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  1. perdidochas

    Denied a court of honor.

    That was what I was wondering, and I have the answer--the Scout crossed the committee chair early on and late in his Scouting career. It's sad that adult leaders can't act according to the Scout Law.
  2. perdidochas

    Denied a court of honor.

    The thing is the EBOR, unless requested an exception from National, has to be done within 30 days of the Eagle's 18th birthday.
  3. perdidochas

    Denied a court of honor.

    Well, in my two Eagle sons' case, my wife looked up all the appropriate addresses and sent out the requests for recognition from governor, etc. I contacted our church about using our church family life center. In the case of one of my buddies', he contacted people he knew to come speak, including the Sheriff. My oldest son had an OA ceremony for his Eagle. Both boys had our priest present. Something happened between your son and the troop leaders. I wish you would share it or at least acknowledge it.
  4. perdidochas

    Denied a court of honor.

    You are probably right. In my sons' troop there were three options for a ECOH. The first was simply a ceremony as part of the planned (usually quarterly) COH, with nothing special other than that. (we never had one of these, but it was allowed). The second is like the above, but the parents of the Eagle provided refreshments, and there was a bit more done. (this was fairly commonly done, especially with 18+ year olds). The third is a special ECOH planned by the Eagle and his parents. (most common option). Most of the troop and leaders would show up to this. I feel that the OP is not telling us the whole story if he keeps having these discrimination ideas. As others have asked. If you think your son is being discriminated against, what do you think he is being discriminated against for? What reason?
  5. perdidochas

    Denied a court of honor.

    Around here, also.
  6. Well, a few months after that he quit. He was kind of angry that we didn't listen to him about absolutely everything. I was happy to be rid of him, and the boys more so. My own sons were probably his worst critics (but then again, they were some of the older boys that the ASMs trusted to run things). We were the family's third troop......
  7. Well, I'm glad one of our former ASM's wasn't there. He would have wanted direct two deep leadership at the gaga pit/basketball court. The Scouts would play field games for about 45 minutes each meeting, and mostly the adults worked with older Scouts who were working on merit badges. We trusted the Scouts to run their field games and to do the right thing in an accident. They did for the few knee scrapes, etc. that happened. This ASM thought we should have two adults watching the Scouts every minute.
  8. I don't view it that way. I also think that Totin' chip should be one of the first things a Boy Scout learns.
  9. perdidochas

    dutch oven tips

    IMHO, charcoal with lighter fluid should be avoided. You can light charcoal just as fast with a charcoal chimney, and with less noxious fumes. Wal-Mart sells Dutch oven liners in their outdoor section.
  10. perdidochas

    Parent Wars: The Helicopter Strikes Back

    IMHO, if he abandons a single buddy, it's a safety issue. He needs to be told that he is responsible to his buddy. (two buddies or a patrol is a different thing). The buddy system is a cornerstone in our scouting safety system.
  11. perdidochas

    Committee Meetings

    Talk to your COR, who chooses the Committee Chair, maybe it's time for a new one. Per JTE, a good Troop or Pack should have at least 6 Committee meetings a year.
  12. perdidochas

    Parent Wars: The Helicopter Strikes Back

    How many scouts do you have in a tent? Is he deserting his buddy when he sleeps in his dad's tent?
  13. perdidochas

    Parent Wars: The Helicopter Strikes Back

    He can help to set up his dad's tent..... Parents are always welcome at activities. You can't ban them for anything other than YPT.
  14. perdidochas

    Parent Wars: The Helicopter Strikes Back

    Is there something wrong with the first kid? Autism spectrum maybe? Or does he really hate camping?
  15. I disagree. I think that young men learn more about the above in a campout than in a month of school, for the most part. Or in other words, I think that the best way to produce a good citizen is to have them camp with Boy Scouts, working in a team, on a regular basis. I don't deny that the goal is not making better outdoorsmen, I just think that the process of making better outdoorsmen tends to produce good ethical and moral choice makers over sitting in a class talking about these things. It's kind of like Algebra. The skills involved in Algebra aren't really that necessary. The mental discipline and critical thinking skills involved in learning Algebra are well used every other place. The process is important, not just the content.