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  1. See link below. There are some links to the AOL Ceremony and the crossover ceremony All other threads will be locked forthwith. It will be a discussion topic at NOAC. https://oa-bsa.org/article/official-arrow-light-and-crossover-ceremonies
  2. John-in-KC

    Tigers Can No Longer Shoot BB Guns.

    Visit your local Council Shooting Sports Committee chair.
  3. John-in-KC

    Membership Removal Procedures Booklet

    You do not say whether you are SM, CC COR or his parent so that you have skin in the game. If you are - an ASM, go to your SM. - a member of the troop committee, go to your CC. - the COR, you have the authority to direct the SM and CC to explain the matter to you. - the parent, ask to sit down with the COR, CC, and SM. - the UC or DE, visit with the COR. - anyone else, sorry, I don’t see where you have a dog in this hunt.
  4. John-in-KC

    Troop Meeting Spaces

    The chartered partner is responsible for providing meeting space. I would contact your unit commissioner, District Executive, and the chartered organization representative forthwith. Between them, the SM, and the CC, there’s a solution out there. Ps: The Church has no contractual obligation to your troop whatsoever. It’s within its rights to charge whatever it thinks the traffic will bear as rent for an outside organization. It might also be they chose this number, so you’d say goodbye.
  5. John-in-KC

    Advancement question

    Moving this to the advancement forum
  6. The volunteers who busted their butts to restore SeaBase last fall were amazing people.
  7. John-in-KC

    Closing Threads

    And I cleaned up/reopened the thread.
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    Miscellaneous Uniform Gripes

    All of this was split off from the AOL ceremony thread in the OA forum.
  9. John-in-KC

    Closing Threads

    I closed it because I had neither the time nor the energy to split the off topic posts to their own thread. We can arrange for you to join us in the labor of love called moderation.
  10. To the first point: MANAGEMENT!?!?!?!????? AYFSM??????????? Wood Badge is first for unit serving leaders, not district and council committee volunteers. Leadership and MENTORSHIP are the academic skill sets needed at that level, unless we are going to integrate metric management as a method of the programs. WRT the toolbox, I hope someone who is a truly competent educator looks at the slide decks in the briefing books, and looks at them for readability. That was my biggest gripe about my course.... (Sarc-cynical)after lose all you want. (/Sarc-cynical)
  11. John-in-KC

    Amtrak ending Southwest Chief through service?

    Because the railroads were subsidized. See also land grants.
  12. John-in-KC

    NATIONAL POLICY: AOL and Crossover Ceremonies

    The off topic material has been moved to the uniform forum.
  13. Ladies and gentlemen Here is the 2018 Guide to Safe Scouting. I've skimmed it. The most significant change I see is all Scouters are mandatory reporters for purposes of youth protection. Here's a link from the National website, I'm also attaching a copy. I commend it to all for your critical review. Here's the link if you need to copy/paste it into local documents: https://filestore.scouting.org/filestore/pdf/34416.pdf This is the local downloadable copy: 34416.pdf
  14. John-in-KC

    Amtrak ending Southwest Chief through service?

    I’m also an admin at www.railroad.net. At this time, Amtrak has not posted any discontinuance notices on its long distance service. All the long distance trains are at some degree of risk; Amtrak generally wants to operate trains under 750 miles. For now, I’d operate as we are taught in Wood Badge: Have a plan B to get your trek to the Ranch. You should anyway. Earlier this summer, a wreck shut down service from Chicago to Kansas City. The SW Chief turned eastward to westward here as a consequence.
  15. John-in-KC

    The need for personal liability insurance

    I have an umbrella policy, but not because of my involvement in Scouting.
  16. John-in-KC

    Scoutmaster drowns while rescuing scout (UT)

    A swim area is the final responsibility of ADULTS, not youth members. Read the G2SS on this topic. If your unit is going to create a swim area from whole cloth, you need to do it right...that means checking the bottom, marking the area, and having equipment. Spend the money to get the right equipment v Having a PFD on a rope is a sorry excuse for a proper rescue tube or torpedo buoy. Finally, GO is, was, and will always be the rescue method of last resort.
  17. John-in-KC

    NATIONAL POLICY: AOL and Crossover Ceremonies

    Remember our Cheerful Service and the Scout Law when discussing this.
  18. John-in-KC

    Regalia outlawed at Arrow of Light

    Topic locked. New topic, operating from the National announcement, available as a pinned item
  19. John-in-KC

    Looking for some insight

    Just a note: There is a professional service staff adviser for every district or Council activity. Always, always seek them out on matters involving legal action. Each State has some degree of difference in how it handles family law issue. Parents, whether residential or otherwise, are best served consulting with their attorney. No parent, not one, should get wrapped up if their child and his other parent spend program hours at scout camp. It’s a time for the scout to bond with other youth and adults. If Mom could make camp and Dad couldn’t, guess what...I don’t have a lot of sympathy for Dad. Suffice it to say I have earned my post divorce parenting MB.
  20. Just a comment: Each State has different banking laws. Some banks are stronger on compliance matters than others. If you need help, ask your chartered partner to help you consult with their attorney (usually a member) or ask your unit commissioner to help you get a few minutes with the general counsel to your Council (or an attorney who sits the district committee).
  21. John-in-KC

    Where's the new stuff?

    Cub Scout color neckerchief are a BSA Supply Corporation rip-off. I was perfectly ok having my yellow necker all the wat through Cubbing (1965-8)
  22. John-in-KC

    Scoutmaster drowns while rescuing scout (UT)

    Reach, throw, row, go. Did the unit have a torpedo buoy? Was a buddy system in force? Was there any scout or adult who was trained as a bsa lifeguard? Finally, what level of swimmers were the youth? There isn’t a lot of reason to be in that deep of water with learners.
  23. Just in http://philmontscoutranch.org/ PHILMONT SCOUT RANCH ANNOUNCES CLOSURE FOR 2018 SUMMER SEASON - 7/5/18 After careful consideration of the situation and available options, the difficult but prudent decision has been made that the Philmont backcountry will remain closed for treks and individual programs for the remainder of the 2018 summer season. This means that the following programs scheduled for this summer are canceled: 7- and 12-day treks; and individual backcountry programs, including Rayado, ROCS, Trail Crew, STEM and Ranch Hands. Refund Checks for all affected crews will be sent to the lead contact advisor on Monday, July 9, 2018. Over the next few days, our staff will be contacting the lead advisor or contingent leader of these crews confirming the refund, offering a trek at Philmont for the 2020 season, and answering any questions. Please wait and allow the Philmont team to contact your crew – your assistance will help make sure that Philmont phone lines remain open. Your cooperation will be most appreciated. While High Adventure opportunities are at capacity at Northern Tier and the Florida Sea Base, there are opportunities at The Summit and they would be happy to accommodate your crew. This has been a difficult and at the same time inspiring summer at Philmont. For the first time in its history, Philmont is closing its backcountry. As difficult as this situation has been for our Philmont family and for Scouts across our country, we have been truly inspired by the incredible enthusiasm and perseverance shown by our staff, the resourcefulness displayed by displaced crews to find other summer adventures, and the understanding and good wishes from thousands of Scouts and Scouters from around the world. For all of these blessings, we are truly grateful. Fire danger in northern New Mexico is currently classified as “extreme.” The fire danger has led to closure of most public lands near Philmont. The Carson National Forest’s nearby Questa and Camino Real Ranger Districts, including the Valle Vidal area that Philmont utilizes, have been closed to public access. The New Mexico Game and Fish Department has similarly closed all of its properties that border Philmont, including the Colin Neblett Wildlife Management Area on our western border and the Elliott S. Barker Wildlife Management Area adjacent to our North Country. Links to these closure notices are included at the end of this release. On Friday, June 29, 2018, the Morris (Moras) Creek fire started south of the Philmont property line on private neighboring property near the Rayado River Canyon. This fire is currently more than 1500 acres and is burning on Philmont property. Our ranch managers, volunteer leaders, and national staff have monitored the situation since the Ute Park fire began and attempted to plan alternate trek routes and procedures required by Philmont to manage backcountry emergencies. Because of the Morris (Moras) Creek fire, these alternate trek routes have now been eliminated. The safety of our youth participants, volunteers and staff is the priority at Philmont Scout Ranch and for the Boy Scouts of America. This decision applies only to Philmont’s backcountry programs. Philmont’s Camping Headquarters and Base Camp area, the Philmont Training Center, the new National Scouting Museum, the Chase Ranch, and the Kit Carson Museum at Rayado will remain open all summer. Training courses at the Philmont Training Center and the National Advanced Youth Leadership Experience (NAYLE) will proceed as scheduled. This decision does not affect Philmont’s fall programs, including Autumn Adventure and fall PTC training conferences. The Philmont ranger motto is “scramble – be flexible.” That’s what we at Philmont have been doing all summer as we deal with these unexpected and unfortunate circumstances. Our terrific summer staff has embraced challenges that they didn’t anticipate when they signed on. They expected to be delivering awesome backcountry programs and inspiring high adventure experiences to thousands of Scouts and Scouters. Instead, they have enthusiastically taken on difficult and physically taxing timber stand improvement projects, backcountry fire abatement work, community service projects, and staff jobs at other camps. They are making sure we will be ready to re-open next year! Their willingness to roll up their sleeves, pitch in and meet the challenges we have faced reflects the very best on Scouting and our nation’s youth. They have our sincere thanks! Our National BSA leadership has been working with airlines to assist crews with refunds, changes, and credits. Please refer to the following contacts for support. American Airlines----1-800-221-2255 Southwest Airlines---1-800-435-9792 Alaska Airlines--------1-800-654-5669 Amtrak -----------------1-800-872-7245 Our entire Philmont family thanks you for your continued understanding, your support, and your cooperation. Links for information on area closures and fires: https://www.fs.usda.gov/main/carson/home http://www.wildlife.state.nm.us/conservation/state-game-commission-lands https://inciweb.nwcg.gov/ https://nmfireinfo.com/ As you look at alternatives for adventures this summer please check out NCAP accredited high adventure programs offered by local councils here
  24. BSA reaffirms duty to God aspect of all-programs through resolution adopted at 2018 national annual meeting.
  25. If you are on linked in, there is commissioner support forum run by Irving. This just in. This has a hot due date for any new leaders, and you can bet your bottom dollar it'll be required for all when units recharter.