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    • My example of  Scout to counselor ratio is more about the badge and what the structure of the MB college allows.  I have taught at a few.  If the event gives me only a three hours to work with Scouts on say Personal Management (with the disclaimer they have some homework to do on their own as well before or after the event before I can "sign off") , I can do it with a small group of enthusiastic youth where I can relay a concept, get their feedback and have a discussion.  Trying to do that with a larger number, for me, would diminish my abilities to actually counsel them through the badge, so I won't put myself out there to be a counselor at an event structured like that.  
    • Even more peculiar about Fingerprinting ... As a scout, our troop did a town hike and stopped at the state police barracks. Among other things, we got finger-printed. The officer who taught us how to do that lived four doors down from me. I played with his kids.  I never earned the badge.
    • Absolutely you and a co-leader may set up a course at any sizeable local park. Walk your park, find some nice spots to hang a flag about a square foot large (those cheap litter pick-up vests are perfect) visible from 100 feet from at least three directions. Mark them on your GPS.  Plot them on a map. Set up the course in the morning, take it down in the afternoon. An easy free solution to mapping is caltopo.com. I use it regularly. You could literally map it. Use it to set up your course. Save it as a .pdf. Send it to your boys and tell them "Go!" My scouts hate me. But you may also ... Call those clubs and see if they have someone who would volunteer to set up a course for your troop. (In exchange for your best dutch-oven meal, of course.) Or (better) schedule one of their events at a location near you. Contact the ranger at your favorite scout camp. They often have several courses built into the camp. Contact your nearest state park. An orienteering club might built one or more permanent courses there. If not, the ranger might know where the nearest one is. Ask at your district roundtable if anyone has a scout working on Orienteering MB who would like to set up a course for your troop.
    • If MBUs were the only way, then yes I'd be against.  I'm okay with MBUs if there is a distribution of different MB opportunities. Some where the scout reached out to the counselor and drove it. Some where the troop ran a MB session Some where they are done at summer camp Some where it's a MB university.  Some where the scout has a family member who's an expert or able to cover it. In my mind, every MB opportunity needs to bring something to the table.  I've seen PhD Oceanographers and Navy submarine captains jointly teach Oceanography at a MBU.  Cool.  I've seen medical doctors teach at MBUs.  Cool.  I've seen PhD chemists with some "unique" experiences teach chemistry.  It really depends on what is brought to the table. If it's death by power point or a generic person so scouts can complete a MB, then I want my scouts out of there.  It's just worth a patch at the cost of their enthusiasm, trust and time.  If we waste scouts time too often, then scouts will not see the program as valuable.  But if MBCs do something cool, then scouts will be glad they were there.   I remember at college years ago.  One of my best ever classes had 1,000 people in it.  The teacher was outstanding and there were 1,000 people in it because the teacher was outstanding.  IMHO, numbers and ratios of scouts to MBCs do not define the issue at all.
    • Funny you mentioned FingerPrinting MB.  My Son earned it at summer camp in under an hour as well.   MB colleges are different everywhere.  Alot is on the what badge it is.  But if its a badge that can be taking at Summercamp, then its not much different then a MB college IMO
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