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  1. The problem here is "the world" was not wronged. It has nothing to forgive. It's only option is to sit on the sidelines while the media makes a circus out of these two people's lives. Given the many scouters who I've seen in similar situations as either perpetrator or victim (in real life, not newspaper clippings), I hope that one or two of them will realize that videos are not "a neutral location." Lacking in-person or arbitrated resolution, a courtroom is intended to be such a location, and the only thing that needs to be said is "Guilty, your honor." That will most likely be the course. @le Voyageur, the most reasonable tactic IMHO is to attempt to bargain for a plea of "battery", which would keep the defendant off of the registry. The prosecutor might accept that plea if this is indeed a one-off event and a pattern of sexual assaults is hard to establish. On the other hand, having put himself on the news, other women (or young men) might come forward to report similar behavior. In which case, I feel really sorry for the guy's family.
  2. qwazse

    Letting them lead

    A neighboring SM had a lot of Chinese families and observed the same thing. He was pretty frustrated. I'm sure they also brushed him off because I think he was trying to sort this out with the parents himself -- explaining that they should step back from their sons a little, and they just brushed him off. A better strategy might have been coaching the SPL+ASPL to help each parent+child with the task. Often times when the scouting culture is alien to a parent, an older scout is the best emissary to instill that vision of independence and self-reliance.
  3. @ianwilkins, I really wanted to ask my scouts if they had one in their wallets so that I could I could explain our expectations, but our boys barely carry their wallets, let alone a card they were supposed to have earned three years ago! Also, it was hard enough sorting out that what I called "mint tea" was what your countrymen called "tea with mint". (That was after traumatizing them by making sun tea in my clear water bottle.)
  4. @TMSM, he "apologized" after he was caught. Then he got behind a camera to justify his actions. Probably because someone told him that was what you do to try and save your job. That's not an apology. An apology is an attempt to arrange a fair meeting on neutral ground with no recording devices present. Then, when the media hounds you, to refer them to the victim for any further public statements pending the resolution of any potential litigation. I've emphasized that to young women who were physically or verbally assaulted by scouts or scouters (or if they were guarding a public pool). They do not ... no ... they must not countenance such behavior. They can accept whatever apology, but it's their bosses (and ours, if it's our scouts causing trouble) responsibility to act on their behalf. It's been very hard to convince them to press the issues. They don't want to do it. But at the very least, I wanted to let them know that someone's in there court for when they do.
  5. @mds3d Not trying to minimize ... impertinence may also be criminal. But, if this rises to the level of criminal, that makes a reporter's attempting to carry on even more disappointing. If the rule is "finish your job before addressing a crime," there are plenty of criminals counting on us giving them that margin. I am glad she called him out via social media, but I hunger for role models for our daughters who assert themselves the moment their honor is called to question. Obviously that's a very hard thing to do. But, IMHO, it would have been better live TV to at least hear the woman shouting "Hey $#$#$, Not cool, man!!!!"
  6. Our CC said the same thing to our DE when they allowed a nice, but generally divisive leader to form a third troop at a CO within spitting distance of our troop's CO. Meeting on the same night at the same time as ours targeting boys from the same pack. Thank God that after about 3 years our boys and theirs had the vision to say, "This is is stupid."
  7. Yeah. It explains more than it befuddles.
  8. I disagree with @FireStone that the BSA doesn't need this. The organization is rife with volunteers who have impertinent moments. The world needs to know that. Youth protection makes it worse because you need more adults for every little thing, and the talent pool just isn't that deep. Doesn't hurt for the world to know that either. If someone is getting all high and mighty about this or any other behavior of our volunteers the reply should be, "If you can do better, here's an adult application." Secondly there were other people who saw this and said nothing. They wen't on with their race too busy to care. The reporter should call them out. In high school marching band, a judge once butt-slapped me as we were marching single file. My mates tried to diffuse the tension with a little humor, and it helped. But, it would have been nice if one of them would have said, "Sir, this isn't football. We aren't wearing pads. A tap on the shoulder will do." Thirdly, she's right to be offended, but was slow to react. I've counseled several young women to not countenance any such behavior on their job. Address the public promptly, firmly, and loudly. This reveals a cultural deficiency. In the Arab world, women are taught one simple phrase to shout in public. "Did you see what he did to me?" It can get a guy a solid beating for the slightest jostle. I knew a backpacker who had a little old lady do this because she didn't hear him and his buddy say "Peace be with you" as they walked through her village. They weren't sure they'd make it out alive. We need to imbue our young ladies with that same confidence. Fourthly, Whoever told the guy that getting on TV would be a good idea should be fired. He didn't offend us. He offended her and her staff. He and his wife should have asked in writing to meet with her, her boss, and her camera man to apologize personally. No interviews. Ever. If I were his CC, I'd ask the guy to have a sit down with the scout moms and let them know that they can call him on any other fast-and-loose behavior.
  9. qwazse

    Tried Something New

    Learning to delegate requires a cycle of trust. Most of us don't realize that we shouldn't trust folks who we haven't seen perform. I don't know why we do this. I mean, I can barely walk and chew gum at the same time ... Why would I think that someone else could do more than one job? So, over time, we learn to give folks one task at a time. Exactly how we do that depends on your posse.
  10. Just to de-fuzz the math, remember that to break even from a ten percent a ten percent loss, one needs a subsequent eleven percent gain.
  11. qwazse

    Meritbadge.info closing

    Never heard of the site. Never cared.
  12. Right, because nobody else is ever going to have a UK scouter drop by camp to update you on one of your scout's Totin' chip fails ...
  13. qwazse

    Giving Tree

    The scoutshop is organizing it (article on Bryan's Blog) @5thGenTexan, I would hold off until the sibling's ticket was filled and tell the Scoutshop that you're not doing no giving-tree half-ask.
  14. More to the story? We can bet there is. The SM is quoted about "legacy", "Eagle rank", "19 year charter", etc ... But what is not said speaks volumes. How many times do the boys hike and camp each month? What happened on the last campout? How friendly are these three remaining scouts to others? Are they good mentors? What skills do they have? Are they first class scouts? What was the last notable good turn of one of these scouts? Have they won at camporees or camp-wide uniform inspections? Folks, if you're going to the press about your unit, stop talking about how good you were. Tell the reporter about how you are fulfilling the promise of scouting by inculcating a vision of hiking and camping independently with your mates. And tell them how your scouts will help their kid make that happen this weekend if he drops by tonight! Otherwise, find your scouts a new home, where they stand a chance of becoming "all that."
  15. qwazse

    Committee voting

    For your specific issue, our committee gives the SM a yearly allocation for gear purchases. (Usually this is an estimate based on the SM and QM trying figure out what the troop needs will be. If the PLC is running smoothly, the SPL would be the one submitting the estimate.) The committee does not get into the weeds of what gear is purchased. That way, if the SM and scouts are buying a new stove, and see a couple of tents competitively priced, they may buy them. Receipts are turned into the treasure, and the committee sees the total dollar amount of gear purchased in the treasurers report, and the list of gear purchased in the SM/SPL report. The same applies to most general expenses. The committee establishes a budget, and delegates the responsible parties to work within that budget. There are some things that come up quickly and cannot be budgeted, like families needing support for camp fees and the cost is beyond SM's discretionary budget. I've recommended that committees handle those between the treasurer, CC, and SM in executive session, and the treasurer reports the expense as an anonymous line item like "Camp fees for scouts in need". Bottom line: the committee should focus on deciding how to support what the scouts want to purchase ... not deciding what to purchase for them. Since our troop doesn't buy tents, and I only buy tarps, I can't help you on your hunt!
  16. qwazse

    standards for Scouts

    Here is where I disagree with @ParkMan, the SM was the only adult who wore a uniform in our troop. The rest showed up in their best work clothes. The ASM who was a coal miner looked pretty rough, but one of the most caring men I had met in scouting. I never saw a committee member in a uniform until my sons joined scouts. Still think it's dumb. Why does an MC need a field uniform? To set off his/her beads? None of those adults bothering with uniforms, and guess what? I made a point to look sharp every meeting and hang my pants creased in the evening. Shoes polished every Sunday. Inspected patrols every couple of months just like the SPL's before me had done. You're the only adult who the scout needs for an example of a sharp uniform. You don't need your adults to uniform. It's not their program. You need them to admire your scouts. You need them to be kind to one another. You need them to turn into wallpaper as the scouts run meetings and activities.
  17. Yeah, we have choice words for older teens who forget their knife safety, and "bad boy" is not one of them. Again, thanks to these forums for keeping me abreast of scouting around the world so that I could broach the subject with a modicum of tact.
  18. You're giving me World Jamboree Flashbacks to apologizing to a British SM for one of our scouts upsetting one of hers by indiscriminately flicking open his knife. File under: How to not impress that fine young lady.
  19. FWIW, The one that nearly got thrown at me was a Griswold, Erie P.A. U. S. A. ... I'm thinking 1940s.
  20. qwazse

    Font for Unit Numbers

    I think your best bet is to talk to a really good blacksmith (you are in AZ) who can lift the numbers (down to the threads) off of the patch. You could wear your fingers thin getting the right font and creating a digital spec, and the guy's gonna print it on hard copy to feed it into his scanner (pushing "shrink" or "enlarge" in the process) anyway.
  21. qwazse

    How to ease out a chartered org rep?

    File this under "Be careful what you wish for." The only folks who can select a different COR is the CO. So, yes, the institution head (IH) can, on behalf of the CO replace him. However, your denomination might order its churches differently than you are assuming ... 1) The pastor may not be the IH. In our CO, a Presbyterian church, the clerk of session (chairman of the board) is the IH, and he/she is obliged to the seated elders of the church (the board) of which the Pastor is the moderator. 2) Even in churches where the pastor signs as IH, he/she may still be obligated to work with the congregation to select a new COR. 3) Many churches do not have a vast depth of volunteers.* Without a volunteer pool, you might get saddled with a COR who does your successor no favors. In other words, things can get messy fast. So, before you go that route, that coffee & cobbler is a really, really good idea. *My church realized this about itself, and began herding young adults to classes on churchman-ship (my word, not theirs) and talking-to-strangers (again, my word) instead of the usual comfy self-absorbing (again my description) disciplines of tithing, fasting, prayer, devotion, and suffering. Still, I'm not entirely sure that it would be able to call forth a COR if it sponsored a BSA unit.
  22. I suggested spending quality time at estate sales. That almost got our handed-down skillet thrown at me. I'll have to check the mark. It spent most of its life in Erie county, so ...
  23. qwazse

    Kudos to my council - Northern Star

    Sea scouts has a national flagship nominated every year. Maybe Scouts BSA needs a national flagtroop nominated every month.
  24. This is for a postmodern nomad, so I have no idea what kind of stove will be used. I'm just hoping it will fit in the bag for the flight out!
  25. Resurrecting because someone put it on their Christmas list -- mainly for stovetop use, but if there's an excursion within driving distance, I wouldn't be surprised if it sees some outdoors. It's been 11 years. What say you all? Is lodge all that?