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  1. I think the biggest problem is that is creates a paradigm which then must be dismantled. I disagree that it allows them to "get used to scouting" because that paradigm is fundamentally NOT scouting; what they are getting used to is adults being the leader. The idea of an adult continually whispering in their ear of a scout who is not prepared to be the leader denies the scouts the opportunity to experience scouting via an older Patrol leader. This experience will have positives and negatives which will help shape the younger scouts understanding. It will also affect how they ultimately lead wh
  2. I remember a scout who spent TWO weeks at the rifle range, and archery range. Those were the only two mBs he earned. Said it was the best summer camp he had. Another scout spent a week fishing, and he already had the fishing mB!
  3. Freeze dried meals are pre=packaged highly processed stuff loaded with salt, sugar etc.. Bringing some extra food for yourself is a good idea, but you can do much better than freeze dried. An easy way is to dehydrate your own homemade meals. Generally any one-pot meal or casserole style will work. One doesn't even need a fancy dehydrator, it can be done with a oven on low and the door propped open. Even better if you have a convection oven as air movement is more important than heat in dehydrating. Camp menus like this are just one reason I dislike dining hall style summer camps. At patro
  4. Nice! I learned to cook because of scouts.
  5. I agree that one does not prop up their organization by showing how much worse another one was/is. That said I do believe there is a significant difference between the Catholic Church and the BSA in regards to their responses to CSA. No doubt the BSA failed to address CSA adequately, failed to notify authorities and their attempts to mitigate by having internal documents (IVF) barring volunteers was not effective. This is in stark contrast to the Catholic Church who did not even attempt to bar known abusers but instead just moved them to a different parish. Neither did well.
  6. That is not typical. May I ask why did you choose this troop? Did you visit others?
  7. I don't like it. The change should be "completed the fifth grade" or 11 years old. I agree with eliminating the AOL "early admittance". 10 year olds are way to young. Provide them with a quality Webelos program and do not push them into a Troop where they will be basically a "Webelos patrol". BSA sucks at recruitment and keeps thinking changing requirements or ages, etc... will solve it. It usually does the opposite. Older scouts are ok with younger scouts as long as they are not too young. This will exascerbates the frustration of the older scouts. BSA has no experts wi
  8. When the campsite is next to the cars, this is what happens. Nothing wrong with car camping, but it is "stage 1". Next is moving the campsite a quarter mile from the cars. Then a mile. Then 3. All of the stages require growth and usage of the specific advancement requirements. This is why a good program has advancement built in as automatic necessities to participate in the program. Contrasted with car camping plus advancement. The added benefit is the quality program grows with the scouts so there is less burnout. Little of the "we do the same campout all the time". I have found the greatest
  9. I find socratic questioning a helpful way to mentor the PLs and APLs. Paperwork not so much. I would start with the mentoring of the PLs and asking what is working well and what needs improvement. Use socratic questioning to get to help the PL determine possible solutions. Focus on: the PL as the leader, someone other's follow leading by example servant leadership
  10. When I did IOLS the instructor quickly realized my skill set and had me instruct my patrol. Interestingly it took quite a few years after for the course director to utilize me as a council and district trainer.
  11. Anyone else find it humorous that the acronym for Friends of Scouting has a completely different meaning altogether?
  12. What was Tom's last name? I have some info on those attending the 1924 world jamboree.

  13. Playing devils advocate, if the nearby dining hall is taller and does not have a lightning rod to ground it, also if the construction materials of the dining hall are more conductive then the shorter lean-to could be the safer location. But lightning is unpredictable and while usually will ground to the tallest, the "closer" ground can be the shortest distance and likely path. In short, there are no absolutes in storms as to the safe place, only a continuum of unsafe.
  14. And quite a few had a youth scouting experience which was completely adult driven and run; they are doing what they know. Quality Control in BSA is non-existent and hasn't existed for decades.
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