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  1. Thanks for this post MattR. I had a similar experience recently. I went over to a friend's house to have a few drinks and watch the MLB All Star Game. My friends son, college age, (never was a Scout) had some of his friends over to play Magic the Gathering. One of those friends was a former Scout from my Troop, so it was nice to check in. He's doing well, family is well, he's working as an electricians apprentice.
  2. Give what you can and feel comfortable with. The majority of folks donate nothing, at least when I did FOS presentations, (maybe I just sucked at them.) Probably. I know my council's budget got really out of whack when the United Way stopped donating.
  3. Each council's "Cost per Scout" is going to be different. My council says $206 a year or $17 a month supports 1 Scout. Each district/unit does have an FOS goal based on number of Scouts, families and the demographics of the area. Generally there are no consequences to a unit for not hitting an FOS goal. Some council's are moving away from FOS entirely to a council fee model, but mine has not.
  4. Maybe cover half the adult fee rather than the full thing? It is an acknowledgement that their help is appreciated, but the economic reality is also changing.
  5. No. Are you implying that all parents that aren't in fee registered positions are merit badge counselors?
  6. Not entirely true. It ensures every adult that is camping overnight in a Scouting program is background checked. I'm curious if that came out of documented incidents, if that's one of the changes the bankruptcy process made happen, or it's a creative way to get more in fees, as you said. The BSA is rarely transparent about such things, so if there is actual data supporting the rule change, we'll never see it.
  7. Totally agree with this. When somebody says "Leader" the streotype that comes to mind is the President, a Sports coach, or a military leader in the front of a group of soldiers storming the enemy. Scouting does tend to bias towards streotypical extroverts, because Scouting is a team and social activity. There is a stereotyping for youth and adult leaders to exhibit what we consider extroverted traits, but that's a cop out. These sterotypes get drawn on too much. We make excuses for people not just in Scouting, "They're an (Extrovert/Introvert) it's just the way they are." I don't believe that'
  8. That's a good reason. My top reason is that it builds team spirit. I can't explain why it does, and it's ridiculous, but it does. Now I argue it's a chicken or the egg type thing... (Do Scouts sing because they are energized and have enthusiasm, or does them singing goofy songs make them more energized and enthusiastic?)
  9. I'm willing to be corrected, but I don't think the USCCB can do that. I'm pretty sure every Bishop and Archbishop is sovereign within their diocese on issues like this. It isn't a matter of doctrine or church teaching. It would be like if the USSCB tried to make a binding decision that every diocese needed to have a policy about parish youth basketball leagues.
  10. It's almost certainly liability related, just like the UMC.
  11. My Scouting compensation package got doubled this year too. ✋
  12. Agreed. This is still covered in Wood Badge, although it's framed as the difference between a Mentor and a Coach. Informal vs Formal power. I've noticed some Teachers and Military folks struggle as Scout volunteers because they are used to having formal social power and the ability to demand respect and wield that power if not obeyed. Our Scouts are our most important "volunteers". Scouting exists to serve them.
  13. I think you're on the right track and your understanding of the patrol method is strong. BP wanted to work with a teenagers natural desire to create tight knit little groups of friends. I'll add one thought that reinforces yours: Let your scouts figure it out. Especially the small number of scouts in a patrol situation. What do they want to do, what are pros and cons of their decision? I spent alot of my time as an ASM and as an NYLT Course Director asking "What do you want to do?" to my Scouts.
  14. Compensation for executives should have components that are performance and incentive based. The challenge is creating those systems without incentivizing bad or fraudulent behavior. I'll say in a lot of areas $75k would not cut it. That's not even considered a living wage in big metros on the Coasts. (Which is why I don't live in those places.) Even in places without crazy costs of living, one can make close to, or significantly more than, $75k for much less responsibility and headache. Think about what a SE does. They are the leader of all of the councils employees, they typicall
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