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  1. wearrepair

    navigation and piloting

    Thank you. I did check out the link etc. I was more looking for what you have but over water. I will use what you presented.
  2. wearrepair

    navigation and piloting

    I will be presenting the material on inland navigation to a ship. I can use various nautical publications but wondered if there is a course outline already.
  3. For Eagle92 I know that it is difficult when the very active scouters are trying to add requirements (time) to the advancement program. The lodgic is that if they add or take away from the requirements they no longer have the program set out by Scouting...they have their own program; not a "better" something just different. Your only real hope is from the scout office (district exec.) or leave the troop for a "real" BSA troop. Regards, Jim Wood
  4. Two points 1)Troops must follow Scouting policy. Some use the "show scout spirit" requirement to throw in road blocks...that is wrong and not policy. National Scouting has added requirements into Eagle to make earning it a longer process than it used to be. 2)Scouts leaving after Eagle etc. tells me the troop has to improve their program. Is it youth lead? Do older scouts have meaningful things to do? I was a 12 year old Eagle in the 50's and a Scoutmaster who worked to remove troop road blocks.(so have seen both bad sides of this topic) Hang in there it is a great program.
  5. This may sound a bit dumb, but I think of a round plastic sheet full of water which is held up by 12 lines. If you slack off on one, you will lose a little water. Jim