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  1. SSF

    Swimming Requirements for Rank

    I had missed this part about the SM being a non-swimmer. That's a big part of the problem right there. People who, for whatever reason, are unable to swim often pass that fear on to their kids, and in this case the SM has projected his own fears of water/swimming onto the scouts in his troop...disturbing.
  2. SSF

    Swimming Requirements for Rank

    It may only be a matter of time before this Scoutmaster and Troop's automatic signing off on swimming requirements comes back to bite them. Our troop has always conducted its own swim test before summer camp. A few years ago though, somehow one scout in our troop, who was an extremely weak swimmer got classified as a "Swimmer." How that happened, I really don't know. although I would venture to guess that the scout or parents said they couldn't make the swim test and then asked the SM to sign off for him claiming that he had passed the year before and/or falsely claiming that he's a good swimmer, when in fact he was anything but that. At summer camp, however, the aquatics staff quickly noticed that this kid was a very poor swimmer and the camp Aquatics Director later told the SM that the entire troop was going to have to be retested - there at summer camp - since the validity of the troop's own swim test was now questionable. In the end, the SM and leaders complained that it wasn't fair to re-test the entire troop and the Aquatics Director chose not to push the issue and the troop as a whole did not have to be retested. The one scout in question was retested though and was reclassified as a Beginner or Non-Swimmer, don't remember which. Swimming is definitely an integral life skill and this Scoutmaster is doing a tremendous disservice to his scouts by not requiring that they actually complete the BSA swim test as outlined.
  3. SSF

    Membership Removal Procedures Booklet

    Would you be willing to share anything related to the background of this? Even a rough sense of the alleged transgression would be helpful
  4. SSF

    Denied a court of honor.

    Mich, I can truly and sincerely empathize with what your son and your family are going through and I'm so very sorry that this has happened. I feel your pain and I know that it may be tempting to hire an attorney, but I don't think that's the way to go,; especially if your son may have an interest in maintaining a good rapport with his current troop, and possibly becoming an Assistant Scoutmaster in the near future. Regarding the ECOH, I know that it's not what you want to hear...but it would probably be best to organize one on your own. It can be formal and perhaps rather than focusing on the troop, invite family and friends and those who truly supported your son's advancement. I do hope you can find some resolution to this and if nothing else, your son should be very proud of what he's accomplished.
  5. SSF

    Denied a court of honor.

    Bearess, I don't disagree with you at all about most of what you shared. Yes, there are a lot of gaping holes and inconsistencies to this and it does appear (based on what's been shared and the apparent timeline) that the scout's EBOR was held after his 18th birthday...raising question as to whether or not he did actually earn the rank. All of that said though, I thought the response that I responded to was extremely condescending and mean spirited...I mean, seriously, how can anyone say ..."have some burgers and move on with your lives"...completely uncalled for
  6. SSF

    Denied a court of honor.

    The OP is seeking guidance. Pretty sure she's not looking for pettiness or your judgment
  7. Triggered? I know common sense and logic may be unique concepts to you but please spare me your semantics Data? It's all around you, you just have to be willing to actually recognize it. Maybe if you take your head out of where ever it's buried you'd actually see that. Not my job to educate you though buddy. Delude yourself if you want to about girls in the BSA. You already know the real answer to how the majority of people in the U.S. feel about that...otherwise you wouldn't be so defensive and triggered
  8. “When I inevitably come back”…? Dude, if you want the last word, just say so. Doesn’t matter to me Still no comments though on your claiming that I made up “The Force is Female”…still nothing on that? No owning up to that? Not surprising. Do enjoy reading your Star Wars articles
  9. The only people throwing around vitriol are you and your pals. I'm not using all caps or bolding my words..getting a bit miffed are we...? Like typical liberals and leftists, you and others here can't seem to accept facts or reality, and you choose to attack anyone who does not agree with you. That article you shared says the exact same thing as the Hollywood Reporter article that I shared...nothing new there. It says the movie under performed tremendously. They were just a bit less harsh and direct in saying so. If you want to support "The Force is Female" Star Wars movies go for it. That's your right. Just like it was my right and that of thousands of others this past weekend not to go see Solo because we did not want to be force fed a lesson in feminism and gender politics. Disney underestimated the power of people voting with their wallets, and now they're realizing that they have a problem... Let's not split hairs. Solo under performed badly so Disney needs to figure out if they want to stay the course with Kathleen Kennedy and her "Force is Female" agenda, or reconsider their approach so that they can appeal to far broader audiences. Logic would dictate that they chose the latter. BTW...you didn't have any comments on the "Force is Female" photo I shared...is that still something that I made up myself? It also seems that so many on this board are so bent out of shape over this because you're somehow equating Disney's new Star Wars with girls in the Boy Scouts; i.e .my criticizing Kathleen Kennedy's Star Wars is attacking the idea of girls in the Boy Scouts. Yes, I and others think the idea of girls in the Boy Scouts is absurd. Nonetheless, the special interests got their way and quietly and discretely made that happen.
  10. Resorting to pettiness,...nice, sure fire sign that you have no real, valid arguments...thanks for validating that Now, that's my final word on this
  11. Did you not see the one headline I shared...that was from the Hollywood Reporter. There are lots of others from other trades and outlets that say the same exact thing. I rest my case there. Sorry you're upset. Do get together with Latin Scot and Chadmus and make plans to see Solo again a few dozen times, if that makes you feel better.
  12. You read more than a dozen articles on Star Wars everyday....? Wow, that's really something...I hope you and the 501st Rebel Legion (no idea what that is) continue to enjoy doing that if that's what your floats your boat. We can each have our own subjective interpretations on Solo, or the Last Jedi or any Star Wars movie, but the fact is that Solo under performed tremendously at the box office. For a big budget blockbuster movie that is part of the (arguably) most successful movie franchise in history a forecasted $400 million take home (and thats before marketing costs) makes this movie a flop. I know that's not what you want to hear but that's the reality. And, that's not "my reality," it is simply the reality of the situation. The movie is a bomb because people do not want to be force fed gender politics in Star Wars. You and a few others, including the ladies in the photo below, may enjoy that particular take on Star Wars, but a lot of other moviegoers who would have otherwise chosen to have spent money on this movie - if not for the injection of feminism, gender politics and extreme social agendas - chose not to do that. For the record, the person who created the "Force is Female" was none other Kathleen Kennedy . Here she is in a photo...I guess this wasn't in one of the dozen articles you read daily though. What's especially interesting with regard to Star Wars and the BSA, is that while an elitist group chose to impart their own views, perceptions and agendas on a well established franchise/organization, with zero regard to the feeling of those who supported and held dear the franchise/organization, for many decades, through sheer strength in numbers, those supporters were able to have an impact. Time will tell what changes, if any, may be coming. Can the same happen for the BSA? I've said my peace here, so this is my last word on this thread.
  13. I'm glad you've enjoyed Disney's take on Star Wars, but the number of fans who share your opinion is shrinking fast. Please don't try to confuse the issue. We're no longer talking about The Last Jedi's box office returns, we're now talking about Solo's box office returns...and in the greater scheme, how the opinions of the majority can be so easily cast aside by an elitist minority, who believe that "The Force is Female" and that girls should be in the Boy Scouts. (For the record, I would be equally opposed to including boys in the Girl Scouts.) As I noted, yes, The Last Jedi, made a lot of money, but moviegoers were so put off by the gender politics injected into the movie, that they are now turning their backs on the Star Wars franchise. The whole point of my post was to point that out. Perhaps you did not see that part of my post. Disney and Lucasfilm's have also had zero respect for the original mythology of Star Wars and its original characters - Luke, Leia and Han; each of whom were disrespected and desecrated in the Last Jedi and Force Awakens respectively. That also contributed to many fans choosing to no longer support Disney's progessive taken on the Star Wars franchise. Disney/Lucasfilms had forecast that Solo was going to do $170 million in its opening four day weekend, and even that was far less than any other Star Wars opening, but Solo barely managed to break $100 million dollars. Take a look at he snippet below from the Hollywood Reporter, posted just a few hours ago. There are countless others like this one. Does it sounds like they're calling Solo a blockbuster hit? Lucasfilm and Disney are facing a moment of reckoning. Over Memorial Day weekend, they were jolted when Solo: A Star Wars Story battled hard to hit $103 million domestically and bombed overseas with $65 million. The film badly trailed the launch of fellow stand-alone pic Rogue One: A Star Wars Story, which debuted to $155 million domestically in 2016 on its way to topping $1.056 billion globally. At its current rate, Solo may not gross much more than $400 million all in after costing at least $250 million to produce before marketing. Yes, Disney and Lucasfilms have a lot of future Star Wars productions in the works. The question is will they continue to embrace this "Force is Female" agenda or will Disney reconsider that approach given that a lot of moviegoers are simply not interested in that and want their Star Wars movies, TV shows, comics, etc. to be devoid of extreme social agendas. Solo (also labeled online as Soylo, So-Low and So-No) is just the first movie to experience the impact of this backlash from audiences. Many fans are already now labeling the new Boba Fett movie, Beta Fett If you want to see things through rose colored glasses and believe that Solo is a mega blockbuster and all is honky dory with Disney's "Force is Female" approach to Star Wars, then that's your choice, but the reality is the reality.
  14. Thanks for responding and for these insights on Star Wars. I do agree with your take on what the BSA should be. I appreciate that you're a Star Wars super fan and apparently an ardent supporter of the new Star Wars movies launched under Kathleen Kennedy. I myself am definitely no super fan of Star Wars (of any generation) by any means. I think you're mistaken though, if you think that the Star Wars "juggernaut" will continue given it's current trajectory. The Last Jedi made a lot of money because people went to see it in good faith, expecting that it would be a good movie. Instead what they got was a bad movie laced with overt gender politics and leftist social agendas. If you enjoyed it, that's great. I'm glad you did, but most people were very put off by the movie. Yes, artistic differences are subjective and can be open to interpretation, but box office returns, budgets and financial figures are matters of fact. Disney, and Ms. Kennedy, injected feminism and their 'progressive' views into the Star Wars universe and for The Last Jedi, they upped the dosage and that's now backfiring on them. Plain and simple. You can ignore that if you want to, but the reality is the reality. People just want to see Star Wars. They don't want Kathleen Kennedy's "The Force is Female" take on Star Wars. Bear in mind that Disney is all about profit and right now Solo is not nearly profiting to the tune that they would like it to, since the majority of fans who turned out for The Last Jedi chose not to waste their hard earned money on Solo. It wasn't the marketing, it wasn't the Memorial Day weekend opening, it was the fact that people simply did not want to pay to be force fed (no pun intended) a lesson from Kathleen Kennedy and Disney on gender politics. They learned their lesson after The Last Jedi and weren't going to fall for that twice. Only time will tell, but I would venture to guess that Disney's pursuit of $ will drive some changes in the way that they approach Star Wars. Yes, a movie franchise and an organization for boys are distinctly different but to my original point, both chose to alienate their bases of longstanding supporters and proponents by embracing a feminist agenda and, I think it's safe to say that sadly neither the BSA or Star Wars are flourishing right now...can these trends be reversed and what will it take to do that? I personally do believe that Star Wars, in pursuit of $ will change its course, eventually, but I don't believe the BSA has any plans to deviate from their current heading.
  15. SSF

    What is the protocol?

    I'm very sorry that this has happened to your son and to your family.