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  1. Well, outlaws and narwhals.....
  2. perdidochas

    Movies on a campout, a new essential?

    In Alabama, it's never too cold for manhunt. It can be too warm for it, though.
  3. perdidochas

    Movies on a campout, a new essential?

    Don't quite understand this sentence "the rule in our troops on normal campouts is that if it's not warm enough to play manhunt in the evening or at night near our campsite, then I’ll show a movie instead…" It's never too cold to play manhunt. It can be too warm to play manhunt. I will admit, we have watched a movie as a troop at a campout. It was a hot, rainy night (84 degrees or so with 95% humidity at 8 at night), and was actually too hot to play manhunt or almost any other outdoor game.
  4. perdidochas

    Does your pack WELCOME newcomers?

    I have to admit, I would feel uncomfortable with a scout leader who wanted to meet me in my home shortly after meeting him. The above wouldn't be welcoming in my book, but nosy.
  5. perdidochas

    Webelos 3 syndrone

    Wow, we just always told the parents that rank advancement in Boy Scouts was an individual thing, and that there was no plan. Yes, the ASMs would individually talk to scouts, and might even help them plan out their next rank, but there was no overall plan, other than a campout every month, and a meeting every week (at the time, we met every Monday except for the Monday between Christmas and New years (or both if those holidays occurred on Monday) and the week of summer camp. Rank requirements were done at every campout, the Scouts are responsible for doing them. Scouts could ask an ASM to sign off on requirements on the great majority of meetings. I would have reassured her that we don't kick out Scouts for non-advancement, so we allow them to go for as long as they want without rank advancement.
  6. I thought the above as well, until I saw my oldest son check them out from the library.
  7. perdidochas

    A lot of negatives in the media, is scouting in danger?

    We are dying, slowly but surely, and have been dying for at least 20 years. I don't understand why. I personally still think that Boy Scouting is the best youth program developed in the United States. (that said, all youth activities are dying. The number of youth athletes is also down).
  8. perdidochas

    divvying up costs for meals

    Sons' troop is very middle to middle upper class.
  9. perdidochas

    parent rank pins

    Actually, the only flair I have is the two Eagle Dad pins, and the three Eagle Mentor pins (and sometimes a temporary patch, usually a Camporee patch).
  10. perdidochas

    divvying up costs for meals

    They still need to do this by comparison shopping. I don't see it as a real big difference. I'd much rather have the Scout use online grocery delivery than to have his mother do all the shopping.
  11. perdidochas

    parent rank pins

    I've always worn my Eagle Dad (and Eagle Mentor) pins on my uniform. I don't care about the regulations, it just seems like the right thing to do. That said, in Cub Scouts, the Cub leaders all had leather name badges, and we would put our sons' pins on it. https://www.scoutshop.org/leather-name-tag-kit-17451.html
  12. perdidochas

    Keep the Mosquitos Away When Camping

    I have a Thermacell. My problem with it is that it doesn't work well in a breeze, which is pretty common around here (Pensacola, FL). That said, my brother-in-law, who lives in central Florida, and is a major naturalist (and one of his hobbies is collecting bugs at night), and he swears by the Thermacell.
  13. perdidochas

    1st court of honor

    In the old Troop, we had three types of Scouts that were MCing. The first was those working on Communications MB. They were usually the worst. Second was the SPLs and ASPLs. They varied, but were usually better than the Comm. MB Scouts. The third was the kids with the gift of gab. (Often they were the older scouts who were former SPLs). They were good, otherwise they wouldn't just volunteer for it.
  14. perdidochas

    1st court of honor

    Not sure if it's in the literature, but I know in my sons' old troop, the Scouts (the SPL/ASPL and anybody working on Communications MB) rant the COH, just like they ran the regular Troop meetings. I believe in the general rule of "Don't have an adult do what Scouts can do." That said, the Advancement Chair of the Committee assembled all the awards before the COH.
  15. perdidochas

    1st court of honor