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  1. So what would you regard as a good indicator? Just skimmed the comments and the overwhelming majority are heavily opposed to girls in the boy scouts. Do you think that most Americans are 100% onboard with girls in the BSA? Maybe all those comments expressing opposition were written by imaginary people...yes, that must be it...the people opposed to girls in scouting are imaginary. They don't really exist and neither do their opinions.
  2. SSF

    The Most Interesting Scouter

    Mike Surbaugh has done everything listed here...all before breakfast
  3. I remember having fun doing Pioneering. Lifesaving was the most meaningful for me though
  4. SSF

    Requirements for Swimming MB Counselor

    At bare minimum, a Swimming MB instructor should be Lifeguard Certified (ARC, YMCA or BSA)...again, that should be a bare minimum standard. A caveat to that, is that the person should be fully Lifeguard Certified and not hold the shallow water "lifeguard" certification, which in my opinion, the American Red Cross should not even offer. ARC WSI (Water Safety Instructor) is a more ideal standard for swimming MB counselors. Competitive swimming and coaching experience is most definitely a huge plus, albeit not completely necessary at the goal is for the boys to become proficient swimmers...not to become the next Michael Phelps. Just as a fun fact, many of the "lifeguards" at Walt Disney World have only completed Disney's own shallow water certification. They only have to swim 50 yards!! to qualify for that certification...that's kind of a joke. That's not to say all Disney lifeguards are certified for shallow water only, but I would venture to guess that a lot of them are (probably the ones working at the top of the slides and at the lazy rivers). Granted, Disney needs a lot of lifeguards...and all of their guards (at least from what I've seen) do appear to be very vigilant and observant, which is extremely important. All of this said, let your boys take the merit badge at summer camp. This is practically a rite of passage for boys in their first or second year...don't use "it might rain" as an excuse for the boys in your troop to not take the badge at summer camp and be grateful that they no longer have to do the clothes inflation.
  5. SSF

    Swimming Merit Badge Questions

    You're wrong. Please spare me your semantics. The intention of "strong manner" is very clear, but you can go ahead and nitpick the wording if you want to. You wont be helping that boy to be a better swimmer, you'll just be enabling him to get by with poor swimming ability. If a kid is doggy paddling his way through any portion of either the BSA swim test or the swimming MB 150 yard swim, then that is not swimming in a strong manner. If he can't make his turns continuously and must stand up and/or take a pause or break after each 25 yard length, then that is also not swimming in a strong manner. I f he is constantly shifting from one stroke to another and may be flipping onto his back because he's too weak and/or out of shape to complete the swim using the proper prescribed stroke required, then that is not swimming in a strong manner. If at any point during the swim, his body is more vertical than horizontal - in which case he's then no longer swimming but rather treading - then that is also not swimming in a strong manner. No semantics and no enabling
  6. SSF

    Swimming Merit Badge Questions

    I am glad to hear that. Good work.
  7. SSF

    Swimming Merit Badge Questions

    You should work on improving your swimming.
  8. SSF

    Swimming Merit Badge Questions

    "Strong manner" is hardly subjective. It's pretty straightforward.
  9. I was talking to a friend recently who got as far as Star and even though he loved being in scouts he lamented how much he regretted not making a greater effort to go after Eagle. Not to be facetious...but seriously, what would scouting be without advancement...a group of boys just hanging out, occasionally going camping, hiking, fishing, etc., playing dodgeball...where and when would they learn first aid, ecology, pioneering, orienteering, swimming, civics, lifesaving, emergency preparedness, develop personal fitness, healthy family dynamics...the list goes on There are actually scouts who do genuinely want to advance and who are very proactive and diligent in working on rank advancement, however, rather than be applauded for their ambition and willingness to go the extra mile to advance, they're chastised as being overly eager or labeled as being "forced" to advance by mom or dad (which may be true in some cases, but hardly all cases), etc. and labeled as 'paper Eagles' or some other nonsense like that. If a kid wants to just hang out and not do anything towards his advancement, then that's his decision. Conversely those boys who are willing to put in the time, effort and commitment to advancing, shouldn't be denied the opportunity and labeled as someone who isn't in scouts for the right reasons. Being an Eagle does mean something. To me, it really comes down to being willing to put in the additional time, effort and work needed to earn it. This is why so many Life scouts simply don't achieve the rank. They don't go the extra mile to do the project, complete whatever remaining merit badges they need and just decide that they're content with being Life for life, or Star for Life...or 1C for life.
  10. Sounds like censorship and thought policing; i.e. the only views and opinions that are accepted are those of the ruling party, the all powerful BSA in this case Feel free to downvote me
  11. I'm sure it's been done, but I think there are things you do with your family and there are things you do with your troop, and WDW definitely falls into the former...in my humble opinion
  12. You're saying that I should look at my own beliefs...not "politics"...but rather my beliefs. Your beliefs are right and mine are wrong...? That seems to be what you're saying. I know the difference between right and wrong, morality vs. immorality and that, in the sad state of the world that we live in today, common sense, traditional values and truth take a back seat to sensitivity, political correctness and the social justice drivel that's undermining our society. This Iowa guy is part of the problem, not the solution. That's my belief. You can have yours. I'll have mine.
  13. Would he be willing to put his politics aside for traditional American families? My gut tells me he wouldn't