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  1. My son learned to use tools in Webelos and how to make simple PVC catapults...which he made one and I came from work and he was flinging oranges and rocks more than a 100' flying over our back privacy fence...into 4 lanes of traffic. Heard some brakes before I got him to stop.
  2. My son, 19 still remembers his incident. Only took 1 warning and he was hard to teach.
  3. More gems from Baloo...

    Mail or Water it is all the same to him.
  4. CSE Letter on GSUSA Infringements

    Perhaps they can generate separate flyers with the same date and location and distributed at the same time. Or one 11x17 with a perforation in the middle.
  5. CSE Letter on GSUSA Infringements

    Welcome Scout-Girls!
  6. More gems from Baloo...

    "under the table" is a defacto "yes" as BSA policy is (now) to not too punish the youth for the idiocy of the adults. Therefore, my regrets to you fellow rule followers who lament your daughter will age out before 18 and meeting the Eagle requirements because somewhere, somehow some other girl will get it early--despite what National tells us--by units circumventing the rule. I suspect we will see a national media story to that affect before an official BSA announcement.
  7. More gems from Baloo...

    Calico you hit on it. If Cubs carry their own water then they will use it to fill verboten water pistols! Only leader approved water provided. Surprised National hasn't prohibited plastic bottled water since they keep finding microbeads of plastic in most of them I heard.
  8. Yeah! Next you are going to tell me their are just two genders. #Mansplainer_outrage
  9. More gems from Baloo...

    That is silly. Maybe not ALL their water but are they thinking something magical happens when they crossover to Scouting? Maybe they should see Tents but not sleep in them. Even the young ones need to start getting trained. We have all read of a lost cub scout or webelo who has had to make it overnight or two. I got a problem with the reasoning behind this one. Lucky we got some smart girls coming down the line to point this out.
  10. More gems from Baloo...

    I think someone just screwed up and left it off the list. In Florida ya gotta have water. The boys are proud of the first canteen or water bottle. Even the Tigers.
  11. I agree. I think as long as the actuals don't look too dire that BSA may cash in some "brand nostalgia" to get someone help them kick the can a bit longer. But I don't see how some cost escalation will not occur.
  12. More gems from Baloo...

    If weight is a problem here is the solution we teach all our newbie backpackers* *may be considered hazing.
  13. More gems from Baloo...

    Do they have a logic for this (idiotic seeming) change? I am not saying you don't carry backup water (they are kids after all) but REALLY!?