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  1. " Do what is right by the scouts, don't worry about the rest" Advice given me by a truly old time Scouter when I because a DL back in '94.
  2. Raising a tall frosty beverage in your direction Brothers! Welcome.
  3. I never could figure where some SMs get that idea anyway. When I look at the PoR patches at a chapter meeting they are 50% SPL or ASPL,. 30% PL, QM, or Scribe. With an occasional JASM or OA rep. These are the scouts who are doing the heavy lifting in their respective troops and for many the Order is one of the main reasons they stay in.
  4. There is a long thread on this very topic that I started in October of 2013. I think the title was "Can a SM ban OA elections?" The short answer is he has three options. 1. Change the Scoutmasters mind. 2. Get the CoR to overrule the Committee and SM. 3 Change troops. My son and friends ended up with option #3 after trying their best at #1 and #2.
  5. Should be a wonderful memory for you both! I'm glad that somewhere ordeals are happening again.
  6. I'm planning a trip to Glacier with ex scoutson #1 and his family. Seeing that he now hikes faster than I do and I'm told cell phones are mostly useless up there, any body have a recommendation for communication over 2-3 miles? I've been looking at radios and after watching a dozen YouTube vids, I'm pretty thoroughly confused.
  7. and the s'mores are non fattening !
  8. What fred8033 said! It's the outdoors,the memories ,and the friendships that matter in the end. Don't let a little tin god with delusions of his own importance taint the good that Scouting was. It's hard. I know it is. My Eagle sons are in their mid twenties and thirties now and I'm still working on letting it all go. Going hiking with my grandchildren helps a lot.
  9. Maryland. NCAC. We were permitted to hold ordeals last fall under very stringent restrictions, I suspect it was the lodge executive committee trying to make sure no ordeals were held without actually looking like they were banning them. To the best of my knowledge only one chapter managed to hold one. There were zero cases of Covid transmission. Regardless we are now under an outright ban on any type of physical meeting.
  10. I should be starting the regalia packing process this evening, so I can get the first load up to the Ordeal grounds by 9:00am tomorrow. But like last year there is no Ordeal this spring. t's a weird feeling, having nothing to do. I've been to 38 or 39 ordeals in the 46 years I've been a member. Fingers crossed for next year.
  11. What you say concerning the AHMR is true and your probably correct about the legal aspect as well. But if the crying mother insisted that she told you before the meeting started, and her only kid is missing, that's not a case I would like to set before a jury. To say nothing of the cost of legal counsel.
  12. Yah hmmm, it could be quite useful to have a instantly updated list of who is authorized to pick up the scouts. Case in point, about a dozen years ago one of our scouts was picked up by his dad right after the meeting as he had done many times before. The scouters never gave it a second thought although the scouts mother had dropped him off. Mom arrived 5-10 minutes later and went absolutely berserk. Seems there had been an ugly event in the last week involving alcohol, threats, maybe more. Police had been called, restraining orders issued. Mom called police and her lawyer threatened
  13. Thank goodness! I have a good friend who has nearly 70 years in scouting. Hasn't missed a national Jambo since 1950 something. He wears 21 knots on his shirt. He has more at home in a box. I would not like to be the patch policeman who tried to correct him. Might be entertaining to watch from a safe distance though.
  14. I had to be very careful not to misplace anything on a campout or a scout would gleefully pounce on it and scurry back to his patrol where he would be greeted with great rejoicing. Then usually at dinner I would be approached by the PL saying " Mr. Old scout, I believe we have something of yours that requires a song.". Naturally the whole troop having been clandestinely informed this was coming would be dropping whatever they were doing to watch me sing I'm a Little Teapot. There was of course one adult who told me that I shouldn't do such things or the boys wouldn't respect me. He se
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