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  1. Oldscout448

    Breaking Point

    ah, but back in the dark ages the drinking age was 18 in Maryland Come to think of it maybe that is why so many of us got married so young 😁
  2. Oldscout448

    What's your best Scouting memory?

    33 years
  3. What with all the gloom. doom, and turmoil in this section of late, I thought it might be no bad thing to remember and recount a few of our high points on the scouting trail. I'll start. Troop meeting night, I was near the end of my 12 month term as SPL and feeling pretty burned out. Between the troop, the Explorer Post, the IWLA shooting team, OA ceremonies, church,school, and falling in love I was a very busy young man. While driving to the meeting in my car, I mused on the sheer irony of it. As a new tenderfoot I had looked up at the older scouts of the senior patrol with a great deal of awe. With their long sashes covered with merit badges, and a row of actual medals on their shirts they seemed the height of coolness. Always in control, knowing what to do, what to say, they could put you in your place with just a sharp word or even just a glance. How I longed to be like them. Well . six plus years later and now I was the scout in charge of the whole shebang and it was killing me. As soon as I solved one problem ,two more seemed to pop up out of nowhere. All of the scouts I had bridged in with had dropped out, as well as the ones from the following year, so there was no one who could help much. I would have gladly traded a merit badge or two for a campout where I could actually enjoy myself again. At least I was half an hour early for this meeting, plenty of time to get everything ready. As I was almost done setting things up, the brand new SM. walked in " By the way, the cubmaster called me an hour ago, we have four Webelos joining the troop tonight. I told their parents we would do the Oath-candle ceremony first thing" There went my meeting plan. The one I had spent an hour on last night instead of the term paper that was due in a week. I wanted to throw something. WHY ? Why am I still doing this? Deep breath. Get your patrol leaders. " Alex, John, Chip,Tim! the plan just changed. We are investing four Webees in five minutes. We need the candle board, 16 candles. matches, the old scout handbook from the storeroom, a table, the troop flag, and ... But as the lights went out, and the candles were lighted one by one and the young quavering voices of the Webelos followed my lead and for the first time pledged themselves to Live by the Oath and Law, I saw in their eyes the same respect and awe that must have been in mine when I still wore cubscout blue, a third of my life ago. I knew in that moment, I was looking at the answer. THAT is why I was still doing this. For them. Oldscout of troop 448 PS Seven years later. I was out of scouting, married with a kid on the way and my phone rang, it was one of the Webelos, informing me that the four of them were having a joint Eagle Court of Honor, and they wanted me to give them the Eagle Charge. I don't get misty eyed often but...
  4. Have one in my district, she could have an Eagle BoR by the end of '19 Since gender is now fluid, switching back and forth is just a matter of paperwork as far as BSA is concerned
  5. Oldscout448

    McDonough, GA gunfire reported at Cub Scout campout

    So if the father didn't see anything how does he know it was an AR that was fired? Or is the term AR now used to mean any semi-auto? Assuming he can tell a 223 ( the most common AR caliber) by the sound, 80 rounds is about $100 worth of Wal-mart grade ammo. Thats an expensive way to say I dont like you being here firecrackers are a lot cheaper.
  6. Oldscout448

    Breaking Point

    In our case it was a 21 year old male and a just turned 20 year old female in our Explorer post who got married. We were still trying to figure out what the policy was when she had her 21st birthday.
  7. Oldscout448

    New troop, big problems

    as one who received more than a little abuse both verbal and physical as a first year scout, I view it as my obligation registered or not.
  8. Oldscout448

    New troop, big problems

    David CO, how about we focus on the scout right now.
  9. Oldscout448

    Breaking Point

    Well that's good. A moderator shooting a junior member! just think of all the paperwork ! Yikes
  10. Oldscout448

    Breaking Point

    I truly wish I shared your optimism. The best ( or worse) way I see right now is to just ignore the stupid rules. But then would I be following the seventh point of the scout law? No, could I argue that I am following the second? Maybe. I have no clear answer as of yet.
  11. Oldscout448

    Breaking Point

    I know. It was a bit of a search to find one that did more than Webelos III. for my sons to join, and that was 20 years ago. I have been a gadfly to the "drop and plop" Scouters for years. Most of them were unwilling to let scouts do much of anything out of their sight. Heck, I had one SM who threatened to expel an entire patrol because they dared to have a patrol meeting at the local Pizza Hut. But I could always quote the book at them. Now....
  12. Oldscout448

    Breaking Point

    if they are adults ( over 18) I would think they can hang with another adult even if by the new regs. they are not allowed to supervise the under 18 crowd
  13. Oldscout448

    Breaking Point

    Somebody please stop me if I'm wrong here. But, I was told back in the dark ages, that the whole point of spending all this time and effort learning woodcraft skills was so that we as scouts could go hiking and camping on our own. " but what is they get hurt,lost, or stung? What if they meet a skunk? What if it rains,snows, or hails? So we learned first aid, map and compass, the north star, how to tell poison ivy from Virginia creeper, how to light a fire in the rain, take care of our mates, tie knots in the dark, to suck it up and keep going when we hit a bump in the road. It wasn't to get badges as much as it was to be trusted to go out on our own. As boys growing into men that is what we yearned for. To have short bursts of being on our own . They gradually got longer and longer as we proved we could be trusted . Until when we said that we where going on a 5 day hike the only question the parents asked was " When and where do you need to be picked up?" They were treating us like adults because we had been acting like adults. That is what scouting was . For me, my best mates ,and my sons, but I greatly fear not my grandson. and that is what I am mourning the loss of
  14. Oldscout448

    Breaking Point

    I don't think is so much tired as the uniform just does not fit anymore. No, its not a weight gain problem. BSA just isnt BSA anymore. At least not the one I so eagerly signed up for nearly 50 years ago. Its not that I expected it to remain static forever, all living things change. I watched a lot of them some good some bad. But its has morphed into something that I don't even recognize.
  15. Oldscout448

    Breaking Point

    I am not sure if this is a breaking point or just a worn down point. The meeting starts in 2 minutes and I haven't been able to make myself change into my uni . I can't think of a single reason to go . All my sons have aged out years ago. I was working on training the new PLs about the patrol method, but there seems no point to that since it will be outlawed in October. I've gone from angry to depressed to sad to accepting to grateful for the years of memories. Much the same as when my parents died.