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  1. mashmaster

    Sea Base adventure trip report

    None at all at the base that I could see. The only affect it had was at the marina at Marathon Key. I talked to the manager at the marina and she said that because of the damage she was really short staffed because there wasn't enough places for them to live.
  2. What a summer to forget. Northern Tier High Adventure Due to extreme safety hazards posed by wildfire activity in the Atikaki Provincial Park and Woodland Caribou Park, including a large fire near our canoe cache on Scout Lake, we have regretfully suspended program for the rest of this summer from our Bissett, Manitoba base. The twenty crews with arrival dates through the end of this summer are being, or have been, contacted and offered a similar trek experience at our Atikokan facility during their originally scheduled dates. Since July 14, our Bissett team has been working with local officials and closely monitoring a fire that originated from a lightning strike northwest of Bissett and southwest of our canoe cache. On July 18th, the fire increased in size to the point where the fire management team advised us to move all crews out of the area. By 6:30 PM on the 18th, all of our crews who were canoeing in the parks had successfully exited and are either headed home or pursuing other adventures in areas not threatened by the fire. Most of our Bissett staff are moving to our Atikokan base to continue to provide program for crews there. Bissett Director Sean Ferrier and John Ness will continue to remain at the Bissett base to provide support as our facility transitions to house the firefighters who have been called in to battle the blaze. As always, the health and safety of our youth, leaders, and staff are paramount. We are extremely proud of the superb manner our staff, youth, and leaders conducted themselves in this unexpected situation; they truly exemplified the best of Scouting’s ideals. We regret any inconvenience to crews and will work diligently to ensure that all affected crews enjoy an alternative high adventure experience this summer. John Van Dreese Leslie Thibodeaux General Manager Director of Program
  3. mashmaster

    Sea Base adventure trip report

    Regarding shoes on the boat. We saw zero shoes allowed on the boats when we were there. only time we needed shoes was when we were on land.
  4. mashmaster

    Sea Scouts

    My son decided on joining a ship. He looked at two of them and choose the one that mainly sails sunfish and other small boats. He really liked the amount of freedom and control he was given. They capsized maybe 1 minute after starting, one of the Mates talked them through the process to right the boat from a chase boat. After that they where busy sailing all over the lake and each time they capsized they were able to right the boat pretty fast. It is nice seeing him excited about being involved again.
  5. mashmaster


    I agree, it will be fine. let him enjoy his experience. In our chapter the tap out is in March with a May, July, and October ordeal so there are opportunities spread out through the year.
  6. mashmaster

    dutch oven tips

    Yes say no to lighter fluid. Newspaper works great, the stove even better. I just make my liners, very easy to do.
  7. mashmaster

    Sea Scouts

    They keep harping on Eagle and he just shuts down. He is almost to Life rank now but isn't interested. I frankly just want him happy, drives me crazy people are so focused on Eagle.
  8. mashmaster

    Sea Scouts

    Well, my son has met with two ships this week and he is taking to the sailing like a duck to water. He just glows when he is on the water. The skippers talk about advancement and he shuts down so that will come at some point in time or not. He is happy which is awesome! He is excited to make the next events!
  9. mashmaster

    dutch oven tips

    Yeah, you need to be careful, the your probably aren't very careful 🙂
  10. mashmaster

    dutch oven tips

    I have multiple dutch ovens so I stack them which is why I don't do that. I do put a thick canvas glove over the lip under the lid so there is some airflow. Not as much as your method.
  11. mashmaster

    potentially the stupidest GTSS rule?

    Thank god there were no cell phones or youtube when I was growing up..... I am a survivor of the 70's
  12. mashmaster

    LNT says stop geotagging

    I am all for LNT, even taken special training for it but they can easily go overboard. Sometimes reminds me of the fad diets that focus on only eating one item.
  13. mashmaster

    Scoutmaster Payment

    This morning I was paid in full with extra for my time as Scoutmaster. I got this message from a parent 🙂 Thank you again. and thank you for ALLLLLL you have done for our boys. You've helped shape and model and teach and create memories that will always be with my son. There are no words to tell you what/how much that means to me, but you are a parent so I'm sure you have an idea of what i'm talking about. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
  14. mashmaster

    Sea Base Sleeping Gear

    I am so jealous! After the 2 night of no sleep I just passed out on the foredeck and figured if I rolled into the water I would wake up.....
  15. mashmaster

    Hello, everyone!