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  1. The guidance against lasers in that NPS citation seems to be against using it to tag wildlife, not against night usage for stargazing. Context is everything. You wouldn't use that page to argue that flashlights are a bad idea on scouting trips because it bans spotlights.
  2. I roughly agree that my ideal program for cubs would break the program in half roughly and have k-2 grade youth in a different unit than 3-5. The k-2 program would be a monthly meeting only. The 3-5 program would be more like a webelos program with more space to be adventurous and meet more often compared to the younger kids. I also would do something to change how pack meetings are generally conceived because way too many are focused on giving out awards and being boring.
  3. In theory, the BSA approves the operation of the camp as a property through NCAP inspections. The camp should have procedures to be sure that units are following procedures while on property. And while minor things can be missed, the camp should have known the unit was at the range shooting. Though yes, I suspect that the bulk of the liability falls on the unit leaders, the lawsuit will certainly want to show that the camp/council were not following the published guidelines.
  4. I'm of mixed opinion on the target limitation. I'm not sure how much of that is safety related vs PR related, as there can be a lot of problematic choices of say zombified versions of political figures or controversial figures. And certainly there's every incentive to drag in the deeper pockets of the local council vs the troop leaders. But if there's a history of violations of the shooting sports rules at the camp, then they'll deserve every financial penalty they get. That said, it does sound like this troop went rogue on what they brought to the firing line.
  5. Most dens are coed (un)officially now and will be fully official starting this summer, based on the rumors going around.
  6. This is out of date with the current version of the Guide to Safe Scouting. Two deep now requires two registered leaders both over aged 21, and because many dens are going coed, one of those leaders needs to be female.
  7. Mixing scouting honor/service society with cultural appreciation/preservation always has seemed to be a less than ideal mix. It worked better in the past when concerns about appropriation were less and when fascination with the first peoples were more common. I personally haven't seen a well done ceremony in person. It's been pretty cringe inducing even back in the 90s.
  8. See the current Cub Scout job specific training document linked and quoted above.
  9. As per the trainings and leader guide, there is no such thing as a voting member. Its not a concept ever mentioned.
  10. FWIW, the Cub Leader Guide and leader trainings do not grant the right of voting to members of the pack committee. The different committee roles are about accomplishing various activities. The only voting described is for the events on the annual calendar.
  11. https://pdscouting.wpenginepowered.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/06/Cub-Scout-Leader-Training-Facilitator-Guide.pdf page 35.
  12. People with district registered roles as well as council employees have access to the council membership tools, which lets you query the national database.
  13. Is that number pre pandemic? because reporting during the pandemic was that their numbers were down to about 1 million youth. Of the roughly 1 million youth registered, 154 thousand are female as per the dashboard right now.
  14. Under the current rank requirements yes. But it was never clear how to handle the AOL and scout rank requirements of earn the cyber chip for your grade. However the AOL requirement has been updated to something other than cyberchip.
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