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  1. Thank goodness! I have a good friend who has nearly 70 years in scouting. Hasn't missed a national Jambo since 1950 something. He wears 21 knots on his shirt. He has more at home in a box. I would not like to be the patch policeman who tried to correct him. Might be entertaining to watch from a safe distance though.
  2. I had to be very careful not to misplace anything on a campout or a scout would gleefully pounce on it and scurry back to his patrol where he would be greeted with great rejoicing. Then usually at dinner I would be approached by the PL saying " Mr. Old scout, I believe we have something of yours that requires a song.". Naturally the whole troop having been clandestinely informed this was coming would be dropping whatever they were doing to watch me sing I'm a Little Teapot. There was of course one adult who told me that I shouldn't do such things or the boys wouldn't respect me. He se
  3. Safer? Yeah I guess so. Since it looks like the majority of camps will cease to exist, troops will fold left and right,so the ex-scouts can safely stay in their basement playing WoW. Honest question, do you really think there will be 'future generations of scouts'?
  4. My income has dropped by about half during thrse past 12 months of shutdowns. I could certainly use an extra. $50-$60 K. Or even $6 K. But as I have said on previous posts, I can not see any justice in depriving a million or more Scouts of their summer camps because a long dead Scoutmaster didn't deserve the name. I have no wish to expound on the various punishments that I think would be appropriate for these predators. But stealing from the scouts isn't fair or just. It may indeed be legal, but it still ain't right
  5. " Attentiveness to the needs of others is the hallmark of a Vigil" What I look for is someone who actively looks for things that need to be done and humbly does them. Even better he gets others to help and inspires them by working the hardest. Or putting in the most hours. It can be something as small as noticing that no one has built the campfire at a camporee, and skipping some free time to build it. Or as large as putting together a select team of very experienced campers to go camping with the new scout troops in the council. I had one scout who was given the Vigil honor the
  6. Which sadly is exactly where a lot of my scouting friends and I have ended up.
  7. I sit at the Campfire alone now, my companions now sadly departed. Yet I remember their names, as I gaze in the flames. How young we all were when we started. We were promised adventure in Scouting, if we followed it's long Rugged Road. So we hoisted our packs, grabbed a dull ax, and as we hiked we learned the Scout Code. Young friendships were forged as we camped in the woods, learning of bears,trees and stars. We drove the older scouts near mad with our questions, " Is that the North star or Mars?" We wore our new patches so proudly, Tenderfoot, First Class and Star.
  8. Oooh, a real Lion patch! I remember seeing the oldest coolest cubs wearing them at my first pack meeting. I promised myself that I'd earn one someday, but they were phased out when I was working on my bear.
  9. "Happy talk PR." Hmm, I tend to use another word for it. Considerably more accurate but perhaps not suited for a scout forum
  10. The only way to end this menace is to cast the swallow into the fires of Mount Doom where it was forged. Hatched Whatever
  11. Which is why a lot of Scouters with 20-30 years in the program have decided that it's just not worth it, and sadly walked away.
  12. A success? Well mostly. The modifications worked pretty well although the candidates stepping forward one at a time, quietly giving the admonition to Allowat, and putting on their own sashes took about 30 seconds each. In our rehearsal the "candidates" only took 15. Of course they already knew what to say. So even though we skipped the song and only demonstrated the handclasp the ceremonies took longer than we planned. In addition the guides leading the first group of candidates somehow took a wrong turn on the trail leading to the circle of our lodge. Which delayed us 15? minutes right from
  13. If anyone is interested, our ordeal is a go! Only 10 days away now and it's been an frustrating, exhausting, inspiring, experience trying to get the ceremonies part up and running. Our normal camp is off limits now so... Find a site, clear a ring (BIG fallen trees to move) figure out where the trails go, clear and mark them. Read all the new safety protocols, come up with some ideas how to implement them. At the first rehearsal realize that half of them aren't going to work. Back to the drawing board. Realize the ring isn't big enough to keep everyone apart, enlarge it. Find o
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