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  1. If you are carrying a dry bottle, you might want to pack some water purification tabs. Seems to me that if you are scrounging water you may want to kill the bugs in it. I saw the premade survival kits at the sporting goods store (gander mountain)and thought the kits were a great value.
  2. I must be missing the boat. Where in the book is this question answered. I believe that in a previous edition of the handbook there was a reference to this but not spelled out specifically in the current edition. Please enlighten me... First class requirement 7a.
  3. I usually have a miniflashlight hooked to the keys in my pocket, I suppose I could attach the flashlight to the lanyard also. Carry a waterbottle and a good space blanket,a map, and you are pretty much set as far as equipment.
  4. As far as whistles go, I favor the orange whistle that has a compass,waterproof match safe with a mirror,compass and a little flint stuck to the side. I hang it on a neck lanyard made from parachute cord along with a mini swiss army knife and a tiny caribinar. In it I carry a small wad of lint,some small strike anywhere matches, a nonblowout birthday candle and a striker cut from a large box of kitchen matches. The lint will keep the matches from being beat up and serve as a fire starting aid. Granted the compass isn't orienteering quality but it will keep us pointed in the right direction, an
  5. I went to a restruant supply store in Akron OH and they stocked pliers to grab pizza pans (deep dish). They work perfect for dutch ovens, etc. And they were reasonable
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