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  1. Please share these specific procedures beyond the HA health form...
  2. Ding dong the beret is dead, the beret is dead, THE BERET IS DEAD
  3. At this time, both Heart of America and Pony Express Council have moved Scout Camp to the right and cut the number of sessions. don’t know about Pony Express for Cub Day Camp. HOAC has moved Cub Day Camp to the window July 13 to August 13.
  4. It IS in your lane to say “If you have any contact with youth, your youth protection must be current. Please attend to it, I’d hate to have to remove you from an event for it. “
  5. All, FYI and action VA has announced there will not be “flags in” events at the National Cemeteries this year before Memorial Day. VA has further announced there will not be public ceremonies on Memorial Day this year. Only families of deceased veterans will be granted admittance, as I understand the message. If you’re a Commish or program officer (CM/SM/Advisor), here is the National Cemetery Administration website. This is not open for discussion on Scouter. If you take umbrage with the VA decision, contact your Senators and Representatives. https://www.cem.va.gov
  6. THIS IS THE ANSWER. As CM, you have that as an option. You should also reach out to your unit commissioner.
  7. Trev, Add in two other factors ... Covid-19 and bankruptcy will put a further brake on any action involving Irving.
  8. Heart of America Council has moved all day camps to the right. The earliest begins July 6, the latest ends August 6. https://www.hoac-bsa.org/day-camp
  9. Your ads are tied to your internet cache, your cookies, and, if you have a google account, your google history.
  10. Welcome. What I recommend is contacting your local school district. Adult continuing education includes how to use software such as spreadsheets and word processors. Cost ant time commitment is minimal.
  11. I talked with two friends. One is on the National Camping AND National Special needs Committees. The other is a current SE. From the first, a conference call last week had 450 folks on it. From the second, each states health department has a majority vote on any and all camps opening up.
  12. I sadly agree. First, I hope the Council and National liability carriers are giving non negotiable guidance! Second, I pray no corona outbreaks happen During or after camp, because those families will OWN their councils.
  13. You’re writing program at the 500 foot level. What you need to do is what Baden Powell did. Write a book. Write it so the boys will love it. Then, test your principles in a single unit environment. BTW, wrestling isn’t a contact sport? I’m laughing.
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