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  1. John-in-KC

    BSA designates Philmont as a "No Adventure Base"

    Mr Bourleon, considering you probably stayed in the Villa itself, that’s a good thing. People need to understand PTC tents were always the large version... 11x14, with power and a GI metal rack with a decent mattress. Adding a front porch isn’t that much...
  2. John-in-KC

    Campout planning...who does it?

    Having been a COR and a CC, I want you to be both the resource person and a bit of appetite suppressant for the youth. Help your SPL have options for camping weekends. At the same time, help SPL understand limits, before the planning meeting...it fails common sense to drive 150 miles on a Friday night in Michigan in November. Finally, BSA has its annual program monthly themes. I’ve linked the program planning guide from the WD Boyce Council, which has them for Cubs (think den chiefs) and Scouts... http://www.wdboyce.org/document/program-guide/181492
  3. John-in-KC

    BSA designates Philmont as a "No Adventure Base"

    First, i did my first fifty miler in the San Fernando Valley Council when I was 12. It was called the Silver Knapsack Trail. i repeated it when I was 13. When I was 14, I did a 60 mile segment of the John Muir (Pacific Crest) Trail. Yes, Dad did the trail with me. He was deep in books studying for his undergrad degree after retiring from tha Army when my brother was a Scout, so he wanted the chance. BTW, I’m 62 now. Second, before you bash the programs for youth of attendees at Philmont Training Center, maybe you ought to read their website or discuss with someone what they are about. If you’re interested in the weeklong Trek for PTC youth, message me. My boy did it.
  4. John-in-KC

    NE Illinois Council SE convicted

    28 years...that was a helluva retirement he kissed goodbye to. i presume BSA corporate discharged him for cause, ALONG WITH the local council
  5. John-in-KC

    Hello from Pennsylvania

    Welcome to Scouter, @greenreddew
  6. John-in-KC

    Name on Eagle Project?

    Welcome to Scouter, @Theone67, as to your question, my two cents would be “donation to the town of ____ built by troop 123, as part of an Eagle Leadership Service Project. “ Theres no RULE about your name, I just tend to be quieter in tooting my horn.
  7. John-in-KC

    Blue Cards

    As a counselor trainer, I advised new counselors to keep them eight years. That supports the worst case ... the Webelo who bridges at 10 1/2, allowing him to migrate all the way through the program. Ditto the Troop Advancement Coordinator, or whoever uploads to ScoutNet.
  8. Making it easier. Dumb decision, National.
  9. John-in-KC

    What Would You Do.... Next Time?

    You do not have to re register this adult. Coordinate with your CC.
  10. John-in-KC

    When beneficiary destroys Eagle Project

    Trust me, @RichardB and the Safety Mafia will provide that in a new PD 4/5/6...OSHA compliance. 🤦‍♂️
  11. John-in-KC

    Advice for New Cubmaster

    First, welcome to Scouter, @dabears. You are the ringmaster of the Pack meeting! Keep it simple, make it fun! - A den does the flag - A den (dens) does (do) the skit (skits) - A den (dens) does (do) the song (songs) - Your advancement guy and you give out all the patches. - You be Akela and tell a story with a moral. The Pack Committee does cleanup. Theres a National Theme for the month. Two months out, you pin the tail on the den leaders. as Chief of Program, your task is program. Your CC makes sure you have the support you need. You get your den leaders to go to training. You encourage Scoutmasters to pony up Den Chiefs. I wish you well, KISMIF!
  12. Some Councils are big enough to host WB annually. Others can justify a biennial cycle. Still others run in area clusters. I wrnt out out of Council, because I knew both the staff and the students in my own. Expand your horizons.
  13. John-in-KC

    Youth Protection and Bankruptcy

    When did Youth Protection begin? I know it was in place by the time I returned to Scouting in 1999.