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  1. You're not alone. I had to zoom my browser in to get it all in.
  2. My comparison point is 2013 so take that FWIW. These were the highlights to me: Base price $1175 for participants, $895for staff (reduced for half session) Troop size of 40 with up to 8 adults; can recruit individual patrols of 10, 2 adults 8 youth, for provisional troops. Council estimates of 20,000 attendees, initial payments for 12,000. Initial payments due by end of Sept. Day of service in local councils vice on site in WV
  3. Indeed. My council already announced $60. So for us a new scout in Sept is $22 prorated national, $25 new scout, and $20 council for $67at sign up then $126 in October/November for recharter. Almost $200 lift the first two months plus unis and stuff.
  4. So a new scout in Sept gets $22 prorated fee for the rest of the year and $25 new scout fee? Or does the $25 get them the remainder of the year?
  5. As I and others have stated multiple times, this is not now, nor has it ever been, about compensating victims. The BSA has been identified by the postmodern deconstructionist as a target to be destroyed due to perpetuating a male-dominated power structure. Once so identified, no amount of change will satisfy because historical grievances will always outweigh. The BSA also runs afoul of the postmodernist by using such outdated ideas as a Scout Law (Trustworthy and Loyal are just a social construct built by the powerful) and Scout Oath (Duty is only due to oneself). Other organizations get a pass because they adapted to the My Personal Truth narrative voluntarily at first pushback.
  6. @carebear3895 not to pry but can you share details? Did the retirement plan switch from defined benefit to define contribution? Reduced matching? Liquidating the pension fund?
  7. This is the new version of the ISP Urban Hike.
  8. I wonder if BSA gets to develop the campaign or if they just have to fund it without input
  9. That's true, to secure existing debt per https://www.sltrib.com/news/nation-world/2019/11/22/boy-scouts-mortgage-vast/. But here's the problem I see, I did a quick search, and it's only one data point, but here's a listing for a ranch near Cimarron, https://www.landwatch.com/Colfax-County-New-Mexico-Farms-and-Ranches-for-sale/pid/337607531. It has 50,658+/- acres, listed for $96M. Do the math and it's roughly $1900/acre. Assuming Philmont at 140,000 acres, with a $450M mortgage, it's valued at just over $3200/acre. That's a heck of a premium.
  10. Question is, who is buying? Can surrounding ranches sell enough more cattle to finance the land acquisition? Or outfit enough more BWCAW crews to buy the extra bases? Sea Base is easier for me to see a purchaser. This will be a fire sale.
  11. He described the make up in the video. I heard gold tabs.
  12. That's the beauty of the Council Service Fee, they are selling it by eliminating the Family FOS campaign. Not FOS mind you, just the campaign. Oh, and the fees for tent camping at council property, which were double the local state parks.
  13. This will be hard to swallow with the $60 service fee my council has implemented. In two years the annual dues will have increased from $36 to $72 to $126?!?!?!
  14. Or, like my council, they'll implement the $60/youth member/year ($36/year for adults) service fee in an attempt to cover the losses.
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