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  1. 100% agree. BSA requirement is for the scout to have the skill to advance. There is no requirement for the scout to be instructed. Heck, an ideal scout owns their own skill development by reading or learning thru any method they can. Is your process egregious? No. Will it be a huge red flag? No. ... It escalates as an issue when scout / troop conflict exists. I saw this every year. Scouts would escalate advancement issues to the Council Advancement Committee requesting approval to pursue Eagle beyond age 18 because the troop delayed the scout with extra hoops that added
  2. From my experience, the right person can fix blockers / obstacles within a very short time.
  3. Your statement is so true in so many ways. The legal process adds damage for everyone. It's hard to watch. Worse, many attorneys and their firms have already been paid tens of millions in this case. Now, it could start over. Bankruptcy cost so far well over $100 million ??? Wishing you the best thru all this.
  4. So, 8,400 voted no and are being forced into a settlement that releases all 3rd party liability. ... It's always a few that protect the rights of many. So, it may be only two lawyers, but it's not that clear cut. ... There is always the question of whether the 60,000 voters are real or part of the massive infomercial victim expansion. It's best for BSA if this moves forward and the bankruptcy is done. On the flip side, 3rd party releases is questionable. I'd personally rather not see it exist. It allows for these massive cases that pervert the courts.
  5. Does that include the previous invoiced and paid expenses thru the bankruptcy court proceedings over the last several years that is probably outside the 2.4 billion settlement? Other administrative costs of the settlement administrators? 1 billion of 2.4 billion is about 42%. I'm betting if everything is factored in, it is really significantly higher.
  6. Just a note ... The SM would be the quality controller for the overall process used by the unit, but the specific facts for an individual scout. For an individual scout, the SM would only see the completed advancement records during the SMC. SMC is not pass / fail. Just acknowledgement the SMC happened. So, all requirements are signed. It would be inappropriate for a SM to block a specific scout or for the SM to say a signature is invalid. Perhaps, the BOR could inject and say a requirement was not really completed; i.e. a PLC signature is invalid. But, it's not the place of a SM d
  7. I could support the scout's signing off on scout spirit, active in your troop and serve actively. Also, you can minimize BORs. Just because it says three adult committee members doesn't mean it needs to be 30+ minutes. It could be five minutes of three committee members. ... The one I would strongly suggest never to dilute is the scoutmaster conference. The scoutmaster needs to know the scouts and hear what they say. Period.
  8. I tend to agree. Lower rank BORs should be done by the youth leadership in the troop. I do wish BSA would re-design to the old world concept.
  9. Policy? No. It's just very, very different than how almost all other troops work. It will raise dozens of questions that can escalate. #1 Make sure you don't call it a Court of Honor or a Board of Review (BOR). ... Scouts still need to sit in front of a BOR comprised of three to six adults that confirms requirements are met. ... Your troop is just creating a PLC meeting agenda item where they review scout spirit. ... #2 All scouts don't sit in the PLCs; just the SPL, PLs and a few others. So the scouts needing advancement won't be there for the PLCs. So, how do you handle th
  10. Agreed and extended. #1 It's also to encourage scouting and discourage claiming family vacations to complete requirements. This is a continual battle in scouting ... often with the parents chasing requirements. ... Also, proper supervision? Proper execution? (scouts leading, not adults, etc). So for your example, yes it's okay to have two or three dads with their sons doing a special campout to complete the requirements as long as the scouts talk to their merit badge counselor and/or scoutmaster to make it a designated scouting activity; with a strong preference to get the appro
  11. Correct. Resentment might be workable (even though it's very, very real and alive). The real issue is BSA and GSA are only similar in name; not much else. Might as well say BSA should merge with 4H or Civil Air Patrol or Boys and Girl Clubs or etc, etc, etc.
  12. Yep. Almost always lame. Good maybe for 1st year troop scouts. Otherwise only good is getting together and seeing other scouts / adults. The actual event itself is almost always has zero or often less than zero value. Love that answer. IMHO, adventure makes scouting fun and valuable.
  13. Our critiques were done at the annual planning event. Key to that was to keep the other adults out of it ... ideally well away. ... Scouts will shut down giving way to adults. ... IMHO ... it's not just an issue during critiques. It's for how the whole troop runs. The scouts need confidence that they own and run the troop; with friendly safe guidance by their SM. Scouts that don't speak up is often a reflection of other issues. Best thing to do is only have the scoutmaster involved during the planning and reviews. The challenge is getting the other adults to trust the SM and stay o
  14. Don't see this as bad. See if there is an option to provide a great experience for the few remaining scouts for the time they have left. See if there are any options like being a patrol under another troop. A key is don't take this as a big negative statement for you and yours. There is a magical mix in scouts. People. Recruiting. Experiences. When things shift, it can kill troops. The key is you and your troop provide great experiences for the scouts you have. Then, when they are gone, they are gone. It's okay to close down. You have not failed.
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