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  1. HashTagScouts

    Merit Badges must be earned in groups of 2?

    For all the infinite good that can be attributed to the BSA, here is where I roll my eyes. In all instances, in any material being published- SAY EXPLICILTY WHAT YOU MEAN, and then those of us out here trying to make this work won't be confused If in the first part you spelled out "21 years of age or over", spell that out every time. I believe what that second part is supposed to say is: Adult Supervision Q: The Barriers to Abuse say that there must be two registered adults 21 years of age or over present for all Scouting activities and meetings. Does that include merit badge counseling? Fund-raising events? Now, let the debate commence!
  2. i am getting a good chuckle from this. As a MBC, that is the usual response. Previously, the requirements were five 10 mile hikes and one 20 mile hike (and no requirement of having to do them in set order). I've probably had 5-6 scouts over the years that got through the 10 milers, and then after talking to other scouts about how much more strenuous the 20 miler is, give up and decide to go work on swimming MB. I like the more graduated approach under the current requirements myself.
  3. HashTagScouts

    Merit Badges must be earned in groups of 2?

    The mention of "buddy" has never explicitly stated that the "buddy" must be another scout, let alone a scout also working on the MB. It is/was for 2 deep reasons that you couldn't have a MBC meeting one-on-one with a youth. "Buddy" could have been a parent, sibling, or another youth. Straight from the BSA's website, current language states: "Scout Buddy System. You must have another person with you at each meeting with the merit badge counselor. This person can be your parent or legal guardian, or another registered adult."
  4. The camp my son attended and worked at had a lot of problems with some MBs, and E Sci specifically. I spent a bit of time at the nature area my first two years attending summer camp as an adult leader (mostly as it was the closest program area to the campsite, and we had a # of kids going through there working on MBs). They had two desktop computers to be used by like 30 kids working on E Sci, on top of those working on Space Exploration and any other MB in camp that needed the internet to look things up. Considering that kids today are not going to handwrite a report unless their life depended on it, all of them wanted to use the word processor on those desktops. So the kids are limited on time, and basically have to rush through it. I sat and observed kid after kid coming out, handing reports to the staffer, who just checked their name off on a list, and never even looked at what the kid handed them. They could have been typing out the lyrics to their favorite song for all he knew. I spent a fair amount of time helping out at work weekends when my son went on staff, and learned from some adult leaders from units that attended camp on different weeks than us that they had stopped letting their kids work on E Sci at camp for those same reasons. Finally, after three years, the camp put a limit on the # of scouts that could work on E Sci in a given week last summer, and the AD became the only counselor for it on his staff. It's tough, you want to have options for scouts to work on while at camp, but generally I think aside from aquatics, no Eagle required badges should be offered. Why would any unit expect a scout to have to work on Camping MB at a summer camp??? Can't say a whole lot about their unit if their scouts feel that is a need IMO.
  5. A lot can be explained by troop programming. If most troops put their first year summer campers in a "flight to First Class" program, along with swimming MB, those scouts get all their aquatic requirements for their ranks knocked out, and an Eagle MB to boot. E Sci is probably the suggestion most troops make to their 2nd/3rd year summer campers. As there are not a huge number of scouts who have earned Sustainability in the few years it has been a round, then you would have to assume that means there are few scout summer camp staffers that have it, and can not easily then teach it. Plus, let's be honest with ourselves, there are a number of summer camps out there that basically spoon feed E Sci. E Prep is easier for many scouts to obtain at an earlier age, and as others mentioned, it can be offered at any time of year.
  6. HashTagScouts

    Can a CO profit off a unit?

    Being that it is one Wednesday (which hopefully is not your meeting day?), I'd do the cost/benefit analysis of whether you would make more money for the unit if you kept the profits from the events than the $1,000 annual payment. I'm not saying that means you commit to it, but I would use that as part of my rationale to the CO on why the arrangement doesn't make the most fiscal sense. By the same token, if the expected profits are less than a $1,000, the math then works to your favor on why not to do it. if @Jameson76 's math is close to the real picture, you can find fundraisers that will bring in more than that level of funds with that time investment.
  7. HashTagScouts

    How to secure Den Chief Cord

    Definitely could be a better design. for my son, i took a small length of paracord and created a loop that went around the metal piece, and the epaulet went through that loop.
  8. HashTagScouts

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    https://oa-bsa.org/uploads/publications/OA-Cub-Crossover-Ceremony-2018.pdf https://oa-bsa.org/uploads/publications/OA-Arrow-of-Light-Ceremony-2018.pdf
  9. HashTagScouts

    Lot's of questions

    Or be labelled as the troublemaker. Most adults, even a great number of those were in scouting as youth, either don't want to really know how the cake is made, or would rather just let someone else make it and stay out of the kitchen. And so, if you begin to question the method, you just might find yourself as the one who looks to be disruption what is, in their eyes, "working". I'm sure since the inception in 1910 there have been those units that just took the requirements and rattled through them in the easiest, fastest way possible. i see way to much of it today though, and that might just be I am using adult eyes and not youth eyes... National makes that grandiose statement in the GTA- but, do they actually give you anything on repercussions? Or, how they are going to get to the bottom of what your unit is doing? As far as moving troops- in all respects we should want our youth to find themselves, and not simply be followers. But, as a parent, use your own judgement on how you talk to your kids about what they want. My son changed troops, and he did so because he had learned for himself the right way to do things, and when he wasn't getting anywhere trying to get the adults (let alone the youth, who just modeled what they saw from the adults) to change, he left.
  10. HashTagScouts

    Proud of our ceremonies team

    There was a symposium at NOAC that was to talk about best practices, and potential to create some norms while allowing local customs/traditions to co-exist. I have not actually had a conversation with anyone that went to that symposium on what was discussed. By all measures though, everything I have heard was to ensure that any regalia used at these ceremonies are appropriate for the region. Chapter ceremony teams also have different roles based on the Lodge. For some lodges, Ordeal weekends and/or Brotherhood conversions are the responsibility of the Chapter, not the Lodge itself, to organize and carry out. In my home Lodge, call-out only occurs at summer camp- the Lodge will send election teams for those who do not attend council camp, but these teams only read out the names at the end of the election, they do not do any set ceremony.
  11. HashTagScouts

    First Year Scouts Should Parents Attend

    My sons first year at summer camp, I told him he would be on his own, I would not be there. I did, however volunteer to be there the second half of the week (troop had a few adults that could be there the whole week, but others that couldn't commit to the whole week, so we had a rotation to give additional adult coverage during the week). That gave my son the ability to adjust on his own without me there, and by the time I got there he had adjusted enough to not need me or spend much of any time with me when I was. That could be a consideration for you to talk tot he troop about.
  12. HashTagScouts

    "Pencil Whipping" Requirements

    Or attend another troops meeting before 2/1. The requirement doesn't state "while a member of a Scouts BSA troop" or "attend a meeting of your Scouts BSA troop".
  13. HashTagScouts

    poly/rayon/wool shirt?

    I've never met a scouting unit that requires the scouts to wear a Class A while on an outdoor activity, other than for a formal parade or flag presentation. At that, being in New England, the weather is often at a level where being outdoors is going to require wearing a coat, so you wouldn't see the uniform anyway. Additionally, that's often quite a lot to ask parents to have two uniforms for their kid, a short sleeve and a long sleeve. Especially when they are young and may only get a year out them before thy need to size up. Maybe look into getting troop sweatshirts as opposed to just t-shirts- or, get long sleeve t-shirts that they can wear under the short sleeve uniform, which is what I see most scouts doing.
  14. HashTagScouts

    Flags for a short ceiling

    One unit I have spent time visiting with also meets in a church basement with similar height restriction. They had flag stands made (some one knew someone that had welding equipment), such that the stand is a roughly 18" x 18" piece of 1/4" steel that has a 2 inch diameter pipe welded to it at about a 60 degree angle to the base. That allows them to use a regular length pole.
  15. HashTagScouts

    BEST - BSA Study

    Also look at what the "rewards" are for completing the survey- Scout Shop gift cards. That's your National office funding those...