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  1. I've found that the best way to provide feedback is to understand the receiver and what they're trying to accomplish. If you're providing feedback to a Scoutmaster, get to know him first before you start telling him what to do. A good CC plays a role here too. A unit CC ought to be creating a volunteer culture where the group strives for teamwork & program quality mixed in with a dash of humility. I've been blessed to be part of units that for the most part always tried to do better. Self reflection and feedback was part of our culture. So, when a parent or Scouter shows up and says "I've got some feedback it was welcomed and acknowledged. Did we always do it - no. But, we listened because we wanted their feedback.
  2. Of course it's a silly naming convention and nowhere near approximates a real PhD. Just like University of Scouting isn't a real University either. Just for my own knowledge I'm curious what folks do for a Doctorate. I get that there's an independent project involved here. If you've completed one or know of others who have - what kinds of things did you see for projects?
  3. ParkMan

    Irate potential cubmaster

    Right - but I don't think he was even registered at all. If he was registered and you need to remove him - then of course you need to ask council to do that.
  4. ParkMan

    Irate potential cubmaster

    This is one of those personally challenging times as a CC. What us really going on here is that this fellow is challenging that the basic operating model of the pack. You, as CC, need to do the very unpleasant thing and take a very hard, firm line here. No meetings, no discussions, no committee involvement. You simply talk one-on-one with the COR and follow through on your decision as the CC. His involvement with the pack is terminated. Send him a registered letter and inform the rest of the pack leadership. My email would be as simple as: You can communicate it to the district, council, or whatever. But, frankly it doesn't matter. You, as CC, are in charge. You make the decision and that's that.
  5. ParkMan

    All Day Webelos/AOL Activity Days

    Hi @AnotherDad, Awesome idea!!! Did I read correctly that your pack's norm is to meet monthly for 60-75 minutes? Our den always met weekly as do just about all the dens I know of. I really prefer weekly meetings to bi-weekly or monthly meetings. I find it's good for dens to have some continuity to build some momentum. I think it's a great idea to add in some Saturday activity days. It's a great way to do some longer form activities together as a den. My recommendation would be to have a regular weekly meeting and every so often replace one of those meetings with a Saturday. Maybe every other month or something like that. In terms of the Saturday activities - some recommendations: 1) plan the dates well ahead of time. Picking which Saturday isn't too hard, so I'd pick them a few months out - even if I had to schedule multiple at a time. 2) have a clear description of what you're going to do that day so folks know what to expect. 3) Leverage some of your regular den meetings to plan. It's a great time to get the Webelos involved in planning their own activities. 4) have a plan for the day. it doesn't need to be super detailed, but you want to know what you'll be doing when. 5) don't hesitate to combine these with a camping trip. If you're going away for the day, why not spend the night too? Maybe even hold it at your council's camp. When my son was a Webelos - we had 3 or 4 campouts in addition to the normal pack campouts.
  6. ParkMan

    What's in a name?

    I've heard it often stated - but never asked. Why are the skill awards considered so bad?
  7. I'd love to hear more about the experience of working on a doctorate. I'm not a commissioner - but I see it in my future. Our council also holds a College of Commissioner Science.
  8. ParkMan

    Irate potential cubmaster

    As a former CC & CM, this is 100% correct. The decision on who is an adult volunteer is up to the CC & COR. If either of your rejects a volunteer - it's done. Since you both don't want him to be CM - this is easy - he's not the Cubmaster. You don't need anyone's permission to reject him - it's your call.
  9. ParkMan

    Scoutbook Transition from IA

    FWIW - I just logged in with my my.scouting.org account & password. So, this doesn't appear to broken for everyone. Wish I could help more.
  10. ParkMan

    OA Camping Qualifications

    Got to thinking about my response and wanted to expand a bit here. I'm 100% behind being a member of the OA meaning something and there being a high bar for entry. I was not an OA member as a Scout and always looked up to those guys. As an adult, I've never been able to get to summer camp as a volunteer. So, even when I had 15 nights of camping, I refused to let myself be considered for membership by the troop committee because I didn't meet the rules. I'm also 100% behind units making common sense decisions when the info is imperfect. It's Scouting - not a law firm. So, sometimes you look at what's written and say "this is what they really meant." Yet, these OA elgibility rules have been in place for a long time. My read was the same as in this thread. The eligibility requirements don't say BSA camping. They are very specific about what long term camping means - but yet very vague on short term camping. So, I've got to interpret that as "any short term camping is fine." Why? I'm going to wager that any Scout who's going family camping enough to meet the OA eligibilty requirements as a result - is probably a pretty avid camper. A scout going on a camping trip with a Cub Scout pack - again, is probably a pretty involved Scout. Could folks fall through the cracks - yes. But, that's what OA elections are for. Let the Scouts sort this out. Now, if the OA really meant "BSA camping" - then the OA ought to update the rules. If they do - then great. I'll support it 100%.
  11. ParkMan

    OA Camping Qualifications

    Then the BSA needs to update the OA eligibility rules. I'm all for setting the bar high for membership in the OA. I get that we all want it to be BSA camping - but it's not what's written.
  12. ParkMan

    OA Camping Qualifications

    Right. Here's how I'd read this: I see only two restrictions on how the 10 nights are spent: not more than 3 nights on a single trip must happen while the Scout is a registered troop, crew, or ship member. This could be troop camping, cub camping, family camping, friend camping, solo camping, whatever. It's not vague so much as it's not what you'd expect. I think the point is that it's the society of honor campers. Whether you're camping with the BSA or somewhere else - you're still camping.
  13. After reading this I see their point. Before I was under the impression that the storm was unexpected and their lawsuit was suggesting that the camp should have removed all trees in jeopardy of falling. Learning now that there was a severe thunderstorm warning, this does seem like a valid argument. As unit leaders we should have responsibility to see that our Scouts are in a shelter if possible. However, when at a council facility, the camp staff should make sure that everyone is alerted in the case of a severe thunderstorm warning and that sheltering plans are known and understood. For council camps that are not primitive camps and where shelters do exist, the staff really ought to have a working system to get the boys there. I don't see that as degrading the Scouting experience and it seems like a practical step.
  14. ParkMan

    Investiture Ceremony?

    Hi @Treflienne, I've got two daughters who are Girl Scouts, so I'm familiar with an investiture ceremony. I've never seen anything similar done in the BSA - whether in Cub Scouts or Boy Scouts. This does appear to be something unique to the GSUSA. The closest thing is the awarding of the first rank - but there is no special ceremony or oath made in front of the group. More a recognition that the Scout is on his/her way on the Scouting trail.
  15. ParkMan

    Multiple Bobcat Ceremonies

    Thanks @Eagledad This is great. Next question is probably a little off topic - but seems appropriate given the discussion... As a general flow, how did your pack meetings tend to go. I see you've got: under an hour 2-3 skits several walk on skits high level awards only very limited announcements - mostly just a few jokes to allow Scouts to sing the announcements song Did you typically do activities, have guest speakers, etc? We're your meetings more hands-on with the boys doing things or were they more like entertainment where the boys sit and watch for an hour?