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  1. Motivation Quote of the Day

    Not everything you read on the internet is true. Abraham Lincon
  2. Do Your Scouts Use The Handbook Logs?

    I encourage the scouts to fill them in. Not so much for advancement as remembrance. After a few years campouts like everything else begin to blur in the memory. At eagle courts of honor, it's worth a paycheck to listen to the "old" scouts 17-22 years old who have come to honor their friend, sit and laugh as they recount their days as tenderfeet. "Remember the time the tarp fell over... in the rain... and then the raccoons ate all the poptarts...and the SPL ...well it wasn't my fault ..." and on and on. Now that I'm near the other end of the trail, I dearly wish my old battered scout handbook had a spot for my scouting history .
  3. Motivation Quote of the Day

    Life is too short not to live.
  4. As a parent who has raised both genders, I beg to differ. They both need equal amounts of love, care, and discipline. But epual and identical are two different things.
  5. We seem to have two threads running simultaneously here. One is cutting corners which in my mind is like a policeman pulling you over and giving you a point or two for speeding. Where is taking the entire card is like pulling your license for reckless or drunk and driving. On the subject of singing for something lost it has to actually be carelessly lost, not just on a table for a moment with every intention or retreving said object. Heck, they made me do it when I left my Scout jacket at a function because had a sick Scout to get home. the scouts gleefully picked it up and told me I had to sing Itsy Bitsy Spider if I wanted it back. I just been with me for many a year and has patches on it nearly 50 years old I have no compunction about singing a small song to get it back I didn't consider to be degrading or humiliating. one Scout some years ago was asked to sing I'm a Little Teapot he protested he didn't know the words he never heard the song. In today Society I quite believe it so his whole Patrol came out stood next to him and sang the song for him all 7 of them and he got his stuff back. He found out he had several friends that day who would come to his Aid when needed and the whole troop gave him a standing ovation. Let us not paint with too broad a brush. Can singing a little song be construed as hazing? I guess it could be micro-hazing (although I'm not at all sure I am ready to concede such a thing exists) , but I remember all to well real hazing and attempted hazings that left kids bleeding and bruised. If any good came out of that I utterly missed seeing it. I'm not trying to imply that everyone is turning into a fragile snowflake, but the world is a hard place sonetimes, I don't think we serve the scouts by keeping them enveloped in bubblewrap.
  6. Motivation Quote of the Day

    " What you have inside your shirt is vastly more important than any patch or medal on the outside." Scoutmaster to a newly minted eagle scout, circa 1970.
  7. Motivation Quote of the Day

    I've been saying that for years. To little affect unfortunately
  8. Motivation Quote of the Day

    Lead, follow, or get out of the way. Thomas Paine
  9. Motivation Quote of the Day

    Always place clothes and weapons where you can find them in the dark. Lazarus Long
  10. Motivation Quote of the Day

    To teach is to learn twice.
  11. Motivation Quote of the Day

    The best leaders of all are the ones the people do not know exist. They turn to each other and say "We did it ourselves! " Sun Tzu
  12. The dad was on the Glen Beck radio program this morning.
  13. Ordeal in 31 days, oh my

    Aaaaand, We planned a work session/ on site practice for Saturday. The forecast calls for 3-5 inches of wet snow mixed with sleet. Did i ever mention the Ordeal site is on the top of mountain ? ( although you westerners would call it a steep little hill. ) With narrow twisty roads. The next weekend is Conclave,, the next is the district Camporee. I think I should ask them to double my pay!
  14. Our Council's New Gender Inclusive Branding

    Oh good, for a second there, I assumed the pain meds were making me see double in a weird vertical sort of way.