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Scouting ranks, merit bades, and the advancement programs

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  1. "Conservation related" service hours

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    • A fact of life is that a million good deeds can be undone by one misdeed....however, it is also well known that arrogance likes to appear humble in public.  As I see it, men and women should share the world as a mutual possession thus Twain said it best .... "laws control the lesser man....right conduct controls the greater one."
    • > kneejerk reaction 

      I suppose it appears that way, and "tone" is a challenge in written form but there's more to it. 

      Having spent four decades in the largest bureaucracy on earth I am used to putting with things i think are stupid.   But  if you build an organization around free labor you have a responsibility to nurture that labor force.  

      We spent all of the Fall rebuilding our pack and  raising money. My goal was that no parent would have to  pay more than $30. This is a poor community.  We almost lost the whole pack last year because we were led by higher income people who did not understand the needs of working parents. 

      We would have met that goal but BSA doubled the national fee and we did not have cash in the bank.  Still, to meet the goal, we in leadership volunteered to cover the cost for ourselves and our scouts so that all the new parents would not be burdened and we squeeked by with a little in the bank and no hard feelings. 

      BSA's failure to prepare  for the increased need and springing it on us weeks before charter shows reckless disregard for the people who do the work. 

      This goofy two-year certification that cannot lapse in 23 months is another example of the same reckless disregard.  

      And the other layer to my frustration is that I am trying hard to recruit leadership from lower income and minority folks in my community.  We are 30-40% non-white but scouting is as white as the klan for 100 miles in all directions. 

      So when i ask a mom who works two jobs that I want her to be a den leader I expect the organization to value her time and mine.

      end of rant 

      YPT  is rolling in the background because in a dysfunctional bureaucracy, compliance is everything 

    • Our council has an every year rule.  They want to make sure your YPT does not expire during the full charter season, which yours does.  Meaning if you do not take your YPT on or before December 5, 2020, you should have no contact with youth, period.   On a side note, and maybe its the hard time telling tone on posts, but if this is your knee jerk reaction to something like this, you aren't going to be very happy volunteering in Scouting.  Everything comes in last minute, things change with little to no notice.  The unpaid volunteers are always the last to know anything, and have to do all the work to make it happen.
    • I understand the desire of councils to make sure that volunteers will be considered trained during the duration of their registration.  Councils have just about zero leverage to get volunteers to take YPT at any time other than registration. My suggestion - make this a national rule, but also extend YPT certification to last for 27 months.  Councils get what they want, volunteers get what they want. National needs to look for smart solutions to cases like this- not more arbitrary rules.
    • I could live with it being an annual requirement.  But it undermines recruiting when you throw surprises at your volunteers without explanation. 

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