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  1. Yes. One person can be both COR and a MBC. COR is a unit/charter org position. MBC is a council position; not a unit position. They do not overlap.
  2. This is ideal / program design versus what a troop might need to do to succeed. The design and ideal is the COR is above CC/SM/ASMs/MCs. When problems occur, there needs to be a clear chain of command and a clear separation of responsibilities. Similar, the SM is above the ASMs. The SM guides how the program is implemented, guides the ASMs and is the final say in interactions with the scouts. CC guides the MCs and is the final say for the committee. As the COR effectively selects the leaders, it is delicate then for the SM and other ASMs whether the COR is honestly acting as just a
  3. I'm a huge advocate of using the paper handbook. Scouts should always have their paper handbook; campouts, meetings, etc. The online scout book is a nice view, but I am always concerned that is the entry being made by the scout or an overly zealous parent. I'm concerned about expecting to use expensive tech on camp outs. I'm concerned about the handbook narratives being there when needed. Also, scouts should focus on being active. I really have a problem expecting scouts to double enter the data from the paper handbook into the online scout book.
  4. The issue is coordination with the SM. Similar to too many cooks ruin the soup. The MC/ASM needs to follow the vision / guidance / coordination of the SM; not the CC. Too many troops end up with a quirky program because "everyone" thinks they can just step in. So if "works like an ASM" means the MC is asking the SM "how can I help" and "how should I handle XXX", then great. Once the MC/ASM is up to speed with SM vision, then that MC/ASM can more easily "step in". It's the whole reason for adults to declare on their registration. Are you an ASM or a MC?
  5. @Alec27 .... The related question is SHOULD they be camping with you AND what is their ROLE when camping? IMHO, rules are to cover guide to safe scouting. The "should" and "role" is always my main concern. Committee members are administrative; not scout-facing. Too often committee members work like ASMs. That's not "preferred". Sometimes it's necessary due to number of registered adults. So on camp outs ... just like troop meetings, etc ... scouts work with scouts first; then with SM and the ASMs. Ideally, scouts don't work with committee members.
  6. Agree. I'd take a scout / troop doing fun things any day over an advancement driven program. Advancement should come more naturally.
  7. "Insta-palms" are not an issue to me one way or another. IMHO, reward the scout for doing the extra MBs. But, it's not a big issue to me and definitely does not affect the scouts much. Big issues are kids / families getting burnt out in cub scouts. The program is way too long with too little value. Should have remained as a program that starts in 3rd grade or 2nd grade. 1st grade is way too early. Kindergarten is ridiculously early.
  8. Hmmm ... @Cburkhardt --> Cup half full @Eagle1993 --> Cup half empty ... and cup is broken ... while house is on fire ... during a massive flood.
  9. That act itself would be morally wrong and legally dangerous. If the bank account was opened with the charter org's non-profit number and you acted against their explicit direction and effectively disposed of the funds before handing them over, it could get ugly. Would legal charges happen? Depends on if you are talking $2,000 or $20,000 or $50,000. I know our pack checking account had $15,000+ at times depending on fundraising cycle. You would absolutely be burning any relationship and reputation and cause a long-term schism in the community. Unit leaders represent the CO and
  10. Agree. It's nice to have the patch on the scout shirt, but it just doesn't matter.
  11. I'd avoid talking too much about who's money it is or who owns what. Getting a clean "legal" answer is not what you need and you might not like the answer. Troops work mostly on Gentleman's Agreements between groups and individuals. Most people at a charter and unit understand what that means and it works. When those agreements are violated, people get upset; relationships are broken; and, people leave both the unit and the charter (usually a church). No one wants that, usually.
  12. "came to us in December 2022". So then, the boy effectively finishes six month requirements sometime in May. Arrived with you Dec 15th means six months on May 15th. IMHO, I would not be overly legalistic with this AOL requirement as the scout won't gain anything with those last few weeks after the rest of the AOL den moves on. Sometimes I do apply the common sense rule "what does it serve?" In this case, there will not be any gain. In fact, the scout could then be out-of-sync with the rest of the scouts that cross over. ... Sometimes you have to be flexible to avoid having the pare
  13. Ceremonies are important. I think there are many ways to do meaningful ceremonies. If nothing else, Lord Baden Powell would be the perfect fulcrum for ceremonies. Tell his story. Tell the vision. Tell the evolution of scouting. Tell the meaning. Tell what scouts have done for others for 100+ years. OA is about continuing the service and honor fundamental to scouting. I've participated in many ceremonies in and out of scouting. Ceremonies mark achievements and transitions. I fully 100% believe OA can have extremely meaningful ceremonies without the uncomfortable use of Ameri
  14. I like your write ups. Perhaps later as arrowmen grow to brotherhood or vigil, the original connection with American Indian lore can be discussed. I don't see a useful purpose during the original ceremonies. The arrow has been a world-wide concept for thousands of years and is a good construct for OA.
  15. Perhaps your saying "exactly true" is useful. I suspect it is a mix.
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