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  1. I've done both Philmont & Seabase Coral Reef Sailing. Next year I plan to do Double H. The experiences are totally different. I agree with everything said. I agree that the sailing program is essentially a vacation. It's not a real "Scouty" activity. But, what's wrong with that? Our guys love Sea Base, and want to go every other year (with other high adventures in the off years). If it builds teamwork, positive memories of scouting, and keeps them engaged in the program, isn't that a good thing? As long as it doesn't take away from the message and purpose of scouting, I'm o
  2. it's been a while since I posted, but this topic is top of mind for us right now. Skeptic is right: "Date of rank is date of completed BOR. No awards may be issued or worn until the "official" National certificate and related paperwork is received. HOW MUCH CLEARER DO WE NEED TO BE?" I like what our district does. Our District Advancement Chair designed a certificate several years ago. It confirms the scout has successfully passed the Eagle BOR and is an "Eagle Candidate" pending approval from the National Council. The certificate is signed by the BOR members and i
  3. I use SM conferences to also help prepare the scouts for the BOR. For example, we'll talk about how he lives by the scout oath & law in various ways. I may give him some examples of things I've seen, or ask him about examples. I've also used this time - on occasions - to work on a scout with discipline problems. In one case, I used our SM conference (of which we had many, not just for rank advancements) to discuss his issues. I "held him back" from the BOR until he could demonstrate some measurable improvement in some areas. All of this is based on the "demonstrate you live by
  4. I'm one of those tech weenies... Our site does have a layer of security, but it's pretty simple. Each family is given a login and they can see their advancement reports (from troopmaster). Other secure information is a troop roster, points of contact, and details for upcoming activities. On the public side is our calendar, links to sites the scouts may find useful, pictures from some activities (no names), and forms. The calendar may say "Backpacking at Red River Gorge", but that doesn't tell you a whole lot.
  5. I can't say a lot about the McKee of today, since I haven't been there since I was on staff back in the 80s. But when CCC was built in the late 80s. It definitely sought to be a step-up from McKee, since their council was losing troops to McKee and other surrounding council camps. As I understand it, McKee has made some physical improvements to make it competitive with CCC. So the physical facilities aren't that much different. McKee has some better trails, while CCC has several "specialty" camps. McKee used to have a reputation of having a strong staff who really interacted we
  6. We pay our own way (even the CO fee at recharter). Once I was with a pack where the CO (a church) had a Men's organization that paid the adult leaders registration fees. That was nice.
  7. Yeah, I just had one of those. Dad's a rgg (really good guy) to hang out with. He just doesn't want to spend time with his kids. I don't know why, and I'm not going to try and guess. He felt obligated to go camping (self-imposed, we didn't force the issue on him), but really didn't want to take the time out of his life to do it. Just before Christmas, his son came to a troop meeting in tears telling us that he had to quit. Very frustrating! And very, very sad.
  8. Scoutmaster Ron, you don't "remember the Titans"?
  9. Welcome to our virtual roundtable. I hope you find some good info here.
  10. I've spoken to my troop members the week prior to the OA coming and encouraged them to think about the upcoming election. I always remind them that they can vote for each and every candidate, and it's certainly not an issue if everyone gets elected. (That's only happened once in our troop). For the SN scout, can you give him some special assignment a few weeks before the election? Maybe teach a special camping skill, something that he's really in to??? These kids have short memories, and often elections are based on their latest interactions with the young man.
  11. This is consistent with what I've heard and read on their website. More desert-like. There are water supply points, but you have to organize your trek to hit them. It's more "free range", meaning you can set your own itinerary, as long as you hit the key spots on schedule. You do get resupplied with food at the half-way point. I'm glad to hear that the guys that went have enjoyed it. Were they experienced backpackers? In some ways I've heard this is more strenuous than Philmont, but then I've heard just the opposite from others. It is shorter and less mountainous, but sounds like mo
  12. Our troop was not selected in the Philmont lottery for 2009, but we were offered dates at Double H. Has anyone out there participated in this program yet? Looking for any advice. I've attended Philmont, so I'd like to hear how it compares (or contrasts, as it may). Thanks
  13. Congrats to you and your lad. I, too, hope to be there soon (wrapping up project in the next week or two, and one MB to finish).
  14. My DE told me it had to do with timing of when you rechartered. If you rechartered for 2007 prior to the establishment of the Centennial Award, then you wear the QU 2007 patch for this year. They apparently produced significantly fewer number of these, since only a small percentage of units fell into that category.
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