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  1. I never saw the OA Brotherhood stipend promised me either. Actually the Senate Appropriations Committee (Mrs Turtle) told me that if I cut back as leader I could easily save about $500 a year which might be better put toward the occasional date night.
  2. Actually Flagg has another point (I am tiring of agreeing with him). The adult leadership in our Troop is doing so many things now that just the proposal of doing anything much extra or different elicited responses of 'I'm not doing anything different', 'I'm not doing any special training', 'If it takes anymore leaders someone else can do it', and 'One more thing I am out of here'. Some may just go into scouting semi-retirement, ya know showing up for the occasional meeting, maybe showing some lashes, but not really helping guide the youth who lead it. We still have a mess at our CO a Methodist Church. It is not on our Pastor's radar, he will likely let the unit do whatever it wants. But the most pushback we got was from the ladies of the United Methodist Women (who include more than a couple former Girl Scout leaders), the UMW were always big supporters of our Scouts, they would kick in regular $500 and $1500 gifts to the Troop just because they felt we were setting such a good example.(oddly, enough the Methodist Men always disliked us, complained about something we did after every meeting--there was no placating them. They dwindled to nothing and oddly enough when the folded the church gave us the $500 left in their bank account) Now the UMW is questioning why the church will be hosting a co-ed unit if it could now be supported in a public school. It is just a headache!
  3. I am REALLY outraged that while adding girls to my Troop will be an increase of genders by 100%, the 2018-2019 contract for ASM's only has a 50% pay bump.
  4. YPT tip #4: Don't touch the scouts, even the sexy ones.
  5. Mrs Turtle reminded me Son#1 declined inversion and in fact would not go up on stage; he got his pin down below. Son#2, the little monkey, not only was flipped for his but asked for a repeat and was dipped and swung about.
  6. "But, calling the Bobcat Ceremony an act of hazing was my first Red Flag of their callus unprofessionalism toward the organization's members." - Turtles startles, looking up from his workbench where he was filling the water pistols with Kool Aid.
  7. Stosh, you are insensitive.."Shaken Bobcat Syndrome" is a thing. I guess we should be glad BP said "Do a Good Turn everyday" rather then "Give it a Good Poke now and then".
  8. NYLT strip?

    See if you talk about this stuff long enough the Fun Police come out. Next you are gonna tell me that there is no Klingon Interpreter Strip.
  9. NYLT strip?

    My son did NYLT and they had a Harry Potter theme so they were 'houses' instead of patrols. Cute. Had a custom NYLT Council patch with a Hogwarts on it. He liked enough to swap out our old Council patch. I dislike the cords and what-not they seem a little too Wood Badgey for my taste. YMMV
  10. Old Buzzard, that sure is a cute picture of those tots on the Monkey Bridge of Death.
  11. BSA Hammock Rules

    It's Brian is preparing an article a safety article: 'Hammocks of Happiness or Scouting Shrouds of Sorrow: 68 steps for a BSA approved hammock setup'. English is my 2nd language after Dyslexia.
  12. I'd be surprised if the Scout Store is a successful financial model. Seems like a modest trickle of folks most times I have been there; even with 1 to 2 people if feels overstaffed. So I get that a retailer might look at how much revenue it will get per square foot and stay away. I do use mine as it is next to the Council HQ and it is convenient for the occasional field trip...ironically as Council does more and more communication electronically it must drive down foot traffic and impulse buys by Scouters.
  13. BSA Hammock Rules

    You gotta sleep at an angle to centerline to get the back straighter. I prefer it to the ground but I find fighting the thermal loss a hassle sometimes. I have had some excellent sleeps in them.