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  1. Starting salary range for DE is not much higher in metro areas. Southern New England, it's set at about $42,000/year. To put that into perspective, my local Dunkin Donuts is hiring at $17/hour to start. The Taco Bell a town over has a big help wanted sign out, starting wage up to $19/hour. Turnover is and has been high in my council and neighboring councils for as long as I've been involved as an adult, and I would say that the majority who have come and gone that I have interacted with have been good individuals, they just have come to realize they can make more money and work a less stressfu
  2. Or stand to gain financially either way. Which in this case he has a) no need for, or b) there isn't anything in the till to gain. I hope he does have an abundance of energy, because what the org needs now more than ever is for his face to be in every press venue possible to sell the org. I'm personally perfectly fine if I never hear from the CSA as a volunteer, so long as I can at least see he (or she) are handling the PR role to help keep youth engaged.
  3. National Supply never orders a handful of anything from their manufacturers. If they are re-stocking olive green shorts, size Youth - Medium, they are ordering in the thousands and warehousing them (on the basis that buying in larger bulk = lower price per item to them). If they spent $3,000,000 in January on various sizes of green shorts, then they should have on their balance sheet a continuing liability each month until they indeed are able to shift those as stock to sales (corporate bookkeeping would want you to know how much that stock is a rolling asset). For Venturing, you have Ven
  4. I would never presume that BSA keeps such a list of significant detail on the position that a registered adult served in going back in time, just that an individual was registered. There would be a pretty slim chance that anything from the 60's has ever been digitized to easily scan, and most likely those records are archived. My particular council has only existed for slightly longer than five years, and the legacy councils that merged were also resulting from mergers over the previous four decades, so something that old I can guarantee for our council is kept in a Banker's Box in a storage l
  5. Something is going to have to give on the Venturing/Sea Scout programs. The amount of money BSA is spending in stock of items specific to those programs alone has to be a drain. In corporate world, even having to hold items in inventory translates to ongoing expense (warehousing storage). Like the programs, would hate to think of a time we don't have them, but the amount of money BSA has to have poured into merchandise expense at a time when they are raising fees overall every year makes me sick to my stomach.
  6. I hear from Scouters from NYC that GC has had a huge endowment and probably has been tapping into it for a few years. They don't have a big professional staff, but realistically every one of those staff are effectively unit-centric, there are no (real and/or metaphorical) "layers" to go through before you can get to the SE or even Council President. It is a lot like much of the country 40-50 years ago. Cape Cod & Islands Council, though bigger territory, is very small total number of Scouts (and declining year-over-year) with only like three professional staff. The SE is also the
  7. Greenwich Council BSA (greenwichscouting.org)
  8. @fred8033said a lot that crossed my mind, and said it well. CC, let alone the COR, should only be a support system to those who should be delivering program to the Scouts (SM/ASMs). Having been CC for two units, my role was really only to get the parents to assist for the roles that either the Scouts don't have anything to do with or are minimal ambassadors for (recruiting, completing paperwork, making sure fundraisers are planned and executed well). If your son has had his Eagle BoR, then congratulations, he is an Eagle Scout. The CoH does not an Eagle make, it is just a recognitio
  9. The original post asked YP questions and mentions troops. If now we are just saying "it's just families getting together", then so be it. Absolutely nothing from that weekend then would apply to program- no rank requirements get signed off, nights do not count as Scout camping, etc.
  10. Unfortunately, I think you are missing the point that @Eagle94-A1is getting at- in some units, only Scouts sign-off when it comes to rank advancement requirements. In our troop, we do not want adult leaders signing requirements for Scout-First Class, we only want any other Scout that is Star/Life/Eagle doing it. SM can get their QA check at SM conference, which is more a learning experience for the SM to have with the Scout who did the signing if there is an issue. SB bypasses that stuff. We have really only had one Scout who ever took to trying to mark things in SB anyway, so not a real issue
  11. HashTagScouts

    NOAC 2024

    NOAC 2024 | Order of the Arrow, Boy Scouts of America (oa-bsa.org) Lodges are supposed to get the info packets at some point in August with more details.
  12. Congress commissioned it- it was installed in 1964
  13. Being that Carpenter is only 3 miles away, and has some fairly excellent meeting facilities, this feels like a no brainer to just put the HQ there (as mentioned, the Scout Shop has been there for some time, and there is an excellent museum there as well).
  14. This. The ASPL is chosen by the SPL to be their stand-in when they are not available. Assistant Senior Patrol Leader (ASPL) Job Description: The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader is the second highest-ranking junior leader in the Troop. He/She is appointed by the Senior Patrol Leader with the approval of the Scoutmaster. The Assistant Senior Patrol Leader acts as the Senior Patrol Leader in the absence of the Senior Patrol Leader or when called upon. He/She also provides leadership to other junior leaders in the Troop. Reports to: Senior Patrol Leader
  15. 2nd grade would have been Wolf 3rd grade would have been Bear There was no Tiger program (1st grade) back at that point. Yes, it would have been blue uniform throughout your time in the Cub Scout program. You can find the slide at a Scout Shop today, and there are plenty of the vintage ones still around for sale. Most of us went through a few of them during our time in Cubs, as they flew off fairly easy as we chased each other around.
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