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  1. ParkMan

    Be prepared - confused...

    Ohh - that never even crossed my mind. Thanks!
  2. Moderators, Got to admit. I'm not sure why you locked and then hid the thread. Was it because of the "adult nature" of the content? Was it because of the debate over values? The comment and you'll lock future threads just has me wondering what to stay away from. Not complaining or questioning, just looking for clarity.
  3. ParkMan

    BSA Executive Salaries

    Perhaps hate is overused and we can argue whether it's the right word. But, reading over the posts it's clear that there is a negative, dismissive, hostile tone towards district executives.
  4. ParkMan

    Stepping aside

    My sense is that there is a lot you all can do at the district level. In my district I see lots of opportunities to help youth. OA, advancement opportunities, camping opportunities, etc... To me it's kinda like when a den leader makes the transition to being a pack leader.
  5. Ok- got it. Thanks guys!
  6. My church has a youth group - so do many. That doesn't prevent the kids from being interested in Scouting. I get that in general the LDS community is more insular. But don't LDS kids play baseball, soccer, fencing, etc... BTW - I'm not suggesting that Scouting will get a large percentage of LDS kids - just wondering if it will be similar in number to other denominations.
  7. A fellow scout leader once described Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts as being like baseball and soccer. Yes, they are both sports, are player outdoors, have teams, and use a ball. But, they are different. I'm sure some folks from an LDS background will embrace girls in Cub Scouts. They'll look at the program on it's merits and choose. Actually, thinking about it, I don't see why lots of LDS wouldn't check out Cub Scouts for girls. Now that it's becoming just another extra curricular activity why wouldn't they? I presume LDS families participate in other co-ed activites.
  8. ParkMan

    BSA Executive Salaries

    Sounds like a guy who needed a bigger title for some reason - longevity, pay, whatever. Maybe your district has some specific needs that require a more senior person.
  9. Then help them find a new Scoutmaster before you step down. I'm stepping down as Committee Chair, but I'm helping through the search. As I see it, you've got a Troop with boys who want to be Scouts. In my book that's the most important requirement for a troop. The rest is all mechanics. Volunteers can be recruited, a CO can be lined up, camping equipment can be found. We had a troop in our district lose their CO a few years ago. They went down the street and regrouped. Did they lose some boys who were members of the original CO - you bet. But it all worked out. In my book these National decisions are important, but still not nearly as important as the simple wish of boys to be Scouts.
  10. ParkMan

    BSA Executive Salaries

    A District Director manages District Executives. It's a first line management position.
  11. I'll admit a bit of a smile here. Welcome to the world of non-LDS Scouting. There are never enough volunteers. The church is just about never behind what we're doing. No one is instructed to be a volunteer. The volunteers are out there. It just takes a little vision and persistence. We'd love to have you join the club
  12. ParkMan

    Breaking Point

    So I come from the thread on how professionals are no good to the thread about how Scouters who take Wood Badge are no good.
  13. ParkMan

    BSA Executive Salaries

    I think this is a bit unfair for us to generalize. We're making statements about who DEs are and what their motivation are. We all have different experiences. I know mine well and he was a guy who was a dedicated scout and later volunteer. He decided he wanted to make a living out of it. Yes, he worries about money and membership because he has to. But he's also first to be concerned about program too.
  14. ParkMan

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    Only to play devil's advocate... I've been given two or three pocket knives over the years and have never bothered to carry them. I have to cut something once a week or so. When I do, I grab a pair of scissors or a utility knife from the garage. To me they're just a tool. I don't carry a screwdriver around, why would I carry a knife? I'm glad we have the freedom to do it, but it's not a big deal to me at all.
  15. ParkMan

    Stepping aside

    I'd let it go. Your work as Scoutmaster will speak volumes. I'd you get dragged into it, then it just gets worse. I'd be happy with your service, take the high road, wish him the best, and just move on.