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  1. One of our ASMs, texted me this, today. So far, all the reports I'm getting are extremely positive. They were issued all brand new tents and cots. Very high praise for all the staff, too.
  2. I think an organization in bankruptcy shouldn't spend a lot of money on something that will have little to no impact on membership. If this were an idea where the benefit exceeded the cost, then consider it. I personally don't see it.
  3. I've never encountered anyone in person who ever commented on the title in any way, positive or negative. I get the impression that the vast majority of people give it no thought beyond it identifying who holds the position. Maybe people have felt otherwise but haven't spoken about it. It doesn't seem to me to be worth the time and money to change to something else.
  4. Do I now have to call the master cylinder on my vehicles the "brake fluid pressure thingy" now? I might be good with being called El Jefe.
  5. I'm in Fairfax County, VA, and the school district sent out a survey with 2 choices for the upcoming school year. 2 days a week in school and lots of homework or all virtual classes, which was a disaster this past school year. It's sounding like the elementary school we use for meetings won't be available, so we will have to scramble to figure out what to do.
  6. But the public health experts told us the protests were fine.
  7. That is the way they described Summit. It's basically a self-contained community. Our crew was only to stop for a bathroom break. They took bag lunches. They all had to take their temps for 5 days leading up to arrival. Any adults who were just drivers had to remain in their vehicles at dropoff. They will have no interaction with the residents outside of camp. The changes they made to prevent spread of Covid-19 at camp are extensive. Little time will be spent inside. Virginia is about to go to phase 3 of reopening. If massive outdoor gatherings with zero social distancing is allowed for protests, these kids should be able to attend summer camp where there are a great deal more protections in place.
  8. For now, but not much longer. They apparently rejected my proposal of Geddy Lee High School.
  9. Thanks. We're actually from just outside DC in Springfield, VA, but since I've been in the troop, we always went to Ottari. This year we were going to change things up a tad and do Powhatan. While this part of Summit is a merit badge camp, it is not exclusively that. There are many activities for scouts to try. I'm of course hoping everyone comes back healthy and telling stories of the great time they had. I hope they all learned valuable scout skills, particularly our new scouts. My son and our Troop Guide worked with most of them to get their Scout rank (or most of it). I'm thankful for our ASM who did so much work bouncing between camps and dates to make this happen. So much has been canceled for these kids.
  10. When Camp Powhattan closed for the summer, we took advantage of the opportunity to transfer to Summit's merit badge camp at the same price. During the pandemic, I started with a new company (doing the same job), so even though I'm the scoutmaster, I don't have enough PTO to do both this and Northern Tier (fingers crossed). Summit had multiple Zoom presentations and I have to say I am very impressed with the people who are running the program. We've never been there, but they certainly give one confidence. I'm of course hoping that all the evidence that outdoor activities are safe and kids rarely (not never) have problems with Covid-19 holds true. We have a fairly big group of first year scouts doing the Brownsea Island program. Of course they did not have an opportunity to be a part of our troop as they usually would due to the pandemic. Everyone will be tenting solo as one of the many Covid-19 precautions, so I hope all of these young scouts do well with this new experience. They did do a Wild Webelos campout that was not family camping, so it won't be their first time without mom and dad. Wishing all the scouts and scouters a great time and good health!
  11. Part of the difficulty of removing the Lenin statue is that it's on private property and isn't that some lovely irony. A couple of people were murdered in CHAZ/CHOP by people with guns. They also established a wall to keep out undesirable people and there's some more irony for ya. In Harpers Ferry, WV, the mob defaced the statue of John Brown, showing incredible ignorance.
  12. No one born in the 1800s and back can meet the woke progressive standards of today's far left cultists. There's no room for nuance or imperfect people who also did many good things. It doesn't mean you don't discuss the bad things, but you don't erase people like the USSR.
  13. The latest update from NT says we need 2 thermometers. No contact ones are ideal for a mixed group out in the wilderness, but the lowest cost ones have poor reviews. The good ones are rather expensive for a troop to purchase 2. For anyone else going this year, what are you doing to meet this requirement? My other idea is 2 cheaper digital oral thermometers and get disposable covers. I'm not sure if they're going to ask us to check everyone every day. That would require a lot of covers and wipes.
  14. Few people born in the 1800s can pass the purity tests of today's woke culture. However, there's a statue of Vladimir Lenin still standing in Seattle.
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