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  1. That is now longer a requirement in the new Arrow of Light program. I am assuming they pulled it because people complained it was hard to accomplish last minute before crossover ceremonies..... just a total guess. I think it was a great requirement to have.
  2. Ours is still tap outs... For youth fairly firm, for the adults they really pound hard....
  3. 3 hours..... WOW Ours is maybe 30 minutes tops
  4. Our tapout is held at a district wide camporee. It is pretty cool.
  5. Interesting, with the SPL? what if he wasn't in OA yet?
  6. We see scouts get first class anywhere from 1.25 years to 3 years. Depends on the boy, some of them look at the book at are very focused on advancing, others couldn't care. Some of the slower ones we have discussions with them to see if they understand how advancement works.
  7. Interesting, I don't think that is in accordance with the national election guide. Question for everyone, does your troop announce the elected nominees that night or wait for tapout? We wait for tapout.
  8. It is national policy in the OA election guide. We are lucky, we always seem to have at least 50% at our meetings. But prior to our election, I message the troop about how important their presence it. We combine it with our SPL and PL elections so that helps as well. I like the idea of each candidate having the number of camping nights and service hours, but I think the troop members really know who is worthy and who is not.
  9. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    The initial decision about which was the standard campout weekend was equal between the boys and adults, as we had some that were dual registered between units. For coordinating, it is possible, we have camped serveral times with another troop and it worked out well. Get the SPLs and SMs communicating and the SPLs figure out a plan that works. The adults help by informing the PLC about the potential opportunity and the PLC decides if they want to take advantage of it.
  10. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Depends on how it works for each unit. For example our Charter Org sponsors 1 Pack, 2 Troops, and 1 Crew. The Troops each have their own trailer and QMs, The Crew is mostly backpack based so no trailer needed. We also don't camp on the same weekends typically so if equipment needed to be shared, we could do it, but that might be hard to maintain long term.
  11. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Our Scout Exec told us that the information he has heard is that there will be seperate troops, but they could share the same COR, CC, and even SM (although they suggest that be different). The PLC for each troop would be different, so that means the troops would operate differently. My take on that information is that the troops may decide to co-exist but would have different meetings and different campouts with some shared meetings/campouts.
  12. I'm New Here

  13. Remind - A Messaging App

    It is a great app for outward bound communication, not bidirectional.
  14. I picked up a 1929 second printing of the Handbook for Patrol Leaders off ebay from an estate sale. I guess this is what happens when people buy lots of books from estate sales. The book is in really good condition except for missing the front page and single tear on the foreword from James West. In the back was the a small signature. Through my super sleuthing (i.e. Google) I found that book most likely belonged to a Japanese boy named Jiro. He was born in 1919 and passed away in 2016. Born and raised in Southern California and sadly was interned in a Japanese camp during WWII. I feel a lot more connected to the book, imagining a small 11 year old Japanese boy thumbing through the book 88 years ago. I showed the book to my scouts last night, only letting my SPL look through it because I trusted him to be careful. His eyes were so wide reading it.
  15. New YPT Launch

    thanks, for now, I will use that answer until told otherwise