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  1. NYLT strip?

    Thanks. What’s confusing me is that tlt is ilst. The. We have nylt and nayle. My district has something called oak leaf but it’s essentially ilst done with a larger group and pretty unfocused. I was wondering what was taught in each to differentiate between them. Nylt where I am is essentially conflict resolution and team building. Ilst by my troop teaches process and procedures for the troop roles. Nayle was mostly team building, servant leadership taught against self sacrifice. I’m just curious what these other courses teach.
  2. NYLT strip?

    So what’s different about that training than tlt or nylt.
  3. My best friend’s dad took him hunting, fishing and camping since he was 2. Seriously. When he entered cub scouts we never saw his dad except to pick him up. I think the idea of parents helping based on what their parents did outside of scouts is off. My dad complained all the time about parents who did all this stuff outside of scouts according to their social media posts but had not time to volunteer for scouts.
  4. Yes but if all the other clowns in other circuses are going to a second rate clown school they are cheapening the name of clowns everywhere. Or take American tourists. How many of us cringe and try to change the perceptions of Americans who travel if we only have the attitude of taking care of our own. I agree we should focus on our own circus but we also cannot allow other circuses to degrade the name and reputation of circuses overall.
  5. My dad always says the best adult scouters he knows aren’t Eagle Scouts. Most were guys who didn’t make Eagle and have been driven ever since by that failure.
  6. I’d argue the value of the Eagle rank has been right or wrong perceived as having gotten easier over time. I always hear how much harder it was in the past. Adding girls to the process won’t chnage that mindset just as churning out decent and strong eagles in 2017 doesn’t change the perception of a 1966 Eagle thinking we had it easier. It’s that perception that needs changing but I don’t see any movement to do that.
  7. NYLT strip?

    This would not work in my troop. We do a good troop leader training that fills the first training course role. Next is nylt at 13. It is more conflict resolution than leadership training. Nayle was more voa level imho. It doesn’t sound like nylt is the same in all areas. A good spl should be able to get a great deal out of nylt. Our tlt was awesome for pl training. But I guess some troops may not have that program.
  8. I wouldn’t want her to make Eagle for the simple reason that nearly all requirements require you to be Boy Scout when you do them. If the rules start being bent and waived to get girls or anyone else Eagle all you’re doing is cheapening what all Eagles have accomplished. You might as well fold the tent now because no guy I know will want to be part of that poor excuse of a program.
  9. Who moderates the moderators

    If it’s like gaming boards it’s guys who get to know the board owner and share their views. They try to be fair but usually end up showing favoritism in some way or form. Some are good and some not. It’s like anything else I suspect. On those boards people just ignore them.
  10. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    That’s my point. You can’t write a law that says no knives on school property because the school is already violating their own law by supplying metal knives in the cafeteria. So by some folk’s definition of zero tolerance the law is de facto already broken. If I have a 2” emergency blade in my safety kit how and use a knife at lunch, a I guilty twice? Should their be a difference in bringing a two inch blade versus using a 4” knife to cut my Salisbury steak? If yes, then we’ve already built discretion in to the law (bringing a knife versus being supplied a knife) which refutes NJ’s argument that zero tolerance can’t have discretion since it already has some forms of discretion in them. I’m just saying take it a bit furether.
  11. Scouter Magazine

    I read BL and thought it similar to recent issues. I read Scouting while at home in break. Wasn’t like past issues I had read. Really dry and boring. I figured that’s just what old scouters like. That’s a joke. I do wonder what the future of BL is. Will they rename it or simply start a girls version.
  12. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    I thought legislation could be drawn up to do anything. It just takes time and good knowledge of the law.
  13. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    That would depend on how the statue is defined. We’re learning this in constitutional interpretations class now. Lawmakers could narrowly Or broadly define the infraction and the methods of dealing with it. If they leave in language for judgment it would seem you can have both. No?
  14. TampaTurtle: Unneeded parents on hikes

    This is a survey as opposed to actual census data. It samples up to 60,000 people so any sampling will be skewed depending on the make up of the random sample. https://www.bls.gov/cps/documentation.htm
  15. If I am in Japan I will bow. If I am in France I’ll do the kissy thing. If I am in Sweden (and they’re girls) I’ll pretend I’m French and do the kissy thing. If I’m in the USA I’m shaking your hand whoever you are. That’s what we do.