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  1. Scout Harry Larue did you lose your wallet in 72?

    Hopefully the counselor is still alive.
  2. Is BSA Sustainable?

    I think our Program Executives and the other three Executives at that level (Field Service, Membership and Development) are NOT paraprofessionals. We do have para's but I think they have the title of Specialist, like Program Specialist and Development Specialist. I think the new Program Execs (etc.) may be at the level of DE's. In fact, several of them are former DE's. I don't know if they had to take a pay cut or not. Like I said, the District Executive title no longer seems to exist in our council (nor does District Director.)
  3. Is BSA Sustainable?

    That's interesting. I am wondering if that (at least for Program Directors) is still going to be the case in my council, with its recent reorganization. We no longer have "District Executives," though we still have districts, with their own volunteers, program, roundtables etc. The six districts have been divided into two regions with three districts each. (I a not sure whether they call it a region or something else.) Each reason has a Program Executive, a Unit Service Executive, a Development Executive and a Field Service Executive, all of whom report to the Field Service Director for that reason. So I would think that someone with some years as a Program Executive for half the council would be a logical candidate for Program Director. Right? Or would that person be leapfrogging over the Field Service Director? I guess it also means that my council now has a Director of Field Service, 2 Field Service Directors and 2 Field Service Executives. I'm sure that won't be confusing.
  4. If A Scouts Book Is a Little “Broken”

    My son's handbook had one of the covers on it, but by the end of 7 years it was still a sheaf of mostly loose water-stained pages kept in a plastic ziploc bag.
  5. Scout Harry Larue did you lose your wallet in 72?

    I'm guessing Harry has probably bought a new wallet by now.
  6. Penn State Disallows Student Run Outdoor Club

    Tampa Turtle, can we please not have "jokes" on that subject?
  7. Would you say anything

    Well, not really "led", it sounds like Cubmaster is just hovering around his son's patrol, which I'm guessing is mostly a misguided effort to make sure his son is happy. And along the way, expressing his juvenile resentment of the fact that someone else is PL, in the form of snarky comments directed at a 10 year old, brand-new Scout/brand-new PL. It also sounds, from the original post, like the actual adult leaders of the troop are TRYING to have their New Scout Patrol NOT be "Webelos III", but they are being undermined by this parent.
  8. Would you say anything

    I forgot one very important thing: When the dishes are washed and dried and put away and everything is in order, and there is nothing specific scheduled for that moment, then everybody GO PLAY CATCH! Or whatever. Downtime is important too.
  9. Would you say anything

    Well, let's go back to your original theory: I assume the word "they" refers to the CO. And well they might. But if they do, the BSA provides a method for the CO to express that "authority" and bring it to the attention of other leaders and Scouts. That method is to appoint the person to a position in the other unit - in this case, to appoint the CM to be an ASM as well, and have the person be registered in both positions. It's the only method for doing so that I am aware of. If you are aware of another method, please state the BSA publication and page number on which it appears. (I try not to make that request very often because it strikes me as being at least mildly obnoxious when other people do it, but I do not know how else to respond to "Not true.")
  10. Would you say anything

    First of all, if the Cubmaster is not registered as a leader with the troop, he is not a leader in the troop. It doesn't matter whether his pack shares a CO with the troop. If he is going to have any "authority" in the troop (and let's leave aside exactly what that means), he is an ASM. Otherwise he is an unregistered parent in the troop. If the CM had a problem with something he saw (other than a safety issue), he should tell the SM and let the SM deal with it. Which brings me to this: Leaving the CM issue aside, if I were the SM (or the SPL) and I saw a PL (particularly the brand-new PL of the New Scout Patrol) playing catch while other members of his patrol were still washing dishes, I think I would quietly take the PL aside and, in a friendly and helpful manner, suggest something along these lines: Sometimes how things "look" becomes as important as how things really are (in the political world this is now called "optics"), and that even though he has completed his share of the "chore list" (which where I come from is called the "duty roster"), the Scouts in the patrol - as well as people outside the patrol - might misunderstand what they are seeing. That does not mean the PL needs to wash dishes when he has already cooked. He could help dry the already washed dishes; or he could help put away the dry dishes; or he could be checking out the patrol box and making sure it is in ship-shape for the next day; or he could be sitting somewhere with paper and pen and making out the duty roster for the next day; or maybe talking with the SPL about the program for the next day; or SOMETHING that is either helpful or patrol-leaderish or both. I am not suggesting he should merely look busy, I am suggesting he BE busy - and in accomplishing something, he will also portray a leader-like image that will serve as an example to his Scouts and others. I suppose that is a lot to heap on the shoulders of a 10-year-old on his first Boy Scout camping trip, but I think it's good advice.
  11. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Right, because heaven forbid everybody should know what is going on. (That is directed at National, not you.)
  12. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Where do you get that from?
  13. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    Unlike our current U.N. ambassador, I get confused sometimes, and I am confused now. Are we talking about who can/must be a LEADER (as in, registered leader), or what combination of adults must be present on outdoor activities, or both? Coed Venture crews have always been required to have at least one adult of each gender present on outings, right? What would be new? That at least one woman would have to be registered as Associate Adviser (or Adviser)?
  14. Most Fun Skills To Learn as a New Scout

    (Fixed typo in thread title)
  15. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    My council's web site says there is a person with the title "Vice President, Family Scouting." I would think that would be the person who is supposed to be "championing" all aspects of (what the BSA unfortunately calls) "Family Scouting" (when that's not really what it is), in my council. I suspect that at least some other councils have someone similar. Of course, how much "unit assistance" a council-wide volunteer can really accomplish is another issue.