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    What is legally right is not always morally right.
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    Yes, yes they do and when I asked the same question to the second in command of my Council (both of which shall remain nameless) he said that the Council has already done so. Will it hurt? Yes. Will some units lose charters? Probably, but it is the right thing to do.
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    It wasn't because it seemed political. They yielded to the progressive rage mobs. They have other posts still up supporting the women who served on the SC before ACB. If they didn't want to appear political, they'd delete those, too. Apparently they only support women with the "proper" views today.
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    I don't think the concern is that GS posted the 5 justices. I think the concern is that the GS took down the post as a result of "woke" pressure because one of the justices was Amy Coney Barrett.
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