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    G, Mike Rowe would be an outstanding CSE. Unfortunately, he'll never be selected. Not in a million years. Why? He'd upstage everyone at HQ in Irving. Without even trying.
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    What I have quoted above is the first sentence of this thread. FireStone asked that in this discussion, we PUT ASIDE the doom and gloom. I see later posts here where the doom and gloom has not remained off to the side, but is front-and-center. There are many, many other threads where doom and gloom is the order of the day. (Just as an aside, don't people get tired of that? Day after day, week after week of the sky is falling? Even if I thought the sky were falling, at some point I would get tired of saying it. Of course, I know that a couple of people are already thinking, See, there he goes again, the jackbooted moderator trying to stifle discussion, so for the record, I am not trying to stifle discussion, and I never have. I am mainly expressing puzzlement.) Where was I? Oh yes, I was about to strongly suggest that we honor our fellow forum member's request and keep the discussion within the bounds that he has suggested. We don't have a specific rule in this forum that you have to honor such a request.* But I think it is the Friendly and Courteous thing to do. As I said, there are many other threads that have the dark rain clouds hovering over them. No need to bring the stormy weather in here as well. *Over the years there have been a few "experiments" in keeping a particular thread very narrowly focused, in which the person who wanted to start the thread made advance arrangements with the moderators, and the moderators enforced those limitations. But it would be very difficult to make that an everyday thing.
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    You make a good point on how society is failing boys. Though I'm not sure it's just the boys. Girls are having their problems too. And I think Mike Row's comments accurately hit on some of the reasons why. I remember when I was little, my first baby sitters were 12 and 13 year old kids (both boys and girls) from the neighborhood. Now 12 and 13 year olds (and 14 and 15 years olds even) need baby sitters? I think there is something very wrong here, and it's hurting all kids, male and female. Which I think is partly Mike Row's point.
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    I cannot put aside the doom and gloom because a Scout is TRUSTWORTHY.(emphasis) National has not done anything correct since 1972, EXCEPT bring back Green Bar Bill. Everything has further deteriorated Scouting in the US. And I do not believe these current changes have been well thought out. I do not think we are headed in a good direction. I see a smaller BSA with less resources for serving Scouts.
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    Amazing how that happens so easily with these online forums. @NJCubScouter You are absolutely correct, and I am the most guilty offender in this regard. I apologize for detouring off into the gloom-and-doom weeds with some of my comments. I think the dark storm clouds have probably dropped most of their rain by now, anyway. Do I see some sun breaking through?
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    From the press release, alcohol will not be offered at Jamboree - bravo! However, I think most of the furor is centered on condoms at Jamboree. I see no direct mention of that hot potato by BSA or WOSM. They were clear about no alcohol, so why not be clear about the most volatile topic (condoms). Maybe I missed something in a veiled reference like "adhere to the existing health requirements developed to address the needs of international health norms in a manner more aligned with local practices"? Is it beyond their ability to just say what they mean?
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    And this is the sad truth. It would seem that national is now no better than a political party. Endlessly spinning the facts, ever worrying about the "optics" misspeaking telling lies when ever they believe it will further their agenda, playing with survey data. Ever since I first took the Eagle charge years ago, I have tried to remember that I represented all other scouts past and present. Therefor I tried always to speak the truth as I saw it in all humility. and told the Eagles I mentored to do the same. Now I feel that I have been played for a sucker and a fool. Me and every single earnest tenderfoot Scout who ever took the Oath and Law seriously. Breaking Point? Yeah, pretty much.
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    I'm a SM now and one of our traditions when awarding completed MB is having the scout talk about 1 MB and when he learned...I had one bone head say (I don't know, I slept through it) it was First Aid....Well guess what! he doesn't have that MB and is now retaking it lol
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    Weird, I always thought the audience of Boys' Life extended beyond the BSA.
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    No - not any different in my generation, but back then boys at least had things like Scouting to provide some balance with male role models. Those options are now narrowing (just sports teams?). Not all boys happen to be sporty (I certainly wasn't).
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    IMHO, the donkey gets replaced with a pony.
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    Is that really any different than when you were in school? Elementary education is a pink-collar profession, and has been for the last century. And I think working with women as an adult is vastly different from having a female elementary school teacher. Look at the #metoo movement— I guarantee every man being named had female teachers when he was young.
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    I'm in England at the moment. I visited @Cambridgeskip's troop and really liked what I had a brief view of (thanks for the tour, Skip!). However, if the BSA plan is to emulate the UK plan then we're in trouble. This is nothing against UK scouts. Their program is great for them. Our program should be great for us. There are cultural differences that won't translate. We are hung up on eagle. I've read their forum and have never seen the types of arguments we have. They don't have summer camps like we do. I'd much rather see a return to GBB. Fun with a purpose. I ran a camporee based on that and the response was great. My DE said he loved it and he wants more and bigger. We need our own vision that our people can get behind. If it turns out to be similar to UK scouts, or Latvia, or Argentina, fine, but we need to figure it out for ourselves.
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    So so dumb. Everything CSE said about the BSA understanding and embracing the differences of the genders and supporting single gender instruction is a bald faced lie. Actions speak louder than words. Spinning off a brand new magazine for girls, have some overlap in articles but also showcase things outside of scouts that interest girls should have been the obvious direction. I wonder how we can get a petition started to voice no confidence in Michael Surbaugh and petition National to elect Mike Rowe as Chief Scout Exec?
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    So you think we should get rid off all my female scout leaders? 1/2 of my ASMs are female. I work in the Software Engineering field and it is mostly dominated by males, it is something that will hopefully changed over time. Boys should have role models that are male and female, 25% of my sons teachers are male. Maybe your school district needs to hire more men?
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    Hadn't appreciated you were Surrey Ian! I was the out of county member of the selection panel for Surrey Heath district. Don't know if that involved any of your lot. It was a tough decision to make.
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    It is...and please don't call me Shirley.
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    I'd just be upfront with my families about it. Something like: This is a World Organization of the Scouting Movement (WOSM) event and these are their rules. The BSA under the terms of the agreement to serve as host is bound to implement the WOSM rules. The BSA is working to implement those rules in a way that is consistent with the BSA's values - but ultimately the BSA will comply with tho WOSM rules. The however, does not indicate a change in the rules of the BSA itself. This is a unique situation due to the nature of this specific event. We as parents and leaders may have preferred for the BSA to withdraw from the event, but ultimately the BSA did not. If you (as parents) are uncomfortable with this decision, you should not send their Scout to the World Jamboree.
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    I was also a Cub Scout 1983/84-87 Boy Scout 1988-1993 as a youth
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    I'd recommend that people with middle-school girls deciding between BSA and GSUSA might want to look at and compare the Boy Scout Handbook, with the Cadette Journeys Books: "Amaze", "Breathe", and "Media". (And also the Cadette Girls' Guide to Girl Scouting.) That will let them see the program materials that the troops have to work with. Of course, national program materials aren't everything. Enthusiastic and energetic local volunteers, and a group of like-minded girls, could work together to have a good scouting experience even if they don't like the official program materials. But they might just want to compare and pick the program that appeals to them most. For some girls it might be GSUSA. For some girls it might be BSA. But the national program materials from the two organizations are VERY VERY different.
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    I would like to say I really don't care how colleges view my boys' Eagle awards, if they even get them. If a college looks at my kids and doesn't see them as wonderful people, then it's their loss. And, I get that top colleges are competitive, but I don't really know if my kids will be chasing top colleges. What I want in an Eagle Scout journey for my sons is the maturity and real world experience the journey gives them. My boys are youngish, 11 and 13 and they are just starting to learn. My older son was supposed to lead cooking on this last weekend's campout and I heard it did not go well. But he's 13 and hopefully he will get more chances to do better and he will get better in time. It was his first time trying. Hopefully he gets lots of experiences! He is getting closer to first class. One baby step at a time. I don't care how other people view Eagle, I care about formation. If my boys learn the skills, that's the point, they will be better off than where they started. Schools do not do a complete job with young people, I view Scouts as an important educational experience.
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    My deal-breaker with the BSA came several years ago when they seemed to double-down on the gay scout ban. I wasn't active at the time, but my decision was made. Despite being a multi-generation Scouting family, with many Eagles (myself included), I would not participate in the BSA with my son when he reached Scouting age. Even though the ban was always there, it a different time when I was a scout. In this day and age, we're faced with different things to consider. My moral compass and my conscience wouldn't allow me to continue the BSA tradition with my kids. I joined the BPSA-US and was in preparations to start a local group when the news hit that the BSA would reverse the policy banning gay scouts. Shortly after the other membership policy changes came. The barriers to BSA participation for me were gone, so when my son started 1st grade, we joined the local Pack. I realize my story is kind of the polar opposite of the original discussion here. I argued for the inclusion of girls, not against it. My point, though, is that I understand the way people come to these decisions, and that the breaking point exists for everyone. And sometimes that breaking point leaves us with no other option but to leave. It's sad, but it was bound to happen no matter what direction the BSA decided to go in with any of these membership policy discussions. Many families left the BSA behind when they maintained the gay scout and scouter bans. Many families will leave because of the inclusion of girls.
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    featherswillfly I'm in the middle of my Wood Badge training. I can't speak for what Wood Badge was before they revamped it (Wood Badge for the 21st Century). Our course covers two 3 day weekends Friday morning to Sunday evening. The first weekend was primarly indoors with the emphasis on leadership training and team building instruction. We spent a coniderable amount of time learning about how to turn a patrol into a high performing team. We were divided into Patrols , I am an Owl, and we did everything together as a patrol. We each will take a turn as Patrol Leader and will lead our Patrol for the day. This includes attending a PLC meeting and being responsible for everything our patrol does for the day. It is an intensive experience with everything directed to teaching the leaders how to instill leadership and team building skills into ourselves and our Scouts. We also covered project planning in detail and each patrol chose a scout related project to develop and present during the second weekend. My patrol has met once and will meet again before the next weekend. These meetings are run just like a Patrol Meeting would. The second weekend will be totally outdoors. I haven't been to this part yet so I can't tell you much. I do know that we will live the patrol method, camping, cooking ect. We will do a conservation project during the weekend. Our project will be run by the Camp Ranger. Wood Badge so far has been everything I was told it would be. I would strongly recommend you to take it. The energy of being around 70 committed adult leaders (40 participants and 30 staff) is truly inspiring. It is my understanding that you don't need to be invited to attend Wood Badge. It is open to all registerd adult leaders, Cub Scout, Boy Scouts, Venture Scouts and Varsity Scouts. The only requirement is that the leader must have taken all training that is requried for their position. This would include fast start, NLE, and the Job Specific training for your position. Wood Badge is open to everyone. Oh yeah. You wil need to write a ticket which is basically a pledge with yourself to fullfill specific goals related to Scouting. You will have 18 months to complete your before you have completed the course and receive your beads. Sorry about the length (could keep on going) but I've been invigorated by my experience so far.
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    Taurus Excretus. What falsehoods? Be specific. Shades of meaning and innuendo (like in the Snopes article) don't count. Trail Life did not write the WOSM rules for WSJ. Exposing those rules to light is not telling a lie. Look at how many active scouters on this board had no idea that condoms were to be distributed and advertised: "Heads of contingent must be informed in advance and made aware of their responsibility in communicating this policy to their participants, unit leaders, and IST in an appropriate way." For a well written conservative point of view: https://www.frc.org/updatearticle/20180522/bsa-scouts "What kind of fire are the Boy Scouts teaching kids to start? ... But, as most people who've caved to the Left's demands will tell you, accommodation is a slippery slope. Now, a half-decade into this new social experiment, the Boy Scouts have lost members. They've lost money. They've lost their moral compass. And they've lost most people's respect... Of course, if it's a wilderness experience the Boy Scouts are looking for, their dwindling numbers have given them plenty. Down 1.7 million members from its high-water mark, the Scouts don't seem to have gotten the message that sexualizing kids is the best way to lose support. After barely surviving their clash with parents over same-sex scouting, the century-old group now seems intent on traveling the path to complete irrelevance. As if putting out the welcome mat for kids who identify as homosexual wasn't unpopular enough, the organization knuckled under and let openly gay scout leaders serve too. Boys who identify as girls were next -- until it threw out gender altogether and, this month, invited girls to join. Earlier this month, the organization even announced it was dropping "boy" from its name. Now, the program is in a national nosedive -- and leaders think the best way to revive it is to throw a two-week sex party?"