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  1. Thunderbird

    Limit for Cub Scout nights of camping

    @RichardB Are pack overnighters limited to one night at a time (example: Saturday-Sunday)? Or can they be two nights (Friday-Sunday)? This is where people are confused.
  2. Thunderbird

    Scouts BSA Troop Resources Website

    They have also made the Program Features for Troops and Crews (volumes 1-3) available online here: https://troopleader.scouting.org/program-features/ They include troop meeting plans and ideas.
  3. Thunderbird

    Messenger of Peace

    Messengers of Peace Service Project Ideas Peace is more than the absence of war. It encompasses harmony between individuals, between communities, and between humankind and the environment. A Messengers of Peace service project is defined as any project that touches on one of these dimensions of peace: The personal dimension: harmony, justice, and equality The community dimension: peace as opposed to hostility or violent conflict Relationships between humankind and its environment: security, social and economic welfare, and relationship with the environment Here are sample project ideas: Personal Dimension Host a holiday party for children of prison inmates. Collect books and magazines for inner-city schools. Conduct entertainment programs, including skits and plays, at a nursing home. Make and donate gift boxes to be distributed by Feed the Children. Assist organizations that provide home maintenance services for those in need. Clean a Habitat for Humanity house before the family moves in. Community Dimension Create a community prayer garden. Replace graffiti with peace-related murals. Host conflict-resolution workshops in a local school. Plan a sports tournament that brings together kids from different segments of the community. Serve as “victims” for a county EMT or first responders training course. Assist in the packaging of medical supplies for developing countries. Environmental Dimension Clean up a campground, a local park, a river, or a school parking lot. Assist with a shoreline-restoration project. Collect and dispose of household chemicals, batteries, and other potentially dangerous waste products from the residences of shut-ins. Remove invasive species and plant native trees in a park. Volunteer at a community recycling center. Clear brush from fire buffer zone. BSA Messengers of Peace Service Project Ideas
  4. Thunderbird

    Webelos insignia on tan uniform

    Right, as part of the changes with "family scouting", Webelos only wear the tan uniform now. BSA Family Scouting FAQs (page 9)
  5. Thunderbird

    Webelos insignia on tan uniform

    The current Webelos Scout Uniform Inspection Sheet doesn't show any options other than the Webelos and Arrow of Light rank badges (found on the BSA Resources, Forms & Applications page). Not sure how correct this is, but I have heard that some people are using the plastic rank diamond emblem holder and hanging it from the right pocket as a temporary patch.
  6. Thunderbird

    Messenger of Peace

    There are some Messengers of Peace service project ideas on a different web page: Messengers of Peace Service Project Ideas
  7. Thunderbird

    possible fee increase coming

    It's currently $33, right? It was $24 a couple of years ago.
  8. Thunderbird

    Boy Scout Handbook banned in prison

    Apparently, it's the 1911 edition that's banned. I guess all of the other editions are fine. 🤔
  9. Thunderbird

    1st court of honor

    There is a small section on courts of honor in the Troop Leader Guidebook (new name for Scoutmaster Handbook), but it is more of an overview. I believe the COH is only mentioned in passing in the SPL Handbook as part of the Annual Planning Conference. More details seem to be in the Communication merit badge pamphlet and at the BSA website Troop Program Resources: Troop Courts of Honor.
  10. Thunderbird

    1st court of honor

    I agree with the previous posters. Let the Scouts (SPL and PLC) solve this and set expectations for the next court of honor (duration, refreshments before/after, potluck vs. cake vs. cookies & punch, photo slideshow or not (some do slideshows once a year)). There is no one way to do them. As @T2Eagle said, the SPL / PLC should identify a Scout who will be primarily responsible for planning the court of honor, etc. as part of Communication merit badge requirement #8. Troop Program Resources (BSA website) has some suggestions, but there are lots of sample scripts available elsewhere online. ScoutmasterCG also has some ideas / suggestions on courts of honor.
  11. Thunderbird

    Completed MB?

    Assuming good faith on the Scout's part, you also have another option: Talk to the SPL about giving this Scout opportunities to plan and MC an upcoming court of honor, campfire program, or interfaith worship service.
  12. Thunderbird

    possible fee increase coming

    That looks like a council-specific form (Crossroads of America). Is there a national fund?
  13. Thunderbird

    Doing away with blue cards?

    Going by the Guide to Advancement, blue cards are still the nationally recognized standard for the merit badge record ( About the Application for Merit Badge (“Blue Card”)). Councils can request a different process for large events (not sure how many councils actually make these requests or if they just do it on their own). From what I have heard, some councils really scrutinize the blue cards at Eagle BOR time, while others just go by what is in the database (ScoutNet / Scoutbook). So I guess the answer depends on which council you are in, and could change based on the people involved. We have Scouts move into / out of the area somewhat frequently, so we try to do the safe thing by making sure that the Scout always gets a blue card. I like blue cards and Scoutbook, because they serve as backups to each other (blue cards sometimes get lost or damaged, and sometimes computer data gets lost or corrupted). Sometimes we get an actual blue card. Sometimes we get a digital blue card from 3rd party vendors such as Black Pug or Tentaroo. They can be printed on light blue card stock. I have not heard any complaints about digital signatures.
  14. Thunderbird

    Real estate donation

    I would definitely get professional legal advice so that everything is done in accordance with the donor's wishes. A trust might be the way to go, and the donor could name a trustee who would be responsible for making sure property taxes are paid, etc.
  15. There are also apps for Kanban, but I prefer a dry-erase board. This keeps him from wasting time playing with an app on his phone (he can spend time avoiding homework playing with a pencil!). The key is to not have it be too busy / cluttered. The more stuff that is on the board, the more overwhelming it can feel. Although for homework, it might be helpful to have another column for "Turned In". I can't tell you how many times my kid's homework has been completed on time, but not turned in because he forgot it at home or it's in the black hole that he calls his backpack. 🙄