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  1. I picked this up from the Wood Badge group at bookface. It’s apparently not open for negotiation. _______________________________________________________ Subject: *** National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) syllabus UPDATES *** BSA Scouting U is announcing updates to the current National Youth Leadership Training (NYLT) syllabus. These changes are effective on February 1, 2019: The minimum age requirement to attend NYLT will change. All participants must be 14 years old or 13 years old and have completed 8th grade; there cannot be any exceptions. For 2019 only, an exception will be granted for girls to attend NYLT without first achieving the First Class rank; they must still meet age requirements and first attend Introduction to Leadership Skills for Troops (ILST.) This will allow new troops to have trained youth leaders. In most councils, NYLT will remain coed for the foreseeable future. We suggest separate patrols for boys and girls, if you have sufficient numbers of each gender. Beginning in 2020, all NYLT Course Directors/Scoutmasters are required to attend a Region/Area Course Directors Conference within 24 months prior to the start of his/her course. The individual who is listed as NYLT Backup Course Director/Assistant Scoutmaster on the "Request for Authorization to Conduct a National Training Course" form is also required to attend a Region/Area Course Directors Conference within 24 months prior to the start of the approved course. Questions should be directed to David Ehrlich, Scouting U NYLT coordinator (dehrlich2@gmail.com), Tom Giugni, Scouting U, Vice Chair Leadership Development (tomgiugni@gmail.com) or Mark Nelson, Scouting U Team Lead, Leadership Development (mark.nelson@scouting.org) Thanks! Mark Mark J. Nelson | Team Lead, Leadership Development BOY SCOUTS OF AMERICA Scouting University 1325 West Walnut Hill Lane | P.O. Box 152079 | SUM 273 Irving, Texas 75015-2079 P 972.580.2203 | M 508.455.7504 mark.nelson@scouting.org
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    First Women

    As it happens, my home council, Heart of America, appears to be one of the first out of the starting blocks with Arrow women. Tamegonit #147 held a special winter induction
  3. Just in http://philmontscoutranch.org/ PHILMONT SCOUT RANCH ANNOUNCES CLOSURE FOR 2018 SUMMER SEASON - 7/5/18 After careful consideration of the situation and available options, the difficult but prudent decision has been made that the Philmont backcountry will remain closed for treks and individual programs for the remainder of the 2018 summer season. This means that the following programs scheduled for this summer are canceled: 7- and 12-day treks; and individual backcountry programs, including Rayado, ROCS, Trail Crew, STEM and Ranch Hands. Refund Checks for all affected crews will be sent to the lead contact advisor on Monday, July 9, 2018. Over the next few days, our staff will be contacting the lead advisor or contingent leader of these crews confirming the refund, offering a trek at Philmont for the 2020 season, and answering any questions. Please wait and allow the Philmont team to contact your crew – your assistance will help make sure that Philmont phone lines remain open. Your cooperation will be most appreciated. While High Adventure opportunities are at capacity at Northern Tier and the Florida Sea Base, there are opportunities at The Summit and they would be happy to accommodate your crew. This has been a difficult and at the same time inspiring summer at Philmont. For the first time in its history, Philmont is closing its backcountry. As difficult as this situation has been for our Philmont family and for Scouts across our country, we have been truly inspired by the incredible enthusiasm and perseverance shown by our staff, the resourcefulness displayed by displaced crews to find other summer adventures, and the understanding and good wishes from thousands of Scouts and Scouters from around the world. For all of these blessings, we are truly grateful. Fire danger in northern New Mexico is currently classified as “extreme.” The fire danger has led to closure of most public lands near Philmont. The Carson National Forest’s nearby Questa and Camino Real Ranger Districts, including the Valle Vidal area that Philmont utilizes, have been closed to public access. The New Mexico Game and Fish Department has similarly closed all of its properties that border Philmont, including the Colin Neblett Wildlife Management Area on our western border and the Elliott S. Barker Wildlife Management Area adjacent to our North Country. Links to these closure notices are included at the end of this release. On Friday, June 29, 2018, the Morris (Moras) Creek fire started south of the Philmont property line on private neighboring property near the Rayado River Canyon. This fire is currently more than 1500 acres and is burning on Philmont property. Our ranch managers, volunteer leaders, and national staff have monitored the situation since the Ute Park fire began and attempted to plan alternate trek routes and procedures required by Philmont to manage backcountry emergencies. Because of the Morris (Moras) Creek fire, these alternate trek routes have now been eliminated. The safety of our youth participants, volunteers and staff is the priority at Philmont Scout Ranch and for the Boy Scouts of America. This decision applies only to Philmont’s backcountry programs. Philmont’s Camping Headquarters and Base Camp area, the Philmont Training Center, the new National Scouting Museum, the Chase Ranch, and the Kit Carson Museum at Rayado will remain open all summer. Training courses at the Philmont Training Center and the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) will proceed as scheduled. This decision does not affect Philmont’s fall programs, including Autumn Adventure and fall PTC training conferences. The Philmont ranger motto is “scramble – be flexible.” That’s what we at Philmont have been doing all summer as we deal with these unexpected and unfortunate circumstances. Our terrific summer staff has embraced challenges that they didn’t anticipate when they signed on. They expected to be delivering awesome backcountry programs and inspiring high adventure experiences to thousands of Scouts and Scouters. Instead, they have enthusiastically taken on difficult and physically taxing timber stand improvement projects, backcountry fire abatement work, community service projects, and staff jobs at other camps. They are making sure we will be ready to re-open next year! Their willingness to roll up their sleeves, pitch in and meet the challenges we have faced reflects the very best on Scouting and our nation’s youth. They have our sincere thanks! Our National BSA leadership has been working with airlines to assist crews with refunds, changes, and credits. Please refer to the following contacts for support. American Airlines----1-800-221-2255 Southwest Airlines---1-800-435-9792 Alaska Airlines--------1-800-654-5669 Amtrak -----------------1-800-872-7245 Our entire Philmont family thanks you for your continued understanding, your support, and your cooperation. Links for information on area closures and fires: https://www.fs.usda.gov/main/carson/home http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/conservation/state-game-commission-lands https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/ https://nmfireinfo.com/ As you look at alternatives for adventures this summer please check out NCAP accredited high adventure programs offered by local councils here
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    Philmont Trail Camp Whistle Punk

    @Bronco79, Welcome to Scouter.com.
  5. For units with contingents this season, and for individuals attending PTC or NAYLE, you should track the wildfire at the ranch
  6. John-in-KC

    What happened to meritbadge.org?

    I’ll talk to some friends in US scouting service project. Last I knew, the domain was parked.
  7. John-in-KC

    Unit Bylaws

    Welcome to scouter, @sasguy. The Chartered Partner is the legal organization of a Pack, Troop, or Crew. The Committee ismerely an operating committee of that organization. The items you mention, if the need to be written, should simply be the units’ guidelines for the committee and handbook for parents.
  8. Scouters, for your reading and compliance. Here’s the online version. Here’s the link to the downloadable version.
  9. John-in-KC

    Year Round Physical Product Sales Online

    One thing I would say, if you’re going to offer a “class”, keep it small. Four youth or so. Tailor your idea to the requirements of the MB. Take them through the critical learning, be available for phone/Skype mentoring, but, as always, test individually. Remember to stay in current bounds of YP, burdensome as they are. Good hunting!
  10. John-in-KC

    Year Round Physical Product Sales Online

    Let the boy have his money directly from you. Teach him the value of work.
  11. John-in-KC

    Year Round Physical Product Sales Online

    @Matty2Shoes, welcome to scouter. If I were doing it, I’d register as a Scouter Take Youth Protection training Take merit badge Counselor training offer Salesmanship merit badge.
  12. John-in-KC

    PLC hazing and bullying problem

    @WebCrawleywelcome to scouter
  13. These young ladies are going for Gold AND Eagle. They are certainly Type A. I suspect we will hear from them again in 10-20 years!
  14. I hope someone (commissioner, DE) tells them they do have a time extension front loaded by National.
  15. John-in-KC

    Tan Velcro for patches?

    @Calion, welcome to scouter!
  16. John-in-KC

    Privacy of Health Forms

    A to the men. Being private with them is not difficult. Place each one in a large Manila envelope. envelope. Seal it. If a Scout or a Scouter gets injured or has some form of disease overcome them, take them to urgent care or the ER or the dark, and open the envelope. This is not difficult. Ps: This militates for registering all adults on a trip.
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    long time lurker, new participant

    Welcome, Tim @tk71, to participating at scouter.
  18. John-in-KC

    When Do Girl Topics Move to Open Discussion?

    We watch each thread. Some threads do get moved from here to program. Others don’t. Each mod uses his discretion, and consults with the others when they see something that makes antennae twitch...
  19. John-in-KC

    ECOH Ideas/Tips/Suggestions

    It can be as formal as you want, it can be as informal as you want. One of the best I know of was a cookout by a couple Eagles. They manned the grill, talked to everyone, and took a few minutes for the Eagle charge. Thank the people who helped you, and have a great time.
  20. John-in-KC

    Who gets the money?

    Tatung, I must agree with @mrkstvns . Buying at any store gets you retail. Your local food bank is most likely a member of a regional food bank. In turn, THAT organization is part of Feeding America, a nationwide umbrella organization. These organizations have contracts with manufacturers, who are either outright donating, or selling food at production cost. The better way to thank the place that lets you set up is to encourage the adults to shop there.
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    Need last minute den meeting ideas

    @SteveBowman, welcome to the forums.
  22. John-in-KC

    Just got 1 girl

    @dfg890, Welcome to the forums. IN THE EVENT of a single young lady, you need to talk to Mom, he CC, and the chartered organization rep. You need a woman Scouter. Period. Good hunting.
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    Kudos to Qwazse!!!

    We who are moderators do not have visibility over IP data. @SCOUTER-Terry has his real world employees do admin work.
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    Kudos to Qwazse!!!

    Public kudos to Qwazse for being Helpful! he reported a post with porn links in it. Turns out the poster had gone to town and posted several such posts. That person, for now, is gone by banishment. Thank you!
  25. John-in-KC

    Vintage Uniform Question

    @CaptBurgers, welcome to the forums.