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  1. mashmaster

    Proud papa

    I love the fact that a merit badge counselor for cooking MB insists that requirements must be done with his troop. He has already completed the patrol section of the merit badge. So emails the merit badge counselor and tells her that the requirements in the merit badge book don't say that it has to be done with his troop. The counselor replies back that he is correct and he can complete them on our family campout. Both sides were respectful, btw, it was awesome to see a civil conversation via email between them where he pointed out a fact and it got accepted. I think both of them learned a lesson and are better for it.
  2. This is good news IMHO.
  3. mashmaster

    Sea Scout forum?

  4. mashmaster

    Hello... Mobile, AL

  5. mashmaster

    What would you do?

    He is new, so I am hopeful it is a one time thing......
  6. Thanks, donated and shared. Such a tragedy and makes me tear up everytime I think of it.
  7. mashmaster

    What would you do?

    I am going to let this slide and be super clear in the future. Hopefully, this was a one time thing that popped up and I don't want the boy to feel bad and not want to scout because of anything I would say.
  8. mashmaster

    Sea Scout forum?

    I wonder how many Sea Scouts we have here. I happened to have a long conversation with the upcoming National Commodore this weekend. He was trapped in my car 🙂 And I was surprised at the numbers of Sea Scouts and think it is a hidden jewel.
  9. So sad and it makes me so angry. Does anyone know if there is a fund setup for the families?
  10. mashmaster

    Sea Scout forum?

    What do you think about adding a Sea Scouting forum? Anyone else Sea Scout here?
  11. I didn't mean liberal, I meant progressive. Basically some areas are faster to adopt changes than others. The area I live in is pretty conservative and we have a lot of girls joining. I also think the area I live in is very much an outdoors activities focused area which would encourage girls to join over Girl Scouts, since many don't camp.
  12. Those numbers are probably old and reference early adopters. I know since September there have been a lot of girls in our area signing up. I thing our area is a bit progressive on many things so it doesn't surprise me, I would imagine that more progressive areas will take up girls in scouting faster, and it will take a bit of time to trickle out to more traditional areas. Zero facts behind my statement, just a finger in the wind.
  13. mashmaster

    What would you do?

    Thanks everyone, yes I had another adult with me on drop off. I will have a discussion with them about pickups. They have been scouting for years in another unit so I was shocked. I thought I was clear in the written communication before and during dropoff but somehow I guess I wasn't to them.
  14. mashmaster

    What would you do?

    Friday we meet for an overnight activity, kids all pile into my vehicle along with the other adult. Just before I load up, dad of one of the boys asks me when do I think we will be back on Saturday. I tell him we aren't sure but probably around 9 or 10 and that his son will call him when we get close. He says, oh that might be a problem as I am planning on being downtown celebrating. I tell him that he is expected to be there to get his son. He says ok. I proceed to drive the 4 hours to the event. The next day I get a text late in the day, "Hey, our concert doesn't get out until 10:30, can you hold on to him for a while until I can get him or take him home." Now, we are geting back at 9 and downtown is at least 30 minutes away. I talked with the boy and and I end up dropping him off at home. 30 minutes out of the way. I totally feel played by the parents, they clearly didn't plan on getting him and wanted to party instead. Did I do the right thing in your opinion? Would you say anything to the parents? My gut says to tell the parents that I expect them to be there at drop off.
  15. mashmaster

    Time to Go.

    Maybe our areas are different but there are a lot of great troops in our area and it is highly encouraged to visit multiple trips. My den split into three seperate troops and 80% of them are doing great.