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Scoutmaster denies 17 year old Life Scout Eagle

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I have co-ed group of kids that in the past 5 weeks have been rock climbing, hiking and swimming, participated in a a week long service project for 7 different organizations and are planning on a 6 hour kayak outing this next Wednesday.  Kinda sad it isn't a BSA group of kids.

Why isn't it a BSA group?

Half the kids not allowed to consider BSA as for them until graduating 8th grade or turning 14?

Got an atheist in the bunch?

More beureaucratic red tape?

Potential CO would rather not align itself with BSA?

Some other group got their attention first?

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@@CalicoPenn and @@Stosh are right, the Council will step in a fix.   As we discussed in another thread, in the Guide to Advancement there's a section ( the BSA strictly defines what "active

I'd like to think so. We also have a Scout who is in the situation @@perdidochas. He was sort of active during his first six months as Life. In reviewing his level of activity it fell below the establ

As a Scot, I admire anyone who attempts to defend the indefensible.     And I can imagine a situation where following a rule is the worse outcome.  This is not such a situation.   The "new" requir

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Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  Congratulations !!!!!  

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Must be  a really important topic.  Four Hundred Twelve entries.   

Trouble getting to that Eagle, but when it is done, man , the relief.  The feeling of accomplishment.  Truth is, as always, some folks help, some don't.   


Congratulations to your New Eagle.   

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