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  1. perdidochas

    Time between rank

    Get the SM to sign off on the requirement in November. The committee cannot vote to force the SM to do things that aren't according to BSA National.
  2. perdidochas

    Time between rank

    I think that's not fair at all. That, and the troop is pretty pathetic if they don't meet in the summer. IMHO, summer is the best time for Scouting. The Scouts have time to work on merit badges, etc., without homework or athletics interfering.
  3. perdidochas

    Difficult Parent Interraction

    I would amend what you said to: "I am a Scouting purist. Following the program is the best thing for the boys. Your son needs to learn to communicate with authority figures on his own. College professors will simply laugh at a parent who tries to intervene for their kids."
  4. perdidochas

    Difficult Parent Interraction

    Wow, having the scout talk to you about it is about concern for the boy. Part of the process is getting the Scouts to do their own jobs and stand up and do for themselves.
  5. perdidochas

    Parents of a Life Scout but still soo confused, help please

    Any more word from EagleMomnDad2be?
  6. perdidochas

    A Den with Difficulty (the adults!)

    IMHO, anybody who thinks another volunteer isn't working hard enough, should be willing to take their place, or help them in their position.
  7. Well, IMHO, in our troop, it's sort of comforting. We always begin meetings with the Oath and Law, and yes, it's from memory (albeit assisted by the crowd). Nothing about their character if they can't do it. Does give us a hint on their nervousness.
  8. We do the same. It's just part of the custom of the BORs (which we extend to the EBOR). The Oath and Law, as you say, aren't pass/fail, but part of how we do things. We also do it at the beginning of every meeting. It's part of our culture. We also do the Pledge of Allegience at BORs and meetings. At one of the first EBORs I helped with, we had an Eagle Candidate who couldn't say the Pledge for the life of him. Yes, he still became an Eagle. It was just interesting to see what nerves can do.
  9. perdidochas

    72 hour rule

    Just talking about YPT.
  10. perdidochas

    72 hour rule

    I don't see the big deal. IMHO, all parents who go on campouts (even under 72 hrs) should take YPT for their own protection, and more importantly, so they know what's going on. It doesn't take that long.
  11. perdidochas

    Lawnmower Parents

    I'm a former high/middle school science teacher. My sons always did miserably in science fair. Why? I did very little, and let them do it, while the other parents did the majority of their children's projects. That said, I'm happy that I did that, not because my sons lost, but but because they did it, not me. I have never liked Camporees, in general. Partly, it's because I hate watching how other Troops were not as Scout led as we are. One incident that really bothered me was a pumpkin chucking competition we had. The boys were supposed to build a pumpkin chucking catapult between 8 and noon, and then in the afternoon we would have the actual pumpking tossing competition using the catapults. Our boys managed to cobble together something that worked. Didn't toss the pumpkins far, but did toss them, and was built by the boys with no adult input (did have a couple older--17yr old scouts). They lost miserably in the competition, and it was to troops that pre-built their catapults carrying them on a trailer to the site, and with much adult input. No disqualification, nothing said to the cheating troops. Just turned me off more.
  12. perdidochas

    Parents of a Life Scout but still soo confused, help please

    How old is your son? The minimum time your son can be a Life Scout working on Eagle Scout is 6 months. The maximum time is one day before his 18th birthday. Unless your son is 17 1/2, he has more than 6 months to complete his Eagle. If he advanced to Life, he has already met all Life Requirements. Theoretically, he can earn his Eagle requirements before January, and become an Eagle then, but unless he was 17 1/2 or close in July, I wouldn't recommend that.
  13. perdidochas

    Lawnmower Parents

    The current requirements don't require adults to do. My two Eagle sons did it with minimal help from me (other than transportation, and doing things they were not allowed to do per the rules)
  14. perdidochas

    Lawnmower Parents

    No, he's saying that we shouldn't add on unnecessary rules because of the parents that are doing things for their kids.