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  1. You can do both. When you fill out the BSA registration forms, be sure you check the box that says "multiple" (which means that you are registering in more than one position / unit).
  2. One word that is missing from that article is "concussions". In high school sports, concussions from soccer are about twice as likely as football to require 22 or more days of recovery. This might be another reason why youth are leaving this sport.
  3. Thunderbird

    Denied a court of honor.

    The Eagle Scout application is not required to be completed prior to the Scout's 18th birthday. Your council is not following the Guide to Advancement, which specifically says that signatures (on the Eagle Scout Rank Application form) "need not be dated before the Scout’s 18th birthday." Edited to add: The Guide to Advancement also says: "There is no requirement that the application must be completed or submitted before the 18th birthday. Councils do not have the authority to reject applications submitted on or after that date."
  4. Thunderbird

    Denied a court of honor.

    I feel like a lot of information is missing, but I would suggest contacting (in order): -Scoutmaster -Troop Committee Chair -Chartered Organization Representative (the troop "belongs" to the Charter Organization) You said that it was your council who denied the Eagle COH? The council is not normally involved in the ECOH. Who was involved in the decision to deny the ECOH? Troop committee? District? Council?
  5. JMO, but troops shouldn't automatically award Scout rank at crossover because: "All requirements for Scout rank must be completed as a member of a troop or as a Lone Scout. If you already completed these requirements as part of the Webelos Scouting Adventure, simply demonstrate your knowledge or skills to your Scoutmaster or other designated leader after joining the troop." In addition, the "How to Protect Your Children from Child Abuse: A Parents Guide" pamphlet is different in the Boy Scout Handbook vs. the Webelos Handbook. If the Scout does the pamphlet exercises with a parent / guardian and if the Scout can demonstrate his knowledge and skills of the Scout rank requirements, then the Scout should be able to make Scout rank very quickly. From what I have seen, Boy Scouts who don't make Scout rank within the first couple of weeks typically 1) have some issues with memorization (the standard for Cub Scouts is "Do Your Best", which is different than the standard for Boy Scouts) or 2) they have issues with getting their parent / guardians participation on the pamphlet exercises (usually communication with the parent takes care of the second issue). Going back to the original topic, I am not aware of a BSA policy either way, so your Scoutmaster / troop committee could establish a policy. Most troops do cover the Totin' Chip pretty early after crossover, so it isn't usually much of an inconvenience. If nothing else, it's good refresher training for the Scouts, who might have earned the Whittling Chip 2-3 years earlier as Bears.
  6. Thunderbird

    Why Not Girl Guides?

    “A program for girls ages 11 to 17 will be introduced in 2019. Details will be announced later this year." Implied in this statement was that it would be an additional / separate program for girls. "Program" means something like Boy Scouting / Varsity Scouting / Sea Scouting / Venturing. Call it BSA4G or whatever, but, to most readers, it didn't mean gender segregated units (troops).
  7. Son is working on the Insect Study merit badge.  His caterpillars have turned into butterflies and are ready to be released into the wild!

  8. Thunderbird

    I finished my last meritbadge!

    Congrats, Brian!
  9. Thunderbird

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    The current Cub Scout adventure program doesn't seem to share as many activities across ranks as the old (pre-2015) program did. This is both good and bad. It's good in that the Cubs aren't doing the same thing year after year, which gets boring. It's not so good for really small packs that have to combine dens. So, if a pack has a bicycle rodeo safety day, I think there's only 1 rank with a bicycle-related adventure (Rolling Tigers), so all of the other Cubs in the pack, but they wouldn't be doing anything rank-related. They would have to be creative to work in some other things for the other ranks (Webelos could work on building a Cubmobile that day as part of the Build It adventure, or something like that).
  10. Thunderbird

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    Yes. Even though the program is designed to be 18-20 months long (give or take), what might be best for some individual Webelos Scouts might not be good for others. Some are older / more mature and can cross over earlier, while some are younger and need more time.
  11. Thunderbird

    Gold Award standards frustration

    Good point. When it comes to the project though, the more objective the requirements can be, the better, IMO.
  12. Thunderbird

    Gold Award standards frustration

    "Hard" seems way too subjective.
  13. Thunderbird

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    Earning the Webelos rank is no longer a requirement to earn the AOL rank, but both ranks are part of the Webelos program That was one of the changes they made back in 2015, because the BSA thought it was overwhelming to boys who join Cub Scouts for the first time in the 5th grade to have to earn both ranks in only 6 months (assuming that most Webelos dens crossover in the January-March time frame). I prefer that they crossover by the end of February, too. They need time to get integrated into a troop, and the troop needs to know which Scouts are going to summer camp (the earlier the better). I did like how the 2016 modifications to the requirements gave Webelos Den Leaders some options "Do X out of Y requirements". (Den Leaders can always do more than the minimum to enrich the experience for the Scouts.) But I still don't understand the reason for reducing the total number of adventures for Webelos and AOL ranks (used to be 7 adventures for each rank, now 6 for Webelos and 5 for AOL).
  14. Thunderbird

    Virtual Dutch oven contest

    @69RoadRunnerWhat's your Scoutmaster's secret to no cracks?
  15. Thunderbird

    Arrow of Light Scouts Crossing Over

    My understanding is that the Webelos program is still intended to be around 18-20 months (for non-LDS packs), with crossover around January-March of the 5th grade year (individual packs vary). With the current requirements, they can complete the Webelos and AOL ranks sooner, but IMO it makes for a better experience and allows more time for them to be better prepared for Boy Scouts (especially for the younger kids - some of whom will be closer to their 10th birthday) if they aren't rushed. Extra time means more opportunities for more experiences such as visiting Boy Scout troops or earning additional adventure pins (or other awards). It also allows kids who are not old enough to join a Boy Scout troop at the beginning of the 5th grade school year to be able to join a Cub Scout pack and learn some skills while working on the AOL rank prior to joining a troop. (A new Scout who joins in August-September of the 5th grade wouldn't be able to meet the active tenure requirement until around February-March.) From what I have seen, the Scouts who take more than about 2-3 weeks to earn Scout rank is usually due to a lack of participation from their parent/guardian (required for reqt. #6).