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  1. walk in the woods

    Can a scout control use of raised funds?

    Hmmm. I seem to recall my council allowing scouts to sell surplus popcorn from the annual campaign to fund summer camp, jambo, or eagle projects.
  2. walk in the woods

    Setting the tone with a new CSE

    The Autism Society of America is in a leadership transition. Just saw this on FB. https://www.autism-society.org/meet-our-new-ceo-a-letter-from-christopher-banks/?fbclid=IwAR1Z0ACpoTQ0mwddvQLR_TztmhlqLa0bBj9ThVWlOGgMKpkMrdtM5CCYkF8 FWIW, hired Nov. 15, assumed post Jan. 1.
  3. walk in the woods

    Parents, Non-registered and YP awareness

    I don't believe the 72 hours is cumulative over the scouting year, rather, it's per event.
  4. walk in the woods

    Standing up to adults

    The best officers I ever served under understood this truth. Their NCOs were their best teachers and resources for success.
  5. walk in the woods

    Recharter & BSA IT

    First time in 15 years I haven't had to deal with recharter so my info might be a bit dated. The promotion bit has been there for a couple years. As I recall though there's a coordination issue between units. Not so big a deal if you're rechartering a pack and troop for a single CO. The multiple thing is very irritating. The only place I ever found to mark it is right at the very end of the process. Right before you submit, there's one last option to edit adults where the multiple option becomes available. It's almost like they don't want you to find it.
  6. walk in the woods

    Scouts BSA Up 1.2% Youth Members, up 7.1% Units

    Question is how hard can it be to sort those variables out? I mean this isn't rocket surgery. We (should) know exactly how many LDS units there were, which boys were registered to those units, how many of those boys joined new or existing units, how many girls have joined, new Scouts BSA girl troops, how many kids joined Lions, how many are still in the program, etc. We should know these numbers exactly, no?
  7. To be clear, I agree that consolidating the MBC process at the council level is bone-headed. Given the district I served is 100 miles end-to-end I don't know that a district coordinator makes any more sense. I never had any problems recruiting local people to work with the boys in any number of topics. They just weren't going to become members of the BSA to do it and they weren't interested in being called by scouts other than those in the local unit. That's the rub, requiring membership and forcing people to be available beyond their desire to do so.
  8. True but that unnecessarily restricts the pool of MBCs in small units and small population centers. My local auto body guy and welder and blacksmith and volunteer firemen and teachers are perfectly happy to work with the scouts in their town on merit badges but have zero interest in being members of BSA and working with scouts from other towns. As a result the boys either have to travel great distances to meet a counselor, avail themselves of MB fairs, or go to local venues offering mass merit badge classes. The system disincentives local experts from getting involved which restricts the adult association method
  9. Back when I was a SM I talked to any number of teachers at our local Jr. High and High School, and other members of the community, about being MBCs. They were of course happy to work with the boys, right up to the point that I said great, fill out this application and take YPT. Then, to a person, they declined.
  10. walk in the woods

    United Methodist Church Schism

    It appears what used to be our second or third largest chartering organization is on the verge of schism. The cause is less interesting to me than the potential impact on BSA. Although if any of you are UMC-ers with insight please share whatever you are comfortable sharing.
  11. walk in the woods

    Headline news again...

    A marketing campaign right now could have unexpected backlash. Just a few random thoughts from a regular guy: - If the BSA spent a bunch of money on TV or radio advertising, people might question why that money wasn't put away to compensate victims. People might include a bankruptcy judge? - If the BSA took on a big marketing campaign, lawyers might suggest the BSA is trying to cover up past issues to reduce the impact of judgments. - If the BSA took on a big social media campaign, the people who'd like to see the BSA disappear will start shouting at them to shut up and heap more abuse on the organization. - If the BSA starts touting its current YPT program as justification for continued existence, the organization's enemies only need to find one person to claim they were abused in 2018 or 2019 to blow the claims out of the water. I know it's not, or don't think it is, a criminal case, at least not yet, but "anything you say can and will be used against you in a court of law" might be sound advice to heed. Certainly anything the BSA says right now can be twisted.
  12. walk in the woods

    Current Literacy stats for U.S.

    Well, education is a government run monopoly so why be surprised it's ineffective.
  13. walk in the woods

    Scouts BSA Up 1.2% Youth Members, up 7.1% Units

    Districts were merged in my council this year. The top numbers are for the new merged district, the sub district (my word) is the former constituent district.
  14. walk in the woods

    Global Climate Change (AGW)

    Nope, and there's no need. If humanity is actually facing an extinction level event then open Yucca Mountain, build nukes to replace the fossil fuel plants, radcon train the people from the ff plants for the nukes, and move along smartly with all those toxic Co (the next conflict mineral) battery powered cars!
  15. walk in the woods

    Scouts BSA Up 1.2% Youth Members, up 7.1% Units

    In round numbers, 2150 youth in 80 units. Exurbs of a major metro.