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  1. When do they add almost every school district to the legal claim? BSA recruited in schools. 10,000+ charters were schools.
  2. I meant in no way a slight. I was responding to the words you wrote. "... AT&T broke itself up ...". It was a historic, groundbreaking antitrust. Larger than standard oil. It's why I added "... based on settlement of a massive anti-trust lawsuit. " ... I can't imagine how this case was managed. At least BSA's legal case has databases, modern word processors, etc. AT&T had mimeograph machines and file cabinets. I wish we were on the same camp outs. It would be fascinating to hear the stories and history. Absolutely fascinating. I grew up listening and watching these discussions. Many engineers and lawyers in my family. Decades watching the news, 60 minutes, Ted Koppel, etc. ... "he pointed out that there was no drive to break-up the System, from Justice or the public. The drive was to allow competition on supplying "stuff' to the telephone business - largely meaning the System - breaking the culture that almost everything purchased by the operating companies and Long Lines came from Western Electric, "the supply arm of the Bell System." . That is the understanding I had. I'm not sure the public really understood except that AT&T was massive. I'm too young to remember "AT&T values of service uber alles". I only remember the other side of no one can fight Ma Bell.
  3. This is how our council trained us. When I received my BSA shooting sports training (now 10+ years ago ... I have to remember things right), we effectively became council volunteers. This allowed us to open ranges just for our pack. I know another trainer created a range for temporary use per the BSA shooting sports manual for his pack. But, he was functioning as a council / district representative at that point and having an event just for just his pack. I remember being invited multiple times to help district / council similar events.
  4. That's what I thought too. I suspect we have a nationwide inconsistency on re-opening lapsed liabilities.
  5. Okay. Sounds like what I heard is wrong. I thought it was not being retroactively applied to public schools and other government orgs. I'm surprised this is not happening nation wide. I'm aware of similar rumors in my school against specific teachers. I'm betting this is nation wide and could easily be reverse applied to the 1960s and 1970s.
  6. I recognize you can sue. What I'm saying is ... from what I understand ... the recent law changes that allowed re-establishing expired liabilities ... even decades in the past ... again from my understanding ... did not re-open expired liabilities to schools and other government organizations. If it was extended, then these lawsuits should be hitting every city, state and school district that chartered scouts for the last 50 years. If you want deep pockets, go after the school districts.
  7. I actually think your proposal is a reasonable response. Parents failed. Teachers failed. Police failed. Many, many parts of the system failed here. If damaged needs to be made whole, it's our whole society that should pay the price.
  8. Does BSA get any protection for the scouts chartered to government organizations? This is at least 10,400 units in 2004. From my limited understanding, past liability was re-opened by recent law changes. BUT, that liability was not re-opened for public schools and other governmental organizations. I'm trying to understand ... So BSA can be sued, but the charter organizations of many can't be sued even though they selected the leaders, provided the building, owned the materials and implemented the specifics ? From what I read below, as of 2004, 400 units were sponsored by military bases and another 10,000 were sponsored by public schools. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boy_Scouts_of_America_membership_controversies#Governmental_sponsorship_of_Scouting_units Are there any claim limitations for people that were in the 10,000 public school chartered units and 400 military units? It just doesn't make sense. If the professional expertise of teachers and public school administrators failed to protect those scouting youth and were closer to the units, how can BSA that is a further step away be liable. Seriously. NONE OF THIS MAKES SENSE. Yes, the past abuse was outrageous. But that was the past. AND, much was done right. The BSA files were an aggressive attempt to protect youth. I doubt such files were kept by other groups. BSA put YPT, rules and expectations in place years before other youth organizations. BSA is in at least it's 20th year of YPT improvements. This is just wrong.
  9. Or to add the insurance companies and their policy limits to this suit.
  10. How could anyone protect themselves from what is happening today? How could anyone decide the proper insurance amount? How could anyone protect themselves against a drastic societal change? Most blatantly ... Laws changed to re-open lapsed liabilities. I now I've said it before, but this whole situation is ugly on top of ugly and injustice on top of injustice. Sadly, the only ones profiting are muck rackers.
  11. I agree with you. Supreme court decided BSA vs Dale correctly, but it skewered BSA's future. I've seen a few massive screw ups related to this ... I really question BSA's relationship with their legal representation. Any lawyer worth his salt would have advised to avoid BSA vs Dale. ... There are other clear blatant massive screw ups too.
  12. Alumni support has dropped because of heated political positioning. I'm hoping in 10 to 20 years, it returns as the support is based on getting kids outside camping and teaching responsibility and independence. IMHO, the heart of why people donate to scouting will not have changed. ... But it is not a short term fix. BSA needs to get out of the controversies. Yes and no. There was not activism, but there was systematic on-going pressure and open hypocrisy. It started with moms asking why they could not be registered leaders. Then, why could they only be cub scout leaders and not boy scout leaders. Then why not SM or ASM. ... Then, questions why staff at cub camps and boy scout summer camps are near 50% female. And why Venturing allowed female scouts, but only the male scouts could finish their Eagle scouts rank as a venturing scout. It's like tearing a bandage off. I think BSA had the fear of a long slow burn on yet another issue, while at the same time trying to save scouting membership numbers. Best to do all the big changes in a short few years than to draw it out over another 10 to 20 years. As a parent, I just don't see. In cubs, we had sister after sister want to participate. And packs would always allow them to attend, but it was for the "boys". If it really was, why did we let sisters attend as much. In boy scouts, the scouts learn many merit badges from 17 year old female scout camp staff. So, why can't those can't those staff also be members. There may not have been outside activism, but there was clearly pressure.
  13. For summer camp, our troop adults bought a two burner version for the adult patrol. We love it, but it's a beast. A three burner version scares me.
  14. Very well written. I'd add a few points. Religion ... <modified your point> ... I don't want to remove religion because I value my faith. But I agree, de-emphasizing is reasonable because at no time has scouting been a primary channel for teaching faith. BUT, there needs to be a comfort and tolerance in scouting with having faith present and having a place for faith. I'm not sure we really have to do much different or if anything needs to change. It's just that I think scouting shines in the outdoors. I'm not sure scouting shines when we start talking specifics with politics or faith or STEM or .... Promote patrol over troop ... Fundamental redesign. Consider Many troops stagnate and ruin scouting for their scouts. Trouble making patrols significant and the primary unit of scouting. Troop meetings often poisoning the opinion of many scouts on scouting. Troop meetings subvert patrols as the fundamental unit of scouting. ... aka 60 to 90 minute troop meeting with 10 to 15 minutes allocated for patrols ... even then patrols have to be "released" from the troop meeting to their patrol time. Then, they are called back into the troop meeting. Worse, troop plans often leave no time for the patrols. ... IMHO, troop meeting structure 100% subverts patrols as the fundamental unit of scouting. Idea - Synthesize concepts from cubs and girl scouts to make patrols the primary unit. Scouts experience scouting in their patrols. Scout's uniform re-considered to de-emphasize troop. As much as I'd care, it could be line 1 <name> patrol line 2 <city>, <state> (city or area or ??? ), 10 to 15 patrol leaders gather to form a troop and organize troop activities. Patrols focus on being active and getting out and doing things. Patrol members help each other advance. Patrol size could be 6 to 16 scouts. Related Girl scout "Troops" are more like Boy Scout "Patrols". Cubs experience scouting mostly in their den with periodic pack activities. Rethink the need for "charter" organizations. Rather, it's a set of parents that support their patrol. ... aka like Girl Scouts Move advancement out of the patrol and troop to an organizational level. Could be district boards of review. Thoughts I'm not fully sold on if this is needed or even a good idea. ... just a suggestion to think about. My sons have benefited most when we get out to tent, bike, hike, paddle, tour, etc. My sons have benefited very very little from troop meetings. If I had my druthers, I would not have a troop meeting unless we were preparing for the next event / activity or celebrating. The idea of having a troop meeting for the sake of having a troop meeting is a thing of the past.
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