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    Recruiting in Scouts BSA Units

    I would agree with troop iff, the entire goal of their unit is getting scouts to eagle. It is then their own fault for not delivering on the promise of scouting. Now, I have zero evidence this is the case.
  2. DuctTape

    Scoutmasters as Merit Badge Counselors?

    There is no prohibition. I applaud the focus on adventure where advancement (specifically T-fC ) is a by-product and not the goal. However I would be cautious about the "launching a program..." because this sounds like an adult designed, adult planned, and executed program. The scouting program us supposed to be planned and executed by the scouts at the patrol level. Advancement, specifically mBs are supposed to be chosen, planned, etc... by the individual scouts.
  3. DuctTape

    Rumblings of Time Ahead

    DFS? I am unfamiliar with the acronym Probably something I should know, but don't.
  4. DuctTape


    It sounds like the pack does not have active dens, apart from pack meetings. Am I missing something?
  5. DuctTape

    Advancement Charts for Scouts

    Any type of advancement poster, or chart is best used at the Patrol level. In my experience this is a perfect role for the APL to take on. Not as a cudgel, but for patrol planning purposes. For example: At a patrol meeting: PL: "So for next month's outing, what are you guys interested in?" Patrol mates chitter chatter for a minute. PL: "Sounds like a lot of you want to go back to campsite xyz. Ok. Let's do that." APL: "Looking at our advancement chart it appears Johny needs to do FC req 2, menu and cooking, and Timmy needs to do 2C req 2. Andy needs 2C req 3 and Danny needs FC req 4&5. Patrol chatters about advancement, and ideas. PL: "Good info. We can use that to plan our campout actitivities, and duty rosters. How about I work with Andy and Danny to plan our days activities, focusing on map, compass, hiking, plant id, etc... and you work with Tim and John on menus, shopping, cooking, fire prep etc... " APL : "Sounds good. We should be able to have basics mapped out in about 30 minutes. Reconvene then?" PL: "Awesome, lets get to work."
  6. DuctTape

    Your problems with JTE

    or that Gold actually represents Excellence. I see that not getting gold means serious deficiencies in at least the basics. Like a restaurant passing their health inspection. It doesn't mean the food in any good, just that the place shouldn't be shut down.
  7. DuctTape

    Your problems with JTE

    I think it is too much, by one. The answer is 42. 😁
  8. DuctTape

    Your problems with JTE

    You asked the question, and now appear to be defending the JTE instead of taking our analysis into consideration. If I am mischaracterizing your response, I apologize. To some of your comments: Subjective, non-measureables can be consistent. It requires significantly more time, and effort. As I mentioned before, using descriptors instead of numbers. Just because something is measureable does not mean a higher number is a reference of quality(excellence). That is how I would change the JTE.
  9. DuctTape

    Your problems with JTE

    My sole complaint is that it is an attempt to measure quality in an objective manner by using quantifiable metrics. Excellence is a term of quality not quantity, so using numerical metrics can only, by definition, objectively state quantity. Quality is much much more subjective and can only be expressed as descriptors, not numbers. It is unfortunate that in recent decades subjective analysis using qualitative data has been relegated to such an inferior position as its cousin, objective analysis using quantitative data. Subjective analysis is not merely "one's opinion" as it is often referred in an attempt to dismiss it. Not everything that matters is measureable.
  10. DuctTape

    Protecting kids from pervasive porn

    In the end, parents still need to provide adequate supervision, oversight, and accountability of their children. It matters not whether it is an agricultural, industrial, or digital world. The raising of kids is hard, it is a continuous test of choices, responsibility and accountability to earn new freedoms and responsibilities. Sure computers add a different dimension, so did tv, telephones and car keys. Giving kids age-appropriate responsibility and holding them accountable (meaning taking away freedoms and responsibility when they demonstrate their unreadiness) then giving them another chance in the future. Over time they get more and more freedom and responsibility (as they demonstrate they are ready) is how kids transition to adulthood. This of course is the ideal, and often doesn't happen.
  11. DuctTape

    Dealing with a paradox

    Like you, I focus on the scouts. My father used to have a saying he would repeat to us Scouts when we asked him a question, usually permission to do something (we never caught on that he never said yes/no). I doubt this was his own invention either. Scout to SM: "Can we..." SM reply: " Is it safe? Is it fun? Is it scouting?"
  12. DuctTape

    YPT required one year out to recharter?

    easiest solution is for units to do YPT right before re-charter so everyone is on the same calendar. Do it at a December troop meeting. The scouts are doing their own thing, the adults can do theirs. Might be a good way to keep adults separated from the scouts a little more. By Dec, the patrols should be functioning quite well with SPL/ASPL helping the PLs.
  13. DuctTape

    Committee voting

    VHS? What about the slide show trainings? I was too young for those, but remember my father setting them up.
  14. DuctTape

    Committee voting

    As with all things in Scouting, we as adults can do the research, shopping, etc... much more efficiently than the scouts. I always try to see how anything we as adults do can be a learning and growth opportunity for scouts. If an adult is a "tent expert", great! How do we utilize tgat expertise to help the scouts become more skillful and knowledgeable moving forward. Ultimate goal being the scouts become the future experts. If a scout cannot "do" yet, the adults should not just do it for them by themselves, but instead involve at least some scouts in every stage of the process. Even if the first step is the scouts "watch & listen". For example if I am calling a campground to inquire for camping availability, I do it with the SPL and ASPL there to hear the conversation. As they progress, they make the call with me listening. If I am internet shopping around for new tents, scouts will be doing it with me. Everything we do is an opportunity for scouts. They may not be ready to do it all by themselves, but they never will get there unless we show them and let them try.
  15. DuctTape

    Committee voting

    or it could be done in reverse order. The QM in consult with the PLC determines what gear is needed, puts together a proposal to the SM who brings it to the Committee to approve the funds.
  16. Your speculation is what I have witnessed. While some of the youth instructors might be well versed in the content, this still denies the scout an opportunity utilizing the adult association method. Even more so when the mbc abdicates his responsibility for testing.
  17. That is only one wall in the (finished) basement. There are two more walls, plus the parlor which has all the scotch bowls, and other non-hangeable items. In the kitchen I keep just one skillet, and one griddle. I don't take the CI camping, I use stamped steel.
  18. Almost all of my CI has come from estate sales. I have 4 different Eries, none are of collectible condition. Those are found at auction. Or once-in-a-lifetime in the wild. Erie's on bottom row.
  19. Those old Eries are awesome. The rough bottom comes from pitting the iron by cooking over coal. Collector pieces are pristine. I wish I had some that were that nice.
  20. The newer pans are not sanded because it is added labor and increases the cost. The older cast iron was very refined, not crude. One can how carefully, and perfect the sand molds were packed by looking at the casting details. The inside was sanded out, but it was all highly skilled labor. The best iron often has the maker's mark cast into it. This was how they knew who was better. Poorly packed molds would yield crappy iron, and were then melted down again. In todays world, this is all machine cast and thus quality is assured at the basic level but no more.
  21. I love my cast iron. I have close to 100 skillets, griddles, bowls, ovens. All are older, some from the 1800s. Although for camping, I use a stamped steel skillet when I need to fry. Usually I just plan a menu which does not require a fry pan at all. The boys still like to make eggs, pancakes, and french toast. They have issues with food sticking regardless of the pan. That come with practice. If a boy can learn to get his eggs to cook without sticking to an aluminum fry pan, he can handle any material.
  22. DuctTape

    Kudos to my council - Northern Star

    One thing to remember is that determining quality is most often subjective, hence descriptors not numbers. Quantity is easy to determine objectively, as it is a number already. Subjective measures are not bad, in fact they are usually found where quality is the highest. Michelin stars for chefs are solely from subjective analysis for example. Thus we should not shy away from subjectivity, but embrace it.
  23. DuctTape

    Kudos to my council - Northern Star

    Exactly! Which is what I was attempting to describe as a better alternative system than what currently exists.
  24. DuctTape

    Kudos to my council - Northern Star

    The JTE is not at all what I am envisioning as it is simply a checklist. There is no quality continuum. There is a vast difference between a troop that has 20 camping nights a year all planned and executed by the adults where the scouts basically show up unload stuff from the trailer and maybe cook their own food. vs a troop whose patrols plan independent camping trips on their own (in accordance with ypt) where each patrol member is responsible for some aspect such as patrol qm getting/returning gear from the troop qm.