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  1. We had a WB beading ceremony (??) that was done at a troop meeting. Ran, I kid you not, 45 minutes. I too felt like we were hostages. Most leaders input was "and that's why I will never go to WB"
  2. I continue to find it interesting that organizations, such as NOW, at various times called upon the BSA (as was an organization's free speech perogative) to open the membership to girls. The press release article qwazse noted was headlined - "Boy Scouts of America Denies Equal Opportunity Access for Girls" Yet, I am not able to find the same organizations, then or now, calling for the Girl Scouts to admit males. Please do not perceive this observation as being against the inclusion of Girls into Cubs and Scouts, it is what it is and honestly has not effected our unit at all. I hope
  3. I work with our Life Scouts. They know who the SM is (title and name) but reference him only as Mr (name). I refer to getting the CC signature, they say who it that, it's Mr CC. Oh Adult to Adult is first name. Youth to adult is Mr (last name). Agree with others, if I am conversing with a Scout and they need something from another leader, it's see Mr (last name) If we're being smart alecky (which is often) it's title and first name - Scoutmaster Bob...ASM Pete
  4. We ran our own summer camp and had monthly outings AUG through NOV. Maybe average of 24 Scouts and 6 leaders per outing. Did aquatics, kayaking, backpacking, and AOL visit. We did have our annual 3 day Winter trip last weekend, to the swamp, visit to a National Seashore Island, and some other side trips. We have been meeting outside since August, but we always met outside so no difference. Been some challenge due to CO (church) being closed at times so went to park across the street. They close at dark, so winter is iffy. We have picked up some additional High School aged Scouts. B
  5. 1972 was the BIG change. Many of the core badges (swimming / camping / cooking) were part of the group that could or could not be earned. That was the change wherein one could become Eagle and not have camped at all and basically not have gone outside at all
  6. Maybe they have learned to give the expected answers, please the questioner. I typically get they feel first aid, the shooting sports, climbing, and camping as important.
  7. My hope would be (though not likely) is that they actually take one of 2 paths for this new set of requirements. Whether one thinks the DEI initiative is a good thing or a bad thing, it is likely not going away. BSA National has opened the door, so they will not be able to close that door 2 Hopeful Paths Restructure the Citizenship Merit Badges to include some new items. Some of the DEI requirements could relate to community, nation, or world. Remove the Citizenship in the World MB from Eagle required and insert the (obviously reworked) DEI merit badge in it's place Dou
  8. My thought is everyone read the floated proposed requirements and said WTH, this is worthless. Must have been a lot of pushback. The language was suspect at best and agenda driven at worst. They decided to punt.
  9. If you recall Surbagh's Town Hall video, he as much admitted they (National gang) was pretty much out of ideas on how to add members to the program. The adding girls was a hail Mary. In reality they did not want to do the hard work of figuring out why some units succeed and others fail, that would require maybe a real reflective look at the program. Nope, it was the easy route they took "let's add girls". Not saying it was a bad idea, just need to be honest on WHY.
  10. I had one of my Scouts ask me about some of the musicians (that they all seem to listen to now) from the late 70's and 80's. Specifically Bowie, Elton John, and Freddie Mercury. Did we care they were bi or gay, was that an issue, what did we think of them. My answer was that (and this sort of shocked them), they were more defined by their talent and what they actually did than their persona. Did not recall if they were openly out or swinging at the time, but everyone sort of knew it, but we accepted that they were talented, that is what mattered. I see the challenge today is that
  11. There is no way to leave personal politics out of the discussion. Each of us brings our own experiences, political beliefs, personal beliefs into everything we do and express. To deny that is naive, we can try, but it is there. Also to deny the WHY of this merit badge is akin to putting one's head in the sand. It is being put forth as window dressing and to show compliance to an agenda. Now, can we as a nations do better, absolutely. Are we as a nation as bad as many have made it out to be, absolutely not.
  12. I am not the one using this term (see below) in requirement #1 - Intersectionality. You speak of no politics, yet it is in the definition of the term Intersectionality is a theoretical framework for understanding how aspects of a person's social and political identities combine to create different modes of discrimination and privilege. Examples of these aspects are gender, caste, sex, race, class, sexuality, religion, disability, physical appearance, and height. What exactly do you think the goals of this merit badge are? Are they to "broaden horizons" or are they to prove to many
  13. Sadly you do not even have to attend a local event... or learn about such an event that occurred historically. 100% Classroom and discussion. No actual "doing". Just indoctrination
  14. Great - another classroom MB. Quick read I can see this will be an MBU offering, if Scouts can stay awake, they are granted DEI and Scouts BSA improves it's wokeness factor
  15. We have had recent visitors (AOL's) who the family definitely wants the Webelos III experience. Not so much Family Scouting but they want to stay in their group, advance together, etc etc. They also want the 60 page Troop handbook, specific advancement steps, very scheduled on outings and summer camp; etc etc. Our input is this is a boy led troop. The method is YOUTH led and each Scout finds their own path. We can facilitate, but it is driven by each Scout. Our success (IMHO) is judged by the number of Scouts we have a active that are in High School and come when they can because (w
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