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  1. This has been in the works for many months. The realignment takes place January 1, and all the names are all selected (although I only know the name of our new district, not the others). Our council is going from 8 districts to 5. Three of the 8 districts have Native American names (one is actually not a real name, but a combination of the first letters of 9 NA tribes that used to live in the area). A fourth is/was named Arrowhead, and while that's not an NA name per se, it has obvious NA references. A fifth is/was named (just recently in 2018!) after a local landmark that was used by NA
  2. Our OA lodge just voted last weekend to change the totem used on our lodge flaps and other media from a side-profile Native American in full headdress to a black squirrel. Our district (which had a Native American name) just merged with another and the contest conducted to come up with a new name had explicit instructions that Native American names or references could not be used in the new name.
  3. I will second the comment on hot and humid days. I have one and it is not a good hat to wear in the summer. I switch to a bucket hat in the summer months, something that is cooler and is able to breathe a bit better. But I definitely wear mine in the cooler months.
  4. The BSA says: if all those units were charted to the same CO, then yes, they could do an activity together. But if they are not, the BSA says no. This was the stance prior to the pandemic; it is just being reiterated again. Because you'd be planning an activity for units that your CO does not charter, that would prevent the activity from being permitted. The relevant quote from the BSA's COVID-19 FAQ (emphasis mine): ♦ Q: If my camp is cancelled, can my unit get together with other units and have our own camp? No. Chartering organizations play an important role in the program an
  5. Our council still awards them. We got JTE and 100% Boys' Life ribbons from them this year. Our troop has so many ribbons we have to periodically offload them because there are so many on the flagpole it gets hard to attach new ones at times. We get them at camporees, klondikes, summer camp, FoS, and more. I can't speak for the rest of the country, but our council and districts still use them and units still fly them from their flagpoles.
  6. The BSA's guidance on whether you should or shouldn't store the AHMR electronically (you shouldn't): The forms should be maintained by a designated leader. To assure privacy, the forms should be carefully stored and used only as needed to provide for planning and rendering care. The AHMR should not be scanned, stored, or sent electronically except as specifically directed for a BSA national event such as the national jamboree or NOAC.
  7. The 2021 NSJ has been postponed. https://jamboree.scouting.org/wp-content/uploads/sites/6/2020/07/NSJ21_Postponement_FAQ_FINAL.pdf
  8. As the training chair for my troop, not only would it not be inappropriate, I do it in my committee meetings all the time when someone's YPT or Hazardous Weather training is about to expire and they have not responded to individual direct messages. My council and district's training people contact me all the time whenever someone's training is about to expire, so I think it's only fair that I pass that information on to the person, and if they don't respond in a timely manner, I will absolutely bring it up at a committee meeting. If the person allows the training to expire, I get a messa
  9. I'm surprised they were allowed to recharter? A valid YPT is required to recharter for all registered members. Our council and district training people begin hounding you 90 days before your YPT is going to expire to make sure you get it renewed. They're quite explicit with us in their reminders--if you allow your YPT to expire in the middle of the year, you are not permitted to participate in Scouting activities until you get it renewed. They also copy the unit's training person as well as the unit Key 3 (although in this case, the CC is one of the Key 3).
  10. Lots of Webelos Scouts earn all 27 Webelos and Arrow of Light adventures. There's even a Webelos Super Achiever award to commemorate it: https://www.scoutshop.org/cub-scout-webelos-super-achiever-emblem-648454.html https://www.scoutshop.org/webelos-super-achiever-wall-certificate-621112.html Let your son's Webelos Den Leader know (when he becomes a Webelos in June) and they can work on helping him and others in the den work towards these adventures.
  11. There is no difference. You register on the national Jamboree site to register your Scout as a participant to the Jamboree. He/she will be part of your council's contingent. There are no "regular registrants" or "lone scouts" participating in the Jamboree; they're all part of a council contingent. The $1,175 cost you see quoted is the national fee to participate in the Jamboree. That's the portion that everyone pays. Unit gear is provided as part of that fee: tents, cots, picnic tables, dining flys, cooking equipment, meals, and paying for the expense of putting on the Jamboree (all the
  12. There used to be a belief--I don't know if it was ever true--that Scoutmasters were automatically Merit Badge Counselors for every merit badge, just by the fact that they're a Scoutmaster. Many long-time Scoutmasters still hold that belief. I have been to events where I have had Scoutmasters proclaim this, only to be told by practically everyone else in the room, "no you aren't!" That may be where that thinking came from. There are many who believe that Scoutmasters (or Assistant Scoutmasters, or Committee Members, etc.) should not counsel their own child on Merit Badges (or sign off
  13. Troop Secretary badge? Do you mean Troop Committee badge? There is no official badge for Troop Secretary.
  14. Our summer camp allows adults to bring bikes to use, provided they wear helmets, and quite a few adults use them. They also allow staff to ride bikes. A neighboring summer camp allows Scouts to bring bikes. I don't know how many take advantage of it, but I believe they allow it due to the distances between program areas, to shorten the travel time between activities.
  15. Merit Badge counselor registrations have always been no charge. There are no fees to pay out of a unit's budget for a Merit Badge Counselor registration, because they are considered district-level positions, not unit-level positions. Merit Badge Counselor (position code 42 on the application), Unit Scouter Reserve (code 91) and College Scouter Reserve (code 92) are all no-fee registrations.
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