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  1. Don't tell the leaders that. They might not want to camp as much.....
  2. Only a 50% pay bump? I'd been getting a 100% pay bump every year (and a 200% bump at my 5th anniversary).
  3. BSA Hammock Rules

    I resemble that remark, especially when using my extra wide hammock (72" wide). That is why I always hang my hammock with the other adult tents between me and the Scout tents.
  4. BSA Hammock Rules

    And hammocks really shouldn't be using ropes to contact the tree. Ropes can connect the hammock and straps (and usually are), but straps should be all that contact the tree. That, and some of us have homebuilt hammocks. I guess that means I can use any "rope" as I am the manufacturer of my hammock.
  5. We have a few female leaders that the Scouts would like to hug (they are momma figures, as they used to be Cub Scout Den leaders). The solution is side hugs, which is usually considered benign.That will probably be the solution if teenaged girls enter the troops.
  6. Really? I don't see the scout handshake as not being manly. The same rules apply--firm handshake, etc., as in conventional handshaking. The difference is the hand that is used.
  7. I think he was writing in general as well.
  8. Well, I got the same impression as you did. That suddenly shaking hands is what old-fashioned molesters do.
  9. Glad I live in a more traditional community. Shaking hands is how most adult men friends greet each other. Most of the boys greet us that way if we haven't seen them in a while.
  10. Well, in Cubs, we used to pin the badges on upside down (with the scout right side up), until they did a good deed.
  11. Sad to say, it's because for whatever reason, scouters have a worse reputation in terms of molesters than do coaches.
  12. TampaTurtle: Unneeded parents on hikes

    I agree 100% as a former Scouter with two sons that became Eagles, I didn't go to all outings for that reason. Didn't go to summer camp until my boys were past First Class.
  13. TampaTurtle: Unneeded parents on hikes

    In my case, Son #1 loved it when Son #2 was his SPL. He loved watching his brother do the hard work.
  14. Scouts and Fixed Blades; New viewpoint

    This is sometimes a hard way to communicate. I wasn't as clear as I should have been either. The local school system got rid of zero tolerance rules a few years ago.
  15. It was fun. that said, I don't have any personal experience with it, either as a cub in the 1970s or a cub leader/parent in the 2000s. I'm worried that we just are taking all the fun and life out of things. Everybody wants everything sterile.