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  1. Sentinel947

    Merit badge sash

    It looks weird, also not to make poke fun a teenager, but what does he have on his right shoulder? They look like like brass stars..
  2. Sentinel947

    Loveland Castle, Chateau Larouche (OH)

    I live in that council, the Castle is fairly close to our council camp. I have never been, I'll see what I can do as far as hunting down more information. Found a bit of info here: http://www.lovelandcastle.com/
  3. Sentinel947

    What can SM do for son's advancement?

    As long as I can remember (admittedly not that long, 2011 or so.) ASM's were not permitted to be on Board of Reviews.
  4. Sentinel947

    Interesting observation - rank advancement

    Hey @Kudu! You should stop by more often! We miss hearing from you. I hope you are doing well!
  5. Sentinel947

    Girl Scouts vs. School Dress Code

    Is it not up to the Unit to decide what constitutes proper uniforming for the unit members? I'd venture a guess that you're getting your buttons pushed, and David's CO 's troop has a uniform of some sort, even if it's a T-shirt and jeans.
  6. Sentinel947

    ASMs at PLCs

    The presence of an additional trained adult over 21 is required per the Guide to Safe Scouting. It would make sense for this individual to be an ASM. Otherwise the attendance of ASMs at PLC meetings is up to the Scoutmaster.
  7. Sentinel947

    Uniform Inspections

    My troop has dabbled with inspections in the past. Hasn't been a consistent thing. Only other place in Scouting I've seen uniform inspections is at NYLT. There it's partially a game, and partially about building patrol cohesion/unity through uniforming.
  8. Sentinel947

    Tenting: 2 years apart

    My understanding of the rule means that won't work. The rule says "No more than two years apart in age." It doesn't specify how many scouts in a tent. So if there is a group of scouts 11, 12 and 14 in a tent, that's still a violation of the rule just like if there was an 11 and 14 year old in the tent.
  9. Sentinel947

    Garden of the Gods Before Philmont

    It's a great way to explore Pikes Peak, and I don't trust my Scouts and fellow Scouters lives in my hands to drive up Pikes Peak in a van. 🤣
  10. Sentinel947

    Garden of the Gods Before Philmont

    I've heard the Cog Railway is closed for repairs. You might want to look into that.
  11. Sentinel947


    @The Latin Scot makes a correct point. When wearing the BSA Uniform shirt, there isn't a specified place for pins like that. @TAHAWK's point was that the BSA's aren't very uniform, depend on their date of manufacture and point of origin. My personal take. I wear my uniform based on the insignia guide, because as an adult leader, I'm supposed to model wearing the uniform correctly. My scouts frequently add various embellishments and such to their uniforms, and I don't discourage or correct them. If putting little pins and trinkets on their uniforms makes them more proud to wear the uniform, I'm not going to object unless it's something distasteful, which that pin doesn't seem to be.
  12. https://www.cbsnews.com/news/richard-lugar-died-former-senator-foreign-policy-expert-dead-age-87-cause-of-death-2019-04-28/ US Senator, Statesman, Presidential Candidate, Navy Officer, Rhodes Scholar and Eagle Scout died today. He was 87 years old.
  13. Sentinel947

    Tenting: 2 years apart

    Ran into this with my nylt staff this weekend. They wanted to have all the youth staff in a big tent, when we talked over the tenting rule, we agreed that having a 13-17 year spread in a single tent violates the plan language of the rule. But does the same apply to cabins now? Why or why not?
  14. Sentinel947

    New Sex Abuse Charges

    Wouldn't know that based on the way those articles are written.
  15. Sentinel947

    Hello from Columbus

    @scoutmaster759 Welcome to good luck to you!