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  1. Sentinel947

    What's your best Scouting memory?

    So many to think of. A few that come to mind: The night I passed my Eagle Board of Review. Waking up one morning at Philmont after a horrific rainstorm to a valley sunrise shrouded in fog. The Scouts were still asleep, so the advisors just enjoyed the quiet and peace. I just finished staffing an NYLT course last week, and I have one from that. After the course ended the SPL gave me a hug and told me "I wouldn't have made it through this week without you, you need to come back to staff next year, and you'll make a great Scoutmaster someday." This was a youth that I'd impacted very strongly in our limited time preparing for the course. It was very humbling. @The Latin Scot: I like that idea. I'm going to start carrying a pocket journal around. I've had so many great things happen in my Scouting experience that have been blurred by time. I'm really sentimental, so I'd love to have a stronger recollection of things.
  2. Sentinel947

    Welcome new moderators!

    I'll still be here. I just won't have the consistent time being a moderator requires. I don't hold titles if I can't do the job.
  3. Sentinel947

    Cost of Being a Scout

    Funny, because for us the only campsite we don't have to pay for is the Council's camp outside of summer camp. Different experiences in different places!
  4. Sentinel947

    Welcome new moderators!

    Complete with the recommendation from a previous officeholder headed out the door. Congrats @MattR and @desertrat77. You'll be great members to the moderator team.
  5. Sentinel947


    @NJCubScouter Look at that 14 year old typo! Oscar de la Hoya is a boxer, Oscar de la Renta made the 1990s-2000's uniform. =P
  6. Sentinel947

    Just curious about background

    I'm in favor of it, and I'll leave the long answer for another thread so it doesn't trigger an argument. That being said my background. Thanks for the great format to copy @desertrat77! Cub Scout 2002-2005, Wolf to Arrow of Light. Boy Scout 2005-2011. Scout- Eagle. SPL. OA: Ordeal 2007, Brotherhood 2009. Adult years. ASM 2012- current, Council Eagle Scout Association Board member, Council Summer Camp Staff (2015) High Adventure: Northern Tier, Sea Base, Philmont. Training: NYLT Youth Participant (2009), Wood Badge (2015), NYLT Adviser Staff (2018). As desertrat77 but it, all other training as required for roles.
  7. Sentinel947

    Breaking Point

    Yea. I'm working full time while taking classes. I'll look out for ways I can still contribute, but it won't look much like what I currently am currently doing.
  8. Sentinel947

    Breaking Point

    My breaking point is going to be 2019. I'll be starting graduate school, and I just won't have time any longer. When that's over, I'll reevaluate what the situation looks like. My life mentors I've met in Scouting. My closest friends I've met through Scouting. Scouting has been the biggest influence in my life, just behind my family and my church. Looking forward to NYLT Staff this summer, and providing the incoming Scoutmaster in my unit with the experience and institutional knowledge I've gathered from the last 13 years with my Troop. As for girls, I'm all ok with girls in the Boy Scouts, so long as Troops that want to be all male can stay that way. I'm not sure what my Troop is going to do, and frankly, I won't be there for it, so it's not my decision to make.
  9. Sentinel947

    Senior patrol leader eligibility?

    I don't believe there are any BSA guidelines on who can be SPL. My Troop requires the Scout to be at least First Class and that they have attended NYLT. (We pay for our Scouts to go.)
  10. Throughout the Eastern US, we're seeing a surge of tick borne illness. I've read online that some scientists attribute it to mice as the carrier, and that we've done a good job killing snakes, predatory birds and coyotes that would keep the mice in check.
  11. Sentinel947

    I need advice!

    Labor regulations. It's easier to just hire 16+ year olds because they come with less rules and restrictions. As an added bonus they can theoretically drive themselves to work.
  12. Sentinel947

    I need advice!

    I spent my late teenage years and college years working at a Hardware Store. My senior year of college, with my goal of graduating without student loan debt in sight, I took a job as a Rifle Director for one summer at the local camp. I'd been asked for years to be on staff and turned it down, because I had a goal of not having the Sallie Mae monster follow me around after graduation. In High School, College, and immediately after graduation, having an extra thousand bucks or more in your pocket makes life a lot easier to get through. In the Human Resources field we talk a lot about "Total Rewards." Which means all the financial and non financial benefits to a job. There are definitely some strong non-financial benefits to working at camp, but ultimately you have to look at finances first. Just because you didn't work at camp this year doesn't mean you won't have the chance in the future. Good luck with your work this summer. You're building good habits that will last a lifetime, and getting some money to go with it. The youth participation rate in the labor force is abysmally low, so I'm glad you're getting out there and making something of yourself during your time off from school.
  13. Sentinel947

    Motivation Quote of the Day

    "But the real way to get happiness is by giving out happiness to other people." Sir Robert Baden Powell
  14. Sentinel947

    Patrol Method - Best Practices

    My troop is in SW Ohio, and I agree with that. There are virtually no public campgrounds where we can get the ideal 300 feet separation without it costing an arm and leg. We make do with what we can afford.
  15. I'm not going to get hung up on what the name of the program is called. I guess I should attend this month's committee meeting. I typically don't as an ASM. I still think the BSA is making a dumb decision by trying to have Girls Troops and Boys Troops. We are the largest troop in my town, and I don't think we'll get more than a patrols worth of girls that are interested, since the GSUSA troops in our area do fairly well. We don't have the spare adult leadership to accommodate separate troops. I'm perfectly ok if some units decide they want all male troops or all female troops. Or some type of co-ed troop. Let local units figure out their membership. I think the current Venturing YPT rules are sufficient. If I had my way, I'd have a co-ed troop with single gender patrols.