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  1. DuctTape

    What's your best Scouting memory?

    Thanks OldScout. I think I got a piece of dirt in my eyes reading that.
  2. DuctTape

    Cost of Being a Scout

    Cost is extremely variable as choices can significantly increase basic costs. At one time being thrifty was significantly more important than it is now. Gear was made, not bought. Monthly camping was low impact on some piece of property with zero amenities. Gear was carried on the scouts back, not in trailers. Summer camp was extended versions of weekend trips. Times have changed and our culture is more buy it not build it, pay for it not do it yourself. Scouting has been infiltrated by some of it, but we have opportunities to still be thrifty if we want. It just takes more effort and time. Fast, Easy, Cheap... you can only choose 2.
  3. DuctTape

    Breaking Point

    For many many troops the change you lament has been here for decades. The loss of patrol method adventure was replaced with a trailer and plop camping for a long time in most troops. The new g2ss sadly codifies it as the new normal for everyone.
  4. DuctTape

    Steam baking while backpacking

    I have tried it too. I found it more trouble than it was worth. Baking is much easier with a fire. Setting the same pot into hot ashes with the same foil ring (or a few stones) with no water allows for temps in excess of boiling and real baking. But if only a stove is avail then you are stuck with steam baking. I think the fuel consumption "outweighs" the benefit when LD backpacking though. ymmv. It is a cool trick, just not practical imo.
  5. DuctTape

    BSA Executive Salaries

    "Thousand points of light..." and we are off!
  6. DuctTape

    BSA Executive Salaries

    Cliff Jacobson is the real deal. He is a well known outdoorsman, focusing on paddling mostly in the BWCA. He is a published author as well. Regardless, if the BSA was to go this direction (I highly doubt they will), the person would not just be a name to endorse the brand. To be effective they would need to go all in making videos, etc... showcasing the scouting adventures with and alongside the personality. I would recommend they have multiple personalities. Get "famous" personalities from different regions and with different areas of expertise. Full out media blitz.
  7. DuctTape

    National Meeting: Affirmation of DRP

    Individual units have always had the freedom to restrict membership for both scouts and scouters.
  8. DuctTape

    Completing Troop Detailed Assessment

    My troop growing up was chartered by " A group of citizens". Parents, etc... are community members. So a service project which benefits the greater community should suffice. For example, Is there a local park, or playground that tbe parents often use? Schedule a clean-up the park project.
  9. DuctTape

    New Cooking Subforum

    That is unfortunate. There is a ton that can be done backpacking which is lightweight and much cheaper. Way less trash too. I am personally not a fan of eating out of bags. Some don't mind, it just feels wrong to me. My home dehydrated meals get reconstituted in the pot, I eat right out of the pot.
  10. DuctTape

    National Meeting: Affirmation of DRP

    I still don't understand why the need for a DRP. We don't have a DCP (Declaration of Citizenship Principles) and the Oath also states Duty to Country. We don't have a DHP (Declaration of Helping Principle) and the oath states we are to help other people at all times coupled with "do a good turn daily" and "be prepared". Or we could just recognize that the DRP, DCP, DHP or any others are just redundant.
  11. DuctTape

    Star Wars, Organized Religion, and BSA

    as far as writers, directors etc... changing their minds about the storyline, have any of you heard of the JarJar = Sith theory? It has been surmised that the Jar Jar character was so detested, they had to make a major shift. If you havent heard of it, I would recommend SW fans to read about it.
  12. DuctTape

    Star Wars, Organized Religion, and BSA

    attack? or recognition of human fraility and self discovery of the complexities of the universal force including man's interaction within and surrounding it. Or is it just a story with no hidden or deeper meaning except that which we decide to infuse ourselves.
  13. DuctTape

    Virtual Dutch oven contest

    I have not used a dutch oven on a camping trip in decades. All of my expeditions involve either backpacking or significant portages on canoe treks. That said, it IS possible to do dutch oven style recipes in a lighweight aluminum pot. It is much more difficult due to the fast heat transfer of Al. So I am happy to contribute to the contest if my "no dutch oven" will count.
  14. DuctTape

    Just curious about background

    I am an Eagle Scout, and have been SM. My troop as a youth did not participate in OA, neither does the troop in which I am currently a volunteer. I am not "excited" about the addition of girls. I am neutral. I am happy about ending the exclusion of gays (youth and adult). I would have rather the BSA end the exclusion of atheists before admitting girls. It never made sense to me why other troops should have a say in the religious practices of my troop.
  15. One of the great things about art, regardless of the medium is the response of the audience. Meaning how the art speaks to the audience independently to other audience members. We see what we choose to see; it speaks to what we want to hear. Art is often a mirror to ourselves, both individually and as a group. Sometimes what we do not like in the art is a result of the art highlighting that which is disagreeable about ourselves that is difficult to admit. Sometimes it is just art.