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    Others can probably address this better, but there's really two different sets of ranks in a troop. The Scout through First class represent gaining of basic competency in the outdoors and the scouting program. Those can go quickly for someone who already has lots of outdoors experience, or slowly from someone who isn't as competent. Star, Life and Eagle represent gaining leadership experience from positions of responsibility and well roundedness from earning merit badges. That can go quickly if the scout is determined, or more slowly if developing those skills just needs more time. All of that said, the pace of advancement should be the choice of your son, and not your job to make the schedule for him. If getting to first class takes two years, that's not a big deal. Someone else who joined at the same time will probably beat him, but it really doesn't matter as long as he's having fun, and growing as a person.
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    Welcome, @EagleDad79, to scouter. If you are the IH or COR, it’s easy. Find a new CM, train him, then have a big retirement party for the old guy, thanking him for dedicated and passionate service to the Pack. If you’re the Committee Chair, it’s time to have a business cup of coffee with the COR. Anyone else, and you bring your concerns to the Committee Chair.
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    They are not shutting it down! Yes there has been talk about it for a few years, but there has been a great upswell of support and it will now remain open. They are investing quite a bit of money... new buildings & upgrades. Here is a FB post about it.
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    Welcome @Natgeo2019! As I think you sensed, no - it's not necessary. There are just some people who like reply-all. Perhaps a direct word to the Cubmaster to let him know you find it uncomfortable to get these kind of emails.
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    If the boys want to build gateways etc, they can usually get all the materials they need from the camp Quartermaster. They don't need to wait for adults to give them stuff.
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    Let me also repeat (to the yawns of senior forum members) that the best scout I ever knew aged out at 2nd class. What made him the best? He invited me to join his troop!
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    Units can also use the new Internet Advancement. It uses the same database as Scoutbook. After logging in, click on Run Report, Advancement History, then select the dates. The report will show you the names of the Scouts and the ranks that they have earned during the selected dates.
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    Troop Advancement Coordinator should be able to run reports to show that. Scoutbook and Troopmaster I know have canned reports to show that well.
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    Maybe. I went hiking in northern MI a couple years back and ran into multiple youth groups on the trails. Is there value in being able to tell the scouts from the local church youth group or YMCA program? Same story in BWCAW a few years before that. I'm not a fan of the current field uniform in the field but some sort of uniform in the field is nice.
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    Glad they are ok. Florida freeways have always scared me. Too fast and too much traffic. And, that's from someone who never worried about driving in NY, CA or Boston.
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    Our PLC approached me with the proposal to turn jeans into the official uniform. My response was, "What does your handbook say". Their response was, "WE KNOW WHAT IT SAYS, WE WANT TO CHANGE THE IT". Long story short, 6 months later after doing some research, the PLC proposed of the Olive Drab Military Field pants, or BDUs our official uniform. In those days, the BSA pants didn't have usable side pockets and the fabric was uncomfortable in hot climates. The BDUs were exactly the same color, they were adjustable through 4 sizes, several fabrics to choose from, durable, lots of pockets and a 3rd the price when purchased in quality. I love the idea because they were so practical. But, me being stuck with scouts making good decisions, I said I would give their proposal to Council to make the BDUs official at all BSA activities. I didn't think they would say yes, but they did. Anyway, my son told a few months later that many of the scouts were wearing the BDUs to school because they were cool. So yes, mimicking the military uniform might help. Barry
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    There's been lots of good advice on this thread. My recommendations would be two fold: 1) Think about what you want to do and worry less about the labels. What specifically do you want to do the first 3 months? How specifically do you want the Scouts to run troop meetings as you get going? How are Scouts going to decide their camping trips? etc... 2) At every turn, if you feel like "an adult should do this", think instead of how can the Scouts do this? What kind of subtle inspiration or guidance can I give them? How can I give them a challenge or describe a task so that they can accomplish this on their own? On your first meeting with the parents - I'd encourage you to focus on two things: 1) Program, program, program. These girls are joining a troop to have a great experience. In getting going, the focus has to be on how to make that experience fun, challenging, and rewarding. 2) Support from parents. It takes a lot of support to get a troop going. A brand new troop can ride the enthusiasm of a few core leaders. But, over time you're going to need parents to get engaged. You're going to need more than those few scouts. You'll probably want to get this troop to 32 scouts in 4 years. That means a new patrol every year. You'll need help with recruiting. You'll need a treasurer to keep track of all those camp fess. You'll need an advancement co-ordinator to keep track of awards needed and eventually the Life to Eagle process. You'll need a quartermaster to help figure out an keep track of gear. If you're camping monthly, you'll need 3-4 good ASMs to help staff all these events. You'll need merit badge counsellors. You'll need a Committee Chair to keep this all organized for you. Now is the time to start getting those rolls filled.
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    Ok here are some links I have found. And I want to give a shout out to @Kudu and his Inquiry.net website. It has a wealth of information there. And I want to apologize about the wrong year for the 3rd edition of the SMHB, it was published in 1936, not 1929. Ok here to the links that can help. http://scoutmastertroop56.weebly.com/uploads/1/6/8/6/16867144/the_patrol_method_helps_for_scoutmasters.pdf links to a 1938 pamphlet to help SMs. While Bill is not credited, he probably wrote it. http://inquiry.net/patrol/index.htm Is a ton of resources on the Patrol Method. I believe this is Hillcourt's training regimen. @Kudu, please correct me if I am wrong. Start of the training http://inquiry.net/patrol/green_bar/index.htm 1st meeting http://inquiry.net/patrol/green_bar/1st.htm 2nd meeting http://www.inquiry.net/patrol/green_bar/2nd.htm 3rd meeting http://www.inquiry.net/patrol/green_bar/3rd.htm Hike http://www.inquiry.net/patrol/green_bar/3z_hike.htm 4th meeting http://www.inquiry.net/patrol/green_bar/4th.htm 5th meeting http://www.inquiry.net/patrol/green_bar/5th.htm 6th meeting http://www.inquiry.net/patrol/green_bar/6th.htm PLC Camp Out http://www.inquiry.net/patrol/green_bar/6z_camp.htm As I stated previously, not advancement oriented, but establishing a youth run troop oriented. Kudu also has posted other materials on training Scouts as well. Another source of info is http://www.thedump.scoutscan.com/nonfict.html Looks to be Canadian in origin. EH! Hope this helps.
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    I notice that whenever the issue of uniforms is brought up, there is an immediate influx of opinions to the effect of putting down those who support proper uniforming. Sometimes those who support the uniform are belittled as being obsessive-compulsive about something these naysayers claim "doesn't really matter," or, there arises a rather condescending tone implying that these others have "more important things to worry about than patches or pants." I find such patronizing unfortunate, and disappointing. The implication is that if you take time to care about the uniform, you are ignoring other aspects of Scouting, that somehow, you must be ignoring some greater good if you choose to nitpick over something perceived as 'inconsequential.' I find this reflects a gross misunderstanding of both the uniform and the powerful pedagogy behind it. I can say honestly and simply that my efforts to promote better uniforming with our Scouts has led to better behavior, stronger relationships, and increased loyalty to principles in the hearts of our boys. But that is because the purpose of getting the uniform right isn't about looks or image - it's about integrity, personal accountability, and a willingness to strengthen our identity as a group rather than insisting on the stubborn jealousy over the privileges of the individual. Our numbers have increased because we emphasize the ideals espoused in the uniform, and as leaders we have tried to model that ourselves, as it is unfair and inappropriate for adults to expect youth to live up to standards they themselves are not willing to espouse. So, yeah, I will teach my boys to notice the small details, because our very lives are built on small choices. A big fancy camp-out is only as successful as the care and planning that goes into it. These little lessons build great character, and as a leader who loves the youth I serve with, I cannot believe that accepting mediocrity is morally acceptable. Others may disagree, but years of observing the fruits of this mindset have taught me far more than any stray thoughts on an internet idea forum could ever disprove to me. It seems a small thing, but then, as Gandalf put it, "I have found it is the small everyday deeds of ordinary folk that keep the darkness at bay. Small acts of kindness and love." Getting a patch right here or wearing the hat properly there seems so small - but they teach these youth to look, to pay attention, to notice the little things around them - and this gift, this skill of being able to examine their world and their lives carefully and intentionally, will carry them further than any casual, cavalier attitude could possibly accomplish. How are we looking at the idea of uniforming? What do you see when you look at a youth in uniform? And what are you teaching them to see?
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    I am dorry, but the scout in question has engaged in a very public media campaign to pursue her agenda, including government involvement. She had also quite vocally made this about BSA owing _her_ the first Eagle. Were she campaigning for everyone who had ever completed the requirements for Eagle outside the program, to be awarded Eagle “now”, the discussion would be different. To ignore the name of the individual who has made this blatantly public and blatantly about HERSELF, and to ignore the plain words that express these actions, is silliness.
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    I wouldn't be a leader for your Troop, sorry to say. That said, it's not as bad as the situation in the OP. At least it's a standard policy and the scouts are aware of it.
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    First, her dad is making this about him. I haven't read a recent statement from Mrs. Ireland. I agree with @willray in that it doesn't matter how badly the wheel (or it's parent) squeaks if the tire is flat. @Hawkwin, we have discussed this before. You have created a false dichotomy. Prior to Feb 1, 2019 BSA permitted young men from foreign WOSM organizations to start rank advancement at a level commensurate with their skills. However, if that scout had joined his WOSM troop just a month before coming to the US, he could only at most be accorded Tenderfoot. After Feb 1, BSA would also permit a young women from her foreign WOSM organization to start advancement based on the work done in her own country since Feb 1. If BSA is insisting that retroactive advancement does not apply to girls. It does not apply to them if the scout is a citizen from another country who recently arrived in the USA, and it certainly does not apply to a young woman from the USA who joined a another WOSM organization to advance in their ranks. It's just not a loophole if BSA says the clock starts on a particular date for a particular group of scouts.
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    My wife was surprised to see "Fire Ring" ads on her Facebook after requesting I build a fire ring in the back yard for the grand kids. Apparently the digital gods don't trust my fire ring building skills. Try never to forget that The Man is always lurking. 🙄 Barry
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    That's the problem, many adults don't separate the difference in the group. Have you ever observed a patrol of adults standing in formation next to an unfocused Patrol? The adults can't helped themselves in showing their irritation. More often than not they will act on that irritation instead of waiting for the youth leaders to act. The adults belong to the troop, the scouts belong to the patrol. Youth behave differently with the judgmental adults in their space. We want scouts to behave from their character, not from adult intimidation. I am amazed at the number adults who sign up to be scout leaders so they can experience the youth part (patrol method) of scouting. I found getting them to imagine themselves as mentors waiting patiently in the shadows for the scouts to approach them somewhat challenging. They wanted to play boy scout with their sons. Our adults don't march with the scouts to assembly or activities, they either arrive earlier or later. They don't stand where the scouts can view them, but behind or away. Our adults never raise the scout sign before the scouts, instead they wait for the youth leader. The adults are just passive resources waiting for the scouts make a request of them. Barry
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    I'm really don't care either way. There are bigger fish to fry and of all the uniforming issues, this is a fairly small one. But it does reflect an issue one of my sons recently said. My son said was asked by the EBOR what could be done to improve scouting. He said later to me privately that he though the thing that damaged scouts the most was the adults obsessing about it compulsively. My interpretation is that he thought the adults should gear down their energy so that the scouts can enjoy / drive their own program.
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    Cub Rank Activities Descriptions: Lion: Have fun, make friends. Tiger: Have Fun, make things, take short hikes, make more friends. Wolf: Have fun, make useful things, go places with friends, take longer hikes, learn about nature and life. Bear: Have fun, make useful and decorative things, go further with friends,, think about life, find out what mom and dad do, maybe camp out in a tent?. Webelos : Have fun, make bigger useful attractive things, go further and higher with friends, learn camp skills, get ready to say "thanks, mom and dad, but I can do this myself now."
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    Mike Rowe, perhaps. My impression is that Mr. Rowe is not the sort of guy who would take on an honorary position that has no real authority to make changes. He seems to be more interested in getting the job done than in collecting personal honors and bling.
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    Late to the party here, but who wouldn't love Mike Rowe as an American Scouting Ambassador?