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  1. I'm in Kentucky and we have a similar outlook, except probably not exceeding hospital capacity. However, even if things were safe by early June, I don't know how we get ready for camp then.
  2. Yeah, in theory I should be planning to run a cub scout day camp this summer, but I don't think that'll happen.
  3. My only thought, is there a way to get the scouts to do the production of the shirts?
  4. I would swap out gendered words like manhood for adulthood, even though you are a boy only troop, but otherwise I agree with everything there. specifically this paragraph: This is a very delicate time for these young men. They are closer and closer to bridging into manhood, and many of them are just beginning to face their fear of that unknown and level of responsibility. the rest is fine, but otherwise it makes it sound like bsa summer camp is only for boys, when it is no long the case. The later bits about stay out of his tent are not a problem as I assume you do not have a linked girls troop.
  5. Our council camps are free to units that allow an FoS presentation.
  6. I'm CSDC PD for one of the district camps and I've asked that of our camping director. Basic answer is that we don't know enough to predict yet, we'll have to see. My suspicion is that it will not be a problem for the summer, as most colds tend to drop down that time of year. It might be a problem for either this spring or next fall. Its also not very dangerous to scouting aged youth.
  7. I wish they made a magnetic holder for service stars so I had an easy way to remove them for washing or to change shirts.
  8. Yes, everyone has to recharter/renew every year. It would be nice if there were a better way to do that. The new troop should have the list of current merit badge counselors. I would think that most MBC would accept previous work, especially in being understanding of the turmoil you're experience because of the shakeup. Your son should talk with the scoutmaster about fixing this.
  9. At least for my district/council, the paperwork is really due on feb 29th, so we don't have real numbers until then
  10. I would mostly agree with that. I'm less concerned with if those actions wrong way back when than I am with if we should reconsider what we do today or tomorrow. I also think theres a reasonable question to ask of if our current traditions are accomplishing their goal.
  11. My scout shop has had them in stock. But that might just be a local thing.
  12. Yeah, I’d offer to buy my DE an unscout-like beverage for getting through today, but she’s expecting, so it’s probably maximally inappropriate.
  13. It’s makes it less likely for the court to do so, but not impossible. I’m not a lawyer but my understanding is that the court is able to make pretty big changes if it feels it is justified. But even there, as I said, I would imagine the court might say to sell off one of the bases, but even then philmont would be the last. think of the current loan like this: it’s a way for one creditor to say dibs on a particular asset. Yes the court can say no but then has to also deal with that creditor arguing that they really should have dibs.
  14. I would assume that philmont would be the last of the 4 to be sold off though.
  15. Just one comment on this, because I've seen it go wrong a lot. You need to be really careful when immediate family members are two of the three in the key 3. (especially if you are also functioning as treasurer as well). A big part of have 3 different people in the key 3 is so that there is different perspectives and accountability. Thats not to say you are doing a bad job, but it can be hard to take criticism of your choices as CM/CC (and there will be criticisms of you choices, and some will even be valid) as separate from criticisms of your family. Its something to be aware of and another reason to get another family involved in running the unit, though I do know how hard it is to get volunteers.
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