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  1. John-in-KC

    Welcome new moderators!

    A foil dinner will do us!
  2. John-in-KC


    Dean Cow staffed camp was destroyed. The fire came within feet of the Ute Gulch Commissary. I am removing the pin, I think most Scouters know about the cancellation of early treks now
  3. John-in-KC

    Patrol JTE

    I've not liked JTE since Day 1, and I was a UC. It's metrics management. That's lean six sigma stuff. Why in God am I asking volunteers to sweat over numerical micromanagement of a program license agreement?
  4. John-in-KC

    Patrol JTE

    Why would anyone impose METRICS BASED MANAGEMENT on youth who are supposed to be playing a game with a purpose?
  5. John-in-KC

    Virtual Dutch oven contest

    Please note this topic is now in the cooking forum.
  6. John-in-KC


    For Venturing Crews with impacted treks, Venturing Fest 2018 at the Summit has reopened its registration portal. BSA will transfer fees paid to PSR to the Summit if you opt to go.
  7. John-in-KC


    Moderator Note The BSA Museum at PSR now has its own thread. Please reserve this for discussion of trek cancellations, reschedules, and alternate plans. Thank you
  8. John-in-KC


    From the website: PHILMONT PROGRAM ANNOUNCEMENT - UTE PARK FIRE 6/4/18 4:00 MDT The safety of our youth participants, volunteers and staff is a priority for everybody at Philmont Scout Ranch and the Boy Scouts of America. While efforts continue to extinguish the fire currently burning in the back-country, the anticipated damage and inability to access the affected areas makes it currently impossible to host back country programs. Until the fire is extinguished, the areas are inspected and the damage assessed, it is impossible to definitively state when those programs will resume. At this time, we have made the difficult decision to cancel all backcountry treks that were scheduled to take place in the Philmont backcountry from June 8 – July 14, 2018. We hope that back country treks may resume after July 14, 2018 with altered itineraries, assuming the back country is safe and infrastructure is restored. Additionally, programs scheduled to take place at Philmont Training Center will also be canceled through June 23, 2018. The Philmont Training Center expects to welcome back participants beginning with Philmont Family Adventure on June 24, 2018. The NAYLE program, which takes place at Rayado Ridge Leadership Camp seven miles south of the Philmont Base Camp and is unaffected by the Ute Park Fire, will go on as scheduled. Over the next few days, we will be contacting the lead advisor or contingent leader of all crews that are impacted by this decision, starting with those that are scheduled to arrive first, as well as affected PTC coordinators. Thank you in advance for allowing the Philmont team to contact your crew – your assistance will help make sure that Philmont phone lines remain open. We will continue to work with local, state and federal authorities to continuously evaluate the fire and air quality to ensure that we can safely deliver outstanding program. Thank you for your support and patience.
  9. I received word via my professional mentor in the army... ALL PHILMONT TREKS FROM JUNE 9 TO JULY 14 ARE CANCELLED
  10. John-in-KC

    2018 Philmont Wildfires

    No. It's so dry even an electrical spark is enough there. Use manual hand tools, OR be prepared to put out any accidental fires you start.
  11. John-in-KC

    2018 Philmont Wildfires

    There will be impact on the 2018 season and program This is a quote from the 3 June update on the Ranch website:
  12. John-in-KC

    2018 Philmont Wildfires

    PSR posted an update at 1900 MDT.
  13. We are also posting updates in Open Discussion, Program. The fire is now at 27,500 acres
  14. John-in-KC

    2018 Philmont Wildfires

    Here is an interagency information site https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/incident/5820/
  15. John-in-KC

    2018 Philmont Wildfires

    Here's a link to the incident command teams Facebook page. The fire is now at 27,500 acres or 43 square miles. https://www.facebook.com/Ute-Park-Fire-Info-378765475953098/