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  1. Agree. I do see many of the AOL patrols (dens??) that have no prep and expect Scouts to be just more cub scouting. The whole independence, youth led is lost. Parents seem to have culture shock that there is not hovering and social promotion. Also grades 3 - 5 is all that is needed. Do you really need to go to the fire station leventy nine times??
  2. Our unit welcomes ALL parents to come to outings AS LEADERS, not parents. If a new parent wants to come, great. You must take YPT, we make clear the scouts camp in one area and we as leaders camp in another. This is not a parent kid campout that the troop happens to be at. If said kid comes over to the adult area for X or Y, one of the leaders will likely speak with them and guide them to their PL or SPL. We take very seriously the Scout areas and the leader areas. Yes we stroll through, usually in groups of 2 or 3 to converse and observe, but they need to work as a group and they ar
  3. Yeah - that's probably a really good question. Agree that BSA pros have no idea on how to move the organization forward. I will put National Volunteers in that group. Challenge is that what made the BSA great was in fact the Boy Scout program (11 -17 year olds) and the experiences those Scouts had. Autonomy, adventure, self reliance. making mistakes and learning how to work through them, actual life skills like cooking, cleaning, taking responsibility, managing your patrols and troops, learning how to make things happen, etc. etc. These skills and effectively managing Scouts can
  4. In our council unless you are raising money, they could care less. No marketing, no support to new or old units. Remember, Scouting is about the cash and keeping the pros paid. As long as they can keep cashing in on the cache and history of BSA, they are happy
  5. With all the camping / nights camping requirement the "intent" is for the youth to be active over a longer period rather than just coming to week long camps. The weekend outings are critical to develop leadership skills, interact with other Scouts, overcome obstacles, make decisions (like where will my tent go) etc. A week at summer camp is important, but the monthly outings are harder. Planning menus, packing for that weekend weather, working the outing into other responsibilities. These outings are what makes a Scout a Scout and how we as an organization differentiate ourselves in the ma
  6. The two I have taken were structured as follows 4 hours during a weeknight 8 - 9 hours of on-site on a Saturday 3 -4 hours participant study and review of materials before the weeknight and on-site
  7. Certainly the horse it out of the barn on this one, but, going forward you may want to set clear expectations for rank advancement. You are the SM and responsible for the program. For Star / Life / Eagle other the MB's, all the requirement sign offs you may want to be done by the SM. In our unit for Scout / TFoot / Second Class / First Class the requirements are signed off by Life or Eagle Scouts. Rank requirements are signed off by SM for Star / LIfe / Eagle. They go to their specific ASM for the SM conference for Scout / TFoot / Second Class ranks. SM handles those for 1st / Star /
  8. This is one of the reasons I only work at the unit level. I do volunteer and serve on my terms. I would say the leaders in our troop (60 + Scouts and 12 + active leaders + committee) are on the same page. The District Chair and DE wanted to do a meeting on FOS, we said no, send us a flyer with detail and we will distribute. Then they wanted access to our parents e-mails, again, nope. We'll handle it Popcorn, nope. Camp cards, nope. Focus is program, outings, etc. I enjoy mentoring the youth, seeing them succeed. Helping them deliver program to their peers. Way way back in th
  9. Well, do you raise money to have a Scouting program (volunteer thinking) OR do you have Scouting to be able to raise money (professional thinking). When well over half you expenses are salaries and compensation and not focused on program, it's an issue. My council's largest group is dedicated to raise money, so they can have more staff to, well, raise money You are being kind, it's like any management thinking is from the 30's and 40's of layered management (many layers) and nobody really makes a decision, they just sort of meet about it. My council has a lot of staff and a well pai
  10. Don't overthink this, remember the focus should be on the Scout and delivering the program. SM or CC is not available, quick text or e-mail should be able to secure their approval, leader on site signs, and move on. If they (CC or SM) have concerns those should have been voiced long before the Eagle application is in play.
  11. Well - That explains the focus on FOS, popcorn, and camp cards. Guess all of our fair share is needed to support their lifestyles
  12. You can find the 990 form for your council. For my council latest one I could locate was 2019 Revenue - $14.3 M. These top 6 staff (less than 10% of the total staff) account for $1.594MM in costs or 11% of the budget. SE pay is not in fact a misprint SE / CEO Reportable compensation - $459K Other compensation - $159K Total - $618K Deputy SE Reportable compensation - $189K Other compensation - $70K Total - $259K Director of Development Reportable compensation - $155K Other compen
  13. Out unit does not sell popcorn, camp cards or FOS. When we look at the council roster of staff roughly 30% of the folks are specifically related to "development" I was at a troop event and the area director advised that scouting was a success due to amount of money raised at a dinner When they list a new person coming on as a DE, they list FOS, popcorn, and camp cards as their main functions. Then ONLY time we see our local DE, it's about money. Honestly not sure what the guy does 40 hours per week. We have maybe 20 units in the district. 3 of those at our CO. Basically 1 day per w
  14. The BSA has never been overly transparent on their numbers or their math. Lately they don't seem to report their numbers or generate an annual report. Their math is suspect at best. They always report that only 5% of Scouts get Eagle. This number is generated by XX Eagles in a year divided by YY Scouts registered at that time. 50,000 Eagles, 1,000,000 Scouts (now Scouts BSA) and you have 5%. Challenge is that a good number of Scouts are Scouts for multiple years. Not a big deal but I think it speaks to the casualness the BSA has with actual data. No way diminishing the Eagle rank (
  15. Our unit has had some discussion on this requirement. In our mind the key phrasing and verbiage is "who has an identity that’s different from yours" At it's most general, the definition of identity is "the fact of being who or what a person or thing is". This really could quite literally be anyone, other than an internal dialogue. All of us have some different traits, beliefs, or characteristics than someone (anyone) else. It is not saying a person of Christian faith must speak with an atheist. That would be enlightening no doubt, but not required. They (the scout) should have t
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