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    But his interview/statement doesn't seem to indicate that he fully acknowledges any of that. He makes excuses, suggests that he may not have even touched her backside, and then dances around an apology but never really gives one. It's easier to forgive when the person in question at least truly realizes what they did.
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    You put your Raptor claw on an important issue. "What is important for us [as adults in Scouting] is: NOT the food on the campout, but that the boys cooked it. NOT a sharp-looking flag ceremony, but that the boys put it together. NOT who would make the best Patrol Leader [in our opinion], but that the boys elect one. NOT that Johnny learns first aid, but that Billy teaches him. NOT that we cover everything on the meeting agenda, but that the Senior Patrol Leader is in charge. Our goal is not to get things done, but to create a safe and healthy environment with the training and resources that the Scouts need, and then let them do it. It can be a very messy business, and painful to watch. Meetings where the boy leaders are in charge can be very chaotic. And it can be very tempting for adults to jump in and sort things out, because that is what adults do. But we have to remember that that is the process of Scouting. That is how they learn—even from disorganization and failure. We just have to remember that our business as adults is not the same as the business of the boys. It is up to them to get things done. It is up to us to make sure they have what they need, but (within the bounds of health and safety) not what they do with it." Boy Scouts of America, Orientation for new Scout Parents
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    This is a picture of one of my favorite scout trips of the year. A three day canoe trip we did every Sep / Oct.
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    Those aren't brackets, they're parentheses. Those are brackets. My favorite is pigs in a blanket. We both have them but yours taste better and are made with proper pig, as opposed to various animal parts and grain.
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    Your wish is granted... https://www.washingtonexaminer.com/news/deplorable-boy-scouts-of-america-cuts-ties-with-rear-slapping-runner
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    This wasn't a "lapse in judgement." This is Sexual Battery under Georgia law. Kick him out. Send him to a judge. @qwazse : I dont think this is an impertinent moment. It was a crime. I also don't think she was slow to react. She was attempting to continue to perform her job without making a scene. She understood that she wasn't in immediate danger and this doofus was on TV. If I were the IH of his church he would be fired immediately from both scouts and his job. Men who think it is appropriate to touch a woman's butt without permission don't have any business in the BSA or being youth ministers. The only break the BSA is getting here is that most of the news stories are focusing on him being a youth minister.
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    If we kick every leader out for a momentary lapse in judgement there won't be any leaders.