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  1. I also have little faith in BSA's tech expertise. However, this is not as difficult as it seems. Almost every other youth organization uses one of these systems. It can't be that hard to adapt one of them. The systems that manage sports leagues are very similar for example. Instead of troops and patrols, you've got leagues and teams; you've got rosters with contact information; waiver and health forms to fill out and file online; coach and volunteer positions; clinic and lesson sign ups similar to camp outs and conference requests; alerts and news update features; online payment options. How is any of that different from scouts?
  2. If any help was coming from Congress, it would have been here by now. I'm not sure what value anyone thinks that charter holds. I'd love to see Congress step in and buy scout camps en masse as a national initiative. In the summer they could serve as scout camps or dual community/scout camps; off season they could serve a host of other purposes that this recent crisis has identified. However, it won't happen.
  3. I think a lot of us have followed that kind of strategy for years, however I have become increasingly concerned over the years and even more recently this year with liability issues. If you are not following scout policies and procedures it does raise some problematic possibilities. I have always carried a large umbrella policy but the judgments today are becoming astronomical. What I once considered large -- $2 million -- no longer gives me peace of mind.
  4. This is not scout worthy. This will encourage scouts from higher transmission areas to attend camp in a low transmission area and at full capacity no less. It's one thing to try and find a way to get scouts on an HA trip that has been two years in the planning, especially if there are kids in the crew who will age out. To me it's another thing entirely if you are just talking about getting kids to routine summer camp. They'll live if they miss a summer. Do we really think we are that important that we need to risk importing kids from all over? And what happens if there is an outbreak at that facility? What if it spreads to the community?
  5. I just received a communication today from one of our local councils and it is as clear as mud. I have no idea what they are saying they are doing.
  6. Should we expect updates today from the HA bases? I thought I read that we'd get updates every two weeks -- 1st, 15th, 30th -- but that could have been wishful thinking or a hallucination on my part. Late edit: just saw Philmont posted something yesterday but I'm more interested in Sea Base
  7. It's a valid concern, especially given our motto of Be Prepared, because based on what I've seen regarding HA and Summer Camp, we are not. Sea Base, for example, is expecting all participants to bring their own supply of hand sanitizer.
  8. With all due respect, flu season runs through April and even early May in some years so that theory doesn't make any sense to me. I'm not sure what you are trying to say..
  9. This is a nice story for scouting but on the other hand it highlights the concern that we don't have a real handle on this virus or know what it can do in kids: https://www.cnn.com/2020/05/14/us/teenager-cardiac-arrest-coronavirus-illness-trnd/index.html Temperature checks, diagnostic tests, and antibody tests would have been useless in this scenario. There are now hundreds of cases of pediatric effects like this in Europe and the U.S. Possible infection is not being picked up until after an acute event, if at all, but there still seems to be a link. Communicable disease plans can't really manage this type of infection in a camp or group setting.
  10. Yup, that's it. I haven't seen that format but it looks like an edited version of the draft content. The full document is more granular.
  11. It's not clear when or if the draft CDC guidelines will be released. The draft I saw would certainly seem to preclude any residential scout camping in most areas of the country and would require major changes in traditional scout programming even in day camps. Hopefully we'll know more in a few days. I personally don't think regional or HA camps should be operating this summer. I think some version of highly local, unit run, small scale camps later in the summer are still possible depending on the region, local guidelines, and BSA policy. One of the things we really need more information about is whether the recent cases that have been reported in children are a rare anomaly or are the tip of an emerging syndrome.
  12. Freeze dried meals would work great but they can be expensive and some sellers are out of stock. I just finished two weeks of self isolation and lived mostly on cardboard cups of rice, soup, oatmeal and pasta as well as clementines. If you can boil water, these are easy cheap meals and flatten out as well, and as light, as foil pouches for packing out as garbage. Clementines are durable, portable and can be eaten without touching edible portions with your hands if you have a knife.
  13. I don't think the message we want to send to kids is that it's OK not to social distance if you are wearing a mas. Even with N95 respirators, that supposedly protect the wearer, the "95" part represents the percentage of pathogens they are able to filter out, so it is not definitive protection. It's a drag patrol buddies can't help with a tent but if you get to the point where you are able to safely hold a patrol camp out, other traditions will be created. Anyone seen the campfires in a can or had any issues with them? We've used them to create the feeling of a camp fire in the backyard. It could be a way to have individual socially distanced camp fires on an overnight if sites/BSA allow them.
  14. There are also a lot of variables involved in peoples' living conditions. Staying at home in an urban neighborhood in NYC is not the same as staying at home in the suburbs.
  15. Absolutely. I'm not talking about doing anything foolhardy. If camping activities are not safe in your council or area, then we need to follow that lead. But for many of us in areas with few and declining new cases, an in town patrol or unit camp out this summer might be within the realm of possibility. Certainly family camping will be feasible for some. I just don't buy that the only way to get kids outside this summer is to send them to a high risk summer scout camp. There are plenty of other options, and in a worst case scenario, we will do a lot of day hiking and outings this summer with the family.
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