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  1. (I have no way of knowing if this message will be posted) Sunday, May 27, 2018 It is with extreme regret that I after 3,600 posts and 6 years I am ended my association with Scouter.com because I disagree with the recent heavy handedness of the Moderators. I have recently been disciplined and my content erased for an unknown specific issue both Kafkaesque and Orwellian. To all the folks I have met over the years and agreed/disagreed with thank you. The discussions here greatly aided my ‘work’ as a scout leader and was personally rewarding. I have personally met a few folks passing throu
  2. Sue Nunn's Scoutmaster MB course at Woodruff SR was like that.
  3. So will we have a "Linked Lodge"? Or will the youth be (wait for it)...."Co-Ed". (cue music)
  4. Many of this saw this coming but we keep getting told that "no, no, no changes no co-ed". The meeting requirement will be a problem for some patrols...our best patrols just get together and meet in addition to Troop meetings...which is exactly what we want them to do.
  5. Good topic. Son#2 just had his (delayed for a buddy) ECOH Sunday* and has well aged out. I am attached to few of the older boys and show up for the old pep talk and sign offs but seem to have less and less reason to be there. Mrs Turtle, understandably, is asking me after 10 years what is my next step. Someone already tapped me on the shoulder to be a DC, someone else to do EBOR duty at the District. Hits just as the nest is emptying. It is hard as I probably identify as a Scouter as much as anything else in my life. How does one stay connected but keep in balance? Feel a bit like a traitor if
  6. I did like the line "Never trust anyone who likes your kids more than you do". BTW I do plenty of other youth based activities and none of them required this (thus far).
  7. Taking the online training today....awfully long...site is overly complicated to work with. I think the demands of sitting through this is going to cause a loss of registered leaders. Again, good content...just too long.
  8. Lief Ericson explorer, Boy Scout*, Coffee achiever. *post humus, honorary
  9. You got me there. I am holding my breath on the UMC Central Conference in Africa vote on Skorts vs. Skirts.
  10. I wouldn't dismiss anybody...you don't want to attract attention as a problem. I have known different receptions at different places by different RC bishops. It mostly boiled down to if the bishop had been a scout and had fond memories of it.
  11. Yes and the UMW is very liberal. It is quite a mixed salad of directions. At our church the men's group was always hostile to the scouts (too much dinged up furniture) while the women love us. The irony was the complaints went away when the men's groups died off and the church rolled their remaining funds to the troop. The women support us on a regular basis and chip in now and again as the boys look smart in their uniforms and provide labor for this and that.
  12. The Catholic Church has many, many organizations, groups, and orders that are sometimes aligned with Rome and sometimes not. Surprisingly diverse. Just get a group of Priests, Nuns, and Monks together and you will find out. The United Methodist Church (which is a CO of many units) has multiple Scouting oversight groups but no one in our UMC sponsored Troop ever recalls a single contact, letter, or brochure since we have been around since 1955. The United Methodist Men has this: http://www.gcumm.org/scouting/ They mostly like any group.They seem to parrot whatever National says.
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