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  1. Unfortunately, I guess there is no financial incentive to settle this any time soon.
  2. Some people feel that way, I may not agree with that, but I at least acknowledge their right to their opinion. It doesn't necessarily mean that they don't care about the victims.
  3. True, but people don't need to slam others who don't agree 100% with their point of view.
  4. If the lawyers care that much, let's see them kick back some of their fees to the victims. Before you start another tirade, it makes as much sense as asking the present and future scouts to pay for the deeds of others.
  5. You keep forgetting, nobody has ever called the victims vultures, the lawyers who are reaping millions in funds that should be going to the victims yes,
  6. I was always wondering that. If the victims of 40-50 years ago have nobody left around with the appropriate memory to support their statements, what then? What are all these statements about people being offered 1500 to just go away? Does this include these people who have no outside proof of the abuse?
  7. I have had both injections (Pfizer). Arm was a little sore for a few hours.
  8. Does this time period expire when a judge makes a ruling?
  9. It's under Claiment Discussion section a few lines down from Wednesday.
  10. Welcome, CyncialScouter did a really good job of explaining the process a few days ago. His post is somewhere in the section recently.
  11. Excellent point, I think we are all in agreement on a tort system in the muck. Not slamming the victims.
  12. So am I not understanding this? I have been told by the BSA, if you can believe that, that the are very proactive in efforts to prevent child abuse, more do than other groups. Is this not true? What further things should be done?
  13. Interesting point you made on Chapter 7. I had been told that a non-profit could not be sued into oblivion, but you are right, if the parties will not accept any kind of settlement other than a Chapter 7, the lawyer fees will eventually do in the BSA
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