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  1. SSF

    Service hours

    There is and was no such requirement in the BSA. It sounds like this was a 'unit requirement'' that your SM or other leaders within your troop had put in place themselves I would have to put this into the adding requirements bucket
  2. SSF

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    Does it really matter which thread this discussion is included in? If there was no issue when all of the comments towards the video were positive, then there's no issue when some of the comments are critical or negative. It's not reasonable in my opinion to begin moving posts around just because someone offers an opposing view to the original poster. What I'm taken aback by in the video is the rather arrogant smirk that the one girl displays after shooting a bullseye on the target. She is not smiling, she is clearly smirking. I think the director intended for that target to represent the traditional Boy Scouts of America; i.e. 'Scouts BSA' is taking aim at the traditional, and now former, Boy Scouts of America...that's my take on the video.
  3. SSF

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    This is ultimately an open forum...or at least it's supposed to be.
  4. SSF

    New Scouts BSA marketing video

    We may disagree on things related to Star Wars, but I couldn't agree with you more strongly on this. Very well said.
  5. SSF

    SE Revoking Membership's

    It's my understanding that the BSA has for many, many years embraced the belief that the best way to get rid of criticism (at least from within the BSA) has been to simply get rid of the critic. There is strength in numbers though, so if you can rally and gain the support of others who are willing to stand up to this SE, then that will speak volumes. He will not be able to dismiss that many voices against him.
  6. SSF

    Eagle Project question... help

    It's clear that you're very passionate about this, so I'm sorry to be a naysayer, but I have to agree with your son's advisor. I don't think this is a worthwhile project at all. My advice to your son would be to take a step back from this and consider if he is willing to invest the time and effort into writing up a formal proposal for this, when there is a high degree of rejection. Perhaps talk with the school about some other ideas that might make for a good project. Naturally, it's up to your son as to how he wants to proceed, but there is a high degree that this project will either not be approved or will require so much modification that it's no longer the project that he envisioned.
  7. How old is your son and what prevented him from completing the merit badge at summer camp? In my experience, most scouts, and even their parents, have little concern for whether or not they can actually swim well...they just want the merit badge. I'm a Swimming MB counselor and a dad from my son's troop recently asked me if I would sign off on Swimming MB for his son, who's 12 or 13. I had a few issues with: 1) The fact that the dad and not the scout was approaching me about this 2) That this particular dad seemed to have the expectation that I would automatically sign off on the merit badge for his son, just because I happened to be with the troop (doesn't work that way) 3) Most importantly, I had seen this scout swim during the swim test before summer camp and there was no way I could reasonably sign off on the badge for his son with his strokes looking as bad as they did. It was clear he had never been taught properly. When it comes to BSA swimming, I hardly expect any scout to be the next Michael Phelps, but there has to be at least some semblance (or at least effort) to show proper form and this particular scout needed a lot of work. His conditioning was also terrible. Ultimately my advice to the dad was that his son, and not himself, should be doing the outreach to counselors and to stop rushing this merit badge. Sign his son up for swimming lessons so he can practice and work diligently on his swimming over the next full year so that he would then be fully ready and conditioned to complete the badge at summer camp next year with no problem.
  8. Correct, you didn't say "all" boys, but you did imply very clearly that you feel that boys in general, are certainly likely to doing something against girls. That's an unfair generalization to make.
  9. You said, "If boys will do this to another boy, they will certainly try it with girls." The key word you used was "certainly" i.e. you're saying that it's not only possible, but according to you, a matter of certainty, that this will happen to girls because of the incident shared in this post You re-emphasize and try to support your broad generalization and aspersion against boys by referencing inappropriate behavior from boys at the jamboree. The implication of your statement was very clear.
  10. @BsideI'm very sorry that this happened to your son and the horrible position that this horrendous incident has put you, your son and your family in.
  11. I'm addressing the implication made that 'if one boy does this, all boys are likely to do this.' I'm not defending this particular SPL by any means. What he did was horrendous, but all boys should not be labeled as a threat to girls because this kid can't control himself.
  12. A lot of speculation in this post. This discussion seems to be veering from addressing this particular incident to 'boys in the boy scouts are now a threat to the girls in the boy scouts'
  13. That's a pretty damning statement to make against boys. So, because of this incident, involving this particular SPL, you feel with great certainty that boys will no doubt do something similar to girls?
  14. SSF

    BSA mile swim

    I'm not sure how you can tell a scout not to glide after doing a flip turn...? Every recognized swimming stroke involves gliding, some strokes more than others, but every single stoke has a very pronounced glide element to it. You would essentially be telling the scout to swim in an inefficient manner as opposed to swimming in an efficient manner. I see what the objective is though. It might be more practical to have the scout swim the perimeter of the pool and just not allow him to push off the wall, or the bottom course. Of the six summer camps I've been to, four had pools and that's how they conducted the mile; i.e. the swimmers were not permitted to use the walls to push off and had to swim in a large oval around the perimeter. The camps that did not have pools obviously held their mile swim in the open water of the lake. The BSA should definitely add "continuous" to the requirement. I think that's a loophole they did not consider. The idea of a kid swimming 100 yards every Saturday over a 17 week period, and then claiming that he completed the mile swim at the end of that 17 week period is absurd. Also, not to nitpick, but while freestyle is generally regarded as the front crawl stroke, there is no such thing as the 'freestyle stroke'. Freestyle is an event in competitive swimming in which the swimmer can swim in any manner that they choose...hence 'free' style. Since front crawl is swam fairly universally in the freestyle event though, 'freestyle' has become synonymous with the front crawl. Just sharing as a fun fact.
  15. Barry, I'm a Christian and a Conservative and I agree with you on the transgender issue and I could not agree with you more that the BSA has most definitely lost its moral compass and caved in to special interest. There's absolutely no validity and no merit for defending slavery though. Not in any way, shape or form.