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    Best Cub handicraft activities

    Pottery. If you can find an artist who will set up a wood fired kiln, clay is cheap.
  2. "Scouts" accommodates nobody. Fewer American boys than ever consider themselves scouts, even fewer girls. Let's not forget that "scouts" does not refer only to youth nor, thanks to the inflated sports industry, does it refer to territorial expedition forces. I had yet to see balloons announcing a new arrival proclaim "It's a scout!" A kid who is interested in literature for their age group is not going to type "scout magazine" in their search engine. They won't even have a clue that the word would apply to them. Their first search will be either "girls" or "boys". At the book store, the will look for those words in the title. Be plain spoken. Pitch to your customers using the names that they call themselves.
  3. qwazse

    Condom Distribution at World Jamboree

    Hush, Ian! Sometimes even bad press sells tickets! Sons were quite amused to hear that I'm now assisting in a 2WSP. Son #2 scoffed, "Wasn't that what we were doing already?" I've often told them that when they hear murmurs about sinners and publicans at their table, to check if the Master's seared nearby.
  4. qwazse

    Just curious about background

    1st generation scout (although my brother, two decades my senior made it a very LONG generation). Cousin Bill locked the football hall of fame, so I - being flat footed and more into distance than speed - figured I'd appropriate my brothers' gear and hike/camp the tar out of it, becoming the family's 1st Eagle Scout in the process. Poor Mrs. Q hates rain, but had to endure a lot of camping vacations with it on account of how much rain likes me and looks forward to meeting me for a day or two when I'm out. Needless to say when Son #1 joined Cubs, then Scouts, then Daughter joined venturing, and Son #2 followed suit, she was more than happy to see us out the door! I've been ASM and a Crew Advisor, and general grunt at district and council events. I'm currently an advisor on our council venturing committee. I love BSA4G, I hate that some scouters can't work with it, I especially feel that BSA's inability to drop marketing doublespeak makes matters worse. But ... I can't help remembering my 1st Venturing summit, and I was walking from camp and passed two young ladies on the trail. They returned my greeting with warmth and smiles, and I thought, "This is what I'm working for."
  5. qwazse

    Walking out on merit badges

    Scouters. But, I could have worked it for scouts as well.
  6. @Buggie, if Women's Day had good hiking tips and back-country cooking recipes, I'd be on it like white on rice! Since I was a scout, girls have been writing into "Pedro" about how much they liked the magazine (either their brother's or the library's).
  7. Nothing logical it, except for holed-up Madison Avenue ad men! It does not follow that scratching "boys" makes girls feel welcome. Most every young woman who joined my crew beamed with pride when I gave them their membership card, shook their hand, and said, "Welcome to the Boy Scouts of America." I once heard Tommy Hilfinger insist, "Never change your brand, ever." You know what would really be cool? A wrap-around cover, that has "Boy's Life" on one side, "Life for Girls" on the other. Same content in the pages between!
  8. He followed with "just kidding." I'd say gimme a break, but I'm afraid one of you will post a picture of a limb you just fractured!
  9. I'm heading for more fun than any scouter deserves to have. I told my troop about openings in my WSJ contingent and one boy approached me and said his dad cleared it for him go. While placing flags at the cemetery last night, I caught up with him, and he confirmed that he completed his application the minute he got home from our meeting. If the BSA finds a way to affirm athiests fulfill a duty God as they understand it, my own church will jump on sponsoring a unit. (Lots of unbelievers and sometimes their kids darken their doors.) If BSA's longest standing exclusion, the agist 18 year deadline for Eagle, is lifted, I would look forward to more direct-contact adults, a much simplified training stream ... less IOLS ... 1st class required for WB.
  10. qwazse

    Walking out on merit badges

    @JasonG172, it was about not making a high adventure your 1st adventure. More specifically about folding a conditioning program into your troop's regular schedule over 18 months. Because of the small class size, I was able to help scouters rough out some short-term objectives.
  11. That's the thing, the girls I want like the product we have. If they don't know that they'll like it, changing the name of the product doesn't help. Keep the name, add a tag line: "also for girls who like scouting." Sell, sell, sell.
  12. Branding imbeciles! What do they think girls who will engage the program to it's fullest really want? {I'm sorry moderators, I am really doing my best to not cast aspersions, so if you can suggest a more scout-like synonym I will use it.}
  13. Already done. My Arab speaking friends call it Dae'sh.
  14. qwazse

    Condom Distribution at World Jamboree

    I blame the media outlets for slighting the WOSM for forestalling death over the past 28 years. (I'll grant that may view may be a hazard of my profession - and Mrs. Q's which now has her on to tertiary care of folks who balked at restrictive sexual ethics yet failed or never attempted prophylaxis. Short story: it ain't pretty.) I also blame the media outlets for burying the lead over the beer tent. The G2SS never took a stance on prophylaxis, but lots of scouters resented being read the riot act about alcohol and tobacco.
  15. Mamma don't allow no hiking/camping independently with your mates 'round here .... The real reformation: NESA extends open invites to Summit and Quatermaster (dare I say even GS/Gold) awardees.
  16. qwazse

    Breaking Point

    I definitely agree about the timing. I felt 2020 to be a more sensible roll-out year. That would let BSA to assign 10,000 scouts the challenge of interviewing scouts from around the world (including Saudi and Pakistan) and learning something about how things are done in different WOSM organizations. I think some of the rush did have to do with not wanting to look like hosts with something to learn from their guests.
  17. qwazse

    Win All You Can

    Why not? 'fraid he'll get a better score than you?🏁
  18. qwazse

    Condom Distribution at World Jamboree

    Where did you read that BSA does not approve? The BSA has sent scouts to seven WSJ's since this policy was implemented. (Thanks to @RememberSchiff for the quote gathered by snopes.) It's a policy BTW, hewn from the WHO playbook. I remember the Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Reports from that time. Not fun watching the start of a pandemic. (Graphs that looked like tracking planes off an airport runway.) Nobody knew if or how death would be forestalled -- especially in many third world countries. A world of very poor and desperate people quickly warmed to the use of latex, and death rates began to level off.
  19. qwazse


    Communications MB: requirement 1 d (one of four options) Easy answer: "When any number of youth want to talk to an adult and there is no second adult registered leader over age 21." requirement 4 "First, sir, if you are a registered adult, please hold. I need to find one other registered adult for this meeting to go forward." Or, "This interview will be monitored by a second adult of age 21 or older."
  20. qwazse

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    Well, it's only fear mongering to those who dread it (rightly or wrongly).😃 Otherwise, it's just hyperbole.
  21. If my briefcase is any indication, all kinds of crap that I don't need. That's why I usually don't carry a backpack or purse. Walking to get what I need is good excersize.
  22. qwazse


    So much for meeting with an MBC, even in a public library, even if one or both non-registered parent(s) stays with the scout.
  23. qwazse

    Mike Rowe: Death of Boy Scouts?

    Oh yeah, OP. Mr. Rowe's paradox ... Although BSA is doing none of that coed stuff: Isn't the argument against BSA4G entirely one of "safe spaces" for the boys?
  24. qwazse

    New guy

    Welcome to the forums. There are a few old pros here. it's fun watching you all compare notes.
  25. qwazse

    Be prepared - confused...

    All I know is there was a link to an article from quite a few years ago in the original thread, an I would like to reference it on my cousin Robbie's wall. But now I have to go fish.