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  1. Some of our Scouts asked the same thing, they really liked our week long Troop summer camp last summer. The leaders all tried to downplay that option, running a troop camp is a lot of work. Not enough time for afternoon naps, etc.
  2. It does take an involved cadre of leaders and involved parent leaders In 2019 out troop sent 3 crews to Seabase (6 leaders), 1 crew to Philmont (3 leaders), Summer camp in June (7 leaders) and Summer camp in July (5 leaders). And as others have noted, 10 monthly campouts / events. Good number of support leaders with reservations, medical form rechecks, finances, transportation, etc. This does take independent planning by the crew and summer camp leaders. With the Greenbard our outdoor chair initiates the items, but then a key leader runs with the actual event. Traditionally w
  3. Not to downplay the outbreak, but if they had 750 - 1,000 Scouts (Youth / Leaders / Staff) in camp the % of the outbreak is 0.3% to 0.4%. If the goal is 0% risk of Covid then no activity will ever take place. Possibly a more directed action could have taken place. Just suggesting that maybe apply the scalpel rather than the sledgehammer when situations like this inevitably arise.
  4. Start with "Let me talk with you about a great Multi Level Marketing opportunity with Amway..." and see what transpires 😀
  5. Agree I had some 17.5 year olds come to camp with us. Just enjoying their last time at camp as a youth
  6. So true. I was our outdoor chair for many years and would work with the Greenbar on where we would camp and what we could do on outings. When the SPL would develop the plan for the weekend I always mentored them that have some things to do, but never to much. Leave time (especially in the afternoon) for downtime, wandering, etc. With summer camp I have to talk some parents down and explain that their Scout does not have to come back with forty leven merit badges to have a successful summer camp. Yes we schedule them in the morning classes (mainly so the leaders can have a nap and quie
  7. Our troop goes and does stuff. That is the goal. On many occasions we get a parent (or leader) that feels we should have "advancement outings", work on this or that specifically. The SM and key leaders always push back on that and continue to just push going and doing stuff. Go have fun. Now just because we do not have specific advancement thrusts on outings, does not mean that advancement does not (or cannot) happen on an outing. I always like working with Scouts on Camping merit badge, first we camp (not including summer camps) over 20 nights a year so most Scouts get that pa
  8. Couple of observations 1) Actually that is pretty good summation that BSA has sort of lost the focus on it's core constituency, the boys or now the youth. If you look over a councils program offerings it's all about families (not that families aren't important) and adult training, etc. etc. For those of us that have been around for a long while we can remember that the focus used to be how do we get more Scouts out and about and camping in the outdoors. Not really sure what the focus is now. 2) Not really sure that TL is a viable alternative at this time. Yes BSA has lost members
  9. I don't disagree on "teaching" leadership. My definition would the experiential leadership learning that occurs when a troop functions. As a patrol leaders how do you get things done, what works and what doesn't work. When do you have to involve the SPL, when do have to go through the woods and involve the adult leaders? That is the leadership I was referring to. When Scouting is done correctly in the wild, Scouts (the youth ones), learn how to manage and get things done in their group of peers. They learn if they do not adhere to some type of timetable stuff does not in fact get don
  10. Let's hope that we don't have a group that wants to "re-imagine" the BSA and it's programs. The Cub movement toward heavily family oriented over the last 10 - 15 years was not getting in the droves of new members, adding females (not debating that) also did not result in massive new numbers. BSA needs to play to the strengths. Leadership, skills development, outdoor adventure. Get some ACTUAL marketing going on a LOCAL and NATIONAL level. Sell the program to the Youth with some selling to the parents. Show Youth doing things, going out and having FUN. Troops (can't speak for Cub
  11. Typically at summer camps 30% - 40% and I would assume the same for Philmont. Our council camp was the same as most staff typically work +/- 3 summers. This year about 2/3 new as opposed to 1/3
  12. On the salaries - From the 2019 - form 990 (CEO/Secretary) Base, Bonus, other compensation $459,042 - Total compensation (retirement / nontaxable) - $622,731 (Deputy Scout Executive) Base, Bonus, other compensation $189,411 - Total compensation (retirement / nontaxable) - $261,6901 (Director of Development/) Base, Bonus, other compensation $155,602 - Total compensation (retirement / nontaxable) - $177,294 (Director of Field Service) Base, Bonus, other compensation $151,268 - Total compensation (retirement / nontaxable) - $194,938 (Director of Support Service) Base, Bonus, oth
  13. On the experience of staff, feedback is that at Philmont, which has about 1,500 - 1,800 seasonal staff, they were indicating that 2/3 of the staff are first year. Lots of staff did not return and the "institutional knowledge" has not been passed on due to the pandemic gap.
  14. We had discussion with the camp director in the later winter at the council camp concerning Block Schedule or Cohorts, that was NOT in their plan. They wanted to have a NORMAL camp or maybe not at all. They are in week 4 of 8 now. We went week 2. Maybe 1,000 scouts a week. Basically ran like normal. Maybe more emphasis on hand washing before meals, but no real changes. Scouts had a great time. Very very few masks, but we are in the Southeast. If they had programmed with block schedules or required cohorts we would have run our own summer camp like we did in 2020
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