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  1. I often argue our expectations of the scouts should parallel the expectations of the adults. If no phone charging stations means no adults, I'm not surprised at all that our youth membership is dropping. ... BUT ... that's another debate that's been had many many times.
  2. ... 20 years ago. Now, I can do remote desktop screen sharing using cell phone from most camps in my state. Often, I'm lucky enough to have reasonably high speed data inside the tent. ... real question now is "why"
  3. Your carefully-chosen humor to relieve the seriousness / stress of this topic is always appreciated.
  4. Has this channel been quiet for almost a full day? Wow. Or am I missing something.
  5. Absolutely. Ditch the stuff scouting does not shine at. .... at least minimize. Scouting SHINES when it takes kids outside. Hiking. Biking. Canoe. Teaching outdoor skills. Scouting bumbles around in just too many other areas. Scouting can claim so many positive reasons to be a scout IF IT WOULD JUST STOP DESIGNING THE PROGRAM TO TARGET THOSE REASONS. The reason to be a scout is simple. To be outside. To have adventures. To try new things. To make friends. To explore the world. To sit by a campfire. ... The rest is hogwash. Sure it's neat to point and brag at,
  6. Timely advancement is important. ... For my old pack ... end of the year was for the last-push to help stragglers and to transition to focusing on the next rank. ... aka ... award at the next pack meeting whenever possible.
  7. Argh ... I just re-read my writing ... Wow did I blow it. ... I should never connect and try to say something meaningful when I'm extremely tired. I add, edit, etc until I'm too tired to make sure it's really written well. So much for trying to be insightful. My point is simple. Times have changed. Fifty years ago people would often say "let's be realistic" about what was really expected. Today, it is all in the words. Words matter. The written word can be used against you and often will be used against you far beyond anything you ever intended. COs should NOT sign documen
  8. Even without the latest lawsuit and insurance issues, charter orgs should sign the agreement. Signatures mean something. Words on the paper set expectations. If you don't plan to fulfill the words, don't sign! COs need to do-what-they-say and say-what-they-do. Encourage training (lack of training is fault). Maintain membership (unregisterd adults / youth is admitting it's out of control). Follow BSA program, GTSS, etc (not following indicates rouge program) ... etc ... Review unit leader apps. Make follow-up inquires to confirm moral, educational and emot
  9. 100% understandable. Similar to or same as proceeds from camp sales only go to claims from that council. Well intentioned by individuals who want to help their council's victims. Also, probably some legal basis (no real knowledge in fact) that they want to see their local victims compensated as part of upholding the validity of being shielded against future claims. Complexity ... This case is complex enough. Yet another painful twist in how complex to manage. Can't isolate costs ... Some are shared by settlement off-the-top. Some of the funds go for trust admin, victim lawyer
  10. It's why I joined. If it was not for our local scouting, my kids and myself would not be comfortable doing canoe trips; camping in the winter; shooting sports; or doing several other non-city-boy activities.
  11. Well said. Many of your comments hit home. (deleted rest of my post ... it was nothing new)
  12. Interesting article. I've just never been a fan of taking cheap shots to prove your points. "lose their way" ... "unhappy ending" BSA has had 20 years of people taking cheap shots. This is yet just another one. It's not very Christian. It's not an example want my kids to follow.
  13. Some yes. Many probably. I'm thinking the decision matrix might change without a settlement. Wait it out. See what happens. Councils might prefer a functional asset over a cash reserve. Camps are hard to acquire and grow. Keep them if you can. Plus, large cash assets cause a different set of issues and can attract problems. Without a settlement to buy-into, the decision tree for hold-vs-sell changes. I have no special knowledge. Just curious.
  14. I would not support a sale even though I have not been there. I've been to SeaBase and the BWCA camp. I would support transitioning it to a national park that is specialized and protected for all youth to use; including scouts.
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