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  1. This is another stumble during the ugly dance we call chartering. Who's leading and who's following? Who's responsible? BSA needs to move away from a "membership" model and move toward a service fee model for using the BSA program. Or, BSA needs to take ownership and responsibility for the units.
  2. I have experienced many apps. I'd encourage you to use ScoutBook for roster and advancement. It has a nice interface and it's the official source. Calendar, communication, finances, etc. I'd be really tempted to use a combination of Google Documents and Facebook. ... OR as our troop did ... the scouts communicate with each other better than we could. Though I have not used ScoutBook much over the last year as my role has changed, I found it only useful for tracking roster, advancement and after-the-fact records (hiking, camping, etc) I'd strongly ... STRONGLY ... encourage fam
  3. Well understood. I agree. Perhaps I think of it wrongly. I think of it more as ... how much money does BSA have to contribute?. Even to the extreme pain level. Let's separate that cash, protect it to pay debts including victim claims and move on. The CSA claims should be against that protected trust ... and also the insurance companies.
  4. We've often debated why LC/CO protection in another companies bankruptcy. I finally saw in another thread something that I've probably asked before (and forgot the answer). It's BSA's bankruptcy being used to settle a lawsuit. Why would insurance companies receive protection? The insurance company is not going bankrupt. It really seems the scope of the bankruptcy must really be shrunk.
  5. $100m spent in 2021 (guestimate). Divide by 365. Approx $300k per day.
  6. Ummm ... You can't keep on commenting after deleting other people's posts. Time to delete your own.
  7. TANGENT ... I generally really like GTA. It's really well written. It's our guide to consistent execution. It's the guide for when others question our decisions. Section is generally great. I like comments like "unless it is stated otherwise in the requiurements". Cool. There is part of that I don't like. The last two paragraphs don't seem to 100% match. It sets up the situation where the scout can be guilt tripped by his leaders. "Hey, do you really want to be the kid who ..." ... But if challenged say in a formal appeal, the leader would lose as it's not ex
  8. There was a great article December on the bankruptcy and it's costs. Some great quotes in it. https://news.yahoo.com/big-winners-boy-scouts-bankruptcy-100024259.html * UCLA law professor calling the whole bankruptcy system corrupt. * BSA fees 40% projected compared to Enron's 3%. * BSA administrative bankruptcy cost is over $200m. Remaining funds is approx $200m also.
  9. Valuation is not a fixed $$$$ amount. You can't price tag this type of victimization. Rather, the question is how big is the pot of money. Then, what portion each victim gets. That's exactly the point. Valuation is based on the pot of money. Valuation = (pot of dollars) / (victim total) * (victimization scaling factor) * (admin/fees scaling factor) If $3B pot of money and 84,000 victims and a 0.6 factor for admin/fees, victims would (on average) be around $21,500.
  10. Our pack rented local county / state park group camp sites. We usually could find one within a 10 to 20 minutes drive. We pushed council camps also, but cost kept going up. It got to be a $200+ for a father/son cub camp Friday night to Sunday morning. Plus gear. "Cubs don't need to camp" ... Some pros is that it dilutes the new rich experience of Boy Scouts. Also, Cubs now includes K, 1st, 2nd, etc. That's a lot of day care. ... Flip side ... scouting is about being active and outside. I can't imagine scouting without camping.
  11. Thank you for posting the link. It was informative.
  12. Thank you. Just watched it. Very professional. Very informative. Very professional. #1 Seemingly confusing contradiction. TCC argues not legal for bankruptcy to protect non-bankrupt party, but TK predicts chapter 7 where LC assets are pulled in. Not sure if it is, but these seem like contradicting views. #2 Statement - TCC stated non-profits can't be forced into bankruptcy. Only can do voluntarily. That's news to me. Makes me wonder on TK statements predicting chapter 7 final result. #3 Criteria that victims must do better in chap 11 than chap 7. I thought that
  13. Can you post the link? I've not watched one yet as I'm not a member and wanted to stay a little separate from that channel.
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