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  1. While I can appreciate the desire for a term better than grooming and understand the difficulty since the term has multiple meanings, I do not think predation while it captures the insidious nature it does not capture the trust element distinction. Grooming is predatory but what makes is distinctly different than just hunting, the purpose is for the abuser to gain the trust of its intened victim so as to exploit it. I am not sure a better word exists, nor do I think we should spend too much energy of finding one. Our energy should be spent on finding ways to eliminate the exploitation of child
  2. The CO of the troop when I was a scout was a "Group of Citizens". It was comprised of the parents and former parents (many of whom were on the troop committee or SM/ASM). Any organization like a church, or group of citizens should (must?) have a set of bylaws by which they operate. This should govern the selection of the COR and all other posittions within the org.
  3. High adventure does not require a specific camp like Philmont. Especially for older scouts who have planned many 3+ day camping trips, the next step is them planning and executing more adventurous excursions worthy of their skill level. If they are into canoeing, great. Find a location and plan it. With the internet it is easy to find locations nearby; routes and reviews abound online. Not just canoeing either. Backpacking, fishing, etc... Scouts planning their own adventures should be the norm, including summer camps.
  4. Not sure about how obvious my comment is. Often what I think is obvious or self-evident apparently isn't. Agreed that scouts is the best place to learn it.
  5. Almost all areas I go backpacking there is no cell service. It is imperative that we also ensure scouts know more than just "use the cell phone".
  6. I hear you. Adult leader knowledge is but one resource I mentioned. I also stated handbooks, fieldbooks, mB books, and bsa recommended external resources. The entire point of these resources and the scouting program is this type of knowledge. Even rank requirements specifically reference local poisonous plants (since you mentioned hogweed). If scouts aren't learning these, then the entire program isn't being followed. If the adult leaders don't have the knowledge, what are they doing to ensure the scouts have access to other adults and resources. This is true for all aspects of the progra
  7. Ticks and mosquitos have been known to carry diseases for a long time. Campsite selection, first aid, and insect bite first aid/prevention has been part of the outdoor program for almost the entire existence of BSA. The guidance is within the handbooks, fieldbooks, mB books and all the other external resources BSA recommends including CDC, FDA and other governmental resources not to mention the adult leaders knowledge. Sure it may not bein the Guide to Safe Scouting, but it is not possible to include everything, nor should it attempt to. The GTSS is NOT the program.
  8. DoubleEagle makes an excellent point, one that not only bears repeating but expansion. "And, the SM conference is not just a one-time requirement, but when ever the SM has a conference type tone, if there such a thing." I would encourage a change in our mindset about SM conferences being tied in to the rank advancement. Sure, they often take place just prior to a BOR. However as DE reminds us, they are not a one-time req. I would remind us all that these conferences should be ongoing, and often. Whether the conferences are with the SM or ASMs, these are a significant opportunity to g
  9. I advocate for the Fieldbook as a primary resource too. Especially the first one. I often find copies of these at garage sales for $1. I have mentioned in the past a patrol could go page by page with the original fieldbook and lead a fantastic program.
  10. It appears "Peter" has checked in since his initial post. Odd he has not responded.
  11. As I mentioned previously the Scout Slogan, "Do a Good Turn Daily" needs to be re-emphasized. It is the embodiment of the Motto, the Oath and Law. If I could define one thing which defines Scouting as unique to any other team, club, or organization with similar aims, methods, and principles it is this... Do a Good Turn Daily.
  12. Hi. Welcome to the virtual campfire. I have no knowledge of this event, nor do I know the official procedures. I would surmise the official letter had more details. Are you involved with the troop or this scout in some way?
  13. Copyright violations do NOT require selling or a commercial interest. One does not need to have a monetary exchange to be in violation of copyright.
  14. A lot of great stuff in there, but I wanted to highlight this single line as it is often lost on folks. Too often Be Prepared is reduced to things, not the scout himself. Secondly, the scout slogan and motto are not two disparate concepts. They fit together. Merging Barry's understanding of Be Prepared with Do a Good Turn Daily, one starts to see how these two often misunderstood (and in the case of the slogan; forgotten) tenets of scouting form the basis of achieving the scouting mission.
  15. The elections are a unit activity as they are done at the unit level. Just as a den chief may be elected by the unit to help a den in a different unit. The activities the elected scout participates in may or may not be unit activities.
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