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  1. Our unit and the others in my area that I'm familiar with just aren't as active as others I guess...I'm still amazed by the unit that holds an outdoor aquatics event in March You'll have to add your own scouts to the throw-down as well...I'd just hope that we could have fair and unbiased judging
  2. I've never heard of the "rule of law" being applied to BSA advancement. You sound like a criminal defense attorney, defending a guilty client
  3. So, you're doing everything possible to ensure that these girls advance quickly. Are the girls being tested? Are they actually learning the skills?
  4. That's an incredibly packed schedule. Your son's unit seems to be the exception. Back to back day hikes in addition to camping trips. Definitely a very full calendar. You listed the district's aquatics day as an outdoor activity in March though...did you list that as an outdoor activity by mistake? I'm presuming that was done at an indoor pool.
  5. Yes, it's possible, but IMHO, this would be an extremely ambitious for most scouts, and unless this girl is solely involved in scouting without any other extracurriculars, part time job, etc. then that would also pose some challenges to actually completing these without a tail wind in her favor.
  6. Who is the "their" that you're referring to? BSA or people opposed to girls in Boy Scouts. Yes, this girl supposedly completed these requirements in very quick time, as you admit. Does it not strike you as odd that girls are racing towards advancement so rapidly? Correct we have no evidence that she did not complete the requirements properly. We also have no evidence to indicate that she actually did. All of this stems from the girl posting on social media. If I were a gambler, I'd wager that some shortcuts were taken.
  7. I can't fathom how any unit could hold ten events, six of which must be outdoor events or camping trips, within a three months span. What unit is that active...??? I don't see how anyone could have realistically met that particular requirement between 2/1 and 5/04. It is possible for her to have achieved this under advancement guidelines, but realistically, the probability of any scout actually doing this is extremely low. If this girl actually did what she has claimed, I have no doubt that requirements were either overlooked, held to a ridiculously low standard, or her leaders may have allowed her to double-dip, or even triple-dip.
  8. SSF

    Feeling Muzzled?

    Nicely put qwazse, I really like this response!
  9. You are clearly troubled by any criticism against girls in the BSA. I'm not sure why you keep responding, and with the same copied and pasted response no less. In my original post that got removed, I called out the absurdity that was highlighted in the shameful and biased, "Girl Power" 'reporting' from the article that cocomax shared. If you put something out there that others find objectionable, then someone is likely to let you know that. And, just for the record, this is not a blog. It's a forum. That's why it's called "Scouter Forum."
  10. I see that this message board continues to live in a bubble of 'we think.' Only the views of the elites are allowed and anyone who disagrees is silenced. So much for the freedom to disagree on what is supposed to be an open forum. Cburkhardt I hope that your efforts to feminize the BSA fail, but as I said in my post that was removed, this war has already been lost. The real BSA is dead. Congratulations to you on your victory in contributing to that.
  11. I reacted too hastily in my previous response. (Bad SSF, bad!) I do see that you condemn the scoring used and I presume that's where the upvotes come from. I agree that scouts and units should vote with their feet and avoid this camporee if biased judging of any form is going to be taking place.
  12. I don't know if I'm more surprised by this comment you made or the fact that others actually support your position on this. I guess I shouldn't be surprised by either. You've said that you believe its acceptable for judges to award competitors and determine order of finish (1st, 2nd, 3rd place etc.) irregardless of a patrol's actual performance...? If the rules for this camporee did clearly state that's how judging was going to be conducted then you are technically correct and the girls did not cheat and the adults running the event were within their right to just give out awards to whoever they wanted to for no real valid reasons at all, but if that is the case then this camporee was a complete sham. I feel sorry for the boys, leaders and units that were duped by the organizers and planners of this "competition" who probably had a rightful expectation that all competitors would be judged fairly, evenly and without bias. But, you believe that biases whether, conscious or unconscious, are acceptable...okay, got it. I will very much keep that in mind when a girl boy scout contacts me to work on a merit badge.
  13. Keep talking like that and you'll be invited to be a judge at this camporee next year
  14. The OP and planner of the camporee said the girls took home the top troop in the district award, which to me sounds like they won the camporee. It's a bit far fetched to say that the scout skills of girls who may have learned a few scout skills here or there, on the occasional sporadic basis from their brothers, is equivalent to the same focused and immersive instruction that the scouts themselves had been receiving. Again, the probability of inexperienced brand new scouts beating far more experienced scouts, with previous competition experience under their belts, is unlikely...possible yes, but probable...no.
  15. Fred, it is true that a brand new patrol of new scouts (all Scout or Tenderfoot presumably) could potentially win a camporee over vastly more experienced scouts (1C, Star, Life, Eagle) who have competed previously in multiple camporees and klondikes, but the odds and probability of them actually doing that without some outside assistance is relatively slim. I myself have personally witnessed biased judging at camporees, so I know first hand that it exists and I could easily foresee pro-girl judges, being more lenient and generous in their scoring of the girl patrols. The fact that the planner of this camporee has also expressed great glee in the girl's victory, raises questions as to whether or not the judging was truly objective and unbiased. I would wager that there was a pre-conceived plan to ensure that all of the girl patrols had a very positive experience at this camporee. The BSA could not really afford to have brand new girl units go to a competition, get beaten, get discouraged and decide that they wanted to quit...that would not fit the narrative that the BSA is trying to sell about girls in the boy scouts.