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  1. That was the draw that kept me engaged in my Troop as an older Scout. Being responsible for the Troop, it's activities and it's members. It was a challenge, and I enjoyed the opportunity to try to make things better for myself and the other Scouts.
  2. My Answer to him is the same as the "I need Eagle for my College Application." The journey each Scout takes to earn Eagle is far more important than holding the award. If he decides it's not meaningful to him, he shouldn't bother, but that should be because he's prioritizing something else in life more meaningful, not because other people are taking shortcuts. Will he drop out of high school or college when he finds out classmates are cheating on quite literally every assignment? It doesn't matter what those people are doing.
  3. For sure. My council has 4 camps on 2 properties. All are used regularly and maintained. That's probably not the norm for most councils.
  4. Depends on the Council, which is somewhat related to Council management success or failure as well as broader economic and social trends.
  5. The BSA would've been in it's current position regardless of what it did regarding membership policies. The bill for sexual abuse was going to come due regardless.
  6. That was me as a Scout. Very aggressive, authoritarian leadership. That's what I'd seen modelled in sports, band and in school. My Scout leaders didn't really correct me, because I got stuff done. I'd like to think I had the Troop and the Scouts best interests at heart, but my methods were still toxic. My friends joked that I put the "dick" in dictator. When I was 15, I attended NYLT, and it opened my eyes to the principle of Servant Leadership. That personal experience is what has made me such a strong supporter of NYLT. Like any BSA training, it's not a perfect syllabus, and the people who i
  7. The only options going forward are for Troops to charter with the council and get the facility use agreement, or the CO's need to bring the unit completely under CO control and oversight. That would likely entail closing membership of the unit to only individuals who are members of the CO. That would kill most troops in my local area, since even the Catholic ones take on non church members as Troop members. CO's would be foolish to continue chartering Troops and simply rubberstamping the paperwork as they have done previously.
  8. Not sure, but it's also basic logic. "You didn't grant or deny permission to these 10 other people, but now you deny me from doing it?"
  9. Leaves a bad taste in my mouth, when you consider that most Scouting takes place on the local level. My council is in states that have not extended the SOL. There does not seem to be plans to sell either of our camps, but we'll see what happens.
  10. I think we all agree that the informal leadership training that Scouting provides is valuable, it's also hard to quantify, and it's hard to sell as marketing to parents. There are numerous opportunities for adults to model good leadership practices to Senior Scouts, but these are less of formal instruction, and more of a mentorship/partnership. As Scouts seek to solve their own issues and confront their own challenges, there are opportunities for that informal style of teaching leadership. I have seem some great outcomes in myself and my Scouts from NYLT, but that alone is not sufficient
  11. Why would families put their kids in Scouts during COVID? Pay all those fees for zoom scouting? As things reopen some folks will return, some won't.
  12. Those that joined the forum to track the news, share their perspective as abuse survivors: Thank you I've learned a lot from your posts , please keep coming around, sadly this still isn't over, and for you all, it never truly will be. It makes me sad that an organization that has so profoundly shaped my life for the better has had such the opposite effect for so many, and it gives me a great burden to carry as a leader today, to do the best possible to make sure that the youth entrusted to me are safe from harm. It's really hard to say. For an example of a highly public case righ
  13. @mrjohns2 @yknot I appreciate the context. I'm entirely unfamiliar with 4-H and how that program operates.
  14. So we hope. Beyond leadership of the BSA not having the spine to do the right thing, what makes 4-H less likely to have abuse than the BSA did historically? While many victims who were abused by BSA volunteers were abused at BSA events, there were some that were groomed at BSA events but the actual assault took place outside of those BSA events. Not sure how 4H would have tackled that issue before "Grooming" became something adults were publicly conscious of.
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