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  1. mashmaster

    Chapter 11 announced

    Dear Scouting Family,Today, the national organization of the Boy Scouts of America (BSA) filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy to achieve two key objectives: equitably compensate victims who were harmed during their time in Scouting and continue to carry out Scouting’s mission for years to come.While the word “bankruptcy” can be intimidating, it is important to know that Scouting programs will continue. Your regular unit meetings and activities, district and council events, other Scouting adventures and countless service projects will take place as usual.We took this action today amid increasing financial pressure on the BSA from litigation involving past abuse in Scouting. We are outraged that there have been times when individuals took advantage of our programs to abuse innocent children and sincerely apologize to anyone who was harmed during their time in Scouting. We believe victims, we support them, we provide counseling by a provider of their choice, and we encourage them to come forward. Our plan is to use this Chapter 11 process to create a Trust that would provide equitable compensation to these individuals.As we go through this process, we want to make certain that all Scouting parents and volunteers know the following: Scouting is safer now than ever before. Approximately 90% of the pending and asserted claims against the BSA relate to abuse that occurred more than 30 years ago. As someone close to Scouting, you know the safety of children in our programs is the BSA’s absolute top priority and that one instance of abuse is one too many. That’s precisely why over many years we’ve developed some of the strongest expert-informed youth protection policies found in any youth-serving organization. From mandatory youth protection training and background checks for all volunteers and staff, to policies that prohibit one-on-one interaction between youth and adults and require that any suspected abuse is reported to law enforcement, our volunteers and employees take youth protection extremely seriously and do their part to help keep kids safe. You can read more about the BSA’s multi-layered safeguards and our efforts to be part of the broader solution to child abuse at www.scouting.org/youth-safety. In fact, this is a resource that you can share with friends and family who are interested in understanding what the BSA is doing to keep kids safe. Scouting continues. Scouting programs will continue to serve youth, families and local communities throughout this process and for many years to come. Just last year, communities across the country benefited from more than 13 million Scouting service hours, and young men and women earned more than 1.7 million merit badges that represent skills that will help them succeed throughout their lives. Studies prove and parents agree that Scouting helps young people become more kind, helpful and prepared for life, and as long as those values remain important to our society, Scouting will continue to be invaluable to our nation’s youth. Local councils have not filed for bankruptcy. Local councils – which provide programming, financial, facility and administrative support to Scouting units in their communities – are legally separate, distinct and financially independent from the national organization. We know you will likely have questions about these issues and things you will see in the news. We have posted information about our restructuring on a dedicated website, www.BSArestructuring.org.This site includes a helpful Resources page, where you will find a short video explaining what Chapter 11 means for Scouting, as well as a FAQ and a reference document that will help you discuss this announcement with youth in our programs. The site also includes a Milestones page, which will be your best source for the latest updates throughout this process.If these resources don’t answer your questions, please feel free to reach out to us through Member Care at 972-580-2489 or MyScouting@Scouting.org. We will do everything we can to provide helpful, transparent responses and ensure your Scouting experience continues to be a great one.Yours in Scouting,Jim TurleyNational ChairEllie MorrisonNational CommissionerRoger MosbyPresident & CEO
  2. mashmaster

    Scouts from other Troops

    Our main goal is to ensure scouts can continue scouting. Many reasons scouts will want to switch. I would only contact them if he decides to switch. I have had scouts where the other troop wasn't happy with the scout and the scout did very well in a new circumstance. Every troop is different just like every scout.
  3. mashmaster

    medical insurance question

    OK, so what happens if on a campout we need to take him for medical attention? I am not trying to be dense, I just want to be sure I do the correct thing.
  4. We have a scout that no longer has medical insurance. We discovered this when collecting med forms. This is a first for me, is there anything that I should be doing?
  5. mashmaster

    United Methodist Church Schism

    The Charter org would be the same church with potentially a different name. If the Church decides to no longer be the charter org then they could keep everything but I doubt that they would do that and would be willing to transfer it to a new charter org for the pack/troop.
  6. mashmaster

    Schools & Religious Principle

    100's of years? There are many things that were understood 100 years ago that we know are wrong today.
  7. mashmaster

    Schools & Religious Principle

    Being reverant does not pertain to a specific religion even if you are part of the majority. That must be nice. Scouting recognizes and respects believe in the religion of your choice which is bigger than a single religion. It is not arrogance, scouting does not pick which religion to follow and welcomes all. A religion is more powerful to those that follow it, I don't know or care what religion you are. I guarantee that people from another religion would disagree with your beliefs as the one true force. Today I attended the service at our Charter Org to show them respect and the sermon went on to call out how Jews in not a great light. Being Jewish, I stayed silent during the service but several other leaders came up to me afterwards to apologize for something they had nothing to do with. Just because someone is ordained, doesn't mean they understand that we are an interfaith program, including leaders like me that are not the same religion. I dedicate my many hours a week to the youth in the program not the charter org or their beliefs.
  8. mashmaster

    Sexual Abuse in LDS Scouting

    Not commenting on this case specifically. But it does seem that in general that a Church could abuse it's power over a follower and abuse could be perpetrated and covered up under Scouting or any other youth program. A church can probably cover up better that BSA can, especially in the case of The Church of Latter Day Saints (I am not sure I got that right but I am trying) where leaders are chosen by the church to serve vs. a purely volunteer basis. This could happen in religous sponsoring organization that has a controlling interesting in a scout unit. Just pointing out a potential overall issue that could happen. And I would imagine Churches have a great deal more money that BSA.
  9. mashmaster

    Do you "Scout Sunday"?

    Our scouts will go to our charter org service. There will be Sea Scouts, Scouts BSA scouts, and Cub Scouts in attendance. We will do flags, greet, help collect the offering, and they like to recognize the scouts.
  10. I think tripods would would. I probably need the corkscrew type of stakes for the guy lines might be needed.
  11. OK, question on this. We are camping on a beach in the summer. Has anyone built a hammock stand by making a pioneering project?
  12. I know in our Venture and Sea Scout units that my son is in. The Girl love to sleep all in a huge tent and the boys want to be alone in a hammock. I think they would rebel against me and leave if I made either side change.
  13. mashmaster

    Top Scouts?

    In the current culture people only seem to highlight Eagle scouts, and ignore the rest.
  14. mashmaster

    Top Scouts?

    I LOVE this idea!