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  1. A success? Well mostly. The modifications worked pretty well although the candidates stepping forward one at a time, quietly giving the admonition to Allowat, and putting on their own sashes took about 30 seconds each. In our rehearsal the "candidates" only took 15. Of course they already knew what to say. So even though we skipped the song and only demonstrated the handclasp the ceremonies took longer than we planned. In addition the guides leading the first group of candidates somehow took a wrong turn on the trail leading to the circle of our lodge. Which delayed us 15? minutes right from the start. Dinner was ready at 6:00, but the second ceremony didn't end until 6:17 I'm not sure how long it took for the hungry new members to walk to the feast as I stayed at the ring setting up for the Brotherhood ceremony. The biggest issue turned out to be quite unexpected. We had guessed at 50 candidates divided into two ceremonies so the ring was made big enough to hold 25 candidates in a semicircle so that they all had a clear line of sight of the principals. We believed this to be critical to allow them to see and hear the gestures and words of the speakers. The actual number of candidates however was 72, so the two weekends before the ordeal enlarging the ring to accommodate 36 became a priority. More cutting, raking, and bench building. But when the first group of candidates arrived at the ring there were only 31! Which meant that the second ceremony had 41. And THAT meant no matter which way any of the principals faced there was someone who certainly couldn't hear or see him very well. I don't know why the groups were offset that way. I do know that the ring building crew was simply furious. All that work...And the rope only had 37 loops, six feet apart The candidates had been separated into 7 work groups during the day so perhaps it was logistically easier to first send 3 groups, then later 4 groups. But it certainly makes it much more difficult to convince scouts that the ceremonies are important and deserve excellence when the "higher ups" clearly demonstrate that they care little and less. Tired of shoveling water upstream, Oldscout
  2. If anyone is interested, our ordeal is a go! Only 10 days away now and it's been an frustrating, exhausting, inspiring, experience trying to get the ceremonies part up and running. Our normal camp is off limits now so... Find a site, clear a ring (BIG fallen trees to move) figure out where the trails go, clear and mark them. Read all the new safety protocols, come up with some ideas how to implement them. At the first rehearsal realize that half of them aren't going to work. Back to the drawing board. Realize the ring isn't big enough to keep everyone apart, enlarge it. Find out a lot more candidates registered than you guesstimated, enlarge it again. All with 75% of the numbers we had pre pandemic. But some of the scouts are just extraordinary! They just keep showing up, working like beavers two, three, even four times a week. Sometimes all afternoon sometimes they can only stay for an hour. Practicing ceremonies after dark. Pushing each other to excel. I tell you brethren they are a true inspiration! If scouting is indeed ending, at least around here it's going out on one heck of a high note.
  3. Are there any lodges out there holding any activities this year?
  4. and it seems that one of the guys on the team has been nominated and approved for the Vigil honor. So we get to do a rare Vigil tapout as well ! This is going to be a really fun Friday evening! I just need to find the regalia. Its been 15 months since the last ordeal
  5. So just when I thought everything would be closed for the entire summer, I am told that a local troop is doing a sort of mini summercamp on some private land and asked if they could by any chance have a callout for the 4-5 scouts who were elected way back in the pre Covid days. The team was quite eager to do something anything this summer, ao right now the older members of the team are reworking the ceremony to keep everyone at the required distance. It will be different and perhaps not as impressive as we are used to but it's something.
  6. " a change that is needed" you say. Because someone in their ignorance might misinterpret it? Seems like an opportunity for them to become educated. Because a scouter might delude himself and turn into a "little tin god"? In my experience those who have that bent to their character end up as wannabe dictators no matter what title you give them. Scoutmaster or Scoutadviser. Btw I may well advise an 18 years old and let him make his own choices. A 10 year old? Not so much. Or become its [ drumroll ] politically -correct? Ah here we may well have it. A term straight from the old USSR and Maoist China. Where truth is often "incorrect " and therefore inadmissible and even unspeakable. I hear this type of censorship promoted from political figures, indoctrinated students and the occasional mob in the streets.
  7. I just want to be able to down vote some of the ads!
  8. Anyone remember the ' shrieking girl " at Yale? Or the madness at Evergreen Collage? Or the riots at Berkley? We older folks just shook our heads and said " Just wait until they graduate and move into the real world, they're in for a real shock. Then they'll grow up." Well they graduated and turns out that WE are the ones who are shocked. They haven't grown up, and the really terrifying thing is I don't think they are going to until its way to late. Some of the political leaders are obviously using the mob to further their own ends. But a mob is a dangerous thing. Ask Maximilian Robespierre.
  9. Honest question Have you read BLMs manifesto? Looked at their stated goals? Can you honestly say they are compatible with scouting? As for me "bending the knee" and begging forgiveness for my "white guilt", not gonna happen. I believe we once fought a war so that we could stop kneeling to King George III. My ancestors fought the redcoats in that war, and died in the war to free the slaves 85 years later.
  10. Ultra light backpacking? I'd rather you just bury it with dad flute music and muffled drums.
  11. Or a discount designed to encourage new sign ups.
  12. When a son shows you that he is changing from a boy into a man ... Well, there are very few things in life that touch a father more deeply. A scout salute to your son! OldScout ( Eagle class of '76)
  13. A man's entitled to his own opinion.
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