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  1. Each victim gets about 6k, the lawyers get about 5k, the perverts who committed these terrible acts go unpunished, and future generations of american youth are abused by being deprived of a scouting program. Yup, sounds like a real good solution to me.
  2. Yup, because some perverts did things years ago, the victims and their lawyers are now abusing future generations of youth by depriving them of the scouting program. Is the program perfect, far from it. Is the country really going to be better off without scouting? Are the perverts going to go away?
  3. Yup, I would be reluctant to donate to FOS, knowing that it is going into some lawyers pocket.
  4. This happens sometimes. National requires a class and then provides no way to take the class.
  5. Is there any such thing existing anymore, like COMMON SENSE. Something similar to what happened to Penn State, when the NCAA came to their senses and realized all their penalties were just hurting innocent people who had no connection to the university when that all went down. Hope these lawyers are proud of themselves after doing away with the BSA.
  6. True, don't give any opinions National has much weight.
  7. Plus a violation of camp policy by not signing out when leaving camp.
  8. 1. If the claims are being reviewed by the courts (thanks for the info, no sarcasm intended) why is a lawyer needed? 2. No, but they don't have to collect 33%. 3. Instead of giving cash settlements, have the BSA offer to pay for counseling for the victims.
  9. My question is, how much of this is being driven by real claims by people that have been abused many years ago, and how much is being driven by greedy lawyers. Since many of these cases occured long before our current preventive techniques have been put in place, and there is probably not much proof after many years, the BSA is giving settlements to avoid drawn out court battles.
  10. Was quoted to me by a law firm once. Others are obviously different. Still, the fact remains, this is a big payday for lawyers. Some victims get some financial compensation, but is that really going to make much of the pain go away?
  11. Every settlement, 50% goes to the lawyers. Lots of lawyers are getting really rich at the expense of the youth in this country who will not have a scouting program left after the lawyers have gutted it out.
  12. Thanks much. If we ignore things like that, over 100 years ago, and pretend they never existed, we as a society will not learn from our mistakes.
  13. Am curious what Hornaday did that was so outrageous that his name has to be removed from history.
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