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  1. Plus Venturing and Sea Scouting. Trust me it is so cool working with the High School + aged kids.
  2. Our crew is looking attending the Summit Experience. Has anyone here attended it with a Venture Crew?
  3. Fair enough about team management vs project management. The tickets of some made me scratch my head, a lot. Anyway, back to scouting.
  4. Wood Badge attitude leaves a very bad taste in my mouth about it. The amount of hype that people talk about it makes me not recommend it to other scouters. It is a class on project management not scouting(I have been a project manager and had all this type of training outside of scouting). I did have fun in the class with my crew when we weren't staring at powerpoint slides. IOLS, OWLS, Sea Badge, and Powderhorn are all better than Woodbadge (The difference is that all those focus on scouting). Maybe it is my council, but the people selected for the course staffing is all political and t
  5. Yeah, one reason I am not a fan of advancement per se. So many people focus on Eagle that it becomes the sole goal of scouting. Many "Eagles" are paper thin on the rest of scouting. Advancement is only one method of scouting but it is the most most easily tracked. For example my son who is a BOR away from Eagle took his time, he decided he wanted a big Eagle project that is massive (his choice so we supported him and it came out great), attended World Jambo, 3 of the 4 high adventure bases (Philmont twice), worked with his Troop/Ship/Crew to plan and particpate in three roll you own ad
  6. I just accept my scouts the way they are and let them be. I try to stay away from all labels, it makes my life go easier. Since we are co-ed, there is a rule about no PDA's that seems to work and qualifies for everyone.
  7. They aren't the same thing. The identity is akin to racial or ethnic identity. Sexual orientation is hetero, gay, bi, ... it can be confusing if you can keep them separate then it makes sense.
  8. I agree with Qwarzse on this. There are people and comments here that I don't agree with and have issues with so if there is something I don't agree with I will downvote that comment. I don't downvote everything someone say but even if someone where to do that to me, why should I care? This isn't a video game to see how high of a score I can get. I would say from some comments I have seen over the years, I wonder why some people are still in scouting based on their comments but maybe I am completely misinterpreting their comments. I do my best to be open minded as I think the majority
  9. Good questions, probably a professional. Remember that Churches are only one type of organization that can sponsor a unit. VFW's, HOA's, non-profits, or even a business can sponsor a unit. The council would be my last choice because there would be the most amount of paperwork IMHO.
  10. Yes, they are another possible CO. IMHO, it is best to be chartered with the same CO as a Troop which helps with recruitment. Another option that I might try it to get the yacht club to charter us.
  11. Thankfully we already have two churches and a non profit that are interested in chartering us. And I believe the new CO is protected.
  12. Ours just told us they will no longer charter units after this year..... The search begins
  13. My son swares by smartwater water bottles.
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