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  1. Jameson76

    How to ease out a chartered org rep?

    Typically the COR is not directly involved with the unit operations as a COR. Seems this COR wants to be the CM or CC, he may want to be large and in charge because that's what he wants to do and NOT what you need or want him to do. The Chartered Organization Representative (COR) is the direct contact between the unit and the Chartered Organization. This individual is also the organization's contact with the District Committee and the Local Council. ... If the chartered organization has more than one unit, one representative serves them all. Nothing in that involves direct unit operations / program There is a pretty good guide - https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/04-113.pdf Below is sort of what they are supposed to do, run program is not really one of these. ❑ Serve as a member of the unit Key 3 team and meet together several times a year. ❑ Serve as a liaison between your units, your organization, and the council structure. ❑ Encourage unit leaders and committee members to take advantage of training opportunities and to regularly attend district roundtables. ❑ Promote well-planned unit programs. ❑ Organize units to serve the youth needs of your organization and the community. ❑ Promote the recruitment of new members. ❑ See that youth participants and adult volunteers advance from one program phase to the next. ❑ Assist with annual unit charter renewal. ❑ Suggest unit Good Turns for your organization. ❑ Encourage unit committee meetings. ❑ Encourage the pursuit of Journey to Excellence performance. ❑ inform and engage organization leaders and members. ❑ Encourage active outdoor unit programs. ❑ Emphasize advancement and recognition. ❑ Secure district help when needed. ❑ Use approved unit finance policies. ❑ Encourage recognition of leaders. ❑ Cultivate resources to support your organization’s units. ❑ Represent your organization on the council and district levels. ❑ Serve on your council’s relationship committees when asked
  2. We stopped there heading back from Skymont Got a replacement lid for a dutch oven Skymont clean site award is the Cracked Skillet award. Much to our surprise we actually have won it a few time
  3. Jameson76

    Kudos to my council - Northern Star

    Again people speak of commissioners and the reason the role is not commonly understood is that so few folks / units have actually seen one. They may file reports, but very few are seen in the wild. The commissioner should know the units leaders, the CC's of the units, the key unit leaders (not the leader or CC, but the ones who actually gets stuff done). This would entail more than maybe an annual visit. Honestly if you query most units about their commissioner you will get "who??" or "what??" Not saying it could not or should not be a useful role, but the execution is often times lacking.
  4. Jameson76

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    Wait - Summit Bechtel Family National Scout Reserve is valued at $371 million dollars? The site is maybe 13,000 acres, that would be $28,500 per acre. Seems a bit pricey.....
  5. Jameson76

    Wood splitting tips

    There are many options
  6. Jameson76

    Hair-Brained Idea du Jour...

    It all depends on how you approach STEM, you have to work it into the program - We were at a canyon hiking the rim, we posed the question, if we throw Timmy off, how long until he hits the bottom if the bottom is 700 ft? That lead to the speed and acceleration discussions. Also how much force would be needed to get Timmy out far enough - We spotted the International Space Station on an outing, good discussion points on the station, geosynchronous orbits, etc - Time to get to an outing..if the campsite is XX miles away, and we drive XX miles per hour, when do we arrive? - How hot does the fire need to be to melt glass? (surprisingly not that hot)
  7. Jameson76

    National Leadership, Surbaugh Leave of Absense

    We have never turned in the project book with Eagle application. Our unit completes 12 to 14 Eagles annually. The initial project is approved at the district, then reviewed at the EBOR, but that is it. Pre-EBOR we turn in 2 page application to service center and contact list, then post EBOR application with signatures
  8. Jameson76

    Rifle Shooting Merit Badge, Option C Req. L

    @le Voyageur - Discuss what points you would consider in selecting a muzzleloading rifle. Key point - How will it perform in the Zombie Apocalypse?
  9. Jameson76

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    Remember - whatever the question is, the answer is in fact "sell more popcorn". Sadly my unit is not part of the solution as we don't hock the corn
  10. Jameson76

    National Leadership, Surbaugh Leave of Absense

    Sadly they (BSA National) does not seem to look for outside talent. You have to be part of the club, raised in the club, dedicated to the club, in order to be anointed to run the club. Likely some of the issues with finance and direction, currently impacting the organization, may have been lessened if leaders with some outside experience and different professional path had been in charge.
  11. Jameson76

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    Sadly it has been ongoing for a while. This really stems from several items 1) The cost for the Summit, this is a huge drain 2) Pension Liabilities that are not fully funded for the professional Scouts 3) General overhead not full contracted for current size of the organization 4) Sub part of the that is the current Council Structure may not be the best to deliver Scouting to the local community 5) General Medical Health Care costs, actually this impacts pretty much every business and organization 6) The liability portion (not abuse cases) that are more prevalent, see above, due to everyone's rise in premiums, a lot of high deductibles, makes more sense to file on BSA insurance for a sustained injury 7) The abuse case money issue
  12. Jameson76

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    Banner year for the ranch. You had normal traffic, those that signed up in 2017 for a 2019 trek. Then you have some of those cancelled in 2018 who filled in for 2019. Maybe 25,000, (typical is maybe 22,000) but that may not be accurate. Much of the loss will never be recovered. In our case we had 24 Scouts and Leaders signed up for 2018. Many did our hurried up Adventure Trek and called it good. We had 4 from the 2018 group plus 4 others not signed up for 2018 attend this summer. We will have 2 of the 2018 attend in 2020. So in a very small sample, of the original 24 - 6 will do a 12 day Philmont trek. That is 25%
  13. Jameson76

    Did BSA "Abandon" LDS?

    I don't think one could disagree with this statement: “The reality there is we didn’t really leave them; they kind of left us,” said M. Russell Ballard, acting president of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. “The direction they were going was not consistent to what we feel our youth need to have ... to survive in the world that lies ahead for them.” One could certainly argue whether they agree with stated positions of the Mormon Church, but they are what they are. Fact is the BSA has made changes in membership requirements. The BSA felt they needed to make changes to be more inclusive, the Mormon Church feels they need to adhere to their values. In this case both groups are in many ways correct. The outcome (in my opinion) is not good for either group. BSA is losing 20% of their membership while the Mormon Church is becoming more insular and interacting less with non-Church groups.
  14. Jameson76

    BSA Mortgages Philmont Scout Ranch

    Question is - what is the plan (if there is one) to rather than live on a Line of Credit, actually be somewhat revenue neutral. Agree with the Summit burning money like a drunken sailor
  15. Jameson76

    LDS Youth Program for 2020

    First - the, I am assuming very nice gentleman, that started means well, but not sure if he is explaining or preaching. There is a great deal of Mormon (LDS??) speak and their own language. Not sure non LDS folks have the needed frame of reference. Quorum of 12 disciples? Ward and Branch councils? You have been prompted? I wish them well as they progress along the covenant path.