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  1. Is isn't this the same Eric Green who the BSA wanted appointed as a mediator in April/May 2020 but the judge selected retired bankruptcy judge Kevin Carey instead? BSA proposal and an insurer's opposition to Green's appointment back in May, 2020 https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/819015_617A.pdf https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/819470_647.pdf
  2. Could more "... in Society" merit badges be coming, as started years earlier by Mining in Society ?
  3. Venue (forum) shopping "has become harder to ignore, as Purdue, the National Rifle Association, the Boy Scouts of America, and other large organizations maneuver to get the court—and the judge—that they believe will most benefit them, without regard to their base of operations." “The bankruptcy system is supposed to work for everyone, but in many cases it works only for the powerful,” House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) said during a July 28 hearing on corporate abuse of bankruptcy law. “And too often it works best for big corporations and the very wealthy who have
  4. I'm curious, what happened with the TCC reorganization plan circa May/June? Will that resurface? Also curious about Congressional action on the proposed SACKLER Act, as I understand this would prohibit bankruptcies from staying liability lawsuits (e,g, Perdue Pharma, BSA,...) but that should be a new topic. https://www.stamfordadvocate.com/business/article/Blumenthal-Tong-push-for-bankruptcy-reforms-in-16341536.php
  5. @MillennialLegalEagleon behalf of the moderators, welcome to scouter.com .
  6. Benton MacKaye photo from Wikipedia "2021 marks a century since regional planner Benton MacKaye first published his vision for an Appalachian Trail (A.T.)—a recreational route “to establish a base for a more extensive and systematic development of outdoors community life.” What transpired from that point is a testament to human ingenuity, volunteerism, teamwork, and love of the outdoors—values that thrive along the 2,192-mile route between Maine and Georgia today. " The following link contains "a brief photo history of the A.T., along which the Appalachian Mountain Club maintains mo
  7. 7/20/2021 Update: The Outdoor School is an overnight environmental education program serving the Central Coast area for about 50 years, according to Los Padres Council BSA officials. Rancho Alegre has served more than 10,000 boys and girls annually. The blaze destroyed more than 200 acres of wooded buildings at the camp, including 47 of the 50 structures that had been built over 52 years. Since then, the Boy Scouts of America’s Los Padres Council has decided to rebuild, and the work to construct 13 buildings has been underway to renovate the historic camp. Access roa
  8. Welcome to scouter.com. Good question.
  9. IRVING, Texas, July 19, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- The Boy Scouts of America (BSA) has launched a new series of personal safety awareness videos in partnership with the Barbara Sinatra Children's Center as part of ongoing efforts to help keep young people safe. The four new videos were developed and scripted by child advocates, psychologists, and national scholars, and are aimed at youth ages 14-17. The series will also be available to adults who are actively seeking out educational opportunities to learn how to better respond to and identify unsafe situations on behalf of minors. The age-appro
  10. Similarly, likely no "CO" National Executive Board members which I believe is being or has been downsized.
  11. I hope we still teach scouts to keep their wits and take appropriate, timely action - leadership as zoo management did. As a parent, I sleep better knowing my sons will Be Prepared to act even if they are not necessarily expert on the situation. They will do their best. I can relate to this as "little brown bats" colonized in my attic in early fall. That was an education. Mass Div of Fisheries and WildLife and I have different definitions of "endangered". My $0.02,
  12. A group of Cedar Rapids girl scouts and their parents is now getting rabies shots this week after a possible exposure to a rabid bat during an overnight at Henry Doorly Zoo and Aquarium in Omaha. During the Fourth of July weekend, the zoo hosted multiple overnight campouts in the Scott Aquarium for 186 campers . One camper awoke that Sunday to a wild bat near her head; the responding EMT found no scratches or bite marks. The zoo soon found seven "little brown bats" (Myotis lucifugus, native to Nebraska) in the aquarium. One tested positive for rabies; all seven were euthanized.
  13. Camp Daniel Boone was closed mid-week when three out-of-state campers tested positive during their stay. The camp is now closed. Daniel Boone Council statement: The health and safety of our Scouting families, volunteers, employees, and the broader community is our highest priority. We notified local health officials immediately upon learning that a small number of people tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, July 14. We also informed all individuals who attended camp during that time of their potential exposure. We have worked closely with our local health officials on im
  14. 7/16 Update "An overwhelming amount of the Ozark Trails Council's 31 board members voted on Thursday against accepting an offer for the Frank Childress Scout Reservation." "I don't know of anyone with the desire to sell one of our camp properties, so they were preaching to the choir," Scout Executive John Feick said. "We still have to fund a significant contribution to the settlement, so we're going to have to figure out something at some point, but it's clear that one thing we do not want to have to do is sell properties." https://www.joplinglobe.com/news/local_news/boy-scouts-
  15. I wonder how many councils agreed and for those that did will they be able to deliver payment. What if some councils did not agree, enough in number that a shortfall of plan's $300 million contribution occurs? It would seem this needs to be known before ballots go to creditors. My $0.02,
  16. Preble County Public Health is currently investigating four positive cases of a COVID-19 at summer camp held July 4-10 at Woodland Trails Scout Reservation in Camden, OH Miami Valley Council reports that 600 scouts and adult scouters attended camp throughout the summer. Council released this statement: “We determined that these four positive cases and their potential close contacts, unfortunately inhibited our ability to safely run this camp season’s remaining sessions of Cub Scout Resident Camp. Out of an abundance of caution we immediately canceled all remaining sessions and all r
  17. Ozark Trails Council (MO) is considering selling the 180 acre Frank Childress Scout Reservation. Council statement The Ozark Trails Council is exploring ways to fund our council’s contribution to the survivor’s compensation Trust, as part of the national organization’s bankruptcy process, while ensuring that Scouting will continue serving youth and families in our communities for years to come. The sale of council property is a potential means to achieve both imperatives. The council received an unsolicited offer to purchase Frank Childress Scout Reservation, and our Executive
  18. 7/14/21: Pathway to Adventure Council (Chicago) sold Camp Lakota for $928,000 to McHenry County Conservation Foundation According to Council Board President Marc Passiment, money from the sale will partly meet the council’s expected contribution to the sexual abuse settlement trust. Selling the camp has been under consideration since 2015. More at source links: https://www.mchenryconservation.org/news_detail_T7_R6.php https://www.chicagotribune.com/news/breaking/ct-mchenry-boy-scout-camp-conservation-20210714-lt7nvc6rsjbalmqeojd3vbfym4-story.html
  19. Perhaps this https://howmuch.news/how-much-will-erie-council-give-in-settlement/
  20. Update 7/10/2021: On Friday afternoon, more than 200 Scouts and staff at the Mitigwa Scout Reservation used the new seven concrete-enforced shelters, which were completed last month, to wait out a storm with dangerous wind speeds and hail. The renovations were made possible by the "Mitigwa Strong" fundraising campaign... In addition to building the new storm shelters, the Mid-Iowa Council replaced roofs, cleared trees and branches and replaced the camp's shooting range, mitigating destruction from the derecho. Council leaders still hope to raise $672,000 through the campaign, ac
  21. So much for "The Council Executive Board will meet on August 19th to decide if the sale should move forward." , sounds like the decision has been made. https://www.azcentral.com/story/news/local/arizona/2021/07/09/grand-canyon-council-boy-scouts-america-plan-sale-arizona-land/7922406002/
  22. July 6, 2021: Blackhawk Area Council (IL) Executive Committee voted "to approve a Letter of Intent to create funding to meet a national obligation to pay the settlement for those abused in the Boy Scouts of America." The Council Executive Board will meet on August 19th to decide if the sale should move forward.. Dan Dick, the Vice President of Outdoor Adventures (Lena, IL), said, “I am extremely disappointed. We have an obligation to the national organization to do our part, but not like this.” The camp is operating with a budget surplus and serves more than 1,000 young people.
  23. https://abc7.com/shark-attack-catalina-island-bite-parsons-landing/10852198/ Another report
  24. IMHO, has been passed over may be more accurate or maybe I missed the judge's ruling on which National properties were restricted and the whole J.P. Morgan shell game. Locally, the prospect of selling a council camp(s) more utilized by our scouts than all 4 National camps is not sitting well particularly when Irving incredulously adds, "we share your pain". My $0.01,
  25. Is it common in Chapter 11 for the Debtor to be "in control" of their on-going nonmonetary commitments? Section A seems to be the status quo but with more committee overhead, more reports, ... too vague.
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