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  1. You can have a troop with only 2 paid youth members, if you get permission from your Scout Executive. That's what the Registration Guidebook of the BSA says, anyway.
  2. Thunderbird

    Scoutmasters as Merit Badge Counselors?

    As long as the Scoutmaster is registered and approved as a Merit Badge Counselor (position code 42) for the particular merit badge(s), then there is no problem. Guide to Advancement section Qualifications of Counselors. There seem to be a lot of folks who think that Scoutmasters are automatically MBCs and can sign off on any merit badge. But Scoutmasters have to be approved as MBCs by the council / district, and they have to be approved for particular merit badges.
  3. Thunderbird

    Merit Badge Counselor Registration Renewal

    But MBC is a free (no fee) position?
  4. Thunderbird

    Merit Badge Counselor Registration Renewal

    I hear you. My understanding is that you have to fill out a separate form, because it's a separate position and because it's approved by different people. The Chartered Org. Rep. approves Scoutmasters, but someone at the district / council level (usually District / Council Advancement Chair or District Executive) approves merit badge counselors. As for renewals, each council seems to do its own thing. Some councils will automatically renew MBCs as long as YPT is current (and the new disclosure and authorization form is on file). Some councils want an updated list of merit badges each year. Other councils might want something else as some kind of affirmation from the MBC that he or she wants to continue counseling. I would recommend asking your council what they want. Is your council requiring a BSA adult application each year? That seems a bit overkill, IMO.
  5. Thunderbird

    Merit Badge Counselor Registration Renewal

    It depends on whether or not your council has uploaded its MBC list to Scoutbook. If the council has not uploaded the list, then units can add MBCs like they add other unit leaders (ASMs, Committee Member, Unit Scouter Reserve, etc.). Technically, MBC is not a unit-level position, but for councils that have not yet added their MBC list, then MBCs have to be attached to a unit in Scoutbook in order to show up. Units should only add MBCs if they know that they are approved.
  6. Thunderbird

    Merit Badge Counselor Registration Renewal

    @mrkstvns Have you looked to see if you can change your listing preference in Scoutbook? You should be able to get there by going to: My Account -> My Positions. Click on "Merit Badge Counselor" and you should be able to change your listing preference. However, if you can't change it, you might have to contact your Council Admin for Scoutbook and ask them to change it for you.
  7. I think this council is saying that MB counselors can no longer limit themselves to just their own troop or district - not that you have to take on every Scout who might come your way. MBCs can change their availability in Scoutbook if they think they do not have the time to take on more Scouts.
  8. Thunderbird


    That's where I'd like to be! 🌞
  9. Thunderbird


    Does anybody know if Scoutlander.com is having problems? I am unable to renew a unit subscription, and when I try to e-mail their support, I get an e-mail back saying that their mailbox is full.
  10. @swilliams Does your son still want to be Bugler? The SPL can appoint more than one Bugler, if he wants to.
  11. Thunderbird


    Those year tabs represent different version years of an adventure or rank. But all Cub Scouts should be working on the most current version of the adventure / rank.
  12. Thunderbird

    January Pack Meeting Ideas

    Maybe some ideas for you here? https://cubscoutideas.com/tag/cub-scout-meetings/
  13. Thunderbird


    @jsychk Are you the Advancement Chair? If so, then I would let the Webelos Den Leader handle it. It is the Webelos Den Leader's responsibility to approve (or not approve) adventures and rank advancements. Not sure what this Scout's circumstances are, but there are ways for him to complete the Scouting Adventure even if he misses some of the den meetings or if he is in a den by himself.
  14. Thunderbird


    While parents can mark items as completed in Scoutbook, it is the Webelos Den Leader who approves adventures and ranks. Who Approves Cub Scout Advancement? It's not clear from your post, but is this Webelos Scout in a den by himself? Remember that the standard for Cub Scouts is that they do their best: “Do Your Best”