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  1. Saw this in another forum and confirmed with someone I know who is on the Council Board. All LCs have now been given by the Ad Hoc Committee a "bill" for how much each LC will have to chip in as part of the $500 million LC contribution. LCs have until July 9 to vote to approve/disapprove the amount.
  2. Not that I know of. That said, every unit I know bans them except during travel time. We also let the parents and others know ahead of time, from the start actually when they come into the troop, that is our policy.
  3. This is key: For those trying to use the 84,000 as the metric for the amount of abuse in BSA, this is once again a reminder that number should NOT be used and was/is an undercount. As the article noted, statutes of limitations may be an issue, but I do believe a report about BSA's activities in Michigan and covering up child sexual abuse, similar to the PA grand jury report on child sexual abuse in the Catholic dioceses in that state, will be helpful to everyone. It will lay out for BSA exactly what it has to do to regain trust of anyone. It will hopefully prompt legislators
  4. Worked fine for me. Here it is 2f5112e6-d8c5-4fe3-b63b-dab01932cba9_5180.pdf
  5. See also Guide to Catholic Scouting https://www.nccs-bsa.org/index.php/guide-to-catholic-scouting Pastoral Rights to Choose Membership, Leaders, and Program Elements Chartered organizations continue to have the right and responsibility to choose their own unit leaders according to their own values and Scouting values. The BSA reaffirmed that no Scouting unit may deny a youth membership in the BSA on the basis of sexual orientation or preference. But each chartered organization may adhere to its beliefs and teachings in the selection of its own unit leadership and volunteers and may
  6. Units chartered by a Catholic entity may not have adult leaders who are engaged in activities directly contradictory to Church teaching. By becoming a troop/pack leader, you are becoming a parish leader. This means, for example, having to also take the Church's child protection training IN ADDITION TO YPT by BSA. It also means that, for example and not saying this is what is going on with OP, the person may not be openly and flagrantly violating Church teachings. Even though BSA may allow openly homosexual leaders, for example, Catholic units will not. https://www.nccs-bsa.org/index.php/m
  7. My pack was chartered out of our local parish and I am Catholic. We had people of other faiths in the unit. In short, as you said, enforcement is entirely in the hands of the parish priest (as Institutional Head, Chartered Organization Rep, or both). The BSA leaves it entirely in the hands of the IH or COR to determine who will be an adult leader in their units. If they opt not to allow you, there is nothing really much you can do. Why, exactly, were you removed and by who/whom?
  8. I really, really, don't see how they get to $250 million without at least one if not two HA bases sold. But we'll see.
  9. Save the HAs at all cost, literally ALL costs? I guess that makes sense if they think with the new HA family camping and resort options the HAs will be year round money makers (BSA now in the resort business). But wow, that is a gamble.
  10. https://www.wsj.com/articles/boy-scouts-near-bankruptcy-deal-with-largest-victim-group-11623949286
  11. On the contrary: BSA has said it is going to have no cash flow as of August. There is a huge financial incentive for BSA to make a deal now/soon.
  12. There was supposed to be a hearing last week but the judge, on the request of BSA and the mediators, dropped it. There are lots of moving pieces behind the scenes that, with luck, will result in a plan shortly. But yes, the complaint against the judge has been she has let this go on way too long and should have been more aggressive, but she was also being told that mediation was on-going and such.
  13. Next scheduled hearing dates filed https://casedocs.omniagentsolutions.com/cmsvol2/pub_47373/1a937a93-6226-4d6f-b425-3b83355a2462_5309.pdf July 21, 2021 10:00 a.m. (ET) August 25, 2021 10:00 a.m. (ET) September 23, 2021 10:00 a.m. (ET)
  14. Really? Not the abusers? And the BSA that, we now have documented proof, failed to protect these scouts and instead covered up? As for trashing lawyers (again), let me remind you and everyone: BSA has lawyers. The LCs have lawyers. The insurance companies have lawyers. Are you OK with the child sexual abuse victims NOT having access to legal counsel while everyone else does? As for "activists", I have no idea what you are even talking about. And what "bureaucrats" are you talking about? Again, no idea what you are saying. You want to lay blame? How about on the abusers? And
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