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  1. How can we make something so simple, so complicated? PDF the forms of the entire troop, Scouts and Scouters. Put them in a folder, then zip the folder with a passcode. Put it on selected Scouters smartphones for the camp out. At the end of camp, have the Scouters delete the zip file. Problem, solved.
  2. Except that if the Corporation is liquidating, there IS no corporation to hold on to said IP. I had just gone to law.cornell.edu to search that. 🙂
  3. This is the real answer. Unless the Court specifies a bidding structure, the BSA IP, in liquidation, could go anywhere.
  4. There won’t be 270 councils when the bankruptcy is discharged. There’ll be somewhere between 150-250. The rest will, as the scenario describes, merge or liquidate. The IP depends on folks to write and maintain it. I don’t care if we are talking training content or the software. Who will do this, and how will they be compensated? I ask this question in all seriousness.
  5. Then you’re going to need content creators. You’re going to have to set standards for quality of production. “The laborer is worthy of his wage.” You’re going to have to have a compensation plan. lots of software becomes vapor ware between vision and deployment. Your task is not to become vapor ware.
  6. Let me be blunt Before I invest, I’d want to see a business plan id want to see architecture and a technical approach I’d want to see a Flexibility plan ... how can you adapt your software on the fly if your prime supported business (BSA) changes its approach to advancement in its programs. I’d want to see scalability to other youth serving programs. You’re entering a market that already has a population. This isn’t 2000, when Troopmaster was new. Good luck and good hunting.
  7. The National Council forgot this, but it’s jobs should be - Develop program and training materials for youth and adults. - Develop and implement a compliance system (chartering, with further compliance at the council level) - Manage recordkeeping. - Develop and provide professional service training to Councils.
  8. Just one comment. As I understand matters, a major portion of WOSMs funding comes from BSA. If Big BSA liquidates, WOSM will welcome any partner that puts cash in its coffers. Anyone able to say otherwise?
  9. The Last Frontier Council office in Lawton is your right starting place. You don’t mention a chartered partner. Is there one? That’s the civic organization that wants to sponsor scouting in your community. Do you have five kids and five adults who want to be part of the game with a purpose? @Eagledad (Barry), you’re up in the City. @SR540Beaver, you too. Can you guys help?
  10. Actually, from my perspective, it was tougher to get Eagle then than now. We had to earn ONE required MB to Star, and only five to Life. That meant you were still on the uphill side of things.
  11. First, welcome to the forums. Second, do you own the title to the property? That’s a rhetorical question, I read your post. You volunteered to salvage a building the Council owned ... remember, when a charter folds, title to the remaining real property reverts to the partner or the Council. let me make this simple: Scoutreach youth need fun and learning too. It’s the job of leaders to figure out what will get their attention. Good luck and good hunting.
  12. I had this conversation with my banker. They sadly could not back out of a new lease. COVID has proven they don’t need a lot of office space, they’d be better off with a power, phone and internet allowance and home offices, with a conference room and 1/1 rooms for when live meetings are essential.
  13. My opinion only. The chartered partner, through the COR, should provide hard policy level limits on what the troop can and cannot do. In the current state of flux of National, they own more risk, IMO, than they used to. Troop committee, thinking about what CO imposed, should factor in any guidance from the Council The SM, CC, COR, and SPL should have a quiet talk over cocoa about what the limits mean SM should be there to help SPL form a planning meeting of PLC, which includes the limits. Youth ownership of the program decisions matters
  14. Moderator note please stay on topic.
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