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  1. mrkstvns

    Swamp Base

    Has anybody done the weekend trips to Atchafalaya Swamp Base in Louisiana? (https://www.bsaswampbase.org/) If you've been there, what do you recommend as far as camping? (Tents on the banks of the swamp, or stay in the houseboats?) Any thoughts as to preferred paddling routes?
  2. mrkstvns

    Methods in Scouting

    I would like to hear more about troop HA trips. In my son's troop, all of the HA trips I've seen done over the past 4 years have all been those ones you refer to as "BSA packaged HA". I'd like to educate myself as to more exciting "out of the box" options.
  3. mrkstvns

    Jack Links Fundraiser Partnership with BSA

    Agreed. That's where I think Girl Scouts differ: their cookies are good quality and people know what to expect. Country Meats has ads in about every issue of "Scouting" magazine printed in the past 10 years....or you can see their web site: https://www.countrymeats.com/scouts.aspx I also think it would be very easy for scouts to sell a $1 product. Even the cheapest guy in the world probably has $1 in spare change lying around. On the other hand, that $25 bag of popcorn is going to take some hucksterism to move...
  4. mrkstvns

    Methods in Scouting

    WHAT?!?!?! Are you implying that boys would have more fun out in the woods than they would in a classroom ignoring a tedious merit badge workshop led by a boring adult reading to the boys all their requirements that say "tell", "show", "explain" or "describe"???
  5. mrkstvns

    Methods in Scouting

    Hmmm. You make a valid point. I agree particularly with regard to positions of responsibility. BSA events like NYLT or NAYLE also exemplify "leadership development" --- even though not all scouts do these "optional" activities.
  6. mrkstvns

    Jack Links Fundraiser Partnership with BSA

    Jack Links....purveyor of the worst-tasting soggy "jerky" in the world. YECH! More interesting, and FAR cheaper, and easier to sell, are the Country Meats beef sticks --- you can find their ads in just about every issue of Scouting magazine. Just $1 each (no need to buy a big box of too many beef sticks). The Country Meats beef sticks are not only an easy, fast sell, but if the unit does it as a fundraiser, they keep 45% of sales (which is better than the 30% they typically keep from popcorn sales, though admittedly, the total payback to scouting is good with popcorn sales....it's just that the majority goes up the organizational hierarchy, not directly to units that serve the boys).
  7. mrkstvns

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Those are the 2 that I always end up buying. Gotta agree with some of the other comments here though....I prefer to buy from the kids who knock on my door, though I will admit to occasionally buying from the parent who brings an order sheet to work. I do wish the Boy Scouts could come up with a fundraiser that was cheaper, easier to sell, and a HECK of a lot less complex than popcorn sales (too many price points, etc.) When girl scouts come around, I can buy from every girl who approaches me --- after all, $4 a box isn't going to break my budget and I always have at least a five-spot in my wallet. On the other hand, the cheapest popcorn sold by boy scouts is $10 and there are those "boxes" at prices up to $55. Yikes! That's WAY too much for popcorn... Yech! That sounds as gross as that Hershey bar with pretzel bits in it...
  8. My son did his Eagle project about a year ago. The process here is for the District Advancement Chair (or a designee from the Advancement Committee) to meet with the scout to review and approve his Eagle project. Still not an issue as he/she requests a parent to be present at the meeting. Requiring 3 adults would sure burnout the advancement committee mighty fast!!
  9. mrkstvns

    Methods in Scouting

    In my opinion, Personal Growth and Leadership Development are both expected outcomes more than they are "methods". So even though doctrine says there are 8 methods, I think it really boils down to 6 methods. Of those 6, I think the top 3 are the 3 most important, and when we get caught up in squabbles over the minutia of the bottom 3, we lose sight of what's most important. Just an opinion...
  10. In the Advancement forum, someone made a comment that Advancement is only one of the 8 methods in scouting --- and not necessarily the most important. That got me thinking. Are all the methods equal? Or are some more important than others?? Just to remind folks, these are the eight methods: The Ideals The patrol method The outdoors Advancement Association with adults Personal growth Leadership development The uniform What are your thoughts?
  11. mrkstvns

    Merit Badges of Yore...

    Nope. No "Blacksmithing" MB, but the Metalwork MB does contain options for "Foundry" and "Blacksmithing", so a boy could earn the badge the "old fashioned" way... BTW: I don't know of many summer camps that offer Metalwork MB, but Sid Richardson Scout Ranch in Texas does (they even have a forge!)
  12. mrkstvns


    Waffle House.
  13. Yes, the personalized contract is between a scout and his parent. What I do is ask the scouts if they've got an agreement with their parents about online/electronics usage. A couple might, most won't....so I do a round-table discussion using the WHO, WHAT, WHEN, WHERE, WHY approach to talk about what they think are reasonable guidelines and restrictions. Then I tell the kids to talk about it with their parents and see if they can come to an understanding as to what is right and wrong for their family.
  14. Requirement 3d for First Class says scouts must "Use lashings to make a useful camp gadget or structure." Requirement 2a through 2e are various cooking requirements. Requirement 6a through 6e have various aquatics requirements that could be done on a canoe trip.... Who's hungry for rotisserie chicken on the river ?!?!?! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=river+powered+rotisserie&&view=detail&mid=C788244FBA53A6264913C788244FBA53A6264913&&FORM=VRDGAR
  15. mrkstvns


    Why not bring 2 of those 4-man tents and split the boys up 2 in one tent and 3 in another?