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  1. I like the idea, especially he part about communicating with the parents. I think many parents need the help and support of scouters to educate them on the reasons for scouting processes. Barry (iirc) often writes about spending time with adults to help them understand the "why" for our processes. I think that is vital. If the parents don't understand, they are unable to support their scout on his journey and without realizing hamper their growth.
  2. One of the other opportunities denied to scouts by the often used mB University, Summer Camp, Troop-based mBC, etc... is the opportunity to make the initial contact with an unknown adult mB counselor. The entire process was well thought out and the process itself provides significant opportunities for scouts well beyond the specific mB reqs. By having the SM give a list of mB counselors to the scout and the scout taking the intiative to make the contact, set-up the appointment and follow-through IMO is possibly the greatest loss in the current (most commonly used) system. I still remember
  3. Unfortunately one of the primary purposes for mBs has been long since ignored. Mbs are a medium for the Adult Association method with an expert in a specific field of study (and an adult who is new to them). Too often the processes used deny scouts this opportunity whether it be because the scouts use troop mBs who they already know, camp mBs with older scouts acting as mBCs, mB Universities with large group presentations and almost zero personal interaction between a scout and the mBc, or scouts filling out workbooks and calling a mBc who just signs off aftfer the scout reads from th
  4. Barry, Would you be willing to share that course with us? -dT
  5. Agreed. It is also a means to implement the Adult Association Method especially with adults who are not part of the scouts immediate circle. Personally these two reasons is why I advocate against using troop specific mB counselors whenever possible.
  6. Current reality: -registered adult leaders already "passed" background and are in system. -some (many?) only will counsel for their own troop. -zero vetting of qualifications for mB counselors. -mB counselor application does not ask for qualifications. IMO the current reality requires nothing from district or council. They have de facto allowed any registered adult to sign off on any mB as long as the adult sent in extra paperwork. And even then does anyone even check to see if the mB counselor on the blue card is approved? If the district/council cannot even look at a
  7. Well if they put in even half an effort to ensure the mB counselors were in any way qualified in the topic they might have more than zero trust.
  8. A lot of the cooking extravagance is a result of modeling by the adults. Simple one pot meals can be nutritious, delicious, and easy (both in prep and cleanup). Adults should be modeling this instead of trying to outdo each other with extravagance.
  9. ugh. the entire merit badge counselor process has been a dumpster fire for a while. There is zero attempt to determine whether an adult is in any way shape or form qualified to counsel scouts in a badge. Having an adult sign up because "we need a counselor for xyz" yet the adult has zero experience in the topic. And allowing scouts to be counselors at camp...
  10. videos could use "actors" to model a meeting. As to the types you describe with the latter, often it is viewed as the SM just sits there. What is necessary for the SPL/PLC to have full control like that is continuous personal SM conferences with the PLs and SPL about how they are progressing. The feedback and growth during these conferences cannot be understated. IMO this is the most significant area of growth for most SMs... to provide the structure for continuous SM conferences. Before and after every meeting, activity, etc... They must NOT be done as a group, but as a personal
  11. yes. some are. I apologize for using a wide brush. My point (I bumbled) was that the bankruptcy hearings and tort against BSA cannot hold any individual liable unless they are named in the suit as a respondent.
  12. That is only because the perpetrators are not being sued themselves.
  13. The bankruptcy and related civil litigation does not preclude any victim from filing against the individual perpetrator. They just don't have as deep of a pocket to go after.
  14. and a high percentage of politicians are lawyers.
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