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  1. Understood, best to keep the log from the beginning. But it can be down by reviewing calendars.
  2. He could look into a Venturing Crew or Sea Scout Ship and attempt to earn their highest awards. Too me the National Outdoor Activity awards are an awesome thing to strive for.
  3. mashmaster

    parent rank pins

    If you read your initial email you are disapproving of him wearing the pin on his uniform. You say it isn't your place but then you go on to say that he shouldn't especially as an ASM. He should follow the uniform code to the letter...."simply being a well-uniformed leader will represent your daughter far better than any extra pins ever will" That may not seem like a disapproval by you but it is. If wearing the pin has anyway of encouraging a scout to continue on then go for it. We are here for the youth first.
  4. mashmaster

    New Venturing Crew Here!

    Also, the key to survival that I have seen for Crews is to never stop recruiting and try different methods to recruit. each wave of scouts will want to do something different. If you only recruit once a year or when the crew starts dwindeling it is hard to recover. there isn't a natural crossover point like from packs to troops. Also, we have a very specific rul of no "purpleing" , mixing of blue and pink. Not dating allowed between crew or ship members.
  5. mashmaster

    New Venturing Crew Here!

    Awesome! My son is in a Crew and also a Ship. I am the Skipper of the ship. You'll notice with the older scouts that they really can do just about everything other than drive other scouts to events. You really get to see them excel greatly and fail badly. Sometimes at the same event 🙂 For fundraising, we sell, deliver, and spread mulch. That is a great return on investment and the scouts being older can do the work. We also hold an annual garage sale with the profits going to the crew. Everyone brings stuff from their garage or gets stuff donated from neighbors to sell. Our church has an annual garage sale so they setup a booth along with the church.
  6. mashmaster

    Merit Badge Workshops and Universities

    With my ship, when we do our high adventure trips, the girls are much more comfortable to doing their business in the back country than the boys. One would think that would be the opposite based on social stereotypes.
  7. mashmaster

    Scouts Participating in Civil War ReEnactment (PA)

    At Texas Powderhorn you get to learn about wearing Civil war uniforms, marching, and firing civil war cannons..... It is awesome. something about packing and firing a cannon just is super cool. Here is a video from this last weekend at training: https://photos.app.goo.gl/oBgA4Coq4mEFkLoB6
  8. mashmaster

    parent rank pins

    You clearly would not approve of my uniform that is adorned with knots. I would rather let my actions stand for me that the uniform per se. The youth see me doing servant leadership, support of the youth, standing up for what is right, and letting them lead speak for my scouting not my uniform.
  9. mashmaster

    parent rank pins

    Officially....no. But personally I have seen them on the shirt collar flaps and never said a word. Seems perfectly acceptable to me.
  10. mashmaster

    navigation and piloting

    That is an elective is listed below, the core requirements call for understanding how to plot a course with a compass, ruler, and charts and make a dead reckoning table.: Celestial Navigation: i) Explain how the sextant works. Show how to use it and demonstrate measuring horizontal angles and altitudes. ii) Find latitude by the altitude of Polaris or by the sun’s altitude at local apparent noon. Demonstrate how longitude is determined. iii) Demonstrate finding error in the boat’s compass by the sun’s azimuth.
  11. mashmaster

    navigation and piloting

    BTW IOWLS = Introduction to On the Water Leadership Skills. It is a class for Skippers and Mates to learn how to teach the Ordinary requirements. It is a weekend course along the lines of IOLS for Troop leaders.
  12. mashmaster

    navigation and piloting

    I have lesson plans and materials for all the ordinary requirements that are talk about during IOWLS course. I will share it with you. Any else need it, send me a mesage. It has Piloting and Navigation very well covered for exactly this purpose.
  13. Along with #3 is to join a Sea Scout ship. I am not sure what the right answer is.
  14. mashmaster

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    Getting an email or call from the principal about how your son was articulate and communicated with eye contact in a meeting with them is priceless.
  15. mashmaster

    Compare Scouting vs Sports ?

    Both are good for the kids IMHO for similiar reasons, both are bad for similiar reasons too. Scouting tends to push youth to do things because it is the right thing to do, the work together for common goals, and get personal recognition for hardwork. Those are some of the positives. On the negative, many parents are too involved in the youth's advancement and cover up or make up for what the youth don't do. I see very similar things in sports. If they can do both, I recommend it. Band is another big thing here in Texas that provide youth positives and negatives. I see the same reports on statistics about which one is better and it is always the one for the facebook group of that activity.