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  1. Oldscout448


    Good to have an older brother on the forum! I celebrated my 45th anniversary last weekend. I expected to be at our fall ordeal, but it was moved to a later date. (See the 6 month thread) I hope to live long enough to get to the 50 year mark too, but at this point, I'm not certain that the Order will.
  2. Oldscout448


    Sadly true
  3. Oldscout448

    gettysburg trail award

    I got it in 1970
  4. Oldscout448


    My expert patch goes on the temporary pocket, the RSO patch is on my blaze orange hat that I only wear at the range.
  5. Getting back to the original topic, it seems I was quite wrong . I was fairly certain that the 10 months to 6 months change would have little or no impact. Whoops! I had failed to consider that they might actually change to date of the fall ordeal from the first or second weekend in October, where it has been for decades, to the first weekend in November. So that the spring and fall Ordeals are exactly 6 months apart. So if we hold the Brotherhood ceremony at 12:01am Sunday morning, the arrowmen who went through their ordeal last spring can attend. Clearly a crafty and clever idea. But I'm not sure how I feel about it just yet. I'm all for scouts continuing on in the order, but is going from 12 to 15 ( or even 20) new brotherhood members worth the enormous drain this will be on the ceremonies team? They rarely get more than 6.hours sleep on Fri night, now they would get even less on Saturday night. But the big deal on my eyes, is the fact that November 'weather is a whole lot different from October weather. And we have gone on at length on this forum about how most younger scouts no longer have the skills to "rough it" anymore. It is not unreasonable to expect a greater number of ordeal candidates sleeping in dining halls or bunkhouses. Thus cheapening (no that's not the right word ) lessening the symbolism and the probable effect of their ordeal experience. And for what? A few more brotherhood members a bit faster? Is the OA about providing a scout with the most meaningful, hopefully life changing Ordeal possible? Or is it now about the numbers?
  6. Oldscout448


    I have a few guys who would take that challenge. Any part, any ceremony. That said, they would never ever want to hold anyone back if he truly could not memorize the song or the obligation. We had a similar situation a few years ago, and the only thing we required was the admonition and its meaning. The rest is just window dressing. Nice but not essential.
  7. Oldscout448

    I got brotherhood

    Well done Brother!
  8. Ah yes, I had failed to consider that he might be one the "special " people. Perhaps he deserves a special ceremony. Anyone else remember the Iroquois gauntlet? Out of respect to the guide to Safe scouting, we could forgo the rocks and tomahawks and just throw rotten squash and pumpkins and tomatoes.
  9. No he most certainly can not.
  10. Oldscout448

    Broken Arrow ceremony

    In addition to the ceremony, a few of us decided to keep a fire burning throughout the night in memory of all the brothers of the Vigil honor we lost in the last year. I sat and kept watch from 1:00-3:00am. Many of my brothers walked past and placed a stick or two into the flames. There was some flute playing by one brother. Another drummed and sang. Some talked softly to each other, remembering those they had loved and lost. Just before dawn we used a flame from the watch fire to light the "other" one. My Vigil brothers will understand. Probably the most moving "ceremony " I have ever seen it was a privilege and an honor to be a part of it.
  11. Oldscout448

    Thoughts on "OA Legends" patch

    Let us know if you need bail money, or a cobbler with a file inside. They do make a "ghost patch" it's all in white and very hard to see from over 10 feet away.
  12. Oldscout448

    Eagle Project: Survival Kits

    The idea is to harden the entry or entries to the classroom to the point where a shooter would be unable to shoot the locking mechanism off the door and begin slaughtering the students. Who are presumably cowering under their desks. It's not difficult to make deadbolts that can only be placed in locking mode with a key, and can be unlocked without one. In an active shooter situation the teacher has to shut and lock the door anyway so he can turn the key and slam the bolt home, then get out of the line of fire. A pair of wedges aren't as strong, but far far better than nothing assuming that the door opens into the classroom. Better yet harden the entrance to the entire school. Although the Parklawn shooter reportedly entered through an open door during a fire drill.
  13. Oldscout448

    Eagle Project: Survival Kits

    When my daughter was teaching in a middle school just outside of Baltimore, I offered to deadbolt the classroom door top and bottom, or failing that build and install a new door with hidden kevlar panels. All for free. Nope, not allowed. Might cause the students to feel unsafe or worry that there might be bad people with guns in the world. It seems that in the mind of the admins, a false sense of safety is more important than actually providing it. This reasoning seems completely insane to me. This was (and sadly still is) a part of town where drugs are everywhere and gunfire can be heard almost every night. The students are not stupid, they know full well that anyone living there isn't safe. But don't point this out to the school board lest they be shocked and horrified. just passin by, Oldscout
  14. Matt, I am not sure I can agree with you here. The Order is about serving on that all agree. But it should be first in your own patrol, troop,district. Then council. What I have seen is the lodge having weekend after weekend putting tents up at the council camp, taking tents down at the council camp, building a new stage at the council camp, spreading much, shoveling gravel, clearing downed trees all at the council cubscout camp. Is there any weekend ( or even a hour or two) devoted to how to be a better patrol leader? SPL? QM? Den chief? Troop guide? Nope. Nothing. A long time ago some of our local chapters had a group of older scouts, mostly eagles,who would go camping with brand new troops showing them how to stay warm dry and well fed in the woods. The new Scoutmasters just loved it and it made quite an impression on the new scouts as well. Sadly that type of group no longer exists. A number of scouts and scoutmasters have bluntly asked seeing as they don't attend the council summer camp, what direct benefit the OA is to their troop. I wish I had a better ( read more local) answer.
  15. I don't perceive this change from 10 months to 6 months as having much impact. Around here the Brotherhood ceremony is only offered at Ordeals. The big one is in the spring, the fall ordeal is 5 months later. So 75% of our new members still have to wait a full year. I suppose there will be a slight uptick in the brotherhood conversation numbers nationally, So on paper things look better, but at the local level? Little and less. The other change seems good in my eyes, some lodges are on life support, and having the section giving them a helping hand seems to be no bad thing. Although I suspect many sections were already doing all they could.