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  1. Sentinel947

    Attended my son’s last troop CoH tonight

    @ALongWalk thanks for posting. Even if you don't consider your son to be a gung ho Scout, or as I joke "A Super Scout", I'm glad he's benefited from his time as a Scout and you and your family can see how it's helped him. Eagle or not, that is our goal.
  2. @ParkMan one function of a well run council or district needs to survive... new leader training. Done well. Considering many units at the Boy Scout level fail to properly run the program as things are currently(boring program, little youth leadership, advancement driven, that would only get worse in a more decentralized Boy Scouts. The strong units would continue to thrive, the weak units would get weaker.
  3. I had what is likely my final "Scoutmasters Paycheck" or Success story from my Troop. Since I became an Assistant Scoutmaster, I also helped the Troop as an Eagle project coach. My final Life Scout earned his Eagle Scout last night. I'm very proud of his accomplishments inside the Troop and outside of it, and I'm honored to have played a small part in some of them. With that being done, I will be shortly taking my "retirement" from my Troop, and moving on to other things inside of Scouting and outside of it. I know I have one more summer of NYLT staff, and after that, I'll just have to wait and see what the future holds... And so for now, so ends my one hour a week.
  4. Sentinel947

    Chapter 11 announced

    At this point, all we can do is what we should all be doing anyways, continue to provide the best possible Scouting experiences to our Scouts, try to build the movement locally, and wait to see what is going to happen to National on down.
  5. Sentinel947

    Commissioner role

    My unit has never had one, our district views us as one of the stronger and more stable units, since there aren't enough commissioners to go around, we've never had one as long as I've been involved in the troop. On paper there can be some valuable, but it's not inherent in the commissioner job, but in the man or woman in the job. If they are plugged into resources, understand the program, and have a broad experience to share, then they can be helpful. If they don't then they are likely of little help.
  6. @walk in the woods this is for you. 🤮
  7. I don't even think it has to be a paid role. This is something a great UC could do, but I'd never be a UC because I don't give a rip about chartering paperwork or JTE. Which is more of the job than helping troops grow fun outdoor programs.
  8. Where do I sign up? But they can't be 18-20. BSA has decided those folks don't count as real adults.
  9. I stand by my point. Americans are getting out doors plenty. The people who are interested in getting out in nature and doing fun things are there. The average BSA Troop doesn't execute an exciting or compelling outdoor program most of the time. Some of that is the Guide to Safe Scouting, but I'd say more of it falls on the leaders of those troops. My Troop isn't all that special, but we do plenty of adventurous outdoor stuff: backpacking, canoeing, rock climbing, caving, shooting sports. All that stuff does cost money, and even the fairly well off families in my unit can't afford 8-12 expensive weekend outings a year, especially across multiple kids. So we always do a few local, close, low cost activities each year as well.
  10. I dunno if being outdoors is in danger. The National Parks are being loved to death. The AT and PCT are increasingly overcrowded and outdoor product companies are making record profits. People are still going outdoors.
  11. Sentinel947

    Setting the tone with a new CSE

    Rumor mill has been running wild about bankruptcy announcement later this month. Maybe that's why.
  12. It depends. I'm at my councils office every month. It's between my house and work so it's not too bad to get to. There are a few volunteer roles I am in that require going there, as it's nicely centered in the population center of the council. However, it is not at all geographically centered. The furthest corner of my Council is 82 miles away from the Council office. From furthest points my council about 100 miles across. If I lived out in the edges of the council, there is no way I would accept volunteers roles that would make me drive to the council office as much as I do currently if it was 80 miles one way. That being said, council owned meeting space is overrated. If Councils, Districts and Troops are engaged with their Charter Organization partners, getting places to meet for meetings should be a piece of cake. Our next NYLT 10 day out meeting is at a church/CO out towards the further edge of the council, gives those folks a break from having to drive the hour or so to the council office after work.
  13. Perhaps the Council and Districts need to get feedback from their stakeholders (Scouts, leaders, CO's) and figure out why folks don't participate in council activities. Leveraging a fee on folks who already do not participate is just going to make them mad, it's not going to drive them to participate. It'd just be viewed as a scalping maneuver. Which is exactly what it is. You can attract more flies with honey than you can with vinegar. Pros and District volunteers need to get out and meet the units, particularly the ones that do not participate, and build relationships and help those units solve problems. The participation and money will follow that relationship building.
  14. Sentinel947

    Schools & Religious Principle

    Both perspectives are America. There are those on the edges of our political/cultural systems who are waging the ongoing cultural war in our politics, civic groups, corporations and churches. They seek to subjugate and destroy their rivals, or protect themselves from the perceived aggressor, depending on who you ask. Then there are those in the middle, who think they can make common cause with those they disagree with. Time will tell who is right. Given the state of our politics and how it is leaching and spreading throughout the culture, I'm not as optimistic whether the middle will hold back the edges from further conflict.