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  1. John-in-KC

    Oh Shoot, Worksheets in Cubs

    If you’re tracking bike riding or pushups, or daily the,peratures, some form of worksheet makes sense. If you’re asking questions about the town council meeting, TALK WITH THE KID Scouting. Isn’t. School. Moderator note... moved to cub scouting forum.
  2. John-in-KC

    Boys, Girls, and Cub Scouting

    We as leaders choose which tool to pull out of the toolbox. I don’t pull out a 1” stud 3/8” hex socket and a cheater bar for the ratchet when a 1/4” stud 3/8” hex socket and ratchet fills the bill.
  3. John-in-KC

    Boys, Girls, and Cub Scouting

    A Note, from a Moderator i still remember my Mom being my Den Mother. I remember a ton of old magazines we had in our hall closet, to support activities. I still remember The Law of the Pack, and later I remember learning the Scout Law. I remember being told as a Boy Scout the Scout Law was a positive description of who I should be. Boys like clubs. Boys like “no girls allowed” clubs. 8 year old boys aren’t always ready to mix with eight year old girls. Sometimes, a boy will get, shall we say, boisterous in telling that to a girl. may I submit a good path to deal with this kind of boisterousness is to simply ask the boy to recite the Scout Law, and then ask him if he was being friendly, courteous and kind? 99+ % of the time, he won’t be able to hold eye contact as he says yes. We don’t always need the big guns of youth protection. Sometimes, we need to remember Akela is there to show the way. YIS, ICS, IFAW, John
  4. John-in-KC


    For a lot of Councils, the charter cycle is now Feb 1 to Jan 31, which means your Registrar wants it in the Council Office by Dec 15. National wants $33/person in 2019 Heres’ what they posted on Bookface...
  5. John-in-KC

    Can anyone identify the age of this hat and holder?

    BSA went from the First Class Badge to the Tenderfoot FDL in the late 60s. That puts a lower limit on the hat carrier.
  6. See this item in open discussion, program, please.
  7. For your information and immediate action https://www.facebook.com/groups/169420456448496/permalink/2004635909593599/
  8. Who are the three? it might be the training costs them, so they are doing the minimum for compliance.
  9. John-in-KC

    some people have some nerve

    While internet advancement isn’t perfect, if they play games with his records, at least there’s a computer record already. Log on to my Scouting for him and snag a download...or have him do it.
  10. John-in-KC

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

  11. John-in-KC

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

    If the client of Scouting is not the youth member, then Polaris is a house of cards built on thin ice v
  12. John-in-KC

    BSA: The POLARIS Method

    Mark, i dare you to post this in the forum you moderate.
  13. Acco, remember when we went round the axle, and National foisted that definition you have on us? and people wonder why we are so cynical about Project Polaris?
  14. Acco’s definition is not the current one. The current, multi test based definition of active is on Page 24 of the Guide to Advancement. If I get to a laptop, Vice my iPad, I’ll cut and paste the pertinent paragraphs. https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/33088.pdf