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  1. HashTagScouts

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    Not necessarily. I have never seen any summer camp that didn't require each unit to have at least two leaders of their own present. If your interpretation that summer camp itself is the activity, then all you would need is two adults in total on the property, regardless of the number of units. In closed door situations, always you should not be the only adult that is left alone with a Scout, and that has always been part of youth protection policy.
  2. HashTagScouts

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    Except is is the troop SM that signs off that a scout is eligible for the vote. the local Lodge nor National OA has any idea whether the youth actually did it or not. Do you think an SM is going invalidate his/her own program?
  3. HashTagScouts

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    The aim of the policy change was separate, but equal. Fully expect that is going to change, and probably in the not so distant future, but right now, that is the policy. The intent of many camps offering boy only weeks and girl only weeks is so that those units that desired to be same-gender, and not be linked, can have their summer camp program same gender as well. For some other camps, it may be entirely a matter of facility- not a lot of camps have female showerhouses on the same scale as male showerhouses, for example. There are also the YPT issues that will be in consideration. While a number of camps employ female staffers, I would submit that the number of those that are 21+ are a smaller number. While a great number of activities at camp happen in the outdoors, not all do. Two female scouts are working on Mammal Study MB and need to use resources inside the nature cabin- your male staffers cannot be alone with them, you need to have a female 21+ present.
  4. HashTagScouts

    Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

  5. HashTagScouts

    some people have some nerve

    I'd tell him to show up at the first troop meeting following Ordeal wearing his sash with a huge grin...
  6. HashTagScouts

    SPL not wanting to be SPL

    With 11 Scouts total, I'm inclined to agree with the other suggestions here- scale back the level of POR titles. Rather than a PLC where only say 5 Scouts are meeting to discuss the month ahead, use "patrol corner" at a troop meeting to engage all the Scouts toward a decision. If you try too hard to fit a certain model, you could be over-complicating. Assume with 11 Scouts, if you have one patrol and then one PL, what would an SPL be doing that is above and beyond that which the PL is doing? Seems redundant. Not knowing anything about this Scout serving as SPL, perhaps part of the issue for him could be the extra meetings that are an issue for him on his time, or that the additional meeting time is making it feel too much like a job rather than a privilege. I would suggest scaling back to acting as one patrol, having the PL as the lead, with you and the other senior scouts being his confidants as much as possible.
  7. HashTagScouts

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    If we take some of the commentary from various persons on the professional side, they cite that coed was happening anyway on the cub side, just not "officially". It's also happening on the Boy Scout side too, just not "officially". There are Troops today that charter Crews, and have the Crew right there at each meeting and each event. Just because you can't give an official transcript for an award doesn't mean the program isn't operating coed. The only thing that really changes is now you can actually charter the girls earlier than age 14. My feelings all along is that National was taking a "can't beat 'em, join 'em" stance with this membership change, so don't see how we could be surprised if they don't do the same by just throwing that additional "local option" out there. The "linked troop" was already a step in the direction of trying to ensure that there are sufficient girl troops ready come spring for any girls ready to come out of Cubs- nothing would make National look worse than negative publicity if even one girl gives a reporter a story about how the BSA got them all amped up only to let them down a year later.
  8. HashTagScouts

    slow down

    Advancement not the main goal for sure, but I would give my $.02 that if advancement is being FORCED it isn't what you want, but if your son has figured out when/how to maximize his opportunities, and that leads to advancement say faster than his patrol mates who are not doing so, I have no issue with that. My son had the same opportunities as his patrol mates, but he is Eagle and a few are just getting to Star. Not my sons fault at all, he just didn't leave partial MBs for two years, and volunteered with his new SPL every term to help out with whatever was needed.
  9. HashTagScouts

    slow down

    If the youth is also using it as teaching moments - for example, taking the new Scout patrol to the grocery store and showing them how to shop (buying store brand versus name brand to keep budget in check, how to figure out quantity to buy, etc) that becomes an Instructor POR, and does count for rank.
  10. HashTagScouts

    Dorky Patch Placement Questions

    Get a three ring binder and some plastic photo sheets, and start setting up a memory book for him to display at his Eagle COH. You can include photos from events, any newspaper clippings, any leaflets from places visited, as well as wristbands or ticket stubs, etc.
  11. HashTagScouts

    Business Insider interview - Sylvia Acevedo, CEO GUSA

    Couldn't agree more. Almost as embarrassing to me as a troop that only car camps.
  12. HashTagScouts

    Business Insider interview - Sylvia Acevedo, CEO GUSA

    I could provide you a few examples of Boy Scout troops local to me that only camp once or twice a year, so yeah, it is pretty much about perspective.
  13. HashTagScouts

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    You have to go back further in the guide- they cannot be earned by anyone who is not "qualified" (dual registered, or had previously reached First Class): The Benefits of Merit Badges There is more to merit badges than simply providing opportunities to learn skills. There is more to them than an introduction to lifetime hobbies, or the inspiration to pursue a career—though these invaluable results occur regularly. It all begins with a Scout’s initial interest and effort in a merit badge subject, followed by a discussion with the unit leader or designated assistant, continues through meetings with a counselor, and culminates in advancement and recognition. It is an uncomplicated process that gives a Scout the confidence achieved through overcoming obstacles. Social skills improve. Self-reliance develops. Examples are set and followed. And fields of study and interest are explored beyond the limits of the school classroom. All merit badge requirements must be met while a registered Boy Scout or Varsity Scout, or a qualified Venturer or Sea Scout. Accomplishments before joining, or while a Cub Scout, do not apply.
  14. HashTagScouts

    Scouting Magazine - betting the farm on girls

    @HelpfulTracks good summary. I might only add to your final sentence “or they find themselves in a unit that puts advancement above all else, and produces only more potential future Scouters that just repeat the pattern”. Eventhe most ardent Scout can forget most of what they learned as a youth, and needs to take training as an adult with an open mind. I still learn things from my fellow trainers at each OLS course I staff.
  15. HashTagScouts

    Merit Badge Counselors age

    As others pointed out previous thread on this topic when the new G2SS was released, MBCs are registered on the same application as SM, ASM, TC, and that app does not say anything to contradict that a MBC is a registered leader (the old apps from several years ago used to have a distinct "position" code that I believe was called Active Parent, meaning they were not a leader but would be present at activities (arguably that is also what a MBC often is as well). The reality is we just don't have an official word on this. Can an 18 year old be a MBC? Yes. They often are the MBC of record at summer camps. Would they need to have registered adults around? If the G2SS is taken literally, we are supposed to uphold the same standards for YPT purposes both in and out of Scouting activities. A MBC that would have met with a group of Scouts in the past at a coffee shop on a Sunday morning was not really participating in a troop activity, but under these new guidelines it may no longer be acceptable. I just don't think anyone has the firm answer as of yet.