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  1. Good questions, probably a professional. Remember that Churches are only one type of organization that can sponsor a unit. VFW's, HOA's, non-profits, or even a business can sponsor a unit. The council would be my last choice because there would be the most amount of paperwork IMHO.
  2. Yes, they are another possible CO. IMHO, it is best to be chartered with the same CO as a Troop which helps with recruitment. Another option that I might try it to get the yacht club to charter us.
  3. Thankfully we already have two churches and a non profit that are interested in chartering us. And I believe the new CO is protected.
  4. Ours just told us they will no longer charter units after this year..... The search begins
  5. My son swares by smartwater water bottles.
  6. That makes sense, and thank you for your time you give to tour and review the campgrounds.
  7. Well I guess we can just get rid of the bathrooms altogether..... I was just at Northern Tier, I will let them know to get rid of their nice new bathrooms for more grumpers.
  8. Let's also remember that many units are tied to another unit of the other gender. By having separate weeks you would effectively preclude many units from being able to get to camp. Being in Texas, it takes a lot of money to move scouts from our home location to another. Regarding the bathrooms, most camps I have gone to in the last five years have been converting to the single stall approach with a sink/toilet/shower all in one locking room. It works for any gender or age. Personally I am a big fan of these because they just work. Scouts are more comfortable using them. I do wish th
  9. We rented a van from Sixt rentals . It was cheaper for us.
  10. Frankly they would be shocked at the girls in my ship...... We are 50% female and they have a lot of fun. We also happen to have been recognized as one of the top Ships in the nation for the last 7 years. We wained because of Covid but continued forward. Now that life is starting to look more normal (what is that anyway) we have a big influx in young women and young men that are excited to get out on the water. Below is a picture from tonight where some of our girls decided to see if they can fit five of them on a single sunfish. They succeeded and laughed and laughed about it.
  11. When I was a youth I had the chance to go to Emerald Bay but we didn't have the money for summer camps. I have heard it is amazing. I hope he has a fast recovery.
  12. I am sorry this happened. Try to ignore them. It is hard to see people doing things differently than how you did it. They probably mean well but went about it badly..
  13. IMHO, units should continue a program in the Summer but they should adapt to different types of activities that make sense for the units. For example, our ship during the summer adds Wet Wednesday sailing evenings. An occasional pool party. Things like that keep it fresh
  14. I hear this same thing about Sea Scouts and Venturing. IMHO, if you are worried that another program is "stealing" your scouts then it is obvious the program in the troop needs to change. These are all complimentary programs and can provide many great opportunities to youth that want to be activie in scouting.
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