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  1. malraux

    No hugs, Aunt Sarah, we're GIRL SCOUTS!

    That seems to be massively over reading the GSUSA statement. The earlier stuff is about why teaching about consent is important, not that grandpa is to be feared but that if you teach that someone must give physical affection even if it make you uncomfortable, it can be taken advantage of. This is no more saying families aren't to be trusted than the BSA requiring YPT is saying that all scoutmasters are abusers.
  2. malraux

    No hugs, Aunt Sarah, we're GIRL SCOUTS!

    But they are right in this case. Don't make your kids show more physical affection than they are comfortable with people who are basically strangers. Its not "Don't hug" instead its "don't force your kids to hug."
  3. malraux

    The Wolf you Feed

    Which one likes chips and salsa, cuz thats the one I've been feeding?
  4. malraux

    Discussing LDS beliefs in relation to Scouting

    Certainly theres no shortage denigration both ways.
  5. malraux

    Did BSA "Abandon" LDS?

    I can accept that the BSA and the LDS have drifted apart. The little bits of their new program I've understood seem like a bunch of priorities that just won't fit with the BSA program.
  6. The denial of gay scouts didn't affect membership much. But what it did affect was corporate donations.
  7. malraux

    New Sex Abuse Arrest

    That wouldn't violate 1 on 1 and presumably there were 2 registered leaders at the event.
  8. malraux

    on the trail to ... Scout?

    It might get too hard to administer something like what you detail, or too nitpicky. I might start slow. What's the hardest thing to sign off for from a time perspective (ie the holdup is seeing it demonstrated because you can't find the time to see it). Figure out a rule for that.
  9. malraux

    Movies on a campout, a new essential?

    A one time event, sure why not. Every campout? no way in hell.
  10. malraux

    on the trail to ... Scout?

    Out of question, shouldn't all the crossover AoL scouts already have their cyber chip while in 5th grade from having done it in cub scouts? Its good for an entire year and can be recharged to be extended. It really should only affect scouts who join a troop with no prior scouting experience.
  11. malraux

    What are the BSA priorities??

    I would describe it as advancement is getting more outdoor focused, but yes on your main point.
  12. malraux


    There’s a Cub Scout nova award around wind tunnels, so presumably it’s ok.
  13. malraux


    Arguably any skydiving pair is in sight of lots of other scouts and scouts, so doesn't violate ypt.
  14. That’s not unique to this new agreement though.