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    Glad to hear it worked out. Not to be too picky here in the happy aftermath of the project approval, but an Eagle project is not a troop function. It is a function of the Eagle candidate, within the parameters of the approval given by the project beneficiary, and with the assistance of "others" - all of whom, some of whom or none of whom may be Scouts and/or Scouters in the troop. Potentially the candidate could be the only member of the troop who works on the project (although I have never seen this happen.) Of course, there should be coordination between the candidate and the troop, because most times the candidate will be relying on members of the troop to be his "workers," and the workers can't work if they are instead on a camping trip somewhere. But this kind of coordination and cooperation does not make the project a troop function; it is same kind of coordination and cooperation that leads us not to schedule a fundraising activity that would directly compete with a fundraiser of our CO - or any other community group, if we can avoid it. It's just good citizenship.
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    @.40AET, please do not leave the board or even the discussion. You are certainly entitled to your opinion, as is @CalicoPenn In my opinion, one of the major problems with our society is the urgency with which we settle into a position, and how entrenched we become, during (or even prior to) a discussion. Too often we weaponize debate and there is no real chance to have a discussion that might help solve a problem. If you are for gun control legislation you are for tyranny and against individual rights if you are against gun control legislation you are for murdering children and against public safety. We are all to blame for where we are. The politicians stake out hardline partisan positions and hold on to them doggedly in order to get reelected because not solving a problem gives them something to rail against, but nothing to be accountable for. The media promotes the partisan conflict and 30 second sound bites because conflict sells and they want to gain viewers/readers.subscribers. Or worse, depending on the media outlet, they have staked out their own positions and rather than report, they lobby. And "we the people" reward them by continuing to send the same buffoons back to DC, even though 80+ percent of us disapprove of the job they are doing.
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    Hello all, I just got started this past August with my oldest son just about to be Tiger. I was recommended to be the new Cubmaster and I'm looking for any tips, tricks and other info. I've been coaching for a few years and work with kids. We have a Tiger Den of 24 boys so we divide and conquer and are looking to have more tigers next year with a new school coming online. So if anyone has advice, please share. I'm currently the Assistant Den Leader and on the Committee. Thanks, Kevin
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    Welcome! Thank you for taking on one of the absolutely best jobs in Scouting!
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    Everybody wants adventure, few want to condition for it. Girls are beholden to generations of moms who have been taught not to sacrifice creature comforts, their great grandmothers are shaking their heads. But, if across this country, there were 1000 girls who will master camping and hiking and camping with their mates, what should someone who's sworn to be helpful do?
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    Quite right, we have a sub-forum on Cub Scouts https://www.scouter.com/forum/25-cub-scouts/ Here are some past topics which may interest you, in addition to advice from past and present Cub leaders who will join in.
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    Cubmaster is a big task! Thanks for getting involved into scouting right away with your son! Theres plenty of information on this forum that can help you!
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    Come on, gang, this is all about "market share" and "loyalty " and "faith". Scouting started up and went world wide because there was a previously unacknowledged desire for child friendly adventure. And Belonging. And the Practice of Adulthood Before you got there... Every kid, Boy or Girl, wants to be part of a "Gang". That can be Scouts, the football team, the marching band, a MYF group or MS13. We favor Scouts because we know how it helped us along, and see the benefit of learning the ideals of the Scout Law and Promise earlier rather than later in your adult life. Frederick Douglas said it best, "It is easier to build strong children rather than try and repair broken men." The GSUSA and Girl Guides have always been (bless'em) dedicated to the females of our species. It is demonstrably sad that they have fallen away from their historically adventurous program. If the BSA has always been dedicated to the adventurous type of the training (see the Douglas quote above) and the GSUSA has tended toward the more "traditional" female type things, THAT is why we are now facing the change we see. The Market Share is now being defined by girls that want the adventure part of that training that the GSUSA has recently come to organizationally deny. Can you blame them? If the BSA can provide (female separate Troops/Patrols/Dens) but the same design and intention of an adventurous, safe danger, allowed to lead, type of program, then we will all benefit thereby. "A Game With A Purpose" indeed.
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    Natahala is fun but we tend to gravitate to the Ocoee, more frightening
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    You were surprised because it isn't true. Fake news.
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    Got data? I am more concerned about traffic crashes, high adventure safety / basic safety, and sex abuse prevention because I expect the odds of all of those to be greater.
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    I think I have said this before, but I wish that the BSA, as its first decision after letting girls into Cub Scouts, had NOT issued a new article of clothing for the girl-Cubs that emphasizes differences between the genders. Why couldn’t they just let the girls wear the regular blue shorts and long pants? And if necessary, offer a girls’ version, the same thing the boys are wearing, just a different “cut.” I really hope that when the Girl Boy Scouts starts, they just let them wear the uniform pants or shorts and not have a green “skort.” Is there a “skort” for female Venturers?
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    Both the BSA and GSUSA have seen significant membership declines. Some of this is undoubtably societal.
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    Saw our CSE, interesting comments from him. Apparently the drop in numbers for BSA is all about the change in families "And you think about how families then, in the '70s, '80s and '90s, started to change," he said. "More pressures on the family. More activities for children. Moms now are in the workforce. But because we didn't adapt our program design, we just had a slow, steady erosion." Partially true, but unless an organization / business / group really, well and truly, understands the issues, they will no doubt repeat them. Basically CSE is blaming the decline on influences outside the organization. A very shallow and simplistic view. Membership declines had nothing to do with the wholesale change in the program in 1974, the continued emphasis on everything BUT outdoor skills and leadership, not fully understanding where your user base is coming from, not the large membership accuracy issues pretty much every decade, not a large professional base more attuned to fund raising than delivery of program, etc etc etc. Scouting is a great program, one that teaches leadership and self reliance. Unfortunately we seem to be moving to just another after school program in may ways. Stick to the strong points if you want to grow.