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  1. Thunderbird

    Summertime Pack Award

    If a pack is promoting and organizing for the event (as @Pale Horse describes above), then I would count it.
  2. Thunderbird

    Guidance on Discipline

    DE means District Executive. A DE is a paid professional who works for your council. You mentioned you have a troop handbook. What does it say? Who is responsible for deciding issues of discipline in your troop: the Scoutmaster or the Troop Committee? Before going to your DE / council, I would recommend talking with your Chartered Org. Rep.
  3. Thunderbird

    How realistic is it for a Cub Scout to earn everything?

    I think it depends on how you define "everything". If you mean all adventures for a particular den level, then I think it's very realistic. If you mean all adventures plus all other awards for a den level, then it becomes much more difficult.
  4. Thunderbird

    Summertime Pack Award

    I agree with the other posters. At the pack level, there is no participation requirement. The requirement for the pack is: "The pack can qualify for the certificate and streamer by planning and conducting three pack activities—one each in June, July, and August, or during other school vacations if your pack is in a year-round school." The requirement for dens is: "Dens with an average attendance of at least half their members at the three summer pack events are eligible for a colorful den participation ribbon." The requirement for individual Scouts is: "Scouts who participate in all three pack events are eligible to receive the National Summertime Pack Award pin, which they can wear on the right pocket flap of their uniform." https://www.scouting.org/awards/awards-central/national-summertime/ It's a participation award, so I would personally interpret it generously, because the idea is to encourage your pack and Scouts to be active over the summer. But ultimately, it's up to your Pack Committee to decide.
  5. Some of the trail to First Class programs at summer camp are good. A lot depends on the camp and the people teaching the skills. It's a good starting point for Scouts, but a good troop program will repeat a lot of the skills. IMO, this is a good thing, because many of the skills are perishable, so the Scouts need to keep repeating them, in order to retain the skills. We also recommend first aid and swimming. Keep in mind that Scouts also need 8 elective merit badges for Eagle Scout rank, so fun merit badges at summer camp will also help them with advancement.
  6. Thunderbird

    Balanced Advancement Timeline Goals

    I agree. From what I have seen, 12-18 months is fairly typical (since the 2016 rank requirements went into effect), and most are closer to 18 months. The Scout Handbook no longer mentions First Class in the first year (this is a good thing, IMO). It now says that making First Class rank will probably take one year to 18 months. This assumes an active Scout who attends campouts, etc. The part that seems to take the longest for Scouts in my son's troop is the fitness tracking for Tenderfoot, Second Class, and First Class. The Scouts enjoy being physically active, but tracking / logging what they did is the hard part (writing what they did is not as much fun as actually doing it).
  7. Thunderbird

    When and how to ask a CM to step down

    @ParkMan I think that might be old information. If you look at the current adult application forms, there is no longer any place for committee chairs to sign. There is a place for the chartered organization head (EO/IH) or representative (COR), but that's it.
  8. Thunderbird

    tracking advancement of patrols and troops

    Your troop should be able to get gold. Conduct 9 short-term campouts, 70% of Scouts attend a long-term camp, 5 service projects (at least one for your chartered org.), get most of your adult leaders trained, etc.
  9. Thunderbird

    tracking advancement of patrols and troops

    Units can also use the new Internet Advancement. It uses the same database as Scoutbook. After logging in, click on Run Report, Advancement History, then select the dates. The report will show you the names of the Scouts and the ranks that they have earned during the selected dates.
  10. Thunderbird

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    @bsaggcmom I agree with you except I would add this point to merit badges: And the Guide to Advancement defines a "qualified" Venturer or Sea Scout as one who has previously earned First Class rank while registered in the Boy Scout / Scouts BSA program (GTA sections and
  11. Thunderbird

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    I do not know if she was a registered Venturer or not, but the temporary transition rules clearly state that any work done (including nights of camping) while a registered Venturer or Sea Scout but prior to becoming a registered member of Scouts BSA do not count.
  12. Thunderbird

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    It is relevant because it was work that she did prior to joining a Scouts BSA troop. All requirements must be completed after joining a Scouts BSA troop. You and I disagree, and that is fine. We will agree to disagree.
  13. Thunderbird

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    The temporary transition rules very clearly state that "all requirements must be completed while the individual is a registered member of Scouts BSA, or after achieving the First-Class Rank in Scouts BSA (as specified in the BSA Guide to Advancement, an individual after earning First Class Rank in Scouts BSA may transfer primary membership to Venturing or Sea Scouts and continue to work on Eagle Scout requirements)." All requirements means all requirements. The part about "after earning First Class Rank in Scouts BSA" refers to how Scouts can transfer their membership from a troop to a Venturing crew or a Sea Scout ship and continue their Scouts BSA advancement there as a qualified Venturer or Sea Scout as long as they meet the age requirements or get a time extension (GTA sections and The transition rules also state that work done (including nights of camping) while a registered Venturer, registered Sea Scout, or while participating unofficially prior to joining the Scouts BSA program do not count. It is clear that national wants all female Scouts to have a level playing field and start at the same place. The transition rules also state that "Eagle Scout requirements are set by the National Council and cannot be adjusted by a troop, district or council."
  14. Thunderbird


    Like @Eagle94-A1 said, if you are with a troop, then you would typically wear the green on tan unit numerals (at least, according to the current BSA Guide to Awards and Insignia). However, some troops do their own thing. Cub Scout packs and Venturing crews usually wear the white on red unit numerals. Also, there are 2 different shads of green for shoulder loops. One shade of green is for troops, the other is for Venturing. https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2014/07/30/different-colors-scouting-shoulder-loops-mean/
  15. Thunderbird


    @ArmyScout Are you with a Cub Scout pack or a Scouts BSA troop?