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  1. Barry, I'm a Christian and a Conservative and I agree with you on the transgender issue and I could not agree with you more that the BSA has most definitely lost its moral compass and caved in to special interest. There's absolutely no validity and no merit for defending slavery though. Not in any way, shape or form.
  2. That the BSA is a public organization. It's not. It's a private organization that can (unfortunately) pretty much do whatever it wants without any real accountability. Many injustices have been committed under the 'private organization' provision. My favorite quote from a council executive: "Well, as long as they (referring to an SM and CC) haven't done anything illegal, there's nothing we can do about it" Reassuring to know that the BSA's standard for registered leaders is "just don't actually violate the law"...but otherwise it's okay to be as unethical, as unscrupulous and as nasty as they want to be to scouts ans their families
  3. I'm waiting to hear about the troop that has decided to add an additional rank somewhere,...Third Class between TF and 2C, it's probably happened
  4. SSF

    Would you say anything

    @bearess just curious as to whether or not there may have been any final resolution to this...if you might be willing to share? Yours is the first case I know of where a council has addressed a report of a non-physical, i.e .verbal or psychological abuse so I'm very curious as to what action (if any) may have been taken
  5. How do you know for sure that either of these two women were the most qualified candidates for their jobs? Do you know who else may have been considered? Do you know what accomplishments and experience the other candidates, who were not chosen, may have had? Would be interesting to find out how many men and how many women were considered for these prominent positions. I agree fully that, sometimes, a woman may be the best candidate for any given position. I have no doubt that there are cases when a woman is the most qualified person for a job. However, the point I'm making is that in this day and age, many companies have begun virtue signaling by choosing to hire or promote the most qualified female candidate, as opposed to the most qualified candidate (who might just happen be male).
  6. The issue is not having an ambiguous name, e.g....Erin, Terry, Pat, etc. The issue is that Christine enjoyed the surprise and embarrassment that men expressed after realizing that she was a she, and not a he. The only reason I know about this is because she made it a point to brag about it.
  7. I would argue that this trend is definitely changing within both tech and the finance industries. On the flip side though, some professions are heavily dominated by women - media and public relations being two. in the wake of the 'women earn 77 cents on the dollar,' (a figure that's been highly contested and disproven) a lot of companies in tech and in other industries are trying to virtue signal by highlighting and publicizing their commitment to advancing opportunities for women at the executive levels; i.e. it's not a question of hiring or promoting the most qualified candidate, but hiring or promoting the most qualified female candidate.
  8. I had a female colleague once who's full name was Christine, but who otherwise always went by Chris (including her e-mail address). She actually said that she did get a kick out of the surprise men got when they finally ended up talking to her on the phone (after previously only having sent e-mails) and then realizing that they had been communicating with a woman, not a man. I personally always thought that was very juvenile, and deceptiive, on her part.
  9. Nine times out of 10, I advocate for the scout in any kind of being "active" advancement dispute situation, however, if he is not attending troop meetings or making any camping trips, then I think even the most flexible SM might be hard pressed to justify him as actively participating. Are there any other troop functions or activities that your son is participating in? i.e. Eagle service projects, troop service projects, fundraisers, etc. Did he attend summer camp? One thing to keep in mind though is that your son's months of active service do not need to be consecutive,. As long as he can piece together six months, even if not consecutive, then each month most definitely counts towards being an active scout. If you have a 'my way or the highway" SM though he may not care and might demand that the months be consecutive.They know that's against the rules, but they also know council will do nothing to stop them.
  10. SSF

    Difficult Parent Interraction

    I get fully that there are genuinely difficult, and even downright nasty and condescending, parents out there, but those type of parents are more the exception than the norm. Most are just looking for some guidance, clarification and certainly acknowledgement of their concerns. Maybe this guy is genuinely difficult or maybe he's just frustrated and looking for some guidance... In my work with youth and parents, both in scouting and outside of scouting, I would never outright ignore an e-mail, text, phone call, or any communication from a parent. That's just going to frustrate the parent and make them feel disrespected. Respect and courtesy are both two way streets... Do acknowledge the parent's concern but let them know that it s the scout who should be reaching out; e.g. "Hi Mr. Smith, I appreciate your concerns. Please do ask Billy to send me an e-mail or to see me at the next meeting so that he and I can sit down to discuss." Then tell Billy that he, and not his Dad, should be driving this discussion and that he should contact the MB counselor himself for clarification on requirements.
  11. This is all too common and widespread in scouting. I too have been through this myself.
  12. Sadly, I would wager also that this is the case. @Hawkwinin as much as the SM and CC have chosen to be unresponsive to you and your son, I'm sure that the tSM and CC have discussed this issue between themselves and possibly with other committee members who they, most likely, have swayed to their way of thinking. You can report to the District or Council but all that will happen is that the District or Council will remind the SM and the CC of the Guide to Advancement rules. As Fred noted, your son and your family will still have to continue with this troop. It is definitely worth considering if staying with this particular troop is the right thing to do for your son.
  13. It's definitely shameful that some have abused the principle of not adding requirements. The topic had never come up while I was in scouts either.