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  1. Camping vs. Sleeping in a Cabin

    In the older literature a tarp was referred to as a tent. In present day we make a distinction between them based in bugnets, floors, zippers or whatever. The gi pup tent, is a floorless, zipperless, tarp. My official bsa scout tent is a square piece canvas. Pitching that to sleep under whether on the ground, a stretcher-bed (the old term for cot) or a hammock for certain satisfies the requirement; tarp=tent. Lastly I have heard BP favored the hammock as his personal choice.
  2. Unresponsive MBC

    I would ask your son if he has the MBC phone number, and recommend he call.
  3. Patrol Method/System Resources

    Teaching adults how to run productive meetings is just as difficult, possibly moreso.
  4. More Advancement Revisions...

    If the allowance for doing requirements for future ranks out of order was eliminated as well as double dipping, then scouts would have more experience and have real opportunities for growth in those areas as they progressed through ranks. This would remove some of the need for the legalese IMO.
  5. Virtual Campfire

    I just got home and looked at my two books. I attached a photo of a title page with the Rockwell Illustration on the previous page. I had looked at the illustrations in the past, but never noticed they were N. Rockwell. Thanks for the info.
  6. Virtual Campfire

    I have the individual books. I did not know that about Rockwell.
  7. Virtual Campfire

    I am in NY, about an hour from Syr. I have a small campsite in my woods. The virtual campfire can turn into a literal one if anyone chooses. As to books, my collection is not large but I am proud of what I do have. My first edition Fieldbook and First Ed Handbook (found at an estate sale for 50cents). Along with random assortments of other handbooks and fieldbooks. I also have two other non-bsa-commissioned books from the 19-teens by Edward Cave... The Boy Scout Hike Book, and The Scout Camp Book. He wrote them to provide more details and "how tos" . Like a fieldbook. Also Daniel Beards "Shelters, Shacks and Shanties."
  8. Green Bar Bill featured in SCOUTING

    The first fieldbook is one of the best publications ever done by bsa. I would argue that it is possible to have an awesome scouting program if patrols focused only on the fieldbook and did the pow wows.
  9. I encourage patrol camping over troop camping. 2 vehicles is usually enough for a patrol (6-8 scouts) and gear plus the two adults driving (3 at most). No need for trailer, or plethora of adults. Most locations for awesome trips don't have space for 20 people to camp, many areas do not allow groups sizes that big anyway. The ones that do are car camping sites. Many issues troops have, as referenced in this thread could be mitigated by focusing on patrol camping. Save the troop-centric camping for the camporees, etc... There are many other benefits as well. For example, Imagine a patrol trip with only 2 adults, the SM and a parent. The SM can use that time to train the parent. A different patrol goes to a completely different location and has 2 ASMs and a parent on their campout. Again, the parent learns from the ASMs.
  10. Chef credits Boy Scout cooking and Onion Dip Mix

    I, too, learned to cook b/c of scouts. When one is able to make pancakes, etc... on an open fire a stove is child's play. I still like to experiment with cooking. My wife sometimes rolls her eyes and says, just follow the recipe. Iv have a campsite which I use for campfire cooking. Made dinner out there last night actually. Also like the chef, we had fun experimenting. Instead of pineapple cake, we did something similar using fruit coctail. Not sure why anymore, but we always had a can of fruit coctail on every trip, and Tang.
  11. Which came first Patrol or Troop?

    I am not sure (likely not) whether some of the books in my collection were commissioned by bsa. But both of them are how Stosh describes. "Campfires of the Wolf Patrol" 1913 by Captain Alan Douglas "Black Wolf Pack" 1922 Daniel Beard also in my collection: " The Boy Scout Hike Book" and "The Boy Scout Camp Book" by Edward Cave. These were published in the teens, many years before the Fieldbook's publication.
  12. Mobile interface

    Thanks. I found that icon a few hours later.
  13. What is quality control in Scouting

    Great discussion. My immediate addition is to clarify the usage of the term "quality control". It seems many are using as a descriptor of a method to maximize the quality of the program. While I agree with that goal, the term "quality control" is not appropriate. Quality control is defined as maintaining standards by testing samples to ensure outputs are within operating parameters. Excellent quality control is not equivalent to high quality. An example of a business which has excellent quality control is McDonalds. The output of their food and service is designed and maintained to fit within specific parameters. One can expect almost the exact food and experience every time, that is High quality control. However one would not mistake McDonalds food to be of high quality. Now back to the real discussion on how to improve quality.
  14. Congressional Charter question(s) to ponder

    IIRC the congressional charter states something along the lines of "in perpetuity", while unit charters are "annual". Of course I could be wrong.
  15. Mobile interface

    Thanks Sentinel. I found it. Icons are replacing words so it takes some getting used to.