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  1. " a change that is needed" you say. Because someone in their ignorance might misinterpret it? Seems like an opportunity for them to become educated. Because a scouter might delude himself and turn into a "little tin god"? In my experience those who have that bent to their character end up as wannabe dictators no matter what title you give them. Scoutmaster or Scoutadviser. Btw I may well advise an 18 years old and let him make his own choices. A 10 year old? Not so much. Or become its [ drumroll ] politically -correct? Ah here we may well have it. A term straight from the old USSR and Maoist China. Where truth is often "incorrect " and therefore inadmissible and even unspeakable. I hear this type of censorship promoted from political figures, indoctrinated students and the occasional mob in the streets.
  2. I just want to be able to down vote some of the ads!
  3. Anyone remember the ' shrieking girl " at Yale? Or the madness at Evergreen Collage? Or the riots at Berkley? We older folks just shook our heads and said " Just wait until they graduate and move into the real world, they're in for a real shock. Then they'll grow up." Well they graduated and turns out that WE are the ones who are shocked. They haven't grown up, and the really terrifying thing is I don't think they are going to until its way to late. Some of the political leaders are obviously using the mob to further their own ends. But a mob is a dangerous thing. Ask Maximilian Robespierre.
  4. Honest question Have you read BLMs manifesto? Looked at their stated goals? Can you honestly say they are compatible with scouting? As for me "bending the knee" and begging forgiveness for my "white guilt", not gonna happen. I believe we once fought a war so that we could stop kneeling to King George III. My ancestors fought the redcoats in that war, and died in the war to free the slaves 85 years later.
  5. Ultra light backpacking? I'd rather you just bury it with dad flute music and muffled drums.
  6. Or a discount designed to encourage new sign ups.
  7. When a son shows you that he is changing from a boy into a man ... Well, there are very few things in life that touch a father more deeply. A scout salute to your son! OldScout ( Eagle class of '76)
  8. A man's entitled to his own opinion.
  9. I think it could work as a troop program provided so we don't continually try to force it into a one-size-fits-all system. In the sixties a fair number of troops had what we called a senior Scout program. I'm not sure if it was official or not but it basically worked like this two or three times a year there would be a special camp out just for the older Scouts, it could be a survival camp out, (you could only bring what you could fit in your pockets) a 50-miler, a canoeing trip anything to keep the older Scouts challenged and excited about the program. Then it was decided that we had to be more "inclusive" and if the newest Scouts couldn't handle it we weren't allowed to do it. Within a year we lost most of our best hikers and campers.
  10. There are a few people I would love to sue into oblivion for the abuse of a number of youth in years past. But with one exception they are long dead. I can see no justice in stealing from today's youth for crimes or negligence committed years before they were even born.
  11. Because very few stay after their first year. If membership means little or nothing why should they?
  12. Almost every scout I've asked said " For the adventure, the fun, and the friendship." When they found out they had been sold a bill of goods they quietly left. I've said this before but I think it bears repeating as a clear indication of how far and how fast BSA has changed. In the circle of my extended family we have 7 Eagle Scouts between the ages of 19 and 38. None of them has any intention of enrolling their sons in the current program.
  13. It's been painful these last few years, watching BSA conforming more and more to the whims of National, injustices of our legal system and pressure from the never satisfied SJWs. I know I'm old school but the scouts from my original troop wouldn't recognise the troops of today as being scouts at all. Cubs maybe but not scouts. I hate to think it but...Perhaps it actually kinder to end it quickly rather that suffer a death by a thousand cuts.
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