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  1. That's the beauty of postmodern philosophy invading every aspect of culture, media, and education. There are no objective truths, there are no facts outside of their interpretation by the receiver, there is no objective reality. Your personal feelings are as good as actual facts, because, facts are filtered by the power structure. Your kids believe America is an awful place because some teacher, media person, pop culture personality told them so. The personal also told them that any "facts" that contradict that feeling are racist because facts are a tool of the oppressor class. This creates an unfalsifiable premise because anything that contradicts the premise is deemed racist (or sexist or homophobic or islamaphobic or genderphobic or whatever the case may be). When confronted with actual facts or data, the postmodern simply has to say "I don't feel like that's true" and the debate is over. https://www.britannica.com/topic/postmodernism-philosophy https://areomagazine.com/2017/03/27/how-french-intellectuals-ruined-the-west-postmodernism-and-its-impact-explained/
  2. Well, my post included a random image from my clipboard so I deleted it. But the image from hell keeps reappearing from the dead! And it appears I can't delete it from my profile, so behold, an image from a Code 42 install. (From MattR: I set the image size to zero to get rid of it. This might be easier from a laptop.)
  3. Not to defend National too much, but, they've made several attempts to reach underserved youth. That was part of the thrust of the ISP. Learning for Life, Scoutreach, Scouting and Soccer, generally fall into that category. They may be bad at it, but, they've certainly tried.
  4. I doubt Summit expenses would be listed with Accounts Payable. Aren't Accrued Liabilities typically the cost of services rendered but no invoice has been received? I'm guessing Law Firm Fees and the like.
  5. Actually I'm not proposing a federation of councils. If the National Council of the BSA were to be dissolved, there are no more regions, areas, or councils as we understand them today. What we call Councils today are independent Not-for-profit corporations licensed by the National Council (which in this scenario no longer exists) to deliver scouting. Areas and Regions have no meaning outside of the national organization because they are ust amalgamations of Councils, which are now undefined. Without National, there are just 270-odd NFP corporations scattered around the country that used to be licensees of the now defunct BSA, desperate to survive or merge. So let's assume the 270 NFPs are all given the BSA IP to use as their own. This is where the Thunderdome really gets rolling. Former boundaries are meaningless. Former relationship to the BSA is meaningless. The first mover gets the spoils. It's not too hard to imagine the NFPs in TX and OK merging into a much leaner organization known as the Red River Scouts of America, recruiting all the units possible within their former boundaries to be part of their program. Nearly all units agree because the RRSA owns the local rights to Eagle. With a critical mass of scouts, the RRSA ultimately consumes/recruits all the NFPs all the way up through the Dakotas to deliver the RRSA program, ultimately changing it's name to the Great Plains Scouts of America. In the northeast the same dynamic plays out with the formation of the New England Scouts of America around NY and points north, ultimately growing south through PA, MD, DE, and DC. It's not hard to imagine 5 or 6 new independent regional scout organizations in the US that have limited incentive to cooperate/coordinate since they all have the same rights to the IP. As the programs strengthen and diverge they'd start selling their brands across the country. This scenario is effectively the Power-5 Football Conference model (humor me and let's leave B1G and Pac-12 in the mix for now). You could argue that they submit to the NCAA so the scouting model would dictate a master organization. But, I believe the scouting model would play out differently because 1) no national scouting organization is going to spread money around like the NCAA, and 2) each of the regional scouting organizations would have everything they need with regards to IP. As for WOSM, it's an international bureaucracy that will go where the money leads them in order to perpetuate their existence. They'd be recruiting the new regional organizations in the US, not the other way around. Beyond that, WOSM has already set the standard for membership. I'm going by what's on wikipedia, so take that into account, but that page lists 40 different scouting organizations in the European Region (again, roughly the same geographical size as the US or certainly North America). According to the page of Liechtenstein, their organization only has 1,100 members. The wikipedia page for WOSM member Scouts Ireland list 40,000 youth members. So, Scouts UK already has relationships with a large number of small member organizations. Admitting regional US scouting organizations as members would only be exceptional because of WOSM's Nationalistic bias. And that assumes the US regional organizations even cared about WOSM at all. My money says the GPSA tells WOSM to get off. Now if the BSA IP goes to auction, we'll all be part of the LDS Scouts of America in the near future. And Philmont would be open. But, that's another thread. :)
  6. Ah okay. Seems like a great argument for killing the NSP concept.
  7. Question is does the USA need a National scouting organization? The EU countries are roughly the same geographical size as the US, roughly the same GDP, but with more population. The EU has how many scouting organizations? 30ish? Why not have the mega-councils referenced in this thread form individual organizations, give them all access to the BSA IP and let them innovate from there? Use the RBOC Model. They could all be part of WOSM.
  8. I think you've identified an effect but might be missing the cause. I was never "taught" those things either. Growing up my mother, and every mother in town, kicked their progeny out of the house by 9am all summer weather permitting. We met up at the ball park, played baseball, or whatever we decided to do. There wasn't an adult in sight, no structured rules, so we figured it out on our own. Older kids looked out for the younger because their dad said look out for your kid brother. I'd argue we've taught kids to be dependent on adults and we tend to ostracize the natural leaders instead of letting the kids figure it out. We adults have come to prefer compliant kids rather than the energetic and we've taught them to be meek.
  9. The official ad informing potential victims of the filing deadline has been running every couple hours on Golf channel all weekend. I assume the other NBC properties likewise.
  10. https://www.scouting.org/resources/guide-to-advancement/mechanics-of-advancement/scouts-bsa/#
  11. Define "patched up" in this specific case please. What is the time window between the first and last month's of service that the scout is claiming? How much of the patchwork was continuous? Was the scout otherwise active during that same window or did he disappear because he made the decision to pursue something else (all decisions have opportunity costs)? Is the 6 month continuous service applied consistently in the unit? Was it known in advance?
  12. I was on higher ground. Dug 10 Miles of trenches at a minimum. Sorry!
  13. you're getting off cheap. My council took full advantage of the nationally approved council service fee. It will be $126/youth for my kids to recharter for next year($66 national and $60 Council because they announced before National did), $75 or so dollars for adults.
  14. Have someone on the committee sign for the CC and ask the IH to sign for the CoR. Nobody is checking signature cards or anything.
  15. This would be interesting in that a separate management company would have no incentive to service only Scouts BSA units during the summer. Nor would there be an incentive to focus on Merit Badge work. They wouldn't be bound by BSA camp standards or the G2SS. They might cater to Scouts BSA units for a year or two but that wouldn't last long.
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