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  1. More gems from Baloo...

    This is what made me think the instructors didn't know what they were talking about. I mean, don't take water on a hike? Seriously? I could (maybe) understand a suggestion to carry a *reasonable* amount (i.e, don't tell a Tiger to carry 3 gallons of water for a one mile hike) but other than that... Sounds like the trainers were told "just go teach this" without any preparation or anything.
  2. More gems from Baloo...

    Maybe the instructors just didn't know what they were talking about?
  3. Penn State Disallows Student Run Outdoor Club

    Yeah, I guess the comparison of college students being treated like cub scouts is pretty accurate. It's sad that a University feels the need to treat adults as if they are elementary school students.
  4. Penn State Disallows Student Run Outdoor Club

    Unfortunately, modern "risk management" seems to have morphed into "risk elimination," which results in program elimination or banning of certain activities, given that for any event risk can't (by definition) be zero. (As an aside, I was the safety officer of my University's Scuba Club back in the day. We never, to my knowledge, had a serious diving-related injury.)
  5. How Many ASMs per Troop

    I'm wondering if we'll start to see that one used with the new rule that all adults on outings more than 72 hrs have to be registered. Like for a parent that's not otherwise involved, but helps drive to summer camp or something like that.
  6. We also "kinda sorta" keep track of it online. But it's never really worked well. Especially when scouts only partially participate in something (like if they come to a campout on Saturday due a Friday evening conflict, or can only participate for 3 hours of a 6-hour service project). Plus, some younger scouts are not online (i.e, don't have parent's permission to be online) so using an online tool doesn't work for them. Having something accessible for each scout really makes them the responsible ones for keeping track of stuff.
  7. Yes. We expect them to fill it in to keep up with camping nights and service hours.
  8. How Many ASMs per Troop

    That's crazy. If they're not willing to camp then they shouldn't be registered as ASM's. If they want a registered position they need to be troop committee or unit scouter reserve. I get it that folks have other commitments too, and life happens, but they ought to look at the annual calendar and each commit to at least a few campouts.
  9. How Many ASMs per Troop

    I say what you're doing sounds just fine. Especially to prevent "Webelos 3". If one's serious about being an ASM, give them a year to be a parent, and tell them they have to take SM training and IOLS before they sign on...I bet that would filter out some.
  10. Mostly interested in the Down Proof, that treats the individual down fibers. Just curious as to how well it works.
  11. Virtual Campfire

    Ouch. Maybe they should have a Powertool Chit for the grownups. They could take a corner off that. You could only earn Powertool Chit after completing IOLS and Nap on Safely.
  12. New YPT Launch

    I don't know. If you find an answer of yes somewhere, I'd be sure it's in writing and acceptable to the camp your attending. I will be bringing a copy of our roster from ScoutNET, as well as YPT certifications for all adults to summer camp, so there's no issue. I saw the following in the leader guide for Camp Daniel Boone. It's not where we're going this year, but could be typical of what camps will expect: I'm assuming "official unit roster" is the one you can get from ScoutNET via Internet Advancement, or from your council registrar. A MBC wouldn't be on your unit roster since MBC is a district position. I'd assume if you had an adult registered with a different unit also going with you, you'd need a copy of their roster as well.
  13. SM Discretion on OA Elections

    Wow. If I were the Chapter Adviser in either of the situations described by @Eagle94-A1 or @Oldscout448 there'd be a phone call in to discuss the issue with the COR and/or IH.
  14. Like for Indian Lore type projects? I've used Crazy Crow for stuff like that... www.crazycrow.com .
  15. Anyone have experience with the Nikwax treatment on a down sleeping bag? I'm thinking about getting down bag, but concerned with the "what if it gets wet" problem. (I know the solution is "don't let it get wet" but I'm thinking along the lines of Be Prepared...) Any thoughts pro/con? For anyone who's used it how well does it work? Can you see a difference in how a bag performs/feels/etc. before and after treatment?