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  1. Never really seen commissioners, concept is great, just never really seen on in many many (oh so many) years as a leader Who really cares. Do what is BEST for YOUR unit. The most poorly attended events for our unit were the camporees and council events. They did not resonate with our guys, so, the Greenbar leadership dropped them. They did ask if they could and we advised they decided on the program, so that's what we did. Who actually cares what the district or council thinks about how YOUR Scouts run THEIR program. If you get grief at roundtables, don't attend those even
  2. $72 for youth. Yeah yeah, great value etc, but it is getting pricey Over the last year, we have seen the Scouting community come together, even while being physically apart, to bring solutions, relief and comfort to those in need. Scouting continues to be a vital partner for communities across the country. The value of Scouting is undeniable for those within the program and the greater public, and the Boy Scouts of America is committed to continuing to offer this unmatched opportunity to young people and families nationwide. It is important that we all reach out to Scouting f
  3. Been called many things, yes facetious is one them. In this case I am bring very factual from my own experience The CONCEPT of the commissioner is right on target. The execution in most cases is lacking
  4. You guys seriously meet with commissioners? Unless there are pics, gonna call that "unproven" We are in a large council and they seem to have professional staff all over the place (at least 5 in marketing and untold number in "development") On paper there seem to be Commissioners; Council, assist Council. asst to the regional manager commissioner, Commissioner colleges, commissioner meetings, etc etc. They seem to have commissioner gathering at times. In our District on the calendar there is a monthly commissioner meeting. In 40 years as a leader in 4 different councils, 5 dif
  5. No BSA President ever seems to speak, or be the driver for the program. Same at the Council level. Overall BSA Marketing is non-existent. The very few efforts seem to be aimed at I am not sure. They are not trying to excite young people to join, they do not seemed to be aimed at parents to entice to get their kids involved.
  6. This reminds me of every sales forecast meeting I have ever attended. Yes, sales this year are down or flat, but in 4 to 5 years they will increase. Skip forward 4 to 5 years and they basically just change the dates and use the same data and slides again. To assume there will be modest growth in 4 to 5 years, when there has been a steady decline in membership for 40 years is at best a fantasy. There has NOT been a concrete plan presented to change the trajectory, and my thoughts are that "increase membership fees" and "increase the burden on volunteers" is not a winning strategy.
  7. Sort of kind of - but there is the privacy rule. It is specific but also broad. Not sure a unit would want to go down the road of requiring something and requiring proof of said something. Not 100% sure how this would apply to a Scout unit and I going to bet a CO would not want to have to find out HIPAA Privacy Rule The Privacy Rule standards address the use and disclosure of individuals’ health information (known as “protected health information”) by entities subject to the Privacy Rule. These individuals and organizations are called “covered entities.” The Privacy Rule also contain
  8. We have tried to have meetings in the summer, but with local swim teams in June, vacations, holidays, other camps, etc etc it just did not work. We are somewhat active in the summer with week long camps in June and July. We have meetings prior to the camps and do HA each year. Basically from the end of school (Memorial Day) to First week of August (when school starts) we do not have regular meetings.
  9. For reference our troop has +/- 60 registered Scouts and +/- 20 leaders We restarted out troop activities in July of 2020 holding our own weeklong summer camp. 35 Scouts and Leaders, we did not require masks, but you could wear one if wanted. We were 100% outside, 1 Scout / Leader per tent, no carpooling. The troop started meeting in person in August, again 100% outside, at a park pavilion near the CO, masks not required. Also we started outings in August and have since then had 8 outdoor events; aquatics, kayaking, backpacking, AOL / Webelos visit, Winter trip to coast, more ba
  10. We held our own summer camp last year (don't know if you heard but there was some sort of pandemic or somesuch) and I did the Cooking merit badge. Prerequisite was the home cooking, or they did it after camp and we reviewed. The class planned the meals, good discussion ensued. Then we loaded up the Scouts and headed to the store, shopped for the goods from a list, looked at budgets, and secured the food. They cooked some of the meals for the camp (35 Scouts and leaders). For the backpacking part we looked at stoves we took a hike and cooked meals. There is a lot to cooking. Ju
  11. Average age for Eagle Scouts is (I think) 17.2 years of age, and that has been fairly consistent
  12. Agree, likely not that many, but, how many times can there be not that many? Sort of death by a thousand cuts? At the end of the day, the BSA is an organization that "sells" the program to the "customers" who are adults and youth. If a business puts in a change that may alienate some current customers, that is weighed against how many new customers will come and what will the net change to the customer base be. Also will the change improve the profitability of the customer base, helping the health of the business. Change and updates are inevitable and necessary. How they are hand
  13. Sadly the DEI merit badge will be the straw on the camel's back for many volunteers / scouters. Not saying that some items occurring in society currently may need to be highlighted and the units could be venues for that effort. Most not happy with the handling of this will just fade away. Another loss of experience to the organization. Could aspects of the intent of DEI merit badge be rolled / updated into Cit in the Comm, Cit in the Nation, maybe Family Life .... absolutely. Was the DEI mb initiative a knee jerk reaction and viewed by some as attempting to play to and placate some consti
  14. Agree. I continue to state that the BSA's reason for being in business cannot be solely to protect youth. It is vital and it is important. YPT is a critical component and as you noted it needs to be common place best practices. Our reason or "mission" is to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices over their lifetimes by instilling in them the values of the Scout Oath and Law. We do this with experiential learning, a game with a purpose, letting them fail and letting them figure it out. That is what we need to go to market with. If our "Go To Market" is we provide yout
  15. Don't worry, there's always room at The Summit (do we capitalize The??). It's on the books for $345 million...and a bargain at that no doubt 😀
  16. Cubs were at 649,284 for 2020 I'm sadly thinking overall BSA will be under 1 million
  17. We had a WB beading ceremony (??) that was done at a troop meeting. Ran, I kid you not, 45 minutes. I too felt like we were hostages. Most leaders input was "and that's why I will never go to WB"
  18. I continue to find it interesting that organizations, such as NOW, at various times called upon the BSA (as was an organization's free speech perogative) to open the membership to girls. The press release article qwazse noted was headlined - "Boy Scouts of America Denies Equal Opportunity Access for Girls" Yet, I am not able to find the same organizations, then or now, calling for the Girl Scouts to admit males. Please do not perceive this observation as being against the inclusion of Girls into Cubs and Scouts, it is what it is and honestly has not effected our unit at all. I hope
  19. I work with our Life Scouts. They know who the SM is (title and name) but reference him only as Mr (name). I refer to getting the CC signature, they say who it that, it's Mr CC. Oh Adult to Adult is first name. Youth to adult is Mr (last name). Agree with others, if I am conversing with a Scout and they need something from another leader, it's see Mr (last name) If we're being smart alecky (which is often) it's title and first name - Scoutmaster Bob...ASM Pete
  20. We ran our own summer camp and had monthly outings AUG through NOV. Maybe average of 24 Scouts and 6 leaders per outing. Did aquatics, kayaking, backpacking, and AOL visit. We did have our annual 3 day Winter trip last weekend, to the swamp, visit to a National Seashore Island, and some other side trips. We have been meeting outside since August, but we always met outside so no difference. Been some challenge due to CO (church) being closed at times so went to park across the street. They close at dark, so winter is iffy. We have picked up some additional High School aged Scouts. B
  21. 1972 was the BIG change. Many of the core badges (swimming / camping / cooking) were part of the group that could or could not be earned. That was the change wherein one could become Eagle and not have camped at all and basically not have gone outside at all
  22. Maybe they have learned to give the expected answers, please the questioner. I typically get they feel first aid, the shooting sports, climbing, and camping as important.
  23. My hope would be (though not likely) is that they actually take one of 2 paths for this new set of requirements. Whether one thinks the DEI initiative is a good thing or a bad thing, it is likely not going away. BSA National has opened the door, so they will not be able to close that door 2 Hopeful Paths Restructure the Citizenship Merit Badges to include some new items. Some of the DEI requirements could relate to community, nation, or world. Remove the Citizenship in the World MB from Eagle required and insert the (obviously reworked) DEI merit badge in it's place Dou
  24. My thought is everyone read the floated proposed requirements and said WTH, this is worthless. Must have been a lot of pushback. The language was suspect at best and agenda driven at worst. They decided to punt.
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