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  1. Last SM minute

    I like this one:
  2. Last SM minute

    Writing down my last SM minute, it will be longer than a minute. It will be a wierd time.
  3. but it doesn't state that for the devices, isn't that adding requirements? The scout hasn't asked yet, but I know he will. He has already asked how his swim team of 5 hours a week could count. A gold device may be earned for each additional 25 hours of aquatics activity listed in requirement 5. A silver device is earned for each additional 100 hours of aquatics activity. The youth may wear any combination of devices totaling his or her current number of hours of aquatics activity.
  4. Question on interpretation of the requirements. For a scout for requirement #4 the 25 hours doesn't mention auspices of BSA, so swimming daily an hour a day for a school swim team would count. Right? For requirement #5, it states that requirement, so time sailing at Seabase would count. For the gold and silver devices, it just states activity so hours on the swim team would count? What about all the hours on the Seabase trek? 6 days sailing minus 8 hours per day sleeping = 96 hours. Could the scout count the 50 hours for requirement #5 and 46 hours towards the gold device?
  5. Stepping aside

    I am already a VP on the District committee and have staffed or led some training courses. If I can't get along with the new SM, I may switch over to being a commissioner or full time trainer at courses.
  6. Stepping aside

    Some of the boys have asked me why can't I stay as scoutmaster. Adults and Scouters have told me that they think I have done a great job, I feel pretty useless right now.
  7. Stepping aside

    Well, my son is taking a major step back from scouting which makes me sad. That being the case, I have stepped down as Scoutmaster for the troop I helped start as the first scoutmaster. It is certainly a very weird feeling not being the sm. I will still be an ASM and support the new SM who already does things radically different from me. I will need to remember to keep my mouth shut and support the new method, but it does worry me and the new approach already seems to be more strict and school like rather than boy led. I typically dealt in the grey area, where the new sm thinks everything is black and white following the bsa rules to the word. For those that have been in this situation what have you done? Just bit your tongue and slid into the woodwork?
  8. SM Discretion on OA Elections

    There should have been an adult OA member there that could have helped them when the request happened. I am all for boy led, but most of the time the boys will be respectful and also intimidated by a forceful adult.
  9. For Fun: What was your favorite Merit Badge?

    For my son it was easily Aviation. He got to go up for a flight and they handed him the controls. Between the hands on of doing the preflight check and flying, nothing even comes close. After that it is the usual: shot gun, rifle, archery, blacksmithing, and lifesaving (The instructor was a very cute co-ed in a bathing suit, the 4 boys just drooled the entire time) Funny, the most hated merit badges are the Eagle ones..... Cit in ... Family Life
  10. New YPT Launch

    For those in Texas, I heard that Texas will still accept the old YPT classroom training for camps this summer since the classroom part for YPT2 is not available yet. I also heard that they are in discussions on if the online version is good enough to satisfy the classroom requirement in the future. This is from our council YPT champion who is getting it from someone at national.
  11. Helping scouts with social anxiety

    Thanks everyone, I appreciate the input. His parents have him seeing professional help, I don't believe there is an abuse issue going on or major family event that caused this. He has always been an introverted boy, it just slid downhill fast since the start of this school year. Part of it I am sure is being 13 and all the lovely changes in body chemistry but part of it isn't. I am hopeful that with help and tools from the counselors, we can help him feel comfortable in this space. I have already begun talking to our more gung-ho ASMs that like to be rigid in rules and boy-led to rethink some of their attitudes and interactions with him. Hard for them since they feel why should it be different for some boys. And I hate the term "Safe place to fail", leaders need to not focus on failure as the best way to learn.
  12. Helping scouts with social anxiety

    Yeah, parents are starting professional help. I pray for this boy daily.
  13. My problem with merit badges and advancement were reinforced at lunch today. A fellow dad was complaining to me that summer camp didn't offer many Eagle merit badges. I mentioned that first aid, swimming, camping, cooking are and he said his son needs the classroom ones like the citizenships. I said why doesn't he do those outside of camp, lot of opportunity for classroom and just book study for those. He is at summer camp, shouldn't he be doing things outside? It is one of those things that dad is pushing kiddo to get Eagle merit badges for advancement with merit badges. He is also the dad that follows his kid around to stations. When boys want to push themselves and get the merit badges, heck ya, let's do it! Camp IMHO is a horrible place to sit inside. Do something fun at camp!
  14. We have a scout that has withdrawn more and more. The boys in the troop like him pretty much and respect him. He always tries to do the right thing but has withdrawn and is fighting doing anything with the troop anymore, Dad is pushing him to stay involved but it breaks my heart seeing him sit alone miserable away from the rest of the troop. Some of them try to involve him but most just leave him alone and he will sit alone for hours. I want to help him, but nothing we have said or done has seemed to help. Any suggestions? My heart breaks for him and I know I have shed tears thinking about it.