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  1. The fears are real and founded. We need to be empathetic to the kids. In my experience, what is needed is to pose the problem of not having meetings being a problem that needs to be solved. Let them know the problem and maybe even some solutions that have worked for other units. Ask and listen to their ideas and solutions. I am not doubting that your husband is already doing this BTW. In my experience if they feel they own the problem they will come up with a solution that they will fight for. We are much smaller than a troop but we have been able to meet in small groups, masked, socially distanced, and activities following CDC guidelines. Zoom meetings every so often. So I don't pretend to say our situations are the same. but there are ways forward. All our units are hurting and recruitment is almost impossible. Honestly the biggest problems with people following guidelines have been the adults complaining and not following them. I pull them aside and have private conversations, normally there is denial and grumbling but they come around. Here are things I have seen that have worked: Small group camping, youth stay in their own tent. Hikes, masks on whenever they are six feet or closer. meetings in camp chairs in a circle chairs six feet apart learning a scout skill. Playing scout games like charades. canoeing, sailing, bicycle rides Just some ideas. good luck
  2. Agreed, the Platypus system rocks. It works great. I get you on the getting people to camp at cub level. The key is to start getting the kids used to camping in their own tents, but this is a hard issue with COVID restrictions now.
  3. LOL, I know. Enjoy this time with them. It goes by fast.
  4. Our recent Ordeal happened with reduced capacity and it worked out well.
  5. I am hopeful this is not the way it will be long term. I realize it probably is the way it will be. In person training is just so much far superior in most ways with good instructors. I think parts of IOLS can be done well online like the SM fundamentals portions, but the outdoor skills, really need to be done in person. Have you ever tried to teach someone to tie a knot virtually? It is a frustrating experience for both people. You really need to see and interact with the student to understand how to best help them. We have adapted our Sea Scout meetings to have somethings done online and other things in person. There are things that do work but many do not. IOLS is one of those things IMHO that needs to be hands on. Sea Badge/Wood Badge for example can be taught online but you lose the most important part of the training which is the networking that is achieved. I have gained so many friends/helpers from taking and staffing those courses that I wouldn't have gotten if they were online. e.g. One of the people taking Sea Badge happenned to be a climbing Cope instructor. Our scouts wanted to go climbing, I rang up my new friend and he helped our scouts get that setup.
  6. We have done the sailing adventure out of Sea Base and it was fun. Everyone had a great time. Maybe we were lucky, we had zero problems with sea sickness. We spent an afternoon in Fort Lauderdale at the beach on the afternoon before Sea Base then visited a gator farm and fan boat ride. After leaving Sea Base and getting to the airport. Pre-Covid, tit was easy and cheap to get flights to Fort Lauderdale and rent a big van for the week.
  7. Congratulations to your daughter! Brag away.
  8. I congratulate her for Earning her Eagle but I have a bad taste in my mouth by their statement of her earning the requirements basically before the girls were allowed to join....She will be part of the class vs. leading the class IMHO.
  9. I can't answer that question but Sea Scout Ships (Troops) have a number and a name. For instance we are Sea Scout Ship 911 aka Response.
  10. Your son must have done something very good. I commend him.
  11. Fair enough, maybe our guys were all used to sailing already it wasn't particular new to use. It was beautiful and a ton of fun. My two High Adventures we did we 74 mile canoe trip on the Buffalo River and backpacking the Gila Wilderness loop in New Mexico. Neither had no preset itinerary and the youth had to roll their own adventure. Some things worked, some things didn't.... Like failing to put the food in waterproof containers on canoes.... dunked dinner more that once on the trip. But great adventures!
  12. We have done the Key West sailing through Seabase, it is a lot of fun. It isn't High adventure but it is a lot of fun. I am not sure how the Bahama base is now after the last hurricanes, might be worth checking, For our Sea Scouts they were looking at the Captain waiting to do more, they would rather charter a boat and sail it themselves, because they can.
  13. I used to live in the Seattle area, traffic is a nightmare and has only gotten worse, although I am sure it isn't bad now with Corona. I think that after Corona passes, many things from this change in lifestyle will stick around. Corporations will find that A) Brick and Mortars are still on the downward path (they already were) B) many people will continue to work from home. If the job can be done well from home by people who are diligent about it, The company saves a lot on rent and utilities for example. It isn't for everyone but it will be for a fair amount of people. I know my company has paid to have my home office upgraded with very nice chair, computer peripherals, and general office supplies. C) Curbside pickup will continue to exist and be used more. D) The RV industry is booming, I expect that many more people will find the love of the outdoors. Hopefully that will stick. Yes RV'ing isn't the same as camping, but maybe there will be a carry over.
  14. Fair enough. I guess I have seen too many bench projects. I don't believe I ever criticized the scouts. When a project is too light or easy, the advisors should be advising and not signing off for a scout. Many advisors sign off too easy for projects, rank, and merit badge requirements. If it came across a criticism of the scout, I apologize. I as well am reaching my lifetime limit as well. Peace to you my scouting brother, happy to have ginger ale with ya at the scouting bar any time.
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