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  1. The Patrol Method is the means by which leadership development and personal growth are intended to be instilled. The Outdoor Program can be viewed as an extension of how the Patrol Method gets realized. This article is older, but still has some relevant items to learn from: https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2014/09/05/patrol-method/ If you think about any of the "extensions" of Scouting- the OA, NYLT, even Wood Badge- they are organized around a patrol concept. There's no doubt why so many threads here express frustrations on why units aren't making it a priority, or lamenting on changes that are making it more difficult to unfold, and that is because it is how BP himself saw as the program, no matter in which country scouting was in, and the Girl Guide program he championed was to be the same too.
  2. HashTagScouts

    New troop, big problems

    Absolutely run. There is a lot wrong here. Being properly uniformed, especially for a BOR, isn't a terrible idea- but, the youth is not going for Eagle yet, so use it as a teaching moment rather than ridiculing him or degrading him. Get him out, give him a few weeks to let his feelings about that troop dissipate and then start making a list with him about what are the things he would want to see in a troop. That would be helpful for him to "interview" the other units and see which is the best fit for him. Best of luck to him (and you).
  3. HashTagScouts

    Breaking Point

    Don't you feel like someone should be putting together a grid by this point? (*AHEM* National, anyone paying attention?) Scenario Does age 21 requirement apply (YES/NO)
  4. HashTagScouts

    Breaking Point

    This is why I love BSA communications so much They list out examples under the other two bullets to give context, but for the first one, they leave it entirely for the reader to interpret!
  5. HashTagScouts

    Breaking Point

    I'll throw this out for discussion around the campfire- what does this mean for Merit Badge Counselors? Are they now supposed to have to registered leaders age 21+ present with them whenever they are meeting with a scout (assuming that the MBC isn't also registered as an adult leader and are 21+ themselves)? And I roll this out for you too- are MBCs considered "adult leaders"? I can't say there is anything definitive in any guidelines that would indicate a resounding yes on that. Registered adult, yes- registered leader, no. SM/ASM, COR and TC are registered leaders in my mind. I am seeing that push from units as a means of getting adults "registered" to meet these guidelines, without having to have them pay fees.
  6. HashTagScouts

    Breaking Point

    The new G2SS (the October 2018 version) states that two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, which includes any "meeting". The guidelines we operate under today where YPT is required, only one of the adults needs to be 21 or over.
  7. HashTagScouts

    Breaking Point

    And I am sure I am not alone with the difficulty today of trying to get the 18-20 year olds to understand they can't just go and "hang" with their buds from the troop who are still under 18. Now we'll have the additional challenge that they can't go and hang with just another 18-20 year old present, they need to have the old timers there too.
  8. HashTagScouts

    Breaking Point

    That is one of my other concerns- are we now going to see more youth age out and not stick around, feeling they are no longer a scout, but also now not a scouter...
  9. HashTagScouts

    Breaking Point

    I am in agreement to that- what I want, and @MattR is getting there, is some true, honest-to-goodness-in-writing documentation of it in a handbook, training module, etc. so that we have something to point to so that the helicopters can be instructed and know when to buzz off.
  10. HashTagScouts

    Breaking Point

    The issue of adapting is the issue. BP himself said "The patrol system is not one method in which Scouting for boys can be carried on. It is the only method.” Another one of his great quotes "In Scouting, a boy is encouraged to educate himself instead of being instructed." I understand exactly what @qwazse and @Oldscout448 are getting at- at what point is Scouting no longer Scouting. Put aside any bias anyone has about allowing girls into the troop program, if you change the PM as a whole it no longer is Scouting, straight from the words of the man who founded Scouting. We can't be a society that laments that kids don't go out of doors and play anymore, and don't socialize beyond digital communication, and yet now coddle and feel we need to be with them 100% of the time. The world can absolutely be a cruel place- a lesson we adults all had to learn, and sheltering youth isn't going to make that reality go away. You just need to teach them properly and equip them with the tools the best you can.
  11. HashTagScouts

    When is a Scout "Recognized"?

    Recognition does not necessarily mean "getting the bling", it simply means getting the recognition. Nothing as you describe prevents the scout continuing on their advancement track- the date recorded for their advancement record is the date earned, not when they get their patch. Our troop has a formal COH 3 times a year. Rank patches are granted typically the night the scout ahs their BOR- if we have one on hand. Merit badge cards are also typically handed out the night that the advancement team records it, and the patch comes at the next COH. Bear in mind though that for a troop to obtain rank or merit badge patches, the advancement coordinator has to have the records updated and pushed to the council office to be able to purchase them at the council trading post or a scout shop.
  12. HashTagScouts

    Eagle Scout Rank Patch wear after age 18

    I have never seen any camp that actually encourages staff to wear any type of insignia. Some tolerate that staff are going to wear their "everyday" Class A, but many have specific rules that they want staff wearing a Class A outfitted just for camp. My son is 15 and on staff, and he doesn't ear any patches to indicate his Eagle rank, troop position, or even troop numerals. As he is an "out-of-council" staff member, he can't wear his OA lodge flap either, as he is not part of the "home lodge". for that council, staff is staff, it isn't about their personal accomplishments outside of being staff.
  13. HashTagScouts

    Cost of Being a Scout

    I wasn't intending any bashing either. Like @FireStone I often hear the comments that 'Scouting is expensive"- but like any organized activity, there is going to be costs and the cost of a full year, all-in scouting experience doesn't feel too overly inflated when compared to what many parents are willing to spend for athletics. For a 12 year old playing town soccer, for example, it may only cost $100 per season, but if playing two seasons, plus cost for cleats, uniform, that might be another $100. Then, if the kid wants to go to a weekend soccer camp, that might be another $150. Play on a club team as well, there is another $300. It does add up, and I don't think many parents do the math to annualize what they are spending. As others pointed out, scouting gets more expensive if you are throwing in HA activities, NYLT weeks, OA weekends, etc., but those are not going to be what every scout does.
  14. HashTagScouts

    Cost of Being a Scout

    Our council camps are "free" for weekend tenting, cabins cost $. And it is "free", as they charge each scout an annual service fee added onto the national fees. It is intended to drive incentive to use the camps for weekend campouts, but then you are somewhat enslaved by fitting your schedule around district camporees, OA weekends, cub weekends, chuckwagons, etc. I'm also not a fan that the council camps restrict using facilities (the ranges and waterfront, for example, are not permissible to be used even if you bring the trained personnel that should allow you use of them). Heck, they don't even want us fishing there. There's probably another thread for another day here- does your council have programming available to you in their camps outside of summer camp weeks? Due to the limitations of what we can do in the council camps, we are generally wiling to pay to use a neighboring council camp or go a non-scout camp route to give the kids what they need for the program they are planning.
  15. HashTagScouts

    Cost of Being a Scout

    State and local parks can be an option. It all depends on your location. In Massachusetts, you often are not going to find more than a very small number of state parks allowing free camping, and there can be restrictions on the seasonality of when you can use them. Group sites at state parks can be relatively reasonable, but comparable in price to most scout camps. There are some local parks in MA that do allow scouts permits to camp, some take a bit more lead time to reserve than others. There also private trusts that manage conservation land that may allow you use for short-term, weekend camping, and may only require a few service hours as a "fee". Again, not sure about specifics in your location, but some web searches can get you started on identifying some options. Also look into US Army Corps of Engineers properties that might be in your area. Some of their facilities have official campgrounds, others may not, but may allow scout units to camp - some even have designated "Scout Areas". If you contact the rangers for the facility, they can tell you if it is an option or not. They may have a small nominal fee, but my experience is that most will just ask you to do some light service work (picking up trash around some of the more heavily used trails, for example). https://www.recreation.gov/campgroundDirectoryListByAgencyID.do?contractCode=NRSO&agencyID=70902