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  1. Is Stem Scouts as a separate scouting group officially gone? I just noticed their website stemscouts.org certificate expired on 5/23/2023.
  2. I am unclear who violated which BSA policy if at all. Many here have voiced different opinions regarding various BSA policies and not just membership. I believe BSA policy still allows CO's/units some say in their unit membership. IMHO, part of leadership, character-building, and citizenship is teaching our scouts how to respond thoughtfully and positively (Scout Oath and Law) to what they perceive as an injustice, incorrect, or plain stupid. At a monthly School Board meeting should I pull scouts when cuts are discussed to their favorite programs? Let them hear, think, and then speak
  3. I believe Mr. Krone had been a PL and Philmont alumni before MBA book writers/professors observed and coined management names for leadership styles he had learned while a scout. My post was meant as a friendly reminder.
  4. While visiting Councils, I hope Mr. Krone converses with volunteers beyond photo-ops. We have a lot to talk about. IMHO, seize this opportunity. Then BSA CSE Bob Mazzuca did a similar traveling community fundraiser for councils, it was dinners though. He brushed off volunteer questions in favor of photo-ops. My scouts were more interested in photo-ops with another attendee - Miss New Hampshire* who btw would take our questions. Mr. Mazzuca soon departed for his next Council dinner. My $0.02,
  5. Silicon Valley Monterey Bay Council "Community Leadership Breakfast on Thursday May 23rd, 2024 at the Santa Clara Marriott. Our keynote speaker is the current President and the CEO of the Boy Scouts of America, Roger Krone, and he has some NEWS to share. We would like YOU to be among the first ones to hear about the exciting changes coming to the iconic youth development program! Please use the QR code to RSVP or go to: " Anyone planning to attend? I think Mr. Krone similarly visited a Virginia council.
  6. Glen Pounder submitted a short article to ScoutingWire this week reminding adults to be constantly aware of the actions of other adults. I hope he expounds on this and our other YP concerns and feedback at NAM next month. Link: https://scoutingwire.org/beyond-criminal-background-checks-making-sure-that-great-guy-really-is/ also on https://www.linkedin.com/posts/boy-scouts-of-america_beyond-criminal-background-checks-making-activity-7183813959005749248-0pvL
  7. Apparently in March, Mr. Krone named Neisha Joseph as his Chief of Staff. She previously worked at the Greater New York Councils. Is Chief of Staff a new National office position?
  8. I prefer this version of Norman Rockwell's Freedom of Speech. Others may disagree, let them. Moderator awareness... IMMO*, some informative, robust yet scoutlike discussion here. Thank you. RS * In My Moderator Opinion
  9. RememberSchiff

    NOAC 2024

    04/09/2024: NOAC 2024 Program Registration Guide released. "This guide provides all NOAC attendees with a comprehensive list of program offerings at NOAC 2024. Activity preferences will become available on April 22 and extend to May 17..." More at source: https://oa-bsa.org/article/noac-program-registration-guide-here
  10. A Sea Scout on his way home from a doctor, stepped into action when he noticed his school bus broken down on the side of the road. Great story , there is some train 'em and trust 'em in story. Read the rest at sources: https://www.cbsnews.com/amp/boston/news/student-school-bus-repair-danvers-essex-tech-gavin-natti/ https://www.facebook.com/seascoutshipno.5/
  11. Boy Scout Troop 47's Mighty Duck Patrol all earn LIfe rank. Scout Salute! More at source: https://www.times-herald.com/arts_and_community/mighty-duck-patrol-simultaneously-reaches-rank-of-life-scout/image_1c3ab2d8-f2b8-11ee-893f-8f204c1509a5.html
  12. Horseshoe Curve, Altoona, PA "Scouts from Boy Scout Troop 9 of Clearfield recently rode Amtrak’s The Pennsylvanian from Altoona to Johnstown. Scouts also studied the history of the Horseshoe Curve and the South Fork Dam in Johnstown. The rail trip was part of a requirement for the Railroading merit badge." Sources: https://www.railroadcity.org/horseshoecurve https://gantnews.com/2024/04/07/scouts-complete-railroading-merit-badge-requirement/
  13. 4/5/2024 Related: ...creating a safer environment for kids
  14. IMHO every issue should be reviewed to confirm that. I do not think we should take comfort by saying, to paraphrase, "We have the best YP...". I would rather hear We are constantly reviewing our YP procedures policies and procedures by examining incident reports with YP experts. Here is a link to our YP Committee reports on actions for those incidents, including legal actions, and legislation lobbying. My $0.02,
  15. National Executive Board - photo page https://www.scouting.org/about/governance/national-executive-board/ I have not found a National Executive Council photo page. Some members serve on both.
  16. ‘Scouting is back,’ going strong teaching life skills to youths in Archdiocese of Baltimore ...Archdiocesan Scouting officials hope to glimpse the future of the programs at an April 19-21 retreat at Walkersville Watershed in Frederick. It’s the first since the end of the COVID-19 pandemic, and Father Jim Bors, appointed last year as chaplain of the Archdiocesan Catholic Committee on Scouting Leadership, hopes it will show “that Scouting is back.” In addition to camping and outdoor activities, there will be talks on the rosary as well as eucharistic adoration and the sacrament of recon
  17. 04/03/2024 Online registration still appears to be active.
  18. 4/2/2024 Update and more: "Killingworth Deer Lake is now free of debt and protected from development pressure thanks to a nonprofit and leagues of donors focused on its preservation." "In 2022, the Pathfinders bought the property for $4.75 million from the Connecticut Yankee Council, which is the local chapter of the Boy Scouts. Pathfinder's purchase was largely due to Connecticut Attorney General Tong conferring with the CYC to extend their March 31 deadline set for the property’s sale to May 1. AG Tong intervened immediately after the CYC rejected a Pathfinders’ offer of $4.
  19. BSA President & CEO Roger Krone Shares a Message About Child Abuse Prevention Month | April 2024
  20. Grand Rapids, MI: "What started as a group of less than 10 girls is, today, the second largest all-girls troop in the state with 43 in total.", Scoutmaster Kim Mast. Source: https://www.wzzm13.com/article/news/local/grand-rapids-north/scoutmaster-leads-second-largest-all-girls-boy-scout-troop-in-state/69-997dd2c6-906a-4b6b-bf31-7a81665691e1
  21. The effect of off-shore wind turbines on bird and bat flight paths "Dominion Energy agreed to install a wildlife-tracking system called Motus on both turbines at the end of the required monitoring period. Motus uses antennas to detect signals from birds and bats tagged with tiny radio transmitters. Since the Motus network launched in 2015, more than 30,000 birds, bats and butterflies(?) have been tagged, but the majority of the 1,500 antennas are on land. Meanwhile, many species migrate over the ocean. Extending the Motus network offshore can help managers identify migration p
  22. Content? Hard to know. I have not attended one. From outside the closed doors, I sense it is more like a Blue and Gold - announcements , awards, food - more social than business. From my experience when a company annual meeting is more social than business, it means business continues as usual. I keep hoping for more transparency and open, thoughtful discussions - that online fireside chat with Mr. Krone with questions sent in from the field would be a good start. And we have questions. My $0.02,
  23. I would like to know progress towards YP provisions of the settlement plan, which as I understand were specified as follows: also I like to know more about the meeting with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children (NCMEC)
  24. March, 2024: Some news releases this week that X "has been named to serve on the newly reorganized National Executive Board for Boy Scouts of America." only 1. The newly reorganized National Executive Board was announced back in Oct 19, 2023 on scoutingnewsroom and reported here 2. These recent news releases are not about new people. I guess it is a new Executive Board in a sense it is smaller but new younger blood? "The new BSA National Executive Board has been reduced from 72 to 47 members, and includes a mix of experienced board members, newly elected members, as well as e
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