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  1. That’s really unfortunate because they really should have a method to do managed logging to help improve the financial situation of the council while also managing the health of the environment.
  2. I’ve said this before but looking at other countries scouting programs, they tend to have a k-2 program, a 3-5 program, a 5-9 and a 10-12 or higher program. That might be a better structure long term because the variances are so high otherwise. What’s appropriate for a first grader is not the same as a 5th grader.
  3. That seems bad. Especially with everything being semi-shutdown for 6 months, it’ll be really hard to justify another fee increase.
  4. I’ll be shocked if more than 20% of summer camps run.
  5. That seems like an underestimate or an out of date count. This past Friday saw a bunch of cancellations.
  6. That’s almost word for word identical to the message my council just sent out as well.
  7. Sure, Lincoln Heritage Council - Central/western KY.
  8. My council just officially canceled all June day and resident camps. Currently planning on having events in July. I’m still skeptical of that happening either but I guess they have to plan as though they can.
  9. At the CSDC level, the online cert is good for one year only. edit: oh click the link. 3 year cert for resident camp stuff. That’s potentially useful.
  10. Our week of day camps just got "not canceled" as well. We aren't doing the send home program, but we are doing a single day event on Saturdays at the end of the summer at the council properties. It's not ideal, but its the best we can do at this point.
  11. To be fair, while local camps might happen, high adventure ones are going to be less popular. And ordeal seems more compatible with social distancing rules.
  12. Pretty sure ours are about to. There’s a big conference call tonight on the subject, at least on the cub side. But our governor has basically said no camps or pools open till July. as a side note on that, does anyone have actual signup numbers. Ours are dead. No one signing up, no one asking about it, etc. even if it were allowed, we’d have to cancel because it doesn’t make any financial sense to run a camp with 5 kids.
  13. Yeah, I find that the baloo training is a bit broad and could be condensed a bit, or handled with more stuff online. There a bit of paperwork, some generic stuff like ceremonies, etc that could be done in a remote fashion.
  14. Addendum to my last post, I’m starting to see a few other camps officially cancel. I suspect the big line is how late can we make payments for expenses (food orders, staff contracts, supplies) and still have camp happen.
  15. Too be fair, I think most camps are waiting till the last minute to cancel. Thus far personally, I’ve only had one camp cancel for my kids this summer, and it was an early June camp. Technically our school is supposed to go back May 4th. That said, at least for day camp no one is even signing up, so the question of if we are having camp is kinda moot. My impression is that resident camp is the same way.
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