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  1. Often a secretary in the schools will be notaries too.
  2. The difficulty here (at least one difficulty) is that this is a bankruptcy case too. While the victims deserve compensation, and while most of us would agree that numbers currently being floated are not nearly enough nor could they ever, this is a bankruptcy case. This point cannot be lost. It really really sucks that the major debtors are CSA victims and they will not recieve just compensation like most (all?) debtors in bankruptcy cases. It really really sucks that even with complete liquidation the victims will recieve significantly less than what they deserve. Perhaps the victims groups (I
  3. If we can identify them, would that count for the requirement? 😜
  4. Another problem is scouts trying to "do the mB" before actually conferencing with the counselor. The counselors in these instances are just "sign-off people". The scout who just gets signed off is denied the opportunity to engage with an adult expert to understand the requirements and gain something from that adult association and expertise. These scouts are often (in my experience) going to their parents for help with the requirements instead of the counselor.
  5. I think part of the problem with many council camps was capital improvements. Buildings need continual maintenance which is costly. These legacy costs are usually under-estimated. Too many camps used funds for capital improvements (read: new buildings) when scout camp should IMO de-emphasize buildings. Scout Camp vs. summer camp for scouts.
  6. My "if I was in charge..." statement would not exist in a vacuum. There would be a complete overhaul of the system. I think in terms of "systems" not in specific items. I understand acutely the interaction between nodes and thus how the different nodes should be defined and utilized for maximum benefit within and outside the system. Often I forget that most others are thinking about the individual nodes in the system and not how one change impacts others. My statement was unfortunately triggering due to not referencing the multitude of other system wide changes. Since I am "not in charge" nor
  7. I have often said a PL could run their patrol just by following the (older) Fieldbook in order.
  8. I apologize, I think I read your post too quickly and honed in on the "it's just bling" theme.
  9. I disagree. The skill awards each had significantly more expectations than just what is in the rank requirements. Certainly the "meat" is the same. But as I mentioned earlier they (almost) forced the scouts to repeat the requirements that would be done in mBs, while now they just start the mB, do the requirement once and count it for both rank and mB.
  10. This poster hanging in a school is apropos for the discussion. As adults we could (and is likely it will happen in this thread) debate the language in the poster. But it does at a minimum help students make the distinction that not everything is bullying.
  11. The best part of the skill awards was they were akin to a "mB lite". First do skill awards for earlier ranks, then mBs for higher ranks. The system encouraged the concept of increased challenge and revisiting skills and concepts over time instead of 1-and-done. Were there issues? Of course, but IMO it was better than the current system which encourages 1-and-done instead of growth.
  12. Many of the skills can also be taught and practiced in actual usage on campouts. Tying the correct knots when pitching tents and tarps for example. I agree with Barry about not doing skills and advancement on campouts EXCEPT when those skills are inherent to the campout. In fact almost all advancement and skills practice should be done "in the wild". Meaning not as isolated stand-alone items to be checked off, but as demonstrating competence in using them where they are useful. First aid notwithstanding (hopefully), although a creative PL could set-up a mock scenario.
  13. Any scouts considering Leatherworking mB ?
  14. Our area schools stopped handing out applications, etc... decades ago. I believe it was the influx of club sports. It used to be Scouts and Little League only, but then other club sports started springing up and they all wanted equal time and access to do presentations and have teachers hand out flyers. Districts not wanting to get in the middle began to make policies for "none".
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