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  1. Saw this from Save the Children Save the Children places the highest level of regard on security and protecting our donor information. We have removed our data off Blackbaud’s servers, and will continue to prioritize security, both internally and with all of our third-party vendors. Our supporters trust us with their information, and we do not take this lightly. We have and will continue to take steps to protect supporters’ information in our combined efforts to ensure every child gets the future they deserve. Guess I missed that part in the BSA statement on actions to take
  2. First question, why is this from the CTO (I assume of the BSA but it does not actually specify) and not our new BSA President? Either you OWN what happens on your watch or you don't. Guess he doesn't. Candidly not assured (even though they told me twice to be assured). Well, we were notified promptly 174 DAYS after the initial breach. That is some fine detecting work there Lou. Pretty sure all that background detail everyone sent in at the end of the year is in a SUPER SECRET file that nobody can get to 😝 Blackbaud assured us that no encrypted data such as Social Security numbers, bank account information, and credit and debit card information was accessible I am soooo confident of that According to Blackbaud, the cyber-attack was successfully stopped, and the cybercriminals were expelled from its system I am soooo confident of that However, Blackbaud informed us that the cybercriminals did remove a copy of a backup file that it stored as part of its ordinary course of operations. Sooo they got expelled, but basically took a copy of the database, so they sort of got what they needed?? Blackbaud assured us that, based on the nature of the incident, their research, and law enforcement’s investigation, the stolen data has been destroyed Yeah....that's not how data works, can be copied as often as needed
  3. Yes. If they design it source it, and fund it, yes.
  4. It's the old adage...Do we raise money to enable a community to have Scouts OR Do we have Scouts to enable a group to be able to raise money. Agree that way too many volunteers feel the "Council" is the end all be all, the oracle or knowledge, the giver of permissions, the experts on Scouting. Actually the Council is supposed to support the unit and LOCAL Scouting. Sadly it does not work that way and many of us wonder what in fact the cast of many at the Council office actually do all day. How in fact do they (The Council and the minions there) bring value to the BSA program in our community day in and day out?
  5. These are the basics of the BSA swimmer test - BSA swimmer test: Jump feet first into water over the head in depth. Level off and swim 75 yards in a strong manner using one or more of the following strokes: sidestroke, breaststroke, trudgen, or crawl; then swim 25 yards using an easy, resting backstroke. The 100 yards must be completed in one swim without stops and must include at least one sharp turn. After completing the swim, rest by floating Nothing says length, etc. Just the 100 yards must be done at one time. Yes 10 laps in a 30' pool could be different, but it is not specifically prohibited
  6. To use the quote from Blazing Saddles - We've got to protect our phony-baloney jobs, gentlemen. We must do something about this immediately, immediately, immediately! Often times is seems the Councils are more interested with staying in business than serving youth. Rather than figuring out how to do it more efficiently, just sell stuff and raise fees.
  7. I question that, not that they have been donating their time for a long time, but are they really aware. And I mean currently aware? My concern is that things change. Many things are constant, but the outside influences can vary. There are many difference just over the last 10 years in technology and in many ways the expectations of participants. As these key leaders are more removed from active work with actual Scouts, their frame of reference is not current, not saying bad, just not current. When was the last time some of them went camping with a troop, ran a pack meeting, worked as a merit badge counselor. Their references may be out of date, for example phones. 10 years ago you could call and text, maybe a downloaded game, and networks were sporadic. The iphone was only introduced in 2007 and with it, an explosion of uses (some good and some not so good). Now schools, families, and Scout units need to navigate that changed landscape.
  8. My suggestion is to tell the district and council to...well...go have a nice day. Our troop zoomed in the spring and we managed to hold an actual week of summer camp, run by the troop, last week. Now the challenge is fall. Schools are on-line, the CO (church) is not meeting so concerned about the optics of possible meeting when everything is shut down. We have a calendar, but not sure it will be implemented. Parents want us to go camping. As for edicts from the council / district, who cares. Our main concern and focus is the unit. If you are hoping the district or the council will provide quality program, likely that will not happen. The summer camp is great, but we do not do the camporees etc. We are working to keep our Scouts active, have had 3 EBOR's during the pandemic. Also advancement continues. Own YOUR program. Do YOUR best to run a FUN and quality PROGRAM for YOUR members. That is the focus. Not JTE, popcorn, roundtables, FOS, district committee meetings, etc.
  9. We are in the midst of our own "self" summer camp right now. Running merit badge classes and typical summer camp foolishness. No shooting sports but many other things
  10. So our Council Camps as many, did not open. We attend 2 camps each summer, the out of council did not open. Also our Philmont crew was cancelled. As I have noted, we took the go it alone, run your own camp route. We are currently in camp (6 days and 5 nights) taking over the Pioneer area of a State Park maybe 45 minutes from us. We have 24 Scouts, maybe 10 leaders. We are offering some aquatics, mt biking, full slate of merit badges (21 different ones and small classes), new scout program. In addition to the leaders we have some Eagle Scouts that have turned 18 assisting. Also some of our alumni that worked at the local Council Camp have joined us for a few days. Each Scout was dropped off by parents. They will be picked up same, no carpooling. Each Scout has their own tent. Meals are being delivered by parents on a schedule that would make the Normandy Invasion planning group proud. Nightly activities, full flag ceremonies each day. It is basically a very small summer camp. The State Park has been very helpful and all the parents have been most supportive. It is a ton of work, but this will be the best Troop Run Summer Camp we have ever been to. (the Scouts made that statement when they realized it's the only one we've had). Special camp t-shirts, water bottle sticker, bottles of hand sanitizer spray, gloves for meal serving, 20 cases of bottled water so far (no communal drink coolers) and many other unique things. Scouting at it's most basic.
  11. I do not get the cost (well I guess it's the BSA supply overhead expense) for the T-shirts BSA sells. Our troop prints our own T-shirts each year. Dri-fit, goods quality, left chest (single color) and full back (single color) screens. Run of about 100 shirts, maybe $11 per shirt. Boys like them and they are subtle BSA shirts. Do not screams SCOUTS. I see them wearing them around town. Keep the colors neutral. Many of the camps we go to have pre-sell of camp shirts, but those are $20 +. I get you have to make a buck, but cut the overhead and pass the savings on.
  12. Not saying do not be safe, and risk management is important. My point is that HEY, WE'RE SAFE is a very poor marketing slogan. Yes we can be safe, but that cannot be the reason for the BSA
  13. Again - WE CANNOT BE A SAFETY ORGANIZATION. That cannot be our reason for being. It can and needs to be PART of what BSA is, but it cannot be the WHY of the BSA. The tail is wagging the dog and the optics on this are not good. Many leaders and professionals continue to over think the safe aspect and literally never leave the porch. They feel very safe doing Scouting as a virtual idea. Worst idea ever. Scouting is getting out and trying to do things. While trying you may in fact fail. This document wreaks of those who have NO CLUE how to run an actual unit or programs that youth want to join. We need to be inspirational and aspirational, not an organization that is scared of it's own shadow.
  14. That is a scary one. So what are you actually paying a "fee" to be able to do? What is this exactly? A camping club??
  15. Reminder on the fundraising questions - *This application is not necessary for contributions from the candidate, his parents or relatives, his unit or its chartered organization, parents or members in his unit, or the beneficiary. All proceeds left over from fundraising or donations, whether money, materials, supplies, etc., regardless of the source, go to the beneficiary. If the beneficiary is not allowed, for whatever reason, to retain any excess funds or materials, etc., the beneficiary should designate a suitable charity to receive them, or allow the unit to retain them. The unit must not influence this decision
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