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  1. Gotcha. It makes sense that the Methodist Men would remain hopeful that something might still be worked out.
  2. It's always good to have more information but it seems like the article that was posted is actualy far more indepth and complete than the press release on the MM site. What was your point of contention?
  3. This is the kind of question that Cynical Scouter would have had an opinion on and been able to parse out some scenarios. People didn't always agree with him and he admittedly would sometimes wield his pen more like a scythe but his insights were always instructive. It was good to see ThenNow back, however briefly. Wish CS would return as well. The forum is lifeless without them. IMHO.
  4. Any of us can do that but the reason you don't want to is that if someone gets hurt while doing something that is banned by the BSA and could be considered negligent, you risk not being covered by insurance. You are not really rebelling against anything, you are just shifting some of the liability from BSA to yourself personally.
  5. I thought it was an instructive post. The last point bears repeating. I was on the board of a nonprofit that was sued by a member over something fairly frivolous. While eventually dismissed, it dragged on and required taking time off work to attend court proceedings at inconvenient times and places. One thing to realize is that operating as part of a well regarded nonprofit community organization provides some cover that is weakened if you are just XYZ nonprofit. People who might be reluctant to risk community censure by suing a local church or volunteer fire department have no such compunctio
  6. We have a lot of local campgrounds that don't meet those criteria. No potable water, you must bring your own. No permanent bathroom or shower facilities, it's a hike to a port a john somewhere. No garbage disposal, it's carry in carry out. No permanent shlelter for activities. If it's more than a drizzle and a tarp won't handle it, pack up and go home or reschedule. Cubs don't do wilderness or extreme weather camping. I was the person who was involved in handling permits and paperwork for a linked pack and troop for years and this never came up with council or anywhere else. I am absolutely su
  7. I was surprised by something else in that link. Further down it talks about Pack overnight campsite approvals. I've been out of cubs awhile but that's new to me and to most of our area units evidently because most of the popular cub scout camping sites in use around here would not meet all the criteria on the linked appraisal form.
  8. There have been insurance awards for anal fistulas of up to $50 million, so even just focusing on the physical problems caused by abuse would still be staggering. I'm not sure what you mean by limiting monetary elements to actual help in the case of physical damage. Many of these things have to be corrected surgically and have comparatively high failure rates. What would be considered "actual help" for living with fecal incontinence as a result of being raped by your Scoutmaster? What is the impact on a young man, an Eagle Scout maybe, hoping to date and have a family while dealing with that
  9. I am never in favor of price increases but for point of comparison a 12 person cabin at one of our nearby state parks would be $280 for a weekend so $200 doesn't seem crazy. And no scout discounts despite a history of service projects...
  10. The larger property management issues you raise like logging and just general poor stewardship of scout lands is another crazy disconnect. As far as Jamborees, I mispoke. I meant all the local scout jam type gatherings and what have you. They are almost always high stress on local resources and often planned without consideration as to impact. A 50 acre field mowed at the wrong time of year can be disastrous for grassland breeding birds for example but a Council that logs isn't going to be at all concerned about a bunch of fledglings. It's sadly funny that in some places you will have greedy
  11. LNT Minimize Campfires -- Cooking MB and extensive cooking rank requirements. In many places this becomes tail gating in the woods. LNT Respect Wildlife -- Any requirement that involves collection of animals from the wild or creating artificial congregation points or food sources. For example, Fishing Derbies -- throwing a dying or dead fish back into water is not LNT and kind of a blind spot in cubs. Jamborees? Maybe when they are in a parking lot but not at most sites I've seen them at. There are more -- easy enough to find if you look yourself. BSA has cleaned up some o
  12. That's interesting, although I have to say it is hard to make the out of doors seem boring, but LNT gives a really good try. It's important stuff, but instead of teaching it in context with anything else, it's just presented as a dry list. I'm thinking more of BSA modifying program components in ways that would lead to partnerships or at least synergies. There are 5 animal rank names and yet nothing specifically linked to study or conservation in the ranks for any of those animals. Bears and Eagles are two head scratching omissions. The National Park Service offers a free annual pass to
  13. It ought to be every participatory parent (meaning you attend things with your kid) takes YPT, submits to a background check, and the parent pays the (typically nominal) fee. If you want to go on and be a volunteer leader, you pay the higher fee to register. Every parent should be able to observe any aspect of the program. I have no idea why BSA wants to charge all parents $45.
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