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  1. Gentlemen, didn’t Mama tell you it’s not polite to inquire of a lady’s age?
  2. I'm sorry. In my frame of reference, sexism and hypocrisy are two different things. It is possible to eschew one and not the other. Regardless, I think the point is that those who favor organizational segregation do not feel that they are sexist. And, although they feel alternate views are philosophically inconsistent, they have not labeled the people who hold them as hypocrites. For my part, I think it's a mistake to lionize this batch of Eagle scouts. If there was a "lion" in this movement, it was Mike Sarbaugh, who made the executive decision to grant girls access to the program, and p
  3. Was the post edited, or the word misspelled? Because when I searched, you were the first to use it in this thread. I ask, because we do call each other out on ad homenim arguments, and would have done so had I noticed.
  4. Without telling them, there were several reasons why I wanted our troop's boys and parents to know about this recognition: It might inspire a few sisters to "Scout In". It also gives Scouts BSA girls who are also in GS/USA a pulpit to promote the Gold Award. Some of you are negative about that, but I consider it to be a positive. For a number of reasons GS/USA has not tracked the future successes of its top awardees. Sure, lots of us here know about it, but IMHO it does not have the on-the-street recognition that it deserves. Some of our scouts get stalled in their advancemen
  5. Welcome to the forums! As St. Ambrose told St. Monica, "When in Rome ..." Ask your troop if their are any insignia dorks among the leadership, and pose the question to them. If nobody in the troop has an opinion, here's mine: Since you're buying loops and #s anyway, match whatever your son's doing. Me personally, I just get whatever is selling for less at the time and slap it together. Don't bother trying to "stay vintage" unless you're also going to stick with a vintage council strip and other patches that you may have worn as a scout that would carry forward when you turn
  6. Linked troops allow for all the interaction requested by most American youth. So, what happens in the next few years will depend on the long-term stability of units for girls, and the affordability of a CO chartering two linked-units. If linked units wind up posing a bureaucratic nightmare at the CO level, then we'll see demand for integrated units. As @Eagledad mentioned, depth of leadership is the limiting factor -- especially for linked troops. Joint activities would require, at minimum, two female adult leaders. And, in the real world, female adults will have obligations to girl-speci
  7. The simple reason is that sex segregation is preferred among American youth. Based on my discussions with young people, there is not a great demand for full integration. Most youth in my area are fine with sex segregation and find it somewhat refreshing. That begins to shift at age 14 ... thus the shift toward venturing. Of course, it’s a big country, and demand for a fully integrated program may rise with time. But, that hasn’t happened in the largest scouting associations around the world.
  8. Tangent: I have a former scout bemoaning the lack of a decent fish fry in the Denver area. Anybody know of some church/school who does a good one but might not be internet savvy enough to advertise?
  9. There is not much on social media that uplifts. So, that was a really smart move. If your district is just a mean girls club, avoid them. If not, and you're pretty sure that it's the depression that's making you feel inferior, work on your resilience before taking them on in very small does. There are a precious few people whose approval a CM needs to seek, and they are mostly less than 5 foot tall. (Includes your son.) Are you treating them well? Do they like what you are doing? As for parents and such who have it put together, eat some humble pie and let them know how much yo
  10. Love following these guys and every turn of the screw. The “7 minutes” is interesting, but I’ve been geeking out for decades over the planetary science and the engineering white papers while finding the PR stunts to be a cute sideshow. So, let’s sweeten the discussion ... The NASA pitch includes getting people to Mars within the next few decades. But what if, instead of a few manned missions, we send hundreds (as opposed to a few dozen) robots? Once delivered, each one could be managed by a group of 6-8 youth for a couple of months. Those youth would learn to drive the thing, be assigne
  11. So few parents ever camp with us, that I am thrilled when they come along. I gently ease the parent into our culture. I have far too many fish to fry to worry about a parent and child who want to camp together. It's a phase that I've never seen last long enough to be disruptive. If I can get my patrols to camp 300' from each other and me, the parent thing will never be a problem. My coffee is just that good. Regarding @karunamom3's council recommendation, I am very skeptical about how this might curb airborne pathogen transmission. Cars and cabins have the manifest risk. By virtu
  12. Yep. Once you push the paperwork, put on the uni. It’s a little strange for me because I grew up in a troop where only the SM (not even the ASMs) wore a uniform. And, yes, we boys showed up in uniform to each meeting. So, if it takes you a while to get that paperwork done, but there are things you can do that will assist the SM, doing them won’t keep any scout from looking sharp.
  13. FWIW - My barista just told me today that he's getting regular swims in at his community center. Call your local pool manager, and explain your situation. Your scout might find out that it's easier to get a time slot than he/she thinks -- especially for someone who wants to demonstrate lifesaving skills.
  14. @David CO's is the way that I apply it. And, it's what we expect from our camp aquatics directors. There is simply way too much on the line. If you haven't seen the scout do it, he hasn't done it. This pandemic makes it worse. A lot of youth are not getting normal amounts of time in the water. A piece of paper does not tell if a scout has gotten out of shape -- physically or mentally. It happens all the time. There was one year where I slipped on my time for my sprints. I wouldn't let me guard an aquatics area until I got back into condition. But, if a scout is "all that" it ta
  15. Youth who are only ever cub scouts are never in the denominator. The denominator is always only youth who have been registered in a program where they could earn Eagle. There’s always a “better number”. My preferred calculation is the total number of scouts who ever earned Eagle, divided by the total number of youth who were Boy Scouts, Varsity Scouts, Male Venturers, or (now) Scouts BSA. I did that once a while back and came up with a figure of about 3%. My main knock on troops with an “Eagle or Bust” mentality is that it is a discouragement to boys who only want to be 1st Class
  16. The 6% is a simple #Eagles in a year divided by #Scouts and Venturers<18. (Click here for gory details.) It does not include cubs, but it would include crossovers. Our troop has gone through "boom" and "bust" stages. Some years 1/3 of the scouts earn it, other years maybe 1/30. Both of my sons' dens nearly entirely crossed over. I think over half of Son #1's den earned it, while Son #2 was the only one from his den who did.
  17. @SSScout 40 million US deaths would be unlikely even in the worst case scenario. There's no need for hyperbole. A single-cause mortality of 4 in 10K is a bad year on the epidemiologist's yardstick. Someone asked me why we would treat a rate of .0005 as if it were Ebola. So, I looked it up. Over two years, Sierra Leone saw 3956 Ebola deaths in a population of 7.1 million ... 5.57 in 10K or .000557. Some of our states are wishing they only had Ebola-like mortality.
  18. Just heard good news from my pandemic guy that although one or two folks have tested positive after the 1st dose, he hasn’t seen any positive tests from 2nd dose recipients at our institution. This would be priority cases ... senior care centers and the nurses, administrators, and service staff who work there. These folks are being screened regularly. This is info beyond the clinical trial results, which could not test the “cluster efficacy” of a vaccine. If he gets it into open access, I’ll share. Generally, after roll-out, vaccine efficacy can vary wildly from community to communit
  19. As someone whose livelihood depended on child participants in research studies, I’d say yes if the scout talks to a group about his/her experience. The goal here is to get scouts to try out some MBs and they might not have considered and come up with innovative ways of serving.
  20. None have asked me for counselors for these MBs. But if those in our vicinity are unavailable, I’ll keep this in mind.
  21. So, we are certain about the six month mark because that’s how long most everyone in the trials had to be before the FDA would offer emergency authorization. For the few folks who had been in each trial for more than six months, everyone was still testing positive at the same rate, but the placebo group was still coming down with moderate or severe COVID-19 symptoms many times more frequently than the vaccinated group. We will know in May if that holds true for everyone who completes the trial. Based on the marginal rates so far, my money is on the vaccine. But, as a statistician over the year
  22. Here's the good news about efficacy against emerging variants: the textbook problem of designing the right mRNA sequence is partly based on the sections of viral DNA (or RNA, if we're talking retro-virus) that have been varying the least. Basically, the genes that had not been varying much are likely to be the ones that the virus can't afford to change, so new variants are likely to have targets that are still identifiable by a prepared immune system. That's the textbook theory, at least. In most ways, Cov-Sars-2 is textbook; but in others, the jury is still out. There hasn't really been
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