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  1. Mrjeff

    "Unofficial uniform"

    I certainly apologize for commenting on an old topic, regardless of relevance. Everyone has opinions on this subject: wearing mentor pins, too many square knots, official hat, socks, belt, and is the neckerchief worn under the collar of is the collar turned under. How many wear official socks, and if not are you in uniform? If it's cold outside and you put on a generic wool hat are you suddenly out of uniform therefore preventing you from giving the scout salute at flag raising? What exactly goes on the back of a merit badge sash? Can you wear your hat inside? Can you wear a sheath knife on your belt? Jeeeeeesssssss....these issues are something that I choose not to occupy my mind. Others can if they choose to do so, but I would respectfully request that you do not attempt to correct those with differing opinions. I will refrain from making any additional comments and I again apologize for dredging up such an old and irrelevant topic.
  2. Mrjeff

    "Unofficial uniform"

    I dont think this is exactly correct. I was at the National Law Enforcement Conference in Washington DC when Jim Kaminski made the initial announcement concerning Explorers being removed from traditional units and being placed with Learning for Life and it was far more complex than that. Most of us in attendance were not very supportive of this change and the reasons for this change.
  3. Mrjeff

    "Unofficial uniform"

    I agree that proper uniforming is important but I do not place it high on the list of priorities. I believe that the reason Venture Scouts can choose their own uniform requirements is a direct coorilation with the fact that many young adults don't like the idea of wearing a uniform. I don't like the idea of wearing a scout shirt with jeans, and I don't like generic ball caps with the uniform bug I would rather see the youth then gripe about his Atlanta Braves ball cap. I think it's silly to have a position patch on both sleeves or to have a row of six service star above the pocket. But if someone chooses to do that it is fully and completely their decision and it is neither my responsibility or duty to correct that person. At one time it was appropriate to wear one national and one world jamboree patch above the pocket. Although that has changed some still do it and to me it is of no consequence. If a person wants to wear a mentor pin, eagle parents pin, or 25 square knots it is of no consequence. On one occasion I knew a scouter who wore a Vigil pin on each collar and there are many who wear a legend patch on the back of their OA sash. Beaded OA sashes are prohibited but a lot of people wear them and even Mr. Goodman is seen in pictures wearing a beaded sash. That's not to mention special shoulder loops or awards that are authorized and presented by local councils. To me, in the grand scheme of things it just is no big deal. As far as lessons go, everything that young folks do does not need to be a lesson, some things are just fun. I also feel that adults who are uneducated in the area of psychology, sociology, psychiatry, peer pressure, and all of the outside factors that contribute to a person's individuality should proceed with caution when attempting to teach a lesson on ethics, morality, honesty, and human interaction. I wonder how many volunteer "teachers" are familiar with the basic learning modalities and are skilled in the techniques needed for each of them. But that's another subject. These are my thoughts and opinions on the subject. In short, I choose my battles carefully without losing focus on more critical issues.
  4. Mrjeff

    "Unofficial uniform"

    Like I clearly stated, I have my own opinion and if its offensive or off-putting to you, I dont care. I made no assumptions about issues like character or values. I did say THAT IF YOU ARE THAT FOCUSED ON THE UNIFORM perhaps you should focus on the person and not his CLOTHES. I would also suggest that I am very aware of proper uniformity after having spent many years in the United States Marine Corps, and as a senior law enforcement. Covers or hats were mandatory regardless of the emergence of a situation, footwear and undergarments were regulated. I grew up in a scouting world where socks and LEATHER SHOES WERE REQUIRED, as were necherchief and slide. During my first Wood Badge course your shirt was devoid of insignia, shorts and knee socks were required and a detailed uniform inspection was conducted every morning. As far as I can tell this rigidity had little or no effect on my value, character, work ethic, or overall view of humanity. I heard a Wood Badge scoutmaster make the statement that a hand made woggle is only for use by Wooc Badge participants; and I heard an adult tell a scout that they can't wear a handmade woggle as it is only for use by Wood Badgers. Well when I had to wear shorts and knee socks it was clearly explained that everything we did, including wiggles was to be applied to our units. Somewhere the entire focused has shifted from having a grand time to regulation, oversize, teaching lifes lessons, and control. Even the mission statement fails to mention "fun". Perhaps that is why our membership is down and young people would rather do something else. My training, education, and experience has led me to believe that "if it ain't fun, the kids wont do it". So, continue to focuse on the clothes and lesson teaching if you want to; but I will continue to focus on the youth and their desire to have good clean fun. As I previously stated, THIS IS MY OPINION AND NO AMOUNT OF ELOQUENT DIALOGUE IS GOING TO CHANGE IT. Your opinion is important even if I dont agree with it and I would respectfully suggest that you do what you do, and mind your own opinion without attempting to change the important opinions of others. Unit leaders are responsible for the appearance of their unit and adults are responsible for their own appearance. And since I agree that there are no real uniform or patch police no one has the responsibility of correcting or criticizing another's choice in what they put on their shirt. If someone feels that it is their duty to do so they assume the position of the mythical uniform police.
  5. Mrjeff

    "Unofficial uniform"

    I dont agree with you. Also, another in service training for those who think that it is their responsiblity to criticize how others wear their uniform. The red jackets are a personal item and can be decorated however the owner desires. So, like I said, my uniform, my money, my choice, so I'll put on it what I want. If you are that stuck on "proper uniforming" I would suggest that you study the rules, look at the pictures in the OFFICIAL publications including BSA catalogs and magazines, look at photos of area, regional, and national volunteers and ask yourself if it really is your business to correct, criticize, or comment on another's uniform. I couldn't care any less about somebody's uniform because I'm just glad to see them. And if this disappoints you or keeps you up at night I suggest you add some adventure to your life, loosen up, and enjoy scouting for the fun of scouting.
  6. Mrjeff

    "Unofficial uniform"

    This is awesome! I guess I'm one of the old farts now. Over the past 40+ years I've received 13 square knots, two Eagle Dad pins, and a partridge in a pear tree. Yes I wear all 13 knots because they outline my scouting adventure that I shared with two daughters and three sons. I proudly display that two of my sons are Eagle Scouts and I will be adding an Eagle Scout grandparent pin as soon as he completes his project. I ain't gotten paid and I bought my own clothes and I really don't give one twitch about what somebody else thinks about how I decorate my clothes. Very very very few wear a complete uniform with everything is perfectly placed. Anyway, that's my view on things and if you agree that's fine and if you don't, you are the one stressing about it, not meeeeee!
  7. Mrjeff

    Uniforms for Committee Members

    Where did the "FUN" go in scouting? Uniforms are important. But they are also EXPENSIVE. The BSA does not issue uniforms like the military. They don't provide a clothing allowance to help defray the cost of uniform maintenance like the military. Thay don't have the authority to sanction people for an improper uniform like the military. And, The BSA does not pay its members to join up, like the military. In my opinion the individual scout is more important then their clothes. I'm always glad to see a member weather or not they look like they are a model for the BSA catalog or if they are wearing Jean's and a t-shirt. I guess my priorities differ from many, but that's how I see things.
  8. Mrjeff

    Which square knots to wear and why

    I have 13 and I wear all of them on one shirt. These knots signify my journey as a young scout and then through the years as a scouter. My top three are Eagle, Silver Beaver, and the NESA Scoutmester Award of Merit. As a side note, if we took a picture of my nuclear family of 5 there would be 2-four beaders; 1-three bearer, 2-two beaders; 3-Eagle Scouts; 2-Silver Beavers;2-District Awards of Merit; 1-Sea Badger; 3-Explorer Post Presidents; and a Vigil Honor OA member. We also have one almost Eagle Scout. I'm pretty proud of this Scouting Legacy. P.S. : On all of my other shirts I wear 6 knots.
  9. Mrjeff

    Thoughts on "OA Legends" patch

    Well, I have a white ghost legend and a 50th anniversary patch. I intend sewing them onto my sash and just haven't gotten around to it yet.
  10. Mrjeff

    Red Wool Jacket

    I think that if the insignia guide was carefully read, especially those who are certified patch police officers, it would be discovered that it states that it provides information as to where specific patches may be worn and not what can be placed on your jacket. There are no rules or guidelines as to what can be placed on the jacket, and you can wear whatever you want on your red jacket.
  11. Mrjeff

    What patches may be worn on red wool Jac-shirt?

    Actually the green jacket was offered during the 1990s but were not very popular. They were pretty heavy and had a BSA logo embroidered on the pocket. When they sold out they were gone forever. The red jacket is a personal item that is not regulated by the BSA. Therefore you can wear any patches you want anywhere you want. Careful research will show that all of the suggestions about patches are just that, suggestions. There are no hard and fast rules about decorating your red jacket. I would suggest carefully checking the BSA uniform regs. So, as long as it is appropriate for scouting activities, sowe away and have fun. Sorry to those who have graduated from the Federal Patch and Insignia Police Academy, but you have no jurisdiction of red (or green) jackets.
  12. Mrjeff

    some people have some nerve

    This could be resolved by talking to the lodge adviser.