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  1. National and Local Council should hiring freeze all but truly mission critical open jobs. Hiring somebody into a job that has a decent likelyhood of not existing post bankruptcy is not very kind.
  2. This made me think of the ongoing case with the Archdiocese of Santa Fe: News Article "Levi Monagle, an Albuquerque-based attorney who represents dozens of the victims, said he couldn't comment on the total value of the archdiocese's assets. A settlement will be complicated, he said, "but I have every belief that we are in a position to achieve one if all the parties continue to put in the necessary blood, sweat, and tears." "The survivors in this bankruptcy have been tremendously patient thus far — they are warriors in every sense. If they can hold out a little longer, keep fight
  3. Agreed. It's unfortunate to lose the HA bases, but if that's a price to keep council camps, then it should be paid. Plenty of wonderful state and national parks and forests to do HA trips in.
  4. That's my council. It'd been in the works for a while. They've been talking about doing this since at least 2012. The timing is unfortunate, but perhaps it will increase the value of the property if/when it has to be sold.
  5. That makes Boy Scouting very much like Cub Scouting. I can't speak for other units, but my Troop has always encouraged parents to come along on outings if they want. Most often they choose not to attend, because camping outdoors all weekend either doesn't fit their schedule or isn't their thing. That report doesn't surprise me. Getting school districts to create and follow policies is just as challenging as getting Scout Troops and Councils to follow YPT, and the BSA has the advantage of a "centralized" command. Teachers and administrators fail to report, or sometimes administrators "
  6. I imagine very few. Sexual predators tend to have multiple victims. It starts to add up quickly in such a large organization.
  7. It's certainly not off the radar of the Diocese's lawyers, especially with the abuse cases against Catholic clergy and parishioners. There's a reasonable chance that some of the abusers involved in the Church may have been involved in Scouting.
  8. If the BSA comes out of bankruptcy having managed to hold onto the Summit, while LC's lose their camps, there will be alot of upset local volunteers.
  9. I know the first scout we should award it to. One of my NYLT quartermasters a few years ago would be the first one up to get breakfast supplies organized, and he'd put the coffee on.
  10. Speaking of Ebola, there is an active outbreak in Guinea.
  11. Good for him to accomplish Eagle so early. On the other hand... 3k for benches? I agree with other comments, while above board, I don't know if it's the best experience for the Scout to zip through the advancement program so quickly. Hopefully this Scout stays involved so he can really benefit from all that being a Scout has to offer.
  12. Adult to adult- first name. Me referring to an adult to a youth: Mr. or Mrs. Youth to me: Mr. but if they slip and refer to me by my first name, I don't care.
  13. Yes. Median Household Income in my city is 43k annually. Why would anyone take on the responsibility that comes with that sort of job for 43k?
  14. There were no cameras in my High School classrooms or teachers offices. (2012 graduate) I remember having to make up assignments after school where I was totally alone with the just the teacher, and during my study hall period I'd go down to the band room to practice, and it'd just be me and the band teacher there. Maybe that's changed in the last 8 years, but I'm skeptical. Abuse does happen in Schools. There's no point pretending that it doesn't. That doesn't let the BSA off the hook. Yes, child abuse does happen at School or on Scout outings, but when I've read the stories of some of th
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