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  1. At low levels. If the contribution amounts are kicked up, those without current or probably liability, ... would they stay in the agreement? I did not think all 250+ had agreed to contribute.
  2. Wow. Thank you. That is very helpful. Please forgive this view as it's just my thoughts. A great evil was done before. Now, we are doing another evil (charging future kids more) to pay for a past evil. This is just ugliness on top of ugliness. I guess it's like the old saying that when things get dirty, no one comes out clean.
  3. Good point LDS left. So Utah probably doesn't need as many camps. ... The question is whether the LCs in Utah have signed up for the agreement as I bet their SOLs won't re-open. That probably explains what I'm seeing in my state. Camps were less busy, but not way, way, way less. Camp usage by LDS in my state was far less than 10% of the campers. Far less. I'm betting it was between 2% and 5% at best. So it does not affect our state much. So, our council still needs the local camps and potentially could see a recovery in the coming future.
  4. Thank you. Wow. I did not make that connection. I still agree with my thoughts. I just did not think that future kids will be paying for this settlement. Wow. I really did not make that connection. I'm used to bankruptcy cases and income projects etc. I can see if more business comes that a bankruptcy agreement would adjust for that to avoid hiding probable future earnings. ... I just did not make the connection that the trust explicitly was funded by future kids signing up. ... Legally it sounds normal, but it just sounds wrong that a non-profit with a good cause would be penalized
  5. It is intellectually dishonest to argue 900,000 as the long term membership numbers. We just had a PANDEMIC. I remember. We had funerals this last year. We buried our friends. 2019 ... After 20 years of bad press and continual court battles and membership battles and recruiting challenges, etc, etc, etc, etc), 2019 was still 2 million members and 700,000+ volunteers. It is very conceivable if BSA can get past this final ugly hurdle and get past THIS CURRENT PANDEMIC, the program will recover. It is conceivable if BSA can fix it's marketing too, that it can successfully market
  6. Isn't that the negligence of the claimants lawyers? The victims should be pissed at their own lawyers too. So ... Which lawyer met the victim? Which lawyer invested time with the victim? Which lawyer incurred cost working with that SPECIFIC victim? (versus the overall case)
  7. Some posts are appearing with a red x in the lower right corner. Has a pull down with Hide All Signatures and Hide <user> Signatures. What does that mean? What is the effect?
  8. Ahhh ... Good point. My apologies. This question started a while ago. I should have re-read the original post. My apologies. The best you can do is make the issue known to your own unit and the district. Beyond that, there must be a reason for the other scout leader to brag. You could also make the council advancement director aware. It does seem strange to have a SM from another unit sign Eagle requirements for a scout in your troop. That is highly irregular. Not much you can do for the past. Not much you can do about the other scout leader's registration. BUT, you
  9. Public schools ... 15,000 in one year. 2018. https://www.washingtonpost.com/education/2020/10/15/sexual-assault-k-12-schools/ Interesting ... we have the data because there is a governmental organization collecting the data. Go figure. https://ocrdata.ed.gov/ Sports sexual abuse https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC6204631/ I'm trying to find the link to the numbers and the details. NPR had a great article earlier this year about coaches and sexual abuse. ... Including coaches IN THE LAST DECADE minimizing penetration incidents as boys will be boys
  10. Yeah. Umm ... Can you provide a parallel example from other youth serving organizations? So BSA is hiding? ... show me youth serving organizations that are posting those numbers on their home page? Big Brothers and Big Sister has been used as an example. Send me their page doing this as an example. Or Newart, NY YMCA page showing the numbers. ??? ... or ... ??? This is not about YPT. This is about punishment and shaming and humiliation. This is an attempt to kill a program. Perhaps Ford dealership should list number of highway deaths and injuries. Heck, they made th
  11. TCC / victims or BSA? What a horrible mean inference. Don't do that. It's just mean, inaccurate and wrong. You said parents will know. That's not true. 99.999% percent of parents won't look just like I've yet to meet a parishioner that knows. This will stay in the reporting channels. Worse, the emphasis on oversight will change and diminish over time. As less people pay attention to the numbers reporting, less effort will be put in to collecting and managing. TCC statements sound like self-hype to misdirect away from the negligent revictimization of promising huge settlem
  12. "inform parents" ... does not follow. I've been a member for my whole life without seeing any of the reported numbers ... even in the last few years. The reported numbers are reported to channels; not members. ... Are you saying the Catholic church numbers are sent directly to each member? Or are you saying BSA should do more than the Catholic church ? "protect children" ... does not follow. Catholic church statistics were not that different than any other faith denomination. Now they have good vulnerable person protections unlike before. Now they have mandatory reporting ... exc
  13. Well at least I take comfort in your confidence and affection for the Catholic church. I do appreciate that.
  14. Here's another view. It's just a rank. A youth award. It's not a license to practice anything. Like some many things in life, you get out what you put in. If the scout got Eagle without the work, then the scout will always know the award is mostly hollow for them. An example is that a huge majority of adults have high school diplomas. Yet, many adults have difficulting reading or writing. I'm a good example in many of my posts. Once the diploma is awarded, it's done. We never take away high school diplomas. Some kids are really proud of their high school career. Others are not be
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