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  1. To the owner, it appears that individuals who know nothing about me wish to give me advice on Scouting issues. I have 50 + years in this club and have seen and heard it all. I am a Caucasian, homofobic male who doesn't care what others choose to do. But, I don't appreciate other people trying to force their ideas down my throat and make me think that everything is just fine, and that includes the gay lifestyle. The BSA is a private organization that requires an application and a membership fee. For a very long time they held true to the Scout Oath and Law and that has been abandoned. Pe
  2. Sorry guys but you can blast away all you like but as my Scouting career draws to an end so does my participation in this forum. If you disagree or have other opinions you certenly have a right to them. But don't try to force them on me because I have a right to have my own opinions. In my opinion the open acceptance of gays and girls into the Boy Scouts is a mistake that is irreparable. Good By.
  3. There have been a lot of changes over the last several years. Some of them were popular and some not so much. Many veteran Scouters have accepted these changes and many did not. I wonder what's next. I heard many people say that they do certain things in other countries and for some reason that seems to justify the changes made in the BSA. For example several visiting Scouts went to the trading post at the World Jamboree and wanted to buy beer. They were surprised when they discovered that beer was not allowed. I don't care if a person drinks beer or not but I am waiting for the BSA to
  4. Things are frustrating and difficult. It takes much longer for awards to be processed and returned, other national services are delayed, and property is disappearing. So what do we do? Whatever it takes to deliver the program; if our local camp goes away we camp in a friendly farmers field, swim in his lake and catch his fish. That may not be easy but it can be done! Scout On my friends 😉
  5. Oh, I completely and emphatically AGREE! I have said from the beginning that Scouting may be forced to go back to the way they were. By that I mean: troops doing their own summer camp program; units gathering up on their own for fun and fellowship; friendly sharing of resources; smaller OA Lodges; less expense program wide; more unit individuality; and this list goes on. We will have to pick up whatever pieces are left and SCOUT ON. This won't be easy, but I think its worth the effort.
  6. Right from wrong =`within policy and guidelines or not. Zeeeeshhhh.
  7. Ok, reality check: The BSA is doing everything they can to place all liability on the volunteers and COs. There are so many policies and rules in place it's hard to tell right from wrong. Individual councils are having to provide the BSA with bunches and bunches of money. District's and councils don't really have enough units to sustain them. Long time members are simply stepping away by the thousands. Schools are refusing to allow recruitment. Positive public perception is falling. The price of registration, summer camp, high adventure or national events are prohibitive in cost, and p
  8. I'm not surprised that our young ladies are doing well. I was the Advisor of an Explorer Post for 20 years. Whenever a girl joined the Post, with very few exceptions, they became fully engaged and within three years rose to the rank of Explorer Captain. I expect to see the girls excell and achieve a high level of success.
  9. I was an Explorer Post Advisor for 20 years and am not surprised that our young ladies are doing well. When a girl joined our post, with very few exceptions, they became fully engaged and within 3 years rose to the rank of Post Captain. I expect we will see a lot of exceptional echievement in the future from our girls.
  10. Right now I have neither a troop or pack. I have the distinct privilege of serving as our OA Lodge Advisor and chairman of our district Eagle Board of Review, which keeps me very busy and things are well. Thanks for asking.
  11. I wasn't talking about anything specific or unique to any council, I was referring to the organization. Volunteers are volunteering elswere, membership is very low, property is being sold, employees are leaving and unfortunately the list goes on and on. I think, I THINK, that Scouting has lost the trust and confidence of the people and the real glue holding things together is the good name and reputations of adults who are encouraging others to hang on, and this is truly a local issue. If I recall correctly, membership has decreased from two million to 770,000 in the last couple of years.
  12. I guess I'm the only one who thinks thats its impractical and even impossible to legitimately earn every merit badge in just over a year. I have seen Eagle Scouts who can't build a fire, tie a knot, or cook a meal. I have also heard kids say that they can get a quick military promotion by earning Eagle. Those who do the promoting expect those Eagle Scouts to know something and if they don't they find themselves in a less then favorable position. Does anyone remember when an "Eagle Scout is a First Class Scout who has earned a specific number of merit badges?"
  13. If a person is educated in a specific area and has practiced that field professionally then I would consider that person an expert. Weather the field be in medicine, law enforcement, or nuclear energy. Some merit badg councilors can get by with reading the book and covering the subject and doing the best they can, but others just can not. I wouldn't want Mr. Jones teaching on the subject of lifesaving, welding, or firearms unless he is truly qualified to do so.
  14. Ok,that's wonderful and I hope they were meaningful, met a need and you had a good time doing them😉
  15. Well, I agree that they can be really successful engaging in one activity. But I don't understand how a expert in every subject covered in the merit badge program can be located, all of the requirements met, and accepted by that expert who is a registered merit badge counselor. Hmmmmm..................Environmental Science-Welding-Motorboating-Climbing-Personal Management-Rifle Shooting???????,
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