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  1. Cleveland Rocks

    World Jamboree Attire

    I and my kids will be wearing wicking activity shirts, Scout shorts, and hiking boots on the day we visit. No need to wear a field uniform--no one else will be. We'll purchase the visitor WSJ neckers upon arrival at the Trading Post. We'll also be bringing sunscreen, hats, cooling towels and refillable water bottles. I wore my field uniform when I visited the 2013 NSJ and I stuck out like a sore thumb, because no one else was wearing one--not to mention I soaked the shirt in about 10 minutes because it was so hot, and that was with a wicking shirt on underneath.
  2. Cleveland Rocks

    Camp info packet

    A gateway is a decorated entrance to your campsite. It's not unique to just Summer Camp, although that's where they're seen the most. At many summer camps, the gateways are a competition between troops and are judged by the camp commissioners or camp staff at some point during the week. Oftentimes, the gateways are themed to whatever the theme of the week at camp is. They can get quite elaborate. This year is one of the first years that adults are allowed at our summer camp to help construct the gateway, although our Scouts have told us they do not want our help at all (and we don't want to help, anyways), and they plan to point that out to the judges to hopefully get better points with them.
  3. Cleveland Rocks

    Balanced Advancement Timeline Goals

    First Class First Year (officially, "Operation First Class") is no longer a program emphasis in the BSA advancement program. While some councils (like mine) still have an award they present to Scouts who complete First Class within their first year of joining, it is no longer something emphasized in the advancement program. The origins of OFC came from studies done in the 1980s that said that Scouts who got to First Class quicker than others tended to stay in the program longer than those who didn't (these were also the same studies who said that if a Scout did not attend Summer Camp their first year in the troop, they were very likely to drop out much sooner than those who went to Summer Camp, and it also brought on the introduction of the First Year Patrol). Of course, that's trying to apply a one-size-fits-all method when there are so many differences.
  4. Cleveland Rocks

    Printing Those Scout Shop Blue Cards

    Our Scout camp has done away with blue cards. Just an online report that lists everything and can be directly imported into Scoutbook or Troopmaster at the end of camp, if you don't want to print a hard copy. It's an electronic version of the blue card, but no more having to purchase them at the scout store or hand writing anything.
  5. Cleveland Rocks

    Tiger Summer Pin

    That is correct. June 1 (or the end of school, whichever is later, for those schools that don't end until after June 1) is the date that one program year ends and the new one begins. On that day, Lions become Tigers, Tigers become Wolves, etc. (in the Scouting sense, of course. Not in nature. That'd be weird.) That means that in your example, a Cub Scout who will be entering First Grade in the fall would be doing summertime activities to earn the Tiger summer pin. If they will be entering Second Grade in the fall they will be working on the Wolf summer pin over the summer.
  6. Cleveland Rocks

    Cleaning An Eagle Scout Medal

  7. Cleveland Rocks

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    This particular story is one where an incident was reported in June, 2017 and it wasn't until 18 months later that the person was removed from the program (and only after their arrest). A den leader had made a complaint in June, 2017 to a director regarding similar circumstances to what the person was ultimately arrested over. The director, at the time, only told the person that's now been charged that if it happened again, he'd be fired. From a news article published at the time of the arrest: Yet according to the report BSA told Homeland Security "Since all the photos appeared to pertain to changing before and after swimming, a director provided agents with a June 2017 report regarding an incident at the Wakeman camp that may be related. A den leader made a complaint about Close, the affidavit says, and the director told Close that he would be fired if it happened again." A policy probably would not have prevented this from happening in the first place, but there are some ramifications with that council that are likely to occur because they knew a year and a half earlier that there were complaints against that person, and the only thing they did was to say, "okay, well, if this happens again, then you're gonna get in trouble!" The criminal proceedings are of course still working their way through the system but from what we've heard, there are parents who are considering suing because of this lack of action back in June, 2017.
  8. Cleveland Rocks

    Merit badge sash

    There is an answer. Guide to Awards and Insignia, page 35: "Merit Badges may be worn on the front and back of the sash." https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33066/33066_Scouts_BSA_Insignia_WEB.pdf
  9. Cleveland Rocks

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    That's because they are the exact same cookies. As the article mentions, Little Brownie Bakers is a subsidiary of Keebler. Keebler Grasshoppers and Coconut Dreams are the exact same cookies as Thin Mints and Samoas. Made in the same factory. When they come off the line, some go into a Keebler box, some go into a Girl Scout Cookies box.
  10. Cleveland Rocks

    What color is your Class B ?

    Our Troop has a number of activity shirts: Our old Troop t-shirt was red with white lettering/logos. Still worn by many and is often passed down to new Scouts through our exchange closet. The current t-shirts we offer come in blue with white lettering or olive with gold lettering. We also offer a hoodie in red with white lettering/logos. We also offer embroidered polos in blue, red or green, with white lettering/logos. Individuals can get their name on the backs of the t-shirts and hoodies, and on the left chest of the embroidered polo.
  11. Cleveland Rocks

    Girl Scouts Barred from a Camporee by the Girl Scouts

    It's not a document from the national organization. It's from the Girl Scouts of West Central Florida council. Says so on page 6, and is referenced numerous other places within the document. They may copy-and-paste text from paperwork from the national organization, but each council publishes their own version of the Volunteer Essentials document for their volunteers. The copy of Volunteer Essentials that our local council produces is 40 pages shorter than this one, and makes no mention of the BSA at all. Our local GSUSA council has placed no restrictions on girls and units doing activities or programs with BSA units.
  12. Cleveland Rocks

    Girl Scouts Barred from a Camporee by the Girl Scouts

    Local Girl Scout councils say things a lot that aren't national policy. Our local GS council has on many occasions stated that it's GSUSA national policy that you aren't allowed to do {insert activity here}, when it's perfectly acceptable to do this, even encouraged, in other councils. Example: Our local GS council prohibits units and girls from doing those fundraisers at places like Chipotle or Applebee's, where a portion of your check goes towards the cause. They prohibit by saying that it's GSUSA national policy. Yet, a quick search of the surrounding councils will provide you with the facts that they all permit these fundraisers, and many of them advertise them on their websites. Years ago, they tried saying that it was GSUSA national policy that set the prices of cookies. When people called them on it, saying that (a) other councils were charging different prices, and (b) they called GSUSA and were told that each council sets their own prices, they had to backtrack and change their statement. The documents cited above are all from local councils. While they may use the same wording from council to council (everyone knows how to copy-and-paste), there is no directive or policy that has come from the GSUSA national organization prohibiting relationships, partnerships and activities with BSA units.
  13. Cleveland Rocks

    Tenting: 2 years apart

    Keep it even simpler: ask when they were born. If a Scout was born, say, January 1, 2005, the he/she can tent with someone if they were born between January 1, 2003 and January 1, 2007. That's how our troop does it. No issues and no problems with anyone understanding the rule.
  14. Cleveland Rocks

    Two adults 21 or over

    That 72 hour rule is per event, like a Summer Camp. If the event is longer than 72 hours, and you're there for longer than 72 hours, you must be registered. This has been discussed at great lengths here and on other forums. If it's, say, a weekend campout, which are typically less than 48 hours, you're okay. Note the word says "at the activity", not "not activities". "All adults accompanying a Scouting unit who are present at the activity for 72 total hours or more must be registered as leaders. The 72 hours need not be consecutive." The "need not be consecutive" part is so that you don't stay at Summer Camp for 70 hours, leave for a while, and then return for the remainder of the week, thinking that the clock will reset. This will surprise many Cub families, as many Webelos camps in the summer are longer than 72 hours, meaning the parents must be registered as leaders if they plan to attend with their Scout. The local council in my area just sent out a notice about this to families who were thinking of signing up to accompany their Scout to Webelos Exploration Camp.
  15. Cleveland Rocks

    Solutions to letters falling off?

    This was recently discussed on a forum on Facebook, and someone from the Supply Division on there said that if you contact them (I believe at the 800 number) they will mail you patch strips for free as replacements for as many shirts as you need them for. The patch strips have embroidered lettering instead of the iron-on type they had on these.