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  1. Lucky they didn't ban you. Amazing for an organization with ideals like Scouting, that so many corners of the org are ran so unethically and secretively. Not just the child abuse, but regarding finances and local politics as well.
  2. Possibly a typo, but it's sparsely populated. Warren County PA has a population of 41k as of the 2010 census. County seat of Warren is 9.7 k. The land there is probably pretty cheap
  3. CynicalScouter needed a timeout. His behavior was abusive, even if I agree with his points more often than not. The moderators have a thankless job, so thankless I stopped doing that job years ago, because it was killing my enjoyment of the site. If they chose they could have restricted all discussion of the bankruptcy at the beginning and practically one of the only places for BSA CSA survivors to get information would have never have happened. This is basically the only place to discuss this topic on the internet, but there are still rules and standards of conduct and if folks do
  4. @ThenNow perhaps I'm dense, I'd read it like a potential comp if I was on the plaintiff side. Maybe it's because my job involves writing policies and making sure there isn't a way to misinterpret them, that I instinctively look for "How can this be misunderstood?"
  5. The current offer is low. The councils haven't chipped as much as what they probably can, Hartford got a sweet deal. National likely has more assets it can part with. The victims should vote down the plan on that basis. The MSU settlement has little bearing on the BSA settlements. They are two distinctly different cases, with different facts, assets and ability to pay. The BSA is shrinking, and the longer the bankruptcy goes on, the more bad press is out, it's assets will likely continue to dwindle, leaving less for the victims to recover. MSU is a thriving and growing publicly fun
  6. I get it. Just understand that the typical claimant is not as informed as you. They'll see that 1 million per and think that's what they can get. It's setting them up to be disappointed.
  7. As @CynicalScouterhas pointed out, there's no way each of the 87k are getting 1 million each. The BSA doesn't have the assets and ability to pay that MSU has. In my opinion, the victims should reject this plan, I would if I was a victim. The BSA and partners can be made to cough up more than the current plan but to expect anything close to the MSU settlement is wishful thinking, even if the BSA and the councils liquidate entirely.
  8. Yes. I am. I have commitments I've made to people locally for various things, but my natural instinct is to say "Screw this, I'm done with the BSA."
  9. That's his MO. He doesn't fully read other people's comments, and jumps to the absolute worst interpretation of what other people write. It truly is bullying behavior, and he does it to darn near everybody on this forum. It's a shame, because otherwise CynicalScouter makes great contributions to this forum, particularly around the bankruptcy. Further support for your position that the BSA does not take YPT seriously. They LAID OFF the director of YPT, during a bankruptcy caused by inability to protect Youth, and then never backfilled the job. That's absolute negligence. It would b
  10. If you read earlier in this thread, from when it was originally made, there was some discussion about the voting feature, back when it was new. It's a fairly stock version of forum software, and the moderators cannot turn it off without contacting the developer. I'm not sure if that's a worthwhile spend of money, since this forum is already paid for by @SCOUTER-Terry's generosity. A certain number of upvotes triggers a label on a persons post. We tested down to 12 downvotes, and it had no effect on the post in question. Your thought process was the general consensus at the time. Downvote
  11. I do love his sense of humor. Any idea what they actually asked him to produce?
  12. What folks are telling you, is they are violating BSA rules. Further, Mic O Say is not like ROTC. It's a BSA affiliated organization unique to Camp Bartle. The council that runs that camp could do away with it whenever they please. Or BSA national could force them to. While a scattered claim with no evidence should be viewed skeptically, this is not the first time on this forum or elsewhere where people have talked about the violations or odd practices of Mic O Say.
  13. National has been claiming they'll be broke imminently unless the bankruptcy goes through, but color me skeptical until it actually happens. They've been claiming that since they filed bankruptcy in 2020.
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