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  1. I'd hope/expect the "test before you get here" is referring to a PCR / viral load test, not an antibody test. (In theory) anyone who's had it and cleared it would have antibodies for a while, maybe permanently.
  2. I agree units should be delivering the program as written--scouts miss out (and quit) when that doesn't happen. But I do think there is room for units to have "personality"....or perhaps more of an emphasis on certain parts of the program (while not dropping/neglecting others). So a Catholic unit might have more of a faith-based feel to it, one sponsored by the VFW might have a more patriotic feel, etc.
  3. I think the test-within-a-week is a State of Georgia thing. We were planning to attend Woodruff, and if it hadn't been called off, that would have been a requirement.
  4. Agreed. I don't think it would need to be super exclusive, but it should be meaningful. But it would take recognition that getting elected in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th years of eligibility was normal, and that it's quite possible some scout who hoped to be elected wouldn't' be.
  5. In theory, it's already that way...SM's are supposed to approve all scouts on the ballot. What I've seen in practice is that it's pro-forma...unless there's a real good reason, as long as the rank and camping nights are met, the scout is eligible. I think your idea is good, though...but we'd also need councils/lodges/advisers that would back up a SM who told just-turned-First Class-last-week Billy that he's really not ready for OA yet, when Billy's mom/dad throw a fit about it because they want Billy to get the OA box checked. It really ought to go back to a process where you can't vote for every eligible candidate...or limit the number nominated from a troop per year by troop size, (say, 1 can be elected for every 10 troop members), something like that.
  6. I could see something like that. Aside from the cultural appropriation issue, I just don't see Native American theme resonating with youth today like it did 30, 40, 50 years ago. The bigger issue is making it back to a real "All-Stars" Honor Society again...starting with changing the election process away from the current "vote for everyone if you want to" that has made getting in the OA just another checkoff box after 1st Class and 15 camping nights.
  7. We've started doing some outdoor meeting/activities. We probably won't want to start indoor meetings for a while but in the meantime we've been putting together some programming we can do outdoors and in smaller groups.
  8. Just received an email confirming this rumor.
  9. I'd expect (maybe?) the 18-20 year old participants would "wind down" over a couple of years, rather than just get cut off. Like, currently registered Venturers/Sea Scouts/etc. (or, maybe those age 16+) could continue as program participants until age 21 but new registrants would 'age out" at age 18.
  10. This...especially the "do not sell popcorn" part. (I'd expect that GSUSA leaders who say "we won't sell cookies" aren't leaders for much longer...)
  11. Agreed. I've seen so many projects where it's about providing service instead of demonstrating leadership. Not that there's a problem with service, but that's not the point. Maybe tone down the emphasis on the project and ramp up something on outdoor leadership. Maybe add a minimum number of camping nights. As for Webelos/AOL...spin 4th/5th grade off to be less affiliated with the Pack. They need to get away from the K to 3rd grade set.
  12. Reverting to prior election rules (or similar) would be a start. The current "referendum on each eligible scout" is a joke...it's become a checkbox to fill once you're First Class with enough camping nights.
  13. Absolutely. It shouldn't be as hard as it is. CC or designee inputs/edits unit roster and payment info. SM gets a notification, if all looks good clicks approve. COR/IH get a notification, click approve. Council registrar get a notification, clicks approve. Done.
  14. Been fighting that battle for years. "We don't teach merit badge classes, we counsel merit badge sessions". (And, don't call any of it HOMEWORK!)
  15. Got that same email. Already having some folks deciding it's just not worth it.
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