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  1. Cue the "There's Always Summit" (or The Summit / or The Bechtel Summit / or the named for someone zip line adventure) e-mail and that availability
  2. Jameson76

    Sloooooow advancement

    Let him choose his path. We have some that are very fired up about advancement. We have some that enjoy the adventure and challenge of the outings. Sometimes as leaders we ask those that have not advanced a rack in a while if they have any questions, but that's about it. Don't worry, unless he is 17 and 7 months, wants to attain Eagle and still has some required MB to earn. (and a project) He may be a might stressed then
  3. Jameson76

    Denied a court of honor.

    Yep - We had one with the same situation. Completed Eagle paperwork and application just after HS graduation. They were gone for the summer (working out of state) then college orientation and college (yep out of state), so we coordinated the district BOR for their Fall Break on a Tuesday night. There was a petition / form / document that we worked through. As it was past 3 months but less than 6 months was not a huge issue, but we did have to make sure the i's were crossed and the t's were dotted.
  4. Jameson76

    Denied a court of honor.

    There is more going on here that we may know These are some of key notes from the poster: It had been 9 months since becoming eagle. When he didn’t know what was going on he contacted his SM and when he did his SM wanted to meet with him. At that meeting he was told that he was denied a court of honor and would not give the reasons why. This may be some form of discrimination and if so there is going to be hell to pay. He was just notified last night that they are denying the COH for reasons they will not say. With that said, they talked at the library last night. Basically no reason was given for the Denial of the COH. The SM said he did pull for him as well as a top official. He gave him his medal and pins and certificate (in a plastic bag) and that was it. As has been advised, the COH for Eagle is typically the family. Not required, though there should be one if the Scout is desires the ceremony. In our unit we offer advice, have a box of decorations that can be used, etc. and support as needed. Favorite was one at the Scout's house, then we all watched college football after the ceremony. Interesting that the poster went quickly to discrimination, mentioned this multiple times, but offered no firm details (even vague ones). Not sure why one would jump to that conclusion so quickly. Must be some back story here not being disclosed. Also the implied issue with some member on the committee/troop on the timeline. Maybe some history there also. Sound like the Scout is an Eagle. (That can be confirmed with local council / NESA if it has been 9 months) Possibly move forward with that accomplishment in his life and put the COH issue astern.
  5. Jameson76

    OA and the aboriginal cultures

    When my son was in HS he and some friends were watching Blazing Saddles one night, we had a long discussion on timeframe it was made, (1974) and what is was actually trying to convey. To your point is what highlighting the absurdity of many racial stereotypes and at it's core it is a satire. Also pokes a great deal of fun at Hollywood. Great movie.
  6. Jameson76

    OA and the aboriginal cultures

    That will be entertaining...trying to find the tribal descendants. That is assuming a lodge is in fact using regalia and symbolism from the local tribe from the area your lodge may be in. For example if one is in Western NC and the lodge is using Cheyenne type regalia but that area was originally Cherokee, who (whom??) from which NA group would be able to approve usage. Is there a form, would it be an e-mail, do you go to their local gatherings? Also what era as the regalia changed over the years as the NA groups came in contact with Europeans.
  7. Jameson76

    Looking for some insight

    As one who has worked camps and currently working with a large troop, your expectations to involve the staff in the visitation issues may be a challenge. If there is a court ordered restraining order, then entirely different set of circumstances. I have had families with those, it was not pretty. In the first week you advised you did not want the mother at camp. No mention of court orders, visitation documents, or custody paperwork being presented to the camp. Just that you did not want her at camp. On the second week, you did present some documentation, but expecting all of the camp staff to be fully aware of this may be an over reach. Your issue is with your son's mother. If she is in violation of custody agreements and court orders, then refer that through the legal system. Not excusing the staff and likely they could have done more. At the end of the day the issue is with the mom, not the camp. Hold her responsible for her actions.
  8. Way more than you may want to know https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ga-ga https://www.gagacenter.com/nyc/about/what-is-gaga/
  9. The gaga ball pit (sort of like Thunderdome...many enter but only one is left) is a great time. Lot's of need for scouts to work things out. One of the camps we attend asks that a leader be nearby and is responsible to check the ball in/out. Also haul away the injured. I was sitting there at a table maybe 50 ft away enjoying the afternoon and a tasty treat and was asked to mediate some point of the game, my response was "work it out". The group asked a couple of times, I responded the same each time the same and they stopped asking and (shocked face) they worked it out I did dutifully turn the ball in and luckily mended no scouts. The afternoon progressed nicely
  10. Jameson76

    BSA National and Change Management

    Interested bystanders??
  11. Jameson76

    BSA National and Change Management

    I would agree and disagree that we are customers. Challenge is we (collective we the volunteers / youth / etc) likely do not view ourselves as customers, anymore than members of a political party may view themselves as customers. Many of us see ourselves as part of Scouting and thus not so much customer but owners/shareholders of the legacy and history of scouting. National team and many BSA professionals sometimes make the error on customers vs owners (shareholders) and a good many of them are not 100% sure if we are raising money for Scouting OR if Scouting is there to raise money.
  12. Jameson76

    souvenir flag for Eagle Scout

    Many of the families have done the ordering of the flag flown over the US capitol. The request can be done via representative website. Here is a handy sheet on the process - http://americanflagfoundation.org/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/How-to-Order-Flag-over-Capitol-Rev..pdf
  13. Jameson76

    BSA National and Change Management

    I would go so far as rather than a wait to see what will happen next it's more of an arrogance that we will tell you what we feel you need to know when we determine. Challenge is that we volunteers are the ones delivering the program to actual scouts. The pyramid should be inverted with the Scouts (youth??) on top, not National
  14. Jameson76

    BSA National and Change Management

    The selection of the talent is interesting. Not to bash the current DE selections, understand our new DE (we get a new one each and every year) has no familiarity with the program, was not a member in any way, and is just out of college. All well and good, not 100% sure what value will be brought to an existing district by this hire. Degree seems to be in some liberal arts field, not sales / management / marketing which those skills could used. They were at the council camp to get oriented (I guess??) to BSA, spent a lot of time getting patches because everyone seemed to have patches so they needed some. Maybe we will meet them at some point, suspect not. Wish them well
  15. Jameson76

    BSA National and Change Management

    They could redirect some of the many minions from the marketing groups and the foundation writers for that task.