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  1. DuctTape

    Starting a new troop: Budget items

    A start-up can seem daunting, especially with "no patrol gear". I will focus on just this aspect. As it can also provide for the best opportunities for the scouts to learn and grow. Scouts will all need their own personal camping gear anyway. Start there. They can either budget and buy, or DIY. Mess kit, scout knife, utensils, sleeping bag/mat, backpack. Cooking can be done as individuals in a patrol setting. Imagine each scout prepping and cooking their own meal (or as buddies) with their personal mess kits (or aluminum foil) over an open fire. They will learn quickly before they cook for a group. They will also learn who are the best cooks in the patrol, as well as the best fire-makers, etc... For sleeping. The scouts all need their own sleeping bag. Poly tarps are cheap and make great shelters. Buddies learn to pitch them as enclosed shelters, or open. As a patrol, they are all near each other. With multiple pitch styles, they also learn who is best at erecting a tarp shelter and tying knots and lashings. The upfront costs here are minimal for the rope and tarps. For a camping area, the scouts can find a private property owner who is willing to let them camp on his property. The scouts usually offer to do a service project as a trade. Even if it is just picking up trash. Many property owners are extremely happy to accomodate. To start building patrol gear, scouts can raise money through fundraisers, or build their own. For purchasing, I recommend scrounging yard sales for pots, pans, utensils, axes, saws, tents, etc... I have picked up enough gear to outfit full troops for pennies on the dollar. The great thing about the cheap used stuff is that it was cheap. Its ok if it gets wrecked as they are learning to use it.
  2. This underscores the younger generations' point that us older adults really do not understand digital communication and are scared of it. Imagine this scenario, on a campout a group of boys are in their tent having a conversation. BSA HQ changes guidelines to require that an adult stand outside the tent to monitor their conversation. What do you think? The word "ridicululous" comes to mind. In the current teen generation, a group chat on their phone is no different. Monitoring kids conversations whether in person or digitally is ridiculous. The mere fact the rules require the "public" (even with the most gracious interpretation of the word) demonstrates this generation is correct about the digital divide. Heck, the digital chat (even private) is better since a digital record exists. The rule is stupid. And I am being gracious here.
  3. DuctTape

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    The term Family Scouting was an extremely poor choice by BSA if it truly means what they stated; a one stop shop for families. Obviously family's and scouters are implementing it as "the entire family is together". That is disappointing. BSA has really lost its edge on how to market effectively. Strange how so many come from the business world and are terrible at marketing. Or maybe these ceos and business execs don't really understand the product. It wouldn't be the first time, as it happens in business world a heckuva lot. Yet "we" think we need to pay them 300x + the average employee wage.
  4. DuctTape

    Qualities of an Eagle

    The BSA mission is to prepare them to make ethical choices over their lifetime by instilling the values of the oath and law. This does not mean they will always make the best choices while a scout, or even after. But have they learned from poor choices and their consequences, and have they accepted the values in the oath and law as guiding principles to prepare them to make better choices in the future. They will still falter, as humans will do. The question is whether a poor choice is an anomaly or part of a pattern. As far as the boy in the OPs question, the question has been answered by the SM signing off on show scout spirit.
  5. DuctTape

    Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

    Another option is to use the Lone Scout protocols until a troop is formed.
  6. DuctTape

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    The answer is neither correct, nor incorrect. It describes the decision. In bold you state it is the "belief" these decisions are best... Those who disagree are pointing out why they disagree with the decision. As someone in leadership of many organizations I can say with certainty it is very common for initial decisions for new ideas to eventually be changed. The question is whether leadership listens to the concerns regarding the initial decision and makes appropriate adjustments, or whether they double-down and insist they are correct. I can say with certainty that the latter does not bode well for the decision makers. I advise the powers that be look into the concerns, and develop an appropriate response which is not telling the stakeholders they are wrong.
  7. DuctTape

    Whittling chip policy - dealing with infractions

    The use of "fake" knives or props is a great way to introduce the skill and proper handling. But it is just the first step and should never replace the outcome. When they have demonstrated their understanding of the safe handling protocols, etc... with the prop, then move to the real thing. The real knife/ax/saw is when they practice and get tested.
  8. For those interested in reading about the formation of ethics from an atheists viewpoint; ie not relying on religious or other teachings. Here is a link to an essay on the American Atheists website. While many may disagree with his viewpoint, it is a good read to understand where an atheist is coming from. https://www.atheists.org/activism/resources/ethics-without-gods/
  9. DuctTape

    How to get more out of Eagle Projects

    You reminded me of my eagle project from almost 40 years ago. The unmarked path in the park which I organized its rehab and constructed erosion controls is now a marked trail with a name. It now is also literally on the maps. Thanks for conjuring up an old memory.
  10. DuctTape

    Lawnmower Parents

    I can see mb classes as cheating if the boys do not complete the requirements. This happens a lot and most of the time at council or district events and camps. A boy just sitting through a presentation does not "do", "explain", "identify", "discuss", etc... as the requirement states. There just usually isn't enough time for the mb counselor to test each individual scout. For rank advancement reqs, I encourage the boys to use activities like museum visits as a means to gain information and knowledge and then seek out an older scout to "test" them. Or have testing phase built in to the timeline of the weekend by the PL. My point is the testing phase is different from the learning phase.
  11. DuctTape

    Opinions on Alcohol stoves

    yes. Education and training are the solution; not prohibition.
  12. DuctTape


    speaking of food and gross stuff. What was the most gross food conconction you have seen boys put together... and actually liked it? I witnessed a boy make a salami&cheese sandwich with peanut butter. He exclaimed how good it was, so the rest of his patrol decided to try it. Apparently it was good.
  13. DuctTape

    Opinions on Alcohol stoves

    Yeah. Too bad. Sadly bsa has moved towards prohibition instead of learning. But at least the scouts can still make and use the "little dandy" wood stove. Which IMO is even better for scouts as they really learn how to get a fire going with them.
  14. DuctTape

    Opinions on Alcohol stoves

    I used to use an alcohol stove. Got really into it for a while. Have all kinds of designs, the speed and fuel usage are usually typically competing variables. I have always used home-made. In general I don't use them anymore as I opt for a fire. But to your question, I used to use 1/2 oz fuel per 2 cup boil on my best stove. The worst was 2oz per 2 cup boil. So to figure out your 5 day usage, we need to know how much water you plan on using.
  15. Personally I would delete most of it as either redundant or dumb.