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  1. First, a lot of people need to take Troop Committee Challenge, or whatever National is calling it this week. Committees are not democratic bodies, they are consensus or chairman’s decision bodies, acting on program needs the PLC and the SM present. Folks who want to sit in on committee meetings? Sign them up! You’ll have more YP trained adults that way. As to the boat... if the troop isnt on a lake in a year round boating environment, I’d say sell it. It’s an expensive tool for limited use.
  2. John-in-KC

    Linked Troops sharing a website, unit number

    I forget if my son learned web design in the 7th or 8th grades, but around here it’s middle school stuff.
  3. John-in-KC

    Out of control scout master

    Welcome to the forums. First, I hope you are trained. 🙂. If not, training always helps understand things. There are three people who need to know about this: - First is the Committee Chair. He or she is the chief admin officer of the Pack, just as the Cubmaster is the operating officer responsible for program. - Second is the Chartered Organization Representative. He or she represents the interests of First Church of Anytown, the actual licensee of Scouting (the charter) for Pack 123. - Last is the Executive Officer of the Chartered Partner. Normally, most Scouting decisions stop at the COR, but now and then the decisions reach up to the Executive. As far as what happened, I presume you did nothing to provoke this matter. If that’s true, then go have a quiet cup of coffee, first with the chair, then working your way up . If something you said or did was a provocation, then take a moment to reflect on the matter. We are all volunteers, and mutual respect is essential . I wish you well
  4. Two comments: I took WB in another Council. I grew my network as a result. If you've had executive leadership and management training (such as you were/are a career member of the Armed Forces), WB is a useful review of well plowed ground. If you've not had such training, it's a good introduction To those who say it does not support the unit program, I respectfully disagree. The Patrol does have to get together and decide how it's going to execute the campout. We made decisions and we got things done at our intra course patrol meetings.
  5. John-in-KC

    Eagle Board of Review (Appeal)

    First, congratulations to the young man. Second, it sounds like a District or Council Advancement Chair heard about what was going on and simply made an executive decision ... saving himself the record-keeping of an appeal. It may not be perfect to Hoyle, but it's good enough. Third, from the GTA (format only modified) After the Review If the members agree a Scout is ready to advance, he is called in and congratulated. The board of review date—not that of a subsequent court of honor—becomes the rank’s effective date. If a board does not approve, the candidate must be so informed and told what he can do to improve. Most Scouts accept responsibility for their behavior or for not completing requirements properly. If it is thought that a Scout, before his 18th birthday, can benefit from an opportunity to properly complete the requirements, the board may adjourn and reconvene at a later date. If the candidate agrees to this, then if possible, the same members should reassemble. If he does not agree, then the board must make its decision at that point. In any case, a follow-up letter must be promptly sent to a Scout who is turned down. A copy of the letter should also be sent to the council’s designated appeals coordinator. The letter must include actions advised that may lead to advancement, and also an explanation of appeal procedures. (See “Appealing a Decision,”, or—(omitted)) The council must keep a copy of the letter. After any board of review, the unit leader is informed of the decision Fourth, in my opinion, the Board, having denied advancement, needed to have stated to the Scout that he would receive a business letter within 72 hours (my number for promptness)
  6. John-in-KC

    As we approach 1 Feb 19...

    Has the National Committee issued guidance on the conduct of ceremonies including youth women? My specific question is to regalia for youth members: Will there be a requirement to put a shirt on for boys, since when we have girls joining C Teams in a year or two, they will have to be shirted...
  7. John-in-KC

    Juvenile Offenses and Ethics

    As others have said, you cannot deny a Scoutmaster Conference. As others have implied, Scout Spirit is living the Scout Oath and Law in your daily life. This young man needs some hard questions: - How did doing what you've done demonstrate your TRUSTWORTHINESS? - How did doing what you've done demonstrate your OBEDIENCE? - How did doing what you've done demonstrate your being MENTALLY AWAKE? - How did doing what you've done demonstrate your being MORALLY STRAIGHT? I don't know how your Council does Eagle Boards, so, once you've finished the SM Conference, I'd call your District Advancement Chair. I'd send him/her a business letter, citing the young man's deficiencies on the matters above. I'd discuss the fact you are unable to sign off on Scout Spirit. I'd conclude the letter with "I cannot, in good conscience, recommend ___ _____ for an Eagle Board of Review. He will have to demand it of you on his own." I wish you well, I hope you close the loop with us when this episode is over.
  8. John-in-KC

    Adult Training News

    First, this will only be in Open Discussion, Program for a week, then I’ll move it to the WB and Adult Leaser Training Forum. Second, on topic responses only, please. If you have incomplete training courses at my scouting, you have until 31 Dec to finish them. National is rolling out new versions, and incomplete will fall in the bit bucket. Heres the link https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2018/12/06/why-your-partially-completed-position-specific-training-wont-carry-over-into-2019/
  9. I grew up in Southern California...it was a not trivial effort to get to snow. Frankly, National needs to look at this for desert and Oceanside camping...more options...
  10. John-in-KC

    Eagle Board of Review - Ethics

    If the SM didn’t know a Scout was a parent, what else does he not know about the lad?
  11. John-in-KC

    Eagle Board of Review - Ethics

    I have questions about the Scouts TRUSTWORTHINESS and REVERENCE. I cannot tell you I’d unconditionally clear the Eagle had I been part of the Council appeal team. If I were the IH, I’d be telling the COR to have the SM, DE, and UC in my office for a business meeting. Let me be blunt: The Scoutmaster would no longer be part of this unit.
  12. John-in-KC

    Chartering a New Troop for Girls

    I hope you can accept a back burner to 4 Dec. I’m on vacation in Austria. I’m not feeding the telephone meter US—Europe unless it’s life threatening in my family. I have gained contact with my SE friend, but unless this is THAT urgent, I want to get home to do the rest.
  13. John-in-KC

    Chartering a New Troop for Girls

    Here’s my question: Have you called you DE yet, and asked him to sit down with you, your IH, and your COR?
  14. John-in-KC

    Chartering a New Troop for Girls

    I have a friend who is an SE. I will ask him.
  15. I picked this up from the Wood Badge group at bookface. It’s apparently not open for negotiation. _______________________________________________________ Subject: *** National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) syllabus UPDATES *** BSA Scouting U is announcing updates to the current National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) syllabus. These changes are effective on February 1, 2019: The minimum age requirement to attend NYLT will change. All participants must be 14 years old or 13 years old and have completed 8th grade; there cannot be any exceptions. For 2019 only, an exception will be granted for girls to attend NYLT without first achieving the First Class rank; they must still meet age requirements and first attend Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST.) This will allow new troops to have trained youth leaders. In most councils, NYLT will remain coed for the foreseeable future. We suggest separate patrols for boys and girls, if you have sufficient numbers of each gender. Beginning in 2020, all NYLT Course Directors/Scoutmasters are required to attend a Region/Area Course Directors Conference within 24 months prior to the start of his/her course. The individual who is listed as NYLT Backup Course Director/Assistant Scoutmaster on the "Request for Authorization to Conduct a National Training Course" form is also required to attend a Region/Area Course Directors Conference within 24 months prior to the start of the approved course. Questions should be directed to David Ehrlich, Scouting U NYLT coordinator (dehrlich2@gmail.com), Tom Giugni, Scouting U, Vice Chair Leadership Development (tomgiugni@gmail.com) or Mark Nelson, Scouting U Team Lead, Leadership Development (mark.nelson@scouting.org) Thanks! Mark Mark J. Nelson | Team Lead, Leadership Development BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Scouting University 1325 West Walnut Hill Lane | P.O. Box 152079 | SUM 273 Irving, Texas 75015-2079 P 972.580.2203 | M 508.455.7504 mark.nelson@scouting.org