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  1. Years ago I talked with our registrar when our council was looking to sell a piece of property. I was sad. Her comment is that if you look at the council over time, property has been bought or donated and sold. Camps change hands. ... Then she started identifying the past camps our council had. I never knew that our council had so many different camps over the last 90 years.
  2. Agree. Scouting is not baby sitting or adult led. Scouting is a safe environment to try and fail. ... Beyond that, "following the program" can be implemented many ways to create a unique personality for the troop.
  3. I can't think of any direction this will go that won't lead to huge frustration for many. If any part of this bankruptcy moves forward, this will be a long cycle of multiple appeals. It's one reason I always thought it would end with a BSA only bankruptcy with other cases pursuing insurance, LCs and COs. ... I never thought it would get this far. ... Not the first time I've been wrong in my life.
  4. When I was 18 to 20+, my life was continually changing. Moving. School. Friends. Relationships. I question how many at that age would survive a multi-year club commitment. It feels like program that will naturally fall into disorganization. I craved adventure and doing things. I wish the local scouting councils would have opened up their summer camps to us to use during non-summer times. If the opportunity existed for me to go with a group, I would have gone. For example, our council's camp is 2+ hours away and sits idle most of the year. I had a well behaved set of frien
  5. @curious_scouter ... Nice !!!! ... I wonder if councils will encourage a council volunteer-run, separate, non-profit to charter units.
  6. As long as I've had scouts in scouting ... Dale vs BSA ... CSA ... bankruptcy ... there has been a unhealthy relationship between BSA and GSA; mostly from GSA to BSA. ... I'd say more, but it's hard without accusations. But, it does feel like GSA has lifted themselves by pointing out issues and enjoying BSA be a target. Seeing an explicit reference to GSA lawsuit even tangentially related to a PR effort to smear BSA ... that really does make me sad. Perhaps the real issues is GSA sees it's own days as numbered when BSA emerges from bankruptcy.
  7. Yep. Adventure does not have to be expensive. It can be, but does not have to be.
  8. PAST ... Opening a bank account has drastically changed over the last 20 years. Last time we did it, the bank employee routed us to a gov site to create a non-profit EIN. Then we used that one. Probably ... no definitely not the right choice. BUT, that's how it was opened. NOW ... ??? Policies and procedures are lagging and don't address it.
  9. The key confusion is always talking about a "unit shoot". That's for convenience. Structurally, it's a district / council shoot. (training, staff, etc). ... It's only advertised to that unit and thus we call it a unit shoot.
  10. Good article ... It should have dived into "Natural Selection" further. Traditional jobs probably align better with odds of having more children. Example ... The average female forester / fireman / policeman probably has fewer kids than the average teacher / nurse / HR staff. Generation over generation, this is a feedback loop that naturally continues the separation. Should have dived into gender hormones more. Those hormones affect body development causing the average male to be 10% to 20% stronger / taller / bigger than the average female. As we all want to do jobs where we
  11. Same with our pack. We explicitly did not have a check-in / check-out program. Pack did not take responsibility for watching who comes and goes from the event with the cubs. The pack ran the event. The pack did not run the attendance. In many ways, this is because the maturity difference between kindergarten and 5th grade is too big. There is no way you can month after month create a pack meeting format that serves both groups. The maturity level is just too big. ORIGINAL QUESTION ... Policy would be in Guide To Safe Scouting. I don't see one. C
  12. There is some benefit in single gender and some in mixed. For me, I would like to let troops choose if they want to be single gender or mixed gender. Some parents do want a single gender experience for their kids. Others don't care or want an integrated experience. IMHO, let troops choose their personality.
  13. That's the real damage. It burns out volunteers that just want to setup tents and cook in the woods.
  14. Is it a money handling law that the money would never reach Philmont? First has to go thru bankruptcy court? Or is it a truth in advertising law to prevent fraud by misleading donors giving money to a bankrupt non-profit? ... i.e. if you are in bankruptcy proceedings, you should not pretend that business will continue. That's fraud or not fully truthful.
  15. It's a stepwise adjustment. Things will evolve over time.
  16. Quick? Quick in bankruptcy proceedings is three months or more.
  17. Agreed. It should. It doesn't though. "everything" always infers a reasonableness as in the definition of negligence. The change is "reasonableness" changes over time as we learn and society changes.
  18. The gotcha is judging in hindsight whether they did all they can do. The judgements will be very different in the moment ... versus a year later ... versus 25 years later. No much survives unscathed when deciding what went wrong.
  19. "I THOUGHT" ... and it's been a long time ... it was tickets (5 tickets). Now one ticket with 5 individual goals. Categorization ... Tickets were categorized (personal, unit, district/council, etc) ... Now "strengthens me" versus "strengthens my group". Plus, one must have a diversity aspect. Added listing personal values Added description of scouting role Added statement of success The ticket workbook smells like the Eagle project workbook. http://woodbadge.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Ticket-Workbook.pdf Doesn't always feel like
  20. Don't stress the ticket. It's part of the course. If you want to learn more about it. Best way to prepare for the course, prepare your camping gear. ... When you get there, do your best to make friends and watch how things work. http://woodbadge.org/the-wood-badge-ticket/ http://woodbadge.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/02/Ticket-Workbook.pdf Wow ... Either my memory is bad or the tickets have changed. My reading shows the ticket system has changed over the last 15 years.
  21. #1 Don't stress it. Make it fun. Enjoy the course. #2 Not necessary as you will have plenty, plenty of time during the course, but google woodbadge ticket ideas. Lots out there. For example, https://blog.scoutingmagazine.org/2016/04/19/favorite-wood-badge-ticket-item/ #3 BIGGEST ONE ... Like in scouting, you will learn more from how the course is run than anything explicitly said. IMHO, it's like scouting as I think the best lessons are natural lessons learned by doing something else.
  22. Agreed. I agree the wrong focus is now on equity of outcome because there is no way to judge equity at the start. If a person gets X extra every year for 12 years of primary school and then 4 years of college and then the rest of their career, is that equitable? ... You can never answer what is equitable because you never know how much was already given and if it will be enough to make a difference.
  23. you can do that !!!!! WHAT !!!! ... Dang ... Wish I knew that years ago. ... When I lived in CA, I rented but always felt sorry for those who just moved into the city. AND, I felt jealous of a few co-workers who slowly over years acquired their house from their parents without a registered sale. It is amazing how tax assessment is used against people. ... Locally (outside CA), I know several people who have that "knack" and have had their home assessments knocked far down below the real market value. ... Same several people that says we don't pay give schools enough money.
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