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  1. I guess you’ve never seen a copy of “the letter”. Volunteers are expelled and are forbidden to be at scouting events of any sort.
  2. You got it, but you didn’t get it. Money talks. Individually suing the local councils and the chartered partners was a task in economic futility. Suing the national council reaps a lawyers payday. Remember, the payoff will be 60 plaintiffs 40 plaintiffs attorneys if the usual formula gets used
  3. Sometimes, it’s best to let a copy service do the scan. most copiers are digital, and most can scan/email the pdf or jpeg to you.
  4. You wanted to bring a post back to this thread.
  5. Let me make this simple. Never, ever have 1/1 contact with a child not your own or in whom you have the deepest trust of the parents (my granddaughter is an example there) Guard them, guard you!
  6. @ThenNow the easiest way is to copy your text and paste it here. Otherwise, Matt or RS or I need your post number to find it, isolate it, and move it.
  7. Welcome! You will find some great Scouters in the Tampa/St Pete area!
  8. I had Pfizer number 1 Wednesday. By Wednesday night I knew it was there. Thursday, most of the day, a dull roar. Friday morning, life is good.
  9. Red wool jackets? https://www.scoutshop.org/washable-wool-jac-shirt-612783.html again, if it doesn’t fit, get your full measurements and send them to National supply.
  10. My two cents someone wrote the Councils should stay out of this. The plaintiff’s lawyers won’t let that happen. They’re just not on the laser aiming dot ... yet.
  11. Bemidji Woolen Mills still has a wool forest green jacket. That’d be my choice.
  12. I’ve heard that from Army and Marine NCOs, too...
  13. So this Scouter will leave the inside of prison in a box. He’s 76, and he got 40 years. https://www.providencejournal.com/story/news/crime/2021/01/28/ex-boy-scout-leader-exeter-serve-40-years-sexual-assault/4294579001/
  14. BSA will no longer publish the Requirements book. It’s gone totally online. https://www.scouting.org/programs/scouts-bsa/advancement-and-awards/
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