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  1. It's an easy rewrite: Bless our Moms and bless our Dads... Moms and Dads, you should know... Then it includes anyone who just has a mom or a dad or plural of both. Don't know what to do about kids who are being raised by grandparents, other relatives, or guardians, but this would make it more inclusive. The supplies issue is a miss. I'm sure they are at the health office but since it's not a medical problem, you should just be able to just buy them in the store. And although it is not a medical problem it is a good idea to add some to the list for the camp first
  2. The loss of these properties is tragic from a historic, legacy, and conservation standpoint although I get the economic realities. I so hope many of them can remain undeveloped and in some kind of public or resort use.
  3. I had worked a lot with kids as a teen and young adult and then sort of took a hiatus until my own kids came along. It was a break of maybe 10 years. In that time, the world went from touch to no touch.
  4. We have some patrols who use them a lot. Not all, but some. They have a group chat or text and instead of using meeting time to organize campouts, etc., they prefer to do it that way. They can order food, have it shipped or ready for pick up, pay each other via Venmo or whatever they are using. It can be efficient and independent. Don't assume they're all doing Reface or whatever. Well, most of the time they are, but not always.
  5. I think that's obvious. And what better place for kids to learn the best ways to use a tool like a cell phone than scouts.
  6. I keep saying that cell phones are the new Swiss army knife -- just a utilitarian item that can be used correctly or incorrectly. I think this is one of the areas where BSA has to catch up with current life. We used to argue about it in our units but within the past decade attitudes changed drastically for several reasons: 1) Adult volunteers cannot afford to be detached from work or personal life on a regular basis. It's just the reality today. Too much stuff happens. It's very hard to recruit adult volunteers on camp outs without wi fi or at least cell service. 2) Cell phones are
  7. I think it can be very hard depending on what kind of unit or council you are in. This forum and other places on social media are full of posts from scouters who simply don't know what to do. National is telling you to keep your head down and focus on your unit, yet your unit can't operate in a vacuum. What do you do when you see malfeasance or unscoutlike behavior and even when you go up the food chain nothing is done to correct it. What do you do? Quit? Go public? Post something here or on facebook looking for advice?
  8. I would also say in many cases a switch from a chartering organization sponsorship to a facilities use agreement really won't change much of anything and in fact simply might formalize the status quo. Most of our relgious COs think they just provide space for us anyway and many are incapable of providing any kind of oversight -- the congregations are too small and/or too old.
  9. He said right at the top it was an update... ? You've been here awhile so you must know Schiff is our media service lol...
  10. Possibly the germ of an exciting new marketing campaign lol. It is indeed strange there is so little information available on outdoor risk in an outdoor organization. I would also say this is yet another way that BSA has never left the 1960s. While a lot of scouting is local, scouts do travel for camp and HA and with their families. Further, even if BSA wanted to push this down to regional levels, some guidance should be given about what regional information resources there are to access and what those are.
  11. For me, the sadness is that scouting has been unable to adapt to this new landscape. A lot of other youth organizations have done a better job. Scouting has just seemed so entrenched in tradition and intractable social positions. If the focus was simply on getting kids outdoors safely, I am certain it would be more successful but it has collapsed under the weight of so much other baggage.
  12. Liability issues kind of prevent a scalpel approach. Also, you can have false negative Covid tests but it's rare to get a false positive, so you have to assume there are more than three cases. Additionally, Covid, and especially the newer variants that are vexing everyone, have exponential transmission rates. Three cases today can be 9 or 27 cases tomorrow. And that 0.3% you cite is simply a snapshot in time. Who knows how many campers tested positive once campers went home.
  13. We did requirements together throughout the year as a den and then everyone advanced rank at the blue and gold in February. At that point, AOLs would transition over to troops. Parents/scouts would work on requirements they missed on their own whenever they needed to so it wasn't an issue if they had to miss a meeting. We felt it was more fun to do things together. Don't get hung up on who does what, do what works for your den and unit There is no right way to do it Just make sure it's fun.
  14. I would say many if not most adult leaders don't have the knowledge. That's the issue. A lot of people today come to scouting from urban or suburban backgrounds. They are not on listservs for state DEPs or Fish & Wildlife or public health services to get alerts about local rabies cases or new tick borne diseases or invasive or emigrating species. They are not out hunting or farming or birding or whatever in their spare time, they are at a soccer field. That's how you wind up with a scout leader entering a cave with an awake bear in it. They think black bears hibernate from December to Apri
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