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  1. malraux

    Girl Scouts Suing the Boy Scouts

    Also the bit about no joint pinewood derby events just seems silly. Edit: didn't see your post above and should have quoted that one.
  2. Would be interesting to cross compare the GSUSA participation rates in those areas. If there's a relative dearth of GS participants in that area, then I could see BSA having a larger field to draw from. (just speculating of course, and I could just as easily make a case for high participation of GS in the south leading more acceptance of scouting generally.)
  3. malraux

    Time to Go.

    I know that one of the troops our pack feeds to has an explicit rule that any parent who was in leadership in cub scouts has to take a year off of leadership before they can assist the troop. Again, good to help transition away from the cub scout model.
  4. malraux

    Does the Universal Emblem patch still exist?

  5. Without knowing specifics, some other considerations are that sometimes it might not be a difficult item, but a nonetheless important one. At the cub level getting baloo trained leaders can be an issue for some packs. It’s not a huge amount of time, but it’s a necessary one for the pack to do things. Additionally, without seeing a whole ticket, it could be an easy step on the way to a much more difficult one. I won’t defend purely easy tickets, but there can be some logic in making some steps easier, if the others are all very long term and hard.
  6. The snarker in me would make the final act in that troop to ask the sm to sign off on the smc and completion of rank since he did meet with the sm.
  7. As a den leader, with a decade of scouting experience as a youth, the value of wood badge to me was that it helped to see the whole experience of scouting as an integrated whole.
  8. I do think there’s an issue where the worst cases stand out. If a 60 person class has 90% of the people have simple fast beading ceremony, the 6 who don’t will still stand out.
  9. I will say that in our council, wood badge is way oversold. Not every person who shows up at a training needs to append a “go to wood badge” to the end of their subject. I do also wonder how wood badge could be considered a life changing course. Getting married, having kids, or joining the peace corps were life changing experiences for me; wood badge was just a pretty good training course.
  10. It sounds like a good course for a summer camp to offer for scout masters.
  11. Doesn’t powderhorn function as a more advanced outdoor skills course?
  12. malraux

    Contagious Disease Outbreaks

    Or their vaccine page on camp.
  13. malraux

    Contagious Disease Outbreaks

    To clarify, what are you asking? Do we have incident reports of measles outbreaks occurring at a summer camp ever, or do we have a measles out break at a bsa summer camp in the last 5 years?
  14. malraux

    Contagious Disease Outbreaks

    The national rule is tetanus is mandatory, the others are just recommended.
  15. malraux

    Contagious Disease Outbreaks

    Nope and I have lost any respect I might have had for your other positions.