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  1. karunamom3

    PW Derby Car from past year

    Thank you The Latin Scot. You gave me a lot to think about. I like your idea of not awarding 1st, 2nd & 3rd. We used to do best in show chosen by someone not involved with the scouts but that led to an angry family and a scout quitting also. We can't win it seems. We did 'include' by shaving off fractions of a second. It would have been a hell of a lot easier to just disqualify, but we would have not been happy to see a scout walk away not being able to participate. We tried to find a middle of the road solution. When will we learn that we will never make all families happy.
  2. karunamom3

    PW Derby Car from past year

    We did think about letting it slide to make our lives easier. They problem was that 1 of the cars in question caused a big to do the year before. Many families thought it was wrongfully modified. It was a car no one forgot. So on the flip side. We had parents who followed the rules and took the time to build a new car questioning if we were going to let them run it again. It was a tough spot to be in.
  3. karunamom3

    PW Derby Car from past year

    You bring up some good points. We are following the district rules because our pack will be hosting our district PWD. Hmmm... good idea to go over the rules with each parent. And if this should happen in the future, a chance for a scout to redo their car is also a good idea. I would imagine some of this trouble would have been avoided if the parents had a heads up beforehand. "Is it worth keeping them around"... we have been asking ourselves this question. Both families dont fully participate. Dont help out, very rarely go on outings, have never been camping and both boys have been with us from Wolf and are now AOL. Both families are the big complainers of the group and are not team players in any way. Always complaining & never helping. Both have debated before about weather to continue on with scouts. You get the picture.
  4. karunamom3

    PW Derby Car from past year

    I need opinions from those not directly involved please. We had our PW derby today and 2 cars were clearly from last year's derby. One of them still had a marking we placed on it during the race. - rules were handed out and texted to all parents. #1 states: "NEW CAR: Car must be built this year (2019). Cars from earlier years are not eligible. - the cars in question were compared to pictures from previous years by 3 leaders. - 6 leaders discussed including cub master, assistant cub master, committee member & 3 DLs -we are a small pack of 18 - instead of disqualifying the cars the leaders agreed to subtract 1/8 of a second off the time of the 2 cars in question. The 2 families are now angry with the pack and have threatened to not return. They both claim that their cars have been 'redone'... Weights changed, 'same style', wheels removed and reapplied, etc. We tried to compromise with a time penalty and allow them to be in the race. Well, guess who is the bad guy now. In addition, 1 scout wasn't there. His parents brought the car for him. We are unsure of how to respond besides putting our foot down and saying, yes we are at fault. The cars should have been disqualified. Period. What a learning experience.
  5. Do linked boy/girl troops share a bank account?
  6. karunamom3

    Linked Troops sharing a website, unit number

    Our council does not want any linked troops to share a number since they are 2 units
  7. karunamom3

    Do I need 2 uniforms?

    I am currently a cub master and will soon be an assistant scout master. Do I need 2 uniforms? Can I put the cub & boy scout 'trained' patches on 1 uniform? Or double any other patches?
  8. karunamom3

    Retroactive Awards?

    Can awards (belt loops) be recognized retroactively in our Council's system? We, meaning the new leaders, recently found out that the old leaders were not giving credit for all of the boys achievements. The boy would get the belt loop for an elective, but it would not be entered into our Council's computer system (and I supposethat means National too?). What they were doing was taking each ranks book and entering in the required electives and entering the number of electives required by randomly choosing an elective from the book. Ugh. Our boys complete many more electives than the few required. As new CM can I add in all of the correct awards into the system?
  9. karunamom3

    Cub Girl Uniform

    We have a current boy scout that wears a beret like this. It has sentimental value for him.
  10. Looking for the old belt style full kit or just the white plastic piece that slips onto the belt. I have a scout (now webelos) that never received any recognition and has asked why. I dont have the answer but would like to get him what he has earned.
  11. karunamom3

    Mayor Give Pack Awards?

    The Cubmaster is fine with it. It is the Committee Chair who is opposed.
  12. Can a mayor give scouting awards to cub scouts? Opinions on this please? Our cub scout pack is holding their Blue & Gold dinner tomorrow. The mayor has been invited and is joining us for part of the day. We thought it would be nice for him to give 2 of our awards out. These 2 awards/situations are a bit more special than an average award so we thought it would be nice for him to do (and media may be involved). We have surprisingly been met with resistance from the old blood within the pack. They feel that he is only a guest and should not give any awards because he is not involved with/a member of our pack. The awards should only be given by den leaders or the cubmaster. The mayor was a cubscout in our pack when he was a kid. He gave our pack $1000 for uniforms and books. He gives us a school bus and driver from the town to use for events 1 or 2 times a year. He has asked us to lead parades, etc. The younger blood feels that is may be a snub to not ask him to be a part of the awards process. Hit me with your thoughts & opinions? Thanks. .
  13. karunamom3

    Council Fire - Wolf Required Adventure

    We collected food donations outside a local food store. Any monetary donations we received we bought gift cards to the food store.Then we distributed the food & gift cards to the 3 main food pantries in our area.