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  1. mashmaster

    Class B Question

    You can do pretty much whatever you want that is scout appropriate and follows TM's and such. Having the activity shirts "Class B is a company" is a great idea. Makes it easy to identify your scouts in a crowded place. Now, if you have a troop also wearing your colors, will that make it difficult for you? If not, then go for it.
  2. I don't see this being different that the multiple Baden-Powell versions of scouting that exist already today. I would be surprised if a brand program would be created. I don't have experience in people in the Baden-Powell Scouting program or traillife to see how it works. But with such a large group behind this one, I expect it to be consistant with the program they have been already running for a long time. It is already run differently for LDS units now(not judging, just stating a fact) so I expect that this will be consistent with those long standing practices.
  3. mashmaster

    some people have some nerve

    I was able to print a report from Scoutbook. I seriously hope there is no need for this.
  4. mashmaster

    some people have some nerve

    Thanks. I didn't think about that.
  5. mashmaster

    some people have some nerve

    Problem solved, talked to several OA advisors and they all said she is dead wrong. Talked with my son about switching troops and he was relieved. He is happy to be free of the SM. It makes me sad and frustrated that others will have to deal with her. I can't wait to see there response when they receive my respectful letter to the CC that we are transferring troops and districts.
  6. mashmaster

    Tough Times in a Troop

    Great! It is a win if it helps one scout. And it could be very therapeutic for you as well. Thank you for being there for the kids.
  7. mashmaster

    some people have some nerve

    sounds like good advice
  8. mashmaster

    some people have some nerve

    wow! Yes, Yes, and happened now 7 months later
  9. mashmaster

    some people have some nerve

    She was an ASM at that point but part of the process. She is upset because he has been much more active in the Ship than the troop. Can't fault a kid for being active in scouting IMHO.
  10. mashmaster

    some people have some nerve

    Should not. He is going through ordeal. He was voted on and tapped out earlier this year.
  11. mashmaster

    some people have some nerve

    Well talked with the SM, just a hugely frustrating call that she was trying to impose control and saying he should be allowed to go. He was voted in, tapped out, and is still registered.
  12. mashmaster

    some people have some nerve

    I think control since she knows via email that we are going.
  13. mashmaster

    some people have some nerve

    yep, we did 2 months ago.
  14. mashmaster

    some people have some nerve

    Not surprisingly my favorite scoutmaster put out an email that for anyone going to the OA Fall Assembly they needed to email her, then when emailed she said my son and I needed to see her first. ummm, no, that isn't how it works she doesn't control OA attendance. Some gaul she has....
  15. mashmaster

    Philmont winter adventure

    We got a spot for the first week of the new year. Just wondering if anyone is in the Lubbock, TX area and can help us with a place to crash on the way there and back to Philmont.