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  1. Merit Badge Counselor training is offered from time to time at our Northern Star Council Universitys of Scouting. I've taken it, and it was very instructive, replacing rumour, false belief, and confusion with fact.
  2. Jay K

    Chaplain Scouter Question

    When I was challenged about my qualifcation to be Chaplain, I said "10 years of Bible Study Fellowship, each 32 weeks; homework, discussion, and a closing lecture." The response was "Ah."
  3. Do what you have to do. If you try 3 times and never meet, it's not your problem any more. You've done your Due Diligence. Doesn't Traveler involve planning and taking a trip with your family? I've counseled Traveler many times. In fact, though I'm a Unit Commsioner and a Scoutmaste, If I'm asked to "help with the WEBLOS" I usualy offer to do Traveler.
  4. Jay K

    Should units share the wealth?

    Basement Dweller, I got Empathy for you. .
  5. Jay K

    Why Wood Badge?

    Go to Wood Badge because you aren't afraid to try something new, because it is part of the training continuum, and because it was started by RSS Baden-Powell. It's not about you, it's about the betterment of Scouting. It's a little odd to hear what amounts to " I'm too good for Wood Badge." In another thread, one asked, "IS Scouting becoming too prissy?" Not if the people in it aren't prissy.
  6. I definitely go at least once to every class in which any of "my" Scouts are participating. I write a detailed analysis on the asessment form at the end of Camp. IF any instructor is passing over requirements, the Program Director, the Camp Director, my D.E. the Council Camping department, and if need be, the Council Executive will hear about it. If you get a Scout with a questionable Partial, have a real, honest, discussion with him. Here's one for you: For an Able requirement in Sea Scouts, one must do the requirements for Lifesvaing Merit Badge. I had a young lady Sea Scout come to me to do that.
  7. Jay K

    Any experience with the tripod tower?

    Cool! If we built one, the Scouts would want to sleep up there.
  8. Jay K

    Movies for Citizenship in the Community

    Moonrise Kingdom. I stand in front of the screen and sing during the underwear scene. The key part, for me, is when the troop realizes that they have been treating the protagonist badly, and rally to help him.
  9. Jay K

    The All-Scoutcraft Eagle

    There is no "Swimming/Lifesaving continuum," at least like there is a First Aid/E prep continuum.
  10. Jay K

    Threat of bodily harm and knife pulled

    Cut a corner off the Totin' Chip. Reiterate the principles of the Totin' chip.
  11. Jay K

    Banning assualt rifles Racist?????

    The guys that defeated the British and the Hessians would have loved to have had an assault rifle with a 30 round magazine. The amendment was not written about hunting rifles.
  12. Yes. And: Merit Badge requirements can be counted toward "Brownsea" advancement. "Brownsea" requirements can be counted toward Merit Badge requirements. Requirements counted towards one Merit Badge may not be counted for another Merit Badge. That's why I have new Scouts get First Aid Merit Badge first.