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  1. Thanks much. If we ignore things like that, over 100 years ago, and pretend they never existed, we as a society will not learn from our mistakes.
  2. Am curious what Hornaday did that was so outrageous that his name has to be removed from history.
  3. Some scouts get very active in the OA. Others not so much. It is their own personal decision. With soccer thrown in the mix, sounds like your son has his hands full. It is his decision to set his own priorities.
  4. I think employees of National Scout shops have had their's capped at 6 also for awhile now.
  5. Of course, there are not very many Scouters out there who have that many knots anyway. There will be even fewer of them earned since most of the Cub Scout program knots have been done away with. I guess when you get to the point where you have to prioritize, it's kind of like telling the youth that there are over 100 merit badges you can earn, but you can only wear 35 on your sash.
  6. It has been put in the most recent insignia guide that 3 rows is the max. It is what it is, and I will respect it. I find it interesting that nobody seems to object to Wood Badge people wearing their fist full of beads.
  7. Yup, Good luck to you. Too bad there are some adults out there who think BSA stands for Baby Sitters of America.
  8. If the boys want to build gateways etc, they can usually get all the materials they need from the camp Quartermaster. They don't need to wait for adults to give them stuff.
  9. Eagle scout records are kept by National. They would be able to find out.
  10. I remember reading in the advancement policy, that if a scout comes from another country, individual requirements can be reviewed and counted toward applicability to American requirements, but an Eagle rank would not be awarded.
  11. Two things I have noticed. Changing the elections so that all eligible youth can get in, cheapens the program. The ceremonies that are mandated by National are so lame. Last year at the tap out ceremony, I asked myself the question. If I were a first year scout who knew nothing about the OA, I would have left the ceremony still not knowing anything about the OA. The legend is non existent.
  12. This was back in 2000. Has probably changed since then.
  13. Everything is decided by a special Hornaday award committee at Austin, TX that meets twice a year. My son submitted his application packet in Oct, immediately after the committee met in Sept. He had to wait until the following March for the committee to meet again, and render their decision.
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