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  1. desertrat77

    Permissible use of 90s era Exploring Uniforms

    Welcome to the forum, wjd2112! Your Explorer uniforms are still good. Technically, no BSA patch or uniform becomes obsolete.
  2. desertrat77

    Veterans in Scouting

    Now that you all mention it, I'm pretty confused during most BSA flag ceremonies.
  3. desertrat77

    Veterans in Scouting

    RememberSchiff, I like your recommendation. I don't think I'd wear the vet patch myself, but I think it is a nice option to have available. The Tribe of Mic-o-Say has a red/white/blue bead for vets to wear with their claws, if memory serves. Verification of service would be necessary. Every so often, I run across a real "Baloney Sandwich" artist, a scouter who claims to have been Special Forces, door gunner on the Space Shuttle, etc. And it's painfully obvious they weren't anything close to that, if they were in the military at all. I suppose vets could bring in their DD214 to the council office to confirm their service status. Uniform options aside, vets usually stand out in subtle ways. Shiny old P38 on their key ring, getting their hair cut every 10 days whether they need it or not, morning coffee from a canteen cup, lingo such as "SPL, organize a detail to clean the latrine," standing at attention during flag ceremonies as taught in basic training X years/Y decades ago, etc. And as @qwazse pointed out, vets love to "wax eloquent." Story telling and shooting the breeze are fine military traditions.
  4. desertrat77

    What is the future of Training?

    One of the biggest challenges to getting people trained is the quality of the training itself. Training courses tend to be staffed by people that thrive while on district/council cadres, but they are not necessarily "doers" at the unit level. A new scouter can pick that up. Word spreads quickly.
  5. desertrat77

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    (Apologies if someone has already mentioned this) I'm wondering what the GSA hopes to accomplish. First, the legal costs. Surely those attorneys' fees will cut into the Cookie Syndicate profit margin. Second, the PR factor. How does the suit improve the brand? I can't think of any benefit. It just makes the GSA look petty. You know it's a weird day when the strategic decision making in Irving TX looks good by comparison.
  6. desertrat77

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Excellent idea! I have the same shirt, but I sure don't fit in it. The beret still fits (XL, Charlie Brown size).
  7. desertrat77

    Is BSA adult leader training necessary?

    Cody, I understand your point of view. I felt the same way in '85 when I went through what was then called Scout Leader Basic Training. I was an Eagle in '77, and served as SPL and JASM in an outdoor-oriented troop that treated me like an adult and expected me act as such. SLBT was a big let down. Huge let down. That said, the BSA expects us to go through certain courses to be officially trained for our positions. Once you go through those courses, for good or ill, you're trained and a member in good standing. I keep my SLBT training certificate in a nice, safe place. WB is not required unless you seek certain positions, such as adult leader for council jamboree contingents, etc. I highly recommend Wilderness First Aid. As a scout and young scouter, the very best training I received was sitting with old scouters, drinking coffee around the campfire, listening to their stories. And as an old scouter now, I still learn a great deal from these informal sessions, from old and young scouters alike. Shingobeek, welcome to the forums!
  8. desertrat77

    High Adventure Ideas for 2020

    I'll lend my recommendation to anything in Alaska. After being a scout in the Panama Canal Zone, and lots of desert camping in Southern Arizona, we moved to AK when I was about 15. It's an amazing state. I went on a High Adventure trek north of Anchorage the last year I was a scout. Our troop camped/hiked/backpacked one weekend minimum every month, and twice in December, regardless of the weather. You know it's high adventure when you are backpacking in a state that still has mountains, glaciers and lakes that haven't been named yet....
  9. desertrat77

    Time to Go.

    Eagle, I completely understand your point of view. You did your best. However painful it will be to move on, it will be worth it. I learned this the hard way--sticking with a toxic unit out of loyalty and a sense of perseverance is just not healthy in the long run. As others have said, better scouting days are ahead.
  10. I renewed my Lifeguard BSA at camp this year. I was surprised to see how poorly some of the scouts swam, ones that had the swimming and lifesaving merit badges already. Poor technique and not much strength or stamina.
  11. TEP, welcome to the forum!
  12. desertrat77

    WFA: Required or not?

    Excellent point! I went down the same confusing, scouting.org path early last year, with no success, until my council advertised the training through a local scouter who conducts it once or twice the year. He is ARC qualified but the ARC search function didn't show him, nor did anything at the council website. It was only when I was fully at a standstill that I received a council email, out of the blue. The info at scouting.org was not the least bit helpful.
  13. desertrat77

    WFA: Required or not?

    Definitely recommend taking WRFA. I took it for the first time last year. Well worth the time and money.
  14. desertrat77

    Fitness Goals for Scouters

    Mash, that rocks! I really like having the run in the mix. Very challenging. PS Added: Thinking on the way home from work, I could do that particular WOD right at the home and around the neighborhood, and get a superb workout.
  15. desertrat77

    Fitness Goals for Scouters

    @JoeBob, 4th hot dog? Heck, I thought I was the only one that did that!