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  1. If you are on linked in, there is commissioner support forum run by Irving. This just in. This has a hot due date for any new leaders, and you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be required for all when units recharter.
  2. Linked Troops - What are these?

    Except for the fact I know it will happen, I would bet a beer that there will be at least one pair of troops in the nation who will have the same scoutmaster and ASMs, and the PLCs meet as one.
  3. Linked Troops - What are these?

    One chartered partner, one committee, in theory two scoutmasters and two sets of assistant scoutmaster's Two youth structures-- PLC, patrols, etc. Again, in theory
  4. Ladies and gentlemen: The attached was just sent to me by a council scout executive who is a good friend. The source is from national. I've opted to lock the topic on posting, those who wish may create a new thread. Please remember a Scouter is friendly, courteous, and kind
  5. Flag Ceremonies for Political Organizations

    My two cents: If it's the County Fair, and the Iwannabeasuburb County Republican or Democratic Committee asks you to do a flag ceremony before the candidates start doing pitches, that's one thing. (I'd hope the chairs of the R and D committees know each other, and agree on Monday the Boy Scouts will do the Ds, and on Tuesday Camp Fire does the Rs, or something like that.). If it's Billybob Jumpback, running for Senator from the Great State of North Texas, and he's doing a full up campaign rally with him leading the Pledge... PASS. Again, my thoughts only.
  6. NO committee meeting for over a year

    Mod note: Moved to open discussion, program. Nothing controversial here, just basic Scouting stuff.
  7. POR review

    This is the job of the Scoutmaster, teaching the SPL how to monitor performance. That's the long and short of it.
  8. When To Cancel A Camping Trip?

    Respectfully disagree. There are places and times in winter when roads (such as I-70 in Western KS, I-80 in NE, ad infinitum) are CLOSED. If the Highway Patrol/State Police are planning to close the roads for a major winter event, you don't want to be taking youth members out. I've been lucky on some of my winter commutes, I've been able to self recover from the ditch in a 4x4. Others ... notsomuch.
  9. Current Ad on Facebook

    Frogs or caterpillars? Look at Cubby's glasses!
  10. Current Ad on Facebook

    I sent it off to BSA Licsensing.
  11. This is from "The Scouting Shirt Shop" Did someone at National Trademark sign off on this? And, @@RichardB, did someone sign off on broken glasses? Link: https://www.facebook.com/ScoutingShirtShop/photos/a.1209864749072411.1073741828.1209853565740196/1576047072454175/?type=3&theater
  12. Integration and Ceremonies

    From my view of the camp, It seems to me the Order will be somewhat easy to gender integrate. The biggest issue will be the attire of youth on Ceremonies Teams and supporting ceremonies as runners and such. With young women, with gender equality, if they have to close their chests in with clothing, so will the young men. Your alls' thoughts? ICS.
  13. I suspect in the case below, we will find Packs for which data in Scoutnet does not equal reality at meetings.
  14. I have been to PTC twice. For young men and women over 14, they can take a 5.5 day trek. There are programs for each Scouting age bracket, as well as support for wee ones under the Scouting age. For the non-Scouter adult spouses, there are trips to Santa Fe, Taos, Las Vegas, NM ... I knew one group who did an overnight to Albuquerque. We now return you to the regularly scheduled topic.
  15. Scoutmaster, Scout, and benefitting agency sit down, and discuss what's next. The guidance can be found below. I would recommend your SM invite your Unit Commissioner and a Member of the District Advancement Committee for a friendly cup of coffee to discuss matters. There's more than one path in the link, but the decision on that path is the Scouts, and his alone ... not his SM, CC, Eagle coach, or YOURS. http://www.scouting.org/scoutsource/GuideToAdvancement/EagleScoutRank.aspx