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  1. Had a newer scout that was lugging the 5D Maglight around. I asked him why he didn't get a headlamp or pocket flashlight. His answer was one could not hit a bear over the head with pocket flashlight. I could not argue with such sound logic
  2. Oh My God, that is so true Had a Scout come to the leader area on an outing, his challenge was no sleeping bag. We went to his tent, sleeping bag was in fact in the bottom of his pack. His comment "I guess dad put it in" Chatted with parents on Sunday on the importance of the Scouts packing their own gear, being responsible for their gear. Assisting and guiding is great, but THEY need to OWN it!!
  3. The big one was Boypower Manpower that started late 60's early 70's. Plan / stated goal was to have 1/3 of age eligible boys to be registered. Much pressure on the professionals to "make the numbers". I think Chicago Council was ground zero for all that but it was widespread. Joke was that many units were meeting at the cemeteries as that was where the names for the registration came from. The eventual correction of that debacle and ISP, the Improved Scouting Program, rollout in 73 pretty much decimated the membership rolls looking at 1980 compared to 1970. Roughly a 32% drop You ar
  4. Agree. When the UMC (and still is a charter issue lookin) challenge and with lack of direction from the council staff on recharter we assumed that the council ran / modeled the numbers and figured they could still be "Scouts" and maybe not worry about the pesky units out in the woods No need to worry the donors about such trivialities
  5. Well, they did in fact try that, and it led to multiple membership scandals and the push for "inner city" scouting where they sign up youth in large groups and many do not even realize they are in the BSA Did not end well for the councils and some of the professionals.
  6. Pretty sure my council is a 100 level, assuming that is the larger ones. SE base compensation is maybe $362K and total compensation is $622K. That's a bunch. 4 others over $100K Also the council now has 68 staff, but only 16 appear to be directly working with districts or Scouts (DE types). 16 DE types 12 Program specialists / Scoutreach 9 Development staff 4 Middle Management 4 Camp rangers 13 Admin 3 Executive 7 Marketing Really nice office that seems to be about 25% of the budget. They continue to run the operation like a busine
  7. Could start a whole thread on the way councils spend their money. It's not pretty. All volunteers should look at their council's 990 IRS form. Gotta scroll through the pages. One section details total compensation of any staff member over $100K, Can be interesting. Also the first page shows the income and expense. Then the expense is detailed. In our council boatloads of money spent on the office expenses and occupancy (literally 23% of expenses). When you see the compensation levels, then do the math, the whole "fair share" selling point for FOS is really what they need. In
  8. The Fingerprinter's Union lobby is a powerful group. They are always looking for new revenue streams. Govco is paying off it's supporters 😁
  9. We do not register our aged out HS Senior Eagles / Scouts. Same as above, the YP issues are numerous and not worth the effort. Our unit does allow them to participate as a "leader" BUT, they must complete YPT, they cannot drive anyone else to an outing, they camp in the adult leader areas. It is what it is.
  10. Seriously. 73 folks on the board?? You need a good sized table just to meet at, one that would be larger than the one at Biltmore Estate, that only seats 38
  11. Not sure what vespers are (other than an evening prayer). Assume they are some sort of benches, worship area? Sounds like neither Scout has gotten a project proposal developed or approved. 2 possible options. 1 - Does the work entail enough that is could be two projects? If benches or a worship area, maybe one Scout does the front X rows and the other Scout expands the project and does the back X rows? 2 - First come first serve
  12. Focus on adventure is the KEY That is what many do not really understand. If Scouts are having fun and adventure and if THAT is your focus, everything else works out. Our troop has a lot of Eagles. Statistically 40% - 45% of Scouts that join the troop, attain the rank of Eagle. Why? Because they remain active, go on outings, and for lack of a better word, chip away at Eagle over the years and 4 to 5 summer camp weeks and other Troop activities. Many times we sit down with the 16 year old Life and assist with their plan. They are sometime surprised at how far along they are. Most s
  13. Sadly I recall the Improved Scouting Program. Lived it and watched troops get smaller and go away. I got my Eagle right before the ISP was put in place. No new ISP for me. You had to file paperwork by 12/31/73. Couple of years later while on camp staff, council Philmont, etc there were definitely two groups of Eagles. Those of us "Old" requirement Eagles and those that were "New" requirement Eagles. There was cache to wear the old Eagle patch as opposed to the new groovy one they put out in 74 Those who think the Scouts (and I was one) don't really care about the rigor of the requ
  14. We continue with dodgeball (or extreme catch) and vegetable cannons. But we're sort of rogue sometimes
  15. Remember, the G2SS is written and updated by lawyers, professional staff, and volunteers who have not been involved at the actual unit level for many many (if ever) years. The goal of G2SS is not actual safety, but legal mitigation. Most of it is common sense, but many of the details are at best mind numbing. The wizards of the G2SS do not understand the patrol method and the promise of Scouting (Scouts BSA at least) is to have youth leading and handling their own adventures, being independent, being responsible. If it was up to the G2SS folks the whole thing would be Family Camping, n
  16. We had a leader who got beaded (is that a verb??) at a regular meeting. Supposedly was going to be a 5 minute portion of the meeting. Actually was about 45 minutes. To our Scouts credit they sat through it. Bets comment was one of our leaders who stage voiced to the other guys in the back "this is why I never want to go to WB" At the end of the day it is training. There are many things in Scouts that take at least as much (or more) time commitment as WB. This is ADULT training, and should be awarded, if wanted, in a setting where those that can appreciate it are in attendance. Saw
  17. This is in fact a serious question. If Non Binary is an umbrella term for gender identities that are neither male nor female‍; identities that are outside the gender binary, how could they also be gay as they do not identify as male of female? Just curious as I would think they would identify as one (gay) or the other (non-binary).
  18. A good bit of "document and discuss" "research" "consider". Very much a classroom exercise Requirement 6 will be interesting: Interesting it could be a Scout With your parent’s or guardian’s approval, connect with another Scout or youth your own age who has an identity that’s different from yours. (This means a trait, belief, or characteristic different from you.) Requirement 7 could be also interesting. The historical figure will be the path many will choose Identify and interview an individual in your community, school, and/or Scouting who has had a significant positive
  19. "Some requirements may need parents permission" Oh...do tell..
  20. Great - another sit in a class and try to stay awake merit badge. Boy Scouts, in order to differentiate the program in the market place, needs to be action and activity oriented, not more schooling. News flash, there is a ton of sit in class stuff available to youth these days. As has been noted, better solution would have been to work some changes in to the EXISTING Citizenship MB's and move on
  21. Some observations (Similar to what others have noted) - BSA National laid off tons of staff and continues to eliminate actual program facing staff, but they are going to add staff for DEI. Assuming basic expected pay and benefits this will be likely over $3 MM annually in expenses - Note that there are 5 workforce resource groups. I guess if you are disabled, indigenous persons, or white you are pretty much not welcomed. Interesting that the DEI head would support exclusionary and segregated groups within the workforce. I guess my definition of inclusion must be different
  22. If asked we advise that BSA National is in litigation, the landscape is fluid. There were abuses in the past and BSA continues to strive to correct. Locally with our unit, to our knowledge, there are not any cases. The goal is to keep it that way and be aware that not being aware can lead to problems. On YPT out unit does adhere to the standards and all leaders understand the why of the standards. If someone is meeting with a Scout prior to a meeting for some reason, we have another leader there and the meeting is out in the open. After the troop meeting we always have 2 leaders stay
  23. It means someone spilled a cocktail in the server room Smoke, sparks, general mayhem, weird red x's appearing in the lower right corner, the forum is headed for a disaster of biblical proportions, Old Testament real wrath-of-God type stuff; Fire and brimstone coming down from the skies. Rivers and seas boiling; Forty years of darkness. Earthquakes, volcanoes…The dead rising from the grave; Human sacrifice, dogs and cats living together – mass hysteria.
  24. We sometimes have the conversation with our Scouts "Why do we camp in the rain?" Their first responses are we're dumb, we can't read the weather maps, etc etc. The discussion leads to that if you are planning to have an outing, and if you wait for all the conditions to be perfect, you will likely never leave the porch. It is sort of like that in life; not the perfect time to attend that school, not the best time to start that business, maybe a better time to take that job, make that investment, marry that spouse, take that trip; etc etc. Rather than look for reasons NOT do somethin
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