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  1. jr56

    As an adult, what about my ideas?

    By all means make the suggestions to the boys. Preferably through the chain of command (SPL). If they want to go along with your ideas fine. If you want to suggest ways they could implement the ideas, fine also. You don't want to do all the work for them. How much work the boys will be able to do on their own varies from SPL to SPL.
  2. jr56

    Hornaday Award????

    He did 4, since he was going for the Silver medal. He also earned like 6-10 additional merit badges.
  3. jr56

    Hornaday Award????

    They didn't say. My son was very honored to receive the Bronze Medal.
  4. jr56

    Wow! FAR beyond mere Eagle...

    He did 4 projects, in different areas of conservation. The board didn't feel that is projects were in depth enough to qualify for the Silver Award. Not unexpected. The council exec looked over his application before sending it to National, and predicted as much.
  5. jr56

    Wow! FAR beyond mere Eagle...

    My son did all the requirements for the Silver Hornaday award, and sent in the application. The National committee did not deem him worthy of the Silver Award, but they did award him the Bronze Medal. Yes, the Hornaday awards are quite an accomplishment.
  6. jr56

    Brag post

  7. jr56

    What color is your Class B ?

    Bright, fire engine red with white lettering.
  8. jr56

    Adult Religious Service Award

    Of course, I don't wear my religious award square knot anymore, because with the new restriction to 9 square knots, I am forced to choose and eliminate some.
  9. jr56


    Funny, as much as neckerchiefs have fallen out of favor, when I worked in the trading post at the last National Jamboree, one of the things that shoppers could not get enough of was bandannas that had a map of the jamboree on it, fold a bandanna into a triangle, and you have a neckerchief.
  10. jr56

    knot-awards q

    I read something on Mike Walton's website years ago that the BSA came up with a ruling stating that scouts and scouters could wear the appropriate religious award square knot to represent any religious award, even if the award itself was not eligible for uniform wear. Will not vouch for the accuracy of that though.
  11. jr56

    knot-awards q

    Actually, there are a lot of awards earned or awarded as a youth that can be worn on the adult uniform. Youth religious award Arrow of Light Eagle Quartermaster Silver Award Hornaday Award Medal of Merit Heroism Award Honor Medal Order of the Arrow Award (Not sure on the exact name)
  12. Totally screwed up article, first it says it was a man, then it states that "she" withdrew funds, and then it mentions a Boy Scout Pack.
  13. jr56

    EBOR complete

  14. jr56

    Merit Badges of Yore...

    You failed to notice that I said "considered". Not automatically dropped.
  15. jr56

    Merit Badges of Yore...

    I thought I read somewhere that if a Merit Badge was earned by less than a given number of scouts, it is considered for dropping.