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  1. HashTagScouts

    First Aid Kit Gadget: Tick Remover

    From someone who has unfortunately contracted Lyme's from a tick, this is not at all the method that the CDC recommends. It causes the tick to regurgitate into the bloodstream before it backs out. https://www.cdc.gov/ticks/removing_a_tick.html
  2. HashTagScouts

    possible fee increase coming

    Not admonishing- it does add complexity for sure. The Eagle candidates we've had since last fall had been fortunate that they had parents who were troop leaders, which made it easy enough to assure they had 1 pretty much accounted for, so only had to "recruit" 1 other adult for everything. We have one current scout working on their project that doesn't have that luxury, and unfortunately has gone rogue a few days that has been an issue. His project is for the CO, which hasn't helped him to fly under the radar from us.
  3. HashTagScouts

    possible fee increase coming

    Two registered adult leaders 21 years of age or over are required at all Scouting activities, including meetings. from G2SS. Nothing reads as conflicting to me about that.
  4. HashTagScouts

    possible fee increase coming

    it's any activity- if you are having kids standing outside a store selling items, you need 2 adults 21+. A patrol activity, same. MB class, same.
  5. HashTagScouts

    Where would you go?

    Good analogy. Another that helps to grasp it- in many states, an accident/moving violation on your driving record will stay for 5 years, 10 years (depends on your state laws) as long as you stay accident/moving violation free. Get into another accident/receive another moving violation in that time, your costs will increase all over again. You don't typically see a massive cost drop after that 5/10 years has passed, you just don't see a drastic increase on the next renewal.
  6. HashTagScouts

    Where would you go?

    In agreement that the cub program has become overbearing. I lamented that my son had no interest at cub age, thought he was missing out. Got interested in W2 age, but ultimately heard that the DL was not organized, and the kids/parents were just sticking it out to get to crossover so I held him off until he could do troop. As he got into troop, and I learned what was involved in cubs (was it two fingers now, or three? Law of the Pack isn't a thing anymore? And AoL is a program year itself now?), I didn't regret he didn't join. I've thrown it out in other threads- the BSA seems to care more now about cubs than 'Scouts BSA' sadly. I'm also greatly concerned on those posting that "we'll go through bankruptcy, and all will be fine". Uh, my actuary co-workers would beg to differ on any interpretation that risk mitigation is greater because of a bankruptcy. The future insurance costs are going to be based on the risk to underwrite the program based off the sins of the past, regardless of how much $$$ BSA ends up having to pay in settlements. This new background check process is absolutely an attempt to stave off risk costs. I won't at all be surprised if we see greater age restrictions coming in the next year on shooting sports, climbing, and high adventure. I fear immensely that BSA is going to do what it feels it has to do to keep risk related factors in check to help with costs.
  7. HashTagScouts

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    100% agree with you. Sorry, but she knowingly is making this into a circus- what Eagle BOR has she ever known has been conducted by any outside group? None. Zero. So it is not official. Her quote “The Boys Scouts policy right now is they’re not… allowing young women to have boards of review like this until October 2020 even though we’ve already completed the requirements to officially achieve the eagle award.” No, you have not officially achieved the eagle award- the BSA gave you the path, so follow it or don't. Sydney wants the official recognition as the first, period. That is the motivation here. And, as I have always maintained, it is highly plausible she is nowhere near the first female to do what she did, and I don't hear those other ladies yelling about it.
  8. HashTagScouts

    possible fee increase coming

    The cost just to be counted as a "Scout" or "Scouter" at $100 I do see as a deal breaker for some for sure. We've been discussing in our TC the ramifications- we'd love to offer assistance to families if indeed it is that big of a jump, but short of rolling in more fund-raising there's a limit of what we can offer. Our CO is tapped. We don't want to have fund-raising to start to overtake time spent on activities. In my view, the community is pretty tapped on those peddling to them. As we have historically covered the cost of registered adults, this could be a big jump to our budget, and I'm beginning to have conversations with those who are only minor contributors - I can't justify paying a $100 for someone that comes only to handful of meetings, never camps, etc. I'm inclined to have them register as a MB counselor (assuming those are still free) just so I know YPT is being tracked.
  9. HashTagScouts


    So I did browse through the survey, as my son received the invitation. A lot of it is rating experience with call out, feelings about call out, feelings about Ordeal experience, etc. There was one question along the lines of "do you feel the BSA is headed in the right direction", with the response choices of agree or disagree, but there were sadly no follow ups on that thread. Seemed very oddly out of place to me that it didn't have any true direct follow up questions getting to why scouts felt one way or the other. There were some indirectly related questions later in the survey, on the level of participation for the respondent (such as I attend meetings frequently, infrequently, etc.).
  10. HashTagScouts


    I haven't received- I'm going to guess it is gathering stats to present for the Thrive webinar coming up. https://oa-bsa.org/article/thrive-national-webinar-local-commitment
  11. HashTagScouts

    Country Meats

    oh, yes there is... council expect you to give them 10% of your earnings for any unit fundraiser. Every new DE we get, it is the first thing they ask us- you don't do popcorn, what do you do for fundraising? We just don't answer...
  12. HashTagScouts

    Webelos 3 syndrone

    Sons previous troop was exactly as you describe, and had evolved to that starting in about the few years before he joined it. Patrols are kept together, and touted as "they are all going to be the group of friends they will have long after their time in scouting is over". Well, except for the kids who quit because they just weren't friends with their patrol mates after a time, but were not given an option to move to another patrol. Many of those kids who left had just grown apart from the other kids, there wasn't any actual animosity. A few went on to go to other troops, but sadly, many just did not. The advancement push was OK for someone like my son, who was generally just driven to begin with, so the opportunities were there, and he took advantage of them. But, as he saw other kids getting pushed through advancement that couldn't fry an egg let alone boil water, or tie their own shoes let alone a bowline, it began to feel like a factory as described. As he looked at his own path, he was an Eagle, did time in leadership positions, but loved concept of being camp staffer and OA. Discussion with me was to just not participate with the troop anymore, or quit scouting altogether. I urged him to consider there was the other option of going to another troop, or join a Crew. Something to keep him interested, and have the opportunity for scouting to be fun again and have his time of "responsibility" with camp staff and OA, but that it was OK to have an outlet to just have fun too. Some parents in current troop like to mutter about their kid isn't advancing quickly. Usually I take that as an opportunity as CC to sit with them and look at their kids book. I flip through and show them that son has done X, Y, and Z, but hasn't asked anyone to sign, and that is where they as parent can play a role. Talk to their kid, encourage them to get recognition when they have earned it. There is nothing wrong with them helping their son as a cheerleader, but I can't have them bringing their kids book themselves and asking for signatures. I also try to include parents on BOR for other scouts. I don't require that only committee members be on BORs, so that more parents can experience what goes on in a scouts mind about advancement. The BORs I run I don't stick to a script, I don't go with the "if there was one MB that you would like to do", or "what activities would you like to see the troop do"- frankly, they already have the avenue to express that. I use the BOR to talk to them about their ultimate goals - in scouting and in life- and help them set some personal goals on their next rank.
  13. HashTagScouts

    Small Space and 35 Scouts

    First of all, great job on the growth! I think @qwazse has it right for your immediate needs. A year from now, with plenty of time to plan, you may have it figured out on a larger space that works to have everyone together, but for now spit nights. That also might help with getting some parents to step in as den leaders, if they don't have to do it every week.
  14. HashTagScouts

    A lot of negatives in the media, is scouting in danger?

    I share some pessimism on whether we are headed to some great rebirth or massive membership increase. Scouts Canada went through similar progressive reshape of their organization, and for many of the same reasons that many are citing today as to why the BSA "is on the right track". The result? Membership of youth participants is on the decline yet again for Scouts Canada: 2013-2014 88,453 2017-2018 58,881
  15. HashTagScouts

    NOAC 2020