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  1. So, the CDC director said Pfizer/BioNTech for 12 and up might be approved as early as mid-May (though it's really the FDA's call): https://finance.yahoo.com/news/1-pfizer-biontech-seek-u-172218004.html https://abcnews.go.com/Health/cdc-director-rochelle-walensky-expects-schools-fully-open/story?id=76935219 Being able to vaccinate to age 12 before summer camp season would be a big deal, I think.
  2. As the others have said, unless you troop is trying to do a "vintage look" or something, there's no issue with green loops on the ODR shirt. I've got a mix of ODR and Centennial shirts and use green loops on them all. What I find more impressive is that your shirt still fits...my youth shirt and Philmont belt shrank considerably when in storage in the "inactive years" between "Scout" and "Scouter"!
  3. This rule should be followed anywhere from Lake Charles to Pensacola! And not just for District Banquets!
  4. It's probably worth a discussion with the COR to see what they're really expecting. Are they expecting all leaders to be practicing Catholics? Or are they expecting that leaders won't go against church teaching in how they interact with youth? It sounds like a similar expectation to teachers at Catholic schools...you (generally) don't have to be Catholic, but you agree to live/teach in a way the that reflects the beliefs of the church--or at least, not actively oppose them.
  5. I'd concur with what most others have said. For the Part C, I have the parents keep the original and give us a photocopy. I've never had a camp say they required the original. We keep one binder with all forms. The whole thing goes on each event. We used to pull out only the needed forms for an event, but that just created more confusion, especially if someone decided to attend last-minute (or not). I keep them alphabetized by name so any given form is easy to find if needed.
  6. I just saw a radar loop of your area.....bummer. That's 2020 for you.
  7. I think Mike Myers already addressed this, on Saturday Night Live.
  8. And I thought this was going to be a discussion of the merits of Wall vs. Baker tents... Seriously though...the college where I teach uses Canvas. I'm knee deep in it right now getting ready for fall. I could see how it might work for online MB's...the separate the requirements out as modules, allow for upload of documents/videos/etc. to verify completion, etc. But, I agree with @The Latin Scot that it may be overkill. I'm not sure what all is involved in the "back end" on setting it up, but from what I've heard from our IT and instructional design folks it does take quite a bit o
  9. My idea (FWIW): One color shirt for all programs. Shoulder loop colors designate program. Pre-placed hook-and-loop (velcro) where rank and POR patches go; shirts come with a "blank". All rank (Lion to Eagle) are the same oval shape. Ranks and POR patches come with velcro backing in place. This would facilitate "uniform closets", hand-me-downs, etc. as they could easily be corrected for the next scout who gets the shirt. And facilitate getting the right patches on the shirt. I guess more of them would get lost, though. Make pants a unit choice, like with hats/caps. If the unit wan
  10. I'd hope/expect the "test before you get here" is referring to a PCR / viral load test, not an antibody test. (In theory) anyone who's had it and cleared it would have antibodies for a while, maybe permanently.
  11. I agree units should be delivering the program as written--scouts miss out (and quit) when that doesn't happen. But I do think there is room for units to have "personality"....or perhaps more of an emphasis on certain parts of the program (while not dropping/neglecting others). So a Catholic unit might have more of a faith-based feel to it, one sponsored by the VFW might have a more patriotic feel, etc.
  12. I think the test-within-a-week is a State of Georgia thing. We were planning to attend Woodruff, and if it hadn't been called off, that would have been a requirement.
  13. Agreed. I don't think it would need to be super exclusive, but it should be meaningful. But it would take recognition that getting elected in the 2nd, 3rd, 4th years of eligibility was normal, and that it's quite possible some scout who hoped to be elected wouldn't' be.
  14. In theory, it's already that way...SM's are supposed to approve all scouts on the ballot. What I've seen in practice is that it's pro-forma...unless there's a real good reason, as long as the rank and camping nights are met, the scout is eligible. I think your idea is good, though...but we'd also need councils/lodges/advisers that would back up a SM who told just-turned-First Class-last-week Billy that he's really not ready for OA yet, when Billy's mom/dad throw a fit about it because they want Billy to get the OA box checked. It really ought to go back to a process where you can't vote
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