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  1. Jameson76

    New girls in Scouting

    Remember (and you know doubt live this) that unit volunteers and professionals approach this with different agendas Unit volunteers will look to what quality program can I provide to the youth and what is the long term window (hopefully years) for participation with the youth coming to my unit Professionals see youth as a commodity and are mainly interested in the numbers NOW, this month, this year. Goals must be attained. If they can get the money (make the sale / ABC Always Be Closing) and add widgets to the spreadsheet, their job is done Cajoling or bullying a unit is doing what it takes to be successful. No issue with professionals, they are doing what they are being incentivized to do.
  2. Jameson76

    YPT2 deadline

    Feedback in our unit is the new YPT seems a bit overkill and heavy handed. Seems less the like old one..how to be compliant and adhere to YPT, and has now morphed into selling me that child exploitation is bad, we are likely all on board with that idea. Also children are in danger, predators abound, be fearful, be watchful, be vigilant Wonder how this will play with new leaders, hope it doesn't scare any off
  3. Jameson76

    New girls in Scouting

    Have fun. If the scouts are not having fun, they will vote with their feet. Keep the helicopter parents in the back and out of the way. Let the youth (with guidance and mentoring) select and be involved with activities that are engaging to them. If the program becomes more school and classwork to get to the vaunted Eagle rank, you will lose many of them Have fun, go outdoors and DO STUFF. Not for advancement sake, not to get this merit badge or that merit badge, because it is fun, challenging, and engaging. The advancement can be a byproduct of what is done, not the main purpose. Go hiking, go climbing, go canoeing, go boating, go through a gorge, go biking, play a wide game, do a lock-in with overnight video games and gym games. Did I mention facilitate HAVING FUN?
  4. Jameson76

    Three Cub Scouts - school flag duty

    I did the flag thing when I was in elementary school. Principal chose two of us that were in scouts. We put it up in the morning and took it down in the afternoon. Fun part was running out of class when a storm came up...good times in the 6th grade, dodging lightning and what not. Well done young cubs
  5. Jameson76

    Time between rank

    Who has time for all the record keeping and math?
  6. Not a huge fan of massive troop "rules". Never had one, do not plan to have one. Once you have written "guidelines" one will need to follow them and then you get boxed into a corner. Sort of like the academic zero tolerance policies. Huge difference when a kid goes camping with dad and accidentally leaves an axe in the car as compared to kid who brings a knife to school to settle a score. One must look at intent and hopefully be able to judge and work with kids as individuals. We have a large troop and literally have only one written policy, and that concerns cell phones and it was written this year. Other than that, we try to follow the basic tenants of BSA policy. I mean Good Lord there are two huge tomes, the GTA and GTSS which are both 100+ pages each. If that is not enough for you, not sure an additional document will really help
  7. Jameson76

    Class B Question

    Try to get a shirt that youth will actually wear outside of Scouting events. If they will wear it outside, they will wear it during We do a Class B shirt every summer, also for high adventure treks. Different color and use the dri-fit type. Over the last 10 years we have used the same front chest design. Then the back is emblems from the activities we do each summer. On outings we have multiple colors, but they are all similar design. I was pretty sure we had hit on a good overall design as I saw the shirts around town, in photos, and other places worn by our scouts. The dri-fit was a big hit
  8. Jameson76

    Fees? What are packs charging?

    Interesting BSA registration fee is $33. Boys Life is $12 The BL is optional Personally I would find another council and tell them to bag the activity fee
  9. I do find it interesting that a 14 year old cannot hold a full time job, cannot typically open a banking account without parental permission, is not able to enter contracts, cannot legally operate a motor vehicle in the US, is not able to consent for sexual activities, serve in the military, vote in elections, cannot purchase a gun, cannot buy liquor or beer, does not have a choice and is required to attend school, cannot fly unaccompanied without a parent or guardian authorizing, and other myriad of items they are not able to do because as a society we have deemed them not mature enough to handle these tasks and responsibilities..... YET....... This same 14 year old (or younger) determines they are transgender and everyone is supposed to be on board with this and accept that decision at face value. To question is to be genderphobic and discriminatory. Not saying there might not be reasons behind that decision, but seriously, this does call for a rational conversation and exploration and a clear understanding by the youth on the ramifications (short term and long term) of this decision.
  10. Jameson76

    Scout Talks

    Waaay Waaay back in the day we could do the school talks. This was for Boy Scout troops that made for a fun presentation. I was the DE and would travel to the schools with tents, backpack, etc. We would setup in the assembly area, then the classes (boys then) would come to us. It would be the local unit leaders, or their representatives, and myself. I would do the basic what is Boy Scouts, then the local unit leader would talk specifically about what the local troop actually did. Note this was early 80's so no mass crossovers, etc. We had good response because it was tangible Not sure we could do that now. Especially the axes and knives.
  11. Jameson76

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

    Best part of a conference call
  12. Jameson76

    Tomahawk & Bow Recomendations

    Curious what you are throwing the tomahawks into? We have some, and have not found anything (other than large end cut logs) to throw into. Sort of tough to tote about. We have not found a good portable target. We have a knife throwing target, a good piece of basic 1/2" plywood on a frame works well. Easy to setup and move, load into the trailer. Rope of an area off and have at it. The light weight throw knifes are inexpensive and only need a tune-up on a grinder occasionally.
  13. Jameson76

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    I'll take the under on that bet / expectation. Rather than 10 years, there will be "survey" and "groundswell of support" sometime in 2020 / 21 and we will be coed. The challenge will be ramping up any actual functioning girl troops or enough "linked" (wink wink) troops. BSA will need to decide how to effectively provide a good program and opportunity for the the girls coming out of cubs. Honestly it takes a minute to stand up a troop and get the institutional knowledge to have a well functioning troop. There may be some Girl troops and they will be new, then they will look over at the established boy troops in the same area with 11 outings annually, maybe 2 summer camps, high adventure, 30+ years of tradition, 10 Eagles a year etc etc. Why can't they have that now, it's not fair, yada yada. Not saying the requirement (though it might be) will be for troops to be coed, but it will be an option. Boy Troops, Girl Troops, Coed Troops will be the three flavors. Might be a hard sell to mandate coed for many years, though likely that is the way Boys Scouts...sorry Scouts BSA will be moving.
  14. Jameson76

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

    Wow..I read the web page on Scouting.org. Looks a good deal like some cobbled together Lean presentation. Wonder what BSA has paid for this expertise. Not sure why it starts with Roundtables (FB) and ends up talking about employees (Scouting.org) First the FB announcement was 5 paragraphs and literally said nothing The link to Scouting.org So..we have the mission statement The Polaris Method Making the BSA more Effective, Efficient, and Empowered Then we define the group(s) / key terms Stakeholder: the end user; the one who needs or uses our service or products. Value: determined from the point of view of the stakeholder. An activity that adds value transforms BSA service in a way that benefits the stakeholder. Efficiency: the single most important focus of the Polaris Method.Any part of the process not adding value to the stakeholder’s experience, is inefficient. We are always looking for WASTE to reduce! Empowerment: is key to sustaining The Polaris Method into the newly adapted culture of continuous improvement. Autonomy to make recommendations and changes drive this effort. Then we go FULL consultant and drop in the elevator pitch (which as has been noted, not a lot of elevators out in the woods)...honestly would have been more entertaining if they had called it the cracker barrel pitch or something The Polaris Method Elevator Pitch: The Polaris Method is a way of thinking and operating designed for efficiency, effectiveness, and empowerment. The Polaris Method is rooted in Change Management and Lean Management blended together with a Scouting twist for the BSA. Lastly we get some of the neat stuff Polaris will yield, but then I get confused as it refers to employees?? high employee trust, engagement, and satisfaction at the workplace employee mindset of proactively seeking positive and gainful improvements in all areas of work and customer service by modifying current standard operating procedures a streamlined approach to project implementations with consistent clarity, alignment, and collaboration ability to align the entire team to focus on bottom line goals and being okay letting go of non-high priority items, projects, properties, events, etc. new language and terminology that will make issues feel more solvable and less daunting Basically, looks like the DE's and professionals will be tied up over the next 18 - 24 months implementing POLARIS and that will be why they cannot be at meeting or helping units