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  1. Next time go, and setup tents outside the cabin and you will blow their minds!
  2. OA to end AoL ceremonies?

    Then make it Avengers based. Relax, most don't do it for the NA tie in, most of the boys in our troop that are in OA want nothing to do with the ceremonies because they dislike it. I am not saying it is fun for some people, just not so tied to that being the fun and why we do it. If I go for fun, I would probably look at things not allowed in the guide to safe scouting.
  3. OA to end AoL ceremonies?

    It comes from within, not the clothes. I know plenty of Eagles, that aren't worth their weight in salt. And plenty of people that only made it lower ranks that are amazing.
  4. OA to end AoL ceremonies?

    Why do we have to pretend to be anyone else? That is the question. Does it make the experience better if we dress up as someone else?
  5. OA to end AoL ceremonies?

    I am in the OA and personally, the real meanings of OA don't have to be tied to regalia and ceremonies. There are loads of ceremony themes that could be adopted and be awesome. The ceremonies and regalia doesn't define my heart for service and brotherhood.
  6. When To Cancel A Camping Trip?

    Well, we didn't cancel because of that but the water flow on the river was fast enough to sweep our scouts to Houston. I'm sorry when safety is concerned, I am the enemy of fun.
  7. OA to end AoL ceremonies?

    Well it is hard to say, not knowing what your ceremony looked like. A crossover ceremony doesn't have to be done by an OA team. Some troops like ours have regalia and perform the ceremony for a few packs. It is Native American based and the boys run the entire ceremony for the boys crossing over. I am sure it differs across the nation but it really is somethat impresses the scouts and families.
  8. OA to end AoL ceremonies?

    I hope this rumor is incorrect. But we shall see.
  9. Interesting discussion last night

    Ordered volume 1 and 2. Thanks, I look forward to reading them
  10. Interesting discussion last night

    Thanks! Thanks
  11. Interesting discussion last night

    OK, I need to get a copy for myself. Which version should I look for?
  12. Interesting discussion last night

    I commend you for not just passing them. I have seen so many just pass everyone. That frustrates me.
  13. Interesting discussion last night

    My son has been to one twice. They are good for the classroom merit badges like the cit's. Of course with any classroom style merit badge your mileage may vary about how involved the boys are.
  14. Interesting discussion last night

    OK, well it seems that us Scoutmasters agree. I will continue the path. I did point out that this last weekend when we went climbing, they offered to cover some merit badge requirements for the boys, only 2 were interested, the rest just wanted to climb and rappel.
  15. So, last night we had our committee meeting. And there was a long discussion about how come the scouts aren't getting more merit badges. Why aren't we doing merit badges at meetings, cover the 11 Eagle MBs every year during the meetings. I seemed to be the only one that got the fact that getting merit badges and ranks are not the primary point of scouting. That most of the time, the parents care far more about them than the boys. If the boys want to earn merit badges they can but being active and having fun it the most important part. Do you run merit badges at your troop meetings?