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  1. Insert my general rant that the cub program should be split into two groups, roughly k-2 with a lower general time commitment, and 3-5 with a higher level of engagement, but because the kids are older its less stressful for the leaders. Reducing burnout in the cub program would help a lot. I do think the rise of more organized sports (and higher levels of commitment for all extra curricular) has certainly affected scouting. There's a question of how we can either be priority #1 for a few kids or a consistent #2 option for a bunch of others. I also think that there has been a general
  2. It’s worth saying that the chartering organization might also have anti-retaliation rules in place.
  3. I would shop for a new troop, if that's at all an option. Its not the perfect option, but a SM and CC backing said SM regarding bullying is something to get away from regardless of what happens to the SM within scouting. It looks to be a troop issued shirt if I understand the situation correctly. Which makes it all the worse for the SM's opinion.
  4. I'm kinda disturbed by the attitude displayed here that bullying is not a reportable incident. Handling stuff like this on the quiet is a big part of what has led to the BSA's current legal trouble.
  5. I'd argue its the SM/ASM that took up the 45 minutes of the time over a shirt.
  6. There are some elements I wouldn’t mind as much. Add a way to access the Cub Scout handbooks electrically via Scoutbook, or the merit badge books as a unit, great.
  7. The Scout handbook is at least intended to last several years. The way cub stuff has to be repurchased yearly is really off-putting. New book, necker, hat, belt and socks yearly just feels bad.
  8. Being somewhat more involved in the Cub Scout area, I can say that on the Cub Scout side, there was a bunch of not reliable information that gets perpetuated even after the official word comes in to correct it. Having bad information on the official forum is not great. That said, a better way to get answers that everyone can reference would be nice.
  9. Most covid restrictions have ended, and spring is a good campout period. Its certainly a question to ask of the SM to see if this is atypical.
  10. You talk about the weekly troop meetings, but what about the campouts/weekend events? If he's having fun, and the troop campouts are somewhat scoutish then I wouldn't worry too much initially.
  11. I'm somewhat of the opinion that the Ordeal process is a bad method of conveying that purpose. And having that being the starting event is going to lead to a lot of misunderstandings among the youth.
  12. There's certainly a middle path between going by the book and adapting. Not all change is good, but not all change is bad. The program is local and flexible for a reason. For example, I personally think the taut-line hitch should be replaced with a more modern and effective knot. But learning to tie an adjustable knot that holds under tension is a big part of camping/scout or bushcraft. Similarly, functioning as a patrol is a big part of scouting. What exactly that means can vary, but keeping up with communal gear matters.
  13. It’s just not true that the webelos leader book says parents can sign off.
  14. It won't affect many kids, but patches a hole where before it was actually bad to have a 5th grader try to sign up unless they started at the very beginning of the year. But I can see a goal of trying to recruit 5th graders before they get into middle school
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