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  1. John-in-KC

    Snow Days?

    My district has NO snow days built in. They had been scheduled to release the Friday of Memorial Day weekend. We are now up to 6 June. At one area camp, staff week may be impacted. At another, First session will be four days in.
  2. John-in-KC

    Methods in Scouting

    This is MY rank order... The Ideals The patrol method The outdoors Leadership development Personal growth Association with adults Advancement The uniform
  3. John-in-KC

    First Women

    As it happens, my home council, Heart of America, appears to be one of the first out of the starting blocks with Arrow women. Tamegonit #147 held a special winter induction
  4. John-in-KC


    First and foremost, there are activities of the EMS agency, and there are activities of your Post. Make sure you understand which is what. I would get ahold of the Council Learning For Life Director. This is a matter the professional service should deal with.
  5. John-in-KC

    Principal Name Amendments - ?

    So, has anyone read the 2019 Guide to Ceremonies, or asked their Council Staff Adviser?
  6. John-in-KC


    Have you asked Your District Commissioner? (to use the adult version of “have you asked your patrol leader?”)
  7. John-in-KC


    Just a bit significant. Pole vaulting over mouse turds. I wonder how much National paid the attorneys for that wordsmithing?
  8. Scouters, for your reading and compliance. Here’s the online version. Here’s the link to the downloadable version.
  9. John-in-KC

    Merit badges for Venture and Sea Scouts

    Qwasze: I don’t know. I’m saying the error checking would not be especially onerous as a technical matter.
  10. This was posted by someone as a reply... "This update will include new policies and procedures implemented since the course was first released in February, 2018, however our Youth Protection and Health and Safety policies, guidelines and procedures are continually being updated and revised. The on-line version of the GTSS is the single most up to date source of our commitment to Safe Scouting. Youth Protection certifications will continue to be valid for a two year period. When the course update is complete, four new VOLUNTARY modules will be added and will be available under the “VOLUNTARY programs.” These include: 1. Physical Abuse 2. Neglect 3. Emotional Abuse 4. Witnessing Violence These new, VOLUNTARY modules will provide leaders with knowledge about other forms of abuse."
  11. This will be pinned in open discussion program until March 1, then moved to training
  12. Bottom Line Up Front BSA will change the My Scouting Y01 Youth Protection module on 1 March. If you are already taking it, get it done, or it will vanish like smoke from the campfire midnight 28 February.
  13. John-in-KC

    Merit badges for Venture and Sea Scouts

    Moderator note: moved to Advancement forum.
  14. John-in-KC

    Merit badges for Venture and Sea Scouts

    This is not difficult. Error checking in the advancement report process online should check the RANK of the Venturer. If rank =/= First Class, then reject MB from a venturing crew input. I don’t know the data table in Scout net, but I can guess them, and even I can write tis sql error statement...
  15. John-in-KC

    New to site

    Welcome and good cheer. You’ll find a wealth of information in the Camping and High Adventure Forum, as well as Open Discussion, Program. Good hunting and good Scouting.