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  1. Cub Girl Uniform

    @qwazse It's difficult to tell with only a partial side view, but I think it might be the Cascade Pacific Council patch.
  2. Equipment Decoration

    The National Outdoor Awards can be worn as a temporary patch on the right pocket, so I think it would be fine to go on the back of the sash (if that's what the Scout wants). https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2010/08/23/bsa-national-outdoor-awards/ The Outdoor Ethics Award (patch) is also a temporary patch.
  3. "5. Complete at least 50 hours of any combination of swimming, canoeing, fishing, fly-fishing, kayaking, rowing, scuba, small-boat sailing, stand up paddleboarding, water sports, or whitewater activity under the auspices of the Boy Scouts of America, including time spent in requirements 2 through 4. A gold device may be earned for each additional 25 hours of aquatics activity listed in requirement 5. A silver device is earned for each additional 100 hours of aquatics activity. The youth may wear any combination of devices totaling his or her current number of hours of aquatics activity." The device requirement refers back to requirement #5, and requirement #5 specifies that the listed activities have to be done under the auspices of the Boy Scouts of America. It's a judgement call, but I don't think it would count. You can send an e-mail to Member Care (myscouting@scouting.org) and ask, though.
  4. I think the intent is for the activity (time on the water, hiking, etc.) has to be related to Scouting somehow. Interpreting ‘under the auspices’ in National Outdoor Awards requirements A “BSA unit activity” may include some individual efforts not part of the group: e.g., a pre-conditioning exercise where all unit members commit to and actually ride their bikes X miles a week prior to a big troop bike ride. It is not meant to include activities that the Scout undertakes that are unrelated to Scouting — e.g., family or church group camping, running as part of the school cross-country team, etc."
  5. What's A Good Water Bottle?

    If you want a water bottle that does a good job of keeping your water cold / somewhat cold after being out in the sun for 6 hours, I highly recommend a Hydro Flask. They aren't cheap, though.
  6. By "next Aug." do you mean August of this year or August 2019? Just curious.
  7. If that's the case, then they should be able to show the council's written policy.
  8. I recently did the new YPT training (online). I don't recall it mentioning the Totin' Chip or ripping corners.
  9. Concerns with coed rules, leadership, liability

    The standard for Cub Scouts is "Do Your Best". It sounds like she's in a den by herself? Perhaps the best answer for your daughter is to do the requirements with another den. It's not her fault that she's the only member of her den, so do what's best for the Scout and do it with another den (if another den is available and willing).
  10. Significant youth protection changes

    The written policy makes sense to me, but the new online training seems to contradict it.
  11. Significant youth protection changes

    The written policy said "must be registered as a leader", which to me implies registered as an adult leader with the unit. Being registered as an MBC would take care of the CBC and the YPT, but the approval authority is different between the two. The Chartered Organization approves unit leaders, but the council (or district) approves MBCs. I would think it would be a good C.Y.A. move to register the adult as a leader with the unit (Unit Scouter Reserve or Unit College Scouter Reserve, probably). I agree that it would be good to see written official policy from national on what they mean.
  12. Significant youth protection changes

    I think T2Eagle is assuming that they would register the adults for 2/3 of the year, so the registration fee would be prorated.
  13. Significant youth protection changes

    The old rule was (from the Guide to Safe Scouting): "Assigning youth members more than two years apart in age to sleep in the same tent should be avoided unless the youth are relatives." [emphasis added.] The new rule seems to be (new online YPT training): "When sleeping in the same tent, youth must not be more than 2 years apart in age, unless they are relatives." [emphasis added.] So "should" has changed to "must". If you have youth more than 2 years apart in age, then they can't share a tent. With mixed-age patrols, there might be some Scouts who have to have their own individual tent. Some troops might have to get some more tents. The new registration requirement (announced in the fall of 2017) was: "Effective for the 2018 BSA summer camp season, any adult accompanying a Boy Scout troop to a residence camp or other Scouting activity lasting 72 hours or more must be registered as a leader, including completion of a CBC and YPT, even if they are the parent of a youth on the trip." But the new online training seems to say: Adults accompanying a Scouting unit for 72+ (consecutive or non-consecutive) hours must be a registered leader with the BSA. Registration includes a criminal background check and Youth Protection Training. So, not sure which one is correct: -the length of time of the adult's presence at the event or -the length of time of the activity that triggers the mandatory registration?
  14. Our Council's New Gender Inclusive Branding

    Yes. I was referring to a few of the adventures where all they did was change the requirement numbers.
  15. Our Council's New Gender Inclusive Branding

    I like giving den leaders more options (do X out of Y requirements), because you can always do all of the requirements, if you want to. But having options is a good thing, IMO. What I didn't understand were the changes when all they did was move the requirement numbers around. Same requirements, just changed the order within the adventure. Maybe they were just trying to see who would notice!