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  1. To ThenNow, I'd bet there are many similar reasons ... not wanting people to judge their kid when accusing such an upright adult ... so sick that it can't be true ... don't want to be "that" family ... or the family that caused problems for their church, school, community ... or just don't want to be associated with it. ... family dynamics are large and ugly at times. ... And those parents were kids when pregnant women were not really to be seen in public and out-of-wedlock daughters would be shipped away to have their kid. ... Only in 1978 did it become illegal to fire a woman for
  2. You are applying today's rightful indignation to things that happened a long time ago. An era where the kids were doubted and blamed for accusing nice upstanding people. An era where people commonly drove drunk. Where men were understood to have certain rights over their wives. Where banks commonly denied based on race or religion. Where many things are viewed today as ghastly that back then were just things you deal with. Today is a different time. Period. Looking back, it's hard to know when police were called and not. In the pseudo case provided, the parent could have c
  3. If a PR war happened, it should be about BSA having a structure to try to prevent re-entry of dangerous adults decades before the public, the teachers, the doctors and the politicians were recognizing the issue.
  4. Thank you. That's triggering a lot of reading. Supreme court decision from 1798. I'm still reading on this. It is truly a complex topic. I guess that's why I'm not a lawyer. I confused when I read things such as this: "The cases cited hold that the ex post facto effect of a law cannot be evaded by giving a civil form to that which is essentially criminal." ... I'm still wondering how this is all possible.
  5. Personal choice. Both are valid. I prefer the green as they are iess "flashy". Red reminds me of a 1970s style. It's always been a bit "iffy" as all past uniforms are still valid. BUT, I never ready about mixing and matching. At some point, the most important thing is your troop looks sharp and similar. Look at your troop and youth. If "ALL" leaders are wearing red, maybe you want red. If some are each color and youth are mostly green, maybe wear green. Your choice. I prefer the green as it's less flashy.
  6. QUESTION ... I was reading on retroactively extending SOL. Am I correct to interpret a difference between criminal and civil SOL? Or a specific person SOL versus an institution? I'd like to better understand the topic. I've read Supreme Court rulings about extending to apply criminal charges, but not found the specific about extending for institutional civil cases like the BSA's situation. Pointing to an article I could ready would be fine.
  7. My apologies. I did not mean to indicate you had not communicate. Sometimes our scout's families subvert the very program we are trying to establish. My key points were about this should not be in G2SS.
  8. Many of us have been in your shoes. Years when I enjoyed scouting. Years that sucked because I was not part of the "click". Or, I was treated bad because I was friends with someone the other person did not like. Even more similar, times where I really enjoyed scouting and then took the next step and it did not work out. It was hard to enjoy scouting after that bad experience. My suggestions. Focus on your son. Enjoy his company. Don't worry if he's not perfect or if you're not perfect. No one is. Enjoy your time together. Focus on yourself. If being Cubmaster is
  9. I agree with your disruption point and your example is meaningful. My issue is putting the rule in Guide To Safe Scouting, Abuse, etc. Are we saying the scout is not safe with the mom? Are we saying parents should not be allowed to take their kids out of camp because it endangers the troop? ... "barring medical exceptions" Are we saying a non-emergency medical condition allows ignoring Guide To Safe Scouting rules ? Radically, I'm going to assert ... Scouts are safe with their mom and dad. Troops have zero authority to override parents in such decisions on the basis of "safet
  10. "Turned in about 5 applications" ... I'm thinking it's less IT Systems; less Record keeping and more process. From what I've seen, if the application gets to the registrars office, it's recorded. Where I've seen things can get lost are these. App gets turned into a unit leader. Unit leader forgets or misplaces. App then gets turned into district exec at round table or somewhere else. DE forgets or misplaces. App reaches registrar's office and sits in unit registration folder without being entered ... Because ... missing signature on app
  11. I cringe at this. I remember reading it before and thinking: Yeah right. It's G2SS and in a section on "Youth Protection and Barriers to Abuse FAQs". Scouts can't share a tent with their parent because we are trying to protect them from their parent or sibling ? The trouble is someone inserted a program goal as a YP rule. Plus, YP should not include things that units can't really enforce. The G2SS also says we are mandatory reporters. And if a serious policy violation is made, we need to report it. Who wants to be the scouter calling the SE about a YP violation because a scout
  12. Deleted. Old point. Nothing new.
  13. Sadly, our first-time participants were also our last-time participants. Scouting is a short program. The years go quick. For my family, there was one-chance for high adventure. We could not afford multiple ... dollars, time, fund-raising, etc. I love Sea Base because of where we live. Our troop has done lots of hiking and once a year backpacking. trip So, Philmont was cool, but not a big driver for us. Northern Tier trips are cool, but we do canoeing regularly in our troop. Sea Base is unique because it does not overlap and because of scale and the absolutely different lifestyle
  14. Large overlap. With one son, I did Munson Island. Another son did Sea Exploring. I'm glad my son and I got to do the 5 mile (??) canoe to / from the island. That was cool. The big difference I see is with Munson you are anchored to the island for five days with all activities based around the island. The sixth day is the canoe back to the base, sleeping in domitories, A SHOWER, and a luau. Keys Adventure you get to shower each night, sleep in air conditioning and more diverse activities. When we were there in August, it chilled down at night to just below 90 with an 85 degr
  15. Love your ideas. I really like the idea of having the scouts cook. I'm betting ... when we did ours as a picnic / pot-luck, we could have recruited scouts three / four scouts from every troop to help cook / contribute. That would have been great.
  16. I'm betting someone submitted it to an events calendar and it got entered. ... And, it just has not been removed yet.
  17. @qwazse has a good answer. Rules are often not clear cut.
  18. Paid? I want to say no, but I'm not sure there is such a rule that it must be a "volunteer" basis. If you can't find the rule, don't make it a decision point and it goes in the scout's favor.
  19. Qualifying statements: I don't believe youth are good or bad. There are behaviors, maturity, distractions and other issues that are incompatible with scouting. Response: Leaders need to address bad behavior. It's infectious. It drives scouts away and can earn your troop a bad reputation. Leaders need to ask scouts to move on if the scout can't behave within the boundaries of scouting. Packs or troops. Depending the behavior, troops that keep such scouts are accepting a lot of risk and taking on responsibility often beyond their experience. My concern is safety and
  20. LOL ... I know such a parent. ... comments removed ... he's a friend ... his son has applied to five colleges ... all are at least 1000 miles away. The kid wants to lead his own life now.
  21. I HUGELY AGREE !!!! Program comes first, second and third. Scouts want to be doing things. They crave it. From adult leader view, it builds character, develops friendships and gives them great stories to tell. IMHO ... Forcus your energy on getting your scouts out having adventures, activities, doing things, building friendships. A little energy needs to be on troop structure, PLCs, etc. You must follow GTSS. Beyond that, the vast majority of your energy should be on getting the scouts out doing things and then getting out of their way.
  22. I've been thru dozens. At least 20+. Sometimes it was monthly. Each was half recognition and half promotion. It gets old. I like Woodbadge. It was useful. No where near premiere training, but it was useful. For me, I learned alot about the "ideal" on how things should work. I got little from each training session as I'd been thru high performance team training multiple times. But how the event was run, (marching, sons, structure, B&G banquet style, cross over, etc) was extremely useful. For me, it's the sitting thru promotion after promotion. But you're right. Enou
  23. Great comments. Love the comment about avoiding the "insider" focus. So so true. IMHO ... ten minutes is eight or nine minutes too long. The audience did not show up to recognize the importance of Woodbadge. Personally, I like Woodbadge and I grew from taking it. ... My negative is because it's proportionally way out of balance. Our district has had 10 minutes beadings month after month. I just don't want to sit thru those ceremonies anymore. Even two minutes is too long at some point. Here's my ideal script recognition script: "Next up: Woodbadge ticket
  24. Not sure how I feel about this story. I'm probably reading too much into this. Positive A scout is helpful. It's nice that people in need can benefit Scouts probably won't lose out much because of covid. Concern Precedent. Will city expect similar in future years such that scout's can't depend on using the property in the future? Why not another city property? Maybe an administration hall with large cardboard dividers? Perception Is scouting viewed as a low priority that should yield? Then again, there is n
  25. Each scout has their own path. Celebrate his path included scouting.
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