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  1. Mrjeff

    Another fatal wound

    That is sad and a very disappointing turn of events.
  2. Before I get scolded again for being un scout like, I will simply let this drop.
  3. I think it's funny when somebody posts something that people don't like, some attack the author, redirect the facts and pretend that they don't understand the meaning. You know exactly what I mean and it reflects the views of many other Scouters.
  4. Because it's something that we're stuck with and will always be there.
  5. Because, Awake, this is a just another attempt to force young people to openly except things that really have no business inn Scouting.
  6. Because is no concern of yours. If you carefully red my post I said that was my opinion and it was not open for debate.
  7. All of the above. Its simple, if you refuse to acknowledge God you can't be a Scout because you can't afirm and acknowledge your DUTY TO GOD as dictated by the SCOUT OATH. If thats the case, find something else to do, it's that simple. But the BSA would rather change the rules for the individual, and do. The BSA used to have very high standards and received Devine blessings and when they no lounger held to those standards God (or whatever name you want to use) has withheld those blessings. People are still walking away and any presumption of growth is propoganda and a false positive. Tha
  8. Mrjeff

    Another fatal wound

    Sure my friend. AIA is a common acronym used by Order of the Arrow members meaning American Indian Affairs. Some my claim that this is offensive but our AIA chairman is an American Indian and uses the acronym freely. The national OA leadership banned all AIA activities at the National OA Conference
  9. Its analogy and the point is that if someone doesn't want to follow the rules they won't be able to participate. The rules don't change to fit the person.
  10. Mrjeff

    Another fatal wound

    I agree with you guys. It's sad that some guy just does this without consideration for what the members want to do.
  11. I go back to my analogy of a sports team. If someone wants to play ice hockey then they get skates, pads and a hockey stick. They learn the rules, agree with the rules and play hockey. If someone wants to be a Scout they get a uniform and some camping gear and a good pair of shoes. They learn the rules and agree to follow the rules and then go and Scout. Hockey doesn't change the rules to expand membership and try to make it where everybody plays hockey. The worst mistake that Scouting has ever made is changing the rules to satisfy a minority who didn't like the old rules. If Scouting
  12. Wow, another fatal wound to the Order of the Arrow. It looks like the National whoever realized that no matter how they propogandized, pushed and bullied the OA, they just couldn't handle the blowback from most of the local lodges concerning removing Native american regalia, clothing or dress (whatever is politically correct) during ceremonies. So, in their wisdom and treachery, banned all AIA activities at NOAC. I guess whoever fails to realise that many or even most lodges really enjoy AIA activities and are dedicated to the dance, dress, music and ceremonies of the AIA. It will be inte
  13. Mrjeff

    NOAC 2024

    Thanks, that's my understanding, too.
  14. Mrjeff

    NOAC 2024

    I know that everybody has been busy with the Jamboree but NOAC is fast approaching. I havnt seen much info yet, have I missed something? If so, where do I find the latest news about NOAC 2024?
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