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  1. Sounds like censorship and thought policing; i.e. the only views and opinions that are accepted are those of the ruling party, the all powerful BSA in this case Feel free to downvote me
  2. I'm sure it's been done, but I think there are things you do with your family and there are things you do with your troop, and WDW definitely falls into the former...in my humble opinion
  3. You're saying that I should look at my own beliefs...not "politics"...but rather my beliefs. Your beliefs are right and mine are wrong...? That seems to be what you're saying. I know the difference between right and wrong, morality vs. immorality and that, in the sad state of the world that we live in today, common sense, traditional values and truth take a back seat to sensitivity, political correctness and the social justice drivel that's undermining our society. This Iowa guy is part of the problem, not the solution. That's my belief. You can have yours. I'll have mine.
  4. Would he be willing to put his politics aside for traditional American families? My gut tells me he wouldn't
  5. Family Scouting

    The Boy Scouts of America are becoming "family friendly" (a huge mistake) and the troop in question is being overrun by parents who don't value the patrol method. What is the solution?
  6. I don't know why so many Boy Scout leaders keep insisting that boys just want to have "fun." There are scouts who actually do want to work towards advancement and no, that doesn't always meant that their mom or dad are ardently pushing them from behind the scenes.
  7. Those guys look like Boy Scouts for sure Someone is mocking Cooking merit badge...oh no!!!!
  8. Let's deal with the facts as we have them and avoid hypotheticals. In this particular case, there were three separate rooms available. One for the adults and two for the scouts. The adults collectively agreed that they would stay in one room and the scouts would be divided in the two others. The scouter in question - regardless of his motive or intention - chose to remove himself from the adults room to go and sleep in one of the other room with the scouts at a very late hour and without informing any of the other adults that he was planning to do this. That's troubling to me. Whether wilful or not, this is a violation of YP. Ignorance of the law (or YP rules in this case) is, and has never been an excuse for violation of the law/rules. He violated YP rules and that needs to be reported to both the council and to the CO so that they can evaluate and make a determination as to what action may be necessary. For all we know, this may not be the first time that this scouter has done this, so it very much needs to be documented with the council and the CO. This scouter chose to go into the scouts sleeping area when it had been clearly and rightfully established that the adults would sleep in their own separate room. The snoring excuse hold absolutely zero credibility or validity. Also,why did he not alert one or more of the other adults to the fact that he would be going into the other room? The fact that adults were sleeping and he may not have wanted to wake anyone up so as not to disturb them also holds no credibility. If he was having trouble for whatever reason that night he should have spoken to the other adults.
  9. Not sure why you are even asking this question. There was a clear violation here and it should be reported. Council and perhaps the COR can make the final determination on whether or not there was a violation, but as a responsible scouter you need to report this. Snoring...give me a break.
  10. But what was Rotten Tomatoes audience score...? You didn't mention that. Did the audience also rate it at 90%? No, the audience score is an abysmal 50%...lower than any of the prequels; yeah, I think the audience did hate this movie. Let's also look at the numbers of the sample sizes of the critics vs. audience ratings. We have 318 critics who collectively loved the movie and gave it that average of 90%, but on the flip side we have nearly 170,000 audience ratings from people who thought the movie sucked. If you want to delude yourselves into believing that the mass audiences loved the Last Jedi, then that's up to you, but you'd be wrong. The approval rating on girls in the Boy Scouts is much harder to come by, but again, let's be truly honest...this has not been well received by the majority of scouts and scouters, or Americans. It was forced through by Surbaugh just like Kathleen Kennedy forced her belief of "strong women and incompetent men" into the Last Jedi. If you favor girls in the Boy Scouts, then congrats on your victory. if you like the new feminist direction of Star Wars, and that's your cup of tea, then congrats there as well. Again, I've said my peace...that's it for me on this topic.
  11. Yeah, I remember that poll on this site...again though, let's be honest, the idea of girls in the Boy Scouts has not been well received. For my one vote, I'm an Eagle and I think girls in Boy Scouts is absurd. Complacency is a big problem, IMHO, among scouters in the BSA. All too often, they're willing to just look the other way or do nothing. When people sit by and let the special interest proponents do whatever they want, we end up with girls in the Boy Scouts...
  12. Fair enough about wanting to see evidence. Let's be realistic and honest though...Americans are not onboard and do not fully support the idea of girls joining the Boy Scouts. This was very much pushed through by Surbaugh with the intent of getting it done quickly and quietly. Practically overnight, the BSA went from "we're just considering this" to "welcome girls!" I have no doubt that a lot of people are afraid to share their true feelings for fear of being labeled a misogynist or being ostracized in some way. The BSA, and Boy Scout leaders in particular, have a long bad history of choosing to look the other way when something isn't right. Last Jedi has been a huge box office success, as I noted in my original post. but that does not make it a good movie . Profitable yes, good no. People saw this based on hype and the Star Wars brand. The story itself was poorly written, too many sublots, too many holes...sorry, it was a badly written movie with too much ideological preaching about the glory and brilliance of women. Again, if you liked the movie, that's great but you're in the minority. Check out Rotten Tomatoes, IMDd, Fandangp, Youtube...fans are seething over this movie. Come on...let's not pretend that this movie was well received. Yeah, I forgot about the new Islamic Ms. Marvel. Carol Danvers was the original Ms. Marvel and they made her into the new Captain Marvel. Mar-Vell was the original Captain Marvel, back in the day. They killed him off and apparently have no plans of ever bringing him back, I'm presuming. So we now have the new female Captain Marvel, in place of the original male Captain Marvel.
  13. I originally posted this to highlight the parallel between the backlash against the overt feminism and social justice propaganda in the Last Jedi to the backlash that the BSA has faced over opening its doors to girls. In both cases, a small minority of individuals in power positions – who held divergent and extreme views, not shared by the vast majority of their respective constituents – managed to successfully force their views and agenda on their constituents; despite the fact that the vast majorities were strongly opposed to such. Yes, there are those who support girls being able to join the Boy Scouts and there are those who feel that the Last Jedi was a good movie. However, the reality is that the vast majority of scouts and scouters do not believe that girls should be able to join the Boy Scouts and the vast majority of Star Wars fans and movie goers did not at all like the Last Jedi and strongly objected to the overt feminism and social justice themes. The greater issue though is not the movie itself and how bad it was, or whether or not I personally liked it or not, but the fact that we live in a day and age in which the views and beliefs of the majority can be so quickly and easily destroyed by a small but powerful groups of individuals who appear to be very intent on imposing their will or agenda on the greater organization or franchise as a whole. Some people may see all of this as “progress.” Others, myself included, see it as nothing more than overt political correctness. What is the answer to all of this…? I don’t know, but as others have noted, I am planning to vote with my feet and my wallet. Also, just to confirm, Ms. Marvel is no more. She’s now the new “Captain Marvel,” and a much different character, than when she was Ms. Marvel.