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  1. Thank you for your response. Yes, I too believe he needs his time in the spotlight. We are located on Long Island. Where are you?
  2. Thats a wonderful scenario! Thank you for sharing that. Even that would be ok for my son. Ive never seen the troop ever do that. Its always a ceremony. But I certainly wouldnt mind it
  3. Amen. Yes As i stated in previous replys... I will be having my own COH for my son. Im just trying to work out the particulars.
  4. Thank you so much Wisconsin momma. Its good to hear from another mom out there. This is exactly the problem I have. Meanwhile others are asking for inside stories and that there must be something more that I'm not telling. Our committee chair is exactly like how you described yours to be. Theres no explanation. It disgusts me that people like this can be allowed to be leaders. And quite frankly, someone needs to step up and voice it. People just cant walk away from this kind of abuse or discrimination.
  5. so FYI... I still have no gotten a reply back from the SM. No we have no idea what the dog gone problem is. A council member told me to reach out to the SM and invite him and the others. In fact the council member said that some of them will in fear of looking like jack asses...LOL thats what he said... quote. it doesnt matter to me who speaks but the council member said I could not MC it. I can host it but, there needs to be a script for the ceremony.
  6. I'll copy and paste... by the way, I havent heard back still with his response from my answer to his email. (This has always been the case trying to get answers for anything in this troop) My first email to the Scout master: Hey Bob! Adam told me that you had a bout with cancer and I want to tell you how very sorry I am to hear that but happy that you are ok. I pray for a clean bill of health for you.I was shocked to hear it. So words cant express how sorry I am. What Id like to chat with you about is this COH. I'd personally like to know the reasons behind it. Adam said that you and his grandfather fought for him on this. I find it strange that the Troop Committee had no problem signing off the paperwork for Eagle and now have an issue with holding a COH. There needs to be a reasonable explanation )and reasonable is the key word here.) and a viable reason for this. I know that a unit cannot deny a COH they choose to not participate. Why is the question. So as I respect your input, I would like to know why coming from your point of view. Thank you. Feel better. Michelle His REsponse Hi Michelle, Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Thanks for the warm thoughts. As for Adam’s COH, I signed off on the approval of his project, so that is a done deal. Doug and I signed off on his Eagle Scout application, so that is a done deal. At the board of review, there was one person that would not sign off on the approval, and others had their reservations. So basically the one person stepped aside (abstained from the vote), and everyone else approved. You have to have 100% approval at the board of review to have the boy make Eagle. So that is done, and Adam is an Eagle Scout. Adam has his pins and badge for this. The court of honor for the boy is something that the troop is not required to do. The committee voted on this, and decided not to do it. I spoke with John McGarry a while back, and John and his wife wanted to plead Adam’s case with the committee, but that did not work out. Because John and I are Elks, we could ask the Elks if they would be willing to give him a COH. I think I will leave that up to John to ask them. That is where it stands. Sorry for the bad news. Regards, BP My Response to the SM: (sent friday.. still waiting for a reply) Hey Bob! Thank you so much for your reply. and again I am so sorry about the news. I really cant express in words. and certainly not in text. I hope this portion of your life fades fast and you have a 100% clean bill of health. I completely respect you Bob. You do so many great things for the boys. You are pretty remarkable. ok, on to this COH thing..lol Of course we are all proud and thrilled that Adam made eagle. He worked hard for this and stepped up to the plate so much that I, his mom, cant believe the wonderful changes it has made in him and his confidence. Regardless of what Adam says, Adam has wanted this since he turned 6 and started cub scouts. While his friend were quitting one by one, he stayed and committed to this. I'm proud that my son follows through on his commitments. (If you saw pictures of him as a cub scout standing proud and saluting the flag, anyone would see how much he loves scouts) A picture speaks a thousand words) I am aware that the Troop is not required to do a COH. But this brings up a lot of questions for us as a family as a whole. And because Adam has loved scouts so much and has been in for as ,long as he has with this one goal in mind... as usual..lol I'm the mouth piece for the family.. So I'll do my best to explain in text. Hard to find the words this way but here goes... The committee voted on this, and decided not to do it. The question is why? There should be a viable reason for this. Not only the family but Adam deserves to know why. I spoke with John McGarry a while back, and John and his wife wanted to plead Adam’s case with the committee, but that did not work out What happened? Why didnt it work out? Because John and I are Elks, we could ask the Elks if they would be willing to give him a COH. I think I will leave that up to John to ask them. I left a message for John. Waiting for a call back. alrighty then...lol Now I spoke with John Stern. Great guy! He gave me advice on a COH that we could do our selves. In fact he told me to reach out to you about it as well. We would like it to be a ceremony like the troop has done with other eagles. I'll be more than happy to send out the letters to people like the POTUS etc etc. And of course to friends family etc. We would need a MC/Host as John Stern explained. If the elks lodge cant do it, I may have a place for free as my Dad was a 2nd lieutenant up for chief for the Holtsville FD before he passed. The Hall upstairs in that FD. That could be an option. Food and refreshments, I could take care of and setting up the place.. tables etc etc.. All that is no problem. As well as clean up... Im good with that. We will want to of course invite the troop, you, and leaders. Any district members. Save a pet charity. I believe theres a sum of money still left from the fundraising that Save a Pet should be awarded or given. Not sure if Im forgetting anything here. Im willing and able to put in the work. Whatever it takes. Just need guidance of steps and procedures and what not.. So yes, it is bad news that whoever or whomever cant see clearly enough in the committee to do a COH is a sad very sad situation and travesty but Good news... We can still Do one and theres no time limit to it and still do things in the traditional ceremony way. Thanks Bob. I look forward to your reply Thats it.. play by play... and like I said, Im still waiting on the response. Its been 4 days.
  7. Right it isnt my sons story..lol My son was up front and present for everything, meetings ECOH, Camp, Webelos woods.. name it. He was there. Right from the beginning
  8. Amen gblotter. Thats the only attitude to have. I wish all you guys here in this forum could be there!
  9. Naaa My son never crossed him. Tried to stay out of his way after the very first time this guy bullied him. Yes you are right and It is Sad. You took the words right out of my mouth. It is Sad... Even adults need to act according to the scout Law. I will keep those words in mind. Wish I would have thought of them! LOL
  10. I cant believe that you did either..LOL If these were reservations related to the physical limitations, then thats just Bullshit pardon my language here but there have been autistic boys that had more severe limitations and gone thru with no hitch. Seriously? You condone that? It sounds like it. Sounds like its ok if a boy has limitations that its ok to be treated this way. As a former or present Scout Master Im appalled by your lack of "heart" here. I think its appalling that anyone in a leadership that dedicates their time to helping others grow and helping to nurture, dont have one ounce of heart , compassion, or empathy. or why that person or persons would even want to be in that roll if they dont have those inner qualities to care enough to help. I pray thats not you. You say " From the bullying comments, it seems some resentment toward your son and/or your family goes back many years.".. My son joined this troop crossing over from cub scouts in the 6th grade along with his friends. We did not know any of these people EVER> So it cant go back many years. This guy right from the start picked my son out of them all. With no reason, no resentment. There cant be resentment.He didnt even know my son and only had maybe 10 interactions with him during the time he was in the troop. The last minute scrambling didnt come from my son. He started it about 9 months or so before his 18th birthday. He was 100% prepared. It was the lack of leadership he needed to guide him through and lots of "hand sitting" on the troops part. Im sure a ECOH is a lot of work. Im not new to getting into the trenches with putting events together. And so what if it is? I am currently working with a Council member to help guide me through it.
  11. No. When I said “Yes, I did, and proud that I did”. I meant that for the den leader position. My son went to camp to get the swimming badge done and could not do the endurance of it so alternatively he did the hiking. We found a great meet up group that does hiking regularly and it was slow paced so my son could complete it and he did. Yes everything is complete. he was awarded eagle
  12. nope, I never said we reported it. My son did not want to go to another troop. All his friends since elementary school were in that troop. I can clearly see why he didnt want to go to another troop. He also was very friendly with some of the leaders. When my son confided in one, they just told him "who Doug"... ahhh, Hes going through a tough time.... I didnt subject him to it. It was there. My son didnt want to leave for the reason I just mentioned. The others didnt want to for the same reason. It may not smell right but thats the reasons why we stayed.
  13. Website found..lol http://bsatroop354.com/
  14. Thank you... found the site: http://bsatroop354.com/ Took a look around.. seems they havent updated it much
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