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  1. Oldscout448


    Not tying to play the devils advocate here, I'm just not sure what the current rules would say given the following situation. Which although hypothetical could very easily happen in our troop. A Cub Scout we'll call him Jimmy who is 10 years old , bridges over in March and wants to join his 12 year old brothers Patrol. It is a mixed-age patrol, the oldest being the patrol leader, a life Scout who just turned 14. The patrol uses 4 man tents, on the May campout only 4 scouts from the patrol can come. Two 13 year olds, the PL, and Jimmy. Do the current rules stipulate that Jimmy must sleep alone in a separate tent?
  2. Oldscout448

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    From the back page of the Brotherhood Ceremony 1949. Song of the Scouts. by Edwin Markham We are the boys of the helping hand.Banded together for the good of all; We cheer the steps of the ones that stand,And we lift the ones that fall. Our feet are willing, our hearts are light,And we take the road with a cherry song; For we are the friends of every right,And the foes of every wrong . Soldiers are we of the nobler warsThat great souls fight for the common good; We follow the call of the morning stars,In a knightly brotherhood.
  3. Oldscout448

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    The old maxim seems to apply here When everyone is special, no one is.
  4. Oldscout448

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    1 in 10 was the old ratio, if memory serves. How about requiring the camping MB? I'm not sure how many scouts could camp 30 to 45 nights in two years.
  5. Oldscout448

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    @shortridge you ask a very good question, I've been mulling it over for a few hours and I'm still not sure I have a clear answer. Having done dozens of Elections I recognized the words at once and have no argument with any of them. But here are my thoughts as of right now . In our lodge we play a rather dull video from National so that all the words are always exactly correct rather that read from a script or recite it from memory. It's a lot easier. BUT, you can see the eyes of many of the scouts glaze over about one minute in. Especially the younger ones. They're just sitting there letting the sound wash over them not paying any attention at all. Then they vote for their buddies. I believe we need to train our election teams much better so that they don't need the video crutch. They need to be able to sit down with the scouts and hold their attention while explaining what the order is what it stands for and how the election works. In short just recite the script without sounding like you're reciting the script. I am quite aware that I'm coming at this from a ceremonies view point, but I think that's what we need we need to convey our enthusiasm and our earnestness about the order. The other difficulty is that many of the Scouts have been instructed previously by their scoutmaster to vote for everyone on the ballot. I have been there when the ballots are counted and certain troops, where every Scout gets at least 90% of the vote. Year after year. You may argue that perhaps that troop simply has amazingly exceptional Scouts. Sorry, I've watched them at the ordeal I've watched them at Camporees, they're not. In fact those troops tend to have the highest percentage of sash and dash in the entire District.
  6. Oldscout448

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    Come to the Dark Side, we have red lightsabers and black capes
  7. Oldscout448

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    You mean a Brotherhood of Scouting honor campers? Who exemplify the Oath and Law in their daily lives? What a novel idea! (Sarcasm mode off) I think there are three main ways to change the Order back to a highly esteemed organization . One change the election criteria. The main focus from the order to the troop should be " We want your best both in skills and character. " not " We accept anyone with a first class badge and one summer camp under his belt." Two. Make the Ordeal a real challenge. Have elongomats who know what the tests represent and can explain their importance to the candidates. .And if a candidate clearly refuses to abide by the rules, we need to have the ability to politely boot him out. ( Oy vey! The stories I could tell) Three. We need to do more to help scouting than set up and tear down summer camps. We need to: run local training for junior leaders, help out troops who are dying, or just starting up, staff camporees, offer some semi high adventure to the local troops (50 miler?) In short we need to be more than a group with colorful flaps who main focus is electing and indicting the maximum number of new members so that we can say " Our numbers are increasing, so everything is all right" Is it? Is it really? Oldscout. (Mikemossin Wanachk) Ps: and you are quite right National doesn't have a clue.
  8. Oldscout448

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    A bunch of random guys wearing their personal regalia, with absolutely no official connection or mention of the OA, are planning to do a few AoL ceremonies at the request of the packs in our area. I suspect that the requests will dwindle to zero over the next few years, but that will be their decision not some edict from the royal court in Irving. I'm dreading reading the " approved " call out script but as a ceremonies advisor I guess it goes with the job. Do you have a link to it?
  9. Oldscout448

    Help clarify a position question!

    Well that's a new one! All these years and I didn't get a patch. I think I'll go to my tepee and sulk for a minute or even two.
  10. Oldscout448

    Help clarify a position question!

    My chapter ( about 250 strong) has had two AAs as far back as I remember. One helps out with ceremonies, the other elections. I don't know if it's an "real" postion or not, there are no position patches, or any official recognition.
  11. Oldscout448

    Candle Lanterns

    BBQ? Yum! Where?
  12. Oldscout448

    Candle Lanterns

    Not to nitpick old friend, but it's CO (carbonmonoxide) that is the poisonous hazard. I do remember a little of chem 101. Canvas tents are permeable and the gaps in the doors are more than sufficient to let in enough fresh air for a candle or two. If there is wet snow stuck on the tent then yes it might be a problem. As to the tepee I could go on at some length about proper set up, liners, smoke flaps, etc. But I suspect you already know everything that I do. I suppose since the old curmudgeons like me won't be around anymore to show the newbies how to do what the plains Indian tribes did safely for centuries it is perhaps best that they stick to their newfangled LEDs. Sigh. Go n-eirghidh an bothar libh, a chairde
  13. Oldscout448

    Candle Lanterns

    Back in the days of canvas tents the rule was " no open flames in tents. So we lighted our candle lanterns outside our tents, closed the tiny door and took them inside. One warmed our tents up about 10 degrees on a calm night, half of that if the wind was blowing. UCO also makes small lightweight reflectors that help greatly. I've been doing it for over 40 years now with nary a problem. Mind you there is no way I am going to risk it in a small nylon tent. If I were camping tonight when the windchill going to be 5 or 10 below zero, I would have two or three going until I was ready to go to sleep. Better yet I would be in a 16 foot tepee with a small fire in the center. I would be happy to trade a hour or two of lost sleep while fire tending to gain 50 degrees. And at the risk of calling down the wrath of all the "by the book " scouters, I really dont care a plugged nickle what the lawyer inspired, monumentally stupid GSS says anymore. I have spent over a thousand nights under canvas or the stars. I'm not an idiot. I'll be safe and warm and dry. And if one of the scouts is freezing cold at 3am there is a tent where he can warm up for a while while I go look at the stars or start a campfire and put the old coffee pot on. Or if I have the tepee I'll make the coffee / Swiss miss right there and I'll wake up another Scouter or perhaps the scout has a friend who also has chattering teeth and wouldn't mind a mug or two. Oldscout
  14. From a troop (number now sadly forgotton) in Corning, NY. circa 1935. One Fine Day in the middle of the night,two dead boys got up to fight Back-to-back they faced each other, drew their swords and shot each other. The deaf policeman heard the noise, and came and killed the two dead boys. If you don't believe my tale is true, ask the blind man he saw it too.