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  1. I have a friend who is also a life long scouter, and his other job is in construction. He accidentally cut of part of his thumb with a circular saw. Sooooooooooo..........somehow his guys got ahold of his toting (sp ck) chip..maybe his wife was involved....and cut out a jagged circle right in the middle of it😉
  2. A long time ago, on a camp out I overheard one of the guys say, "when Mr Jeff is around we use our knives correctly, when he's not we use them wrongly", I just had to laugh!
  3. I agree Fred, I have never heard a kid say that they joined Scouts to learn leadership, responsibility, life enriching lessons, diversity or inclusion. They want to camp out, play with fire and knives, and go swimming. If we provide that, the rest will come!
  4. As a youth and adult 50 this past June. That explains the difference of opinion and prospective. Thanks for the challenging and insightful dialog. I have a little boy who is gender non binary; racially confused; and totally sociability inept whose name is Jake. He is demanding immediate attention as he cartwheels and jumps around the living room. He's fancies himself as being pretty and really is incorrigible. But we love him and I guess we'll keep him, but all German short hair pointers act that way.. Scout on my friend!
  5. The Boy Scouts is about a bunch of kids camping out, eating burned food, and having fun, or at least thats how it started. It has nothing at all in common with corporate organization, academics or social issues. I try to maintain this prospective and not get involved with all this cow dung that is doing a great job of tearing the Scouts to shreds.
  6. I'm afraid that after the reorganization the Boy Scouts will be far removed from what it was in the past and even what we see now. It will be a culturally aware, sexually diverse, universally integrated group where every youth member earns Eagle and every merit badge, in two years. The merit badges are all earned on line, and preprogrammed automated board of reviews are the standard. IOLS and Sea Badge are currently virtual, and soon Woodbadge and NYLT will follow suit. Leadership is demonstrated by online evaluations, and in the name of safeguarding the children, there will be no physica
  7. To me, the bottom line is this. You can't make people like someone else and it's impossible to force anyone to accept anything. You can't control people unless you can control their money or their freedom. Anything else is the choice of the individual, regardless how much diversity, sensitivity, equality or acceptance education and training someone is exposed to.
  8. Affinity groups is just another term for reverse segregation. These groups may work in a commercial environment when an individual's livelihood is on the line. If the focus was aimed at the kids and not precieved ideals all of this dialog wouldn't happen because the kids don't care, it's the adults with their ideas of how things should be, that brings us to this point. Face it, life is in no way fair. Some have advantages that others don't an this is based on ability, desire, self motivation, drive and desire. Throw in a couple of doses of experience and add a dash of genetics and you hav
  9. And please, please, please don't make assumptions or presumptions as to what I have or have not been a part of. I've been many places, many things, and have been a part of a bunch of stuff, so please don't make inferences about me based on the fact that you disagree.
  10. A fantasy world is achieved when reverse segregation is implemented in an effort to change biases and segregation. That doesn't even sound right, "let's have a gathering of all red headed men with beards so they will have a voice and be recognized". Having these separate gatherings clearly sends a message that its just fine for certain groups to practice this and its not just fine for others. In reality these pore minority groups are more biased and self serving then the majority. I am braced for the flashback......
  11. Yes indeed, people rely on books, pamphlets, instructions and rules to guide them and have stopped relying on common sense.
  12. Ok, I'm gonna say this and expect tons of backlash and criticism, but here goes: my true thoughts on this whole BSA thing and thats Cubs, Scouts, Ventures, Explorers, OA, Sea Scouts or Yogi Bear himself; use all that you have and know but break out a big dose of COMMON SENSE and make things work!
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