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  1. I personally think that the Scouts should be working on T-2-1 simultaneously. Then, after a while, they should concentrate on Tenderfoot to finish, then Second Class, then First Class.
  2. I agree that actually achieving FCFY isn't necessarily a good thing. That said, I think that a good troop should have the conditions in place so that a scout could get FCFY, theoretically. Besides scout inertia, a very active super Scout should be able to achieve FCFY.
  3. Has your troop ever gone to Disney World?

    I resemble that remark.
  4. Pack Trailer

    Should be registered and titled under the name of the CO.
  5. Can Scouts use campers?

    Sure, but in general, it shouldn't count as camping for Camping Merit Badge or for T-2-1 requirements. Special needs scouts are a different issue.
  6. “Eagle Scout Canidate” On Resume

    My oldest enjoyed his post-Eagle time more than his pre-Eagle time. Admittedly, he was the first Eagle in the memory of the Troop that stayed actively involved for more than a few months after getting his Eagle.
  7. The moms in my troop do things like order t-shirts and help with fundraising. Their choice has been to leave the outdoorsy stuff up to the male leadership. So, I disagree totally with the idea that men don't get stuff done.
  8. I agree of clarifiying and improving training. I learned very little in the Boy Scout level training. That said, there were people in the training classes with me that learned a lot, and they needed a lot more. Boring troop meetings are sometimes a consequence of SPLs learning their jobs. There is no recipe that will work for all troops, as each troop has it's own set of peculiar personalities.
  9. Video games and year round sports.
  10. Why Can't Adults Trust the Scouts

    Closed toed shoes is the basic rule for all scouting activities in my Council, even meetings. That said, my boys' troop was a full uniform troop (including socks), and the sandal/BSA green sock look isn't a good one.
  11. Why Can't Adults Trust the Scouts

    Our troop's problem with personal tents has been vandalism and other scouts not being respectful of their troopmate's property. That said, my sons had personal tents and had zero problems. Our troop had a rule that any scout could bring a personal tent. If they were Star Scout and above, they didn't need a tentmate. Below Star they needed a tentmate. This was the existing culture when I started as a leader. Personally, I would have made that a First Class Scout privilege, but wasn't my choice to make.
  12. “Eagle Scout Canidate” On Resume

    No reason to not Eagle at 15. Both of my sons did. My oldest had a great time as senior scout after he got his Eagle.
  13. Dive watch selection for Florida Sea base.

    Pretty much any 200M watch is sufficient for Scuba diving. I wouldn't get less than 200m, because of basic ruggedness. Casio makes affordable ones.
  14. Does GSUSA support gay rights?

    GSUSA does take transgendered "girls," which are boys who think they are girls.
  15. “Eagle Scout Canidate” On Resume

    It's pretty common in the Educational Technology world. In addition, some expect you to put your highest IT certification as well.