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  1. malraux

    Great Examples of Girl Troop Successes

    This is likely coming from online gaming culture, which is incredibly toxic.
  2. malraux

    How realistic is it for a Cub Scout to earn everything?

    Especially with webelos scouts, one could delay crossover and continue to earn electives for quite a while, but that means they are going on to a troop relatively late.
  3. malraux

    Balanced Advancement Timeline Goals

    Agreed with @ShootingSports, the thing to do is focus on requirements, at least through 1st class. So look at the different first aid skills and set timelines on those, same with camping skills, cooking skills, etc. The important element is learning the skills, not getting the piece of fabric, so look at the different actual skills.
  4. malraux

    Balanced Advancement Timeline Goals

    Others can probably address this better, but there's really two different sets of ranks in a troop. The Scout through First class represent gaining of basic competency in the outdoors and the scouting program. Those can go quickly for someone who already has lots of outdoors experience, or slowly from someone who isn't as competent. Star, Life and Eagle represent gaining leadership experience from positions of responsibility and well roundedness from earning merit badges. That can go quickly if the scout is determined, or more slowly if developing those skills just needs more time. All of that said, the pace of advancement should be the choice of your son, and not your job to make the schedule for him. If getting to first class takes two years, that's not a big deal. Someone else who joined at the same time will probably beat him, but it really doesn't matter as long as he's having fun, and growing as a person.
  5. malraux

    patrol patches

    Is worrying about adults wearing patrol patches or not a good example of adults being a bit to ocd? Kinda seems like it to me.
  6. malraux

    patrol patches

    I’m pretty agnostic on adults wearing a patrol patch. I can see the reasons both for and against. The guide to awards and insignia makes it clear that it’s really for the youth, but wearing an old goat or a rocking chair patch seems to me to honor the idea that the adults, even if they implement a version of the patrol method, are really there for a different purpose. That said absolutely the adults should be in a different group than the youth.
  7. malraux

    STEM Nova Awards for Cub Scouts

    One other good place for the Nova awards is part of Cub Scout Day Camp. Our science and nature person this year for my Day Camp has run through some of the Nova stuff. It gives a cool and different sort of reward for attending day camp. (still will have to follow up with scouts to be sure they do the required reading/watching).
  8. malraux

    Policy on going through scout totes

    NCAP HS 508: Specific Requirements of the Standard: A . The camp requires that all prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) medications be stored under lock (including those requiring refrigeration), except when in the controlled presence of health care staff or other adult leader responsible for administration and/or dispensing medications . All bsa camps will require prescriptions to be turned in as part of the standards of running a BSA camp. So even if in general they could keep medicines, at summer camp they cannot. this does not cover the issue with the SM going through their stuff, which i think could be handled better.
  9. malraux

    12-Year Old Earns Eagle

    https://tradingpost.classb.com/official-licensed-bacon-ninja-patrol-patch/ theres 2 different patches...
  10. malraux

    religious emblem square knot

    certainly before 91. My 87 printing of my webelos book has the knot in it. But I suspect its much older than that.
  11. malraux

    Protect Yourself Rules - New Training

    I would imagine some clarification on this when it gets rolled out formally. The cub cast discussing this made it really clear that the protect yourself adventure was going to happen fairly soon. The yo-yo one was a possible one. So I’d imagine there will be more guidance when it happen. I could see either argument being right, that it does and doesn’t substitute at the troop level.
  12. malraux

    Protect Yourself Rules - New Training

    Given that this replaces cyber Chip, it’s just better videos over bad videos.
  13. malraux


    lots of day camps happening in general parks though. In general though yeah, the dining hall is the severe weather shelter.
  14. malraux


    In general, most camp standards allow the use a open shelter if it includes wiring (ie grounding).
  15. malraux

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    Yeah, at least at the cub scout area, its sounding like one of the belt loops will be some version of youth protection.