troop is making it easier to step back a bit. We had a situation that did not involve any adults that resulted in several scouts leaving the troop. It was a shame because much of it was rumor and none of us know what the true story was. Anyway, it resulted in us skewing much younger and required more adult involvement than ideal. Now we're getting more leadership from the scouts and I hope they're enjoying the experience more, too. As for too many irons in the fire, no doubt about it. Kids are under pressure to have tons of things they can put on their college application because otherwise, you'll end up at some lesser school and your whole life will be meaningless.
  10. 69RoadRunner

    OA ordeal question

    Scouting has to compete with other activities. It's part of life today and we have to adapt. I think a scout can still gain a lot from scouting even if he's not able to participate in everything. If the scout is in a leadership position, particularly SPL and PL, then we require them to be committed to the troop during that period. As others have said about the merit badge, we're there to provide guidance and encouragement. The merit badge counselor is responsible for ensuring requirements are met. Rather than quitting, is moving to another troop an option?
  11. Well, you could say you're gender fluid and during scouting events you identify as female.
  12. I support requiring adults who are supervising scouts to take the online YPT. There will be many who don't understand the importance of looking out for situations where a predator is seeking to get a scout alone. Looking at what the Catholic Church is going through again, I don't think this requirement should be ignored. The training is not that difficult or time consuming to do once a year. You can disagree with aspects in the training, but completing it is not a hardship. The rules that are idiotic to me are allowing 2 female adult leaders for an all boy group, but not allowing 2 male adult leaders if there's even 1 girl. There was a troop at summer camp this year that only had female adult leaders and I had zero problems with that. It's the double standard that bothers me. The 72 hour rule is also idiotic. Do they think the 73rd is the witching hour when people turn into predators? Is this like feeding a gremlin after midnight? Either you trust them or you don't. Nothing changes in that 73rd hour. This sounds like some compromise that came out of a committee of lawyers.
  13. 69RoadRunner

    Backpacking Down Time Fun Activity Ideas

    We'll do something similar. We'll have vehicles at the campsite, so younger scouts don't have to carry a full pack, just a day pack.
  14. 69RoadRunner

    Backpacking Down Time Fun Activity Ideas

    Thank you for the ideas. Here is our plan, but as Russell Ziskey said, Custer had a plan. We're doing a troop backpacking trip in September. We'll make it flexible based on abilities and camping in a primitive campground site that can handle our not so big troop. The Philmont shakedowns will be just for the Philmont crew, but if there's room on a trip, younger, capable scouts can join. So it won't be separate patrols. We don't have enough age eligible scouts to even completely fill a 12 person crew, including adults. I joined Potomac Appalachian Trail Club to rent one of their cabins for one of our hikes with this crew just to mix things up. They'll get the hiking in on that one, if not the full backpacking thing. The rest will be true backpacking.
  15. Our troop has mostly done car camping while I've been involved. We're going to Philmont next year, so we'll be doing several backpacking trips during the scout year to shakedown gear and make sure those who want to participate are physically capable (including adults, of course). I hate being involved in events that don't have down time for scouts to have some fun on their own. It's easier to bring stuff they can do when car camping. Card games is one good light, compact activity. What other things do your scouts enjoy?