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  1. Assuming the shelter in place etc is lifted sometime in the summer, there will be pent up demand to go camping, etc. Most units camp monthly AUG - MAY, with summer camps and HA in June and July (your results may vary with geography). As some have noted, there will likely be chances to have multiple outings in a month. For our unit we do 9 troop outings annually (not including 2 summer camps and HA) plus a new scout outing, plus likely 1 patrol outings, and then 2 or 3 bonus small group outings. In 12 months, not counting HA, a scout could get 32+ nights camping and 15 events easily. Just need a couple of leaders and some Scouts and BAM...you've got yourself an outing
  2. Dates are coming on when payments need to be made, so not sure when all the worlds collide. Also the troops getting the fees will be problematic as all units are not meeting. Lots of moving parts and as the current "social distancing" will not be lifted until maybe May 1 (+/- a few days) that only leaves 5 to 6 weeks to get everything in gear. That means staff disengaged from Schools etc and on-hand for camp, maybe completion of hiring the staff, filling staff holes with folks that were going to but due to circumstances but will now not be able to be there, etc etc etc. Also camp schools that certify staff have likely been delayed. Many of the typical bureaucratic BS stuff will need to be cut back so camps can run. Tough calls that will have to be made. Local troops can likely stand up a camp much quicker for a week on their own than a council can for multiple weeks if rules are not updated to conditions.
  3. $800K?? Is that all? Hardly worth getting out of bed. I've got a widow (someplace, cannot recall at the moment) that wants to send me somewhere north of $500 million USD. All she needs is some basic detail of my finances....
  4. Why not? I am not versed in the minutiae of elections but this may fall under the broad auspice of contracts that assumes "That which is not specifically EXCLUDED is assumed to be INCLUDED". Meaning that unless they specifically note that you cannot, then you can. The verbiage is - Before the election, the OA team must secure from the unit leader verification that at least 50 percent of the registered active unit membership is present. If at least 50 percent is not present, an election cannot be held. It only states PRESENT - this does not state PHYSICALLY present at a physical location. I see no reason that a unit could not hold a ZOOM type meeting, count those in attendance, have the Scouts e-mail or text their votes. Drive on
  5. So...assuming we (universal WE) do go to summer camps / day camps / Philmont / Seabase / Northern Tier I wonder about health forms and ability to actually get updated ones Many of our Scouts and Leaders get theirs updated in the Spring. Obviously that is not happening now, and if the COVID19 abates and we return to a more normal state, what are the odds of getting in for routine annual physicals? More of a question on next steps and looking for opinions. My input would be BSA just says for 2020 the forms are good for 2 years and give a date in 2021 that they move back to 1 year.
  6. We are discussing (blue skying really) about having our own summer camp. Not sure it will happen, but it could be interesting
  7. These are not exactly 5 star facilities. At the surface, maybe, but it is NOT a conference center. Actually what is expected in a "conference" center has changed substantially in the last 20 years. Now you want to be able to fly in, easy access, good facilities, hotel rooms, great dining, maybe some offsite entertainment (Top Golf / Regular Golf / Entertainment complex) to add to the conference. Not sure the recovered strip mine has that
  8. I will not comment on the misled, in my opinion, mis-managed or mis-judged Yes the land maybe was provided, but costs spiraled up as the wish list was made. Also two driving factors, and honestly cannot find the original documents, the Summit was to be paid in two main ways. Donations - which lag behind Attendance in NON Jamboree years - which lag behind The attendance was supposed to be heavy as the typical marketing stuff, 65% of the BSA is within XX hours to drive there. It will be the new Scouting mecca. I know for a fact that Summit reached out to local council camps to try and get them to be a "portal" for Scouts to do High Adventure. Scouts check in at council camps then they (and their camp fees) head up to Summit. Obviously the councils likely have their own HA summer camp stuff and they also need the revenue, so that has not panned out. Combine all of that; No Control of Cost, Low Donations, unrealistic attendance...you end up $400MM in debt and no real way to right the ship. Just kick the can and the bond debt down the road a might.
  9. We actually discussed this at committee meeting. Our troop is about 75 Scouts, suburban setting. Decision was really no decision, just that we would keep on keeping on. Our "do we cancel stuff" meter will be based on the local School system. 95% of our Scouts attend the public system locally. If they were to shut down, we would follow along. Not so different from weather stuff. Also if the church (our CO) curtailed things, we would also pullback. But, as I noted to the committee, our meetings and campouts are run by the Scouts with a great amount of attention to cleanliness, hand washing, and the highest levels of sanitary conditions. Why the CDC could take lessons from the patrols on meal prep, food storage, tent tidiness, and general cleanliness. Our camping areas are so clean the Scouts can and in fact do eat things that fall of the dutifully scrubbed tables. The dreaded COVID19 would not stand a chance among our urchins.
  10. So to build the Summit BSA formed a corp (Arrow WV). That group sold bonds, etc to finance the endeavor. The Arrow WV group "borrowed" funds from BSA to build the great and powerful Summit. This amount more than doubled and donations dwindled, but we digress. This is now listed as an asset (receivables) somewhere north of $400 million. If Summit is worth that much, have I got a deal for you on some bundled mortgages. Here is an article from 2013 that highlights the impending challenger https://www.reuters.com/article/us-boyscouts-finances-specialreport/special-report-a-439-million-camp-adds-to-boy-scouts-money-crunch-idUSBRE96E08B20130715
  11. No He only needs to provide the information at the time of the application. Also on the letters for reference they only need to be asked for, but it is not a required. From the Guide to Advancement - A board of review must not be denied or postponed due to unresponsive references.
  12. Don't overthink that question. We advise to put the crossover date, or first meeting date. It can be a bit fuzzy with applications, processing, etc. Never had an issue
  13. Bandannas / Buffs / shemaghs are what's in..... Get with the times you "bunch of grumpy people"
  14. What others have said, need to spread the workload out. On the going to bed, no need to head to the tent at 8:30 just because others are. I too typically go to bed 11:30 or so nightly. On campouts (We are Boy Scouts maybe Scouts BSA or Whatever the over 11 year group is called now) so Scouts and leaders start turning in 9:30 - 10 or so. Some of us sit by the fire and enjoy the evening until time to hit the sleeping bag. For two night outings the boys tend to stay up later on Friday nights, then earlier on Saturday nights. Also - never underestimate the power of an afternoon nap in a hammock during the outing. Quite refreshing
  15. Cookies for the gang in Dallas...tons of cookies. Those Thin Mints and Samoas aren't eating themselves
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