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  1. We sometimes have the conversation with our Scouts "Why do we camp in the rain?" Their first responses are we're dumb, we can't read the weather maps, etc etc. The discussion leads to that if you are planning to have an outing, and if you wait for all the conditions to be perfect, you will likely never leave the porch. It is sort of like that in life; not the perfect time to attend that school, not the best time to start that business, maybe a better time to take that job, make that investment, marry that spouse, take that trip; etc etc. Rather than look for reasons NOT do somethin
  2. There was a call this week for our council area on UMC and Scouting. To say that the input was muddled would be kind. UMC has very real concerns and will not commit to anything until there is clarity from the BSA. The BSA, at least locally, has no real plan. Maybe units go find another CO, maybe not, maybe it will work out, whatever. Sad truth is, at least in our council, the concern for the actual units that are doing Scouting does not exist. Our feeling is they would be fine if we all just faded away, they could run the Scout units in the inner city neighborhoods (which are goo
  3. I fixed that for you Lions and Tigers...oh my
  4. Boypower 76 - Heralded by CSE Alden Barber. Big old Crash and Burn. The resignation is sort of underscored in the following article snippet. Left the profession "to pursue other interests" The plan was for 1/3 of all boys to be in Scouting by the Bicentennial (1976). This led to widespread phantom units. The epicenter was Chicago, but the impact was in all councils.. Took many years to shake out. Sort of rinse lather and repeat with Scouting for Life issues in the Early 2000's In October 1967, he was appointed by the BSA National Executive Board as Chief Scout Executive. During his
  5. I continue to be underwhelmed by the BSA professional leadership at the National and Local levels. Transparency is not in their vocabulary. Neither is communication. Noticed a random note on our district e-blast (which typically has "no new content") about cub recruiting and the Field Director who assisted. Apparently our DE, which is number 5 (maybe 6??) in the last 8 years has left. No notice from council on that occurrence. Then they wonder why the turnover is so bad as they don't regard them very highly and we do not get attached to them. In our district we are roughly 50% U
  6. UMC and the council of Bishops is recommending / strongly advising / instructing local churches to NOT sign the charters. At this point it's not a NO, but remember that the ministers are assigned and are under the direction of the conferences that roll up to the main UMC. As this moves along, a local UMC church may want to charter a troop but it may be not allowed in the book of discipline. Side note: To actually update the UMC Book of Discipline would be a major thing, but you get my drift Candidly, the BSA will need to get a path forward without the Charter Organization model. The B
  7. I would posit it would be a logic paradox rather than a time paradox. It would be localized at first, then as more logic is questioned; the Zero tolerance rules at Schools, mattress tags that can't be removed, and 5 screens of signing up with websites just to buy something; that paradox would grow, sucking in the local area. As it grew, sort of like a hurricane, it would become a logicnado, absorbing all light and matter into the event horizon. Only by solid reasoning and calm deliberation could be logicnado be defeated. As we are painfully short on both, our destiny would be sealed, o
  8. Never said YPT was a game, it is not. The comment Or you can just not play the game is related to the obviously overreach in the YPT requirements. I was pointing out the position the YPT rules (note - not a game) puts leaders wanting to be compliant, The rule "outside of scouting" is vague at best and a CYA by BSA at worst. No other youth group, sports team, etc has compliance rules (likely short of arrests) that cover the same thing. Nor is there a legitimate way to actually enforce said rule. Great point on the 18 YO texting his 17 YO best friend about something. Clear violation.
  9. Or you can just not play the game and sort of don't ask don't tell. BSA National did that for years with girls in units, good for the goose, good for the gander It's an option The whole outside of Scouting is an interesting over reach and while it has good intentions, that is what the road to Hell is paved with
  10. I think the best thing would be to rename the current Scouter Forum .... The Bankruptcy Forum. (Honestly it's sort of that now) Then form a NEW forum called Scouter Forum Part 2 . Then those that want to diver deep into the minutia, blue sky thoughts, what if's, and pure speculation of the bankruptcy and what may, may not, may never happen will have a home. Put on the tinfoil hats and go to town. Those that want to discuss and review actual Scouting program topics will have a home. Just a thought.
  11. That's the term that continues to frighten me. If bankruptcy, chartered partners leaving, councils selling camps, Summit costs, or local councils folding do not kill the Scouts BSA program, surely "Family Scouting" will be the death of it. This concept goes against the whole program. Not saying family camping as a concept is bad, good for families to get out and do things together, you don't need an organization to go and do that. It's just that the patrol method, Scouts getting experiential learning on how to lead things by themselves, having the opportunity to fail, having the oppo
  12. We appear to be having a meeting / Q&A session next month with the Council, Scouters, Clergy to ask about the "evolving" relationship between the BSA and UMC. As noted the "Parents of XXX" would be fraught with liability and not a good path forward. Unless the BSA agrees to insure and indemnify the CO, not going to work. Of course with the track record of bankruptcy and tossing CO's under the bus, no CO will really take the BSA at their word. Sad that an organization can have a great local reputation and a parent org that seems to not really follow their own Oath and Law. Se
  13. Some of our Scouts asked the same thing, they really liked our week long Troop summer camp last summer. The leaders all tried to downplay that option, running a troop camp is a lot of work. Not enough time for afternoon naps, etc.
  14. It does take an involved cadre of leaders and involved parent leaders In 2019 out troop sent 3 crews to Seabase (6 leaders), 1 crew to Philmont (3 leaders), Summer camp in June (7 leaders) and Summer camp in July (5 leaders). And as others have noted, 10 monthly campouts / events. Good number of support leaders with reservations, medical form rechecks, finances, transportation, etc. This does take independent planning by the crew and summer camp leaders. With the Greenbard our outdoor chair initiates the items, but then a key leader runs with the actual event. Traditionally w
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