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  1. A scouter has resigned under somewhat unpleasant circumstances, and it is probably in the units best interest to have his name stricken from the rolls. I'm not quite sure how to go about doing this. Neither is the unit commissioner, and we currently don't have a DE. Any ideas who we should contact?
  2. Oldscout448


    Always loved the double meaning. Although his works at their zenith may have been impossible for even the "mighty " to equal, now there remains of them almost nothing. Even the greatest of rulers and builders die and are forgotten. Their vast kingdoms return to the endless sands of time.
  3. Oldscout448

    Changes in Ceremonies

    I see on another forum that it's still in production but it's going to be roughly 4" in diameter. As a youth my main interests were scouting, ceremonies, and target shooting. Hmm, I wonder if I can still hit a 4" target at 200 yards.
  4. Oldscout448

    Vigil Nominee

    Only if he asks you point blank. A scout is honest.
  5. @skeptic now that I've had a few moments to think, I apologize if I came off as kind of snarky. I realize and you are trying to do what you think is best for scouting, it's just that what you seem to see as scouting and what I see as scouting are two entirely different animals called by the same name. And I must admit that I have an emotional response when I'm told to " check your privilege, get over yourself, stop speaking as a member of your class, etc. Mostly by the twentyish crowd when they cannot find a way to counter my points during a discussion. Again my apologies, Oldscout
  6. @ParkMan you have more of the Christmas spirit than I this day. Thanks, thats more or less what I was thinking. My primary task on troop/ patrol campouts for the last year has been to try and keep the adults in their lane. This is going to make it all but impossible
  7. " Get over your attitudes" ? Exactly when did you got promoted to forum parent? I must have missed the memo/ meeting. Regarding the magazine, it came I read I trashed.
  8. I am convinced that if the earth was indeed flat, the housecats would have pushed everything off the edge with great satisfaction.
  9. Paperwork for rechartering needs to be filed in 12 hours, I still haven't signed. Nor do I plan to. I'm more than a little melancholy but since it will have been exactly 50 years next week since I first put on a boyscout uniform, I guess I shouldn't complain. Been a long fun filled trail. " The road goes ever on and on, out from the door where it began, but I at last with weary feet, turn toward the lighted inn. My evening rest and sleep to meet"
  10. Oldscout448

    Wood splitting tips

    Ok I get you. But WHY is in ILOS at all? It just seems to teach misuse. Which drives the woodworker and tool collector in me nuts! I just hate finding a 50 year old ax with beautiful balance and a laminated steel blade rendered almost useless because some barbarous philistine beat the butt end with a sledgehammer! Ever read any books by Eric Sloan? When I took IOLS 20 years ago. We had a knife and ax instructor who insisted that axes should not be used by scouts at all because they were to slow and dangerous. And therefore to set a "good" example the scouters shouldn't use them either. We had quite the argument after the class was over. I did my best to keep it courteous until he tried to pull rank. I actually had a SM stop me from chopping wood for a campfire about 10 years back. it seems that in his troop scouts were only allowed to place the ax on the branch perpendicular to the grain, and then hammer the dull ax through the branch using a log for a mallet. His troop so his rules I guess... But I did say something like" You'll na be usin any dammed shilleliegh on any ax o' mine laddie!" I told him that he was doing his scouts a disservice. I still think so dinosaur that I am. But as i think on it, this just might help explain why at the last area Ordeal not one of the scouts brought an ax, saw, or hand ax. When it came time to build the council fire they were indeed a sad and pathetic sight. Oldscout448 We really do need to get together and have that cup o' joe sometime.
  11. Oldscout448

    Wood splitting tips

    As someone else who has chopped, split and stacked many a cord of firewood, here are my 2 cents. Firstly everything Matt and JoeBob said was right on the money. Secondly, if you are chopping, there is just as much difference between a razor sharp blade and a pretty sharp blade, as there is between a pretty sharp and a dull one. A properly honed Estwing half ax will cut thru a two inch thick poplar branch with a single stroke making a clear Ping sound. An ax ground for splitting will not chop well. Likewise an ax honed for chopping is not ideal for splitting. Thus the need for at least 2 axes or a double bit. Bend your knees, snap your wrists. SSScout, I love ya like a brother but a shilleliegh ? Really? I had heard that such a method had been taught in some nearby districts but had assumed it was a product of people who had no real experience or skill with a blade. And I know that's not you.. But it's a lot slower. Like about eight times as slow. If we don't teach the scouts the correct way and time and place to use woods tools who will? Use a wedge n sledge, or a froe if you must but let us not teach the abuse of a tool. Be it a Walmart piece of junk or an old Kelly Flintedge.
  12. As well as a few other things.
  13. Oldscout448

    LDS Youth Program for 2020

    You are certainly in a new world, that much is very clear. Utopian or dystopian ? That remains to 'be seen. Boyscouts was designed as an adventure for the boys, Scouts BSA looks like a family camping club with parents, siblings, boys, girls, and everything in between. It has been said on this, and other, forums that the new wave of scouts and scouters are better off without the "old fogey" crowd. That sadly goes both ways. I find myself pondering if I will be able to recommend that my grandsons join cubscouts in 5 years. Then I wonder if the organization will even still exist. I'd say it's 50-50.
  14. Oldscout448

    Scouting in Blighted Communities

    A fool's errand? Of course it is. So when has that ever stopped us? I've been a part of such an attempt twice, once in a poor part of Maryland (tobacco fields and 20 year old pickups), once in a urban setting where ankle monitors on the scouts were not uncommon. From my very limited experience 1- you can NOT help someone who does not want to be helped. All you can do is make sure they know the offer is there. 2- parents have more influence than a scout leader. 3- there are some who are looking for a way out, something better. Even if they try to hide it in order to fit in or act tough . These are the kids you are looking for. The few who make it worth the stress and the effort. 4- start with the churches.