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  1. Some nostalgia in the green though, from the Explorer BSA days that some of us were apart of. I have never met anyone that was involved in the Varsity program, but I believe maroon was used in that program with the "blaze" loops on the tan uniform.
  2. Sorry, yes I meant Quartermaster. I used advancement more for those who aren't familiar with the program, but everything from 1998-2014 was indeed basically "award". You are correct, advancement as is used in a Troop context was not directly in the program as a method. Arguably, it still isn't as many Crews don't put any emphasis on advancement. My Council had awarded only one Silver award prior to the change over, and has only awarded two Summit since.
  3. From conversations had over the past four years with then current and former National VOA members, when the BSA put forward changing to end all programs at age 18, it was a surprise to those in the higher levels of both Venturing and Sea Scouts. not to go back and re-hash all of that, but the Commodore of the Sea Scouts program came out very hot against the idea, and the big change was not made. There was some mish-mash of wording to attempt to tighten the classification of participants in both programs (and the OA) ages 18-20. While Sea Scouts and Venturing are separate programs (fairly compl
  4. I'm going to say it is not just you, and probably a good number of us in the same boat. In years past, we typically have one team that handles Pre-O, and that same team handles one Ordeal ceremony, then another team that handles up to 2 other Ordeal ceremonies, as necessary, and then one team that handles just Brotherhood. Pre-pandemic, we struggled to field out 2 full teams, with maybe one "alternate" that could sub in for a ceremony. Our two Ordeals this fall, we struggled to even get 4 ceremonialists for the first (and we ended up not offering Brotherhood at that one, to not over-burden the
  5. Said it on other threads- let BSA make rank/advancement patches, but have uniform items be available from a third party source, similar to Sea Scouts. Get out of the overhead inventory cost, etc. Not sure you all got the same email I did this morning, but BSA has released the new uniform shirt into distribution, while still having the old one available. Yup, in the middle of a bankruptcy, they spent likely several million dollars fulfilling purchase orders on these things to sit in the warehouse...
  6. Rarity you'd have one in a true wilderness setting, especially a setting where you wouldn't have adults with you to use it. That said, I would not actually let the scout set it off to show they know how to use it. They could easily show how they would determine the direction to set it off, what overhead obstacles to avoid, etc. with a flare, without having them truly set it off in a mock wilderness setting during the summer when wildfire risk is high. Just not a good idea. Having them set it off in a wide open parking lot, doesn't really get to the learning objective of the MB requirement
  7. Additionally, a leadership project shall not be used in lieu of the listed PoRs for Eagle (it is only valid for Star and Life).
  8. I would rather it was incorporated in a fashion such as Cyber Chip, not as a MB. Primarily, I say that because if the message intended to be delivered is that on point, how does it make sense that a now 11 year old waits to work on that MB 2 days before their 18th birthday so they can get their Eagle application signed? I'll wait until I see the content of what is going to be included to pass judgement if it is duplicative or comprehensive, etc. I would not be against anything that helps to crystallize any point of the Scout Law into our youth, especially Friendly, Kind, and Reverent.
  9. Not that your overall point isn't valid, but to be clear this quote has often been attributed to Abraham Lincoln but it was never actually said by him. Robert Ingersoll said it about Lincoln.
  10. Take a freaking chill. I guess the 6 different versions of the handbook that span a few decades I have that don't mention this must all be wrong then? It was your SM that had the requirement, as SM has the final approval of who goes on the ballot. Accept that and move on. I see no reason to mandate what should already be an SM function- heard directly by a member of the National Board who is a former Associate Lodge Adviser from my Lodge that this question has been posed to them before, and was raised last year again when the discussion to allow Venturers and Sea Scouts in (as those p
  11. Your unit placed that. It was never a National requirement. Councils/Lodges cannot place anything on what National does, so it was your SM that used that rule as to who he would give SM approval to for the ballot. The troop you were in as kid is certainly welcome to resurrect their history and do that if they want, but it will never get imposed as a policy.
  12. Correct. I have never seen any older version of the handbook that states there was an age requirement. It was always on merit of rank and camping nights that one could become eligible and voted in by the troop youth. Women were allowed to become members- as adults anyway- beginning in 1988. If we are concerned about the quality of the youth that are getting elected, and I too share those concerns in my role with my Lodge, we ned to look at the programs that are putting these youth forward. A 12 year old Star Scout that can't tie a bowline is a product of the unit they belong to. "Do
  13. To even use the word unjust is inappropriate- unless they are in only for the Eagle. I also see flawed logic in the postings regarding camping nights. When someone starts a post saying their unit is enthusiastic, and camps monthly, you have to do the math. Assume they started right out the gate 2/1/19. Say monthly camping March, April, May, summer camp in June or July, and a weekend trip the other month, then weekend trip in September, October, possibly November. In any event, that means likely 5 weekend trips minimum, plus summer camp = 16 camping nights? Getting 4 more by the end of 202
  14. We did one virtual campout- SM gave in because two kids on the PLC asked as they needed to complete First Class cooking requirements. Both also needed a couple other requirements (the 3 R's, fitness requirements). Only two other kids in the troop wanted to participate, but we relented and let them do it. Halfway through Saturday they ghosted, but those two did film with a cellphone as they were cooking, so SM gave the OK. One of the others, we have no idea what they did. The last one, the parent checked off like 5 requirements in SB looking for SM to sign-off, including the compass and GP
  15. I accessed the forums on Scoutbook this morning, looking for any tip on editing a feature. First time in probably two years since I had accessed those forums, and the first before they made the forum more than just about SB itself... OH. MY. LORD. The threads going on and on about how unfair it is that camping in the backyard doesn't count for Camping MB. How unjust it is that some of these kids will miss out on "getting Eagle" (one of the absolute worst phrases that makes me want to slap someone when I hear it- Eagle is not supposed to be 'got', it is supposed to be earned).
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