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  1. Hmmm, not sure why Shooting Sports would need any DEI requirements/discussion. The firearms, bows, and wrist-rockets don't give a damn about the person using them. That said, I guess you could start with the racist history of gun control laws intended to keep firearms out of the hands of slaves, freedmen, and Indians (I think we call these folks BIPOC individuals today). You could then continue with a discussion of how that continues today with the harshest gun laws in the nation having a disproportionate impact, up to and including incarceration, on black populations in large cities.
  2. https://www.today.com/news/2-boy-scouts-rescue-drowning-woman-missouri-floodwaters-t224158
  3. Nothing would stop them and there would be no difference.
  4. Every child is different. My son's first round of vaccines, his autism diagnosis, and the Wakefield study all happened within a few months of each other. We stopped all his remaining vaccines. When school rolled around, the docs offered to run titers to check his immunity. I think he hoped they would be low to convince us to do the boosters. Turns out they were good all the way through his school years.
  5. To be clear, the claim that MMR vaccines cause autism was published in the Lancet, a peer-reviewed journal, in 1998. It took many years for it to be debunked, and not before the Wakefield study results were all over the evening news. The "anti-vaxxer movement" didn't create the claim, Dr. Wakefield did, and following the publicity of the study, the movement. Only later did we find out he was funded by a law firm looking to sue MMR manufacturers. Those of us who have children with autism, who were of vaccine receiving ages between 1998 and roughly 2004, were forced to make decisions in that
  6. I suspect WOSM will care. I may be wrong but I believe the first world countries effectively subsidize the growth in the non first world.
  7. Insurance policies paid for by your dues and council chartering fees. Insurance isn't free.
  8. That horse left the barn years ago. The BSA has settled multiple cases in and out of court already. You've already paid.
  9. Assuming parts of the endowment aren't restricted.
  10. Yeah, if he's making a COVID argument and suggesting CA, he'll get the same argument thrown back in his face.
  11. The prohibited activity in that paragraph is "strike at each other" and nothing more. I'd take that to mean martial arts, boxing, etc. are all fine as long as the scouts are striking at training dummies, heavy bags, pig carcasses, etc. It works for this Girl Scout troop in Iowa.
  12. The BSA acquired the land for the Summit in 2009/2010 timeframe, the opening event was the 2013 National Jamboree. The first year of summer programs for units was 2014. You might be thinking about a different place if your troop went in 2005/2006.
  13. Just curious if those same parents refused to let their scouts participate in summer camp because ranges were open?
  14. So where are your council-owned units going to meet? Do you really think if lawsuits start hitting your local churches, Legion Posts, Firemen's Associations, and VFW Halls, that any of them will ever let a BSA unit in their buildings again? They'll close down their facilities to all youth serving organizations in a heartbeat.
  15. Every time I read "heads on pikes" I get this image of them being along the road at the entrance to the Summit as scouters are bused in for summer re-education camp! 🤪
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