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  1. Motivation Quote of the Day

    Well, "it's the job that's never started as takes longest to finish." - Tolkien
  2. Last SM minute

    I used this at our last Blue and Gold at the very end; I found it to be a powerful way to focus the boys on what really matters at the end of a memorable night:
  3. Motivation Quote of the Day

    Well, since we are at Tolkien anyway now, “It is not our part to master all the tides of the world, but to do what is in us for the succour of those years wherein we are set, uprooting the evil in the fields that we know, so that those who live after may have clean earth to till. What weather they shall have is not ours to rule.” John Ronald Reuel Tolkien, The Return of the King
  4. More gems from Baloo...

    A part of me keeps hoping to wake up and discover this was all just a big joke.
  5. More gems from Baloo...

    Wha ..... ?!?!? But then ... who's supposed to carry all the water?! What if I take my 7 boys out hiking, am I supposed to carry it? My poor assistant? A mule? A llama? Who's supposed to carry it? Am I supposed to carry it? I don't wanna carry it.
  6. Concerned About an Incident Last Night

    I am led to think of President Abraham Lincoln, who largely composed his cabinet of men whom he knew would disagree with him, and with each other, but who had sound and important virtues nonetheless. He learned to use their differences to his advantage, allowing them to offer up differing perspectives that made his final decisions much more informed and broad-minded than they could otherwise have been. Granted, it takes a mighty fine leader to work that kind of contrast into a valuable asset, but Scouting is all about making boys into just that kind of leader. Obviously, that's a lot to ask of one so young, but it's worth considering perhaps. It's usually the hardest things that make us into our best selves, and as I always tell my Webelos Scouts when they are most frustrated, "you can do hard things."
  7. OA Brotherhood requirements

    That is a good start, thank you, though after so many years (20 this June) since my ordeal, I feel that I am very unprepared for the coming ceremonies.
  8. Cub Girl Uniform

    Wow, the girl in the last pic looks exactly like my niece! Frankly though, I still prefer the yellow neckerchief with the Cub Scout uniform, although I do understand the convenience of establishing uniformity with all the color schemes.
  9. OA Brotherhood requirements

    I have also been wondering about Brotherhood stuff lately; I am going through the Brotherhood ceremony next month but have received precious little information to help me prepare. If anybody can help me with whatever I need to know while still maintaining the protocols of privacy, I would be deeply obliged.
  10. Neckerchief history and size change

    I have more files on my computer at home, but this image is an old order form that has some of the specs for older standard-issue neckerchiefs. I am becoming a bit of a neckerchief nut, so I collect any old images and files I can find with them. I am performing all the rest of today, and our Pinewood Derby is tomorrow, but at some point over the weekend I will post everything else that I have!
  11. Actually I was grateful they changed it from Camper to Outdoorsman because LDS units like mine don't take Cub Scouts camping (we wait until they are 11 before we get into any program-organized camp outs). Many of my boys before felt odd getting a Camper award for participating in our day-long activities, so Outdoorsman fit the bill better. HOWEVER, "Outdoor Adventurer" is just getting absurd, and it runs into the same silly issue the Scouting Adventure activities encounter - the actual titles are ridiculous to say out-loud! "Hey there, what adventure are your boys working on this month?" "Why, the Scouting Adventure adventure!" "Is there an echo in here?" "And after that we are starting the Outdoor Adventurer adventure!" "There is is again!" Honestly I feel like an idiot repeating myself like this, and as a Webelos leader it happens constantly. They really needed to have an editor come in and look over the names of these adventures before putting out their ridiculous names.
  12. DL creates new Nova math award - Fearful Symmetry

    Seems a waste of a good literary allusion not to have used "Fearful Symmetry" as the name of a Tiger adventure. Or should it be "Tyger?"
  13. The Most Interesting Scouter

    I guess some of them are pretty funny, although some of the quips are beyond me. Maybe because I don't drink? Or maybe I'm just not funny enough.
  14. History of Eagles per patrol

    True, and I apologize if my fanatical obsession with proper grammar blinded me to that fact. It's a heavy burdon to a logophile, LOL.
  15. District meetings - what's the point?

    Wow, no districts?! How does your council function? Our council has 11 districts, all of which are more or less autonomous - each runs its own camporees, day camps, Scout-o-Ramas, et cetera. Roundtables in my district (which is admittedly the largest and probably the most active) usually have an attendance of 50 - 60 Scouters, sometimes many more, not to mention the Boy Scouts who come to get their Eagle Scout books looked over, OA members who help generally help make the evening work, and interested parents there to conduct various matters with local leadership. The first 20 minutes are usually announcements and district business, and all hand-outs, flyers, pamphlets, and notifications for upcoming events are available at a table there to take to our units. Adult awards are handed out, Council representatives share the latest news, and general district activities are detailed and briefly discussed. We meet in one of the children's buildings of a large superchurch in the area; the OA is always there to help set up tables and chairs in the various rooms and act as general messengers/assistants during the opening exercises. After that we then have break-out sessions for Cubs, Scouts, Varsity and Venturing (which are flexible in composition depending on whether or not there are special events coming up), while the OA then has its chapter meeting. These break-out sessions function as trainings/brainstorming sessions where program updates are discussed, questions are asked and answers, presentors share ideas and offer counsel, and all the local leadership can simply talk together about challenges and successes - in fact, very much like what goes on here! I couldn't imagine NOT having functioning districts - how does Scouting function beyond the Troop? How are fundraising events organized? Scouting for Food? Camporees? I am curious to know how things operate without the typical district structure!