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  1. walk in the woods

    I Feel a Disturbance in the Shenanigans

    Our Council Scout Exec.
  2. walk in the woods

    I Feel a Disturbance in the Shenanigans

    For our council roundup night we were told, regardless of whether your pack is accepting girls or not, regardless of whether you have the 5 minimum or not, register all girls and take their parent's money. District/Council will find them a place. I have no idea how many might have been affected as we had 0 girls show up.
  3. walk in the woods

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    If you did this in my neighborhood, the next meeting would have 0 parents and 0 participants. I spent a year and a half shielding my pack from a DE who was just like this. The Pack's survival was in question for the better part of 8 months.
  4. walk in the woods

    New girls in Scouting

    If you look closely, you'll see the Journal date is 2015 but the published date is 2013. Not uncommon for a journal article to publish online long before it makes a print edition. the title given in the Telegraph article is exactly the same, with the same authors, of the second link I provided. I suppose the authors could be biased, along with the folks who did the peer review, and the editors/reviewers at the journal (published by OUP). It happens to the best journals. This particular article has been cited over 20 times according to NIH (https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4428296/citedby/). So, the argument made was there is no difference in the development of boys and girls. A scholarly article, published in a peer reviewed journal, and cited over 20 times, suggests that's not the case. It's now the person who made the original claim to do the research to refute my response, you know, with actual data and studies and such.
  5. walk in the woods

    New girls in Scouting

    https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/science/science-news/10529134/Girls-really-do-mature-quicker-than-boys-scientists-find.html, with the published study, https://academic.oup.com/cercor/article/25/6/1477/299218?searchresult=1
  6. walk in the woods

    I HATE the new YPT rules

    Nah, just about having a 6 year old at a scout encampment.
  7. walk in the woods

    Starting a new troop: Budget items

    Talk to your CO about making a startup donation. Also talk with them about service opportunities your young scouts could take on right away.
  8. walk in the woods

    Adult Supervision for Online Communications

    It's not just a BSA problem, it's a societal problem. Our over arching desire to protect children is actually damaging them, mentally and physically. Lukianoff and Haidt talk about it in their article, and now book, "The Coddling of the American Mind." It's the basis of Leonore Skenazy's Free Range Kids movement. You're right, the BSA should absolutely be fighting against the trend. But, it's risky business to say "Let your kid join our movement! They're going to be challenged emotionally and physically. They'll hear things they disagree with. They'll get into arguments. They'll take risks and they might get hurt. One weekend a month you'll say goodbye on Friday night and not hear from your child again until Sunday morning!" It's a lot easier to say Family Scouting and give in to the zeitgeist.
  9. walk in the woods

    Adult Supervision for Online Communications

    I'm guessing this will be updated:
  10. walk in the woods

    Adult Supervision for Online Communications

    Question for the OP. Are the boys getting their work done? Is the troop running well? Have you had any actual reports of wrong doing? For 100 years our goal has been to get boys to work together to run their troops. Train them, trust them, let them lead is the catch phrase. Now we're being told adults have to intervene. There's no faster way to crush the spirit of a group of boys who have bought into the actual vision! The policy quoted above is technocentric and technophobic. Would we demand to see hand written letters between the scouts? What if they decided to use an encryption technique? Would policy dictate a key escrow service? If they all sit together at lunch should a scout leader demand to be invited or will we recruit teachers to spy for us? These are the policies that will change the BSA from a character development program into a adult driven camping club. BSA National needs to come down out of their ivory tower, fire all the professors and experts they've brought into their little echo chamber, and get back into the field actually working with boys.
  11. walk in the woods

    Eagle Scout Extension for new 2019 Scouts

    Then she'd have the same disappointment as any boy living in small town America when it comes to starting a scout troop. It's not a new problem.
  12. walk in the woods

    New Scout Troop

    So lots of questions. How many girls? Will you have your own equipment or share with the boys unit? Will you be meeting at the same time/place or separately? Take this for what it's worth, I restarted a troop with 6 boys. It was winter so I spent the first month or two working with the boys on simple scout skills, setting up tents, setting up tents in the dark, setting up the kitchen (we mostly plop camped at that point), hooking up the stove, cooking, fire starting, woods tools, shopping lists, menu planning, etc. Plus a lot of team building games and working on patrol identify. It was adult directed at the beginning but started to work towards the boys working on their own. It was imperfect but what we had access to use. Certainly it helped us get ready for that first camping trip and for our first summer camp. Assuming you have good relationships with the boys unit, I would suggest not using the boys troop ASMs to teach scout skills, rather get the boys unit Instructors and/or older scouts to do so. That will help set the youth leadership direction. Maybe ask if your PL(s) can observe the boy unit's PLC meetings. Unless you have 15 - 20 girls joining your new unit, skip the SPLs and ASPLs. Maybe even if you have that many skip those positions. A patrol needs a Patrol Leader, but not an SPL. I'd argue two or three patrols probably don't need an SPL. As they get familiar with the equipment and structuring outings some of that will shake out. Introduce other leadership positions as the unit needs them. Dig out the Troop Program Resources for your first few months. It will build a framework around meetings for your new PL(s).
  13. walk in the woods

    Other than “The Cremation of Sam McGee” ...

    From the stack of wax at the back of the rack! https://www.scoutsongs.com/lyrics/imetabear.html
  14. walk in the woods

    Boys-only weeks at camp

    Well, let's start from the bottom up. The BSA didn't create a unified program at the Scout BSA level, they created a gender-segregated program. It's no secret I don't agree with the decision to bring girls into scouting, but, anybody with a brain saw the gender-segregated solution was going to cause more problems than solutions. As for the Cub Scouts, we don't have the discussion because the packs are co-ed but the Dens are segregated. Mostly a cosmetic difference but a difference non-the-less. Working around family vacations, grandparents, custody, summer jobs, summer school, and work schedules is just the way summer camp scheduling works. While I am sympathetic to the argument about provisional camping, I'm less sympathetic to the "any week they want" arguments. Why are you limiting yourself to just your Council's summer camp? If they are setting a schedule that doesn't work for your unit, vote with your feet and dollars. Troops do this all the time over program and for any number of other issues. I guarantee if your girls troop goes somewhere other than your council camp next summer you'll get asked why plenty of times next fall. Finally, there's only harm if one decides there is. Take deep breaths and find solutions you and your girls are happy with. "People are not disturbed by things, but by the views they take of them." -Epictetus
  15. walk in the woods

    Targeting Boy with False Allegations

    Near the top of my newsfeed today, a website, designed to allow for anonymous accusations against young men.