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  1. desertrat77

    Scouter.com Slogan Contest

    Fellow Scouters, the winner of the Scouter.com slogan contest is: @SteveMM! - @SteveMM: "Scouter.com - Uniting Scouters Worldwide" Runners up: - @mrkstvns: "Make Scouting Great Again" - @MattR: "The scouter's campfire. Pull up a stump and join us." On behalf of the Scouter.com moderator staff, thanks to all for your great submissions and participation! @RememberSchiff, @MattR, @John-in-KC,@desertrat77
  2. desertrat77

    Appropriate Insignia UNDER Right Pocket?

    I haven't seen either...the one I have from my scouting days was official BSA, made of heavy felt. Plenty of others were homemade and were considered acceptable for uniform wear.
  3. desertrat77

    Appropriate Insignia UNDER Right Pocket?

    Fairly common in the '70s, started dying out in the early '80s.
  4. desertrat77

    Burnout - Its Hit Me

    @5thGenTexan, I'm sorry to hear this. Sounds like the other scouters didn't respect your wishes. I certainly understand your desire to step back. As mentioned, I've persevered in situations like this "for the good of scouting" and in the long run it wasn't worth the effort and stress. Being in a rural area, is it safe to assume many of the other scouters are going to be in their respective positions for awhile?
  5. desertrat77

    Substance Abuse training from pharmacy university (IL)

    Though it's been awhile since I was a cub (early 70s), I received very detailed, realistic substance prevention training in elementary school. It was provided by Department of Defense Schools as we were stationed in Panama. Our den also had a field trip to the Balboa Heights Police Department in the Canal Zone, where the detectives talked to us about drug abuse, arrests, and other consequences. They didn't dumb it down for us. It made quite an impact on me. I can still picture the detectives chatting informally with us in the squad room for about 30 minutes. No slides, no slogans, no gimmicks, no drama. Just a couple of great detectives sharing their perspectives with us and answering questions. Present day, I believe the cubs can handle straightforward instruction. The earlier they learn, the better. By junior high and high school, many will already have tried drugs or at least have their attitudes influenced by the world around them.
  6. desertrat77

    Wine Auction Nets Council $132K

    One of my previous councils. Napa Valley is wonderful
  7. I agree. Summer camps have turned into MB mills, with many non-outdoor offerings. The scouts should be hiking, swimming, boating, and shooting. Either for the MB or just for the fun of it. Life is sedentary enough in 2019. Too many scouts sitting on picnic benches at summer camp these days.
  8. If there is a nudge from National to discourage or at least tighten up MB fairs, I'd say this is the most positive news I've heard in awhile. There are acceptable group settings to earn MBs at summer camp. Historically, these used to be primarily outdoor focused (rifle/shotgun/lifesaving/etc.). Many units didn't access to properties or equipment during the course of the year, so it was standard practice at camp. The MB fairs I see today are grand events, more spoon feeding than actually learning. The scouts go through the process and leave Saturday evening with MBs that used to require weeks of individual effort. And for most of the scouts, all they had to do was wake up, don their uniform, and get in the SUV. Everything else is scripted.
  9. desertrat77

    Scouter.com Slogan Contest

    @eTimesSoy, welcome to scouter.com!
  10. desertrat77

    Fee increase - observations

    Seventy bucks is about what my daughter's yearbooks cost (each). Many students don't get them due to the cost.
  11. desertrat77

    Appropriate Insignia UNDER Right Pocket?

    Scouts that are active will find a way to show off those segments. The scout is clearly active in the program, which I think is the most important point.
  12. desertrat77

    Burnout - Its Hit Me

    @5thGenTexan, though it may look a bit odd, I hit the "thanks" button to show my gratitude and respect for all you're doing for scouting. As a rural scouter myself, I believe there are more leaders in circumstances similar to yours than the BSA recognizes. Especially in rural areas, where there are limited numbers of adults who could or should work with scouts. Often the rural leaders do double and triple duty, and must put up with long-term dysfunctional circumstances simply because there are no other options. This can be very draining on a number of levels. My recommendation is a frank talk with all of the adults. Here's what I'm observing/experiencing, here's the impact it's having on the unit and me personally, and close with an "I" message (your expectations going forward, your plans to possibly step down, etc.). If the others can't or won't respect that, then stepping down may be the best thing for you and your family. "Is the juice worth the squeeze?" My personal experience: I've stayed the course and "never say die" many times during my professional life and volunteer experiences. But there is a line. I've crossed that line several times to the detriment of my family and myself. You'll know when and where that line is. Again, my respects and thanks to you! Best wishes and please let us know how it goes.
  13. desertrat77

    What are the BSA priorities??

    I recently sat on three Tenderfoot boards of review. One girl and two boys. Very impressive scouts, these three. The highlight question was "what do you like best about scouting?" All three brightened and said "camping!" Each in their own way, they articulated what they like about their first camporee. They mentioned the good points and looked back on the low points with humor. Collectively couldn't wait to go camping again. To me, this is what the BSA is all about.
  14. desertrat77

    BREAKING - Fee Increase Numbers

    Granted, the arrow points were a pain. But as a Cub, I was most delighted with my Bobcat pin, and my Wolf and Bear patches. I enjoyed the activities that garnered the arrow points, but I didn't care about the arrow points themselves.