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    National Leadership, Surbaugh Leave of Absense

    Nov 4: "Within the next several weeks, the National Executive Committee will identify an interim leader for the national organization. " Scoutingnewsroom , National Leadership: https://www.scoutingnewsroom.org/about-the-bsa/national-leadership/ lists four Assistant CSE's as follows: John Mosby — Development. Al Lambert – National Director of Outdoor Adventures, Patrick Sterrett – National Director of Field Service Mark Logemann – National Director of Support Services Seemingly the above are the leading candidates for "interim CSE" , but another person may be selected.
  2. RememberSchiff

    Teaching First Aid Stories

    Came across this tale embedded in a business story: ...At the time I was the Scoutmaster of Troop 3, at First Presbyterian Church. On this night I had arranged for a Registered Nurse to come in and teach the first aid merit badge. After we completed the required material, the nurse asked the group if they had any questions. Keep in mind we are talking about a group of 13- and 14-year old boys. These meetings can take on a life of their own at times, so I was prepared. Naturally the scouts’ questions tended to be about anything but first aid. There were questions about everything from car wrecks to riding in the hospital helicopter. As we were winding down, one of the scouts asked about emergency medical procedures that could be done in the field. The nurse thought for a minute and then responded, “I believe a doctor could talk you through a tracheotomy with the crudest of implements … with one very important exception! Unless it is my tracheotomy!” https://www.djournal.com/news/business/david-henson-nurses-boy-scouts-and-the-entrepreneurial-perspective/article_6cf41ad5-00d8-5f5a-a037-5f19778e2189.html Please add your stories.
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    What are the BSA priorities??

    Yes, imagine if a credit card and email address become required to join...billed monthly with automatic renewal
  4. RememberSchiff

    Teaching First Aid Stories

    Maybe the old Google, but a Scout is a friend to all. https://www.sciencealert.com/how-dead-girl-paris-ended-up-most-kissed-lips-in-history-l-inconnue-de-la-seine-resusci-anne-cpr-annie-death-mask
  5. RememberSchiff

    The Massacre at Pollilur and our National Anthem

    My den made a non-working replica of a Congreve rocket for a den meeting. I used 4in round duct for the rocket body and cone and attached a 10ft wood launch strip.
  6. RememberSchiff

    Newest Member block doesn't update

    Those you mention are likely Newbies (Junior Members), meaning they have joined but have not posted. When a Newbie's first post is approved they become a Member. A Search on newest Members verifies the information displayed in that "NEWEST MEMBER" block. RS
  7. RememberSchiff

    keeping in touch w troop Eagles

    Some units have tried a FB alumni account which can be a little unsettling when you see how your Eagle scout has morphed into a college dude.
  8. RememberSchiff

    What happened to meritbadge.org?

    Anyone know if meritbadge.org is undergoing maintenance? Their web server has been unreachable for awhile.
  9. 11/13/19: NEWBURYPORT, Mass. (WBZ NewsRadio) — Vaping related illness has put over 2,000 people in the hospital, and has resulted in the deaths of at least 39 people in the country. However, health concerns regarding vaping are relatively recent. Reports started coming in just this year, after a decade of vapes being sold commercially. In Massachusetts, three people have died and at least 65 are sick. Newburyport High School senior Anne Marie Noe was suspicious of the product three years ago, when she decided to make it the subject of her Girl Scout Gold Award project. "I've just really kind of immersed myself into everything that vaping has been doing in our society. It has definitely become a passion of mine, because Juul is taking over and we all need to do something to stop it," Noe said. Noe developed a course on vaping after seeing how prevalent it was in her school... More info at sources: https://wbznewsradio.iheart.com/content/2019-11-13-newburyport-senior-creates-vaping-health-class/ https://www.newburyportnews.com/news/local_news/newbuyport-girl-scout-earns-top-award-for-teen-vaping-project/article_49653153-b764-5541-8df2-baff4034a456.html
  10. Nov 12-13, 2019: I noticed some new videos have been uploaded to Boy Scouts of America youtube account. Here's one:
  11. RememberSchiff

    What are the BSA priorities??

    The headline follows from story lead. The story is about Grand Teton Council's membership loss (Titanic disaster ) and their response (care for the survivors) - retention. IMHO, the cost of retention is less than the cost of recruitment. The Titanic analogy is a good one in terms of the number lost due to arrogance and stupidity of the big wigs. I too wish Grand Teton Council and every Council the best. Keep as many as you can. In my memory, never has National upset so many members for so many different reasons in so short a time. My $0.02,
  12. RememberSchiff

    What are the BSA priorities??

    “We’ve got up to 20 percent of our membership that are not members of the LDS Church. The assumption is they are going to want to continue their Scouting,” Farrer said. “We know that not all of the LDS families or boys are going to leave Scouting.” Farrer, himself a Latter-day Saint, says there are “legacy Scouting families” that have been involved for generations and want to continue with the tradition. IMHO, Retention (survival) is a priority for Grand Teton Council.
  13. RememberSchiff

    What are the BSA priorities??

    From our East Idaho field office: https://www.eastidahonews.com/2019/11/the-future-of-scouting-in-eastern-idaho-looks-bleak-but-leader-say-it-is-not-doomed/
  14. RememberSchiff

    Backpacking..... with Webelos

    Yes! It followed a Klondike Derby. Weebs with Dads had about a mile night backpack thru dark woods to cabins. Their packs contained sleeping bag, clothes, personal gear. The sled they pulled over snow contained water, cooking gear, and food. Council sent out a guy beforehand to see if cabins had smoke detectors as each cabin had a wood stove. Next morning, a hardy breakfast, clean up, and backpack to cars. A lot of fun and a great adventure.
  15. RememberSchiff

    Thanksgiving at Camp...

    We have used cardboard box ovens to roast turkeys and bake pies. At the troop meeting before outing, patrols cover boxes with foil. Temperature control and coordination are key in preparing outdoor feast.
  16. RememberSchiff

    New Sex Abuse Arrest

    Eternal vigilance is the price we pay to provide youth protection. How often do we see adults yacking with their backs turned away from youth they are supervising? Playgrounds, malls. scout activities... How often do we see a mandatory reporter fined for failing to report? Should reporter laws be changed from "if knew" to "should have known"? How often has an "abuse report" resulted in a visit from Council which changed or retrained troop leadership? My $0.02,
  17. RememberSchiff

    Restoring Camp woodlands with different species (MT)

    In New England, our eastern hemlocks (IMHO, our most important tree) are turning to skeletons due to the woolly adelgid. The browntail moth is attacking oaks and cherry twice during growth season. Good news, the winter moth has just about been eradicated. Eastern white pines cannot withstand the wind gusts we are seeing from climate change. Sugar maples are in decline from acid rain and warmer winters. Plant zones are shifting north at a faster rate. I was zone 5, soon to be zone 6, so plant forward with a rotating biodiversity. My eastern white pine and eastern hemlock woods will become Norway spruce and ??? and ???
  18. Interesting discussion for Environmental Science merit badge, etc. IMHO, planting less susceptible species in a stressed ecosystem will be preferred over replanting current threatened species. Montana Council, Boy Scouts of America, is underway with a woodland transformation project on Melita Island after devastating stress on trees due to root rot and dwarf mistletoe, in combination with defoliation by Tussock moth and mortality by bark beetle. The biggest issue is safety to the more than 1,000 youth and staff who make the island their home throughout the summer. Recent winds have toppled large trees due to the weak and diseased root systems. Safety to the youth served continues to be Montana Council’s top concern. Rehabilitating the island to a healthy and natural ecosystem is the goal while eliminating the potential spread of issues to neighboring properties....Primary tree species on the island are Ponderosa pine and Douglas fir with a minimal, scattered population of Western Juniper and various hardwoods. The Douglas fir Tussock moth infestation, now in its third year, has resulted in severe defoliation of the stressed trees with significant mortality from bark beetles. Issues besides the mortality include excessive lean, shallow roots with minimal to no taproot and root rot, creating a hazardous environment. Douglas fir will be the majority of the trees removed. Old-growth Ponderosa pine, a signature tree for the island, will be conserved. An aggressive replanting process begins immediately and includes an impressive reforestation of mostly deciduous trees and sufficient shrubs, including chokecherry. Tree removal started the last week of October. The burning of slash piles is expected to begin in early November with visual smoke. Please be advised that smoke from Melita Island is planned with the controlled burn. Scouting programs at Melita Island are heavily water-based with courses including sailing, kayaking, canoeing, stand-up paddleboarding, boating, swimming, snorkeling, fishing, shooting sports, nature, camping, first aid and more. .... Sources: https://www.montanabsa.org/melita-island-woodland-rehabilitation-project/ http://www.valleyjournal.net/Article/22352/Boy-Scouts-rehabilitate-Melita-Island-woodland
  19. RememberSchiff

    A lot of negatives in the media, is scouting in danger?

    ??? Why is it harder (as in not worth the effort) than ever (paperwork, finances) to start units and attract/keep volunteers? Competent leaders know that building a great program is the key to Scouting longevity in their community. My $0.02,
  20. We helpful scouter.com moderators were brainstorming marketing slogans to help a fellow scouting forum beset by unhappy members when we soon realized that we too lacked a marketing slogan. What to do? Hire a marketing firm? Not us, we shall have a contest of wit, whimsy, and wisdom among us. The Contest is to write a slogan for scouter.com. Contestants will be any member or moderator of scouter.com Rules: Follow Scout Oath and Law. Only one entry per post (for voting purposes), but you may submit as many entries as you wish. The more the merrier. The Winner will be determined by the most Like votes received by Nov 8, midnight PST. Other votes- Thanks , Up/Down arrows will not be counted. The winner will be named on Nov 9. Prize: We will have a SurPrise . Let the Contest begin
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    Kudos to my council - Northern Star

    I own only one council patch of which I am not or was not a member.
  22. RememberSchiff

    Scouter.com Slogan Contest

    Some clarifications and easing of the rules above. I thought this contest would be a fun diversion, but it seems more like the campout where only 3 or 4 scouts sign up. ~ RS
  23. Recognizing the Southern Illinois University Edwardsville School of Pharmacy’s (SOP) ability and desire to serve the public, the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) requested a partnership initiative to address the growing epidemic of opioid abuse among adolescents. “There are national resources available to educate youth on the dangers of prescription and over-the-counter abuse, but many agencies and organizations are at a loss as to how to address the issues,” Herndon said. “This program incorporates activities for troop leaders to discuss with their scouts, and has the potential to educate thousands of scouts and troop leaders.” The training modules will take approximately 1.5 hours to complete in total at different times and will be coordinated with BSA den meetings. A facilitator’s handbook is available for den leaders, parents or pharmacy students to lead den meetings and provide the education to the scouts. Facilitators will learn how to create an atmosphere in the meeting to promote discussion about social/legal consequences of drug abuse. They will engage in a game to help further the discussion in a face-to-face manner. ... more details at source: https://www.siue.edu/news/2019/10/SIUE-School-of-Pharmacy-and-Boy-Scouts-Seek-Solutions-to-Combat-Opioid-Abuse.shtml
  24. RememberSchiff

    Substance Abuse training from pharmacy university (IL)

    I suspect some content is about family member addiction and what to do.