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  1. yknot

    Chapter 11 announced

    Eagle 1993, I completely agree with the idea to sell artwork before camps. Artwork sold to a collector or museum isn't lost; it will be cared for and cherished and there is nothing to prevent a future exhibition of loaned paintings being brought back together. Camp properties sold, on the other hand, will likely be developed and forever lost.
  2. yknot

    Suggest Councils that should be Combined

    I have no inside information and am not an insider, but based on what I heard through our council it made sense for our council to join the petition and that a significant number of councils have also done so. Would be interested to know what others have heard.
  3. yknot

    Suggest Councils that should be Combined

    I agree. This exercise is interesting but it is more academic than practical. Reality, post filing, is probably going to be something we can't much envision or have much influence over. Council mergers are not going to be happening while the bankruptcy case is proceeding in all likelihood. I think it's good to try to frame out possible desired scenarios, but the reality is we are facing a new world order and we'll probably have to adapt as we go.
  4. yknot

    Suggest Councils that should be Combined

    My understanding is that Councils can sign on to be part of the National bankruptcy filing and thus obtain some degree of protection however then any unencumbered assets could be at risk. My understanding is that many did so.
  5. yknot

    Eagle Scout Project Proposal Review

    The proposal needs more work but the basic idea is good. Just to advocate for this poor scout who is unknowingly getting his proposal vetted by some scouters who are probably pretty intimidating in their collective expertise, he does state that all wood is already on site so he has at least thought about that aspect even if he didn't articulate why that's a concern. He also states that he is using 3 foot long logs not 12 foot. He absolutely should outline his work plan but I dug plenty of post holes as a kid so I"m not sure that aspect is far fetched. I've also helped build structures like this as planting beds or obstacles on a competition course so I get why he needs mallets. The photos he provided are examples not actual, so it's not clear if that's dirt and vegetation he needs to install to stabilize the project or if that is simply organic decomposition and growth occurring over time at an existing project. I've seen several Eagle projects where I'm not sure anyone reviewed GTSS and Sweet 16 so that reminder is a good one.
  6. yknot

    Eagle Scout Project Proposal Review

    This is a great idea and with a little more context, such as including an educational component, it could be a great project. Insect biomass is plummeting. There is a valid conservation message in a project like this and if some education were provided about what it is, why it's needed, and how it could be replicated on a smaller scale elsewhere, it could be a really cool feature of a local park.
  7. yknot

    Suggest Councils that should be Combined

    There is a certain amount of "local" logic in having regional high adventure or destination bases in the southwest, upper midwest, south, and now mid Atlantic, so I don't hate the idea of Summit either, but I think it's implementation has not been well managed. The loss of council camp properties has been an ongoing crisis BSA has ignored. It speaks to the lack of outside expertise because support easily could have been offered through property management expertise and advice, bench marked program adjustments, or collective purchasing agreements. Facility upgrades are a common challenge and there are common components in engineering, environmental impact issues, etc., that BSA could have developed some basic institutional competency with and been in a position to offer resources.
  8. yknot

    Suggest Councils that should be Combined

    Being in an area where there are multiple councils and camps, the most successful ones are the most innovative and the most flexible and that least resemble the traditional week long scout residence camp. Allowing provisional scouts as well as non scout siblings and friends to attend; having weeks or specialty tracks that focus on STEM , Shooting, etc.; a day camp option for older scouts who are in summer travel sports and need to be home for weeknight games; two and three day camping options; family camping nights; programming that extends throughout the year; discounts for multi week attendance. Frankly, I want to see as many camps survive as possible. Councils and districts can be upsized or downsized, but in this environment, once a large piece of property is gone from the program, it is gone for good.
  9. yknot

    Chapter 11 announced

    The bigger issue is that if it is a Council that is involved in a possible case, the bankruptcy judge may have some ability to go back and review such efforts to hide or preserve assets. Similar to what happens during a medicaid review with an elderly relative who might have tried to gift assets to family members too close to claiming eligibility.
  10. I worked on tort reform as a national public policy issue some years ago. Nothing happened then, nothing has improved since. It's only gotten worse. In parts of Europe and Canada, the legal liability system works differently and organizations like scouting don't have the same kinds of issues and challenges that we have here. We would have to change our system and also our cultural outlook. Americans like to sue. It's why I have always carried a very large personal umbrella policy. I don't like a lot of the changes National has made over the years, but I can understand why some of them happened.
  11. In trying to visualize a more decentralized future for scouting, one of the things that keeps stopping me is liability insurance. Even if we are no longer BSA, if we are anything scout like, I wonder how we are going to be able to obtain affordable insurance. The liability insurance crisis isn't limited to scouts. In every sector I work or volunteer in, everyone is trying to avoid or reassign risk. You can't stand in front of a supermarket, use school or town facilities, or do just about anything else without a COI. Any insurance experts out there with thoughts?
  12. yknot

    Do you "Scout Sunday"?

    I kind of like that more informal approach. Our CO always has a service, but it's the exact time as our own church's service. We usually opt to go to our own, which is very low key and basically wear your uniform, stand up and say something short, and be friendly. I also have to say, I am not a fan of the BSA's enthusiasm for turning everything into a ceremonial event. A flag ceremony with meaning? Great. An Eagle COH? Great. AOL Crossover? Great. The rest of it on a near weekly or monthly basis just feels like a poor use of time and diminishes the gravity and impact.
  13. The patrol method works in troops where the behind the scenes adult leadership is good. If it is, the scouts learn how to lead and manage their affairs through osmosis and observation of good leaders without a lot of direct influence. If that background doesn't exist, however, the patrol method doesn't work as well. If leaders aren't organized, planning ahead, or resolving interpersonal issues well among themselves, then the scouts will have a harder time figuring those things out because they have no one to learn from. The patrol method isn't an absence of adult leadership or mentoring but to some women I think that's what it can sound like until they see it working well.
  14. Very interesting. Thanks. I agree that outrage over anachronistic behavior is misplaced but I do think the wearing of Native American regalia and other such activities needs to be retired from the program.
  15. yknot

    Chapter 11 announced

    There is so much to unpack here it is hard to keep up. Council liability question: The prevailing view seems to think Councils that do not have abuse cases are likely "safe" from litigation. However, many of these cases happened years ago, and so many councils have been merged or moved around, how does anyone know what the liability trail is and if you are "safe"? Frozen payments: If Chapter 11 puts a lid on court cases and insurance pay outs for abuse cases, what happens to run of the mill claims for things like injuries, negligence, etc.? Our insurers seem rather cranky. I would be interested in data on where or in what setting or type of CO most abuse cases occurred. There's some in the filing but it doesn't get granular enough. There are a lot of bad optics here that will continue for the next 2 to 5 years at least, with an ensuing effect on membership. According to the lawyers, the bankruptcy hearing portion may conclude within 2 year but the aftermath, if there is anything left of scouting, will take quite a bit more time to deal with. We've all been watching from the outside but now that the thing is here, the guts of it seem a lot uglier than imagined. I"m hopeful for a complete restructuring, but by then it might be hard to do a reset.