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  1. He did do all of that. His "Ship" is small, he reached out to them. Also to the previous troops per the request of the Scoutmaster and to the local mountain biking community. The mountain bikers have been extremely helpful in supporting him.
  2. I think it depends on the project. For my sons project for example, the first half of the project was making a trail which required mainly manual labor (chain saws (for adults), loping shears, rakes, shovels....), the second part for the building of the mountain bike jumps and features, my son came up with an estimated list of materials and the trail designer modified his list because he has domain specific knowledge of what is needed. So IMHO, if the materials are not the key to the whole project it might be fine. For example, if he was building and putting in a playground, it is totally reasonable to order a kit of materials for the equipment because the work is preparing and making the playground area. If the area was already prepared and the project was order the kit and assemble it, I would say he probably needs to think about how his project could be expanded.
  3. I agree, just stating how I have seen it happen in my small sample size. I do know many boys are equally focused but they are the minority in the boys I have worked with.
  4. So in my experience with a small sample size. The girls in our Ship are much more goal orientated than the boys and really want to get all the awards and ranks. That includes them joining a Troop to get Eagle. They are much more focused on advancement than the boys. They also seem to have parents that are very focused on their daughters getting to Eagle as fast as possible. That is a small sample size. YMMV. I am sure it will be different for each girl.
  5. Well, that Scoutmaster is gone and the other Assistant Scoutmasters came to me with similar complaints. So it wasn't just me. In fact the Scoutmaster publicly shamed a boy and the boy quit scouting. That was one of the last straws for the rest of the troop to see the true metal of the person. And yes I have issues when Adults in scouting don't operate in the best interest of the youth.
  6. Today was the second workday. Only two scouts from the former troop and a member from the local Mountain biking community showed up. If you read what I wrote, it wasn't that the former units were supporting his project. The Scoutmasters asked him to send them the signup information and didn't send it out. The Scoutmasters are not the unit, the youth are. At the prior work day, there were members from his Ship, Crew, and two prior Troops showed up to work. I am not sure what you are driving at with this question. For his Ship, he reached out directly to them, Ships are much much smaller than Troops and he has had multiple members of that unit have supported and been there but even if the entire Ship showed up the number is 10. The troops he was with are both around 60 scouts.
  7. This message confuses me. Is it a joke?
  8. On his first work day he had many members from his old troops so I think I can safely say it was ammicable. Not sure why you would doubt that?
  9. Thanks, it is pretty cool to see the transformation that has already happened. In my son's words to the committee when reviewing his project "I want to build a park, not a park bench"
  10. It is progressing. He has an ambitious project of building a mountain bike trail with jumps, ramps, and other fancy mountain bike obstacles. They are done with the trail, now it is the obstacle construction stuff.
  11. Well he got 2 people to show up. The scoutmasters requested him to send them the signup sheets he made and he was proactive in reaching out to them. That is why he reached out to the Scoutmasters. He is no longer in that unit so he doesn't have access to email them. So it is frustrating if they tell him to send them the information to send out and they don't. I place that BLAME on the scoutmasters for setting a parameter and not following through on it. He is doing the recruiting per the conditions that he is. So when you say why is he reaching out to the Scoutmasters that is why. The people he has gotten to show up, he has been reaching out to the local mountain bike community with great success. I am pretty sure he is learning how to be a "True" Eagle scout.
  12. So my son is working on his Eagle project. He reached out to his two prior troops for volunteers last weekend to both Scoutmasters. Found out that neither one bothered to send the information to their troops. So my son has to hope that people from community groups he reached out to will show up. Neither of them bothered to even reply to his email request. It pisses me off to see people not bother to be helpful. fingers crossed he gets some people to help tomorrow.
  13. I am confident that all the proper rules are being followed. I personally know the National Commodore and Sea Scout program director. Techincally in the charter bylaws that are signed by congress from many years ago as the official charter org of National Scouting the wording is there that allows for religious discrimination. I don't have it handy but I have seen it. I don't agree with it personally, and in the camp of zero discrimination and allow any youth that wants to scout the opportunity to do so. As the former minister of the Charter Org from when I was a Scoutmaster once told me when the LBGTQ issue was hitting it's peak. "Our Church believes that any youth that would like to be involved in the program. We are here to serve the youth and the community" I can't argue with him on that.
  14. So you keep saying they can't charter units but they have. Maybe the publications haven't been updated.
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