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  1. Now that Feb 1 has passed...I just want to make sure I've got this right, with respect to election eligibilty 1. You have to meet the rank requirement for the type of unit holding the election. For exmple, let's say Joe is Life in a Scouts BSA unit, but just joined a Ship and is Apprentice rank. Assuming he has the camping nights, he could be a candidate for OA election via the Troop, but not via the Ship. 2. Camping nights can be from Troops, Crews, or Ships, and combined. For example, Billy is Life rank in a Troop and Pathfinder rank in a Crew. He went to summer camp with the troop, but all his short term night are with the crew. He could be a candidate for OA election in either one. Right? Or did I miss something?
  2. Chisos

    Pan de Campo (Dutch oven)

    Texan but never heard of Pan de Campo? Might have to take a corner off your "Texan Chip", haha!
  3. Chisos

    Pan de Campo (Dutch oven)

    Here's the South Texas way: http://chuckwagonrecipes.blogspot.com/2011/11/king-ranch-pan-de-campo.html
  4. Chisos

    Scouts BSA Girls’ Uniform +

    Are these changes online/available somewhere?
  5. Chisos

    Philmont Winter Adventure Postmortem

    Great report, thanks for posting it! Anyone try the 72 oz steak at the Big Texan? Also-might be me, but the photo links don't seem to work.
  6. Probably the best thing to do would to be to check with your council to be sure. According to the guide to advancement the application can be submitted after the 18th birthday, but I would be sure to be able to document that all other requirements, including signatures and the personal statement, were completed prior to that date.
  7. Chisos

    As we approach 1 Feb 19...

    I think this was a big part...now it's get 15 nights camping and 1st Class, and you're pretty much in. Elections changed from "should I really vote for this guy?" to "is there any reason I shouldn't vote for this guy?"...
  8. Chisos

    Den Chief Leadership

    Yes, he can. 4 months as a Den Chief while 1st Class are used for the Star rank requirement, and 6 months as a den chief while Star meet the Life rank requirement. What you can't do is count POR time while 1st Class for any rank other than Star. So, you can't be 1st Class and a Den Chief for a year, then try to use that for both Star and Life.
  9. Chisos

    New to Forum and Advancement Question

    Agree with @PACAN and @shortridge that once the rank is approved by the BOR it is earned. That being said, the Troop Committee needs to figure out what happened here. The lack of SMC should have been noted by the BOR; it would not have been signed off on in his book if it had not happened. And as others have stated there should have been an opportunity for a SMC much sooner.
  10. Chisos

    Time to Go.

    @Oldscout448 Like everything it's local. Our unit is pretty much a 'one stop scout shop" for grades K-12. CO has a pack and troop, and most adults have been or are leaders in both; boys in the troop have younger brothers in the pack, etc.
  11. Chisos

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    Actually it maybe would count... https://oa-bsa.org/resources/faq/resident-camping-requirement Though there does seem to be some incorrect information floating around that would suggest that it wouldn't.
  12. Chisos

    YPT2 deadline

    I could have written the exact same thing...about half of my unit's leaders go theirs done. A couple texted me last night that they couldn't log on to the site; I told them just get it done this week. But stressed it had to be done before recharter.
  13. Chisos

    When a MB replaces another MB

    Thanks @Thunderbird! Great catch on the "Bryan" articles.
  14. So, when a merit badge is "replaced" by another one (think, Computers being replaced by Digital Technology, or Atomic Energy by Nuclear Science) can a scout earn both? I think the answer's yes but want to see if I missed something somewhere.
  15. Chisos

    Time between rank

    Asked and answered... https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2016/09/21/yes-summer-months-count-toward-advancement/